Jeremy Lin Season Recap and Predictions for 2014-2015

Now that the 2013-2014 season is officially over for the Rockets and Jeremy Lin, it’s time to assess the next chapter of the Linsanity story. Going into this season, I assume many of us had mixed feelings as to how Year 2 of the Linsanity experiment in Houston would shape up. Year 1 was in many ways a big let down. Lin was supposed to be THE MAN after being “stolen” from the New York Knicks. You can’t see here, obviously, but I finger quoted the word stolen because the the Knicks never made an offer in the first place. This fact is very important because I believe we are still feeling the effects of that exchange.

If you can bear with me a little, this can be explained with a simple analogy that involves a Korean drama like love triangle. The Knicks is basically the hunky rich dude that tries to prove he’s not a narcissist by dating that dorky girl in the dark rimmed glasses. Turns out that dorky girl can be quite attractive without the glasses (big f*cking surprise). Even so, the hunky dude was never in love with the dorky girl, as he only wanted to prove that he is a good guy. How would his parents react if he ever married someone from a lower class!? He ends up letting one of his rival rich dudes woo the dorky girl away from him. The rival then starts to date the dorky girl, at first thinking he got a leg up on the hunky rich dude (I mean she MUST be hot if HE was dating HER right? RIGHT?!). However, after finding out she was pretty much dumped before dating her, the rival starts to treat the dorky girl like a second hand Armani Emporium shirt.

Need I explain who the dorky girl and rival rich dude are? So, if you think about it, this love triangle has yet to fully unfold. The hunky rich dude thinks about the dorky girl from time to time and there are even rumors.. er.. I mean moments when he thinks about getting back with her. And the rival started dating other super models, yet holds onto the dorky girl (sometimes if she dresses just right and tells him off, she can be quite attractive, but everyone around him thinks otherwise – “she’s just a simple girl from Busan, hardly fits in with our ‘Gangnam’ style”).

Back to the NBA: our story about Jeremy Lin is just beginning. If the hunky rich dude, I mean the Knicks, comes out of its narcissist shell, we might see a happy ending with Lin returning to Madison Square Garden where he took the world by storm. Or, the dorky girl could get cancer and everyone dies. Um, I’m not sure how that would translate.

Anyhow, sorry if I’ve gone off on a tangent. It is interesting and important to take into account some of these sociological underpinnings before we speculate the future of Jeremy Lin as an NBA player. Because how he is perceived by these two organizations and the rest of the league as well as the general public are the main driving forces that will ultimately dictate if Lin will be a thriving point guard or, like his predecessor Wataru Misaka, a forgotten name in the NBA. For this reason, the following article will ONLY take into account perspectives, information and statistics as is commonly known or absorbed. It will dive into how well Lin has performed OVERALL during the regular season and the playoffs. It will also take a look at how POPULAR media has portrayed Lin’s success or failures. And finally, we will take a quick look at how Lin’s deduced personality and chemistry with his fellow teammates might play a pivotal role in his own fate. As hard as it will be, I will try my BEST not to be an intelligent observer or as haters put it nicely, “Lin fanboy”.

2013-2014 Regular Season – “One step forward, another step back”

When looking at how an NBA player has improved or evolved from season to season, most analysts, media writers and fans will put a lot of weight on the season averages. With that said, Lin’s numbers looks like this: 12.5 pts, 2.6 rebs, 4.1 ast, 1.0 stl, 2.5 to. So it looks like he took a step back since his numbers are all lower than his averages from his first season as a Rocket (13.4 pts, 3.0 rebs, 6.1 ast, 1.6 stls). Those who are perhaps more fair or objective, however, might look at his decrease in minutes 29 mins vs 32 mins played and improvements in percentages. Even viewing it half glass full, Lin didn’t exactly jump out of that stat sheet with unassuming bumps in efficiency: 45% FG vs 44% FG, 36% 3PT vs 34% 3PT, 82% FT vs 79% FT.

