Where Will Jeremy Lin End Up?

Thanks to McFale and the Rockets organization, Jeremy Lin’s stock has gone way down and, unfortunately, many in the NBA take Lin’s “demotion” at face value and no longer consider Lin a starting point guard.

The most recent Lin trade rumor has him going to the Warriors: http://bluemanhoop.com/2014/06/26/report-warriors-interested-bringing-back-jeremy-lin/

I think Lin will be psyched about returning to his favorite NBA team and hometown, and playing alongside Curry and Lee, but I don’t think this is a very good situation for Lin’s NBA career. Lin will be coming off the bench, which is really not where Lin belongs. And even worse, he’ll be coached by another Lin hater: Steve Kerr. But at least I don’t think Lin will be relegated to being a spot up shooter. So this will still be an improvement to his situation with the Rockets.

One place Lin may end up that could surprise a lot of people is in Toronto. I think the Raptors tried to get Lin before Morey snatched him away from New York, so they may still have an interest. Many people are overlooking the Raptors, because Lowry is there, but it looks more and more like Lowry is planning on leaving Toronto, so that creates a void at the point guard position. They do have Greivis Vasquez, so Lin will still have to fight for the starting job. The real Jeremy Lin is a no-brainer to start over Greivis Vasquez, but the problem is that the NBA has been brainwashed by McHale and the Rockets’ ill treatment of Lin and so Lin will have to fight for the starting position pretty much wherever he goes now. In Toronto, Lin will get to reunite with his former teammates: Novak and Fields, as well as Patterson. So that’s the one place I’m hoping Lin gets traded to if Lowry leaves. I think the rumors of Lowry joining the Rockets is laughable, though. Because wasn’t Lowry doing everything in his power to get the hell away from Kevin McHale? Why the hell would Lowry go back? But it would be a dream scenario for me of Lowry goes back to the Rockets and Lin gets traded to the Raptors. This way, people will finally see the detrimental effect McHale has on point guards (as well as what playing alongside ball-hog Harden will do to your stats). I have no doubt that Lowry will no longer be the “super star” that he was this past season if he returned to the Rockets under McHale. It’s a little crazy to me that Lowry’s free agency is getting so much attention. If Lin was playing in Toronto this past season as a starter, I’m sure he’d have similar stats. But, unfortunately, many people can’t see this, because they just take Lin’s performance in Houston at face value, rather than understanding that it had everything to do with the coach playing to his weakness and unjustly demoting him. Even in the most detrimental situation for Lin, Lin still managed respectable stats this past season: 28.9 minutes, 12.5 points, 4.1 assists.

I also went through the trouble of calculating Lin’s stats both with the Knicks and in Houston when Melo and Harden are injured or played fewer than 10 minutes: 22.72 pts and 7.72 assists. These are superstar stats. I don’t know how people can keep dismissing how Lin steps up time and time again when he is needed to. Unlike Melo or Harden, Lin is a team player and does whatever it takes to win games, rather than just focus on inflating his own stats. It’ll take a perceptive GM or owner to understand all of this and look past Lin’s time in Houston and treat Lin like the star that he really is. People in the NBA media use words like “backup” or “serviceable point guard” to describe Lin nowadays, completely disregarding what Lin does when he’s allowed to play his game (i.e., Linsanity and anytime Harden is injured). Why can’t people see that the way Lin plays during Linsanity and when Harden is injured is actually a more realistic representation of Lin as a player than when Lin is forced to stand in a corner and back up one of the worst point guards in the league (Beverley is just purely an energy guy and a defensive specialist that McHale/Rockets has hyped up in order to demote Lin).

Thanks to McFale, the immediate future looks bleak for Lin, due to his unjust reputation. Just as an exercise to see what the options are for Lin, I went through all of the NBA teams and picked out the ones where Lin has potential to be a starter. Keep in mind, this is not a discussion on where Lin may end up. This is purely just me going through NBA teams and highlighting the ones that don’t have great point guards. That’s it. I have no idea whether or not these teams have the cap space or desire to absorb Lin’s contract. So a lot of these teams don’t make any sense in terms of being viable trading partners for the Rockets, etc. Basically, this is just a list of teams in the NBA where even McFale’s Jeremy Lin can potentially beat out the current starting point guard:

  • Utah Jazz (Trey Burke)
  • Miami Heat (Mario Chalmers)
  • Indiana Pacers (George Hill)
  • Orlando Magic (Jameer Nelson)
  • Detroit Pistons (Brandon Jennings)
  • LA Lakers (Steve “Please Retire” Nash)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (Michael Carter-Willams)

This list is sort of in the order of the point guards Lin has the highest potential of knocking out of the starting lineup, based on my highly highly subjective read.

