Jeremy Lin to the Milwaukie Bucks would be Ideal Since Lin Would Likely Start

So the latest rumor is that the Milwaukie Bucks are interested in Jeremy Lin. on Twitter pointed out that Kidd may be the one pushing for Lin to join the Bucks and from this article, it looks as if Jason Kidd isn’t satisfied with Brandon Knight (the Bucks’s current Point Guard) and is pursuing Eric Bledsoe, Greivis Vasquez, as well as Jeremy Lin.

It seems that the only hang-up in the Bucks’s interest in Lin, according to Marc Spears, is that the Bucks have no interest in paying Lin’s $15 million salary. I actually don’t see this as being a huge obstacle, because I think the Rockets would be willing to pay part of Lin’s salary if that means they can unload Lin without sacrificing too much, such as a First Round pick (which is what the Sixers want).

I want Lin to go to the Bucks over the Sixers, because I think the Sixers aren’t very high on Lin, since they have their Rookie-oif-the-Year Point Guard. They’re mainly interested in the sweetners that come with taking Lin off the Rockets’s hands. The Bucks, on the other hand, seem to have a genuine interest in Lin’s game, so I think Lin would have a good chance of being a starter for the Bucks.

If Jason Kidd was genuine in his reason for joining the Knicks for the chance to mentor Lin, then it does appear that Kidd has a genuine respect for Lin’s game. So Lin joining the Bucks would be ideal, because he’d be coached by someone who actually respects his game and would, presumably, allow Lin to play Lin’s game. Also Kidd, being a Point Guard himself, would be an excellent coach for Lin. So, right now, the Bucks is my top pick for Lin and I think if money is the only issue for the Bucks, then that could easily be resolved. I think the Rockets are more willing to give cash than assets to unload Lin. What do you all think?

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  • ashley

    That would be great, Mr. Philosopher! If it pulls off, Jason Kidd would be a savior. But if the Rox can’t get any superstar, they might keep Lin, and we’ll have to keep hoping until the Feb deadline. Even though there’s bad blood between the Rox and Lin now, Lin will still play hard for them. That’s the advantage of bullying a nice decent person.

    • Yep the nightmare scenario is that Rockets end up keeping Lin. But I think there’s too much bad blood at this point that Morey will find any excuse to get rid of Lin. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

  • Lin in better then MCW and Knight. Phili will end up starting Lin and MCW together. I truly believe Lin would make both teams better, contend for a playoff spot and become an all-star.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping the Sixers end up starting Lin and MCW together. It just depends on how they feel about Lin. Right now, my sense is that they’re not too high on Lin, but that’s just a pure guess at this point. If Lin joins the Sixers and IF he gets to start, I’m confident they’ll make the playoffs. If Lin is forced to back up MCW, that will be a disgrace for Lin, but I don’t see the Sixers using MCW as a back up, even though Lin is better. The NBA, as with everything else in life, is all about perception. Right now, Lin’s perception is that he’s a serviceable back up PG. It’ll take a lot for Lin to change that perception in training camp. The best case scenario with Sixers is that they let Lin and MCW start together as combo guards. Another best case scenario is that MCW remains injured for at least the first month of the season, so Lin gets to start and averages 20+ points 7+ assists in MCW’s absence and keeps his starting job even after MCW returns.

  • Forthelin

    I believe the Rockets are only allowed to pay a very limited amount of Lin’s salary if they trade him; otherwise, it would be tantamount to an amnesty. That said, I really don’t like Kidd very much, especially in light of how he grabbed Lin’s hair during a layup that almost caused a dangerous injury. He’s a dirty player and a dirty coach and I really don’t think Lin is compatible with him. Both the Bucks and the Sixers are terrible teams, but the Sixers at least have a coach that was also a respected pg and seems to be far more fundamentally sound, with an extensive history with the Spurs. I like the fit there better for Lin, even if he may not beat out Carter.

