Lin to Lakers is not Good for Jeremy Lin and May Be Worse than Staying with Rockets

So, King James has spoken and the dominoes have fallen! I’ve actually been embarrassingly captivated by this off season. I’ve had more fun with the NBA in the past couple of weeks than most of the regular season. So far, all the big free agents are making the right decisions in my view. I thought it was crazy for Lowry to even think of leaving the Raptors and he stayed. I thought it would have been the best choice for LeBron to return to Cleveland, and he is. I even sent out the following tweets:

needs 2 go 2 Cavs and win some titles b4 he can even be POSSIBLY considered GOAT. Jordan is still greatest. No one comes close!

U need 2 go 2 Cavs and win some titles. Jordan won titles w/o Big 3 and faced tougher competition when hand checking was allowed.

I think LeBron has a great chance of winning a title(s) with Irving and if he was unwilling to take that chance, then he doesn’t deserve to be in the same conversation with Jordan. LeBron may have been holding back a little when he was in Miami, deferring somewhat to Wade–especially in the beginning. I think, without having to defer, LeBron may even be more dominant in Cleveland. This is why I think he’ll be able to win a title there with Irving. To me, LeBron going to Cleveland is the best move for his legacy. It also makes for a great story and I’m all about great stories. Anyway, I’m happy for LeBron. And Chris Bosh going to Houston is a no-brainer to me for Chris Bosh. I think it was stupid of him to wait for LeBron, but I admire his loyalty. I think he’ll do very well in Houston and is a great fit for Houston. So the Rockets ended up getting what they want. Lin, on the other hand, got completely screwed in this deal, once again, in my book.

Lin going to the Lakers is shocking to me. I never thought the Lakers was in the conversation for Lin. So, once again, Lin got screwed by the Rockets in my view. I would have been happy with the Sixers, which, it seemed like was more or less a done deal. Then this shocking news out of nowhere! Man, Lin’s had a string of very bad luck after Linsanity, in my view. He is being tested, for sure.

I don’t know much about the Lakers, but I just don’t see him fitting in very well alongside Kobe. Kobe is worse than Harden, or at least just as bad, when it comes to ball hogging and having an ego. One glimmer of hope I do have is the belief that Kobe secretly respects Lin’s game. I know he did after Lin dropped 38 on him and he does respect Lin’s defense, having experienced it first-hand (at the 4:10 mark of this video. I’ve noticed Kobe hesitating to drive when Lin was on him (at 5:00 mark of this video. But I’m not sure if this is enough. So things don’t look good for Lin at all, but I’m hopeful. Lakers also have like a thousand guards on their roster, so we’ll see if they get rid of some of their guards. I think this move by Lakers is purely for the sweetners that come with getting Lin, and maybe for Lin’s popularity in California. I don’t see the Lakers respecting Jeremy Lin’s game at all. The Lakers, to me, is not going to be much better than the Rockets if at all. Hopefully, they bring in a coach who is perceptive and is at least above average or average at his job. I would ask for a coach who also respects Lin’s game, but I think that’s asking too much at this point.

To me, Lin going to the Lakers is probably worse than Lin staying with the Rockets. Here’s the reason why. This upcoming season is critical for Lin–especially if he joins a new team. When you go to a new team, people see that as a fresh start. But Lin to the Lakers is not really a fresh start. He’ll face a lot of the same issues he faced, playing alongside a selfish ball-dominant guard. As a result, Lin will have to defer and not be able to play his game and will get average stats. So it gives people more evidence to day that Lin is just a serviceable PG. At this point in Lin’s career, he can still change people’s perceptions of him, but if he has another couple more seasons of what he had in Houston, the NBA, which is already biased against Lin, won’t give him another chance and he’ll just move from team to team as a serviceable PG journeyman, unless he finds a perfect situation. But Lin’s time is running out. If he stays with the Rockets for another season and does the same thing, it’s not as big of a deal. It won’t count against him as much. Some people may still be willing to wait and see if he was held back, because of the Rockets and see how he does on another team. So this is why I think Lin going to the Lakers is probably worse than Lin staying with the Rockets. I’m not sure if I was able to explain this clearly enough.

To me this is the worst possible news for Lin. What do you all think?

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  • Forthelin

    I’m interested because I live in LA and have never been a Laker fan. Until today. Like you I don’t know enough about the Lakers right now to make any informed opinions, but that won’t stop me. Personally, I would have preferred Lin to stay with the Rox, because I think they can be a championship team now, and nothing tickles me more than seeing Lin win a ring, even if he doesn’t start. That said, sometimes the heavens just do not do what we want. The key here is simply who the Lakers coach will be; without which you cannot make a rational opinion about whether the situation is right for Lin or not.


