Jeremy Lin Leads Rockets Past Raptors in Double Overtime 110 to 104

It wasn’t a pretty game and I didn’t pay attention to it that closely, until late in the fourth quarter, but Rockets managed to eek out a win in double overtime. I wasn’t planning on watching this game, but couldn’t help myself and I’m so glad I did, because Jeremy had a great game. He ended up getting “Player of the Game” recognition, which I think is the first time he got that in a Rockets uniform. The only other time he may have gotten it was when he scored 38 last season against the Spurs, but I think they might have given it to someone on the Spurs in that game. I don’t remember. In either case, Lin had a very efficient game. I’ll get to that in a minute, but I just looked at the box score and it says that Lin got zero assists, which is completely incorrect. Again, I think Lin gets robbed on his stats, because I could point out at least ONE assist that Lin got. It was on a pass to Harden for a three pointer in which Harden got fouled and ended up getting a four-point-play. Now, I could be wrong, but I think that assist should count, because the player you passed it to made the basket after getting fouled. That should count as an assist. If that’s the case, then I don’t know how, as a statistician, you can miss a blatant assist like that–especially on such a memorable play. So I don’t know what’s going on with these statisticians. There were also other assists that Lin had, but it’s hard to recall all of them, since I wasn’t sitting there counting all of Lin’s assist. But I I’m very certain he had more than that one assist to Harden. So even if that assist to Harden doesn’t count, since Harden was fouled, Lin should have had other assists.

Anyway, Lin ended with a very efficient 10 of 17 shooting (3 of 6 from three point) and 8 of 9 from the free throw line. 5 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, and 5 turnovers.Lin ended up playing the third most minutes on the team (Lin played 46 minutes, Harden played 47:43 minutes and Parsons played 50 minutes), tonight and Beverley ended up getting benched. I actually didn’t see Beverley play much tonight, since I missed most of the third quarter. But it sounded like he couldn’t get anything going.

Lin was the big hero tonight. He was the only one making shots for the team during stretches when Rockets couldn’t find a scorer. He also made big shots during overtime and bailed the Rockets out. Harden was the second leading scorer with 26 and Parsons and Howard both chipped in 18. Howard had a big first half, where he was dominant on both ends of the court and he was a low post presence. He ended with 24 rebounds, which is close to his career high of 26. So Howard had a great game, but didn’t do a whole lot after the first half, except miss free throws.

I was very happy to see TJones get minutes. He was solid and did a good job defensively. He ended with 10 rebounds and 4 blocks. Howard had 5 blocks. But TJones is definitely one of the guys who McHale is just letting rot on the bench. I keep saying this, but the Rockets have a very deep bench. Once they get off this ridiculous twin towers experiment, they will be a force. This twin towers experiment is really hurting the Rockets in a big way. It’s a big reason why they’ve been so sloppy, lately, because they keep getting off to slow starts and it messes their rhythm the rest of the way. They need to have either TJones or DMo start. And then use a ten man rotation. Remember when the Rockets dominated a good team like the Pacers in the preseason? I know it was the preseason, but the Rockets looked so good. They looked exactly how I expected this team to look and it was because Asik was injured and they couldn’t do the insane twin towers experiment. Ever since they started that experiment, the Rockets have looked sluggish and they got no flow to their game. And my biggest concern is that the longer this ridiculous experiment continues the more the Rockets will get into the habit of playing with not player and not ball movement.

Even though they won tonight, this Rockets team looks really bad. They are way under-performing and there’s no one to blame but McHale. His player rotation is atrocious. He’s blessed with great players, but has no idea how to use all of them. They need to go back to the rotation they had in the pre-season where they were doing more of a 10-man rotation. They have enough good players to pull this off. Keep the guys fresh. McHale has been riding Harden to the ground. No wonder Harden is already banged up and we’ve barely started the season. That’s poor player management, which really is the most important job of a coach. Because the players pretty much take care of the rest. As a coach, you just need to know when to put in your players and how to use them. McHale fails at this job in a big way and it’s a big reason the Rockets don’t look anywhere near what they’re capable of. It’s really hurting team morale and players aren’t playing with high energy and don’t seem to be having fun out there like they did in the preseason.

