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  • MrPingPong

    Just testing for connection here…
    May be you need another “repositioning”, Philosopher? 🙂

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night/morning wherever you are on this WEB.

    • Test successful. Yes, I need to “re-position” this blog. Ha ha. I wonder if the frequency of my commenting from the Live Posting had to do with inability for others to comment. Well, if the issue continues, send me an email.

  • Just posting a comment from one of the readers, Dr.b, who’s been having issues posting comments to this site:

    regarding j lin….its obvious he needs to leave this team….he is not really helpful the way he is used..its like playing 4 on 5…..harden is a selfish player these days,in that he looks shoot first then pass…his statistics are a running game with lots of shots..u will get assists…he shot terrible last night yet had some points…looking like Carmelo…..of course if another player is open he will pass….but he doesn’t get the team involved…so I’m finally saying it …..would like to see Jeremy on another team……….I believe lin is too deferential…he has a contract…get in faces…don’t keep giving the ball back to harden……what can happen…basketball is a game of confidence…he needs to say screw it and play…but although he is as tough as anybody on the court,off the court he is too respectful……..btw–when harden was hurt earlier in the year,bev was quoted as saying that lin was a phenomenal playmaker—they have respect….you don’t drop 30 twice and forget… my important point……walt frazier has said numerous times what an amazing backcourt harden and lin could be if only harden understood this..when he teamed with earl Monroe they were too of the best ever,and made it work,,they were older and more mature,,but I believe the maturity issue here is with harden..this team will win games,but not the playoffs as constituted….low b all i.q. maybe harden should call walt frazier and not Sampson……I had the pleasure to watch those old knick teams as a fan,and I had season tickets for the bird Celtics in the eighties although I rooted against them,but it was beautiful ball….too great teams…..I was thinking if lin played with conley,he is the kind of player without an ego…one more point…it was widely known and written in the eighties–that bird was always pissed off at McHale for not working and taking the game serious..bird felt McHale relied on his talent .bird thought McHale could have been an even better player…..and once McHale got the ball,,,it wasn’t going to anyone else…..just remember his hit on rambis…

    • This is my reply to Dr.b:

      I agree with the points that you made in your comments. I really liked Harden when he first joined the team. He appeared to be an unselfish player, but then started playing more and more selfishly with each game and now I see him as a selfish player. In the beginning of the season, I was okay with Lin either staying or being traded, but now, I’m also leaning for him to be traded. My ONLY reservation is that if he gets traded now, he won’t have much control over the team he plays for. So that’s the only reason why I’d like him to finish out his contract. But the thought of Lin being stuck with this Rockets coaching staff is unpleasant.

      I actually wrote a post about Walt Frazier comparing him to Lin and Earl to Harden:

      I didn’t know those things about McHale when he was a player. Very interesting. That comment about McHale relying on his talent says a lot about McHale, actually. There’s this book called “Mindset” by Carol Dweck that delves into people who have a “fixed” mindset vs. those who have “growth” mindsets. And that simple separation has huge implications for the choices/successes, etc. one has in life. Bird is a growth mindset and so was Jordan. Lin is hardcore Growth mindset. John McEnro is the quintessential fixed mindset. One of these days, I’ll talk more about all of this in a post or video.

      Thanks for the comments. Maybe you should try and reply to this comment to see if you’re able to post comments. Apologies, again, for all the issues you’ve been experiencing trying to post on this site and thanks for your patience!

      • MrPingPong

        Hello Lin fans/non-fans,

        This may amount to nothing here, but rumors are blowing around that the Rockets are trying to trade Lin:

        I am tired of seeing Lin being jerked around in Houston. But as you are saying, Philosopher, if Lin gets traded now, he does not get to chose his team. I’d rather see Lin play out his contract and go fee agent in 2015.

        • ashley

          Regarding the trade rumor, there is a brief report on the Dream Shake:

          I don’t enjoy hearing about Lin’s trade rumors, but if any team wants him, they should have the intent to make good use of him. I believe Lin has been on the Rockets’ trading block since summer, yet his 15-milion salary in the third year has been the biggest obstacle. So there’s a good change that he plays out his contract, as Mr. Pingpong hopes.

          On the other hand, trading or not, staying healthy is the most important thing for Lin. For now, we shall patiently await his return to the court and see how his role as a bench player fares the rest of season, which may not be promising, though, due to the limited playing time.

  • pistolpete

    I think the odds are wherever Jeremy goes to he will get treated more fairly than he has been in Houston. It seems the better Jeremy plays, the less he plays. His PER right now is 18 after a knee injury and Beverley’s is 11.9. The question I have is that if he is traded will he have to stay with the new team longer than he has to stay with Houston on his current contract? If not then I think it’s worth a chance to be traded because he will NEVER get respect on a team with McHale and Sampson as coaches.

