Parsons Hits Record 10 Threes and Rockets Annoying Announcers forget about Jeremy Lin’s Nine Threes

I got a chance to see the Rockets/Grizzlies game tonight and it served as another reminder for me to stay away from Rockets games.

This game went pretty much exactly the way I expected it to from beginning to end. I could have played this all out in my head without having to watch it. For example, when the Rockets went 0 for 9 from three-point or something ridiculous like that in the first half, I KNEW they would start hitting their threes in the second half and end up with a respectable three-point field goal percentage. I figured, if they could start off hot versus OKC only to cool off, the opposite could easily happen. And I was EXPECTING it to happen in tonight’s game. Of course, I had no idea Parsons would end up hitting an NBA record (for threes in one half) 10 threes all in the second half. What annoyed the hell out of me about this is that the moronic Rockets announcers (of which Clyde Drexler is king) CONTINUED to forget that Lin hit 9 threes earlier in the season. I mean, it happened THIS SEASON against the Sixers. How can they forget that?! They kept mentioning Horry’s record over and over again, but completely forgot that Lin tied Horry’s record earlier in the season. I thought for sure they’d come back from commercial and mention that Lin also tied Horrys’ record, since they have a bunch of stat heads talking in their ear or at least they have access to stats in front of their faces. But no. The entire game, they never even mentioned that Lin also has the record for 9 threes. It’s like whatever Lin does doesn’t count to these Rockets peeps. This is, yet, another reason to want Lin out of Houston. He gets no love or respect from the coaches, teammates, fans, or even the announcers. In New York, Lin was beloved by all but one player and coach. Of course, Linsanity had a lot to do with it, but Walt Frazier, I can tell, is a big Lin fan even to this day. But what’s more important is that Frazier actually understands Lin’s game. He said a lot of nice and accurate things about Lin last season, comparing Lin to himself. I miss those days.

Also watching the game tonight reminded me of how goddamn moronic Clyde Drexler is. Actually, I didn’t need any reminding about that, but you know what I mean. And to think I was a HUGE fan of Drexler’s when I was a kid, cheering on the Blazers. When Lin joined the Rockets, I was really excited to see that Drexler is working as an announcer for the Rockets, since I had always wondered what happened to him. As I started watching more Rockets games, though, Drexler has gone from being merely entertaining and harmlessly idiotic to a completely annoying biased moron! Almost every comment he makes is the polar opposite of correct–especially when it comes to Harden and also when it comes to Lin. Drexler worships Harden way too much. And he always gives Beverley the benefit of the doubt and praises Beverley’s defense, while completely ignoring Lin’s defense. It’s funny how when Beverley scores three points in a quarter, the announcers praise him for a great quarter. Everything Beverley does counts 10 times for everything that Lin does and that’s no exaggeration. I’m a fan of Beverley, because I love his attitude as a player, but these announcers make it really hard for Lin fans to also be fans of Beverley when they keep over-exaggerating Beverley’s contribution while ignoring Lin’s. Them forgetting Lin’s record-tying nine threes is symbolic of how they continuously ignore Lin’s contributions.

I excuse other announcers in the league of not recognizing Lin’s defense, but as a Rockets announcer, you have no excuse! If your job is to watch Rockets games, there’s no way you haven’t picked up the fact that Lin is an excellent defender. Lin has a less ostentatious style of defense than Beverley, but is every bit as effective. And it still frustrates the hell out of me when McHale subs Lin in and out in end-of-game situations, favoring Beverley’s defense, furthering perpetuating the myth that Lin is an average to below average defender. With Lin, you get both defense and offense. But McHale finds it necessary to sub Lin out when Rockets are on defense during end-of-game situations. This is completely unnecessary and disrupts Lin’s flow–not that Lin ends up touching the ball in end of game situations anyhow. So why sub Lin in at all for offense when we all know Lin isn’t going to get the ball anyhow?

