Is Coach Scott Actually Conflicted about Whether or Not Lin or Price Gives Him Best Chance to Win? IF So THAT is Disturbing!

So when I wrote this article, I was still not sure where Scott stands on Lin, but after reading a recent ESPN LA article, I’m more and more convinced that Scott has been brainwashed by McHale, because he does appear to be sincerely debating whether or not to start Price or Lin, based on who he thinks is better. Scott’s debate doesn’t even revolve around the idea that they need Lin to help the second unit.

For Scott, “It’s all about who I feel gives me the best chance to win basketball games.” Scott appears to be sincerely conflicted about whether or not Lin or Price gives him the best chance to win basketball games. Are you fucking kidding me?! It’s like I’m living in some sort of dark comedy skit about the insane ways in which people view Lin based on the fact that he just doesn’t “look” the part (again, this goes beyond just race). It’s about lack of perception or narrow-mindedness. It’s also about McHale’s brainwashing about Lin taking hold of the league.

If you’re seriously debating whether or not Lin or Price gives you the best chance of wining, there is something seriously wrong with you as a human being. I’m not trying to be harsh, just being accurate. Again, I hope, for Scott’s sake, that he is just saying things to the media, because he wants to keep his decisions private and not disrespect Ronnie Price to the media. I’m still holding out hope that this is the case. But if it is not, regardless of whether or not Lin ends up starting, there is something disturbing about the fact that Scott sincerely is not sure whether or not Lin or Price gives him the best chance of winning games. To me, if Scott is sincere, then the “damage” has already been done. If you don’t know what I mean, then read this post I wrote and my comments to the post as well.

Although Scott not believing in Lin (I interpret Scott equating Lin to Price as him not believing in Lin, which I think is fair) and what I discussed in this post appear to be two different things, they stem from the same issue: that Lin just doesn’t quite belong in the starting lineup (due in large part to McHale’s brainwashing). Scott’s statement is  just a blatant way of conveying the idea Lin doesn’t quite belong, while the “rationale” that I wrote about in the previous article is a more subtle way.

Basically, with Lin, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. And, again, as I’ve discussed in previous articles, this is not conscious. Coach Scott is not racist or anything like that for how he apparently feels about Lin. There’s just something about Lin that he’s just not convinced of no matter what Lin does, it seems. And I don’t think he can quite put his finger on it. Just something not quite right, is all. But we’ll see if Scott is able to change his perceptions, unlike McHale.

The other crucial piece of information from the ESPN LA article is that Scott says, whoever he starts is going to play 30 minutes or more. I’ve seen people rationalizing that Lin doesn’t have to start to have a major impact on the team and I warned Lin fans to not drink this Hatorade.  “The reality is, starting is important. The reality is, starters generally get the most playing time. The reality is, starters generally finish games. Somehow, when it comes to Lin, simple logic goes out the window.”

Sure there are exceptions (e.g., Ginobli) to this rule, but those are exceptions that PROVE the rule. So anyone feeding you this load of crap that starting isn’t important is either fooling themselves or they’re trying to assuage Lin fans, who they think don’t know any better. These are the same people who are all too eager to report that Lin doesn’t care if he starts or not, as long as he closes games. They, of course, neglect to hear the part where Lin says: “Of course I want to start. Who wouldn’t?!”

So if you are a Lin fan, don’t drink the Hatorade out there! It’s definitely not in high supply, like it was in Houston, but it is out there. These people in LA do mean well, though, but the end result is the same damn thing, whether or not these well-meaning people realize it or not. The result is Lin not starting and having the impact on the team that he should. And that would be a travesty in LA for Lin and the team, as well as the fans.


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  • ashley

    Scott’s talk totally reminds me of McHale’s–during the preseason games in Lin’s second year with the Rox, McHale said both Bev and Lin were good as the staring PG. If Scott was truly conflicted, why kept starting Price instead of trying out more with Lin being the starter? It’s just so plain obvious that Scott didn’t want to start Lin, even though Lin’s stats were better. I think I’ve been fooled by Scott’s earlier praise about Lin and quite disappointed to find Scott to be the like of McHale. It’s said that Price got hurt and might need to rest for a week. Will this finally force Scott to start Lin in the first regular game?

    • MrPingPong

      Sure does sound like McHale’s talk, doesn’t it? Now with Prince down with a knee injury, it’s almost like last year with Beverly down with a hand injury at the start of the season. Pretty eerie!

      For the sake of the Lakers, let’s hope we are wrong about BS. But then he might decide to start Clarkson over Lin! Just joking! 🙂

    • Hey ashley! Good to see you. Been a while.

      Yep, a lot of eerie and disturbing stuff.I hate to say it, but it does seem like the God of Basketball is trying to show Scott and was trying to show McHale the way with the sudden injury to Price (and Beverly last season). McHale ignored the signs. Lets hope Coach Scott is not as ignorant at McHale. I can’t imagine anyone being that ignorant, but we’ll see.

