A Thought Experiment to Wake People Up to Why the Argument for Jeremy Lin being Needed with 2nd Unit is Disturbing

I don’t think I was able to really drive home the point of why this whole discussion of Lin being needed with the 2nd unit is so disturbing in my previous article. So I will attempt to give just a very short thought experiment here.

Those well-meaning people who argue that Lin is needed with the second unit generally present an argument that goes something like this. Lin is needed with the second unit, because right now, they don’t have enough guys who can score in the second unit–especially with Nick Young out. So they need Lin to run the show there and be the primary scorer. Additionally, Ronnie Price is not up to the task of bearing the brunt of the scoring or play making role, so allowing Ronnie Price to run the second unit would be disastrous. Having Lin run the second unit is not saying that Price is better than Lin. In fact, it is saying that Lin is better than Price and that’s why Lin is NEEDED to run the second unit. We need the better point guard to run the second unit. Also, Lin has chemistry with Davis, so he needs to be in the second unit to run PnRs with Davis. Kobe Bryant can take care of things with the first unit, and besides, Kobe is a ball-dominant guard, so it makes more sense for Lin to be with the second unit.

Sounds logical enough, right? Well, what if, instead of Jeremy Lin, the Lakers have someone like Dragic (or insert ANY PG not named “Jeremy Lin” that’s better than Price) as the Point Guard. Do you think there would be ANY discussion about whether or not Dragic should start? Of course there wouldn’t. And you know why? Well, because Dragic is a starting point guard, of course. It’s obvious! Dragic doesn’t belong with the second unit. Are you out of your mind?!

So how come with Dragic on the team instead of Lin, the Lakers’s second unit suddenly don’t need any help? Suddenly, Price is more than capable of running the second unit? Isn’t Dragic better than Price? I thought we wanted the better point guard to run the second unit, since the second unit needs SO much help. At least that was the case when it was Lin on the team, instead of Dragic. So how come it’s no longer the case now? And don’t we need Dragic to be with Davis so he can run PnRs with Davis? Also, suddenly with Dragic on the team, Kobe is no longer a ball-dominant guard?

I don’t understand how well-meaning people don’t see how disturbing the argument for why Lin is needed with the second unit is. The argument itself is not logical. And that’s the problem I have with it.

If people were to make a logical argument, then it would go something like this:

Lin > Price = Lin is needed with Second Unit ==> Lin doesn’t start
Dragic > Price = Dragic is needed with Second Unit ==> Dragic doesn’t start

This pair of logic language matches so it makes sense. But, instead, this is the argument people would make:

Lin > Price = Lin is needed with Second Unit ==> Lin doesn’t start
Dragic > Price = Dragic is needed with Second Unit ==> Dragic starts

Any eight year old could see that this pair of logic does not match up and this is why it’s so vexing to me why people don’t see how disturbing their logic is for why Lin is needed with the second unit.

Of course, I care about Lin’s career, etc. but to me, THIS goes beyond what Lin wants (although I know Lin wants to start, regardless of what he says to the media (the media neglects to report the part where he says, “Of course I want to start. Anyone would.”)). THIS is not even about what’s good for Lin. So this is not about me being some fanatic Lin fanboy who wants Lin to start just so we can say Lin is a starting point guard or whatever.

My anger is not really about me wanting Lin to start if that makes any sense. This is about shedding light on the double standard that Lin often faces. You can’t have it both ways! You can’t say that Lin is a starting-caliber point guard on the team, but shouldn’t start, because he’s more needed with the second unit, but at the same time say that Dragic is a starting-caliber point guard on the team, so he should start. In other words, you can’t say Lin is good, so he needs to be with the second unit, but at the same time say that Dragic is good so he needs to start.

So there is something disturbingly wrong from a logic standpoint, when people admit that Lin is the starting-caliber point guard on the team, but are incessant about relegating him to the second unit. And I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that McHale has brainwashed the league into feeling like Lin belongs with the second unit, when McHale took away his starting spot last season.