Watching tonight’s game was also another reminder of how Rockets are complete junk during end-of-game situations because McHale can’t draw up one goddamn play to save his life. Not even ONE! Again, I needed no reminding of this, but you know what I mean. They had two very good chances tonight to win the game with plenty of time on the clock and it was a complete free for all confusing hot mess. The only commonality to McHale’s end-of-game strategies is that Lin isn’t involved and it was no different tonight. Lin wasn’t involved–except as an in-bounder in the first of these two “end-of-game” possessions. Lin was tucked all the way in the far corner, while Parsons got the inbound and couldn’t get anything going (because Parsons has no business of being a floor general), nearly turning the ball over on a pass to Beverley that resulted in a prayer that had no chance of going in. Why not give Lin a high screen, like they did to end the first quarter in which Lin penetrated the lane with ease to give the Rockets an easy bucket?

That is one good thing that made seeing tonight’s game worth it is it provided a perfect example of how the Rockets are more effective with the ball in Lin’s hands during end-of-game/end-of-quarter situations. After scoring easily with a high screen for Lin to end the first quarter, they did the Harden-iso-thing to end the second quarter and it resulted in Harden doing his patented side toss to a teammate in the elbow (in this instance it was Beverley, I think) at the last second after he couldn’t get anything going one-on-one. This side toss move Harden does is so predictable now that I’m sure it’s in all of his scouting reports. This is why he gets picked off so often doing this move.

Of course the moron Clyde Drexler in his moronic “thought process” kept urging the Rockets to give the ball to Harden during the last few possessions (nevermind Harden was completely cold the entire game). Never mind this has failed them miserably time and time again. Never mind there are reams of data on how ineffective Harden’s iso’s are. And, of course, McHale obliged in the first of the two “end-of-game” possessions and it resulted in, of course, another wasted possession.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Lin should have been in at the end of the fourth quarter instead of Beverley. Beverley didn’t do much tonight and Rockets really could have used another offensive weapon, since Parsons was the only one that had it going all night. Lin started the game playing aggressively, but then suddenly reverted to playing passively. But at least he played a tad bit more aggressive than he has most recently. He even got like one screen! Whoo hoo! But Lin still needs to be more aggressive. He is still too afraid to turn the ball over. He’d penetrate the lane, but stop short the moment he gets some resistance. He’d also pass up short jumpers and Lin’s teammates are looking him off BIG TIME. The level of disrespect Lin’s teammates has for him as gone back to the level it was early last season. Lin’s teammates only pass to Lin when they can’t get anything else going. That being said, Lin is also too quick to give up the ball. He started off aggressive, but didn’t build on that aggressiveness. He did the “glorified-ball-boy” thing more than he needed to (although he did it a lot less than in the Pelicans game).

There were so many examples in tonight’s game of Lin’s teammates looking him off (not that there are anymore in this game than any old Rockets games), but one those that just happen to come to my mind is a possession in which Casspi waited until the very last second on a fast break to dish it off to Lin, because he couldn’t score, resulting in Lin losing the ball off his foot. Casspi had plenty of chances to give up the ball to Lin who was running on the fast break ahead of him, but kept waiting until the last second when Lin was pretty much under the basket, almost running out of bounds to give up the ball to Lin, because Casspi realized that he couldn’t get a shot off with several defenders on him.

Anyway, watching tonight’s game is confirmation for me that I’m not missing much from staying away from some of these Rockets games. It’s also better for my longevity, since I can feel my stress levels rising whenever I’m watching these games. My stress from watching Rockets game is not from the excitement of witnessing nail biters (stress from that is probably not harmful), but is a result of the frustrations from all the poor decisions being made on the court by the coach and misinformation being spread to the fans by the announcers. I’m still pissed as I finish typing this post.

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  • MrPingPong

    Boy, you sure write fast, Philosopher, especially when you are mad! 🙂

    I blame the loss on Lin: had he not step on the line when he made the faux trey and not missed one of his FTs, the outcome of the game would have been different! Parsons would get all the glory and Lin would have solidified his 6th man role! :S ;S :-7 (OK, I’m trying the various text emoticons for sarcasm here; dunno any of them will work all here).