    • Great points, Forthelin! Yeah, I like Sixers coach, I just don’t know how the Sixers as an organization feel about Lin. From the reports, they seem to be mainly just interested in the sweetners that come with “doing Morey a favor” and Lin is just an afterthought. That’s my main concern with the Sixers, and the fact that Lin will likely not start there. Lin backing up MCW is disgraceful to me, but I don’t see Sixers taking the starting spot away from the Rookie of the Year. We’ll see, though. Just don’t know enough about their feelings about Lin in general. The most important thing to me is that Lin go to a place that really wants him. I’m not a fan of Kidd’s at all (I think he’s a dirty player and dirty coach). But if he really respects Lin’s game and wants Lin on the team, then that’s a big factor for me, because no one else seems to genuinely want Lin at this stage of his career. As long as Kidd treats Lin with respect, Lin fans may never forgive Kidd for pulling LIn’s hair, but I’m sure Lin will be able to. I think Lin understands that dirty plays and dirty players exist in the NBA, also, Lin was a fan of Kidd growing up.

      To me, it’s all about which team/coach genuinely respects Lin’s game the most.

  • MrPingPong

    I dunno, Philosopher…

    Like Forthelin, I have some serious character issue with Kidd. Howard Beck wrote a scathing review on Kidd recently:

    As UC Berkeley alum, I naturally rooted for Kidd when he played there. I no longer has any respect for Kidd. Lin worshipped Kidd too, according to many reports in the past. But I wonder what Lin is thinking of Kidd now, especially after Kidd grabbed Lin by his hair and yanked Lin to the floor in that Knicks @ Dallas game a couple of years ago.

    As to the Bucks ownership, I am sure you all know about how badly they carried out the Kidd hiring affair. Here is just a sample of what the NBA sports writers wrote on this matter:

    Should Lin be traded to the Bucks, I’m sure Lin will give a 100% and help his team win more games. But I will find it very difficult to root for Lin and KIdd and the Bucks ownership at the same time.

    In the mean time, Happy Asian Tour to Lin and his Asian fans in China and Taiwan!

    • I heard about the whole fiasco with Kidd going to the Bucks, but didn’t look into it, because I didn’t care at the time. But now that Lin might be involved with the Bucks, it’s worth looking into. That being said, to me, it’s more important what the coach feels about Lin than what the management feels about Lin. At the end of the day, it’s the coach that has the biggest impact on how a player is treated.

      I hear you on it being difficult to root for Lin and Kidd and the Bucks ownership, though. That’s gonna be tough. But to me the most important thing is that Lin goes to a place where the coach genuinely respects Lin’s game. At this stage in LIn’s career, it’s critical that he repairs the damage that the 2-years in Houston has caused him and get a significant starting role on a team so people can see him as the star Point Guard that he really is. So I’m willing to accept the necessary evils if that is the end result.

  • Ed

    First time posting here, thanks for the lintel. I became interested in Lin only this year, followed his career path back to Linsanity, and genuinely want this guy to succeed. I am so upset at what his prospects are now. He is again being pushed out of the NBA (more below). From MSG Linsanity to hoping to get traded to Milwaukee? It maybe much better to stay in Houston with their new stars.

    And then the “dis” from Houston to give his jersey to Melo. Like he is nothing.

    I read your open letter, and no doubt, “self-esteem”, “self-promotion”, and “self-imposition” issues are important. I think that was what you were trying to convey. But to add to that his PR is absolutely horrible: either he is taking the responsibility of the whole teams’ loss unto himself (who does that? honest than thou), or wholier than thou, hick religious, “Jesus loves me in the end” preaching and madness (unbelievably, all his interviews end with that! Is he fighting a holy war or something?). I know you are a Christian and I respect that. But totally different world out there. You should’ve told him in your letter that there are good, Christian players in the NBA, and they are as much as authentic as you are without hanging their religion on their sleeves. It is a tactic.

    • MrPingPong

      Welcome to the forum, Ed. I’m with you on this. Lin’s PR is not working. But didn’t he hire some well-known PR firm before he was “let go” by the Knicks?

      There is a well-known Arab proverb that goes something like “Know your weaknesses but never speak of them”.

      Anyway, let’s all sit back and relax and watch things unfold for our man, JL7! This whole trade business is nothing compared to what Lin had to go through when he was an undrafted rookie. After all, Lin has financial resources now! πŸ™‚

      Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • Thanks for your comment, Ed! I’ve commented in the past on Lin taking responsibility for losses and deferring credit for wins, etc. I think this is partly because of his interpretation of what being a good Christian is and also partly his upbringing. It really does do him a huge disservice from a PR perspective and I think Lin is aware of this, but he doesn’t want to go against what he believes is the right thing to do, merely because it hurts his PR. I think he may think that there’s honor in that. But that’s just my guess.

