With Twin Towers Experiment Out of the Way, Rockets Can Start Winning Games

I think the biggest obstacle for the Rockets thus far has been the ridiculous Twin Towers experiment. I understand why they did it, as I’ve explained in previous posts, but I’m glad it’s finally over. Now the Rockets can get on with playing the way I’ve expected them to play. They can start playing like they did in the pre-season with good spacing. They key to their success is whether or not McHale is willing to use a 10-man rotation: Howard, TJones, Parsons, Harden, Beverley, Lin, Garcia, Casspi, D-Mo and Asik. I saw a stat recently that shows the Rockets have two players (Harden and I think Parsons) who are in the top five in terms of minutes played in the NBA. This is ridiculous and should not happen with the caliber of talent Rockets have on the team. McHale is playing like he has the same roster he had last season. This is unacceptable and has been one of the big factors for Rockets not performing up to their expectations. Not only do you tire guys like Harden and Parsons out so early in the season, but you also cause guys like Garcia and Casspi to lose their rhythm. So I think if Rockets fix that issue, then they’ll be playing up to their potential and they’ll be winning a lot of games.

The Rockets have six game until they face the Spurs. If Rockets fix their rotation issues, I expect them to go on either a six-game winning streak or lose just one of the next upcoming six games. I do think they can use the Twin Towers lineup against a team like Memphis, though. So that would be an exception.

I don’t think Asik will be on the team for very long, but this Rockets team with Asik as the center off the bench is deadly. If Rockets are all about winning and don’t care about Asik’s wishes, then they would be making a mistake trading Asik. I think this team needs Asik, but they need him coming off the bench. They should also decrease Howard’s minutes so Asik can play at least 20 minutes a game. Again, I don’t see this happening, but this is what SHOULD happen if Rockets area all about winning, rather than pleasing their superstar. That’s the problem with a lot of teams, they don’t always do what they should There’s always extraneous stuff that get in the way. But that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to what this team looks like going forward. I don’t really count the games with the Twin Towers experiment. So for me, the season for the Rockets really starts now. Lets see if McHale is up to the task.

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  • MrPingPong

    I hope Asik will come out and play with vengeance tonight to show how valuable he is and to make up for lost time. I’m not sure if McHale will reduce D12’s minutes enough for Asik to get his game going though. The chemistry is lost. The good will is not there any more, I don’t think.

    There is clearly a BIG difference in attitude between Lin and Asik. When Lin found out he lost his starting job, his agent reminded him how he used to be the 15th man. Lin swallowed the hurt and played the best way he could play. In contrast, Asik’s agent publicly requested a trade, and Asik got “sick” and sat out for a couple of games. Sad story!

    Rumors abound that Morey is working hard on an Asik trade, and as such, I cannot disagree with you that Asik will not be with the Rockets for very long. But Asik’s contract is after all, a poison pill that is tough to swallow. Let’s see which team will bite!

    In the mean time, Jeremy Lin will make sure the Celts (see celticsblog.com) know how to spell his name correctly after tonight’s game.

    • Yeah, I have no idea how anyone in the world could misspell Lin’s name. Not sure what’s up with that.

      No one gave Lin credit for swallowing his pride and accepting the role of coming off the bench, even though he deserved the starting position. In fact, a lot of commentators assumed that he lost his starting job, which was ludicrous. I’m just glad that Lin has made it abundantly clear that he didn’t lose his starting job, to all those who are still blinded (i.e., the Flat Earth Society).

      I think there are plenty of teams who want Asik, but not sure if any of them can give the Rockets enough value in return. That’s the big hold up on the Asik trade. Morey’s been working since the summer, I’m sure, to figure out a viable Asik trade. He just hasn’t found anything good, yet, and that’s why they can’t grant Asik his trade request.

  • pistolpete

    Even though Jeremy started out shooting poorly last night it is apparent that McHale will use any excuse to play him as little as possible. To put someone who is shooting and playing as well as Jeremy has been this season on such a short lease and play Bev, who is at best a backup PG in the NBA, ahead of him is truly ridiculous. Unfortunately McHale will NEVER change his mind about Jeremy which is why that Jeremy, like Asik, must request to be traded.

    • I started replying to your comment, pistolpete, but it got too lengthy. So rather than replying to your comment, I decided to just write a post about last night’s game–addressing the points you raised. The post will be up shortly.

      • Pistolpete

        Very good! I’ll check it out.