Of these teams, the place Lin will most likely end up in is the 76ers, since the 76ers GM is Morey’s bitch (he used to work for Morey in Houston). Unfortunately, that’s the place that Lin will have the toughest time of replacing their current starting point guard, who had a great rookie season. I think it’s unlikely that McFale’s Lin will be able to replace Michael Carter-Williams in the starting lineup, so the future doesn’t look good for Lin. Because of McFale, Lin is just going to be seen by unperceptive NBA coaches, GMs and owners as just a serviceable back-up Point Guard. And that’s where Lin will remain, unless he gets rid of all the negative programming that McFale has done on him and, once again, can see himself as who he really is, which is the carefree star who was torching everyone during Linsanity and when Harden is injured.

Lin needs to lead the offense to be at his best. Unfortunately, I don’t think teams are going to give him this role, all because of McFale. The nightmare scenario for me is that Lin stays in Houston, because Houston misses out on both Lebron and Anthony, which is very very likely. I think Anthony will end up in Chicago and Lebron will stay in Miami. I just hope that if this ends up being the case, somehow Lowry amnesia and makes the biggest mistake of his life and agrees to return to Houston so Lin can go to Toronto. That would be the ideal scenario for me. Another nightmare scenario for me would be if Rockets get both Lebron and Melo and end up trading Harden and Lin to the Knicks or to the Heat. In other words, any scenario in which Harden and Lin end up being on the same team would be a nightmare scenario. That’s what I’m most concerned about. Let me know what you guys think about all the trade rumors and where you would like Lin to go.

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  • MrPingPong

    Ah, you worry too much about JL7, Philosopher! The cream will always rise to the top. It took “Please Retire” Nash a few years to be recognized as an all-star, no?

    As I’ve said many times before, it does not matter where Lin goes, he will have to prove himself over and over again. This is a compelling element of the Jeremy Lin Story. And you wrote yourself that ‘Lin was overlooked because his strengths are not easily measurable’, remember? πŸ™‚

    No matter where Lin ends up playing next season, he will get paid 15 Mil. So the future is very bright for Lin, I would say. As long as Lin stays healthy, he will get better and better. I am not worried a bit about Lin.

    NBA Lin trade rumors are fun to follow, but I think I will follow the World Cup instead. Still I will chime in a little: Lowry can’t come to Houston even if he wants to because Morey is clearing cap room for Melo, Lebron or Love, not for Lowry!

    Letzzzz Goooo USA!

    • Ha ha, MrPingPong. Don’t you know that it’s my job on this site to worry about Lin?

      I know it’s life and life is unfair, but it’s such a shame to me how one person can have such a devastating affect on your career and that’s McHale to Lin. If Lin hadn’t gone to Houston when his stock was high, his stock would remain nearly as high, because Lin in Houston with McHale is the worst case scenario. Lin had a lot of pressure to live up to Linsanity and he was given the worst environment to do so in Houston. Lin’s career would be going in a very different path of he had, for instance, gone to Toronto Raptors instead of Houston Rockets. People wouldn’t be referring to Lin as a serviceable back up Point Guard as if it’s a forgone conclusion. But this is how life is.

      Yes, Lin will have to prove himself over and over again, but it does matter where he goes, because there are different degrees to which he’ll have to prove himself. With Toronto, he’ll have players there who are big supporters of his (Fields and Novak), and they players and coach may rely on him more, because he may be needed to take on the bulk of the scoring role, etc. So I think where Lin goes at this stage of his career is critical. One more situation similar to the Rockets and Lin’s future outlook will be pretty bleak.

      The news about Lowry and the Rockets (which I find ludicrous) is that if the Rockets can’t get Melo or Lebron, they may go after Lowry. To me, that would be a dream scenario. This would help open up the eyes of unperceptive people and allow them to see the detrimental effects of McHale’s coaching on point guards and it’ll show people how Lin could put up superstar numbers, just like Lowry in Toronto. It’ll also mean that the Rockets don’t get any better next season, which is just a bonus.