    I’m actually not a Christian (I accept all ways of thinking), however, that doesn’t prevent me from studying Christianity or any other religion or ways of thinking, etc. I believe it is very unfortunate that people stick to only one way of thinking, because there are lots of commonalities between all ways of thinking and, at their core, all ways of thinking preach the same fundamental things.

    I think Lin has his way of practicing Christianity and sometimes that is in disaccord with the way things are done in the environment in which he finds himself and that’s unfortunate. Lin probably has no interest in changing that in terms of how he handles the media. However, what I am hoping is that he reconciles his perspective on what being a good Christian is with what it means to be a superstar in the NBA within himself. I think he has a lot of internal conflicts that he may not be aware of about this and I just wanted to raise that to the surface so that he can explore it more himself. And that’s the main crux of my letter to him.

  • Jeff

    He should go to Philly and fulfil the role of cultural idols Rocky and Alken Iverson — arguably the two greatest underdogs in fiction/non-fiction sports history!

    • MrPingPong

      Allen Iverson was the Sixers #1 draft pick. I am not sure why you say he is an underdog, Jeff.

      • Jeff

        Well that’s what AI was known for anyway. He’s barely 6 feet and went to the finals with Eric Snow and an old Dikembe Mutombo. Went to the finals but lost to Shaq in a David vs Goliath battle. Anyway, there’s no bigger underdog in the NBA than Lin of course, but just sayin’.

  • JC

    The Spurs should make a surprise run at Lin and Parsons while mugging the Rockets for a first round future pick. The aging Tony Parker once did say Lin reminded him of him in his younger years hence Lin could be Tony’s successor. Who better to be mentor to Lin, what coach better than Pop to develop Lin? And with an aging Duncan, a budding star in Parsons could give the Spurs the extra firepower they will need.

    I can dream.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here, now that King James has spoken!

    Hey, rumors say Lin may be dealt to Lakers! Who would have thunk?
    But then, what if Bosh decides to stay in Miami, or may be he will join King James in Cleveland?
    This off-season NBA FA business is the most fun ever, IMOO!

    Have a great afternoon/evening/night/morning wherever you are on this WEB!

    • I just heard the news of Lin to the Lakers. I’m not very happy about this. It’s pretty shocking news, actually. Will have to learn more about the Lakers, but I feel like it’s Lin having to defer to a superstar all over again. I respect Kobe’s game and his work ethic and determination, but he’s a total dick to be around. Don’t think Lin would get along with Kobe. But hoping for the best. I do think that Kobe does secretly respect Lin’s game, so I’m hoping that will do some good. We’ll see. I’m very concerned about this news, but hoping for the best.

      • MrPingPong

        I remember Kobe was very complementary of Lin after Lin dropped 38 pts on him and the Lakers.

        I also read somewhere Kobe said something like “give him Lin and see what the Lakers can do”, but I could not find that quote anywhere.

        Anyway, I think Kobe does have some respect for Lin. Now, don’t forget that Nash is still with the Lakers, and Nash is a strong Lin supporter, I believe.

        The big question is who the Lakers coach will be. At this point Byron Scott seems to be the front runner. I do not know of anything negative about this man. He was an all-star playere and he seems like a good coach with a winning NBA coaching record.

        Well, it’s all rumors right now, though they come from the famed Woj of Yahoo sports:

        I think Lin will do well in LA LA land!

        • Yeah, I do think Kobe respected Lin’s game during Linsanity and probably still secretly respects Lin’s game now and that’s what gives me hope. Nash is definitely a supporter of Lin, so that’s another positive. Hopefully, Nash does the right thing and tells the coach to let Lin start so he can collect his retirement checks on the bench.

          I really want to be positive, but I’m weary. We’ll see. At least it’s something to look forward to, right? Rather than the same old same old. Also, I’m sure LIn is happy to be close to his hometown. Lin also probably has a lot of supporters in LA LA Land.

    • CH

      Everyone is talking about it right now on the web. How reliable? Anywhere is better than the Rockets!?

      • MrPingPong

        Yes, CH, anywhere is better than H-town. La La land is certainly an upgrade!

        Nash is too old to play heavy minutes. Nobody else there is of Lin’s caliber. Lin will get to play serious minutes there.

  • JC

    Nash was also in Lin’s video, so they must be friends at least.

    And what a mentor Nash could be to Lin. Lin’s is once again being tested going to the broken down Lakers but the boy is clutch under pressure. How much Kobe accepts him will be the big factor as well as the unknown coach.