Jeremy Lin Bossed in Taiwan

Jeremy, so far, is looking exactly how I expected him to look from the clips I’ve seen of him, as well as things I’ve read about him in the summer. I don’t remember if last night was the first time he attempted a three pointer this preseason. Regardless, I’m feeling very confident about my prediction that he’d shoot 40%+ from three point this season, which I made before preseason even started.

If I might be so bold, I think this Jeremy Lin actually looks even better than the Jeremy Lin during Linsanity. I know, It’s only just been three preseason games, so I’m really getting way ahead of myself here. But this is exactly what I expected from Jeremy this season. It’s why I’m calling it Linsanity 2.0. Of course, Lin is not going to average big stats, since he’s playing alongside two superstars and is the number three or four option on the team. But Linsanity is really not so much about the stats as it is about the style and the attitude. Lin’s playing with a lot of confidence. He’s playing loose and aggressive. He’s having fun and helping his team win games and his teammates look even better. That’s what Linsanity is all about. I think if he can average 14.5+ points and 5.5+ assists this season as a third or fourth option (and possibly 6th man), playing alongside a ball hog ball-dominant guard, he’s doing very well. This is what I’m expecting out of Lin this season. To me, these stats translate into All-Star numbers if Lin is the number one or two option on a team. There’s no way to prove this, but I have no doubt in my mind that Lin would be averaging 20+ points and 8+ assists on any other team that doesn’t have two superstars this season. So on any other team, people would see Linsanity 2.0 manifested in stats, as well. But most people are incapable of thinking in these terms. They’re not able to look at things in context. But this is a whole other discussion.

Anyway, getting back to last night’s game. As opposed to last season, whenever Lin shot a three, I had confidence that it’d go in. It looks good leaving his hand and his stroke is smooth. Lin’s first basket, as well as the Rockets’s first basket was a three point at the top of the key.


This is a shot that Lin rarely made last season and even during Linsanity (except for the famous shot that helped the Knicks come from behind to beat the Raptors). Last night, the shot hit nothing but net. Looked so good, man. The crowd must have gone crazy. It turns out that was just an indication of what was to come the rest of the night. Lin did let up, out of not wanting to hog the spotlight, in the second half. I think he felt a little self-conscious in the second half and didn’t want to seem like he was trying to have a big game in front of his adopted hometown. I did sense him just laying back a lot in the second half. Could have had an even more explosive night if he didn’t concern himself over those things and just went all out. I think if it was a regular season game, he may have stayed aggressive.

Lin’s stat line for the night:

  • 34:52 minutes (Finally played more minutes than Beverley. I think McHale realized that he might not leave Taiwan alive if he benched Lin);
  • An efficient 6 of 8 field goal (3 of 4 from three point)
  • 4 assists, 3 steals, 3 turnovers

And, of course, there was this nasty block:

Man, Danny Granger must have said something about Lin’s mom! Lin also had an alley-oop from half court to Parsons. This is something Lin did consistently in NYC, but I don’t think he even did it once last season. Lin is one of the best at these half-court alley-oops ( I still remember the one he did as a Knicks that was beyond half court. That was just ridiculous.). The crowd must have loved that, because they’re big fans of Parsons, as well. After an entire season with Asik, Lin seems to have forgotten how to ally-oop. So I’m glad to see that he’s getting it back, because I expect to see more of this this season–especially if he plays with Howard.

Other notable performances of the night include Garcia and Cassipi. I also thought DMo did a much better job defensively. Garcia was one of the guys that I kept screaming for McHale to play over Delfino. I’m so glad we got rid of Delfino. I know I’m in the minority in that opinion, but I loved Garcia the first time I saw him as a Rocket. He can not only hit threes, he can also defend very well and he’s also a good leader for this young squad. Garcia hit 5 of 8 from three point. And the announcer said that Garcia stared at McHale after hitting one of his 5 threes. I’m not sure what that’s about. Probably some sort of inside joke. Maybe McHale wasn’t expecting him to do very well coming out of an injury. I don’t know.

