Jeremy Lin Makes His Mark and the Lakers Finally Look Like an NBA Team, But Refs Gave Game to Clippers

The Lakers won last night’s game and was the better team against the Clippers. They just got the game stolen from them by the refs. I normally don’t like to complain about refs, because it’s just part of the game. But in some games awful officiating is egregious, and last night’s contest between the Lakers and the Clippers was a great example of it. There were a number of awful calls given for Crawford, including the call he got when shooting a three pointer. On the replay, Johnson didn’t even touch him. But I can understand the bad calls by the refs when it comes to Crawford, because ALL of his jumpers look so ugly that it’s hard to imagine he didn’t get hit or something. So in real-time it’s really difficult to make the right call. But the GAME-CHANGING awful no-call when Lin went to the hoop and got hammered by DeAndre Jordan was inexcusable! It looked like an obvious foul in real-time, as well as on replay. Here it is:

These no-calls happen to Lin, in particular, way more than can be explained by the usual human error. Refs are biased against Lin. This definitely happens on a subconscious level, but in this case it may also be happening on a conscious level. I don’t know. But refs just don’t give Lin the benefit of the doubt when he gets hammered. Part of it could be because Lin used to often fall down a lot every time he drives hard to the rim. So maybe they just think this is part of what Lin does and don’t buy the fact that Lin got hammered. What makes the refs’ bias against Lin even more insane is that Lin is one of the best at finishing around the rim, so they SHOULD give Lin the benefit of the doubt, but they don’t. And that’s where some bias may be coming into play.

Anyway, in order to do what I can to hopefully put an end to this nonsense, I sent the following tweet to @NBAOfficial:

My Lin Hammered by DeAndre No Call Tweet

I encourage you to compose your own tweet and send it to @NBAOfficial and/or retweet my tweet. If we can get more people to continue to do this, that would be great! If you have composed and sent a tweet to @NBAOfficial (you can also include @NBA), let me know where I can find your tweet in the comments and I will retweet your tweet, like I’ve already done to several tweets I’ve seen. You can find my tweet here.

Anyway, enough about the awful officiating. I hate complaining about refs!

In my previous article, I encouraged Lin and Lakers fans to take a deep breath. I also said that THIS Kobe is different from the Kobe of old. He’s more nurturing and knows that he needs someone else to step up and share leadership roles. He only ball hogged in the two opening games, because he felt like no one was stepping up and felt he had to take it upon himself. Now, even THIS Kobe will still be the Kobe of old on the court in stretches, but at least it won’t be for an entire game and for the majority of the season.

Kobe’s post-game press conference is awesome to watch. It was pretty much all about Jeremy Lin and I don’t think Kobe has ever been this happy after a loss. Kobe mentioned that he, Lin and Boozer texted after the blowout loss to the Suns and discussed strategy.

I didn’t expect much in the Clippers game, but it’s shocking to me that they made such great strides in just 48 hours. They looked like a totally different team and the biggest difference was that the Lakers team appeared to trust Lin and follow his lead. Lin got to run the offense, almost the entire time he was on the floor and Lin was directing traffic and he was even getting screens (still not enough, though).

Of course, the play that everyone is talking about is the one in which Lin waved Bryant off, who was asking for the ball, and then nailed a three with Chris Paul all up in his mug, as the clock was winding down. That gave the Lakers a 3-piont lead and a chance to win the game. Of course, if Lin didn’t make that three, we wouldn’t be talking about it. So thank Lin’s God that he made that three. Because that one play earned a lot of respect from Kobe and Kobe couldn’t stop gushing over it in his post-game.

Kobe wants Lin to believe in himself and if that means waving Kobe off, that’s fine with Kobe. But, of course, you better make damn sure the ball is going in if you wave off Kobe. Haha. Actually, down the road, I’m sure Kobe would be okay if that shot from Lin didn’t go in. But it’s very important that the first few times Lin does it, the shot goes in. So that was a big moment for Lin, because that was a pretty bad shot to take. But that shot shows Kobe and the Lakers something Lin fans already know: that Lin has the clutch genes.

I’m hoping, for the sake of the Lakers, that they take full advantage of Lin’s clutch genes, because Lakers STILL could have overcome biased officiating if they stayed with Lin being the focus down the stretch, instead of going with Kobe isos. Kobe was 1 of 7 or something in the fourth quarter and, in the end, his isos cost the Lakers a chance at an actual victory, not just a moral one. I hope THIS Kobe will realize this, because Byron Scott didn’t seem to mind the shots that Kobe took. Sure, Kobe is probably the best closer in the game, but Lakers need to continue to play team ball down the stretch. In a lot of games, Kobe may be gassed down the stretch, as he appeared to be in last night’s game.

Although that one play in which Lin waved Kobe off and nailed a three is the one everyone is talking about, there was one other play that spoke volumes to me, in the middle of the 3rd quarter. I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it and was very encouraged.