    I feel your frustration, Philosopher! It is clear by now that Lin gets no respect in Houston. I am not sure if Lin will get respect anywhere else but New York! And am I glad I did not buy a partial Rockets season ticket plan like I did last year.

    Yep, Lin is too quick to give up the ball, as you remarked, Philosopher. I think Lin is just playing it safe, going through the motion right now. Lin has to give up his way of playing in order to fit in and “benefit the team” because “the good of the many outweighs the one”… OK, I am not a religious person, but I know Lin is. So read this, JL7:

    Rematch coming up soon tomorrow night!
    Letz GO JL7!

    And there is always the Oz Open finals (Ladies and Men) to help dilute our basketball frustration! 🙂

  • pistolpete

    I feel your pain philosopher! A year and a half of this nonsense! When will Les or Morey step in and stop this charade? McHale’s decision to start PBev will probably be the last nail in his coffin (or his end of game play calling). The only bright spot in this loss is it further exposes McHale’s incompetence. For his calculated and systematic marginalization of JLin he truly deserves to be fired.

  • ashley

    Many Lin fans have been calling out Drexler, as well as the other two announcers, for a while, but it seems nothing has changed. I wonder if there’s something fans could do to fix it. On the other hand, I hope Lin can stop being so passive. Go, Jeremy!

  • pistolpete

    I don’t know if you have the option philosopher but I stopped listening to the Rockets announcers because with league pass I have the option of listening to the the opposing teams announcers. Much less annoying although it doesn’t help Lin get out of the corner. He must be a bad boy.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fan:

    I’m watching the rematch right now. I missed much of the first quarter. It’s half time. Grizz are in control. Lin played for about 7 min total. He was very passive and missed two wide-open treys. He seemed to have rolled his left ankle right before half time! Sigh…

    On a separate note, what do y’all make of this pic of Lin posted on the Grizz fan site?

    I personally do not understand.

    • I don’t know what to make of that posting on the Grizz site. I think the writer was trying to be funny, but I’m not laughing. The caption for the picture is disturbing to me.

  • el

    Mchale let’s the whole team freestyle it except Lin who he has on a short leash when he should put the team on a short leash and let Lin freestyle who actually is creative going to the basket -draws fouls and creates openings on the perimeter. The Rockets are sheer madness.
    Patrick Beverly is not going to take you to the NBA finals and it is questionable whether LIN can, but it is worth finding out what is full potential is. He might surprise to the upside

    • Very well put, el! My sentiments, exactly. The polar opposite of McHale’s coaching instincts is generally correct.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here…

    I have a theory on why Lin has been in such a deep funk lately. Check out this video.

    What do you notice? Lin was wearing Nike gears. Lin must drop Adidas and go back to Nike and Just Do It! 🙂

    Anyway, it’s game day for Lin and the Rockets. I know, y’all (i.e. LOFs like myself) are pretty much disgusted with the way Lin has been misused and how passive and unfun he has become. But, the Jeremy Lin Story is like a marathon and not a sprint. Be patient! I am amused by how the media and basketball pundits and opposing teams keep feeding McHale his own Kool-Aid! 🙂

    The Rockets have 36 more games to play. Winning 50% of the remaining games will give the Rockets a record of 47-35! Great! 🙂

    It’s snowing in certain areas of Houston, in particular where I live. The overpasses are icy and dangerous to drive on. One added reason for me not to go to the game tonight to watch Lin shutting down Parker from the bench! 🙂

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB!

  • MrPingPong

    OK, Harden is out with a sore thumb tonight.

    On Dec 10, 2012, Harden sat with an ankle injury, Lin playing PG and Tony Douglas took Harden’s place: Lin torched the Spurs with 38 points , 7 assists , 3 rebounds , 2 steals and 2 blocks.

    Let’s see what McHale have Lin do tonight. I won’t be surprised if he has Lin dribble up court, cough the ball to Bev or Parsons and go stand in the corner…

    Why am I so pessimistic about the Rockets these days? 🙁

  • MrPingPong

    OK, Lin got to play his game!
    JL7 rules!