Of course, readers of this blog know better than that and those who watch the games objectively know that there is a lot more than what the numbers tell. Sure he came out of the offseason FIRING, shooting almost 50% from behind the arc in the first month, even tossing in 9 threes in a loss against Philly and two 30+ point games.. then got benched and averaged less than 25 minutes the next month. ‘Linsanity’ as it applies to Lin himself was an afterthought and the famous pun was being tossed around regularly around the NBA for almost anybody that seemed like an underdog. Hey, I’m a Kendall Marshall fan, but there’s a HUGE difference between him and Lin, for one thing Lin WON games while throwing up eye popping statistical performances. All of this is what we think, of course — but that’s not the point here.

All the schadenfreuders publicized or heard was that Lin had “lost” his starting point guard job to Russell Westbrook’s knee surgeon, Dr. Patrick Beverley (woah.. that actually sounds like a real doctor’s name). That was the general story that everyone knew: Lin was thriving as the 6th man and enjoying the more humble role that he is so “suited” for. The most famous hater, Stephen A. Smith, even surprisingly changed his mind during this time.

The rest of the season continued the way Lin’s hot streak in the beginning ended — painfully sub-par and inconsistent. With the exception of that amazing triple double he delivered February and a few 20+ points here and there, there really wasn’t much to write home about.

2014 Playoffs – “Inconsistent”

Interestingly enough, the playoffs for Lin played out like a movie version of a tv series, which means he was, again, “inconsistent” at best and plays well only when he’s “confident” (as if someone who has his own movie and makes 8 million a year wouldn’t be). In six games, he averaged a sub-par 11.3 pts, 3.7 rebs, and 4.3 ast. His points per game looked like lottery numbers, or those mysterious numbers from LOST.  Read this out loud to yourself: 14, 5, 13, 4, 21, 11. Just what IS going on everyone seemed to wonder. Already throughout the regular season, Lin was pegged as an up and down player so it played out exactly like people thought. Houston lost and part of the reason was because of Lin’s inconsistent play. That seemed to be the general consensus amongst normal Rockets or NBA fans.

Haters, though, when needing a scapegoat, seemed to raise their game during this process. All of a sudden, Lin was trending (#2 amongst NBA players during the first round), with thousands of supportive AND negative tweets. If you dared to join any #Rockets discussion, you would immediately notice all the hateful requests to get Lin traded or benched during each game. Every fumble and blooper got its ride in the social media world and were magnified. Though he didn’t get called for it by professional referees, haters felt the need to poke fun at this call in this video. Admittedly, I thought that was pretty funny.

Suffice it to say, the playoffs were not pretty for Jeremy Lin… except for GAME 5, when the Rockets had their backs to the wall, risking an embarrassing 4-1 loss to the Blazers, Lin decided to ignore McHale’s coaching and play his brand of basketball — going vintage Linsanity. The Rockets would ultimately lose in game 6 without that version of Lin.

Lin’s minutes during that span of time? Maybe not lottery numbers, but they certainly looked like a readout of measurements for a pair of porn stars: 34, 24, 33, 21, 30, 32.

Exhausted, disappointed and maybe, just maybe, a bit upset, Lin gave us this exit interview tidbit as he left to start his summer vacation: “I think this year was an up-and-down year,” Lin said. “A lot of good things, a lot of bad things, definitely an up-and-down year. A lot of adjusting. I would go through stretches where I played 35-40 minutes consistently; then I would go back down to 15-20.”

Welcome to Jeremy Lin’s Sources Say Summer 2014!

If you’re still reading this, then you’ve probably already ate up all the existing rumors and opinion pieces that’s been thrown around the Internet in the past week regarding the Rocket’s and Lin’s future — both predictive and prescriptive. Although rumors are just rumors, sources say they undeniably carry a bit of truth with them. See what I did there?

