Jeremy Lin Keeps Making History: Triple-Double in 29:11 Minutes Off the Bench

I missed the Cavs game, so can’t go into any detail about the game, but just wanted to chime in on a historic night. Here’s the Box Score for the game.

Stats for Jeremy Lin Triple Double Game

Here’s Lin’s stat line for the night:

  • 29:11 Minutes
  • 6-12 Field Goal (1-4 from three-point)
  • 2-2 Free Throw
  • +19 (highest +/- of any players for the game)
  • 11 Rebounds (1 offensive and 10 defensive)
  • 10 Assists
  • 2 Steals
  • 3 Turnovers
  • 1 Block Shot
  • 15 Points

And he did all this coming off the bench, y’all! I believe the official way of saying this is “Lin fucked around and got a triple double.” Lin became the first Houston Rockets player to have a triple-double off the bench since Cedric Maxwell did it on March 31, 1988, against Indiana.

Here’s what Harden had to say about Lin getting a triple double off the bench when asked by reporters: ”That’s hard to do. Hard to do. I came off the bench and I’ve never done it. It’s just hard to be able to score the basketball, grab rebounds and pass the ball and get your teammates involved off the bench as a point guard. It’s tough. But he’s talented enough to do it and he did it.”

But Lin’s historic feat becomes even more impressive when we dig a little deeper. He did it in 29:11 minutes coming off the bench. Thanks to MrPingPong, a dedicated reader of this blog, here is a list of all the players who managed to get a triple-double playing only 29 minutes or less from this site: MrPingPong posted a direct link to the data in the comments section of a previous post.

Triple Double in Less than 29 Minutes

As you can see we’re talking Hall of Famers and the elites of today, here! Only 16 players have managed to get a Triple-Double with 29 minutes or less of playing time since 1985 and they include such elite names as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Stephen Curry, etc. So Lin becomes the 17th player to achieve such a feat.

But when we go one step further, Lin’s achievement is nearly unsurpassed. Lin becomes only the THIRD player since 1985 to get a triple double playing 29 minutes or less coming off the bench. Again, thanks to MrPingPong, we have this data.

Triple Double in Less than 29 Minutes off the Bench

Lin keeps making history and it’s so baffling to me how anyone could continue to think he’s an average or slightly above average player. Remember how he destroyed Hall-of-Famers’ numbers during Linsanity?! Remember Nate Silver’s (THE stat head) initial analysis of what Jeremy did during only after the first few games of Linsanity? Note, Nate wrote this article after only Lin’s 4th game. Recall that Lin continued his superstar streak for many more games after that. Nate ended that article by saying that only five players had such a streak that lasted for six games or longer. Four of them are Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade. The other was less illustrious: Lafayette “Fat” Lever. And recall that Lin made history earlier just this season with 9 threes in a game against the Sixers, even though Lin isn’t known to be a three-point shooter? So Lin makes records that he has no business of making. And, yet, his coach thinks he’s just a fluke. Anyway, I digress.

So there you have it, a historic night for Lin and all Lin fans. And what incredible timing, as he made history just as the Lunar New Year has begun. Happy Year of the Horse to everyone! (Note: does anyone else but me think it’s interesting that the Broncos are in the Super Bowl in the Year of the Horse? I think this means they’re a lock to win it all. So enjoy the Super Bowl all you Broncos fans!)

I have more to say on Lin’s historic night and may post a video on my YouTube channel about it later when I have some time and/or add more to this post.

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  • Happy Chinese New Year Mr. Philosopher!! 🙂

    Happiness all over Lin’s first career triple-double,
    off the bench in less than 30 minutes of play. 🙂

    P.S. I really, really, miss visiting here…and I know i miss a lot of interesting topics too 🙁

    • Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year to you, Rubielyn!

      I’ve missed seeing your comments here. Hope you’ll find more time to join us here in the future.

      • I am hoping the same Mr. Philosopher!

        Wishing all your avid readers a Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂

  • ashley

    Jeremy’s first triple double marked the anniversary of Linsanity, and I’m still in ecstasies over this amazing feat. This shows what an all-around player he is and how hard he played the game, though it looked almost effortless within the flow of the offense. Well, of course, the last assist was intriguing ’cause there was pressure from the crowd chanting “Lin, Lin, Lin…” to give Jeremy the ball when there were only 53.5 seconds left. It reminded you of Linsanity in Madison Square Garden.

