More stats showing Jeremy Lin’s Dominance so far this Season

I just came across this article, which shows Lin is among the NBA’s best drivers and wanted to share it with you.

The article discusses the following stats:

  • Player PPG (points per game) on Drives
  • FG% on Drives
  • Team PPG on Drives
  • Points via Passes on Drives

Here are some of the interesting bits on Lin from the article. Lin is ahead of James Harden on EVERY measure and often well ahead (James didn’t make the top ten list on a couple of these measures whereas Lin made the top ten in ALL of these measures). Lin is actually the ONLY player to make the top ten on ALL of the measures above. These stats do favor point guards, though, so it is actually impressive that Harden shows up on these lists. Come to think of it, though, McHale actually doesn’t use Lin as a point guard and uses Harden more as a point guard, so Lin’s stats are even that much more impressive. Imagine what Lin’s stats would be if McHale actually played Lin the right way? These advanced stats are why Morey actually said in an interview that Lin is actually better at getting to the rim than Harden.

  • Player PPG on Drives: Lin is 7th on the list; Harden is ranked 8th
  • FG% on Drives: Lin is 4th on the list; Harden is 10th
  • Team PPG on Drives: Lin is 5th on the list; Harden didn’t make the list
  • Points via Pass on Drives: Lin is 10th on the list; Harden didn’t make the list

Six of the top 10 players in points per game on drives are also in the top 10 in drives per game (Lawson, Ellis, Parker, Lin, Teague, and Irving are top 10 in both).

Parker, Lin, and Harden are the only three players in the top 10 in drives per game, points per game on drives, and field goal percentage on drives.

I’ll end with a quote from the article: “You may have noticed the only player to appear on all four lists above: Jeremy Lin. He’s helped by the fact that he’s currently sixth in the league in drives per game, and that Houston’s offense demands he drive to the basket a whole lot, but he’s obviously been incredibly productive when doing so. He’s improved his restricted area field goal percentage leaps and bounds since he broke out during the 2011-12 season. It stood at 48.7 percent that year, rose to 58.1 in his first season in Houston, and has skyrocketed to 76.6 percent this season. He obviously won’t keep up a LeBron-level conversion rate on close attempts, but his talent for getting to the basket, finishing there, and finding open teammates if he doesn’t have a good shot is for real.”

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  • MrPingPong

    Hah, you beat me to it, Philosopher! 🙂

    You should drop your own comment there as well. And give a little plug for your blog, the best LOF blog of them all! 🙂

    • Wow! That’s a first that I beat you to posting an article on here. I followed your advice and dropped a comment to that article, as well. Thanks, MrPingPong!

      • MrPingPong

        Too bad they don’t have up/down votes like many other site. I would have given your post an up vote! 🙂

        Switching topic: The Blazers, your hometown team, is playing scarily good lately! 🙂

        • Yeah, the Blazers are scary good. But I’m actually not too surprised, because they’ve been a team that I’ve been wondering why they aren’t good ever since the emergence of Lillard. All they needed was a little time to gel, I suppose. But I’ve always thought they had great potential, because they have a great point guard and then a great power forward, as well as other really good players. So it makes sense that they’d be good. It actually didn’t make sense why they haven’t been good up until now–at least to me. But, chemistry takes time.

          I remember talking to a friend at the beginning of the season how I thought the Blazers have potential to be a really great team and how I didn’t get why they weren’t a great team, given the makeup of the team, and my friend was taken by surprise. I haven’t followed them much, but I think the main weakness they have is their bench. At least that’s what I thought in the beginning of the season. But I’m not sure if that’s an issue with them anymore.

          • MrPingPong

            And don’t forget their coach! 🙂

          • He did just win coach of the month. Ha ha. I just haven’t followed the Blazers at all, so I don’t have any idea if the coach is the reason. But at least Terry Stotts isn’t getting in the way like the one we have in Houston. Rockets would be great if pretty much any other coach was coaching this team, but McHale. He’s just awful and has done so much damage to this team. It’s gotten to the point where he’s messed up so badly that in order to right his mistakes, we’d basically have to flip nearly all of the decisions that he’s made about this organization. So the suggestions for running this team properly may sound outrageous, because it’s so far beyond what this team is currently doing. For example, it would probably be outrageous to even consider Having Lin as the starter and bringing Harden off the bench. But I actually do think the Rockets would win more games that way, even if it’s probably insane to even think about, because it goes so outside the deeply ingrained conventions in basketball that way overvalues superstars and their contributions to team wins. It’s the chemistry above all else. Lin should be THE point guard and he should be THE main PnR pairing for Howard. Harden should just be a scoring machine, predominantly playing off the ball. In the rare instances during stretches of games when this happens, Rockets are humming. But McHale keeps forcing Lin to play off the ball every chance he gets so “Rockets fans” don’t really get to see what they’re missing and so they don’t really see that there’s that much wrong with the way Lin is being played. McHale has distorted the picture so drastically that it’s hard to see the truth anymore for most fans. I’m completely rambling, so not sure if any of this made sense.