Though some believe that Lin is a starting caliber PG on the same level as Patrick Beverley (wow what a compliment), it is widely assumed that the “ship has sailed” for Lin returning to the starting role next year. Because it is believed that neither Lin or Beverley really gives the Rockets the point guard edge they need to get to the next level, the popular prescription for Daryl Morey’s club is to improve that position via trade. And it certainly doesn’t look like they disagree with that assessment, “Lin has been on the discount rack for forever and a day.”

Based on these observations, it looks like Rockets management are definitely looking to move Jeremy Lin before training camp even begins. That is the reported sentiment from their front office at least. But what about Jeremy’s own coach or teammates? Do they want him around?

As for Lin’s coach, McHale, it’s been well documented on this site by Mr. Philosopher himself, but I still can’t say he has a personal thing against Lin per se. True, he definitely doesn’t bother to elaborate on Lin’s play even after something like Game 5, simply resorting to a plainly spoken “Jeremy’s been playing well for us” comment during the post game interview. But he sure won’t think twice to throw him under the bus after a Game 4 loss. And he can’t possibly be racist. Just ask D-Mo and Garcia who didn’t even get to play in the playoffs after being a rotational player during the regular season. I guess nobody will ever know, but I find consolation in knowing that both Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic were once McHale cast-offs as well. Lowry, as we know, led the Raptors to a 7 game duel with the Nets this playoffs only 2 seasons removed from the dark days of playing under McHale getting only 32 mins per game as a starting PG. And Dragic, winner of this years Most Improved Player award, used to come off the bench with almost identical numbers and percentages as Lin this season. Both of these players are now considered “elite”. The only opinion I can surmise about McHale is that his approach for the game just doesn’t benefit point guards or role players who depend on ball movement. The latter argument is backed up by the fact that the rockets are a miserable 23rd place in team assists. D-Mo and Garcia are not the types that can create for themselves. They only play well when Lin runs the show.

So what of Jeremy’s teammates? In general, I believe he is well liked and has locker room chemistry with the likes of Dwight Howard, Parsons, Harden as well as Beverley, Garcia and Motiejunas. The team selfies on twitter prove it (I hope). Although there were disconcerting moments, like when DHo somehow missed out on helping Lin up after getting whacked in the head. Overall, after having watched a large portion of this season’s games, the guys seem to like each other enough. Harden and Howard might have some disagreements on how to win, but nothing to suggest ill feelings towards Lin or that would affect his vote for leaving the island. The H&H battle that made for terrible team play actually might have spurred the great Game 5 performances from Lin and Parsons.

Now that we’ve evaluated the regular season, the playoffs, the rumor mill and team chemistry, you might ask..

What are the trade scenarios already!?

After nearly 2000 words, I think I’m finally ready to give some predictions for where we can expect Jeremy Lin next year. As you can see, all signals point to Lin leaving Houston either this or next year. Business wise, his expiring contract will benefit those who are looking to rebuild and sell tickets in the meantime. However, based on the widely accepted evaluation of his performance and capability, 8-15 million in the next 2 years for a point guard who gives you 11-12 points per game and 4-5 assists inconsistently will be a hard sell for any NBA team. If Lin stays, the trend for his average play will most certainly continue especially when McHale seems to be the coach for at least another year. Lin will shine when given the keys to the offense, but they will be few and far between and eventually, I’m afraid even the most devout will start to crumble against such coaching buffoonery. I just don’t see a bright future for Lin if he remains a Rocket. Unless Lin learns to out-ego Harden like what John Mayer does to Kanye here, or for some miraculous reason McHale changes his style/tactic for coaching (If I can change, you can change, everybody can change!!), I just don’t see Linsanity ever returning. Let’s just say this — We love Lin because he’s just a great upstanding good guy. If he took a “Which Game of Thrones Character Am I” Buzzfeed survey, I’m pretty sure Lin would get either Ned or Robb Stark. And we know what happened to them.

