Announcing the Launch of JeremyLintel YouTube Channel

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting on here quite as frequently, lately, because I’ve been quite busy. One of the things I’ve been busy doing is setting up a Jeremy Lin YouTube Channel that will complement this blog, as well as other YouTube Channels and blogs.

Check out the intro video that I just uploaded to that YouTube Channel to find out more about what I’m planning to do with that Channel. I’m really excited for the opportunity to complement this blog with video content from the new JeremyLintel Channel.

About JLintel

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      Yay! Thanks, Pam.

  • Nice one Mr. Philosopher!! More Power!! πŸ™‚

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    Mr. Philosopher, I like the new look of this blog, neat and cool. Agree with other posters, awesome and thumbs up!

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      Thanks, CH. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to re-design this blog for the longest time (I really hated the old layout), but never got around to digging into all the different layouts and such. When I started this blog, I just picked whatever was offered. Glad you like the new design. Thanks!

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    Immediately subscribed, looking forward to some great video material!

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      Thanks for subscribing! Yeah, I have videos I’ve been wanting to make. These videos are very time-consuming to do, though. But I’m hoping to get one out there soon.