One very positive sign for the Rockets is that Cassapi is showing that what he’s done so far in this preseason might be for real. If so, he’s exactly what we need for this team. I think with Cassapi and Garcia, Lin isn’t needed to play sixth man and Beverly did show signs of improvement on his play-making. Beverley actually did the best job of distributing the ball than I’ve seen from him ever. He ended with 5 assists in 22:28 minutes. But it’s not just the stats. It’s the way he played. He actually looked like a distributor. If he continues to improve that aspect of his game, then Lin doesn’t need to be the Sixth man, because I think Beverley can handle the offense with guys like Garcia and Cassapi to help him out. Beverley looks like he worked really hard over the summer.

On a side note, Brooks didn’t play last night. I think it’s looking more and more like he won’t be making the team, which is a shame, because I think Brooks still got some game left in him. Also, Harden is still doing way too many unnecessary ISOs. I have a feeling I’ll be complaining a lot about this again this season. I think the coaching staff is trying to figure out a way to tell him to stop doing this without hurting his ego. We’ll see how it goes. It’s so clear to me that his ISOs are hurting the team and are completely unnecessary, so you think it should be obvious to the coaching staff. Anyway, we’ll save this discussion for another time.

Hope you all got to catch the game. The first half was a hell of a show, by Lin.

Here’s more highlights of the night:

High kiss off the glass, again, something he did a lot in NYC, but rarely did last season:


I mean, it was just one continuous highlight reel for Lin last night, which included his obligatory steal+slam move:


Lin’s third three.  He was 3 of 3 from three point after hitting this three:


Here’s the ovation for Lin towards the end:


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  • Man this was exciting to watch. Players were giving alot of effort on both offense and defense, diving for loose balls, etc. The intensity made it feel like a playoff game and the Taipei crowd was wonderful: cheering good plays on both ends (actually I was impressed with the amount of Pacers’ fans there).

    Lin was marvelous (especially in the first half). Like you said, whenever Lin put up a 3 I felt so much confidence that it would fall- and fall it did. And that block, Jesus Christ it was so nasty I felt concerned for Danny Granger. I kept finding myself wondering when McHale would bench Lin as he was definitely gassed in the second half.

    More work needs to be done on Dwight (post-up / PnR). Perhaps its Roy Hibbert, but Dwight is really having issues. D12 had 5 fouls, 4 turnovers, and got blocked 4 times- maybe its a spacing issue. Regardless Dwights impact is certainly there: he draws alot of attention and he even took a few midrange jumpers.

    Everything else you touched on: Garcia, Cassipi, Beverley, etc. Can’t wait for Wednesday for the Magic!

    • Were you at the game, Vincent? Man, that would have been a special experience to be there. I didn’t get a sense of the noise as much through the broadcast, but I could imagine how electric the environment must have been. Jeremy had so much pressure on him and he delivered big. It was like I was watching a movie, much like Linsanity was. That’s what was so awesome about Linsanity. For a few weeks, it felt like we were all living inside of a really corny movie.

      I have to say, I didn’t really like McHale’s usage of Lin tonight. Didn’t give him enough rest. I think McHale was thinking, “You want me to play him. Well, here you go.” At least that’s the cynical side of me. The other side of me hopes that McHale understood the importance of the moment for Lin and wanted him to be out there as much as possible for his adopted home town who all came out to watch him play. We’ll never know, of course.

      D12 doesn’t really have to be exceptional to help this team in a big way. Just his presence is good enough. But I’m just concerned that he might start complaining if he doesn’t get more touches. I think part of D12’s struggle is that Lin hasn’t been given the role of being the main distributor when they’re both on the court. This is why I think it’s so important for Lin to be THE floor general this season. Harden needs to wake up to this and realize that him trying to be the floor general is not good for him, not good for Howard, not good for Lin, and not good for the Rockets!

      Harden really started ball-hogging and bricking ISO’s tonight, which was very sad to see. Because it looked like he didn’t want Lin to get all of the attention. I hope that’s not the case, but I’m more and more feeling like Harden feels threatened by Lin in a similar way that Melo felt threatened by Lin–but not to the same extent by any means. I really hope this is not the case, though, cause I think this unit that the Rockets currently have can become a dynasty. I know a lot of people think we need another star player, but I don’t think so at all. I think the team they have right now can go all the way. They’ve got all the right pieces and everything is starting to gel.

      • I wasn’t at the game, I watched it on a stream at midnight like most people. Although I can see where my language is suggestive being there.