Onto a less depressing (and exciting) scenario. Without further ado, after much ‘ado’, below are my favorite almost-possible wishful thinking trade scenarios:

Most realistic
Lin, Asik, Parsons for Rondo, Bayless and Faverani — The Rockets gets the pass-first elite defensive point guard that they’ve been clamoring for. They give up Parsons along with Asik, but in return they get a serviceable center in Faverani and Bayless can set the offense in the 6th man role that Lin had played this past season or start alongside with Rondo, letting Beverley come off the bench like he is really meant to. Furthermore, Lin would get to come back to his Harvard home crowd. Boston would have a fan favorite, sell tickets and prepare for rebuild. The only reason I don’t like this trade is that Lin won’t be in championship contention for at least another 2 years.
*See ESPN Trade Machine –

Dream trade
Lin, Asik, DMo, Parsons for Melo — Just like when the Knicks mortgaged their future to acquire Anthony from the Nuggets a few years ago to create their “Sad 3” of Amare, Chandler and Melo, the Rockets would as well to form their “Big Ego 3” of Harden, Howard and Melo. Linsanity returns to the Garden where it all started under Phil Jackson and maybe Steve Kerr no less. Although I’m not sure how well Lin’s game can shine through the triangle offense which doesn’t need a traditional point guard to distribute the ball.
*See ESPN Trade Machine –

White people trade
Lin, Asik for Anderson, Smith, and a slice of pizza.. uh Rivers — Okay, maybe they’re not all really white, but it made for a fun trade name. Anyhow, the Rockets get their dream stretch four in Anderson and the Pelicans get someone to back up “the brow” and a serious upgrade at the point guard position. Rivers is currently listed as their starting point guard and he has an 11.6 PER.
*See ESPN Trade Machine –

So there you have it folks. I hope the journey for the read-through was as good for you as it was therapeutic for me. As you can probably tell, I’ve mustered up a season’s worth of thoughts, a first round playoffs worth of tears and a week’s worth of hopes to write and share this article with you all. And now I can finally rest and enjoy the summer.

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  • MrPingPong

    Thank you for a well thought out, well written and humorous Lin year end recap, Sifu! ‘Love the Korean soap opera analogy, though I suspect a large part of the NBA fandom may not appreciate it for obvious reasons (think: “the numbers are clear”).

    Since I live in Houston, I would love to see Lin play for the Rockets. But after two seasons, I have to agree that it’s best for Lin to leave this sorry organization and fan base. The booing of Lin game 5 at home by Rockets fans is the last straw for me. In my Lin-centric opinion (IMLO), the Rockets and its fan base do not deserve Lin.

    Also, IMLO, it does not matter where Lin goes, he will have to prove himself over and over again in every game with every dribble, every pass, every shot, every layup, every foul, every timeout/non-timeout call, every TO, every mistake scrutinized and amplified to the max. The basketball pundits and non-pundits alike seem to be spending a lot of effort trying to prove that Lin does not belong in the NBA. Good for them! 🙂

    Lin does not fit the mold, does he? Especially when he can do this:

    Yellow man can jump! Yay! 🙂

    Aside: I think you meant “bear” instead of “bare”, right Sifu? Freudian slip may be! 🙂

    Have a great day/evening/night everybody, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • Thanks for a very informative and thoroughly entertaining write up, YamSifu! Even though I haven’t seen any K-Pop drama, I somehow know exactly what you’re talking about with that analogy. I also enjoyed all the other pop culture references.

    I know this is probably very much a LOF thing to say, but stats for Lin with Houston don’t carry any relevance to me. In fact, Lin’s stats as a whole are pretty much irrelevant, because Linsanity suffers from a small sample size (although, I think those stats are actually the most accurate representation of Lin as a player) and the entire time he’s been with Houston suffers from him being grossly misused pretty much in every way. So I’m still waiting to see the stats that Lin should be putting up. The fear is, of course, that Lin may never get the chance to play the way he is supposed to play, but I’m still actually optimistic about LIn’s future as long as he gets away from McHale. I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but in this case, I think that expression is true. I can’t imagine a scenario for Lin that could be equal to or worse than the one he is currently in. As you pointed out in this write up and as I’ve pointed out in my videos and posts on McHale in the past, McHale doesn’t get the point guard position. And that’s a big reason why Lin has been suffering under McHale and then you combine that with McHale’s bias against Lin, because of the McFale/Lin dynamics and that makes Lin’s situation even worse than that of Dragic’s or Lowery’s when those two were with McHale.

