Jeremy Lin is More Courageous than a Jordan or a Kobe

Ice in his veins. The level of courage, bordering on cockiness, that Lin had to wait until literally the very last second to shoot that 3-pointer was more impressive than the courage that a Jordan or a Kobe has in those situations. I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for comparing him to Jordan/Kobe. But I’m not talking about his skills. I’m talking about his confidence/cockiness on the court.

I mean, Jordan/Kobe are expected to have the ball and make a play to win the game when time is running out. And if they don’t, it’s no big deal, because who else on their team is going to? Now here’s this kid who’s only really played six NBA games is cocky enough to wait until the very last second to launch an unnecessary three to win the game. No time outs needed–he’s that confident. He even signals his coach for an isolation and waves off the screen. His coach had planned to do a pick-and-roll, which would have made a lot of sense. They had plenty of time. But Jeremy was confident/cocky enough to wait until the very last second to launch the bomber. Why didn’t he shoot it earlier to allow time for a potential offensive rebound or tip in by his teammates? Why didn’t he do a pick and roll with STAT? If he hadn’t made that shot, these would have been valid criticisms.

To wait until the very last second to shoot the ball deep, knowing that your shooting percentage is your weakness. Knowing that this is one of the main criticisms that people have of you. And to do this in the midst of Linsanity, when you’ve got so much pressure to prove yourself. That’s just off the charts courageous, bordering on cockiness. Cockiness that someone who was nearly cut form the Knicks and–probably pro basketball altogether–should not have. This is why it’s more impressive than when you see a Jordan or a Kobe hit the winning shot. This is why I haven’t been this obsessed about/impressed by a public figure since Obama’s election. And before that, Bruce Lee. I guess I see a trend here. I admire people who are courageous and determined to go after something they want despite every single thing outside of them that tells them not to.


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