    • Rox cannot be a championship team now or in the foreseeable future – especially if Morey takes the bait with Parsons now that he struck out on Bosh. Simple reason, defense. Parsons is BAD Harden is BEYOND BAD. If they don’t get an upgrade at the 4 – TJones is BAD as is Dmo. THey would have to upgrade at least 2 of those 3 positions in terms of D to even be in the conversation and losing out on Bosh has made it next to impossible to even upgrade 1 out of 3 which would have at least gotten them out of the 1st round.

      • Yeah. Rox also don’t realize how big of an impact even a greatly diminished Jeremy Lin had on their team. Lin provided a lot of the stability that they won’t have on the offensive end, as well. But I’m glad to just move on and not have to ever think of this Toxic Rockets team anymore.

  • Forthelin

    Second, Kobe is a ball hog, but his best years are behind him, and he knows it. As arrogant as he is, he knows from tearing himself up that he can’t do that anymore, and this past season, he started to pass and play team ball, because he understands that he is no longer head and shoulders above everybody else anymore. He is still psychotically competitive, which I think will be a good influence on Lin. In addition, Nash’s mentorship can be helpful, as Lin’s moves, especially his shutterstep or half step mirrors those moves of Nash(interestingly, saw a lot of it in NY, but not so much in Houston). The Lakers are a ragtag team right now, which may play well into Lin’s hands. Still, that depends on how the coach wants to play. If the new coach plays iso like he has superstars, Lin is out of luck; if he plays teamball because there just isn’t enough talent; Lin will get a break. (continued)

    • Excellent points, Forthelin. The more I think about it, the more optimistic I am about Lin being in the Lakers. So thanks for the input and for talking me off the ledge.

  • Yep, I’m at a wait and see approach, as well. At least we have something to look forward to, instead of the same old same old depressing thing. The LA fan base is also very high on Lin, I believe. Also, I’m hoping that Steve Nash does the right thing and tells the coach to start Lin. I think the only reason Nash isn’t retired is because he figures why not hang on and collect the retirement checks? If you think about it, there’s no other thing he can do after retirement to make what he is making now just sitting on the bench. If I were him, I’d probably do the same thing. But I’m hoping that Nash respects Lin enough to tell coach to start Lin and play Lin significant minutes. We’ll see. There are definitely good things about the Lakers. I’m also hoping that Kobe has mellowed in his old age. Kobe does have great work ethic, so that’s something they both have in common. Hopefully, they can build from there. We’ll see.

    • Forthelin

      Lin needs to earn his starting spot, not have an intermediary hand it to him. The Lakers are a storied franchise, and it shouldn’t hurt Lin to play here. The problem for Lin is that he probably isn’t a great practice player, but he can play well in games and actually quite well in the clutch. If he plays himself into the starting spot and becomes a fan favorite, the heavens might just open up again for him. We have to wait and see.

      • Objectively, Lin should already be a starter on the Lakers. It’s all a matter of politics at this point. That’s why I say Nash should do the right thing and tell coach to start Lin. Lin objectively should be THE starting PG for the Lakers. No questions if looking at the truth, rather than perception, etc.

  • Forthelin

    Third, Los Angeles is a major market, rivaling NY and probably outshining Chicago, Boston, and SF. It is THE major Asian market, probably topping SF. If Lin goes berserk here, Godzilla will spawn out of the Pacific Ocean.

    • Yep, I do like the major market effect, although I’m not so sure Lin does. But the major market should be good for Lin’s career.

      • Lin sounds pretty excited to me about this move. Said something like “I feel valued by the Lakers” – a nice jab at HOU at the same time.

        • Yep, I think Lin is genuinely happy about this move. If possible, can you provide a link to this interview? That is a great jab to the Rockets. Lin has a knack for criticizing tactfully. Really have to read between the lines, sometimes to get what Lin is really trying to say.

    • fire9flyer

      Sorry for interrupting, but I can’t stop laughing with tears:

      “….If Lin goes berserk here, Godzilla will spawn out of the Pacific Ocean….”

      This is so good !!

      • Where did you see this? That’s hilarious! If you can, provide a link.

        • fire9flyer

          You must be so happy and missed it. This is from the “third” point of Forthelin.

  • Forthelin

    It looks like the Rockets struck out on Melo, Bosh, and maybe Parsons. What started with a boom ended with nary a whimper. Depending on the Lakers’ intentions(will they give him a chance or use him as trade bait?), the Rockets may have done him a favor in trading him to LA instead of Philly, based on market, west coast, and Lin’s affinity for Asian fans. Now, maybe Asian Laker fans won’t leave at halftime. Philly is rebuilding, and though I’ve never lived there, heard Philly fans are not very forgiving to say the least.

    • I read on this Bleacher Report article ( that Lakers GM, Mitch Kupchak “has been intrigued by Lin for a long time—to the point that Lin’s family was led to believe the Lakers would draft the former Harvard star with the 58th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft.” So that’s a hopeful sign.