  • MrPingPong

    Missed the Kings game today.
    Learned after the fact that Lin was out due to back spasm.
    Bad news for Lin and bad news for the Rockets as well.

    Man, Lin is not having good luck on the floor.
    Rockets without Lin is predictably boring as so so…
    Of course, I am just a LOF. What do I know!

    Take your time to heal, JL7!

  • fire9flyer

    jeremy injured, just like Asik, I suspect they are keeping him forzen and wrapped, ready for trade.

  • alex

    With Lin out with Back spasm, Houston lost to lowly Kings. I’m just hoping Lin gets back 100%.

  • pistolpete

    Looking at the Rockets starting team stats it’s clear that getting a Starting PG should be the priority for the Rockets in the Asik trade…. but wait… they seem to already have a PG who would fill the bill. LOL to the ridiculous Rockets.

    • Ha ha, pistolpete! I’ve actually been thinking the same thing. That the Rockets REALLY need a starting point guard. Problem is, they already have the perfect one. So I guess they just need a starting point guard not named Jeremy Lin so the Rockets coaching staff will actually use him as a starting point guard.

      The situation with the Rockets is getting to the point of being comical, if it weren’t so frustrating for the fans (not just Lin fans). What’s missing for the Rockets is Jeremy Lin. But the Rockets have never had “Jeremy Lin” on their team thanks to McHale and the Rockets coaching staff, who have been intent on undermining and marginalizing Jeremy Lin at every turn.

  • pistolpete

    Well said as usual! The situation would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frustrating to his fans.

    • MrPingPong

      Comical, hilarious, frustrating, etc…, I am not sure what other words to apply to Lin’s situation with the Rockets. Only the Knicks fans embraced Lin, just the fans, and not their coach, their key players, nor the FO.

      IMHO, the best thing for Lin is to play out his contract and go free agent in 2015. But then who knows what Morey is gonna do in the mean time.

      The MOST important thing of ALL for Lin is No Serious Injuries. Injuries will happen, but please No Serious Injuries!

  • yoooo

  • MrPingPong

    Hello everybody! Just making conversation here…

    From Morey’s radio interview, Lin’s injury is worse than Parsons’, which is not good! Check this out at around the 9 min mark:

    Anyway, it’s game day for the Rockets tonight at the Pacers. Lin won’t be playing, from what I’ve gathered. I’m on the road these last few days, but hope to catch a good Internet connection to watch the game on my laptop, just to get a feel how the Rockets do sans Lin. I hope the Rockets do well, that way Lin does not feel pressured to come back before he is well healed.

    Have a great afternoon/evening/night/morning everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • MrPingPong

      On a separate fun note, check out this link by TNT. Here you can vote for the player to watch on their player cam. Just vote as many time you want. I voted for Lin and then refresh the page and voted for Lin again and again just to mess them up! 🙂

      I think because of my childish play, the site is down right now! 🙂

      • dr.b

        check again

  • MrPingPong

    Well, I missed the Pacers game. From what I’ve read, it wasn’t pretty.

    May it’s just me, a LOF, but this whole McHale’s idea of making Bev the starting PG to fit Harden, blah blah blah, is ruining the whole team chemistry, turning the Rockets into something of a joke.

    I just hope that Lin does not feel pressured to come back before he is completely healed. There are still a lot of games left in the season.

    Sad story…

    • I wanted to see just how good the Pacers is, but I didn’t have a chance to see this game. It sounds like lack of ball movement was a big issue. This is not surprising, since the Rockets don’t have a point guard presence and, yes, McHale’s starting Beverley over Lin is looking more and more ridiculous. It’s a complete farce born out of stubborness and I’d be shocked if McHale ever admits that he’s wrong and brings Lin back into the starting lineup. The only way he would do it is if he gets a lot of direct pressure from Les.

      As competitive as Lin is, I’m confident that he’ll take his time to heal this time. I don’t know where Lin’s head is at, but if I were him, I’d be looking out more for myself than this team at this point, knowing that there’s a high probability that I won’t be with this team come playoff time. I think it’s good to be unselfish, but you also have to be wise and see how everything will unfold before it does. This coach hasn’t given Lin an ounce of consideration since he’s joined the squad. Lin owes this team nothing. All they’ve done is marginalized him at every turn and limit his potential at both Lin’s and their expense.

      • MrPingPong

        Yep, Lin owns the Rockets nothing, not the way they’ve been jerking him around.

        • ashley

          The Rockets beat the Pistons today with Howard stepping up, dominating the game. I’m glad Howard finally showed what he’s capable of. But with Beverly suffering a right-hand fracture, Lin might not come back 100% healthy.

