Great Breakdown of Jeremy Lin’s Tremendous Stats This Season

I didn’t get to see last night’s game against NYC, but it looks like Jeremy is continuing to consistently perform at a high level. So far, this is the Jeremy Lin I expected before pre-season even started. I think what a lot of people seem to miss about Lin is that he actually got to work on his game for an entire summer. Last season, he was working on recovering from injury. To me, last season was a fluke, not Linsanity in NYC. Linsanity in NYC is what Lin is capable of. But people seem to erroneously think that Linsanity in NYC was a fluke and last season is the “real” Jeremy Lin. Like I have been saying, if Lin was the number one option on a team this season, we would have Linsanity 2.0. It’s no coincidence that whenever Harden is injured, Lin seems to be able to put up 30+ point games. He even did this last season against the Spurs when he had so many external things that he had to deal with. So Lin is highly capable of replicating Linsanity if he is the number one option. What, perhaps, bothers me most about McHale and “Rockets Fans” is that they seem to divorce Jeremy Lin from Linsanity. Dismissing it as some sort of fluke.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a post on Red94, which breaks down Jeremy Lin’s stats. This post was done on 11/13/2013, so I don’t think it included Lin’s Sixers performance. It was done by someone who says he’s neutral about Jeremy Lin. So it’s not done by a Lin fan. Basically the stats show that Lin has been either the number 1 or two player on the team, which is saying a lot, since you have Harden and Dwight on the team. And these stats are likely to be underestimating Lin’s performance, since I don’t think they include Lin’s Sixers performance. Of course the stats are taken from a very small sample size, since we’ve barely begun the season. But if Lin can continue doing something remotely close to what he has been doing, then I think he’ll win 6th Man of the Year and that would be a HUGE honor!

The Stats Say: Jeremy Lin has been playing like he might be worth a $15 million salary
Justin Wehr JUSTIN WEHR | NOVEMBER 13, 2013 at 8:38 AM


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  • cosmocal

    I always found it curious when Knicks faithful decry Lin’s contract as if they personally had to pay for it. Out of all the crazy stupid money out there being doled out, there is still talk about whether Lin is worth his contract. Personally, I think every basketball player should be paid like a public servant, because honestly, you get $20 million a year to play basketball? Give me a break.

    • Thanks for the comment, cosmocal. Yeah, it’s funny how all of a sudden, fans cared about Dolan’s money. Ha ha.

      I also understand your feelings about how basketball players get paid way too much for essentially having fun. For me, though, I don’t mind at all how highly paid basketball players are, because it’s so incredibly difficult to make it to that level. So I don’t mind at all that they get compensated very well for it. That being said, salaries have gotten a little out of control. But I guess at the end of the day it’s the fans’ fault for paying.

    • MrPingPong

      Public Basketball Agency (PBA) run by the Department of Homeland Security?

  • Here’s a Linsanity app that’s only slightly less annoying than my Jeremy Lin ringtone:

  • cosmocal

    Thanks for the terrific articles! I was being a little facetious about sports salaries. Sports are our theatre or world stage now, so yeah. I just remember the story about Pete Rose sliding on his belly into third base, dirt flying into his mouth and eyes, getting up tongue hanging out at the baseman, “Hot Dam# and I get paid for this!”

    • You’re welcome. you should really check out that radio interview link that MrPingPong posted above. The radio host says pretty much all the things that I’ve been expressing in this blog over the years about Jeremy Lin.

  • MrPingPong

    This New York sports writer loves Jeremy Lin. I read every article he wrote about Lin during and after Linsanity. This one is particularly moving, in my opinion.

    And of course, here is his perspective on last night’s game.

    • Yeah, that first article was moving about his father finally taking interest in the Knicks because of Lin. I finally took interest in basketball after the Jordan/Drexler (I was a big Blazers fan) era because of Lin. Lin has inspired many to take interest in the NBA. He’s the NBA’s best ambassador at the moment.