Somehow, when it comes to Lin, simple logic doesn’t apply. That’s the double standard that I’m trying to highlight and that’s why I’m pissed off at these arguments, because I think they’re made by well-meaning people who sort of don’t realize what they’re really saying. This is really not about Lin starting or not starting, it’s really about the fact that it’s disturbing we’re even having this conversation. Because if it was someone like Dragic, rather than Lin, on the team this discussion would not exist.

I see it as my job to point these things out and help wake people up. This is the main reason why I write about Lin, because he tends to bring out these illogical thought processes that have more to do with say, what he looks like and his pedigree, than the merits of whatever is being discussed. I’m not saying that people are consciously racist towards Lin or anything like that. But race is a part of a lot of things that Lin deals with, often without people realizing it consciously. And it’s not all about race, either. It’s about the fact that Lin just doesn’t “look” the part, being an Asian American, undrafted player from Harvard. In other words, if Lin was an Asian American #1 Pick out of Duke, Lin wouldn’t be facing these issues. So it’s not about race, per se. But, of course, there’s no way an Asian American man is getting recruited to play basketball at Duke and getting drafted #1, but you hopefully get what I’m  trying to say.

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  • Hai!
    So I get your point 100% and agree he should start, I guess I just have a diff take on how? Here’s my view on it, and I hope I don’t sound insensitive because I value your stance on this as much as mine.

    What I think of Lin Shuhao:
    Lin is a NATURAL LEADER. Something I did not see coming, but was very pleasantly surprised by. He’s a very quick witted strategist and quite the multitasker. I’ve seen him dribble the ball, while surveying the floor, w/ 3+ men in his face, literally telling his ppl where to stand, calling a play, and successfully executing that play O_O. My mind has been blown since the first time I saw him do it. I love that his teammates listen, they trust his judgment, which means they respect his game!

    If he spots an opportunity, he does NOT hesitate… That’s been quite evident this pre-season, but on his way to the Lakers, he lacked some confidence (understandable, given his nightmare tenure with the rockets) and is still a little rough around the edges… full of potential but a little under developed, and has a few more skills to sharpen. Something that should have taken place in his previous teams, but he was just being used for marketing, and his achievements were treated like flukes and “lucky shots”. It was infuriating! and I’m just a FAN! Can’t imagine what that was like for him.

    He’s been balling pro for some time, but he’s just now getting to an organization which truly seems to value him for his TALENT and potential, and not some gimmick or marketing ploy to expand sales in certain demographics. He really looks like part of the ORGANIZATION, It fits him like a glove, which is very different from his previous situations.

    What I think of the Starting PG situation:
    Is Lin Starter Material? 100% YES, beyond the shadow of a doubt, and I mean that with all sincerity. He’s got the heart, the focus, the skill, and most importantly the eagerness to learn/expand/sharpen his knowledge of the game, and execute his tasks efficiently, effectively, and for the good of the team in mind. A perfect fit for Kobe, who was looking for someone to pass some of his ideas to. He has the right FOCUS, there are no stars in Lin’s eyes anymore. He wants nothing to do with “Linsanity”. That was insecure Jeremy trying to prove himself to ppl, and playing for ppl, and we all know how fickle we can all be at times. He said it himself that everything he does now is for God. I’ll leave it at that since not every1 is religious, but I was happy to hear it. There’s a certain peace that comes along with that frame of mind.

    What I’m hoping for:
    Lin = Starter, but with hands on practice in leadership by leading unit2, and later incorporating that into his Starter Role. I do not want him on the bench by any means, but I believe that’s where he implements what he learns from Kobe, and tests for areas for improvement. Kind of like a testing ground. I just want him to PLAY with the bench to develop his leadership and command of the court but I don’t want him to be part of it.

    When he plays with the starters, he tends to take the facilitator route, when he plays with unit 2, he takes full command of the court, and it’s quite the sight man. He’s such a quick study…

    SO finally, YES LIN SHOULD ABSOLUTELY START. NO QUESTION. Being Unit 2’s nanny is not a valid rationale for not making him Starter PG. They just need to be mindful of how to appropriately designate his minutes in each game so they don’t wear him out, and then starter with the criticism.