    Here’s a video to look at:

    Have a great Year of the Horse to you all!

    • Thanks, ashley. It totally escaped my mind that it is the anniversary of Linsanity. Interesting.

      Have a great year of the Horse to you! I’ll tell you who forgot about the Year of the Horse: The Denver Broncos! One of the worst super bowls I’ve seen. But I’m happy the Seahawks got their first championship. Long time coming. Maybe the Blazers will make it a really great year for the Northwest. 🙂

  • MrPingPong

    “Meh… small sample size. TD against a weaker team, big deal! TD coming off the pine simply means elite among the scrubs. This goes to show Lin is perfect fit for the Rockets bench. Played well in some games, badly in others, totally inconsistent… blah blah blah…” From the mind of a LOH.


    Joking aside, in the 707 games of this 2013-2014 season alone, as of today, there are only 20 TDs scored by only 14 players. Lance Stephenson did it four times so far, which is quite amazing! But wait, they were all against teams much weaker than IND, so they don’t count! 🙂 Anyway, only Curry, Lin and Westbrook were able to accomplish this feat in 29 min or less. Here is the link from

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Ha ha. You make an excellent impression of a LOH. Maybe you should go on the forums and disguise as a LOH. Too bad Halloween isn’t coming up. You could go as a LOH.

      Thanks for the info on TDs for the season.

  • pistolpete

    I found some interesting stats posed on

    “The points differential (team score minus opponent’s score) is a good indicator of how competitive teams are. It approximates how good a team is in both offense and defense.

    Top 10 teams in average points differential: 1. Indiana (8.0), 2. Oklahoma (7.6), 3. San Antonio (7.0), 4. Clippers (5.8), 5. Miami (5.4), 6. Portland (4.9), 7. Golden State (4.5), 8. Minnesota (4.3), 9. Phoenix (3.6), and 10. Rockets (3.7).

    The Rockets’ mistreatment, misuse of Lin is CLEARLY undermining its competitiveness as a team. In 12 games where Lin played 28 minutes or less, the Rockets had an average point differential of only .5 and a 50% winning percentage. In comparison, in 26 games where Lin played 29 minutes or more, the Rockets’ point differential was around 6.19 (better than the Clippers and the Heat, and good for No. 3 in the NBA).

    That Jeremy Lin with sufficient playing time makes the Rockets more competitive is no longer an argument. Actual data strongly back it up.

    • ashley

      It’s good to know the stats, only the winning rate with Lin playing more than 29 min is yet to be provided.

      Recently, I’ve seen two articles that mentioned a lower “net rating” when Lin was in the starting lineup. Here’s one of them:

      The author called Lin a poor defender and defined Asik as a better player than Lin. And so far there are no counter-comments yet, which I’d normally expect after reading negative posts about Lin. It seems fans need to be always ready with stats to refute possibly biased statements against Lin.

    • Great stats. Thanks, pistolpete, for posting!

  • ashley

    Fans are finding new records with Lin’s triple double. On, someone wrote:
    “He’s the first NBA player to score 15 points or more in a triple double coming off the bench in 29 minutes!”

    • Yes. If you click on the last chart in my post above, you’ll see that only three players have done what Lin has done, coming off the bench with 29 minutes or less. And the other two players only scored 11 points each. So, yeah, Lin is the first to score 15 points or more…

      I just don’t like breaking records down too too much, because it feels a little like cheating to keep refining the data to somehow say a players is the FIRST to do something. These days with the ease of information access, in every few games or so, you’ll hear commentators talk about how this player is the first to ….. like with Beverley the other day. He’s the first player to get five steals, 10 rebounds and 8 assists with zero points. I mean, what kind of a silly record is that?! And why are we keeping such a record?

      But that’s just me. I like to maintain some integrity with the record keeping.