        Regarding Harden, I have no idea why he went ISO- it was clearly Lin’s show and there was a lot of negative reaction to Harden after. There is a lot of room for speculation of course but I’ve always felt that Harden and Lin have a good relationship. From appearing in JLins Youtube video or reportedly saying he and Dwight want Lin and Asik, alot of signs point away from the tension.

        Perhaps Harden was not prepared for Asia and the reception Lin has- Lin himself who has gone many times is always taken aback. I hope Harden understands that Lin is a humble and reserved person who prefers to not be in the spotlight. Furthermore there is alot of benefit to have a presence in Asia: you can ask Wade about his shoe contract in China. Maybe Harden was trying to show off a little and we are all over reading :P.

        I’m more concerned about Dwight overall, he looked shocked when Lin got the rebound over him

        Overall though, the team chemistry looks great. Everyone’s always smiling (not talking about the official media) and genuinely look to be enjoying themselves.

        • I’m glad you feel that way about Harden, because I’ve always been supportive of him. Yeah, I always thought they had a good relationship, too. Which is why I’m a little taken aback by my sudden feelings that he might be Carmelo-light. But maybe that’s because I’m reading too much into things.

          Overall, i do think this team has great chemistry.

          • ashley

            I think Harden has always been Carmelo-light. Didn’t he always have ISO play last season? I remember near the end of last season, a reporter asked him about his ISO play when it had failed again and again at crunch time in the 4th quarter, he said he would do it again. That blatant response shows how egocentric and arrogant he is and his total lack of self-reflective ability. I believe he likes Lin and they had enough chemistry to play together, but that’s mainly because Lin takes a backseat, knowing Harden is the team’s superstar. So regardless whether he was prepared for Asia or aware of Lin’s star power in Taiwan, he was just being Harden. Now with the addition of Howard, we shall see him pass the ball a bit more to Howard, but that’s it–I don’t expect too much change from him. His stats in scoring might drop a little bit, but I think he’ll still be the one with the most touches and points.

          • Yeah. I remember that interview. I think last year he had free license to do whatever he wanted. He’d go against what the coaches wanted him to do during end of game situations without consequence. I’m just hoping that with Howard, coaches will have the guts to reign in Harden’s ISOs, cause they’re even more blatantly unnecessary this season. We’ll see if it happens.

    • MrPingPong

      Somebody who was at the game, tweeted this…

  • fire9flyer

    Dear Vincent Sir,
    “…And that block, Jesus Christ …”
    May I request that you use this name in the right context. We all know that this name has a huge impact in Lin’s life. Respecting each other belief is how we get along anywhere.

    Thanks you very much !

    Hi Mr. Standup
    BTW, how much of Lin’s faith can we talk about here ?
    is there a boundary ?

    I feel that bisecting into Lin’s personality, attitude, thinking,… without touching his faith is like ignoring the elephant in the room.

    • Hi fire9flyer,

      Glad to see you made the transfer over to the new site. In terms of boundaries on talking about Lin’s faith…the best answer I can give you is that I don’t have any clear boundaries, just because I haven’t really thought about it. So I guess you can feel free to share your thoughts and if I see it taking a direction that may not be suitable for this site, then I’ll kindly let you know. Not sure if that answer is very helpful, but it’s the best I can do for now.

      • fire9flyer

        Thanks !
        I will be very respectful, to start with 🙂

    • Noted, of course I had no offensive intention whatsoever.

  • Kenny

    JLintel, great post. I wanted to pass this along to you because the Stephen A Smith – Jeremy Lin commentaries have been very interesting for me to watch in the past. I just wrote to you on your YouTube channel as well (inbox).

    Just thought I’d share cos this seemed like something right up your alley to make a video on. 🙂


    I’m an avid watcher of ESPN First Take. I have watched pretty much all the videos I can find on Jeremy Lin from this show.

    Stephen A Smith has been very critical of Jeremy’s performance last season. I love watching Stephen a lot, and while he makes very good points, he has been slightly harsh towards Jeremy and Pacquiao (the way he made fun of Pacquiao’s knockout by Marquez is a very disrespectful coming from him. He always goes on about how Skip Bayless is disrespectful to some of the best in sports, but here he’s doing it to undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers ever. Further, I have never seen him be this disrespectful to any of the greats or best players of the game). I can’t help but feel that if Jeremy or Pacquiao was black, he would respond slightly more positively. There are many videos of Stephen labelling Jeremy as an average point guard and being very inconsistent. After Jeremy’s 38 point performance, he said the same thing. Now, I have no problems with those comments. My issue was the way he always spoke about Jeremy last season. It was always in a very disrespectful / dismissive tone. He clearly has no respect for Jeremy’s game. Also, check out the interview Stephen and Skip did with Parsons on youtube when Dwight was just acquired. If I recall, he was going down the list of the roster, and mentions Patrick Beverly over Jeremy and says Jeremy’s name in a dismissive/disrespectful tone and says something to the effect that he was inconsistent. (You can easily find these videos I’m sure). He has been consistent with this tone on Jeremy throughout the season.

