Shade of Linsanity: Lin and Company fought back and beat the Nuggets in OT

OK, Lin fans/non-fans, I purposely delayed my report on the recent Nuggets game in order to make my first post that much more memorable…

So I went to the game and recorded almost the whole game on my smart phone. Before I forget, here are the links to the first half.



The third and fourth quarters will come later. I still need to complete the video editing and upload the videos to Youtube. And in case you are impatient, here is the (unpublished) longest highlight of the game by wilsc:

I arrived at Toyota Center in time to watch the pre game warmup but not early enough to get a free Jeremy Lin bobble head!  🙁  Lin looked real relaxed out there, making quite a few treys from various angles. Check this out:

@jlin7 hits 2/3 from half court during warm ups.

A video posted by Houston Rockets (@houstonrockets) on

I’d like to see Lin practice mid-range shots more.  Listen to Larry Bird and Red Auerbach on this video:

Yeah, it seems perfectly logical to go from short range to long range, don’t ya think?  🙂

Anyway, I digress… Back to the game.  It started out really well in the first two minutes of the first quarter: TJ’s easy layup, Lin’s mid range jumper, Harden’s dunk (assisted by Lin’s trade mark long bomb)!  I said to myself, ‘looking good, Lin’.  But then suddenly things went stale on the Rockets.  I think it started with Lin missing a 3 ptr heat check, followed by a missed wide open trey.  The Rockets started missing everything: layups, mid range shots, long range shots, free throws, you name it, not to forget careless TOs. Meanwhile, good ole AB just played loose, moving the ball, dishing out assists, and the Nuggs made baskets after baskets.  If it wasn’t for Canaan who scored three consecutive treys, the Rox would have been in deeper doodoo.  Be sure to check out Canaan last trey at the end of the first quarter that did not count!  Rox down by 5 after the first quarter.

The Rockets bench started the second quarter, played decently well and wiped out the deficit. At the around the six minutes mark, Lin came back in for Canaan.  Rockets were up by two: 42-40.  Then Lin, Harden and Asik went to work.  And before you know it, the score was Rockets 62, Nuggets 52 with 41 seconds left.  And then before the Nuggets knew what happened, Lin scored 7 straight points, including a Linsane 28-ft trey at the buzzer!  Shade of Linsanity!  The crowd went wild!  I thought to myself, ‘the Nuggs are dead now; it’s all over’.  How wrong I was!

Well it’s almost time for the Lakers game tonight.  I gotta to go and try to catch the game on the radio while driving.  I may as well post this half baked report now.  You know the rest of the story, right?  🙂

Reporting from the ground up, this is MrPingPong!

Letzz GOOOO, JL7!  Beat the Lakers!

OK, back to the Nuggets game at Toyota Center, in Houston…  Here is quarter #3:

I had some camera malfunction and missed the first minute of the 3rd quarter (arghhh… I missed Lin’s mid range jump shot).  Bad omen?  Well, the Rockets somehow let the Nuggs come back and tied the game at the end of the third.  Things got worse in the fourth: with about 4 and a half minutes to go in the game, the Rockets were down by 14: 112-98.  The crowd started leaving.  Next to me,  a young couple with two very young kids stood up and made their way out.  Jeez, 4 and half minutes is an eternity in the NBA, folks!  Don’t Rockets fans have any faith in JL7,  Mr. 4th Quarter?  Here is the video for the 4th quarter:

Sorry, my camera battery ran out before the 4th quarter ended, before I could tape Harden’s clutch trey to tie the game and send it to OT.  But at least, you get to see how Lin stole the ball from AB and made his two clutch FTs, right?  Ah, AB got carried away and thought he could outmaneuver the whole Rockets team with his dribbling.  AB played a great game but was exhausted at that point.  When you are tired, you slow down and make mental mistakes.

Oh, the young couple who left earlier, came back to watch the OT!  🙂  I slipped down to near court side and sat in one of the many empty seats vacated by non-believers who quitted on the team.  Sorry I could not video anything at that point because my camera had run out of juice.  I could see clearly on Lin’s face that he was not going to let the Nuggs have the game.  Shade of Linsanity, folks!  Everybody chipped in! Team ball! Team defense! Team everything! The crowd was screaming. The Nuggs were completely shaken.  Their minds were gone.  They lost!

Aside:  I have since ordered a pair of spare batteries for my Samsung S3.  I’m not gonna be caught short again, especially for playoffs games!

Have a great day/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB!

  • ashley

    Surprised and glad to see Mr. Pingpong’s post in the article section, though I’ve learned about the experiment. I feel this game against the Nuggets is one of the best Lin games. I especially enjoyed watching Lin’s hustle with AB at the end of 4th quarter. Though it was Harden’s 3 pointer that tied the game, it was Lin’s fighting spirit that brought them back–they were trailing behind by 14 points with only 4 minutes left–was that the biggest comeback ever by Rockets these two seasons? For one moment, Lin was even running around the court trying to guard three opponents while his teammates stood watching.

    This game allowed me to see AB killing it being the Nuggets’ PG. Even though Lin schooled him at the end, AB still got his 24 points, 15 assists, which makes one question how wrong Morey was for trading AB away and how weird (or incompetent) McHale was for not fully utilizing him. But on a second thought, had AB were well utilized, Lin might have got even less playing time. The other day I learned from the news that with PB injured, Morey might sign some PG from Europe. It just turned out that Morey made a wrong move again, though it was absolutely good for AB.

