Does Coach Byron Scott Need to Get His Head Examined by Gary Vitti? Cause He Be Talkin’ All Sorts of Crazy (about Lin/Price)!

I’m sure you’ve all heard Scott’s post game interview in which he mentioned that he played Lin in the fourth quarter to give Lin 20 minutes and to give Ronnie some rest.

Now I don’t know what’s really on Scott’s mind. Is he just making this comment, simply because it’s really none of the media’s business who he’s planning on playing in the fourth quarter? Did he say what he said, because he didn’t want to disrespect Price in public and blatantly state that Lin will be closing out games? Or is he really still sincerely unclear about whether or not Lin or Price would start or finish games.

If it is the latter, then Byron Scott needs to talk to Gary Vitti, because he needs to get his head examined. I mean, are you fucking kidding me with this shit?! Lin is actually fighting for the starting PG spot with Ronnie Fucking Price? See, this is the shit I am talking about when I have said in the past that McHale has brainwashed the league into thinking that Lin is a backup point guard. This is exactly the type of shit that has me concerned and pissed off about what McHale has accomplished. And it’s all very disturbing to me.

Now, I still have full confidence that Lin will be the starting Point Guard once the regular season rolls around. So for now I will be patient and see how it all plays out. But if Lin doesn’t start once the regular season rolls around, then there is something very disturbingly wrong. I’m already pissed off at those comments by Scott if they are a true expression of how he really feels.

To me, Lin not only needs to finish every game, he also needs to start every game as well. It is a no-brainer decision. The fact that it’s even up for discussion is completely insane to me and is just one example of how McHale has brainwashed the entire league about Jeremy Lin.

There are even some Lin fans saying that they’d be okay if Lin doesn’t start as long as he gets to close out games. This is how far McHale’s brainwashing has gone, folks! Even if I wasn’t a Lin fan, I’d feel the exact same way. Just look at all of my tweets and articles ranting about how Ed Davis should start. Starting Lin is even more of a no-brainer than starting Ed Davis, to me. And it should not be up for discussion and no one should think differently about this. I’m sorry, but there should be no debate.

Lin can say it doesn’t matter to him if he starts as long as he closes out games to the media all he wants. But I know that if he was talking in private, he’d be very disturbed if Ronnie Price is starting over him. Anyone in his position would be. Even in those interviews where Lin says it doesn’t matter if he starts as long has he finishes games, what often doesn’t get reported is that Lin still says that he’d like to start, “Who wouldn’t?” So don’t buy into the whole, Lin-doesn’t-care-if-he-starts-or-not-argument. He does. But he’s also not going to be an egomania about it and go all crazy if he doesn’t start. It’s also important for him to finish games and, last I checked, only a few players in the league get to finish games when they’re not starting.

So all these articles about how Lin doesn’t care if he starts or not are not digging deeply enough, as usual. Sure, Lin doesn’t mind backing up a legend like Steve Nash, but backing up a journey man like Ronnie Price is fucking disgraceful. And the thought of Lin fans saying that they’d be okay with Lin not starting as long as he closes out games is ludicrous to me. Stop drinking the Hatorade!

The reality is, starting is actually important. There are only a few rare exceptions in the NBA of players who come off the bench who are great and have respect in the league. But apart from those rare exceptions, starting does actually mean something. Not just from a reputation standpoint, but also from a playing time stand point. Starters generally play more than back ups and starters have like a 90% chance of finishing games.

Admittedly, Lin should play plenty of minutes this season, regardless of whether or not he starts. However, this is also Lin’s contract year and the window for Lin to prove that he is an NBA star in this league is quickly closing. This is probably Lin’s last year to prove himself. It’s his make-or-break-year and also a contract year for him. If Lin ends up backing up Ronnie Fucking Price, then McHale’s brainwashing of the league that Lin is a backup point guard will have been solidified. Lin will remain a back-up with the Lakers (while Lakers try to acquire someone like Dragic) or Lin will go to another team and back-up whoever is there.

Lin is at a stage in his career where he doesn’t automatically have respect in the league enough to be considered a sixth man, like Ginobli. So him being a back-up PG is not going to be seen in the same light as Ginobli being a sixth man. This is clearly evident in the crazy idea that the league actually believes that Lin lost his starting job to Patrick Fucking Beverley! So, no, it’s not alright that Lin doesn’t start as long as he gets to close out games. Lin not only deserves to start, the Lakers NEED him to start and finish games. Anything less than this would be very disturbing. Yep, I’m playing the race card, here!

You can’t make any arguments to me of why it makes sense to bring Lin off the bench. Not even the argument that they need a play maker off the bench, Ronnie Price is a better defender (he isn’t), etc.. This is the similar shit they pulled in Houston. How many times is the league going to play THAT card, just to undermine Lin?

