Jeremy Lin’s Turnover Numbers are Representative of Top Point Guards

A lot of people are harping on Lin’s turnovers. I just want to put it in context and get some meaningful perspective on it. If you’re a passive Point Guard who mainly stands in the perimeter and passes around the perimeter, you’re not going to have very many turnovers. But if you’re a hyper aggressive Point Guard that’s attacking the paint on most possessions, you’re going to have a lot more turnovers. You combine this with the fact that Lin has only really been playing in the NBA for seven games and is already getting a lot of different defensive looks and double teams–I think his turnover numbers are reasonable. On top of all this, I just saw this stat that really puts his turnover numbers in context. When comparing Lin to the top Point Guards in the NBA, his numbers are actually very similar to theirs. I’m posting this because it really bothers me when people look at stats out of context. I mean, it REALLY bothers me. One of my pet peeves.

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