    Now, fast forward to right before the first pre-season game, check out the video below. He mentions Jeremy’s name, but for the first time, with respect, and says that he believes Jeremy Lin will be even better this year. He mentions Jeremy twice in the video as well, both times with respect. Patrick Bev before Jeremy the first time and Jeremy, right after Harden the second time.

    Why does this matter. To summarize…
    1. There is such a change in Stephen’s tone about Jeremy.
    2. This change in tone occurred with Stephen having seen a game of Jeremy’s in this new season.
    3. My only explanation is this.
    Stephen A. has many insiders in the NBA who tells him stuff. I get the sense that his opinions are formed with the help of what a player’s teammate / coaches tell him. In his earlier videos to address Hakeem’s comments about Dwight, he mentions that he called Dwight. I imagine that people (maybe Dwight) in the Houston camp has told him directly that Jeremy is doing really good and is something to watch out for. That’s important because this implies that his teammates (and presumably coaching staff) genuinely believe in Jeremy this season. One has to always talk positively about teammates during these talks in the post-conference games, but you only get honest opinions during these insider information tips.

    I may be probably drawing conclusions out of nothing, but regardless, this can only be a positive thing. If not, at least Stephen A. has stopped being disrespectful when it comes to Jeremy.

    • Great to see you on here, Kenny!

      Haven’t had a chance to watch the Video. Glad to see the turnaround in Stephen A. and I think your observations are spot-on. I also think you have to be blind to not see that Lin’s going to be very good this year. I also think some part of it has to do with the fact that Stephen A. is realizing that people know him in Taiwan. So he wants more fans there. I think he was already making slight transitions toward the end of last season.

      With regard to his teammates trusting him…I’ve been very positive about Harden (except for his ISOs), but am starting to feel a little like he’s Carmelo-light. I think Harden feels threatened by Lin. It was pathetic to see him try to steal the spotlight from Lin in Taiwan. At that point, Lin already felt self-conscious about going off, so he just let Harden try to take the spotlight. I hope Howard is realizing that he needs Lin to succeed and starts lobbying, behind the scenes, for Lin to remain a starter and for Lin to have the ball. Things looked ugly in Taiwan with Harden’s ISOs.

      Anyway, I gotta run. In the meantime, you may want to check out some of the posts under “Featured Posts” in the sidebar.

      • Kenny

        Yup, completely agree with you.

        Here is a video of Stephen A. that mentioned Jeremy in his usual disrespectful way at the 5 minute mark right during the Dwight Howard trade.

        Another one at the 3 minute mark below.

        To go from that 3 months ago to respectful just two weeks ago before watching a single game of Jeremy’s. He had to had inside information saying really really good things about Jeremy during training camp, hopefully from someone like Dwight (I don’t think it’s unlikely cos Stephen A. has said that he spoke with Dwight during the negative Kareem Abdul Jabar comments, which was during training camp!).


  • MrPingPong

    There is this post by a Dubs fan at TheDreamShake that might be of some interest.

    • Thanks, MrPingPong for the link. I wrote a very long response to the person who wrote the comment.

  • Ryan

    Good post. If Lin can average 14.5+ points a game with good efficiency and 5.5+ assists, he’ll gain a lot of respect, particularly when you factor in that there are two other stars on the team and Lin can be, as you say, a third or fourth option.

    What would you prefer?

    Scenario 1: Lin’s on a mediocre team but he’s averaging 19 points a game and 8 assist.


    Scenario 2: Lin stays on the Rocket’s and plays very solid and the Rocket’s go, at the very least, deep into the playoffs?

    • Thanks, Ryan. I hope you’re right. I just feel like people aren’t really able to see stats within context. They just take simple stats at face value and don’t dig any deeper.

