Prediction: Knicks will face Bulls (most likely) or Pacers in the Playoffs

Miami is going to finish number 1. Not the Bulls. I don’t know why no one is talking about this. So that’s why I think the Knicks will face the Bulls, rather than Miami in the playoffs, since Knicks will most likely stay in the 7th seed. They do have a small chance of moving up to the 6th seed to face the Pacers, so I’m not ruling that out, either.

The reason why I think Miami will finish number one is that they have a much easier schedule for the rest of the season than the Bulls. They have four games remaining: two against the Wizards, one against Houston and one against Boston. The Boston game won’t be a problem, since Boston has already clinched the Division title and will likely rest all of their key starters. So it should be an easy game for Miami. Miami should be able to win all four of its games remaining.

The Bulls, on the other hand, have three games left: vs. Dallas, Indiana and Cleveland. If Miami wins all four of its games, then the Bulls also need to win all three of its games, otherwise, Miami will take the top spot, since they’ll end the season with identical records and Miami would take the top spot, since Miami the tie breaker is wins against East playoff teams, which Miami would win 19-8 vs. 18-8.

So if Miami wins all four of its remaining games, which is very likely, then Chicago can’t lose any of it’s games. And I think it’s very likely that Chicago loses at least one of its remaining games. I think they’ll lose the game against Dallas, since Dallas is still playing for something. Although Indiana is hot right now, they have nothing to play for, since their number 3 seed is secure. So that’s why I think the Knicks will likely face the Bulls rather than Miami in the playoffs and this is great news to me, since I think we match up much better against the Bulls than the Heat. And Bulls have been struggling lately. I also think Rose is going to show some rust in the playoffs. So I’m liking my prediction I made back in April 8th that the Knicks will win the East:

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