Liveblogging Jeremy Lin’s Day 2 Return Vs. Golden State Warriors

So, as some of you know, I was unable to participate in the live blogging of Lin’s return vs. the Blazers due to my Internet issues. Apologies for that. In fact, I wasn’t able to watch or even keep up with any play-by-play at all, since I couldn’t get on any websites. So missed the entire game. Sounds like it was a lot of Deja Vu (in a bad way) from last season when Sampson took over.

Hopefully, Lin shook off some of the rust and will be more back in form for a return to his hometown. I’m sure Lin still has lots of fans in the area. We’ll see how vocal they will be for Lin.

Warriors have disappointed so far this season, mainly due to injuries. I expect the Rockets to win this game and Lin to bounce back, having shaken off some of the rust from his first return. But of course, how Lin plays will depend a lot on how Sampson plays Lin. So the odds are against Lin (as usual). I’m also concerned about his stroke from three-point. It hasn’t been the same since he made a record 9 threes. I doubt he’ll have his stroke back in the Warriors game. That’s going to take a little more time, I suspect.

Anyway, hope to see you here when the game starts!

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  • Lin started out very aggressive then disappeared more and more as the game went on. Lin back to square one with this team again. Has to prove himself again, but now, it’s much tougher to prove yourself coming off the bench. Now Lin is REALLY a bench player, not treated as 6th man. Has to prove himself to going back to being treated as 6th man.

  • Rockets got it done tonight. Lin had a bad game. Started out strong, then went into complete passive and very tentative mode as the game went on. Lin is gonna have to prove himself again. Back to square one for Lin. Now he’s really a bench player. Has to earn a sixth man role now, that’s how ridiculous his situation is at the moment. But I think he’ll be back if he can string together a few good games. Still early, yet, in his recovery from injury, so they’ll cut him some slack. But not much.

  • pistolpete

    I think it’s good that Bev played well tonight and the Rockets won. This will hopefully give them more confidence to trade Jeremy. At this point I’m convinced that this is by far the best thing for his career. Even if McHale is fired Jeremy’s relationship with Harden does not seem to be that great. I think that in the long run it will hurt the Rockets like it has hurt the Knicks but it will be well deserved. The whole situation is very strange – it should be much easier to replace a poor head coach than a player whose PER is quite a bit above average. They will pay dearly for this.

  • MrPingPong

    I’ve not been able to post since last night.

    • Hm..not sure what the issue is. Looking into it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to figure this one out. I’ve been trying to diagnose the issue to no avail.