          • MrPingPong

            It took a bunch of injuries to key Knicks players in the early 2011-2012 season for the Knicks and their fans to discover Lin. Now, early in the 2013-2014 season, it would be ironic if it takes Lin’s injury and his absence for the Rockets and their fans to appreciate what Lin has to offer.

          • Very intriguing thought, MrPingPong. Well said. Love it!

  • ashley

    A player who has Lin’s caliber and has proven himself by creating a global sensation called Linsanity should be allowed to play to his strengths, to be the PG to run the team’s offense. like Tony Parker on the Spurs or Lillard on the Blaizers, and that’s what all Lin fans have been expecting. Yet he’s often been marginalized, disrespected, and even got demoted this season.

    Now he’s sidelined due to the injury, and the team lost to two mediocre teams, but I don’t feel sorry for the Rockets because he’s been treated like a bench player, and hence shouldn’t be expected too much or be held responsible for the team’s losing. Instead, it should be Howard or Harden, the team’s two big stars, who unfortunately, failed to win for the team these two games. Harden in particular was to be blamed for the loss to the Suns with his horrible 17.6% shooting percentage, missing all of his 10 3-point shots. But I think Harden did come to the right team–on the Rockets he is the star, the PG, and the first scoring option, no matter how poor his play can be.

    With Harden’s status on the team, it is really too drastic to have him come off the bench, which would also be an impossible move from McHale. A more realistic hope is for Lin to be the PG when he and Harden play together. Lin has started practicing with the team, but he was only shooting, no driving or cutting. He is expected to be out for one more week, missing at least 8 games.

    • Yeah, it would be insane to even consider bringing Harden off the bench. Although, I do think it MAY be in the best interest of the team if they’re all about winning. Still not sure about this myself. But I just wanted to throw out a crazy idea to break the ingrained pattern of thinking. Sometimes we need to consider “crazy” ideas just to disrupt our normal mode of thinking. This is one of the keys to being able to think creatively. With McHale it would be a miracle if he does the logical thing and lets Lin be THE point guard. Ha ha.

      • ashley

        Well, H & H did well today to beat the Warriors, who happened to shoot poorly today, making only 2 of their 16 3-point attempts. I guess we should still wish the best for the Rockets, as long as Lin is on the team. Hopefully they go deep in the playoffs so Jeremy gets enough experience!

        • MrPingPong

          Of course we root for the Rockets! That’s what Lin does on the sideline, don’t you think? 🙂

          Any NBA player will have good games and bad games. Harder and Howard are no exceptions, except they will have more good games than bad ones.

          The same goes with Lin. Lin will have more good games than bad ones. It’s just that the FEP only focus and amplify the bad ones. Nothing new here, as far as the Jeremy Lin story goes.

  • MrPingPong

    Parsons is playing tonight against the Dubs.
    I’m gonna watch this game.
    Good luck, Rockets!

  • I saw this from Rockets game write up: “Kevin McHale revealed that Jeremy Lin is currently on track to return to game action in time for Houston’s Thursday night primetime showdown with the Portland Trailblazers.”

    Good news for Lin fans.

    • MrPingPong

      I feel ambivalent about this. I hope Lin sticks to his plan of not returning until he is 100% and knowing for sure that he can help the team. Only Lin knows how good his injured knee feel and not the doctors nor the trainers.

      I try to find a positive angle from Lin’s injury. I think of it as a blessing in disguise. The injury gives Lin time to sit on the side line, watch his team play and reflect on what he can do to help the team. I really would like to see the Rockets play the Blazers sans Lin this time, so that people can see the difference between this upcoming game and the Nov 5 game.

      From bits and pieces of Lin’s news, I believe Lin has been working really hard to stay in shape and rehab his injured knees. There is no doubt in my mind that Lin will go off like gangbuster when he is 100% and comes back to play. Check out these links:

      • Thanks for the links, MrPingPong. Ha ha.

        Good point, MrPingPong about wanting to see the Rockets play the Blazers without Lin. I think if the Rockets continue playing well with Parsons back, they’re going to really push to trade Lin somehow.

        I think Lin has learned his lessons and won’t rush back from injury. He’ll take his time for sure. I’m not worried about that.

        • MrPingPong

          Yeah, Lin’s injury is bad news, for sure. But given that he is injured, it’s a good thing that the Rockets are winning more than losing sans Lin, because this way, there is less external/internal pressure for Lin to return before he is completely healed.