    • I missed this game. Elected to watch the State of the Union address by Obama, instead. I didn’t know that Harden was out for the game. I did catch the fourth quarter via play-by-play, though, and saw Lin do his 4th-quarter thing.

      When McHale is FORCED to play Lin and FORCED to let Lin do his thing, rather than tuck Lin in the far corner, good things happen for the Rockets. Yet, McHale can’t seem to get this through his thick skull.

      Jeff posted a great stat in the comments here, which I stole and tweeted to Morey and Co: The Houston Rockets are 11-4 (73%) when Jeremy Lin plays more than 32 mins and just 19-13 (59%) when he plays less than 32 mins.

      59% is worse than the Rockets current team record. This stat, alone, should cause EVERYONE to question McHale’s benching of Lin.

  • pistolpete

    Excellent game for JLin! Rockets turned it around when PBev went to bench and Jeremy started hooking up with TJones in the 1st quarter. Hopefully Harden will sit out tomorrow also.

    I almost jumped out of my chair when Mr. 4th quarter JLin hit the fallaway jumper off the glass against Parker!

    Only downside to this game is Jeremy keeps saving McHale’s unworthy ass.

    • MrPingPong

      Unsurprisingly, according McHale’s unworthy ass, it was Howard that saved him! 🙂

  • pistolpete

    So we just take the opposite of what he says to be true…. let’s see Howard is a 5 (center) and Jeremy is a 1 (this game)… so the opposite of a 5 is a 1 … therefore Jeremy saved his ass

    • Ha ha, pistolpete! That logic works for me.

      • MrPingPong

        LOFs are such contrarians…

    • MrPingPong

      To be fair, D12 played very well in the second half, scoring, rebounding and making more than 50% of his FTs. Had D12 made half of the 8 point blank shots he put up in the first half, the game dynamic would have been different. And Lin would not have been called on to play 44 min.

      I did not know much about D12 until he became a Rocket, except for all the bad press he got during his last year in Orlando and his one year in LA. From what I’ve seen so far, D12 is giving everything his has to the team. From all the home games I attended, I saw D12 practice hard on his FTs during warmup. I will not be surprised that the opposing teams will soon drop the Hack-a-Howard strategy, because it will no longer work.

      Speaking of Hack-a-Howard, I think it actually it had the unintended good effect of allowing Lin and his teammates take a breather from all the extra work they had to perform to get back in the game last night. My non-scientific estimate of the effective play time for Lin is 40 min instead of 44 min. Hopefully Lin will have enough legs left to put on another Linsanity show tonight against the Mavs.

      But of course, if Harden is back, then all bets are off.

      Have a great afternoon/evening/night/morning wherever you are on this WEB!

  • ashley

    According to the news I read, McHale did praise Lin. He said Lin played very well and was born aggressive. Lin got the most playing time of all today. Thanks to Harden’s injury, Lin got to shine! After feeling down for a while as a Lin fan, this game really made my day! Hopefully, Lin regains his confidence and aggressiveness and the coach is finally convinced that Lin is a better PG than PB.

    • MrPingPong

      Well, ashley, you know I always have confidence in Lin. But McHale? Nah, he has never got Lin and never will. He was forced to play Lin heavy minutes last night because he had no choice.

      McHale is a very confused coach. He does not know how to utilize Lin, nor Harden, nor Bev, nor Howard, nor Parsons, nor etc. He just rides the hot hands and run them to the ground. Sad story…

  • Jeff

    The Houston Rockets are now 11-4 (73%) when Jeremy Lin plays more than 32 mins. Just 19-13 (59%) when he plays less than 32 mins.

    • That’s a great stat, Jeff. Thanks for posting! I’m gonna to tweet that to Morey, if you don’t mind. This is why all he does is Lin Lin Lin. And all McHale does is Fail Fail Fail.

      • Jeff

        not at all, make sure to update it! The Houston Rockets are now 12-4 (75%) when Jeremy Lin plays more than 32 mins. Just 19-13 (59%) when he plays less than 32 mins. That’s pretty staggering.