      As for the World Cup, I’ve never been able to get myself into it. I guess it’s mainly because I’m not familiar with any of the players. To me, it’s more about the players than laundry (i.e., what color jerseys they wear). I don’t cheer for laundry. Ha ha.

  • ashley

    A recent source reveals that Lin thinks he’s going to either the GSW or the Raptors. (http://instagram.com/p/pxCbESvVHT/?modal=true)
    If Lin thinks so, it’s likely to happen as he should have been informed by his agent or Morey. Optimistically thinking, a Lin trade might not have to do with Melo coming or not, if Morey is determined to unload the poison-pill contract, believing having Jeremy is not essential to the team since they already have Harden. However, I did learn earlier that if they failed to acquire any big star, the Lin trade would be aborted.

    Indeed, it’s sad that Lin is deemed a backup or serviceable PG by some, to the satisfaction of doubters or haters, but there are perceptive GMs as well. I believe even though Lin might have to come off the bench, it would still be a lot better as long as he’s not playing alongside a ball hog like Harden or under a stubborn coach like McHale, who only knows to pamper his star players.

    If unfortunately Lin ends up a Rocket, I wonder if there’s a slight possibility that McHale could give back Lin’s starting role? At the beginning of this past season, I seemed to get the idea that starting Beverley and having Lin come off the bench could be a good change for the team–and McHale really stuck to this “change” for the entire season–Beverly would always start whenever he wasn’t ill. Now with the new season coming, will there be a change? Will Beverly remain the starter? I’d say if Lin could start again, then staying in Houston picking up his 15 million won’t be that bad for fans. Well, given our understanding of McHale, it’s a wishful thinking, which doesn’t sound quite likely to happen, right?

    • Thanks for the inside scoop from that Instagram link from a Lin fan! I’m surprised Lin would be that open to a fan about the possibility of gong to the Warriors or Raptors. I haven’t read any news that links Lin to the Raptors, so I’m very happy to hear this from Lin himself.

      I think both those teams have players who want him there and respect his game, so these teams make a lot of sense. I don’t like the Warriors, though, because of Steve Kerr, as I mentioned. I think Lin does have a good shot of being a starter in Toronto, so that’s why that would be the ideal destination for Lin in my opinion. Toronto would also be playoff contenders in the less competitive Eastern Conference, so Lin would be able to lead his team into the playoffs and get the recognition that Lowry got this past season.

      Yeah, I did read the news that Lin would remain a Rockets if they fail to acquire a big star, but I think that’s the Rockets trying to keep Lin’s value as high as they can by implying that they’re not desperate to get rid of him. The only thing that worries me is that Morey may still think he needs Lin to back up Beverley and doesn’t want to give Lin away for nothing if they can’t find a third star and aren’t strapped for cap space. That’s my biggest concern. As for McHale changing his mind and giving Lin back the starting role, I would be shocked if that happened. McHale worked so hard to demote Lin, there’s no way he would undo all of that work. In addition, McHale is not the type to admit that he is wrong and that’s what is required to change his mind.

      • ashley

        If the Rockets can’t get that 3rd big star or aren’t strapped for cap space, which renders the Lin trade unnecessary, I’d expect Lin himself and his agent come into play–they should tell Morey that he wants out, just like Asik has. And if there are takers Lin approves, a deal should be on its way. I assume that’s basically how it should be done, though I really have no clues how they work under the table. I just find it hard to believe that a GM would hold a player against his wish, if not for any difficult conditions.

        Regarding trade talks, there’s another scenario: the Rockets might trade Harden, in addition to Lin, to get Lebron and Carmelo. I learned that from Yahoo news (in Chinese) a while ago, and then from Paul the NBA expert, who got the info from Real GM and teased Harden for such a possibility. At the beginning of his video, he even mentioned this site.

        Mr. Philosopher, when I read your post, I was thinking if you had known Lin’s casual leakage of his possible destinations. If not, it’s amazing that you mentioned the Raptors. Let’s hope the deal pulls off!

        • I continuously add to my post after I’ve published it, because I usually forget to mention something and don’t realize it until after I’ve hit the publish button. So coincidentally one of the scenarios I did add in the last paragraph of my post is the one that you mentioned in this comment:

          “Another nightmare scenario for me would be if Rockets get both Lebron and Melo and end up trading Harden and Lin to the Knicks or to the Heat. In other words, any scenario in which Harden and Lin end up being on the same team would be a nightmare scenario. That’s what I’m most concerned about.”