    My thing is, he has stated repeatedly that it’s not his focus, right now he’s looking forward to learning from Kobe since someone is finally taking the time to help him challenge himself in new areas. I don’t want to take away from his excitement. He seems so happy and “at home” with this Org. and has already been through enough unwarranted disappointment. if we make a big fuss out of something he feels his obsession with held him back in the past, he may get obsessed with it again, lose is focus, and end up back at square 1.
    He has a bright future ahead of him. We all need to take it easy, there’s enough on his shoulders already. Just be supportive! Lin’s got the whole package, it’s just not ready for delivery yet, but it’s definitely in transit, and I can’t wait until it arrives! ^_^*

    • Congratulations on posting probably the longest comment on this site and kudos for your excellent viewpoints. I can tell, from your writing, that you’re someone who is very perceptive and thinks deeply about things. I value that. You should really consider writing on here: http://www.jeremylintel.com/2014/04/02/jeremylintel-com-where-jeremy-lin-fans-truly-get-a-voice/

      I think you have more to offer than 140 characters. 😉

      If I was thinking of what’s good for Jeremy Lin, then I’d echo what you’ve shared here. I think we’re of the same mind when it comes to what’s good for Jeremy Lin.

      But, like I said, (and I’m sure you’re someone who does understand what I’m trying to convey in this article) this is not really about what’s good for Jeremy Lin or being a Lin fan. This goes beyond basketball. But, yeah, if I’m talking about what’s good for Jeremy Lin, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  • Ginobili > Danny Green = Ginobili is needed with Second Unit ==> Ginobili doesn’t start

    Every team has different needs. Depending on the situation, Dragic could come off the bench for some teams if the coach such as the great Popovich decides it’s what’s best for the team. It’s coach’s decision to make, and adjustments can be made as the team progresses to see what’s working out for them. Just chill. We all know Lin is gonna have a huge role on this team, so don’t get too carried away on whether he starts or not. Jeremy is gonna play a lot this season. Just sit back and relax.

    • I get what you’re trying to say, but this is not apples to apples. I’m not making a point about why it’s wrong for good players to not start in general. I’m making a point about why it’s disturbing we’re talking about Lin coming off the bench with THIS Lakers team in THIS specific situation, when we wouldn’t even be having THIS conversation if, say, Dragic, was the point guard, instead of Lin.

      As you said in your comment, every team has different needs. We’re talking about Lakers needs, here. Not Spurs. To use Spurs team as an example of how things should work goes against your very logic. So if you want to use a Spurs PG, then the comparison would be:

      Parker > Price = Parker is needed with Second Unit ==> Parker starts.

      vs. the logical way of seeing it, which is:

      Parker > Price = Parker is needed with Second Unit ==> Parker doesn’t start

      It really vexes me why well-meaning people don’t see this. There’s a double-standard for Lin. I’m not trying to make a point about Basketball. I’m trying to make a point about there being a double-standard for Lin. If another PG was on the team that’s better than Price, we would not be having the discussion of why we need that “better PG than Price” on the team. That’s what’s disturbing to me. Not sure how that’s not clear in my article.

      • No matter which team we are talking about here, what I said still stands true. Lakers or Spurs, doesn’t matter. What exactly are you trying to accuse me of when you said my logic was going against me? I said it’s coach’s decision to make. It’s his judgements on what’s best for the TEAM rather than what’s best for Jeremy Lin as an individual on this TEAM. If the team plays better with Lin starting midway thru the season, I have no doubt Byron Scott would make the adjustment and start Lin.

        I think some of us Lin fans have taken it to extreme when it comes to defending Lin. According to your logic, does Popovich have double standard on the European players then by making Ginoboli coming off the bench? It makes me sick seeing Lin fans trying to create controversy out of nothing. Jesus Christ, just calm down. (p.s. if you wanna talk about racism against Asians, don’t even try. I am a Asian American myself, and I know full well about the subtle racism that exists in this country. However, I think you are really stretching here trying to pull the “double standard” thing.)

