Rapid Reaction: Lakers Beat Nuggets in a Solid Preaseason Debut

Just wanted to get out some initial reactions to tonight’s game.

The big caveat is that this is the first preseason game and it was against a Nuggets without Gallinari or McGee. So don’t want to make too much of this.

First of all, Kobe looked like…Kobe. In other words, he looked pretty damn amazing! I would say that he was even more efficient than the Kobe of old. He only forced a few shots and was looking to facilitate. He also seemed to trust his teammates more than he has in the past. So I really like this Kobe version a lot. Big fan of Kobe’s right now.

The other big standout to me was Ed Davis. He seems to really understand the game. Knows where to be and where to get to on the floor. He was perfect on all those screen-and-rolls, nearly all of which Lin was a partner in. Ed Davis was the only bench unit that seemed to have any chemistry with Lin. More on this in a moment. Overall, Ed Davis has great athleticism, but also has good basketball IQ from what I saw.

Nash surprised me how well he looked.He got off to a pretty slow start, playing very passively but then managed to turn things up a bit later on, without forcing the issue (Nash never forces the issue). Right now, Nash is earning his starting spot.

Overall, with the exception of Boozer, the starting unit looked very solid. Jordan Hill managed a very quiet Double-Double and Wes Johnson surprised me on the offensive end. He did fumble a couple of catches from Kobe that could have led to pretty easy scores, though. But, as expected, he was excellent on the defensive end.

I’ll talk about Lin later, but the one guy that didn’t do much (pretty much non-existent) was Sacre. But this was at least a little better than Boozer, who was worse than non-existent. He was pretty bad.

Ellington had a quiet, but solid performance.

The rookies looked like…rookies. Even though Clarkson ended up being the leading scorer, he did it very inefficiently and was way too trigger-happy. He needs to do a much much much better job of finding his spots. He went 3 of 13. Not what you want from a rookie, but he definitely is not shy at all about doing whatever he can to try to score. He wasn’t a facilitator at all, though, tonight. I think Clarkson’s main goal was to find any way to overshadow Lin and take Lin’s job eventually. That’s the sense I get. You’ve got to hand it to him for being very aggressive, which is not something I can say about Lin, tonight. More on this later.

Randle had a much better debut than Clarkson, which is not what I expected. Throughout training camp, we heard a lot about Clarkson, but not so much about Randle. Reporters even mentioned that Clarkson is more NBA ready than Randle, to their surprise. But, tonight, Randle looked more NBA ready than Clarkson. Although, Randle still looked like a rookie. He did have several very good spurts where he did look like a veteran. So that’s a great sign. But I don’t expect to see much in the way of Lin/Randle highlights as they don’t have any chemistry with each other right now. But, of course, this is just one game. But I felt like Randle looked Lin off the whole night. He only passed to Lin when he really needed to and had no other options. Randle prefers to take it upon himself and drive to the lane himself, rather than pass to Lin. I think he also wants Clarkson to take Lin’s job, because he looked to pass to Clarkson, but not to Lin. I know it sounds like I’m trying to start some controversy, but I’m just reporting what I saw. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Overall, the Lakers team surprised me with how well they all meshed. I was expecting it to look pretty sloppy, but it was actually very smooth overall. There were only a few spurts where things got stagnant or sticky. Most of that was with the second unit towards the latter part of the fourth quarter. I felt like the first unit flowed pretty well. And I didn’t have to suffer through the clueless “offensive sets” that the Rockets “ran”.

For their first preseason game, I was very impressed with the movement–especially the off-ball movement of the players. And on defense, they might have made technical mistakes, but they did give it their full effort for an entire 48 minutes as a unit. The players were also very vocal on the defensive-end, which is what you want. Byron Scott has to be pleased with this debut. But, again, it wasn’t like the Lakers were playing Lebron. So we’ll see how things go on Thursday when they face more of a “real team” in the Warriors.