    I learned that Lin got back to scoring a single digit (9 points) in the Lakers game. Might try to find out why later.

    • MrPingPong

      Yes, Ashley, I think this Nuggets game is one of Lin’s best too. AB played a great game also. I like AB. He actually approved his trade to the Nuggets. Without AB’s approval, Morey would not be able to make the trade.

      I am not too worried about Lin scoring only 9 pts in the Lakers game. There was no need for Lin to step up and score more. Lin seems to want to facilitate the game, passing the ball to the ones who are in the best scoring position, more so than to do the scoring himself. When push come to shove, Lin will take over, as he had done many times in the past. It’s good that Lin only played 26 min or so in the Lakers game. He needs to conserve energy and stay healthy going into the playoffs.

      Looking ahead to the playoffs, I am sure Bev will be back in the starting line up. What I am not so sure about is Bev’s effectiveness coming back from a knee injury and being rusty and all. Thus I am predicting that Lin will be called to play heavy minutes, and barring some unforeseen injury, Lin will respond splendidly.

      • ashley

        I learned that in the Lakers’ game, when the Rockets were leading by 21 points, the three starters–Harden, Parsons, and Jones–stayed on the court to stat-pad. So it wasn’t fair for Lin. It seems that in the NBA, the definition of an allstar player is one who has high scoring stats. So I seriously hope our Lin could be more scoring-minded.

        Well, Lin was the highest scorer in the Nuggets’ game today–he made four 3 pointers in the 2nd quarter, a reminder of his hot performance that started the season.

        • MrPingPong

          I listened to the first half on the radio and was able to watch a little bit of the end of the game with the Rockets D-leaguers playing and almost pulling it off! I am glad I could later watch Lin’s 2nd quarter explosion from the highlights. Of course, Lin fans like us are not surprised by what Lin can do. I have said it before, when needed, Lin will step up and meet the challenge.

          As to whether or not other players are padding their stats, I don’t really care. Lin does what he does. And I am fine with that. Lin has said it many times that he is not about stats. Just enjoy watching Lin play. He tries to create plays for everyone on the team. He plays beautiful basketball with linsane mistakes et al! What impresses me most about Lin is not his basketball skill, but his heart! There is not a single trace of hate in his heart! Amazing!

          Here’s what Torocan has to say about Lin’s playmaking capability vs the rest of the Rockets key players.

          This Torocan seems to know a lot about basketball. I scour Clutchfans just for his comments.

  • Forthelin

    Mr. Pingpong, that was great–loved, loved, loved the videos! Terrific first post and I’m excited to see other insightful commentary from you. Thanks!!

    • MrPingPong

      Thank you, Forthelin, for your compliments. I am glad you enjoyed my videos. I taped every Rockets home games that I attended. Please feel free to share them with other Lin fans you know. And please share your opinions here as well.

  • Great on-the-ground reporting with live footage, MrPingPong!

    • MrPingPong

      Thanks Philosopher!

      Did you watch the Pelicans game tonight? Mr. 4th quarter stole the game from the Pels. Lin is a thief! Does that surprise anyone of us here?


      • Forthelin

        Saw most of the last quarter. Shades of linsanity all over. Lin is having a good month and hopefully will carry over in the postseason. What I am disappointed with is how much Lin seems to defer to Harden. On that last steal, it seemed he was almost appeasing Harden by giving him the ball. Oh well, just my own issue.

        • MrPingPong

          Lin dribbles up court and passes the ball to Harden… This happens all the time because Lin is coached to do so. Nothing new here. However for this particular pass to Harden after Lin stole the ball, I think Lin made the right decision! Lin knew the Pels would have to foul and Harden was a better FT shooter. No brainer here! You play the percentage!

  • ashley

    Yes, Lin did it again! Without his steals and fighting spirit in the last few minutes, the Rockets would have lost to the Pelicans minus three of their key players. This Lin-saving-the game in the 4th seems to have been a recurring scenario.

    As I watched bits and pieces of the first three quarters, I kept wondering why the Rockets made the playoffs and not the Pelicans, who outplayed the Rockets with their hot 3 pointers. I also got reminded of how PB was favored by the coach to see Lin benched again and again and PB not doing much offensively and defensively except for picking up fouls. Ironically, that flaw of PB is a favor for Lin as it would get him some more playing time.

    Fans wondered why Lin gave the ball right away to Harden after the steal. I wasn’t really surprised ‘cuz he’s been deferring to Harden all the time. There are only two games left this season. Wow!

  • wow, mr p2, great videos (and great seats!). can’t wait to see how Lin’s story will shape up in the post season.. i don’t mind him deferring as long as he gets the minutes.. he’s averaging 29 minutes for the season even with all the injuries this year and “starting” a couple of times. looks like he’s not considered for 6th man of the year though.. Reggie Jackson, Taj Gibson and Jamal Crawford are all the ones being considered.. all average 28.29,30 minutes.. although i’d argue that Lin’s minutes are far less in “quality” or rhythm enabling..

  • As always, Mr. PingPong is sooooooooooooooooo lucky to watch the games live. Thanks for the updates Mr.PingPong 🙂

    Anyways, PLAYOFFS!!!
    Go JLin7!!!

    • MrPingPong

      It’s good to hear from you, Rubielyn.
      Playoffs tickets for the Rockets are a little bit expensive and hard to come by. I’m not sure I can go any of the home playoffs game this time.