          The Rockets are talented bunch of guys. They can play and win more often than lose, provided they don’t party too much (at strip clubs, may be?). 🙂

          If I were Lin, I would sit out this Blazers game and the Dubs game that follows too. After all, a bench player, albeit the world’s most famous one, can’t be that important of a link!

          And speaking of trade rumors, Philosopher, I’m thinking of packaging Asik and Bev for LMA! Ha, ha!…

      • ashley

        It was sweet and funny of Jeremy to make that rehab video (and he looked gorgeous in his shiny blue suit with the professor’s glasses on). Hopefully when he comes back he won’t be too rusty. As you know, Parsons didn’t do well in his first game back. Neither did Kobe. It seems the Lakers were doing OK without him, and when he was out, other players got the chance to shine.

  • blue7053

    One of the stats they keep is number of guys scoring in double figures. I remember this from the Knicks when Lin’s bench+Chandler did it, it broke Knick records going back to the ’70’s? I think.
    Then they did it again (1st Cleveland) then Sac Kings, then i lost count. This year, they did it every game for the first 3 games. When you play on a Lin team with everyone scoring, you continue to do it even when he isn’t on the floor.
    I don’t know how to do many stats but I think this would be an interesting one.

    Like your blog.

    • Thanks, blue!

      Yeah, Linsanity is all about unselfishness and joy in the game. This Rockets team is very deep and the more they trust each other, the more lethal they will be. Rockets hurt themselves when they misguidedly play Harden Ball. That’s when they end up losing to mediocre teams. But when they play unselfishly, they have potential to beat anyone. Before the preseason, this is what I expected from this Rockets team, that it would be Linsanity 2.0. I think they’re realizing that they win when they play unselfishly. Even Harden may be starting to get the picture after those two embarrassing losses without Parsons and Lin.

      Parsons and Lin are two guys who are valuable to any team. They are both willing to do whatever it takes to win. Parsons was especially this way last season and I think he’s still that way for the most part. Lin also has a great ability to make other guys better.

  • pistolpete

    One thing I noticed is that without Lin or Parsons in the lineup there is very little penetration except for Harden. They seem to just pass the ball around the perimeter which is better than continuous ISO ball but not as effective as penetrating the defense causing double teams and open teamates. Of course Parsons is not as effective as Lin in this but it’s still better than just having Harden, who the defense can then key on, being the only one who can drive. It kills me though when all the articles attribute them losing just because Parsons, and only Parsons, was not in the lineup.

    • MrPingPong

      Agreed, PistolPete!

      I watched the first half of the Magic game and got so bored and walked away from the TV.

      In the first period, the Magic jumped out to a 9-2 lead, and then the Rockets rained down 17 unanswered points. In spite of that seemingly impressive run, I don’t think the Rockets played that well from the defensive point of view. The Magic had so many open looks but could not shoot straight to save their lives! Take a look at the play-by-play: missed point-blank layups, wide open short/mid/long range jumpers. May be the mere presence of D12, TJ, CP25, H13, and Bev scared them to death; I dunno. 🙂

      We need a larger game sample to have some idea on how important/unimportant Lin is for the Rockets. That’s why I’ve been advocating Lin sitting out for a few more games. Ideally, Lin should sit out until the SAS game on Dec 25 to commemorate the day the Rockets cut him in 2011! 🙂

      Just to make conversation here, I present you a few Lin-centric scenarios for the upcoming two games.

      1. Lin plays both games and the Rockets lose both games: it’s Lin’s fault.
      2. Lin plays both games and the Rockets win both games: Parsons is the key to victory.
      3. Lin sits out both games and the Rockets lose both games: Parsons’ back is in bad shape (the Californian acupuncturist may be a mole), and down go the Rockets.
      4. Lin sits out both games and the Rockets win both games: Lin is irrelevant; trade Lin/Asik to the Knicks for Melo and win the NBA championship now!

      Have a great evening/night/morning/afternoon wherever you are on this WEB!

      • Ha ha. I love those scenarios, MrPingPong!

  • ashley

    If the Rockets don’t penetrate as much and win by shooting a lot of 3-pointers, then they simply have better shooters. However, the shots might not always fall, and sometimes the entire team could have a poor shooting game, so being able to penetrate to create open looks is still very important to the teams’s offense. So I’m convinced that Lin, being an all-around player, is valuable to any team.

    Speaking of “rooting for the Rockets”, sometimes, Lin fans would like that they lose so as to show the importance of Lin, and I’m one of them. But it’s not hard to find out the team is so full of talents that they can win without Lin or Parsons, or Harden or Howard, as long as they play unselfishly–unless three of them (Lin, Parsons, and Harden are all out at the same time.) When Lin and Parson were out and they lost, I found H & H disappointing (but then they made a comeback). What I’m sure so far is when Harden was out, our Lin almost always stepped up and put on a good show.