Now, finally to Lin. Jeremy Lin lead everyone with 10 assists. The next closest to Lin in assists was Ty Lawson with 6 assists. So an excellent stat line for Lin there. However, Lin was 0 of 6 from the field and all of Lin’s shots looked awful. He also missed 2 of 3 free throws. Lin had some good moments, but overall, I thought he had a very mixed debut.

Lin started off very passively. He deferred to Jordan Clarkson. So my fears of Lin picking up the “habit” of deferring was on display tonight. Lin let the rookie dictate the offense for the first half of the second quarter. It wasn’t until Lin connected on two back-to-back screen-and-rolls with Ed Davis that Lin started to assert himself. That didn’t happen until well into the second half of the second quarter. Up until then, Clarkson didn’t pass to Lin once. Lin would just cough up the ball to Clarkson and disappear in the corner like he did in Houston. So Lin still needs to work on asserting himself more. Right now, there are definitely two guys on the team that don’t respect him and that’s Clarkson and Randle. Clarkson, more so because he wants to take Lin’s job. And that maybe Randle’s reason as well (wanting Clarkson to take Lin’s job). But I saw Lin just giving the reigns to Clarkson the moment they checked into the game. That’s not a good sign. Lin also didn’t have any pick-and-rolls until the Ed Davis screen and Rolls. Lin was very good on the defensive end, though, as expected.

Right now, the chemistry with Lin and the second unit is not there. Lin drives into congested lanes and he often finds himself without options when he gets into the lane. Lin is also not looking to score very much. And when he does look to score, it looks really bad. So apart from the 10 assists, Lin didn’t have a very good debut. But the Lakers commentators were very kind to Lin. Lin did have the highlight of the night with his alley-oop to Ed Davis.

Right now, Lin is definitely not making a case for starting. Of course, it’s just the first preseason game. So no need to make too much of any of these observations. Overall, I was impressed with the Lakers but disappointed with Lin’s debut. What do you guys think?

By the way, isn’t it nice to hear a coach break down the game in post game interviews without sounding like a Neanderthal, I mean, like McHale?

My main concern with Lin right now is that he has forgotten how to play the way he used to during Linsanity, due to the brainwashing that he’s received from McHale. In particular, during Linsanity, Lin directed traffic. He called for high screens regularly, which is something that he excels at. But now, I feel like he’s either embarrassed about calling high screens or he doesn’t want to burden his teammates or something. In some ways, I think Lin thinks getting high screens is cheating or something, so he wants to figure out a way to get to the rim without getting high screens. Part of it maybe because he wants to get away from “Linsanity” and calling for high screens reminds him too much of Linsanity. But that’s really getting deep into his psyche. So I totally understand if people look at me like I’m crazy here. But whatever the reason, I don’t see Lin directing traffic and calling for high screens anymore and I don’t think he’ll go back to doing that, probably ever, which is a shame. So I tweeted Lin the following after the game. I just hope he has people around him who are thinking about these things:

Lin Needs to Assert Himself

I actually don’t really care to meet Lin in person as a fan. In other words, I’m not looking to get his autograph or his picture or anything like that. What I want is a way to communicate to Lin as a quasi coach. I want some sort of direct line of communication to him or to someone close to him so I know at least that he is either thinking about these things or people around him are thinking about these things. For now, the best I can do is to tweet him and his brothers.


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  • scott

    good analysis, i agree with your reactions. but hey it is the first preseason game. don’t’ read too much into it. i definitely like to see Lin be more assertive. yea the part about randle did bother me a bit, but for clarkson i was just thinking they are testing out their roles.

    • Thanks! Yep, it’s just the first preseason, so we shouldn’t read too much into it. Overall, a very solid debut for the Lakers as a whole.

  • Steve Yen

    Good observation.

    I agree that Randle and Clarkson have some things against Lin. This is the point where the head coach steps up and benches ones not playing efficiently. Kevin McHale’s done a terrible job, and I don’t expect Byrant Scott making the same mistake.

