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Hello fellow Jeremy Lin fans! I’ve been away for a while and haven’t been following Jeremy Lin and the Rockets very closely, due to a project that’s been taking up all of my time. I miss interacting with all the fans here and also miss doing the videos on Jeremy Lin. I’mΒ  not sure if or when I’ll be able to dedicate some time to posting articles and videos on Jeremy Lin again. However, I have come up with what I think could be an interesting experiment that I’m very excited about.

I’m someone who doesn’t mind change. In fact, I welcome it. I created this site as a place for me to share my unique insights about Jeremy Lin and Linsanity, as well as vent, as a Lin fan, while still being as objective as I can be and not mean-spirited. But there are plenty of Lin fans here and elsewhere with very compelling insights on Lin, who also need a forum to vent. So, rather than relegating everyone’s voice (but mine) in the comments section, I thought it could be interesting to open up this site and allow for more voices.

As a first step I’ve invited MrPingPong, who I’m sure you all know if you’re a dedicated reader of this blog, to share his thoughts and to vent, not just in the comments section, but in the form of articles, and even videos on the JeremyLintel YouTube Channel, if he wants. πŸ™‚

I’m very happy that MrPingPong has accepted my invitation to post on the site. So in the future, you may be seeing articles from MrPingPong. Of course, there is no quota or any sort of strict criteria that I’m asking MrPingPong to meet. He’s free to post whenever he feels like it and can pretty much say whatever he wants, within reason and level of appropriateness. πŸ˜‰

As a reader of this blog, I’m sure you’ve benefited greatly from MrPingPong’s insights, sense of humor, as well as his resourcefulness. In fact, I’ve gotten a lot of my Jeremy Lin news from reading MrPingPong’s comments. But I think a lot of readers of this blog miss many of his valuable comments, because they may not be reading every comment. So that’s why I thought it would be beneficial to everyone if MrPingPong were allowed to post articles, not just comments.

As I wrote earlier, I’m someone who welcomes change. I hope this is just a first step in evolving this site beyond just my own voice to include a diverse range of voices from Lin fans. This is an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes. If you’re at all interested in posting on this site, just let me know by going to the “Contact” section.

Put in the subject: “I want to post on the site”. And in the email, I want you to include the following:

  • Your username
  • An email address (if it’s different from the email address you’re sending the message from)

I think you will find it very satisfying to be able to share insights or frustrations whenever you feel the urge. I know that for me, I’ve felt very fortunate to have a platform to be able to either vent or share unique insights about Lin whenever I feel the need to. The only criteria I have is that your posts not be mean-spirited. You can be critical all you want and you can vent away, but do it in a constructive manner or at least not name call, etc. I know it’s sometimes not easy to do this, but just do your best. Sometimes I get the urge to name-call and be mean-spirited. So bits and pieces here and there won’t be a big deal, but I won’t hesitate to give you a warning if I find any of your postings offensive or inappropriate. Of course, your postings need not be critical at all. They can be just you sharing the joy of being a Lin fan or celebrating Lin’s accomplishment. Like I said, you can pretty much write about anything Jeremy Lin related, however remotely. πŸ˜‰

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am and I hope you take advantage of this. Again, there’s no quota. So don’t feel like it’s going to be a big commitment or anything. Just think of this as a platform for you to share your insights and to vent on Lin and Linsanity whenever you feel like it, knowing that your thoughts are being read by a lot of Lin fans. I did all the hard work to build the site to the level of readership that it has, now you get to reap the benefits without doing any of the work. πŸ™‚

Also, just because you email me and ask to be able to post on this blog, doesn’t mean I’ll have any expectations that you’ll be posting immediately or at all for that matter. So feel free to get the permission now so it’ll at least allow you the capability to post the moment you feel the need to post something. Please also spread the word to all Lin fans and if you see Comments from Lin fans on other sites that you really like, let them know about this invitation.

I sometimes see very long comments from Lin fans on sites like and I always think that they should have their own blog, because their insights are so compelling. And now, they can! I’m hoping this is the first step in evolving JeremyLintel beyond just my unique voice and can truly be a community for Lin fans to share their unique insights and perspectives on Lin and Linsanity. Another words, I hope will be a place where Jeremy Lin fans truly get a voice.

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  • MrPingPong

    Thanks for offering me a new non-paying job, Philosopher!
    I’ll take it!
    I hope the readers of this blog don’t take Linsanity as seriously as I do.
    OK, just kidding… πŸ™‚

    I am working on getting free tickets to see the OKC game tomorrow at Toyota Center. I then should have enough materials to write my first post on this site! Yes, I really mean FREE tickets, like the ones I got a while back from my son’s friend, who is a friend of Lin! Boy, tickets are getting more and more expensive these days and cheap tickets are harder and harder to come by. OK, so now you know I’m an El Cheapo LOF.

    Switching topic slightly, I missed the Raptors game last night. I was able to listen to the first half on the radio though. From Lin’s post game interview and watching Lin highlights, I got the sense that Lin was really disappointed if not upset by the loss. He played his heart out. Unfortunately a few shots did not fall and a few calls and non-calls did not go his way/the Rockets’ way.

    Here’s a highlight:

    Have a great afternoon/evening/morning wherever you are on this WEB.

    • Ha ha, MrPingPong. You do get benefits, though, through Obamacare.

      Good luck snagging some free tickets!