      • ashley

        Yeah, fans were so excited that they could get carried away and kept digging from it, such as “he’s the first undrafted player to…”. Regarding Beverley’s record, that’s what Morey mentioned after addressing Lin’s record. At first, I didn’t think much “cause Beverley played hard and gave away an easy layup to Lin (I think Bev. was overdoing it, probably trying to show he could be a good facilitator). But now I see your perspective. It could sound funny and even ridiculous, almost like doing stupid things to get the Guineas Record. Appreciate all your responses!

  • Found this comment satisfying on this article

    PLAY JLin more OR LOSE MORE GAMES. it’s THAT SIMPLE! hey daryl morey! you like crunching numbers? here are some numbers. here are the FACTS as of the cleveland game on 2/1:

    rox record when JL starts: 17-7 (.708) when beverley starts 21-11 (.656)

    when JL plays 30 min or more rockets are 16-5 (.761)
    when JL plays < 30 min rockets are 10-7 (.588) and yes, this stat is actually helped by JL's trip dub in 29 minutes

    when beverley plays 30 min or more rockets are 11-11 (.500) not so good. HORRIBLE actually.
    when beverley plays <30 min rockets are 10-0 (1.000) that is correct. play bev < 30 min rox are UNDEFEATED.

    numbers never lie. feel free to double check game logs yourself MFers. any one with a brain like to comment or dispute? i.e. no idiots from clutchfans? please explain this phenomenon and tell how JL shouldn't start and how the rockets need to trade him.

    (and yeah, for going to the trouble of crunching the numbers i'm posting in multiple threads)« less

    • This is awesome, thanks for the info, Jeff! I’m glad this Lin fan is spreading this message. I will try and do the same.

  • Jeff

    Looks like Kendall Marshall is also getting the same disrespect from D’Antoni himself after respectfully holding down the fort for a hapless Laker team. Nash and Blake just came back after out for months and now he’s only played 11mins after 3 quarters. Maybe Lin won’t fair that well on the Lakers also? Seniority/Veteran rules I guess? Not an excuse for Rockets though since Lin is as old or older than harden/Beverly

  • MrPingPong

    It’s game day in H-town today: Rockets vs Suns. Understandably, the game previews at TheDreamShake and BrightSideOfTheSun do not discuss Lin in the match up since Lin will be coming off the bench as expected. But interestingly enough, the ad at the Rockets twitter shows Lin vs Dragic instead of Bev vs Dragic!

    The Suns lost last night and will have to deal with the unpredictable Rockets on a back-to-back tonight. Still, I believe the Suns are for real and cannot be taken lightly.

    I hope McHale begins to see the light and unleash Lin, allowing Lin to play meaningful minutes. If that’s the case, then Lin will eclipse the Suns.

    I will not be able to watch tonight’s game. Perhaps somebody following this blog can give a recap, in case the Philosopher misses the game.

    Thank you and enjoy the game tonight!

  • MrPingPong

    I did not watch the Suns game. From what I’ve read, Lin played the whole 4th quarter! What was going on?

    • ashley

      I feel Lin’s stats of the Suns game (11-2-1) are quite a regression from his previous triple-double game, as there were some high expectations. He played 29 minutes and made only 6 shot attempts. He was given trivial playing time in the first three quarters. I’m glad the coach let him play the entire 4th to get those extra 5 points to end up scoring a double digit; they probably did that to make up to Jeremy? It seems this is a game that Jeremy wasn’t fully utilized or get to touch the ball much and the team still did fine. Funnily, I think Jeremy owes his triple-double partly to Parsons playing only 19 minutes in the Cav. game.

  • MrPingPong
  • MrPingPong

    Speaking of Linsanity anniversary, last year the Japanese media seemed to have done a great job on documenting JL7:

    • Good documentary. Thanks for sharing, MrPingPong. Wish I knew Japanese so I can understand more of it, but pretty self-explanatory, since we all know the Linsanity story so well.

      I also missed the Suns game.

  • ashley

    I watched the second half. Jeremy played an efficient game against the Bucks. He scored 18 points with 4 assists in 26 minutes. Like last game, the coach let him play at the end of the 3rd quarter and the entire 4th. When there were 46.6 seconds left in the 4 quarter, Lin was called a 3-point foul and the Bucks’ player made all three free throws, which reduced the Rockets’ lead to 3 points. Thankfully, the Rockets hung on and won. Had they lost, Lin would have been blamed.