    This is a preseason game, however, wise not to make much of it. A lot of rookie players play selfishly and think that’s the best way to impress the head coaches in the preseason games, in which they get minutes they don’t really deserve. Eventually they lose the trust. Hopefully, Clarkson and Randle can pick it up quickly. After all, 3-13 is ugly.

    I still think Lin should start over Steve Nash. But given the fact that Steve Nash is a legendary player, I can accept it more peacefully than Patrick Beverly over Lin in the Rockets.

    Still a good game for Lin. Good defense and fantastic passes.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I think the rookies are trying to do their best to impress in the preseason and Scott has already made a note of how Clarkson needs to do a better job of finding his spots. Coach B knows what he’s doing.

      Yeah, I still hope Lin eventually beats Nash out of starting lineup, but, regardless, I expect Lin to get a lot of minutes. We’ll see.

      Yeah, overall, I’m happy with the debut.

  • Here’s an excellent game summary from Laker’s Ground. Nice to have professionals run Forums, unlike KluKlutchFans, right? http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?t=170280&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

  • BBallFanfromNYC

    I disagree on some points. I don’t think the rooks dislike Lin or are trying to take his job. They were trying to impress. Sadly, they kinda of overdid it (there was one sequence in the 2nd Q when neither team could score, and the rooks just took shot after useless shot- it looked horrible for both teams).

    As for Lin’s game, I thought he did very well. I know many Lin fans are upset about the lack of scoring, but he only took 6 shots, he wasn’t looking to score. He demonstrated his improved defense (he was a pitbull dog out there) his passing, and his handle. There was one sequence when he was dribbling and almost lost the ball, but got it under control. A few seasons ago, that would have been a live turnover. Also, I really liked his improved hustle.

    As regards your concern about Lin deferring to Clarkson/another player, the Princeton/Triangle offense they are looking to run doesn’t highlight the 1 spot as much, unlike D’Antoni’s system, so I think that the resurgence of Linsanity might take a different form. It might show itself in defense and assists, as opposed to scoring (through I think he will still put up good numbers, even if he has to do so playing off the ball)

    • I agree with your disagreements to some of my points. Well done! It was a quick seat-of-the pants reaction right after the game, so there are plenty of things I wrote that I now disagree with and you’ve pointed them out. Thanks!

      One of the many things I forgot to mention is that I like Lin running off screens without the ball in the Princeton offense. That was something I kept screaming at D’Antoni to do during Linsanity.

  • MrPingPong

    Thanks for your postgame analysis, Philosopher. And I see that you’ve been active, posting your thoughts on the game at various websites! πŸ™‚

    Me too, I was impressed by how smooth Kobe and Nash played. Let’s hope these two superstars can keep it up thru out the whole season and, for that matter, well into the post season! πŸ™‚

    I like the aggressiveness of Randle and Clarkson but I don’t think they have yet to understand team ball and ball movement at the NBA level. I’m sure coach Scott will teach them a few things during game film review.

    And speaking of coach Scott, I like his postgame responses to the media too. Here is the link to the post game interviews, in case you don’t want to waste time looking around like I did:


    As to our man JL17, he knew he did not shoot well last night and promised to figure things out before soon. Here is his postgame interview:


    Like most Lin fans, I am disappointed by Lin’s dismal shooting, but hey, even Kobe air-balled his first shot last night! πŸ™‚ The 10 assists were a joy to watch though, especially the oop to Davis! All Lakers fan sites post this:


    Yes, Davis/Lin will be fun to watch! Lin will find ways to develop chemistry with the rest of the second unit, I am sure!

    Have a great day/evening everybody, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Yep, doing my best to get the word out. Don’t always have time, though, so appreciate any help I can get from the readers of this blog.

      Thanks for the links, a usual, MrPingPong.

  • Ed

    Thanks for your comment, Philosopher (everyone here calls you that, from where?)