        Jeremy Lin is going to have a huge role this team whether he starts or not!!!! What’s not clear about my statement is what I want to know. What’s so bad about Lin coming off the bench averaging 30+ minutes per game? Just because some naysayers like to point out some of Lin’s flaws (accurate or not) in his game every now and then doesn’t mean they are right. You don’t need to come out to defend Lin because you feel the need to prove the “haters” wrong. All you need to know is that Lin is going to contribute to his team and he is happy where he is. People say what they wanna say. Just tune their voices out. At end of the day, nothing coming out of our mouths really matter all that much. Jeremy is gonna have a good season this year. Just sit back and enjoy.

        • I’m sorry if I offended you. Didn’t mean to. But I have to write what I believe.

          It’s clear to me we don’t see eye to eye on a number of issues. And likely will never see eye to eye. It’s just the way it is. I can’t disagree with you more on basically EVERYTHING you’ve said here. I just think you’re plain dead wrong. And I’m sure you feel the same way about me. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way it is.

          As for the whole Lin can still play 30+ mins off the bench thing (which I’ve pointed out is naive to believe in a previous post I wrote), I am right on that front, at least. I’m not sure if you’ve read the most recent interview of Byron Scott by ESPN LA (http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/11756575/los-angeles-lakers-coach-byron-scott-says-steve-nash-missed), but Scott states clearly that the starter will play 30+ minutes. So at least with that, you have very simple factual evidence that I am right. So hopefully even your ego won’t prevent you from seeing that TRUTH.

          And maybe. Just maybe, you may open up to the idea that, hey, if this jackass is right about that thing, maybe he may know a thing or two. Maybe I’ll suspend my own judgemement and hear what this “crazy Lin fan” has to say. He may have some points that I didn’t think of.

          But I know this is all a fantasy. It’s hard to see another’s perspective. Very hard. I know I sound like a total asshole when I say this (there’s no nice way of saying this), but it’s okay to admit when you’re wrong. My intent is not to embarrass you or anything like that. My intent is to open up your perspective, which is something that is very important to me. And is why I’ve tried to find all sorts of nice ways to tell people they’re wrong without offending them, but I have found that it’s an impossible task. People are very sensitive to being wrong and that’s just human nature.

          I’m someone who is all about WHAT’S right and wrong vs. WHO’S right and wrong. So I’m someone who does willingly admit when I’m wrong if I realize it or if it’s pointed out to me. In fact, I’m pretty enthusiastic about admitting when I’m wrong, because I know that I’ve learned something. I know that when I admit that I’m wrong, I’ve opened up my perspective, so that makes me feel good. if I’m right all the time, then I haven’t learned a damn thing. And I’m disappointed. Because I want to confront a world that teaches me things I don’t already know.

          If you read this blog regularly, you will see examples of this. But just to give you one example, here’s a post I wrote admitting I was wrong about something I had previously believed strongly: http://www.jeremylintel.com/2014/07/12/jeremy-lin-to-lakers-my-feelings-upgraded-from-very-concerned-to-cautious-optimism/

          I also admitted that I was wrong to give McHale the benefit of the doubt, while Lin fans expressed anger at McHale towards me very early on when Lin joined Houston, and that’s why I ended up making that video about McHale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPStYh4Zxj8

          I’m totally willing to admit that I’m wrong for what I believe here. But you have not even come close to making that case for me. In fact, I’m dumbfounded how you still can’t (or refuse to) see what I’m trying to say after I’ve spelled it out for you in my comments to you. I think It’s your fear of being wrong that’s prevents you from opening up yourself to another point of view. I suppose I can say the same for me and your point of view. But I have sincerely tried, you just haven’t made a good case. I’m sorry. Normally, I just ignore these comments, because I don’t see any benefit for either party in responding. Two people who don’t see eye to eye this drastically are likely NEVER to no matter what, but for whatever reason, I responded to your comment.

          Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comment. I do hope to see you here again and feel free to share your constructive thoughts, but don’t be offended if I don’t respond to your comments in the future. I’m not trying to ignore you, I just don’t see the point, is all.

          • All things aside, I appreciate your effort posting long replies to my comments. The only thing that “offended” me in your last reply was your false accusation of me saying my logic went against me. I am a very rational man. Everything I do and say follows a clear logic. You can disagree, but I reserve the right to defend myself.

            You’re right, I have tried my best to explain my thoughts and you still seem to have hard time understanding my position. For the record, I don’t think you are dead wrong on everything. I just think my comments would give you different perspective on how to take a more rational approach as a Lin fan. Believe me, I was in your shoes commenting on different sports sites posting comments defending Lin against every one of his critics. After doing it for many times, I learned that what I was doing was complete waste of time. If you go back and review your “battles” with the Lin “haters”, I bet you can’t find a single person who completely changed his/her point of view after your relentless effort in defending Lin. You will however getting a lot of likes from the Lin fans for your comments. You feel happy that a lot of people (mostly Lin fans) agree with you, but the initial purpose of changing the haters’ views on Lin was always lost in these debates. I have been there and done that. They are pointless.

            In regards to Lin’s role on this team, if you find any evidence to support the idea that coach Scott won’t give Lin a big role on this team, let me know. The matter of the fact remains that Byron Scott genuinely likes Lin’s game. Numerous times Byron Scott has praised Lin in his interviews. All of the Lakers media reporters can confirm that Lin is gonna have a big role on this team. If you really just worry about Lin’s role on this team, you can stop worry about it now. However I think you are more concerned about the title of Lin being a starter in this league. Because this is something that the “haters” would attack Lin on. Since you feel the need to defend Lin, you would always value the latter more than whether Lin would have a big role on this team. Before you come after me, take a deep thought. You would know I’m right on that one. If you think I was wrong for telling you to ignore “haters” criticisms (constructive or not) of Lin, I’m cool with that. You have the right to formulate your own opinions on things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I know that. All I did was telling you that you don’t have to care about them, plain and simple.

          • Wow! You have my highest respect, Hank Lin, for responding to what I wrote in the way that you did. I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t be offended by what I wrote, even though my intent was not to be offensive.

            I really jumped to conclusions about you, based on your comment and that’s my bad and overreacted when I said I disagree with EVERYTHING. I completely agree about what you say about ignoring “haters”. I’ve learned to do that a LONG LONG LONG time ago.

            I disagree with the fact that Lin can have the impact that he NEEDS to on this team coming off the bench, based on Scott saying that starter will play 30+ minutes. So we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

            As far as me saying logic went against you, I think either you may have misinterpreted what I was trying to say or I wasn’t able to explain myself what I meant thoroughly. I think if you can’t figure out what I’m trying to say, then it may take a very long explanation for me to fully explain myself. One that I, unfortunately, don’t have enough time to write.

            Your example about Ginobli and Popovich is not relevant to what I’m talking about in the way you’ve laid it out. That’s the “logic” I had a problem with. You’re missing the other pair of the logic “equation”. But I don’t think I did a good job of really laying this out in a clear manner, because It’s hard for me to understand how you interpret what I say, etc. But here’s another (likely) failed attempt. And in all honesty, it’s laziness on my part. If I had more time, I’d be able to lay this out more clearly, but here’s my shot at it.

            If you want to use Ginobili as an example, then the question would be if Coach Popovich would treat a player similar to Ginobili, but not named Ginobili in the same way that he treats Ginobili. That’s the lazy way for me to break that down.

            Another less lazy way to explain this is If some other guy joins the Spurs, instead of Ginobili, but was clearly better than Green in the way Ginobili is better than Green. If that “player not named Ginobili who’s better than Green” joins the Spurs and then all of a sudden Popovich decides to start that player, then you can say there’s something disturbing there and you can say Pop has some disturbing views about Ginobilii. Again, I don’t have time to fully break this down for you and I also am not familiar enough with the specific situation that the Spurs are dealing with to really break this down. So that’s why in my previous comment, I didn’t want to get into it and just said that we don’t see eye to eye.