    Lin’s situation actually worsened this season as compared to his first season with the Rockets (which was unthinkable to me). And it continued to worsen on a weekly basis this season, it seems.

    From Les’s comments about how the Rockets are planning on acquiring some big name talent, I’m very confident that Lin will be traded this summer. And I do think the likely trade will be the Boston trade. I think that trade is the one that makes the most sense for the Rockets, since they are looking for a defensive-minded point guard, who will distribute the ball. I’m very sure getting Rondo is Morey’s top priority. I think going after Melo would be a gigantic mistake for the Rockets. I’m sure going after Melo would actually make the Rockets a worse team, because they’ll for sure have to give up a lot of great assets for Melo and Melo doesn’t play nicely with other all-stars.

    It would be interesting (sort of) to see how McHale handles an all-star (by reputation) point guard like Rondo. Is McHale going to let Rondo handle the ball more, or force Rondo to give up the ball, just to keep the ball moving? Will Rondo be THE indisputable floor general, or will he have to share the ball somewhat with Harden? Of course, I won’t pay attention at all to the Rockets next season, if Lin isn’t going to be there. I think Rondo is probably McHale’s type of point guard, so he’ll probably mesh well with McHale. The other tremendous benefit for the Rockets in having Rondo is that this means Beverley goes to the bench where he belongs. Beverley has no business being a starting point guard in the NBA on ANY team. That’s just not Beverley’s game. He’s a great energy spark off the bench and that’s ALL he is and that’s enough. That’s all Beverley needs to be and that’s a great benefit to any team. No need to make him into something he’s not. So if I was Morey, I’d go hard after that trade, even though I think Rondo is highly overrated–especially after his surgery. Rondo is the biggest name talent that makes the most sense for the Rockets, since McHale has irrational issue with Lin. Even with this trade, I don’t expect the Rockets to get any better next season if McHale remains the coach. In fact, without Lin, Parsons and Asik, it’s likely that the Rockets will be even worse next season, no matter what big name talent they bring on. Their biggest problem is McHale. So as long as McHale is around next season, I don’t expect the Rockets to improve. Although I won’t watch Rockets games next season, I will be rooting passively for their demise.

    I don’t know much about the Celtics. My guess is that their coach isn’t very good, but I’m hoping Lin will be able to run the show, since they don’t have a better point guard (I’m assuming). So in that sense, i like that trade for Lin. It’s probably as good of a trade as any out there for Lin. it would make a great Linsanity story if Lin returns to NYC, though. But I don’t think Steve Kerr is a fan of Lin and I have no idea how Phil Jackson feels about Lin. But Lin will be able to run the show in NYC, as well, since they don’t have any good point guards there, either. So the grass is definitely a lot greener in both of those places for Lin.

    Should be an exciting off-season for Lin fans. I’m actually more excited about the off-season than I have been about the second half of this regular season. If Lin doesn’t get traded this off-season, I would be extremely disappointed and likely won’t watch very many Rockets games. As a Lin fan, I can’t think of anything more depressing than another season with McHale. And I’m POSITIVE that Lin feels the same way. I’m POSITIVE Lin wants out of Houston. I know that’s a bold statement to make, since I don’t know Lin personally, but I don’t see how I would want to stay in Houston if I was in his shoes and I’m generally very good at putting myself in another person’s situation. In the press, Lin has to say certain things, but I’m confident I know how he really feels about his situation in Houston.