          It should be great that LIn can be a starter again, but I hate to see the way McHale put it, “We are not going to have Patrick for a while which means that Jeremy (Lin) is due to come back.” I remember during the preseason, McHale said he would be alternating Lin and Beverley as PG (perhaps up to December?), but it turned out that Lin gets to start only when Beverley is hurt. So he was lying then and was actually stating this horrible fact today. Well, I think I’ll always be indignant about Lin not starting.

          Mr. Pingpong once wrote that it took some injury for Lin to get his chance and it still will. But this time, Lin himself is hurt too, so he’s not in a good place to make a come back. Anyway, we shall see.

          • dr.b

            hi Ashley,i hate the way McHale and Sampson use lin,but before he got hurt he was playing more minutes then Jeremy will handle this……he has a great attitude,and I believe McHale will be relieved or resign by the end of the year.jeremy has a nice contract and is in the nba…he is happy.did anyone notice how the ball moved last night,everyone had assists…beautiful….I know its Detroit,but they have beaten the pacers and heat….

          • I didn’t get a chance to watch the Pistons game. Dominant performance by Howard. Pistons have a good front court, so what Howard did was impressive. Howard’s had a lot of good games, lately. So that’s good to see.

            Yeah, it looks like Lin will be forced to return even though he’s not 100%. With Beverley injured, I don’t think Lin has much of a choice. I’ll watch the Mavs game to see how Lin looks.

            The Rockets kept Lin completely away from the media during the trade “deadline” (then he magically appeared right after the “deadline”), so haven’t seen much of Lin. Don’t really know where he’s at with everything. So will have to watch and see if I can get a read on how he’s doing.

          • When Harden is not in the game, the ball seems to move much better. Rockets had one of their highest team assists game of the season when Harden was out earlier in the season.

            If Harden is ever going to help this team be a true contender, as opposed to the pretenders (to steal a line from Ultimate Rockets) that they are at the moment largely in part because of Harden and McHale, Harden needs to learn to trust his very capable teammates and not act like he’s the team’s savior, because he is so not. The Rockets are a very dangerous team as a whole. Too bad McHale and Harden aren’t able to see this.

  • pistolpete

    Well there you have it – what everyone has been saying on this site this year – when the Rockets get in the playoffs against good teams they will not go far. Funny that a Hall of Fame NBA player, now coach, could not see this coming. Incredible that he would send for a player in Russia and then start him over JLin who had a solid year (which would have been a lot better had not McHale handcuffed him and had his SG run the offense). Granted that Indiana is a very strong team but the Rockets should not have been blown out like this. The starting backcourt had only 3 assists and only 10 for the team vs 29 for the Pacers. A lot of idiots on CF are still calling for a JLin trade whereas all the Rockets have to do is to play him as a PG and they will be competitive against anyone. The direction they are going in will eventually lead to McHale being fired. Woodson is also on the hot seat in NY which could have been avoided if he had fought for JLin. They can’t even trade Jeremy or Omer because by limiting their playing time they’re not putting up the stats that would justify their contrcts. They are reaping what they have sowed so McHal and Morey must go!

  • ashley

    That’s right. They should use Lin and Asik well to make them worthy of their contract, which would also be good for any potential trades, unless they don’t care and are ready to swallow their poison bills. BTW, the Asik’s trade didn’t pull off, according to the news. So there should be no more trade talks regarding Asik or Lin–not until February next year.

    It looks like the Rockets had the worst game ever this season. It’s weird that just two months ago, they beat the Pacers twice, and this game they were annihilated. Other than not having Lin, it seems the team was awful in every respect. The Pacers has been great this season, while the Rockets have been quite unstable, unlike a contender for championship, despite looking promising during the preseason. Hopefully, Lin gets well soon–it feels like his season has been cut in half. Some fans have been suspicious of his back injury, thinking the Rockets org. was preserving him for the trade. Now I’m convinced it’s real.

    • dr.b

      the pacers are a tight,tough and talented team….but really well coached….very obvious….hubie and jvg had interesting things to say during broadcasts….jvg…..lin is undervalued….having a fine season etc,,,hubie regardind twin towers…he essentially laughed that it was broken up after all of 95 minutes,,,it should take a full season,and would work….his main point was the coaches have to space the players…actually coach.,,,,McHale does not have one coach on his staff…to get in his face…….Sampson might be a dope..not sure…maybe just stupid…..tonight will not be pretty….would love to see lin traded to bulls or lakers…..btw… a few articles do note that McHale might be coaching for his job…which is why he burns the starters out…..lets wait and see

      • dr.b

        one more thing…bill simmons go away…u have the arrogance to argue with doug Collins…enough of him

      • MrPingPong

        Didn’t McHale say something like, “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here”, last season?

        Sad story of a coach…