  • ashley

    Glad to read new posts on this site and find it alive again! I haven’t been watching the games but tried to keep abreast of LIn’s stats. If not mistaken, Lin is making his longest double-digit scoring record as a Rocket, with the Raptors game being the 8th. I doubt they can beat OKC; just hope Lin gets his double digits.

    It’s a bit upsetting that as Lin gets to start, the team is losing and there’s just one (or two?) win away from making the playoff. This may sound miserable, but as a LOF, my only hope for the remaining season is for LIn to get good scoring stats–and stay healthy too–so as to balance out those single digits. So later on, when people talk about his season average, it would sound OK.

  • ashley

    This game against the OKC turned out to be the opposite of what I expected and hoped yesterday. Glad about the win. Lin was passive offensively–didn’t see him attack the rim when I watched–but I had this feeling that McHale trusted him enough to keep him on the court and the team played solid defense to pull out the win.

    • ashley

      As to why the Rockets won, I need to add that they got a bit lucky with the foul calls in the 4th, which Parsons, Asik, and certainly, Harden. all got. Most importantly, Westbrook didn’t play. I think if he had, the Rockets would have lost–especially with Lin being passive offensively. Lin didn’t get any foul calls this game, which may well be an indicator of that (or the refs’ failure again).

      One thing confirmed: Harden throws bombs to Lin. In the limited time I watched, Lin got the last-few-second pass from Harden, threw the ball, and missed. The miss didn’t surprise me so much because it was a bomb but because Lin has been missing shots. He had a cold hand and was forced to shoot! But right after that, Lin still gave Harden a low five, like he got some freaking assist from Harden! I think he was being too nice! That’s enough venting from me. Hopefully, we’ll see a more aggressive Lin in the remaining games!

      • fire9flyer

        Yeap, I saw that last second ball Harden threw to Lin. It was very low, Lin have to reach down to catch it. The motion break Lin’s shooting momentum.
        It seem to me Harden have to tendency to throw low ball.

        • MrPingPong

          Harden seems to have a pattern of ISO’ing, keeping the ball until the last 2 seconds and passing it off to whomever if he sees no opening for himself. Harden is the first option guy, while Lin is the last option bench player. What’s new? πŸ™

          Anyway, as trite as it may sound, Lin will just have to expect the unexpected and throw up prayer shots whenever the ball comes to him with no time left on the clock. And if he misses, then he sure deserves to go back to the bench! Sad story!

          I’m going to brave the rain and go to the Nuggs game tonight. It should be an easy win for the Rox. But it really all depends on which strip club Harden spent the night last night! πŸ™‚

          Letzz Gooo, JL7!

          • ashley

            Good interpretation, Mr. Pingong, about Harden being the first option and Lin being the last–the first gets to keep his good stats by messing up with the last’s. Regarding this, one poster Colin128 on came up with this brilliant suggestion that I find quite amusing:

            “Jeremy’s best strategy is when the clock is winding down, don’t stand still for the inevitable Harden last-second pass to protect Harden’s FG%. He does this ALL THE TIME. Instead Jeremy should cut to the hoop. This will force Harden to either shoot, or if Jeremy is open then Jeremy has a wide open lay-up if Harden passes. Jeremy should not linger on the 3-pt line for the horrible Harden pass with 1 second left which always happens.”

            Fans have pointed out that Jeremy “has a knack/natural court vision for getting loose balls, rebounds, and steals at critical junctures of games”, which makes him a smart outstanding player who can contribute to the team’s win even without scoring big. But I guess it turns out he needs more than that–he should develop a strategy, or a critical sense/instinct, to deal with his own selfish teammate(s). He should learn to be smarter than putting himself in that vulnerable position/situation; it’s sad though.

            Yep, I saw what happened with Jeremy’s only turnover–Harden played hurt and made no move to catch the ball. It’s true that Harden got hit by Parsons, perhaps a minute earlier, but why didn’t he call a time-out then? If he had decided to continue playing, he should have tried to catch the ball!

            OK, that’s me venting again about a past game. Today, Lin’s stats against the Nuggets is good:19 points, 5 assists, and 3 steals. This tells me that I should stop fretting over whatever low points he might get ’cause he’ll always bounce back!

      • MrPingPong

        Yes, Ashley, there is always an element of luck in get foul calls in a game. However, in the case of Parsons and Harden, it did take skills to fake the defenders out and draw a foul. As to Asik, he was ferocious going after the offensive rebounds. In my view, it was no luck but skills and determination for these guys to get the foul calls. But when it comes to Lin, he will need a lot of luck to get calls. He gets no respect as we all know. That’s part of the Jeremy Lin story, though. πŸ™‚

        I did not get to watch the first half but was able to watch the second half on TV. I saw great team effort on the part of the Rockets not to buckle and fold when OKC came back and took the lead in the third quarter. Lin’s trey early in the 4th to take back the lead was clutch. It energized the crowd and the team. It was a great game and a great win for the Rockets. Props to everyone on the team!

        Lin’s sole TO was an intended drive-n-kick pass to Harden, who was bending down hurt at that moment and could not move to receive the ball. I am concerned about Lin’s layup misses. One reason for the misses is OKC’s tremendous rim defense. But I have this nagging suspicion that Lin is still playing hurt. I read somewhere on Clutchfans that Lin was still riding the stationary bike and wearing ice pack when he was not on the floor:

        Seven more games to go before the playoffs! Seven is Lin’s number! Stay healthy and go for the gold, JL7!

        Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night, wherever you are on this WEB!