      Yeah, I was also fooled by Scott, but it’s still early, so I’m open to seeing how he is with Lin. But like I said in my article, if Scott sincerely believes what he said to ESPN LA, then the “damage” has already been done for me. So even if he starts Lin, he is still GUILTY of being a Lin Doubter. And he’ll have to show me A LOT for me to remove that label from him–again, if what he said was sincere. If he’s just playing media games, then I can understand that. So that’s kind of what I have to figure out for myself about Scott. Not sure how I’ll be able to figure it out, but if I somehow figure out that Scott is just playing games with the media, then I’ll give him a clean bill of health, when it comes to contracting the illness that prevents Doubters from seeing who Lin really is.

      I think after Lin’s performance vs. Kings, which I thought was nothing short of spectacular, Byron Scott would need to go into the witness protection program if he doesn’t start Lin on day 1 and it looks like he now has no choice anyway, due to Price’s injury. We’ll just have to see if Lin remains the starting point guard.

      In the preseason with the Kings, Lin looked so much like he did in NYC, except more polished, skilled, and composed. Man, it was beautiful basketball! My favorite thing about it all was that Lin called for pick-and-rolls consistently. Been tweeting him to do this, so I hope he continues.

      I think Lin was playing for his starting spot last night. That’s why he played the way he did. I just hope he continues playing the EXACT SAME WAY as he did even with Kobe on the floor. That is the key to his and the Lakers’s success.

      If you watched Lin’s post-game interview. That was the least happy I’ve seen Lin since he’s been in LA. I know Scott’s comments and all the same old same old garbage about whether or not he should start is really annoying Lin, even though he won’t say so to the media. Breaking news, folks: Lin does want to start really badly! Don’t drink the Hatorade!

  • Dr. Gary Teng

    The world is just???

    During the last rockets vs. Trail Blazers playoff game, McHell just would not let the last 0.9-second opportunity go wasted in benching Lin in order to humiliate him. In the end, McHell only managed to make himself look like a first-class fool in front of the whole world. Justice was served!

    In a similar vein, against all conventional wisdom coach Scott decided to start Price over Lin in last night’s game. The end result was that Price was forced to leave the court for good due to leg injury after less than three-minute’s play.

    What a poetic justice!

    Unless coach Scott had a real good reason to leave him no choice but to start Price last night, I myself, a staunch supporter of Scott, begin to lose confidence on his wisdom and coaching ability.

    • I hear you, Dr. Teng.

      The only valid reason I can think of for Scott starting price since Lin’s return is that Lin is returning from injury. And I don’t think Lin has had a scrimmage since he’s been back from injuries due to the volume of games and no practices. That’s what’s kind of interesting about this whole thing. If Lin hadn’t been injured, then I think Scott would have started Lin after Nash went down. But since Lin was injured, Scott had no choice but to start Price and then for whatever reason, just stuck with Price, because Price did have some decent moments–in particular the first game Price started he looked good. So that got Scott on this whole crazy McFale way of thinking. I think it’s Jeremy Lin’s God’s way of showing us our ugly side and, at the same time, keeping things in check (with Price’s injury last night). I know that sounds awful and I’m not religious or anything, but the world can be a mysterious place and it’s fun to speculate how it works is all.

      Please don’t get me wrong, this team needs price healthy and I mean that sincerely. Not just saying that. They really do need price healthy and coming off the bench. But I think for the greater good of the team long-term, it was a blessing in disguise that Price went down at the start of the game. If he had gone down at the end of the game, then there’s no “silver lining” to his injury, which should be very minor. But since Price went down at the beginning, it allowed Lin to get starter minutes and really showcase his stuff. In other words it gave Lin a chance to fight for his starting spot last night and there’s no doubt in my mind that that was what Lin was thinking last night. That’s why he played so aggressively, like he did in NYC when he was fighting for his career.

      If Price hadn’t gone down, Scott wouldn’t be forced to possibly think differently about Lin. After Lin’s performance last night, Scott has no choice, but to start Lin on opening night. If he didn’t, after so much pressure that he’s getting from basically everyone, he will look like a total fool if it doesn’t work out.

      Like I wrote in my article, I’m still holding judgment on Scott for now. So we’ll see.

      • Dr. Gary Teng

        You said everything I dared not to say explicitly in public.

        You are my man! Highest salute to you!!!

        • Ha ha. Thanks, Dr. Teng. It’s my job to speak the raw truth as I see it, no matter how un-PC it may sound. The truth often gets lost in too much political-correctness.

          As long as we’re respectful, I think it’s perfectly fine to state what we really think about things, otherwise the truth will continue to be hidden beneath the surface of politeness.

        • MrPingPong

          Same here, Dr. Teng!

          Our Philosopher is articulate, rational, composed and somewhat thick-skinned, skill and character traits that I lack. To show him my support, I have adopted the role of comic relief here on this Blog. And I am not good at that either. It’s sorta hit and miss thing. 🙂

          • Dr. Gary Teng

            Dear Professor MrPingPong,

            You are being too humble and modest. Whatever you are doing, you are extremely good at it.