      I would prefer Lin to stay with the Rockets, since I think this is a special team that can possibly become a dynasty, as long as they stay together. Also, overall, this team does have great chemistry and there’s so much positive energy right now on the team. That’s not always easy to find. I guess I’ll never really know what Lin is thinking, but I sense that he’s happy playing for a team that has a lot of potential. I think Lin would rather do that than be a star on a mediocre team.

      However, I think as long as Lin stays with the Rockets, he won’t be able to show his full potential. So that’s why I think Lin’s going to be fine either way. Because if he leaves the Rockets, then I think his potential will be manifested in his simple stats.

      • I prefer scenario 2. Because, Lin playing on a mediocre team is what Linsanity is all about. He’s the eternal under dog the Cinderella team before clock strikes midnight. His skill and enthusiasm overcoming big market teams who are lazy and pampered in comparison to Lin’s discipline and self sacrifice is what Lin is all about. He needs to get out of red town.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin supporters/detractors! The Rockets are back in town and practicing today. JL7, by his own admission, is dead tired and very jet lagged.

    So, do not be surprised if you see him taking naps on the bench during the Magic game tomorrow. And speaking of bench, yes, JL7 will be benched tomorrow. The Howard/Lin deadly combination concocted by D34 (as in Dream 34) in Aspen, Colorado, is now just a dream, as coach McHale is embracing a kinder and gentler combination with Patrick Beverly.

    Expect JL7 to come off the pine during garbage time and orchestrate a nail biting come-from-behind win with the third stringers. This will serve to promote the new flavor of Kool-aid called “6th man Lin”.

    Reporting from the ground (up), this is your on-the-ground reporter, Mr. PingPong.

    • Thanks for the on-the-ground reporting, Mr. PingPong! Nice interview from Lin.

      On a side note: for some reason, this site keeps holding all of the comments for me to approve, even though I’ve set it up for comments to appear without my approval. Still trying to figure that out, but not sure if I’ll be able to figure it out, since the settings are set up the way they should be. We’ll see. Just wanted you to know in case you’re not sure why your comments aren’t appearing immediately.

      • Just letting you know that I think I fixed the comments issue. Now, if you have a previously approved comment, your comment should appear immediately, unless you’ve included links in your comment.

        • MrPingPong

          OK, this message is just for testing the comments fix. Please do not pay too much attention to it.

          “You can take the man out of Linsanity but you can’t take Linsanity out of the man.” (fortune cookie #25)

  • MrPingPong

    The current party line is that we have two starting point guards.
    McHale is only tinkering with the PF and the PG positions.
    Let’s see how things pan out in the preseason.
    Here is what JL7 has to say after today’s practice.

    Enjoy the game tonight!

    • MrPingPong

      Lin is under the weather and will not play tonight.
      The same goes for Parsons.

      • Thanks for the on-the-ground reporting, MrPingPong. Think I’ll skip this game, then.

  • MrPingPong

    Ok folks, as you all know, it’s JL7’s turn to start tonight against the Mavs.

    As of this writing, the starting line up will be Howard, Asik, Parsons, Harden and Lin. I’ll be watching the game live tonight. My mouth is watering right now. I will record whatever I can and post the video on Youtube later.

    So what do y’all think. folks? Will the new twin tower stand? Sinus infection or not, JL7 will boss again! 🙂

  • MrPingPong

    OK, folks! So Lin did not shoot well last night.

    Here is my video of the first quarter, in case you missed the game.
    The guy sitting next to me at the game is a DOF (Dirk Only Fan) as you can tell from the video sound. 🙂

    More coming up later!

    • MrPingPong

      Second quarter action:


    • MrPingPong

      Third quarter action:

      Be sure to give me some Likes! 🙂

      • thanks for the vids,

        may i ask what seats you had and how much they cost? i’m visiting Houston soon and Toyota Center is definitely on the list 😛

        • MrPingPong

          Hi Vincent:

          Here is the seat chart for Toyota Center.

          I was sitting in row 1 of section 409.
          I bid for tickets online at the following Rockets official site:

          The asking price for the ticket I bought was $42 but I only paid $10 (plus tax and $3.50 transaction fees) for it. It was a preseason game so attendance was low and I got lucky.