          Some other additions include stats for Lin when he’s playing with Melo or Harden injured: 22.72 points and 7.72 assists.

          Regarding Lin asking to be traded, I don’t think this would ever happen, unfortunately, because Lin is always trying to be the nice guy and not rock the boat (which is a mistake on Lin’s part). I KNOW Lin wants out of Houston, but he doesn’t want to come off as the bad guy and actually communicate to the public that he wants out of Houston. Even if he does, I doubt Morey would really care that much. Morey is more about getting the right deal than pleasing his players. Even when Asik asked to be traded, Morey didn’t do it until it made sense for the Rockets. So even if Lin did ask to be traded, Morey would only do it if it makes sense for the Rockets.

  • Me too wish Jeremy could go to Toronto. And I do think Rockets will after Lowery.

    Think about it, Rockets make Parsons a restricted FA, which indicates that they have to make a move this summer, otherwise, they either lost Parsons, or locked up for their cap space, that they will not be able to make any further move to after any meaningful player.

    So, now Asik is moved, and it is really hard to see LBJ goes to Rockets, and I don’t think Melo will leave Knicks, even he left NY, he will go to Bulls. I don’t see him play together with James Harden and Dwight, he is not close to any of these two.

    Rockets admit themselves that it is hard for them to get Love. Then what? If none of the three willing to come to Rockets, and rockets do not make any move, they will end up with exact the same roster as last season, yet missing Asik, and pay Parsons a ton of money.

    I don’t think Morey will get himself into that situation, and as people indicated, Lowry is the forth option for Rockets, (which is really the first option). Everyone knows Lowery want a good salary, and yet as good as he is, I don’t think any team is willing to pay him max salary for 4 years. Therefore, if rockets is willing to give out 11-12M, they have a big chance of getting him, and Toronto most likely could not match. That way, if they could sign and trade Lowery for Jeremy, Rockets could resign Parsons, and markets a big 4 instead of big 3, which could still get those Rocket fans hyped up for a while.

    On the other hand, getting both DH12 and Melo at close to Max, with James at 15M, and resign Parsons, even Beverley is cheap, the team starting five already take the whole cap, and locked for the next 3 years. But, if the target is Lowery, his salary is only 50-60% of Melos, which give space to re-sign Parsons, and even the team is beyond the cap, it should still not reach the luxury tax line yet. Therefore, i think Morey’s move most likely will end up with getting Lowry and resign Parsons.

    And for Raptors, both Vasquez will be a RFA this summer too, so it is not sure whether the team will match the offer and keep him on the team. The whole season Vasquez has been used as a SG. Which also make sense for Raptors to take Lin back, even he will be paid 15M, his cap hit is still lower than what Lowery is asking for. Which will give Raptors some flexibility to bring PPat back. …

    • Thanks for the detailed rundown Linfan! Yeah, I think if Rockets can’t get Melo or Lebron or Love, they’re gonna go after Lowry and I hope they get Lowry and trade Lin to the Raptors. That would be the most ideal scenario. I didn’t know Vasquez will be a RFA this summer. Thanks for that info! That makes it even more likely that Lin may end up in Toronto. Man, that would be awesome! I hope Lin and Lin’s agent realizes this, as well, that Toronto is Lin’s best option if Lowry leaves. The fans in Toronto also seem to be pretty high on Lin. Well, we’ll know soon enough.

  • Jeff

    I agree 1000% philosopher. The latest buzz is LeBron is staying and Melo going to Chicago or staying in NY. If the latter, Phil Jackson will get Pau Gasol to team up with Melo. A lot better than last year but not enough to win the East let alone beat a team like OKC or San Antonio. So the most likely scenario is Toronto for Lin. I REALLY like the idea of Lin playing with his buddies from Linsanity days again. However, they do have DeRozan who is pretty much a poor man’s Melo. But I heard he changed his game last year deferring sometimes to Lowry for better ball movement. Also missing would be a quality big like Tyson Chandler. Amir Johnson and Jonas Va–(fuck it I can’t spell his last name) are not bad but they’re not “high screen” bigs. Still, I like the potential athleticism and am happy that Lin won’t be shipped with Asik. I like Asik but he’s terrible at the receiving end of strong passes from PGs like Lin. I’m sure Fields and Novak will be happy. Those guys have not played up to their “ridiculous” contracts since their days on the Knicks, especially Fields who couldn’t get it going right after Lin left. So I really hope you are right. I would love to see Lin come back and take over Melo’s #7 number, but the situation won’t be that ideal for Lin’s game. The triangle isn’t exactly beneficial to PGs and they got a pretty good PG in Calderon. I can see Lin doing well as slashing SG, but he lacks the size needed to create plays by posting up like Kobe or MJ did for Phil’s teams.