Anyway, apologies for the rant. For Lin fans, it was a great night. If Lin keeps this up, he’ll definitely be in the running for 6th man of the year. Would be awesome if he can win it. He’ll have to perform way better than any other sixth man who has won it in the past in order to win it, though, because of the NBA’s bias against Lin.

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  • MrPingPong

    Thanks for the quick game analysis, Philosopher.

    I missed the most of the game. I was able to listen to the last 5 min of the game and the first overtime on the radio driving home. When I got home, I rushed to watch the second overtime!


    It seems all Lin needs this time is a vote of confidence from Morey!
    Now, get some rest, JL7!

    • I would say you missed a great game, but it wasn’t that great of a game, since I don’t consider the Raptors to be very good. I had no doubt we’d win this game–even when it was close and everything, just like I had no doubt we’d win the Lakers game. Rockets are just not playing the way they’re capable of. This game should have been a walk in the park, although, I guess a lot of the Rockets payers are under the weather. Still waiting for the Real Rockets team to show up, because this is not at all the team I expected to see.

      • ashley

        I stayed up to watch the replay on TV only because I knew Lin would get 31. Indeed, the game wasn’t an exciting one but somehow they managed to have two OTs, which allowed Jeremy to pick up his points. It wasn’t really Linsanity, but a heating-up game for Jeremy as his teammates, except Harden, just couldn’t make it. It seems the entire team has lost its edge, unlike what we saw during the preseason. On the other hand, the Pacers, which lost two times to the Rockets during the preseason, has got an 8-game winning streak. What a contrast!

    • As a Lin fan, though, it was a great game. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        “One small step for Lin, one giant leap for LOF!”

        • ashley

          I think it’s a big step for both. Things about Lin is so dramatic! Right after a poor game, he pulled out the best. This is the first game he got over 30 points and the team won. I hope Morey can read Mr. Philosopher’s analysis so he knows what an incompetent coach KM is. Somehow I think their relationship may be so good that Morey just wouldn’t interfere or be bothered about criticism about KM.

          It’s said that in the post-game interview, KM mentioned Harden first and didn’t praise Lin much. I prefer not to think the Rockets mistreats Lin with evil intent, but I just don’t get why. Lin is a player with good skills and character, and most of all, huge marketing potential, not to mention that he, besides Asik, is the team’s third highest-paid player who should be well utilized. So why have they been marginalizing and demoting him so? Even though Beverley is good, but why promote Bev at the cost of Lin? Is it purely out of strategical concern? It seems no one really knows the answers–I believe Lin himself knows, though–and fans can’t help but speculate. Anyway, as long as Jeremy deliver it every time, he’ll triumph eventually and today he’s made one big step toward it!

          • My theory on why they continue to marginalize Lin is that they don’t really recognize how important Lin is to ANY team, including this team. They don’t think they need Lin, since they have Harden on the team. They think Beverley can be a good compliment and they’d rather trade Lin and Asik to get another star. I think it’s a mistake to trade Lin for the Rockets. But I think it’ll be a good thing for Lin.

            So they continue to marginalize Lin in any way that they can, since they don’t plan on keeping Lin as their future point guard. They’d rather get a star power forward, but I think this is a big mistake. They actually really need a good point floor general for this team. And this is exactly what Lin is. McHale and this team has the perfect point guard for them, actually. They just need to support their point guard. It’s that simple. If they do that, they’ll go very far. If they don’t, then I don’t have that much confidence in this team–especially under McHale and his inability to figure out player rotations. He acts as if we only have a few good players on the team and rides them to death, while sitting all the other players on the bench, causing them to lose their rhythm and rot. Casspi and Garcia were great early on, but then kept getting reduced minutes and now they got no rhythm. I blame McHale for these things.