          Last season I bought a ‘partial plan’ and paid $25 for seats in section 428. But this season, right after the signing of D12, the price almost doubled. I figure going online and bid for tickets and hope to get lucky. There is always someone who won’t be able to make it to the game and will try to sell his/her ticket for cheap.

          Let me know when you come to H-town. And do feel free to ask, should you need more info.

    • MrPingPong

      4th quarter action…

      Lin seemed to play more and more efficiently as the game progressed. Mr. 4th quarter that is! 🙂

      • Thanks for the links, MrPingPong. Hope you enjoyed the game. I managed to catch only bits and pieces of the game. Maybe Lin was just getting over whatever infection he was dealing with. McHale had some nice things to say about Lin after the game. I think it’s looking more and more likely taht Lin is going to lose his starting position. Whether or not he’ll be playing the role of 6th man remains to be seen. One positive is that McHale seems to like playing both Lin and Beverley together. Been meaning to write a post about these issues, but haven’t had the time, lately.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin supporters/detractors, just making conversation here.

    I will not be able to watch the first half of the game against the Spurs tonight.
    I hope to catch the second half though.
    May be our Philosopher (or someone else like etane) can watch and write a recap for us.

    Switching topic a little, Lin had a bad shooting night the last time around. His playing reminded me of the struggles he had during the first half of last season when he was still recovering from his knee injury. I hope physically he is OK this season. I would prefer Lin to start but may be it’s a blessing in disguise that Lin is to come off the bench tonight.

    I know it’s preseason, but a win tonight against the WC champ is a tremendous psychological boost for the Rockets! Good luck PB and JL7!

    • Hey MrPingPong! Sorry I’ve been MIA here. I actually didn’t have a chance to see any of the Spurs game, but it looks like Harden and Howard had a great game. Caspi continues to impress on the offensive end. Just from looking at the box score, it looks like Lin struggled again from the field. This is unexpected to me. Not sure what’s going on. I think he’ll get back into form in the season.

      I checked out that link that you posted from Dreamshake. I don’t agree with some of the things that the poster wrote. I actually think Lin has been doing well and playing loose and free so for this preseason and is looking good, with the exception of the the past two games. I also think Lin’s defense is very good. I feel like the poster is focused a little too much on all the negatives and not looking at things objectively. But like the poster, I would like to see Lin shoot more short jumpers. The short jumper is something that’s absent in today’s game and I think that’s a mistake. But this is more of a comment on the entire NBA, rather than just Lin.

      • MrPingPong

        Thanks for responding, Philosopher. I know we all have things to do.

        I was able to watch bits and pieces of the first half,enough to see that everybody on the Rockets team was laying bricks. Lin missed a few easy shots in my opinion. He was able to attack the basket but his jumps were not high enough to lay the ball in. Perhaps he was still recovering from his so-called sinus infection. I have this nagging suspicion that his knees are bothering him. This from an old man who had knee surgeries in his pre-Linsanity life! Barring injuries, I have total confidence in Lin’s abilities to play at all-star level. The cream will aways rise to the top!

        I missed the first part of the third quarter when H13 and D12 went off. The highlights show that both of them were really clicking together. May be it is the Dwight/Harden combination that is the ‘deadly’ one and not the Dwight/Lin combination as predicted by the Dream.

        Anyway, last preseason game against the Grizz tonight: Lin will start and will boss! 🙂

        Your delusional LOF,
        Mr. PingPong

        • MrPingPong

          Bev will start tonight

          • Look like I’ll be missing tonight’s game, as well. Why is Beverley starting, aside form the fact that it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Lin will lose his starting spot?

          • ashley

            Obviously McHale wants to try out staring Beverley more to be more sure about his ideal starting lineup. I think it has been established that Harden , being the no. 1 star player on the team, will be the playmaker doing PNR with Howard. So they don’t need Lin alongside, as Beverley, who’s considered a better defender (or even better 3-point shooter), will be a better fit. Also, Lin leading the second unit would be good for the team too. Such a strategical arrangement will be McHale’s major coaching change for the season. As Lin fans, we want him to be a starter and view the move as a demotion–actually, it truly is–but I there’s nothing we could do, unless there’s some business concern that forces MH to start LIn, which I doubt. Well, perhaps, we’ll still see Lin starting once a while during the season. What’s sad is, we won’t get to see Lin doing PNR with HOward much.

          • Yeah, it’s sad that we won’t get to see Lin doing PnRs with Howard very much.