      Yeah, LA fan is high on Lin.

      Best news of the day for me is Bosh screwing the Toxic Rockets by spurning them to stay with the Heat. That made my day. Bosh fooled everyone–including Devil Money (AKA Morey).

      • MrPingPong

        It’s just pure speculation on my part here, but McHale is the real reason why Melo and Bosh spurn Houston. After seeing the Rockets melt down in the playoffs first round, no ring chasers would want to play for McHale.

        Morey and McHale deserve each other!

        I love it!

        • McMorey definitely make a great pairing. I hope their marriage lasts a lifetime!

          I think Bosh intended on staying in Miami all along. just wanted to get a better contract and used Houston to do so. Bosh fooled everyone. As for Melo, if he moved the family to Houston, La La would make him sleep on the couch the entire time. She loves NYC, so it was either stay in NYC or move to LA or Chicago. Houston was never a consideration for Melo, even if the situation was perfect from a basketball standpoint. That’s my view, at least.

  • MrPingPong

    Forthelin, you’ve said it all: Kobe, Nash, the current Lakers ragtag roster, the LA fan base, the Asian market,the only NBA stage that can rival MSG and the Knicks, Godzilla, and most importantly, the coach.

    As you all know, Byron Scott is the front runner for the Lakers coaching job. He mentored Kobe when Kobe was an 18-year old rookie. Kobe respects and trusts Scott. Scott’s resume as a coach is certainly much much more impressive than that of McHale. The major problem for Lin in Houston is not Harden but McHale. We can only hope that Scott understands the role PG and play Lin right.

    Wow, who would have thunk? As Lin has said all along, everything happens for a reason! Lin thrives on big stages! Linsanity in la la land! 🙂

    BTW, according to the Woj, Pau Gasol has turned down the Lakers’ offer and will move on. Do you think may be Melo will shock everyone and move to LA? Lin and Melo reunited in la la land? Just joking, of course! 🙂

    • That’s what makes this whole Lin to LA thing so unreal. I’m shocked that LA would bring in Lin before hearing from Melo. It says a lot about how much they respect Lin’s game. Either that, they are very confident Melo isn’t going to pick LA, but to me I thought LA had a very good chance with Melo. There’s no way LA doesn’t know the whole Lin/Melo situation, right?

      • MrPingPong

        If only D’Antoni knew Lin was coming, he wouldn’t have resigned, would he? Just saying…


        • He probably would have been fired. Just a guess, since I didn’t really follow that story. A coach resigning is often just a way to save face.

  • pistolpete

    Poor Jeremy has the bad luck to play with 3 of the biggest ballhogs in the NBA: Carmelo, Harden and now Kobe. With Carmelo he still put up good numbers because Carmelo didn’t pretend to be a point guard like Harden so his usage was higher than with Houston. Kobe can dominate the ball also but he has become more team oriented lately because he realizes that is the way to win. The biggest plus for Jeremy in this trade however is to get away from Morey and McHale who intentionally made him look bad. This was a truly heinous situation that I don’t expect to see in LA. I think Jeremy will still run into a lot of discrimination and it won’t be easy for him but at least his coach won’t be slyly setting him up to fail. I’m cautiously optimistic about this trade because looking at the other point guards on the roster Jeremy is clearly the best. Hopefully their new coach will recognize this and give him sufficient playing time and let him run the offense(as much as Kobe will allow it).

    • That is interesting that Lin has now been paired up with three of the worst teammates in the NBA. Very interesting. Yes, like you, I’m now cautiously optimistic and I actually think Lin going to LA is the best case scenario, better than Sixers or Bucks!

  • Scar

    Some one just don’t understand
    There is no superstar if ur team lose, and market is another big reason to make a star.
    If not in la, linsanity won’t existed.
    No one care about what bucks players doing
    Also JLIn is not a completed player, he can learn so much from Kobe an Nash
    Just shut ur mouth and pray for him

    • Scar

      Typo I mean in ny

    • Yep. Now that I’ve had time to process everything, I realize that Lin in LA is a great situation for Lin so I am cautiously optimistic. There’s a lot to love about the move for Lin’s career. I actually now think that it is the ideal situation for Lin. Better than the Bucks or Sixers.

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  • FortheLin

    I think Bosh got off the plane in Houston, looked around him, and thought Damn, this is why I left in the first place…Melo got off the plane, looked around him, got back on the plane, and didn’t even deign to groan. Sorry, PingPong, couldn’t resist a dig at your hometown.

    • MrPingPong

      I told my wife I wanted to move to La La land to be closer to Jeremy Lin. You don’t want to know what her response was. 🙂

      • Ha ha, MrPingPong. So your wife isn’t a Lin fan? Or I guess not as crazy about Lin as we all are.