  • Tade

    Hello friends, I’m new to commenting on this site. I’ve been reading it for the past year though, since Jeremy joined the Rockets. I really enjoy reading the analysis and discussions from both the posts and in the comments.

    I’m quite new to basketball in the sense of understanding the game. I enjoy watching, though.

    Anyways, at the section where Philosopher mentioned that Lin should have gotten an assist, I agree. I was watching the game and it clearly showed Lin passing it to Harden. I thought it was odd that Lin didn’t get rewarded with the assist when I looked at the box score. I checked the play-by-play on ESPN and it said that Casspi got the assist instead of Lin.

    Besides that, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Tade. I hope to see you comment on here more!

      That is outrageus that Casspi got the assist instead of LIn. You have to be completely blind or there has to be something really wrong going on. Lin also got robbed of a lot of assists in the Blazers game.

      The thing about assists is that it’s one of the most subjective stats in the NBA. It’s up to the discretion of the statistician as to whether or not to award an assist, unless it’s very clear. The one to Harden was very clear, yet they still awarded to the wrong person for absolutely no reason.

      I saw some stat that Nash actually averaged 2 assists less during home games than during away games. My theory is that the statisticians in home games are so used to Nash’s assists, that maybe they become numb to them and would raise the bar for Nash’s assists. They’d tighten their criteria, whereas in away games, the statisticians are less numb to Nashs’s assists. But that’s just my crazy theory based on nothing. The point is, assists are very subjective. So I think it’s an area where statisticians can screw Lin without consequence if they want to.

  • Lin started cold but McHale didn’t sporadically bench Lin this game. Lin got to play 12 minutes straight before getting a breather in each quarter after the first. This helped Lin to get into a rhythm. This is in contrast to how McHale always pulled Lin on and off the bench with no rhyme or reason.

    I think McHale finally came to his senses and stopped messing around with Lin’s playing time after he heard Standup’s song about leaving Jeremy alone. The song’s message as well as the singing definitely got engrained into McHell’s brain.

    • He ha, Etane. My song definitely does cause people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.

      Yeah, McHale did a good job of letting Lin play. I think a part of it is also because Beverley got into foul trouble. We have a perfect example of what can go wrong when McHale favors Beverley irrationally over Lin in the Lakers game in which they lost. Lin was arguably the best player for the Rockets in that game and Beverley went 1 for 10, yet Beverley still ended up playing more minutes than Lin and it was because Beverley wasn’t in foul trouble. So I would hate to think what would have happened if Beverley wasn’t in foul trouble. Also, had McHale not irrationally favored Beverley over Lin in the Lakers game, Rockets would have EASILY won that game, as I pointed out in a previous post.

      • you’re right about the fouls and this means we shouldn’t expect mchale to change his mind about lin any time soon. but, your singing did help for this one game, so kudos!

    • MrPingPong

      I think you are onto something here, etane!
      Our Standup Philosopher’s song is getting into McHale’s head.

      On the same note, here’s song I plagiarize from the Beatles for you, Philosopher. Feel free to make a recording of it and publish it in any form you like!

      Let Lin Be

      When Bev finds himself in deep foul trouble
      Brother J-Lin comes to Kev
      Speaking words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      In Kev’s hour of blindness
      Lin is standing right in front of him
      Speaking words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      When all the Flat Earth People living in the world agree
      There will be an answer, Let Lin Be
      For though they may be blinded, there is still a chance that they will see
      There will be an answer, Let Lin Be

      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be
      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      And when Harden plays shitty
      There’s a Lin that shines on the benchie
      Shine until tomorrow, Let Lin Be

      Lin Only Haters’d better wake up
      Brother J-Lin comes to thee
      Speaking words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      Yeah, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Let Lin Be, yeah, Let Lin Be
      There will be an answer, Let Lin Be

      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Let Lin Be, yeah, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      I hope y’all like it.

      • Ha ha. I was laughing through those entire lyrics. Way to go. Now get into a studio, record you singing it and I’ll put it out for the whole world to see. We could start our own Lin label of LOFs paying tribute to Lin ala William Hung.