    I am going to be rather harsh, but from love of course. Lin promised us a new Lin. It was going to be his new start over, right? Last night’s performance was worse than the last 2 years Houston preseason 1-st game performance, no? Or am I wrong about that? You can see it on youtube, I think. I will give him all the excuses in the world honestly, but I cannot give him the internal psychological one. Air ball on an open shot, hiding in the corner as point guard, being generally afraid of losing because of him, these are not the qualities of a superstar. I think, Lin, instead of trying to fit in the “system”, whatever that is, has to dictate his play with the 2-nd roster. Remember, Houston killed Lin with the “system”. System is never good. System encourages conformity, against the dynamism of Lin’s ball.

    I think Lin is so afraid to fail that it messes him up on court. For understandable reasons, of course, we being one. Like those rookies that played yesterday, with no mental inhibitions, which Lin did in NY, if he would be like that he would be great. But this “blame Lin”, we know where that came from (and he internalized it with his strange apology).

    • MrPingPong

      Good question Ed!

      When JLintel started this blog, he used the moniker standupphilosopher. Then at some point, he changed it to JLintel. If you look closely at the responses to JLintel in your e-mail, you can still see something like “in response to standupphilosopher.” And the “Feature Sites” in the right column of this web page still lists a site called “Stand-up Philosopher”. Check this out πŸ™‚


      Now back to our man Lin. As I said in an earlier post, I was disappointed by Lin’s dismal shooting. From the training camp videos, Lin appeared to be the leader of the second unit, initiating the offense, moving and distributing the ball. But in this first preseason game, when Lin dished the ball to Clarkson/Randle, the ball never came back to him. That seemed to throw Lin off rhythm somewhat. But that is no excuse for missing the technical FT and two wide open shots.

      OK, onto more training camp and the Warriors at home in La La Land!

    • MrPingPong answered your question about the whole “philosopher” thing. Ha ha.

      I’m glad to hear you share these sentiments. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. But I think we’re probably in the minority, here.

      I do think that after 2 years of McHale, Lin has learned to “play within the system” and not deviate too much from it. This is not a bad thing perse, but Lin also needs to be vocal about how he can best be utilized. And that’s what I hope Lin can do with this team. For example, I hope he is vocal about how he needs a good amount of high screens so Coach B incorporates that into the offensive system.

      These things are sort of what I mean when I say that I’m concerned Lin has developed a “habit” of not asserting himself and deferring to others. I also think being with McHale for two years has caused Lin to be timid about making mistakes, but hopefully with time he will move away from this and play more loose and free as he finds that Scott won’t put him on such a tight leash. I think that’ll take a little time for it to really sink into his subconscious. I’m not sure if he’ll ever be able to play as loose and free as he did during Linsanity, though and that’s a shame. That’s why I’ve been sending him a series of tweets to get him back into that mindset of playing his game loose and free. I’ll continue my little campaign, regardless of how other Lin fans feel. Glad to see you share similar feelings about Lin.

    • BBallFanfromNYC

      With all due respect, I think you are being a little harsh. First Off, it’s preseason. Players, from Kobe to Lin to CP3, are bricking shots. The off shooting night (in which he wasn’t even looking to score) is nothing to worry about in my view.

      I don’t think this preseason game was worse than his HOU ones, just different. He promised to work on D and delivered. He promised to improve his handle and ball control and delivered. Also, I do not recall JL17 promising a “new” Lin, but an improved Lin. For Lin fans, that means a return to his Knick form. As I mentioned to Philosopher, Linsanity 2.0 may take a different form in the Princeton/Triangle offense. We Lin fans need realize and accept that. NYK Linsanity & LAL Linsanity may be very different.

      Finally, a system is not bad in and of itself. Every team has a system of some sort, and players need to buy in and do their best to deliver whatever is asked of them in that system. It is the responsibility of the coach to create a system that caters to his players strengths and helps develop his weaknesses. Players can reach a new lvl if they are in a good system. (Ex: Spurs) So, what Lin needs is a good system to thrive in, not no system at all.

  • k.smith

    I think Lin, by nature is someone who defers. He is the epitome of a team player and is at his best on teams that focus on team play, 5 on 5 ball. He only became aggressive in NY when he had total support from the coaching staff and vets. His confidence grew, he deferred less and demanded the ball more. Rinse and repeat.