    • That’s right, ashley. When Harden is out, Lin doesn’t feel like he has to defer and can play his own game. Morey did say, in a radio interview, that Lin is the number one option when Harden is out.

    • MrPingPong

      It is the prerogative of each individual Lin fan to root or not to root for the Rockets when Lin is out. I can see why certain fans would want the Rockets to lose when Lin is out. But I don’t think Lin feels that way.

      I do not read Lin’s mind, but I am 100% sure that all these times on the sideline, Lin is constantly thinking, ‘what can I do to help my team?’, and not ‘too bad, guys, for not recognizing how important I am.’

      You have all seen this pic, right?

      Does it look like Lin was happy that the Rockets were losing badly?
      And how about this pic?

      Oh, what happy smiles! #Rednation won!

      What impresses me most about Lin is not his basketball skills, but is genuine golden heart: there is simply no hate in him. Ah, and yes, he looks gorgeously sophisticated in those designer suits, happy or unhappy! 🙂

      Have a great afternoon/evening/morning wherever you are on this WEB!

      • You might not be able to read Lin’s mind, but to me Lin is transparent. Ha ha.

        He is for sure rooting for the Rockets. I think it does a player a lot of good to sit on the sidelines, because it allows him to see things that he might have missed. I’m also a big believer in visualization. So I hope Lin’s been doing a lot of visualization during the times he hasn’t been able to practice. Just visualize the practice. Shoot threes in his mind.

      • ashley

        Mr. Pingpong, appreciate your perspective and positive attitude as always!

  • pistolpete

    LOL Mr PingPong!

  • pistolpete

    Speaking of stats it’s interesting that the player who “beat out” Jeremy for the starting PG position has a PER of 11.1 while Jeremy’s is 18.8. The NBA league average is 15. Jeremy’s points per game is 15.3 while Bev’s is 9.3, his assists are double Bev’s puny 2.3 and his shooting pct is better. However any mention of a “McHale conspiracy theory” is nonsense.

    • Yeah, pistolpete. Lin not starting looks like a sham. There is some merit to the idea, but the way McHale is doing it doesn’t have any merit whatsoever. It’s pretty clear that McHale doesn’t want Lin to start simply because he doesn’t want Lin to start. Well, IF this means Lin will win the 6th Man award, then McHale may have unintentionally done Lin a favor. We’ll see.

      • ashley

        Yeah, so far fans still don’t get why Lin has to come off the bench and that’s what made people mad at McHale and the Rockets org. Morey said it was McHale’s decision, but they never really said why and there seem to be no reporters questioning them. And it seems this will forever be a mystery! (My goodness!)

        There’s no doubt it’s a huge matter for Lin fans–there should at least be a million of them–and Lin as well. For one thing–though it might be trivial–his Volvo commercial turned out to be untrue ’cause he’s no longer a starter. Who would have thought that McHale could pull out such a sham!

        Perhaps in the end in Lin’s career, this is a small setback, and he will triumph anyway, as fans have hoped, as long as he keeps proving himself with brilliant stats.

        • In the end, the truth always comes out. That’s my belief, ashley. So if Lin is as good as I think he is, this will be a small setback to his career, as long as he remains healthy and can play for the next ten years.

  • pistolpete

    I was just being sarcastic. To anyone but a doubter it is crystal clear that McHale has an agenda to keep Lin from acheiving his potential.

  • Looks like Lin will be back for the Blazers showdown. I’m with MrPingPong on this. There’s only a small percentage chance that this could turn out to be advantageous for Lin. I may do a live game thread of this game for those interested,

    • MrPingPong

      It does not surprise me that Lin insists on coming back for the Portland game. I just hope that his competitiveness does not trick his mind into believing that his injured knee is completely healed.

      And Sampson will be coaching this game! Deja vu! My lame prediction is Sampson will sit Lin in the fourth and let TD close out the game. Oops, I meant AB.

      I’ll keep you company if you do a live game thread, Philosopher! These Blazers have changed, bro! They let their sophomore PG roam free.

      Let’s have some fun! 🙂

      • This is Deja vu! Well, it should be interesting. Thanks for the offer to keep me company if I do a live game thread, MrPingPong!

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here…

    It’s game day today for Lin and the Rockets. Understandably, the folks at Blazer’s Edge are full of optimism while the Dreamshakers are more subdued in expectation. Interestingly, the Blazer’s Edge game preview mentions Bev only once, saying that Bev and a few other Rockets have been shooting “well below their averages from downtown in Lin’s absence.”

    Lin is back and will help all of his teammates play better. From this interview, he seems quite ready and confident.

    In case you don’t know, here is a link to Lin’s talking about his recent knee injury:

    Bev, AB, Casspi and Garcia will play their best tonight! That’s my Lin-centric prediction! 🙂

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night/morning wherever you are on this WEB!