  • MrPingPong

    I would not want to stay in Houston either, if I were Lin, Philosopher. But considering Lin’s stats that look like “lottery numbers” and “porn stars measurements”, I am not sure there is any NBA team that would want to swallow Morey’s poison pill and trade for Lin. But no matter what, IMLO, the future is bright for Lin, as long as Lin stays healthy. The tough situation in Houston will make Lin that much better.

    Switching topics somewhat, what has happened to the Blazers? The Spurs are wiping them out… Super Spurs fan and LOF CH, are you still following this blog? Chime in please!

    • CH

      Have been following you guys as usual. Thank you for remembering me.

      Just feel extremely disappointed the way Jeremy has been treated in Houston. And so I didn’t follow the Rockets like I used to be. We used to go to Houston to see the Rockets play when it is a long break, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not any more for the past season.

      But I have been following you guys. Believe me, I read every post of this blog. Once a while, I had the urge to reply. But then I sighed and gave up.

      I am so glad that the Spurs beat up the Blazers. You know what? My dream is one day Jeremy plays in Spurs under Pop. Go Spurs Go!

      • MrPingPong

        ‘Good to hear from you, CH! I’m rooting for the Spurs now and believe they can win it ALL!

        This past season I did not buy any Rockets partial plan simply because McHale had this brilliant idea to start Bev over Lin. It looks like next season will be the same McHale nonsense again. But Lin seems to take the whole thing in stride. Lin will do fine. The key is for Lin to stay healthy.

        Until the next season, I guess! 🙂

  • ashley

    Six coaches have been fired so far, who include the Warriors’ and the Cleveland’s. But the Rockets will still keep McHale, the one that has been called out and deemed awful all season by not only LOFs but many fans of the Rockets’. This shows the absurdity of the organization; the good relationships among Morey, Les, and McHale simply outweigh the basketball concerns. So what many Lin fans have been wished for–that McHale would get fired for a first-round exit–turns out to be a wishful thinking.

    In fact, McHale not only has support from his bosses but also from his core players: Howard, Harden, and Parsons. Howard said McHale got the big men, and Harden said McHale was a good fit for the team. So don’t feel bad for Howard if the Rockets are going to suck under McHale next year.

    As to whether Lin would like to stay on this team for another year, I think he would because he’s been bonding with his teammates, and most of all, he’s come to terms with the reality. In a recent video on his FB, he says they’ve developed brotherhood. He also said in his recent interview that he wanted to model after Ginobili of the Spurs to be an efficient six man, which means he knew he probably would still come off the bench next season. It won’t bother him whether he’ll get traded or not because it’s better knowing he could get traded than knowing he’s gonna get cut. So basically–and–pessimistically speaking–we fans are expecting another not-so-good season of Lin’s, like this one–if nothing major happens–and then more and more fans, like Mr. Philosopher, might just stop watching the Rockets,

  • Adizeroghost

    Nice article. But lets be honest, no team will trade for Lin with 15 mil salary. What will happen? Houston will cut lin and take the cap hit for 8-9 mil. Why would rox do this if they still have to pay him? Because lin will end up signing somewhere and the total amt rox pays lin will be mitigated by his new contract. Lin needs to just keep working on his game for the summer. He wont be in rox by preseason.

    • Forthelin

      Please explain how this works. If Lin is waived, he is still owed the money in his contract and the Rox get nothing in return. Do you have inside information on how Lin’s contract is set up–that is in such a way that the signing team is obligated to pay what amounts to restitution to the Rox? Otherwise that sounds not just unrealistic, but nonsensical. You also neglect to mention that Lin’s expiring contract is quite attractive to many teams, as the money itself is really not that much of an issue for most owners.

      • MrPingPong

        I don’t understand Ghost either. Morey is no fool. He is not going to let Lin go for nothing and still has to pay Lin 15 M! Besides, who can replace Lin in the current roster? My Lin-centric prediction is Lin will stay with the Rockets at least until the trading deadline. No inside information, no nothing! No team is desperate enough for a point guard to trade for Lin and swallow Morey’s poison pill.