            To respond to your comment thoroughly, I would have to take time to be intimately familiar with the Spurs situation and really understand why Pop has Ginobili coming off the bench, etc. But that’s not my job. My job is to be intimately familiar with Lin’s situation with the Lakers. It’s this very specific situation that Lin is in with the Lakers at this very specific point in time with this particular coach with these particular circumstances that I’m focused on. And in this particular situation, it is, indeed, disturbing that people would make arguments for Lin coming off the bench, because they wouldn’t if it was another PG who’s better than Price. That’s why talking about the Spurs situation with Ginobili is not relevant, unless we dig into it specifically and really understand the situation.

            Because you just threw out the Ginobili example and didn’t include the other pair of the logic equation, I interpreted your comment to be a willful misinterpretation of what I was trying to say. I thought you were someone who just glanced through what I wrote through your own filter and didn’t bother to really understand what I was trying to say. That’s why I didn’t want to bother, because it’s a waste of time to have a dialogue with such people. And, again, I apologize for jumping to conclusions about that.

            Not sure if I was able to explain things any better for you here, but at least maybe we can just agree to disagree on this PARTICULAR issue and continue to have fruitful dialogues.

            Again, I have the highest respect for you for responding in the way you did. You are a big man, my friend. And I am in awe of that!

  • MrPingPong

    OK, here are a few colorful thought experiments for the thick-skinned and fun loving readers of this blog.

    1. Paint Lin black and change his name to Smith. Who’s gonna start? Is it Mr. Smith or Mr. Price?
    2. Paint Lin brown and change his name to Hernandez. Should Mr. Price start over Mr. Hernandez?
    3. Paint Lin black and change his name to Jones while paint Price yellow and change his name to Wang. Who’s gonna start? Mr. Jones or Mr. Wang?
    4. Mix and match your own coloring scheme and naming scheme here. Who’s gonna start? Player A or Player B?

    Have colorful preseason game day everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Ha ha, MrPingPong. Again, it’s not necessarily only about race, also about the fact that Lin was undrafted and came out of Harvard. But I understand you’re just trying to lighten up the conversation, as always. So thanks for this!


    That’s certainly a good point about Dragic and Lin, but there’s a questionable variable in that equation. You’re assuming implicitly that Lin ≥ Dragic.

    You and I may see it that way but MANY do not. Plug in another PG with comparable numbers (I know it’s not all about the numbers) to Lin and this argument loses its’ density.

    When plugging in players such as Ramon Sessions, DJ Augustin, Jameer Nelson, Alec Burks etc, you start to see my point.

    You certainly have faith in Lin’s abilities as I do, so I’m rather confident that Lin will show up in spades, which ever position he plays. He’s already got the endorsement of the greatest PG in Lakers history in Magic, impressing off the bench.

    So here’s to Lin having to prove it once more, and let’s get ready for Linsanity 2.0 🙂

    • I get your point and it’s something that I’ve thought about. The point I’m trying to make is not that Lin is better or equal to Dragic (and I’m not saying that Lin isn’t better than or equal to Dragic either, that’s a whole other discussion). So it’s not about me being a fanboy of Lin and saying that I have faith in Lin’s abilities, etc.

      The point I’m trying to make is that Dragic is better than Price. But you make a great point and it’s something that I’ve considered, as well. If we insert, say Alec Burks, I don’t think people would be saying that we need Burks with the second unit, because he’s better than Price. We would say that Burks needs to start, because he’s better than Price. At least that’s what I would envision.

      The point I’m trying to make is that there’s some disturbing intent to keep Lin out of the starting lineup, ever since McHale took away Lin’s starting position. I think McHale has brainwashed the league into thinking Lin is not a starter. So people come up with all sorts of rationale to keep Lin out of the starting lineup, when they wouldn’t with other “PGs better than Price” in Lin’s position. Again, people don’t do this consciously. In other words, people aren’t actually thinking, on a conscious level, that they don’t want Lin in the starting lineup. But for some reason, when it comes to Lin (after McHale’s benching) he’s seen as more suitable with the second unit. He just “fits” better with the second unit or he is more “needed” with the second unit.