  • MrPingPong

    I posted some more links but my comment is “awaiting for moderator”.
    Something is not right with your blog setup, Philosopher.
    Just to let you know.

    • Thanks for the info, MrPingPong. The blog notifies me when a comment has two or more links, because it thinks that it might be SPAM. I’ll consider loosening that criteria, but if that ever happens again,then that is the reason, MrPingPong.

      • MrPingPong

        I think it’s a good idea to keep your spam filter on.

        • I loosened it to three or more links.

  • asdf

    great post

    • Thanks, asdf, I appreciate it!

  • MrPingPong

    Ha ha, look at Dolan at the bottom right:

    • Ha ha. Dolan is such a clown!

  • MrPingPong
  • MrPingPong
  • Maybe his been reading your blogposts too Mr. Philosopher…hehehe πŸ™‚

  • Agree with you Mr.PingPong πŸ˜‰

  • ashley

    Mr. Philosopher, thanks for the great insight. Honestly, I am among those who think last year’s Lin was the real Lin. Even though I knew and had seen what he’s capable of, those outstanding games, where Harden didn’t play, just looked like anomalies. Certainly, it was mostly due to his inconsistency last season, with too many ups and downs. We can list a string of reasons, but I also suspect he’s been too self-suppressing, so conscious of the fact that Harden is the star and he should take a back seat. Of course, it should also have to do with his confidence. Now that the sports word has seen his amazing progress, we should expect to see the real Linsanity Lin this season, as proclaimed by Mr. Philosopher.

    • MrPingPong

      We have yet to see Lin’s ceiling, ashley!
      Lin has the intelligence to learn and master the skill set needed to play at the highest level in the NBA, in spite of all the adversities thrown at him.
      Here’s another take on “how good Jeremy is”:

      • ashley

        Thanks for the link, Mr. Pingpong. You’re right. Lin is a smart player with great work ethic, so he’ll learn–faster than people expected. Last year, we all expected Lin to shine on the Rockets playing to his strengths, however, he has been handled like a rookie player, which caused us so much frustration and disappointment. But as long as he keeps improving, nothing can stop him from becoming the best he can be.

    • I think at this level, it comes down to confidence, will, and opportunity. I am certain there are athletes more gifted than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant– that is they can jump higher, react quicker, ran faster–but very few, if any, can be more certain of being able to hit that buzzer beater and command more out of his teammates than these two. Lin has shown on more than several games that he has the talent. It may be up to circumstances and Lin to KNOW he can do it day in and day out. Along with Hakeem’s praise, Dwight Howard noted that when Lin plays with confidence, he is “amazing”. It is extremely curious that McHale does not seem to share that same view. Now, I’m still just a little anxious when Lin brings the ball up, because I still question his handles, but I can’t think of a better practice partner than Beverly to work on this part of his game. I understand some of McHale’s reluctance to turn over the game to Lin but his actions by now have convinced me that he is clearly not a coach who elevates his players’ confidence and brings out the best in them. To Lin’s credit, I think he has gone through this time and again, so he just lives with it until he gets his next chance.

      • Yeah, Calvin. At this level, it’s about will, hard work, determination, confidence and also getting the right opportunity. I still remember that game in which Jordan scored 38 points in the NBA finals when he was sick with the flu (actually it was food poisoning) and could barely walk into the locker room himself at the end of the game. Jordan has more will to win than perhaps any NBA player. It’s what makes him great.

        So far, Lin has been playing well, so he’s being played like a true 6th man. So all is good and hopefully it stays that way through the season. If so, then I’m very happy as a Lin fan.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here.

    As y’all know, the Rockets are playing the Celts tonight. Out of curiosity, I browsed the CelticsBlog website and noticed that they intentionally (or accidentally) spelled Lin’s name as Jeremy Lynn!

    Is Lynn a Celt name by any chance? πŸ™‚

    Again, my routine bold prediction: Lin will rule tonight! πŸ™‚