            Just like our beloved Philosopher, you are full of wisdom and common sense and possess a great sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy reading every single one of your replies.

            To be honest, I hate the PC bull craps with a deep passion. I do not agree with what the Lin-hators have to say, but I’ll defend to the death their rights to be stupid and irrational. However, I always use my ping pong diplomacy skills to express my thinking about Lin because I do not want to waste my time in engaging into those endless and fruitless debates with those dopey dimwits and Hatorade drinkers.

            Please keep up the good work!

          • Wow! Thanks, MrPingPong. Really appreciate this. (I’m not gonna go the whole false modesty route here. Don’t believe in that, either.)

            MrPingPong has been there with me from the very beginning since the beginning of “Linsanity” and has provided great insights. He also manages to integrate humor with these insights, which is commendable. Always puts a smile on my face, for sure!

          • MrPingPong

            Thanks Dr Teng for bestowing upon me the title of Professor. I am humbled and honored. And thanks Philosopher for putting up with my nonsense all this time.


      • DavidfromNJ

        Plain stupid that Scott ignores Price’s 10 year career average of 3 points a game and bases his decision on a few pre-season games to anoint Price the potential starter. Heck if everyone were based on a small sample size Lin would be in the Hall of Fame for his performance during Linsanity.

        • Yep, lots of disturbing logic when it comes to Lin. Been like that his whole basketball life. It’s why I do what i do. To combat the disturbing logic. It’s a full time job with zero pay and zero benefits for me! Yay me!

          • ashley

            I truly appreciate what you do, Mr. Philosopher. Like you, I’m disturbed by all the unfair treatment and ill logic about Lin, but I don’t have your mighty pen. So many thanks for all your efforts!

          • Thanks very much, ashley. Appreciate it. You’re one of my long-time readers and I so appreciate that, as well as your insights and in-depth comments.

            You know what, you DO have my mighty pen if you’d only pick it up. I recall emailing you way back to invite you to write on here. Of course, that offer is always on the table and now open to everyone:

      • Richard Hsia

        I had a thought about this situation. Could it be that Scott is just playing a mind game with Jeremy to make sure he plays every game as if he is fighting for the PG role?

        Also I thought Scott may be a little annoyed by the amount of time Jeremy took to nurse his ankle, just based on some of his media comments. When Scott was asked about Price’s injury, Scott specifically mentioned that Price is a tough kid and he will bounce back for Tuesday’s game. This may indirectly imply that Jeremy is not tough enough.

        What are your thoughts on this?

        Kind Regards, Richard hsia

  • DavidfromNJ

    I have lost respect for Byron Scott. Even if he starts Lin it doesn’t change my mind. It is a no-brainer to start Lin, but his indecision and lack of judgement and awareness are indicative of someone who has no right to lead a team.

    I am also afraid he will start Price when he recovers, just like how Lin was a fill-in when Beverly was injured. As soon as Bev recovered Lin lost his starting job.

    • Yep, I hear you, DavidfromNJ. The “damage” has been done for me, as well, even if Scott ends up starting Lin, as I explained in my article.

      • Chirico

        Keep collecting facts and monitoring this. Three strike rule and BS is down one. let the story unfold in the coming weeks.

        • Chirico

          After that , face the wrath of Lin fans and furious media!

          • MrPingPong

            Coaching the Los Angeles Lakers or dealing with “crazy” fans of the world’s most famous bench player of all team sports, which one is a tougher job, I’m not sure! 🙂

    • Spark

      I’m a bit disturb at how Lin starting came about, and like this other person….after thinking about it, am concerned that Scott will pull a Beverly move with Price. That would be the dagger. But as I think about it, I suspect it may happen. Which of course, given all the knowns about Price, would be a ridiculous move. That then to me does bring all the other questions about race, motives, and basketball intelligence on the table. Scott has said all the right things about Lin, other than he is our guy now that Nash is done. To even bring Price into the discussion with Nash done, is unimaginable, let alone a real possibility. This would mean that a perfect scenario for Price’s unique abilities of playing basketball just made themselves present in the form of Kobe, Hill, Boozer and Wesley Johnson. For some reason these guys being on the court and Kobe being 36 translates into Price suddenly being a starting point guard 10 years into a career where he’s never done anything to warrant more that 14 mins per game in a season. That’s a sci-fi plot or a better Disney movie than the Jerermy Lin story…which is actually real. So..yeah…I do find what Scott has been saying disturbing. As a fan of the Lakers, a life long fan, as a baller myself, I would have no reason to watch them for Ronnie Price. It’s silly. He’s on nobodies radar. Yet some how, with a world wide phenom story playing great on his team, Scott has some how made this a issue. It’s unbelievable.

      • Thanks very much for the comment. I love seeing Lakers fans here. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Lin fans, as well, but it’s nice to get possibly another perspective on the issue. So I really appreciate your comments. And I agree, of course.

        Only time will tell for sure what’s going on. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for now and hope for the best. I did propose an alternative theory that is a very optimistic one for Scott’s odd comments in my most recent Post. So you can check that out if you want.

        Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again!

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