    As long as Nash is healthy, Lin won’t be starting. B-Scott already said that Lin/Davis were likely to be the first guys off the bench. Personally, I think B-Scott loves Lin in the backup PG role. If there was no Nash, I’m not sure B-Scott would be happy with Lin as the starting PG.

    I’m really hoping that Lin takes a Dragic-like leap this year, in shooting. Right now, he’s inconsistent.

    • Lin’s nature is actually to lead. It’s definitely true that he is a 5 on 5 guy, but he’s effective 5 on 5 when he is allowed to be the one leading the charge. That’s what Linsanity was about and that’s what Lin did throughout his basketball career when given the opportunity to. Lin is a very humble and kind human being, but on the court, his nature is not to defer, which is why when he does defer he is playing all up in his head and is not playing loose and free. By “not deferring” I don’t mean that Lin needs to be the one scoring the ball all the time or anything like that. I just mean that he needs to get back into the mindset of playing his game aggressively and not be constantly thinking about not making mistakes or thinking that he shouldn’t have the ball in his hands too much or whatever.

      I agree with you that Coach B sees Lin as a backup and that’s what is concerning for me, despite all the positives. I think McHale has poisoned everyone into believing that Lin is a good backup point guard and I was hoping that Lin would have an opportunity to reverse that mindset. But that’s going to be a tough one. My biggest concern is that come next year, Lakers are gonna go after other point guards who they think is better than Lin, but who actually isn’t, like a Dragic, and have Lin back that player up. That would be painful to watch. But I think that’s what’s going to happen. So as enjoyable as all of this is with the Lakers, I’m still not optimistic that it’ll allow Lin to turn around his career and the window of opportunity for Lin is shrinking, so patience is not a virtue when it comes to Lin in this case, despite how nice preaching patience may sound. I know I’m in the minority in feeling this way, but I’m totally okay with that. It’s just how I see things. Unless someone can give me a good convincing argument otherwise, I will continue to feel that way and continue my mini campaign to motivate Lin to perform to his capabilities.

      • k.smith

        Regarding your second paragraph, we’re on the same page.

        I’ve accepted the fact that no team is going to hand Lin the keys to the car; he’s not going to run the show. What do you think is going to happen if he’s still inconsistent at the end of the season?

        • If he’s still inconsistent at the end of the season, he’ll be seen as just a back-up point guard. Lin’s window opportunity to prove that he isn’t just a serviceable point guard is closing. I think this is his make or break season. Might not be a popular opinion among Lin fans, but that’s the way I see it. Depending on how bad things look, he may lose minutes to Price and Clarkson. We’ll see.

          I think Lin will be given a chance this season, so I expect him to perform at a high level. I also expect Lin to play a lot of minutes (avg. 32+ minutes), despite coming off the bench. I also expect him to start in a good number of games. If Lin is given a fair opportunity and he doesn’t perform at a high level, I would be surprised and may have to admit that “Linsanity” was just a fluke. But until then, I still stick to the idea that “Linsanity” is actually closer to what Lin is capable of than his time in Houston. It’s the only logical way to see it at this point, in my view. Someday, I will go through this logic. Just haven’t had time.

      • BBallFanfromNYC

        Hmmm… I don’t think BScott, who has lead historically teams to the playoffs and finals, cares what a guy who can’t get a stacked team out of the first round thinks πŸ˜› I think that Scott really likes Lin, and that he would start him if Nash was not around. While I want Lin to start, and think he will eventually (Nash is only human-an old, injured human), but coming off the bench is not bad if Scott puts hsi trust n respect in Lin. It’s not a bad thing if Lin becomes LAL’s Ginobili.

        • BBallFanfromNYC

          Historically bad, i mean.