      Now, I guess we’ll never really know for sure what would ACTUALLY happen if Burks, instead of Dragic was on the team. So I get your point. It’s a great point you’re making. One that I’ve thought about myself. My opinion is that people wouldn’t be trying to rationalize why Burks should stay with the second unit, because he’s better than Price. Coach Scott wouldn’t be considering starting Price over Burks. They would simply just say that Burks should be the starter, because he’s better than Price. But I guess that’s my opinion and I guess we just differ on this.

      • Lin is better than 40 years old Nash.. Nash started

        • MrPingPong

          At the beginning of the preseason, everybody thought Nash was completely healthy and ready to go. At that point in time, just about everybody would agree that Nash was better than Lin. So Nash started in the first preseason game and performed better than Lin overall. But Nash does not play at all since then, does he!

      • MrPingPong

        May I throw Raymond Felton into the mix?

  • Dr. Gary Teng

    Foolishness can be cured, but stupidity is forever.

    The point I am trying to get at is that Scott may make some foolish mistakes sometimes (who doesn’t?) but he is by no means stupid.

    Therefore, in the worst case scenario and for whatever reason that Scott foolishly does decide to start Price over Lin in the first few games of the new NBA season, he will soon learn from this mistake and correct it accordingly.

    In addition, it should be noted that there is a major and important difference between McHell and Scott: the former is a small-minded nasty SOB who intentionally went overboard to sabotage Lin’s ability to justify his (stupid) decision to waive Lin about three years ago, whereas Scott seems to be a very decent and intelligent person who genuinely likes Lin and believes in his ability.

    So, please relax, Mr. Philosopher. Stop and smell the coffee and enjoy tonight’s game and next Tuesday’s season opener against (the rotten) Rockets!

    • Yep, I agree with what you’re saying here, regarding Scott.

      But like I wrote in my blog, this is more than just about being a Jeremy Lin fan. I’m trying to point out the “disturbing logic”. THAT’S what I have a problem with. This goes beyond basketball.

      My anger has to do with the “disturbing logic”, not whether or not Lin will start, etc. So, even if Lin starts (which I think he will), my anger will still not be assuaged. Because what I have a problem with is the fact that people feel valid in making arguments about why Lin is needed with the second unit, when they wouldn’t think of making such arguments if Dragic was on the team instead of Lin. So the fact that people have made this argument is what I have an issue with. People have already made these arguments, so even if Lin starts, that doesn’t change the fact that these arguments have been made. That double standard is what I have a problem with.

      Again, this is more than just about wanting Lin to start. It’s about the double-standard that Lin constantly faces and the double-standard that others face in their everyday lives of various races and various backgrounds throughout history. This is why I write about Lin. Because Lin is a public figure that allows us to have these discussions, since more people care about Lin’s plight than some Joe Schmo down the street–even though the plights that some Joe Schmo faces down the street is no less significant.

      I tried to explain this in my article, but I feel like people still don’t get what I’m angry about. I think people still see this as just some Lin fan ranting about why Lin isn’t starting. That’s really not it at all. Goes much deeper than that. And I hope with these responses to comments on this article, I’m able to drive home this point even more, so thank you for your comment, which allows me to reiterate the point I’m trying to make in this article.

  • I’m a long time Lakers fan and I’m also a Jeremy Lin fan.

    But I do agree with the current setup for Jeremy Lin. Right now as I picture it is Jeremy Lin is really good coming off the bench with Ed Davis because of their connection.

    Also it is a better setup since Jeremy Lin is coming off an injury and Nick Young / Xavier Henry (supposedly the off the bench scorers) isn’t there yet. I would say stay as is but when Nick Young and/or Henry gets back on track and can already score really good then that might be the perfect time switching Price and Lin.