        • Hey if you guys wanna collaborate, i can put it to vocals. Standup put it to AV.

          • MrPingPong

            Let’s do it, etane!
            This old fanboy dunno how to sing.
            It’s all yours, my man!

      • ashley

        Mr. Pingpong, this is brilliant! I tried singing a little bit to the music, and they matched well. If someone really recorded and put it online, it could go viral. In the heat and wake of Linsanity, quite a few people made cool new songs for Jeremy, and so did the Knicks. What Philosopher did–using the old tune–was funny and hilarious, and so is yours. Yours might be more impressive simply because this Beatles’ song is so classic!l

        • MrPingPong

          Thank you, ashley.
          Can you make a recording then?
          Perhaps you can collaborate with etane!

          Game day again for Lin and the Rockets!
          ‘Hope Lin has recovered from his flu and elbow injury.
          ‘Hope the whole Rockets team has recovered too.

          Let’s go Lin!
          And let’s go KM! You can do it! Just listen to our songs! 🙂

          • LOL a virtual duet! I recorded something last night. Maybe we can splice: one verse ash, one verse me, then chorus together.

          • MrPingPong

            Awesome idea, etane!
            Are you in ashley?

          • So, what do you say, Ashley?

            I’d be more than happy to put it to AV and get it out to the world if I could get your vocals.

          • ashley

            Hey guys, I’m flattered. I can write songs and sing in tune, but my voice is not good. So sadly, I’ll have to pass. Thanks for the invitation and look forward to this awesome song!

  • I wondered about that assist as well, and thought maybe Lin didn’t get it because he passed to Harden who was covered and put up a contested shot. If it got attributed to Casspi, that is just a wrong mistake that needs to be corrected.

    Another point to be made is Harden’s last hero missed airball shot–Lin was wide open for a three right next to him, but Harden had to go against three players to put up that shot. This game could have ended without ot had Harden decided to play team ball instead of hero ball.

    McHale’s postgame conference was peppered with questions about Lin, and I am beginning to see your point about his attitude toward Lin. He seemed annoyed by the questions and tried to turn the conversation to the other players, which I found unsettling.

    • Rt

      Speaking of annoyed, in harden’s post game interview, when asked about jeremy, at the end, he says “credit to him.” It didn’t sound to supportive to me. It’s something you say about an opponent that beats you. Smh plus Dwight didn’t seem so supportive either. To me, the only people that have spoken positively about him this year unprompted are Beverly, omir, and morey. No one else had said much, and yes, that includes parson, who seems to gravitate towards whoever is in the spotlight.

    • Excellent point about Harden’s last hero missed air ball. That pissed me off as well. Just didn’t mention it, because I didn’t want to take time to go on a rant about it. But, yeah, Harden does this ALL THE TIME and it pisses me off and has been very costly. Lin’s teammates are terrible at making things easy for Lin. They RARELY pass it to Lin when Lin is wide open. Lin has to work for his points. Also, Rockets players, except Lin are terrible when it comes to passing inside out. When they drive in or when the ball is inside, NO ONE except Lin looks to pass out for a wide open three. Lin is often wide open for threes in a lot of situations–especially in transition when Parsons or Harden are driving into highly congested lanes. But rather than passing it out to Lin, they turn the ball over. Lin, on the other hand, would often pass it out in these situations and give his teammates wide open looks.

      Yes, McHale is allergic to “hype”.