        • I think Scott really likes Lin, as well. We’ll just have to see how everything plays out this season. My main concern is what happens in the off-season. Will the Lakers see Lin as a starter for next season or will they be going after a “starting” point guard? That’s the main issue for me. We’ll see what happens.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, in case you don’t have access to NBA TV, here is the full Denver preseason game again on Youtube:


    I hope this link will last long enough for you to view it.

    For what it’s worth, the Nuggs beat OKC last night in Denver!

    Yes, we all agree it’s preseason and so, let’s just enjoy these warmup games before the real 82-game marathon starts! πŸ™‚

    As you know, I am forever optimistic about Lin and am not a bit worried about his growth as an NBA player, his NBA career and his future with the Lakers. It does not matter what the pundits think about Lin and the Lakers this season. What matters is what the players and the coaching staff think of themselves. It’s gonna be a lot fun watching Lin and the Lakers this season!

    Now, onto the Dubs tonight!

    • Thanks for the link, as usual, MrPingPong.

      Nuggs definitely aren’t a joke team.

      I saw a tweet saying that Lin would start tonight. That’s gonna be pretty cool for Lin to play at Staples for the first time as a Laker and starting against his first team in the NBA.

  • Forthelin

    Saw that Lin seems to have bulked up a bit. That could help his defense, but not sure if that has affected his shot and his step, thus his scoring in the first game. We’ll have another preview tonight.

    • Really? I thought lost weight and got thinner. I think his scoring had to do with rust and also chemistry. Other guys didn’t know where to be and lane/spacing got too congested.

  • I saw a tweet that Lin will be starting tonight. Is it true?

    • Looks like Ronnie Price is starting in place of Steve Nash.

  • ashley

    I’m glad Jeremy redeemed himself in the second game in terms of offence. He showed his efficiency, scoring 14 points with only 4 shot attempts. He was the starter, but after the game, he said this was the first time he played with Kobe, which was a bit disturbing. Coach Scott said Lin will start at times and will be playing a lot for the Lakers. So I could only assume that he really needed Lin to work with the second unit and wasn’t worried about Lin playing with the first unit. By the way, I find LakersGround forums quite interesting and friendly with those cute smileys.

    • ashley

      Some correction: Lin should have had more than four shot attempts; he had 4-4 shooting, including a 3 pointer–reportedly to be the only one 3-point hit by the Lakers–and made all his free throws. In a word, he gave a completely different offensive performance from the previous 0-6 preseason game. Quite streaky, right?

    • Hey ashley! Yeah, Lin had good stat lines. Lin doesn’t practice with the starters, so that’s why it took a little while for Lin to get comfortable with the starting unit and vice versa. I’m hoping that Coach B allows Lin to practice with the starters, since Lin is expected to start in plenty of games this season.

      Lin still hasn’t gotten to play his game in LA and not sure if he will. But at least he’s at a place where he has support from key players and coaches. We’ll see how Lin adjusts to the Princeton offense, but my biggest concern last night and for the rest of the season is whether or not Lin will be getting high screens and doing PnRs, which is Lin’s bread and butter. I think since this was his first time playing with the starters, he was just kind of feeling things out and finding his place, so it’s expected that he didn’t do a lot of the things that he is known for. But he still managed to be one of the standouts for the Lakers on a night where a lot of his teammates struggled.

      Ha ha. Yeah, the smileys are a nice touch on LakersGround.

      • ashley

        We expect Lin to be “the” PG since it’s proven to be his bread and butter as well as the key to team win. Hence we’d want a coach to play Lin to his strengths. But unfortunately, there are always other bigger name PGs on the teams except NY–Harden on the Rox and Kobe and Nash on the Lakers. And then Coach Bryon is adopting the so called “Princeton Offence.” (It might not work the best for a PG?) So things have been complicated for our boy, even though we think he’s the one.

        Yeah, Lin started in the second game, but he (and we) didn’t know that Nash was not playing until hours before the game. It is reported that Scott wants him to be ready for anytime he might start or be called to play on court. Well, I don’t quite like the tone of uncertainty, but I guess it just has to depend a lot on Nash’s conditions.