    • Yeah, I think it’s very unlikely the Rockets would get LeBron or Melo. It’s actually more likely that Rockets would get both than for them to get one of these stars. I think LeBron will either stay or return to the Cavs. Cavs is actually a great option for LeBron. If I was LeBron I’d go to the Cavs. They’re a young team with lots of potential in the less competitive East and it’s a homecoming, so he won’t get much flack for bailing from the Heat.

      Great points about the lack of high screen Bigs in Toronto. I hadn’t really looked into the Raptors squad, but that’s a good point. Lowry is a great outside shooter, so Lowry does have a different game than Lin’s. So Lin will definitely have to continue developing his outside shot.

      I still don’t know what Toronto was thinking in offering Fields that ridiculous contract. It didn’t make any sense. Also, Novak wasn’t a good pick up for them. Raptors management doesn’t seem very smart to me, based on these pick ups. But whatever. I still think Toronto’s the best place for Lin at this stage.

      I feel the same way as you about Asik. I like him, but he’s taken away so many of Lin’s assists.

      I think Calderon is a very good PG for Jackson’s triangle offense. He’s got an outside shot. So that was an excellent pick up by Jackson. Lin, on the other hand, wouldn’t be such a great fit, since the Triangle Offense doesn’t really favor attacking PGs. And I’m pretty sure he’d be backing up Calderon at this stage, which would be an insult to Lin. But that’s just the reality Lin is in until he can shake off the number that McFale has done on him.

  • This trade talks about Jlin is making me nervous and excited at the same time. One thing is sure though, I want him to be in a team wherein his full potential excels and get recognized. He deserves it. “Linsanity” time just don’t exist for nothing.

    Whatever the outcome will be, one thing remains…I will be supporting Jlin.

    P.S. I really really really miss visiting here Mr. Philosopher…

    • Great to see you on here, Rubielyn! Hope all is well. Yeah, lots of anxiety and excitement this off-season. Wherever Lin goes, I will follow, that’s for sure. Just hope it’s not Houston, cause I’m so sick of this entire team and organization.

  • MrPingPong

    OK, just chiming in while waiting for the upcoming World Cup matches, so don’t take me too seriously, OK!

    When Toronto signed Fields and Novak, Ujiri was not its GM. I vaguely remember Toronto was trying to get Nash at time as well. Rumors also had it at that time the Knicks were also chasing after Nash. NBA pundits were discussing reasons why Toronto made offers to Fields and Novak in conjunction with the effort to get Nash and “mess up” the Knicks. None of them made sense to me so I don’t remember a thing. πŸ™‚

    As y’all probably know, the Woj of Yahoo.com reported that Toronto traded with Atlanta to get Lou Williams as an “insurance should they fail to re-sign Lowry”. All rumors seem to indicate that Toronto will do all they can to re-sign Lowry including offering him the max. So, I just don’t see how Lowry would want to leave the Dinos. He is their “super star”, the ball goes to him, the fans seem to love him, etc… But then may be Lowry wants a ring and sees his best chance is to play backup to Bev under McHale with the Rockets! πŸ™‚

    Here is an article on the Dinos’ cap space. It’s a little old but still relevant, I think.


    Lin’s chance to be traded to Toronto seems very slim to me. I think “Morey’s bitch” will gamble and take Lin. Let the Freedom Bell ring for Lin! πŸ™‚

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Great info, MrPingPong! That’s right, Ujiri was not the GM when they made the Fields and Novak moves. If I was Lowry, I’d stay in Toronto. It’s crazy for him to even think of going elsewhere. He’s in the best situation for himself, right now. Lets just hope his hunger for a ring causes him to make one of the worst decisions in his life. Ha ha.

      I have no idea how Ujiri feels about Lin. The safe bet is that he’s not high on Lin. I think it’s the owner of the Raptors that wants Lin. So we’ll see if that’s enough to get Lin in Toronto. Lin going to the Raptors all hinges on whether or not Lowry leaves. But, you’re right, the chances are slim.