    Having beaten the Bucks, the Rockets got their 5 consecutive wins; likewise, our Lin has scored a double digit in 5 consecutive games. It seems he’s not getting more playing time after his triple double, but got to close out the game. Overall, he’s showing more efficiency and consistency–coming off the bench!

  • ashley

    JLin made the Assist of the Night:

    Though he hasn’t been given the optimal playing time, his impact on the court is clearly seen and felt–not just in this Bucks game, but during these past five as well as many previous ones, where his pinpoint passing and shooting always help the team to build, regain or widen the lead–well, this has been a recurring theme with Lin on the Rockets. Hence, even though he missed the last few field goals (and cost the 3-point lead with the foul), his contribution to the Rockets’ win today is duly recognized:


  • MrPingPong

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Bucks game, Ashley. I watched the game too.

    Yes, Lin played the full 4th quarter the last two games. It may be too early to conclude that this will be the trend. I don’t feel good about it. A player gets run down that way. The “stupid” foul Lin committed on Middleton shooting a trey is symptomatic of physical fatigue that lead to mental mistake. The outcome of the game could have been different if D12 did not make his FTs. Let’s hope that McHale does not continue this trend. The whole season is a marathon. You’ve gotta pace your players.

    This should be an easy game, but the Rockets simply could not find a way to put the Bucks away. Kudo to the Bucks who played their hearts out and hung in there until the last 10 seconds of the game. I think Bev got away with a foul on Knight when Knight drove to the rim with about 10 sec left. The box scores shows the Bucks took more shots (90 to 86), made more assists (26 to 23), out-rebounded the Rockets (47 to 38), had better 3PT percentage (40% to 32%) and better FT percentage (82% to 69%). Of course, the most important stats line is the final score, which the Rockets own. I am happy that the Rockets won, but I am not impressed by the way they won.

    OK, now onto the Wolves who are short-handed without their stars, Kevin Love and Kevin Martin…

    • Thanks for the Bucks game recaps, ashley and MrPingPong! I didn’t see this game. Glad to hear that Lin played well. McHale’s management of players’ minutes will always be terrible. He seems to be completely oblivious to how badly he manages his players’ minutes and the deleterious affects it has on the players physical condition each game and throughout the season. He’s very cavalier about it all.

    • ashley

      Mr. Pingpong, it’s good that you mentioned the fatigue factor. On the one hand, it seems good that McHale finally recognized Lin’s clutchness; on the other hand, playing Lin nonstop for 16 minutes, which equals one third of the whole game time, does raise some concern. It could also look like McHale was reluctant to play Lin in the first three quarters and chooses to compensate at the end. And it turned out that Lin has gotten less and less playing time–after his sensational triple double. Sigh!

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  • MrPingPong

    I went to the Wizards game last night. Lin started since Bev had some kind of abdominal muscle injury. The first quarter went really well for Lin and the Rockets, except for AB.

    The second quarter started out badly, mostly due to turnovers and may I say AB who did not play well. Due credits must be given to the Wiz who fought hard on defense and moved the ball well. Once Lin and D12 came back in, order was restored. The Wiz resorted to Hack-a-Howard, which did not work out well for them.

    More later…

    • Forthelin

      Interesting take on Lin outcoaching McHale on the last play that freed up Harden for the win —

      • MrPingPong

        Yep, these two gifs are all over the WEB! 🙂

        Check out Robin Lundberg’s tweet:

        In case you don’t know, Lundberg is the host of some ESPN radio talk show.

        Actually this was caught after Harden scored and the Wiz called time out for the last play with 0.7 sec left. Anyway, I think Lin was just showing McHale some algebra: J + L = 7


      • ashley

        We can’t be sure if that was Lin’s coaching that got the win, can we? Heard that Harden hogged the ball again only that he got lucky being fouled and made the last play.

        The gif was interesting and telling: Harden didn’t care about what Lin was about to say, though their chemistry seemed fine, and even McHale seemed to be nice in that he let Lin get his pen and the board.