        • MrPingPong

          I’m sure Lin doubters will dismiss this as small sample size. Sad story…

          • Ha ha. For sure, MrPingPong. I already got someone on Chris Baldwin’s article claiming that the stats are loaded as in the games in which Lin played 32+ minutes were against easy teams. I had to set him straight. And this is why I don’t like to comment in the forums, because you always have trolls like these. It wastes too much of my time responding to them, because their responses are infuriating sometimes (makes by blood pump and makes me want to hit something hard). Not the response from obvious Lin Haters. I just ignore those. But the ones that seem like they mean well or at least have the guise of meaning well, even though they’re secret Lin Haters. Those are infuriating, because you can’t really ignore those comments. Because when you don’t respond to them, then it makes it seem as if you didn’t have a response to their “clever” bit of argument. But it’s exhausting trying to explain things to them and not hurt their precious egos and get into some sort of battle about WHO’S right or wrong rather than WHAT’S right or wrong. All I care about is WHAT’S right or wrong, but they’re all too busy protecting their egos. Their need to be “right”. So they always counter with whatever argument to make them right and lose site of the core point of the argument all together. Anyway, you can go onto Chris’s article under my comment and you’ll see all the fun I’ve been having. Ha ha.

          • MrPingPong

            Exhausting indeed, Philosopher. I gave your response to the Lin doubter on CB’s article another up vote.

            You write extremely well, Philosopher. I have the feeling that though exhausting and infuriating, you are having fun making your point! 🙂

            PS: There are websites that maintain NBA stats and can respond to all kinds of database queries. I am too busy/lazy to look for them. Perhaps Jeff can tell us.

        • Thanks, Jeff. I tweeted it and posted it on Chris Baldwin’s latest article on Lin. I was able to give you credit for the stat on Chris’s article. But didn’t have enough space to give you credit for the stats on my tweets.

  • That short fade-away shot Lin made during clutch vs. Spurs is a shot that he can get pretty much anytime he wants and it’s a shot he needs to incorporate into his game. Damn the Rockets’s philosophy of only threes and lay ups. The short jumper should be a big part of every Point Guard’s game and Lin should look for these shots, rather than keep passing out every time he faces a little bit of resistance in the paint.

  • MrPingPong

    I was only able to watch the last two minutes of the Mavs game tonight: the Rockets were lucky to have won the game! Lin challenging Dirk on the PnR switch and Dirk got scared! 🙂 Allow me to borrow PistolPete’s words: Lin saved McHale’s ass again! 🙂

    The box score seems to indicate Lin had another good game. From the comments I read on the various websites, Lin was balling again! Can’t wait to watch Lin highlights!

    BTW, here is the latest article on Lin by CB:

    • Thanks for the link. I wrote a comment in the article and also made a posting, linking to the article, because I think it’s Chris’s best article on Lin.

      I did watch most of the Mavs game. Have a lot to say on it, but not sure if I’ll have time to write a post on it.

  • MrPingPong

    In case you haven’t seen this, take a look!

    • Started watching like a minute of this, but don’t have time to finish it. Is it worth it? I find that it’s feeding into this irrational idea that Beverley is equal to Lin when we start comparing these two players. Also, they’re totally different players, so I don’t think it makes sense to compare them. To me, it’s plain as day. Jeremy Lin is a starting point guard. Patrick Beverley–at least the type of player he is now–is nothing more than a great spark off the bench. Patrick Beverley is no floor general. He’s just an energy guy off the bench. Anyone who disagrees with this just doesn’t understand the game of basketball in my mind. I really don’t know how there is a debate about who is the better point guard. You can debate who fits better with Harden or whatever. I can understand that debate. But to debate who is the better point guard, all else being equal, is ludicrous. It is an insult to Lin. Plain and simple.

      • MrPingPong

        It seems like you are very busy these days, Philosopher. The video says what we all already know but in a simplistic and funny way in my opinion.

        Take it easy and don’t get too fumed up about the Lin vs Bev saga and to borrow your words, the “Lin-McHale dynamic”. The Jeremy Lin story is better than any Hollywood script I’ve seen. Just amazing!

        Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • MrPingPong
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