The reality is, the starters need a play maker, as well. Kobe is too old to be doing that consistently. And the reality is, whoever starts generally finishes the games. There’s only a few rare exceptions of this in the league. Lin needs to start and finish games. Period. There should be no debating this. Anyone who feels differently needs to get their head examined. I just hope that either what Scott said is not a true reflection of how he really feels or Kobe sets Scott straight with a quickness!

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  • MrPingPong

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions, Lin is the Rodney Dangerfield of basketball: he gets no respect! Lin has to prove himself over and over again no matter where he goes. It’s a sad story.

    Darius Soriano of Forumblueandgold tweeted the following:

    Many veteran Lakers fans are on the same page with Soriano. So, Philosopher, you are not alone in thinking that Scott needs to have his head examined if he starts Price over Lin in the regular season. Let’s wait and see!

    • Aside form McHale being the main culprit, it’s also about race. Plain and simple. Of course, McHale’s perceptions of Lin also has to do with Lin’s race, so it all comes down to race. Normally, I’m not someone who plays the race card, but in Lin’s case, race is a big part of the things that he goes through (good and bad).

  • DavidNJ

    Kobe said the team needs a playmaker like Jeremy Lin…he gets us easy looks. Seems like only Hall of Famers or to be HOF recognize what Lin brings to the court. The rest are little people who feel Lin, an Asian, just can’t be that good.

    • McHale was a HOF, so I think it’s more only intelligent human beings are perceptive enough to see past Lin’s race. Everyone else still just sees an Asian kid when they look at Lin, unfortunately. I hope Magic Johnson also sets Scott straight and is telling him the straight truth. We’ll see how it all shakes out. I still have full confidence that Lin will be starting once the regular season rolls around, as long as Nash is still questionable.

  • Nhawj

    Very well written! Exactly my thoughts! I agree with everything you’ve said. That’s why I’m not happy with Lakers coach even though the situation with the Lakers might be slightly better than Houston; it’s not ideal situation for Lin to grow professionally nor put doubters to rest. NBA and ESPN already brainwashed what Lin can do, don’t need Lakers to solidify this nonsense. Your article needs to me made more public to bring awareness to Lin fans and others.

    • Thanks, Nhawj. Really appreciate it. I’m doing my best to spread the word.

      Right now, I’m still patient, because I do believe Lin will start when the regular season rolls around. But if he doesn’t, I’m going to be real pissed and that’s why I wrote this article. I just wanted to express my frustration and when I see Lin fans saying they’d be okay with Lin not starting, I knew I had to get the word out and set things straight. I think some Lin fans are not thinking very clearly about this and seeing the bigger picture. It’s really really important that Lin starts THIS season.

      If Lin gets to start, then he’s in a really ideal situation for himself, having Kobe as a great mentor. He’ll also finally get to be the primary floor general when he’s on the court. What I want to see more of is Lin getting pick-and-rolls. We’ll see.

  • nhawj

    I meant …”Be” made more public…. Dang, auto correct! Lol. Btw, thank you for making sense when so many are riding on the fence.

  • Chirico

    Today Scott sent us a message, Lin is a backup point guard. I begin to lose faith in him. He could be either out of his mind or prejudice against Lin. Heck, from the eyes of these type of guys, any NBA guard is better than Lin.

    At this point, I’m curious about what lakers management would do to deal with their investment that is going going away if Scott keeps the same course of action.

    Actions speak louder than words!.

    • I’m still taking a wait-and-see approach at this point. We’ll see what happens once the regular season rolls around. I’m sure Kupchak and Jeannie Buss want Lin to start. Magic also sent out a tweet assuming Lin will be the starting point guard, basically as a way of sending a message to Byron Scott. So we’ll see how this all plays out.

      • Steve Yen

        I was quite shocked to see that Ronnie Price started over Lin tonight, althogh I knew it was a preseason game and Kobe Bryant even didn’t show up.

        If Byron Scott actually had had concerns about Lin’s injury, he could have started him for 12 minutes then let him ret on the bench. It is a clear message that no matter how good Lin plays, Scott won’t start him.

        I don’t know what Kobe, who praised Lin’s performance after the game against Pheonix, will react to this situation. I hate to say this, but I am convinced of the race being an issue here.

        • I’m gonna be patient until the start of the regular season. Since this one was a back to back and Lin still hasn’t practiced with any of the starters, I think Scott just wanted to keep things consistent. But it is concerning that Lin hasn’t had a chance to practice with the starters, although, it is due to Lin’s injury. If Lin hadn’t been injured, he would have practiced with the starters and would have been starting in the preseason after Nash’s injuries. So it’s kind of a circumstantial thing for now.