        As to Asik, that’s a different story: big men with defensive skill like Asik are hard to come by and is worth the poison pill. It’s just Morey was greedy and asking for too much while trying to trade Asik.

        A while back I thought the Rockets were the best chance for Lin to win the BIG one, but not any more. With McHale at the helm, the Rockets will go nowhere. I hope Lin will find a good team and get to play and win when he goes FA.

        • adizeroghost

          i think people are missing the bigger picture. morey is a businessman. yes, you can look at it from one perspective: if rox cut lin they still have to pay him. so it sounds like rox gets nothing. that perspective only exists if lin doesn’t play for another team, or doesn’t get another job. the world is not a vacuum, and neither is contracts law. whether another team signs lin or he works as an analyst, his new salary is always mitigated against the 15 mil. once again, for someone like morey, his primary concern has to do with getting a new team ready for new season. my understanding is that if a new team signs lin after he is cut, morey will only be responsible for 15 mil minus new salary. also, against the cap, its minus dollar for dollar. so, lets say lakers sign lin for 1 yr 6 mil. lin still gets paid 15 mil guaranteed. lakers take 6 mil cap hit and pay 6 mil. morey pays 15 minus 6 mil. and only takes 7 minus 6 mil in cap. so, if you think about it, he only loses pure 9 mil and 1 mil in cap. what billionaire owner won’t take that to appease harden and mcfail? and lets be honest. lin will never get his rightful respect or playing time in rox. i would love to see him go to lakers or knicks (minus melo).

          • ashley

            It’s good to learn that such a deal could be made between two teams. But maybe 9 million is still too much for Morey to lose? Anyway, if so, let’s hope Lin’s agent will do a good job finding him a new team this offseason. Whether or not the grass will be greener on the other side, I think many Lin fans are already fed up with the Rockets. Even if Lin ends up staying, since the last year is so financially rewarding for him and he’s been through everything–I suppose–it shouldn’t be too bad for him.

      • adizeroghost

        its basic contract law. if rox waive lin, he is still entitled to guaranteed money. if another team signs lin, the new salary is the amount mitigated from rox. its not rocket science. no one gets to double dip. in the end, the rox let lin go before season begins because they cannot fathom paying 15 mil for bench guy. the benefit to rox is that lin’s contract only counts closer to 7 mil against the cap even after they let him go. lin goes ahead and signs with another team. the only issue is to how much of lin’s salary will count against his new team’s cap. that’s going to be argued by the lawyers. just like you can’t double dip via salaries, 1 player’s salary cannot count twice against the cap. common sense says the cap number will be split between the two teams. when rox originally set up the poison pill, it had more to do with the fact that no team would match the 3rd year 15 mil payout. it had less to do with salary cap hit since it is prorated between 3 yrs. it always comes down to money. lin’s contract is guaranteed, which just means that no matter who lin plays for in his 3rd yr, lin will get paid the 15 mil; whether by rox or a combination of two teams.

  • Jeff

    hey guys. just got back from hong kong. apparently, most fans there see how poorly utilized Lin is, but are very pessimistic about his future. One of my uncles actually complained (before i said anything) how he’s always just standing in the corner waiting for last minute 3’s. in most hong kong’ers opinion, Lin is seen as a Chinese dude with marketing dollar value not a baller with starting PG skill sets. Also just catching up on the rumor mill.. looks like ROX are looking to get LOVE. I dunno how that will work but KL does seem like McHale’s dream player although I’ll argue McHale probably played more defense than Love back in the day.. and Love is a lot better behind the arc and has a better put-back game. anyways, not so sure if Lin would be included in this package deal. I don’t see Minnesota wanting to get Lin in exchange since they already have Rubio. But I can also see both Lin and Rubio running the backcourt. We’ll see i guess!