      • I am beginning to see how this team will never make it far with McHale at the helm. He has no balls to impose discipline on his favorite players and would rather believe his own stereotypes than his own eyes. He makes few adjustments, seems incapable of drawing up strategic plays, and has no plans other than pass it to Harden, Howard, or Chandler no matter how badly they’re playing. It is just unbelievable that only in McHale’s universe would a world sensation playing playing on fire would sit behind a journeyman point guard who scored 1 and shoots 32%

        • I share your frustration, Calvin! It’s plain as day to me that McHale is not the right coach for a contending team. He really had no business of being a head coach whatsoever and I’m saying this as just a basketball fan. Not as a Lin fan. He really doesn’t have the skill set, yet, to be a head coach. No where near it. He should be an assistant coach or something. Do his time there and learn the ropes. In his interviews, I don’t see him grasping the reasons why the Rockets are struggling. To me the reasons are very clear and they aren’t just about Lin. They go much much further. And some of it is so basic, that any old coach should know, such as player rotation, etc. So, yeah, McHale has no business of coaching this team. I think Morey and Les know this. I just think that they feel they owe McHale, since they’ve been jerking around players since he’s been coach of the team.

  • pistolpete

    McHale has the luck of the Irish. The main reason that Lin got extended minutes is that Beverley was in foul trouble most of the game. Of course Jeremy was shooting great but that never stopped McPride from putting him on the bench in the past. If Bev wasn’t in foul trouble the Rockets lose and McHale is in deep doodo.

    • ashley

      I guess it’s good we have one thing to count on regarding Lin’s playing time–Beverley’s foul trouble. In the 3rd quarter in the previous game, Lin got to play as well after Bev got his 4th fouls, it’s a pity that Lin didn’t play well, but today, Lin bounced back!

    • We have a good idea what would have happened if Bev wasn’t in foul trouble. The Lakers game is what would have happened, which I talked about in a previous post. McHale irrationally let Bev play more minutes than Lin even though Bev went 1 for 10 and Lin was arguably the best player for the Rockets on that night. So, yeah, McHale did luck out. But a lot of Rockets fans will point to this as evidence that McHale has no issues with Lin. This is them cherry picking to “prove” that Lin fans are being delusional.

      • Chirico

        Spot on! Standup

  • pistolpete

    It’s ironic that the player McPride has been trying to bury is helping to save the his job. Mark my words that despite Jeremy’s great start this season, McPride will revert back to playing Beverley 34+ minutes(unless he’s in foul trouble) and JLin 20-25 minutes. To anyone besides Lin haters it is glaringly obvious that McPride is not objective at all about Jeremy’s minutes and role on the team. This is not only hurting Jeremy but the team and is the reason that McHale must go

  • Laurichu

    Thanks for the analysis again ! you have raised a real concern. I are looking forward to another great game from the rockets and Lin.

    • You’re welcome Laurichu! Thanks for your comment!

  • Chirico

    I love reading your analysis.
    I knew this would come. Go Lin!

  • le0

    Why are all Lin Fan’s seeming to feel the same thoughts? Are we just all delusional? I sense this is how black people has felt about racism towards them in the general public which currently still isn’t perfect yet either. Only with basketball or sports they are praised to be superior to whites.
    Why pull out the race card, because it’s true.
    If Lin was Black, his mistakes and learning curve would be diminished.
    And of course what he has done or will do won’t be as big of a story either.
    What ever. That’s how this country works, racism that doesn’t exist.

    Back to the topic.
    For now, Lin should be gold mine if someone knows how to utilize him properly.
    Lakers are looking for a point guard.
    Jeremy Lin to the Lakers and team up with his old “kung fu” master and disciple to S.Nash. Lin probably have to deal with Prince mamba who would kick his but for stealing the show but I’m sure they will figure how to work or deal with each other.

    Would be cool if Laker’s willing take JLin on. Asia would on their heals for kobe and jeremy. Lin works best under big stage and LA is just right for him.

    Hollywood JLin.

    • As a Lin fan, I do think that sometimes I get a little delusional. But I do try and check myself as much as possible, knowing that I’m biased. I do think that black people must have felt the same way to a greater degree during Jackie Robinson’s time. What Jackie Robinson experienced was much more blatant and out in the open. What Lin experiences is hidden. It’s eluded to. Not quite spoken. So us Lin fans sometimes have to decipher and read between the lines and this is where sometimes our delusion influences the way we interpret certain events or what someone says/does with regard to Lin.