    As Jeremy Lin has said himself it doesn’t matter if he starts what he’s looking forward is he’s the one closing the games, which is far more important.

    • Thanks for the comment, Niknok!

      I hear you. But, like I said, the disturbing part goes beyond being a Lin fan and what’s good for Lin, etc. But I’ve said this a bunch of times, so rather than re-hash, just look at my other comments if you’re interested. But, yeah, I’m very familiar with the arguments that you’re making. My question is, would you be making these arguments if it was Dragic, instead of Lin on the team. I sincerely don’t think so. And THAT is what I have a problem with.

      • Well, yeah I got your point. For now, I’ll be fine with it. Though I’ll be bothered when Nick Young and/or Xavier Henry returns and Jeremy Lin still starts off the bench. We’ll see by that time comes.

        • Cool. Thanks, again, for leaving a comment. Appreciate it!

  • Lin deserves to start. Even if Nash was healthy, Lin deserved to start. I reject the idea of “Lin should lead the second unit”. That quote was propaganda used in Houston to diminish Lin. If it’s such a great idea to have Lin an all star caliber point guard lead the second unit, then why isn’t the rest of the NBA using their starting point guards to “lead the second unit?”

    • Isn’t it interesting how Lin seems to be THE PERFECT starting-caliber point guard for the second unit, wherever he goes?

  • You are critical thinker. I so appreciate that about you. Sadly, I think critical thinkers are in the minority in this world. Great article. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Ray B! Appreciate it.

      Yeah, it’s hard to find people who go well beyond the surface of things. It’s why I started this blog, because I couldn’t find really insightful discussions on Lin. All just surface level stuff and so much mis-information or mis-interpretation or just simple lazy thinking.

      The other unfortunate thing is that people just skim and they make presumptions about what I’m saying without really reading it–especially due to this being a Jeremy Lin blog. People already anticipate that I’m just some Lin fanboy, and I don’t blame them for that.

      But, because of that, I don’t think people who are objective or are not fans of Lin (not haters) take this blog seriously and bother to read what I write.

      For example, I try to spread the word by tweeting Lakers media people, etc. directly, but I doubt they bother to even open up the link, because they just assume it’s coming from some “crazy Lin fan” and so they figure they know what it’s all about without reading what I write. That’s just the way the world works. I accept it, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t try my best to change things.

      • MrPingPong

        Hmm, “crazy Lin fan” (CLF)… a new social stigma!

        I’m a Berkeley graduate so that fits me fine. I support you fully, Philosopher. Your blog is attracting some highly sophisticated readers here.

        Keep it going, Crazy Philosopher! 🙂

        • Ha ha! Thanks, MrPingPong.

          In a recent ESPN LA article, Coach Scott is echoing some very disturbing things. It appears that McHale’s brainwashing is in effect:


          • MrPingPong

            Yep, I read that. It’s amazing! Who would have thunk Scott is McHale’s evil twin? 🙂

          • A key point in the article is that he said whoever he starts will play 30 minutes or more. So, contrary to all the crazy ideas about how starting is not important. It generally is very very important. And THIS particular case is no exception. So, Lin fans, don’t drink the Hatorade!

            Lin actually DOES want to start over Price and Starting does mean you’ll play the most minutes and finish games. So, yeah, it’s really really important that Lin starts, contrary to seemingly well-meaning rationale to the contrary.

      • Chirico

        I like that you mentioned , some people would keep on creating all sorts of rationale to support the “Lin belongs to 2nd unit” . I’ve spot another cute one, “he and Davis are doing great , so they should both come off bench”, LOL. I guess if Davis becomes a regular starter, then some people would say something like “oh, since Davis is with 1st unit, having Jeremy Lin in the 2 unt is a must. We need him to train these rookies.

        just stop using Manu example of the Spurs.
        Tell me if this one makes sense to you.
        Parker >= Manu == Parker should not start .

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  • Why can’t Lin play with the 2nd unit while still being a starter? Basketball doesn’t do 5-in-5-out substitutions.

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