  • MrPingPong
    • ashley

      Thanks for sharing the ad and video, Mr. Pingpong. I remember Lin was featured along with those three in the ad for this past season, so the removal of Lin should mean he’s gone next season and that Parsons will remain a Rocket? However, according to a source (in Chinese), Morey values the Rockets’ tie with the Chinese market; therefore, it won’t be necessary to trade Lin. So pessimistically speaking, there is a good chance that Lin plays out his contract. To be honest, it hasn’t been pleasant to think about the trade. But I do enjoy learning bits and pieces about Jeremy’s off-season activities, knowing that he’s taking this whole trading stuff pretty well. The Spurs winning the championship is also something to be happy about!

    • CH

      Will Lin fans care about Rockets anymore without Lin? Good luck to them.

      • MrPingPong

        Hello CH: Congrats to the Spurs, your team, for winning it ALL! In my view, they could have and should have swept the Heat. 🙂

        Anyway, as of now (June 22, 2014), it looks like Melo will leave NY for a better chance to win a ring. Rumors have that the Rockets will do everything to move Lin and Asik to make cap room for Melo (or some other super star). I am a LOF, so I will follow Lin no matter where he goes and root for Lin’s team. It’s that simple.

        On a separate note, anyone here follows the World Cup? Let’s GO USA!

        • CH

          Don’t think he will win a ring with his Melo style. He and the rest of the team, except Tyson, were a joke. Good luck to him and his future team.

          Yes, follow Lin where he goes.


          • CH


  • Jeff

    Tyson Chandler just got traded, Asik will get traded to the Pelicans.. I have a feeling tomorrow will be the day we find out where Lin will go!

    • ashley

      It is said that the GSW is interested in getting Parsons and will take Lin along. But if the Rockets fail to get Melo or LBJ, they won’t need to clear up their cap space by sending either Lin or Parsons away. So it may sound funny but whether Lin can get out of Houston will depend on the decisions of those two superstars.

  • MrPingPong

    Hmm, besides the World Cup, Lin trade rumors are fun to follow, especially when the venerable Howard Beck is in the mix.

    Anyway, here’s my two-cents: neither Melo nor King James will come to H-town because it’s easier to compete in the EC and make it to the final there. As such, according to some rumors, Morey will keep Lin. This means that I will be able to watch Lin play live at Toyota Center for more than one or two games next season!

  • Jeff

    This is actually a response to mr philosophers fantastic open letter. Basically, using my Korean drama analogy, Jeremy aka the dorky girl in glasses (might) still thinks she is a dorky girl even though she is totally hot and had everyone’s attention for the right reasons (she’s legit hot under all that conservatism). After falling out of the spotlight and being treated like shit by the rival rich dude, there is concern that she may not think she is meant to be that hot girl everyone wanted before but maybe just an average one if not dorky one. For those who are watching this drama, we want the dorky girl to be who she really is and take life by the balls. Sometimes it takes a little getting out of your nurtured comfort zone to get out of your shell and embrace what you are meant to be. Jeremy – you have been a winner all your life. You’ve proven that you can be a star guard in the NBA when given the chance. It’s now not never. You’re young but not that young. Harden is younger. Time to grab life by the balls. Time to go out there and always play the way you were supposed to. Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. Even so, your game benefits the entire team, so where’s the concern? Like in The Last Samurai. No mind. The ball doesn’t know who the marketed star is on any team. Only the business does and with any business, it’s the execs jobs to play the game and achieve success at anybody’s expense. It’s like any workplace really. Sit back and get you’ll always stay where you are or get stomped on. Put in the work, show the value, use what leverage you have and be aggressive with how you manage up and you just might get promoted (what you deserve). I’ve seen so many successful people rise up in the business world who are not as talented but are loud in what they want. And I’ve seen those who are not as loud, but vastly talented going to waste never truly realizing their potential as a worker bee. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to fulfill your true potential.

  • MrPingPong

    Good point! Why not post your comment on the Open Letter article, Jeff!