        • MrPingPong

          Same here, Ashley! I don’t like the “uncertainty” about Lin starting or not starting. To develop any consistency at all, the team needs to have consistent reps during practice, day in and day out. My guess is coach Scott is taking his time trying to figure things out during training camp and the preseason games and more…

          For me it’s obvious: Nash, by his own admittance, cannot sustain heavy minutes in any game, let alone the whole season. So just let Lin start and practice with the starters now. No hesitation, no second guessing, no wavering, just go with Kobe and Lin in the back court NOW! But then, I’m just a LOF, right! πŸ™‚ Having said that, I do not have any problem with Lin running the second unit. But please have a well-defined role for everybody on the team and go for it!

          On a separate note, I was only able to watch the 4th quarter of the Dubs game. From the box scores and highlights, it seems like Lin did his job well. But of course, LOHs are all over Lin for not containing Curry! Life is tough! πŸ™‚

          Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

          PS: the veteran Lakers fans at LakersGround and ForumBlueAndGold are quite good! I like reading their comments very much and learn a lot from them.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here…

    I was on the road this past weekend and missed the second GSW game. From what I’ve read on the Internet, Lin did not play due to a sprained ankle during practice, Kobe was ineffective, Nash “did not feel right” after one quarter and stopped playing, Davis sat on the bench for unknown reason, bad offense (like too many long two jumpers and not enough treys), no defense, etc.. The end result was a 41 point loss.

    I also read somewhere that coach Scott had the team scrimmage an hour and a half on game day. Kobe was quoted that everyone was experiencing heavy legs due to hard training. From some one with an unmatched work ethic like Kobe, this sounds serious if not ominous. It seems like coach Scott took the hint from Kobe and eased up quite a bit today.

    I saw a video clip of Lin limping. He said he’d be OK. But never the less, I am concerned and hope that he takes his time to recover and not rushes into playing insignificant preseason games. On a related note, my Chinese martial art master would fix Lin’s ankle like nothing! πŸ™‚

    I also hope that coach Scott would accept the cold hard fact that Nash is done. Lin should be practicing with the first unit, period! Unleash the Lin, coach Scott!

  • ashley

    Nice to read your post, Mr. Pingpong! Yes, coach Scott already said Lin might start, but even so, we still don’t know whether Lin will be given the reins when playing alongside Kobe. I guess the coach will need time to figure out which is better for the team, Lin being the PG or Kobe? I seem to remember that after Game 2, the coach said he let Kobe run the offence because Kobe knows the offence better. For now, we have to wait for things to unfold. It’s a shame that the Lakers is plagued with injuries, which definitely makes it harder for the coach, as well as the fans, to figure out the strengths of the players and the best rotations for the team. There’s a fifty-fifty chance that Lin will or won’t in Game 4. I don’t think he will rush back. After all, it’s just preseason.

    • MrPingPong

      ‘Good to hear from you too, Ashley! πŸ™‚

      I can understand why coach Scott would want Kobe to run the offense, but he should realize the Kobe of today is no longer the Kobe of two years ago. My thesis has always been the same: let Lin run the floor! The Lakers has nothing to lose and everything to Lin by Linning all the way! πŸ™‚

      As to injuries, the Lakers are not the only team affected by injuries. Injuries are a fact of life in professional sports. I can only pray to the GOB (Gods of Basketball) to safeguard the players. No career ending injuries, PLEASE!

      Have a great morning/afternoon/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here…

    It’s another preseason game for the Lakers today. Lin is not playing as we all know. This short video showing Lin doing some light drills seems to indicate that Lin’s ankle is getting better:


    On a separate note, you probably have read about Nash injuring his back after lifting baggages or something. I feel really bad for the man. It must be really frustrating and discouraging for a two-time MVP.

    And so, just for the sake of playing it safe, I would recommend coach Scott to rest Kobe as well for this game.

    Have a great morning/afternoon/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB.

    • ashley

      Wow! Lin’s dribble looks sharp and fast. He has become a master, a basketball juggler! Thanks for the video, Mr. PingPong!