      • Ha ha. awesome gifs. I just saw them now. Been a little out of it, lately. Great to see Robin Lundberg not let up on Lin and keep doing his thing.

  • MrPingPong

    OK, here’s the third quarter of the Wiz game, in case you are interested.

  • MrPingPong

    For BBall Lovers,

    Happy VaLintine!


    • ashley

      What a reminder! Thanks for the video, Mr. Pingpong!

      I enjoyed reading these two recent articles on LIn:

      This one explains why Lin can’t put up all-stars numbers as fans have hoped.

      This one shows optimism about Lin winning the 6th man award, which would be the only compensation for his demotion and sacrifice for the team:

      • ashley
        • MrPingPong

          Thanks for the article, Ashley. I’ve not read that one before. Great writing!

          The way Lin is being utilized these days with the Rockets, it is very unlikely that he will be called to make the last shot to win or lose the game like that one Valintine evening. But Lin’s basketball career is a marathon. There will be more amazing things to come, we just don’t know what, I am sure.

          So, let’s just sit back and relax and watch Lin play, overcoming all the obstacles thrown in his way. Lin is just a human being like everyone else, and thus will make mistakes, will struggle at times, will have ups and downs. I am patient! 🙂

          Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB!

          • ashley

            You’re welcome, Mr. Pingpong. It’s nice of you to remind us fans to be patient. Actually, it’s best that Lin doesn’t make the last shot on this team ’cause that would be too risky. Being treated like a bench player, he still needs to prove himself, and I’m glad he’s doing fine, being a main contributor to the Rockets’ seven-game winning streak, pushing them to the 3rd in the Western Conference.

            Well, the trade deadline is approaching, and we’re hearing rumors (regarding the Knicks in particular). Three more days, and all those trade talks should die down. I wonder if Lin knows better now. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to be on the trading block, but Lin has handled it well and hence been duly praised. We’ll see.

        • Very well-written article, ashley. Thanks for sharing! Brings back great memories.

  • ashley

    Indeed, it is. Since Linsanity, I’ve read many good pieces about Lin; among them, Mr. Philosopher’s “Lin Doubters Are Like Flat-earth People” was certainly a pioneer. There have been several Lin’s biographies out on the market, but I think some day, if someone should decide to continue the documentation of Lin’s story, the works of online writers would be a great addition.

    • Thanks, ashley! I did work very hard on that “Lin Doubters are Like Flat-Earth People” article. So it means a lot that you feel that way about it.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans… Just making conversation here…

    I watched the Warriors game last night. Disappointed but not surprised as the Rockets lost. Lin played heavy minutes, especially in the second half: the last half of the third quarter, all but about 50 sec of the 4th quarter, and the full OT. There seems to be a pattern of playing Lin the full 4th quarter, and I don’t like that at all.

    May be it’s just me, but I saw a lot of hesitation in Lin’s offensive game. Lin was not looking to shoot at all. On the other hand, I thought Lin’s defensive game was quite good.

    Anyway, I am sure Lin is more critical of his game than anyone of us here. Let’s see what Lin will do against the Suns. We, LOFs, all know what Lin is capable of when given free rein, but… 🙂

    Have a great weekend wherever you are on this WEB!

    • MrPingPong

      Again, to continue making conversation, forum has some discussion on the Warriors game. I totally agree with this post by SDrake:

      In particular, the following statement by SDrake applies to all sports, IMOO:

      “Too often in sports, decisions are judged as good or bad based on the outcome of the decision. But, bad decisions can sometimes lead to a successful outcome and good decisions can sometimes lead to a bad outcome. Bad decisions rely on luck for a good outcome. Good decisions rely on skill and execution for a good outcome.”

    • ashley

      Yeah, that’s what I read about this Warriors game that Lin was too passive offensively. Now I think he’s not been consistent mentally on the court; no wonder he’s been saying that he needs to stay aggressive. Though fans might dislike his “selfish” teammates and complain that they don’t pass the ball to Lin, they are being “selfish” consistently–they shoot whenever they get a chance, and we’d like Lin to be a bit more like that.
      As Mr. Pingpong had hoped, Lin stays a Rocket. This means he gets to play in a relatively familiar environment and will experience the playoffs again–something good to know!