  • MrPingPong

    OK, USA lost to Belgium yesterday…. πŸ™ I am sad. But there’s Wimbledon to entertain myself on top of Lin trade rumors. Wow, Federer is something else!

    Rumors abound that Lin is going to Philadelphia. 76ers fan site seems to welcome the idea of Lin playing there. Moreover, the number 7 is available for Lin to wear there! Did you see the how the Rockets have Melo wearing Rox jersey with #7 on all of their billboards? Sad story of an organization!

    I started looking more closely at the 76ers now. Their coach, Brett Brown, is a disciple of Pop. He played point guard in high school and college. So he understands the role of the PG. This is good for Lin. Michael Carter Williams (MCW) is their star PG, played 70 games last season and won ROY. He had surgery to repair his right shoulder labrum this past May. The 76ers and their fans are hoping that MCW will recover in time for the 2014-2015 season. Will MCW recover well enough to play? Nobody really knows. As a LOF, I think Lin will enjoy competing for the starting job there and will get it! So let the Freedom Bell ring for Lin! πŸ™‚

    Have a great afternoon/evening/morning wherever you are on this WEB!

    • I was at a cafe yesterday and happened to see USA lost to Belgium. What’s going on with Federer in Wimbledon? I haven’t been keeping up.

      It’s funny, I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about coach Pop and his disciples, so I’m excited for Lin with the Sixers. Excited to hopefully have a new team to root for and learn about. I saw Lin’s tweet which is supposedly in response to Melo wearing his number in Houston. This is the closest I’ve seen Lin calling someone out. He must have really felt dissed. What Houston did was a big no no in Lin’s book. Now, Lin wants to be traded more than ever.

      Jeff, you’re right, with the Sixers, both Lin and MCW can start, so it’s a great situation for Lin. I hope this happens, soon!

      • MrPingPong

        I hope you enjoyed the USA/Belgium futbol game, Philosopher! And “old man” Fedex is back in the semi at Wimbledon. He will be playing against a much younger Raonic, Canada’s best!

        According to the Woj at Yahoo.com, Lowry has agreed to a 48 Mil four year deal with the Dinos. So Lin is not going to Toronto for sure. That leaves the 76ers as the next possible home for Lin. Staring at the 76ers roster, I do not recognize anyone except for MCW. Your “favorite” James Anderson was waived, Philosopher! If Lin goes to Philly, he will be playing with “scrubs” like he did at the start of Linsanity! πŸ™‚

        Anyway, all bets are off if Melo does not come to Houston. An unhappy Lin will be stuck in Houston a little bit longer! I can’t imagine what the reaction of the so-called Rockets fans will be like when they fail to get the coveted superstar FAs! I know for sure they will blame it on Lin! πŸ™‚

        I dunno what y’all think, but the Suns are a dark horse in this race for super FAs. The Suns have enough cap space to haul in both Melo and King James! I’m rooting for the Suns, folks! Why? Because I’m so pissed at the Rockets and want to see them suffer from rejections by the superstar FAs. Yeah, I know, I’m be emotional and irrational here! πŸ™‚

        Have fun wherever you are on this WEB!

  • Jeff

    We know Lin is pissed cus he just used a Bible excerpt! lol. freaking Melo vs Lin.. NBA is just full of drama.. and Mr PingPong, i totally agree. I think 76ers are not the worst case scenario here.. MCW is a GOOD KID.. doesn’t seem to have that much ego.. he was asked how he feels if they were to trade him during the NBA draft.. and he answered very humbly.. http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2014/6/26/5847668/michael-carter-williams-elfrid-payton-reaction-nba-draft-2014

    If MCW stays, i think Lin and him will go far.. they can switch as the main ball handler much better than Harden..i actually like how the sixes play.. reminds me of spurs like you said, but they just lack the personnel so far.. and PHILLY LOVES UNDERDOGS.. they are the home of ROCKY BALBOA and ALLEN IVERSON.. the two most famous guys from philly.. both whom represent the classic underdog..

    GO LIN!

    • I didn’t realize the Sixers picked a PG in the lottery. Hm…that makes me a little more concerned about Lin going to the SIxers. Maybe Sixers planning on using Lin as SG. That may still be okay. What I do like is that they have a coach that’s Pop’s disciple and an unselfish system without superstars that Lin would thrive in. As long as Lin gets to start, Lin can make things happen there for himself and for the team.