          I’m hoping that Scott will have Lin scrimmage on the starting unit and then start him at the start of the regular season. We’ll see. The first step is to see if Lin gets to scrimmage on the starting team. That will be what I’ll be watching for in the next practice. If not, then that would be a sign to be concerned.

      • Chirico

        I really hope so. I’m in your camp, mr. Philosopher.

        Besides, I happened to spot a great example of bench Lin philosophy in one of the post in Allow me to quote this stinky meesge. “Ok most of you here say Lin should start no matter what cause he has suffered too long. Point taken. Let Jeremy start but who’s gonna run the 2nd unit?? Ronnie Price who can’t shoot can’t create. The only thing he’s able to do is defend well. Lakers need a backup PG that can do all of that. Steve Nash healthy could do it but that’s out of the question so who can?? Clarkson is a SG in a big PG body plus he’s too inexperienced. Ok the Lakers need to buy a decent backup to Jeremy, without giving us Lin fans a fit of worry of taking his starting spot. The only name I can come up with is Toney Douglas. lol All jokes aside the Lakers do need a backup PG fast.”- clkor7.

        This troll is another perfect example of LOH under disguise. Laughable argument and full of holes in his statement.

        • Isn’t it interesting how Lin all of a sudden becomes so valuable when it comes to running any second unit? Everyone needs Lin to run the second unit, because NO ONE but Lin can run the second unit. It’s funny how every team without Lin seems to have mediocre Point Guards who can run the second unit, but the moment Lin joins a team, all of a sudden NO ONE is capable of running the second unit but Lin. And whatever team Lin joins, the starting lineup suddenly doesn’t need anyone to run it. The starting lineup of any team Lin joins is suddenly able to run itself, no real PGs needed. We just need a mediocre PG with the starting lineup, because the starters can run themselves.

          An interesting stat is that most of the teams that made it to the playoffs last season had some of the worst benches. So this whole idea that the bench is SO IMPORTANT that Lin is the only guy who can run it is so misguided. The reality is, you want your best guys starting. Because starters play the most minutes, with only a few rare exceptions. You want your best guys on the floor most of the time.

          And when it comes to this Lakers team, Kobe is too old to be the primary play maker, so they really need Lin with the starting unit. Just let Price make due with the second unit. I think Price is actually good enough as a second unit PG. He’s certainly better than Douglas, in my opinion. Don’t even get me started on Douglas (who’s simply a small shooting guard that people keep mistaking for a PG, because of his stature.).

          Besides, I think Randle wants to be the point guard for the second unit, anyway. I say let Randle run the point for the second unit, since he’s so insistent about being a play maker. In Randle’s eyes, Lin isn’t needed with the second unit.

          • MrPingPong

            Lin doubters will say anything to marginalize Lin. I basically just ignore them. We will soon find out if Scott is one of them come the RS (real season), won’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Chirico

            Can’t agree with you any more!

            for starters, Lin Is the playmaker and Bryant should be the finisher.

            This is so obvious. If Lakers want to have a chance to playoff this season, this is the ONLY chance!

  • Kobe wants to play with Lin. If Scott doghouses Lin, he’ll hear it from Kobe haha.

  • MrPingPong

    The situation is still very fluid right now with injured players slowly coming back to the regular lineup. So, yeah, let’s be patient.

    Right now, I’m more concerned with Lin’s ankles than anything else. He seemed a little bit slow last night. He was not sharp and careless with the ball, especially in the second half.

    One more preseason game for the Lakers to iron out as many kinks as possible before W/L really counts!

    Letzzz Goooo, JL17!

    • In the post game interview, Lin said that he was winded. Lin just needs to work his way back to game condition, since he’s had too many days off conditioning and practices.

      • MrPingPong

        Thanks Philosopher for the info.

        I have no knowledge of how serious Lin’s ankle injury was, but I can imagine my ankle being stepped on by a 265 lbs giant. I hope Lin listens to his body and does not push it beyond what his ankles can handle while they are healing. The body will heal itself properly if given the proper care.

        An 82-game season is a marathon, so pace yourself, JL17!

        • I think Lin landed on Sacre’s foot when he came down. So Sacre didn’t step on Lin’s foot. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

          • MrPingPong

            Yeah, there are conflicting news about the details of Lin’s left ankle injury, so it seems. This particular news report states that Sacre stepped on Lin’s foot.


            Anyway, freak accidents causing injuries can happen anytime to anybody. Man it’s almost impossible to stay healthy throughout the whole season. Amazingly enough, Lin had perfect attendance in his first season with the Rockets! And in spite of that, LOHs keep harping that Lin is injury prone! Sad bunch of people! ๐Ÿ™‚

            On a separate note, here are links of the recent Phoenix and Blazers games in full!


            Watch them before they are banned from Youtube!

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