In the middle of the 3rd quarter, Lin passed the ball to Kobe. Lin was sort of in the elbow area behind the three-point line and Kobe was posting up. Kobe drove to above the free throw line and looked like he was going to try to score, but then ended up passing it back out to Lin and Lin nailed an open three. In my previous article, I mentioned that you’re not going to see Kobe pass to Lin much, even though Kobe likes Lin. The reason is because Kobe thinks his job is either to score or make plays for others–especially the bigs–since he thinks Lin can make plays for himself. But this is misguided on Kobe’s part, because I think there are so many opportunities where it would be so beneficial for the Lakers if he would just pass the ball right back to Lin and catch the defense off guard. Lin is usually wide open when he gives the ball up. So when you give the ball right back to Lin, Lin can usually nail a wide open three or he can catch his man off guard and drive to the hoop. This play is there for the Lakers on so many possessions. I’m hoping that Lin is very vocal to his teammates about this, but I’m not very optimistic that he will be about this, because it’ll sound too much like he’s being a ball hog. So I’m just hoping that Kobe sees it. But, since that play didn’t get any attention, I’m also not very optimistic about this.

Now, back to Kobe and his awesome post-game interview that was pretty much all about Jeremy Lin. One very astute observation that Kobe made about last night’s game was that they weren’t playing out of their minds. They were just playing good basketball. In other words, it is something that they can repeat, given their personnel. It wasn’t like they had a magical night in which they were all playing above their capabilities. It was more about the fact that they figured out how to play with one another and, as long as they continue to build on it, they can do it again. It’s sustainable. This is what I really appreciate about Kobe and it’s why I’ve become more and more of a fan of Kobe’s. He’s very insightful. His interviews are often very enjoyable for me to watch, because I’m hearing someone who has great insight and wisdom in general. And these are things I really appreciate.

I think Kobe sees that Lin is also very insightful and I think that’s one of the reasons Kobe really enjoys sharing his knowledge of the game with Lin. In Kobe’s post-game, a reporter asked Kobe about that play in which Lin waved him off and nailed a three. They asked him what that play tells him about Lin and Kobe’s first reaction was to say: “That he’s good at listening.”

I think what amazed Kobe the most about Lin last night was that Lin was able to digest everything that Kobe told him in 48 hours and implement it. That’s one of the reasons Kobe was so ecstatic at his post-game, despite losing the game. I don’t think Kobe has ever had a teammate who is able to do that. To take in what he says and then implement it so quickly. I think that is what really impressed Kobe about Lin.

Kobe also went on to say a lot of things that a lot of Lin fans have always wanted to tell Lin (and wouldn’t dare imagine, in our wildest dreams, that a teammate would actually be telling Lin). I’ve taken some of these quotes below from an excelelnt ESPN LA article, entitled “Lakers empower Lin, and he responds”:

  • “[This] is exactly what [Jeremy Lin] should do. Is be the point guard. Orchestrate things and get us into sets and get us flowing, get us moving, being aggressive. This is the blueprint for him and how to continue to play.”
  • “You have to be able to assert yourself, especially on a team that I’m playing on — especially on a team I’m playing on. Because I don’t want chumps, I don’t want pushovers, and if you’re a chump and a pushover, I will run over you.”
  • “It’s important for him to have that toughness and to say, ‘I believe in myself. I can step up, I can make these plays, I can perform.’ I think that is very, very important.”
  • On Lin waving him off, a reporter asked if that’s the first time Kobe saw that in a game: “Honestly, the teams that I’ve played on [and won with] we used to have that all the time. Fish used to wave me off all the time, Lamar, etc. But, Jeremy, probably. Probably. I don’t know if he’s done that in New York. I don’t know if players that he’s played with have told him to do that. You gotta put your mark down, man!” (pounds fist on table). “At some point, you’ve got to piss on the fire hydrant.”

As a Lin fan, it’s awesome to see that Lin finally has someone who empowers him, rather than being threatened by him. The fact that it’s Kobe makes this all the more awesome! This is all that Lin fans ever ask for is for his teammates and coaches to believe in him and treat him fairly. That’s all Lin fans ever want! And it looks like Lin is at a place where he’s finally getting the type of treatment he deserves.

The Lakers underwent a dramatic change last night, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing from here on out. I’m sure they’ll still have stretches where they played like they did in their first two games. And it is very likely that they’ll have that type of game again tonight. In fact, I’d be shocked if they didn’t get blown out by the Warriors tonight. So it’s important to continue to be patient and give them a little time to figure things out.

I really do agree with Kobe when he said that what they did last night was sustainable. But it will still take time to solidify that identity, as they continue to trust Lin to be a leader. Speaking of which, I’m not sure if you all noticed it, but in Lin’s post-game interview, Lin actually referred to himself as a “leader”. I don’t think Lin has ever owned up to that title publicly in his NBA career, even though he is a very effective leader. So it appears Kobe is starting to positively influence Lin’s psyche. I hope Lin continues to build on this. Once again, Lin emphasizes how important it is for him to be empowered: “I’m like every other human, I’m going to be more comfortable and do more when I feel empowered. I definitely take all of the responsibility for my performance in the last two games. That’s inexcusable for me to be the leader of this team and the point guard of this team to play the way I did.”

There’s going to be a lot of pressure on Lin now to be a leader. This is Lin’s dream come true, I’m sure, but it’s also a lot to take in, after being disempowered so egregiously by McHale, Harden and Morey in Houston, as well as Melo and Woodson in New York (funny that Woodson is currently the assistant coach for the Clippers and had a front row seat to witness a little “Linsanity”). We’ll see how Lin handles all of this. But right now, Lin fans are FINALLY getting what we want and that is sort of a miracle.

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  • ashley

    Mr. Philosopher, you said it all! Never has a loss felt so OK like yesterday’s game. LIke everyone, I was surprised that the Lakers could put up a decent fight against the Clippers, and the most exciting was our Lin bounced back! I wondered what was going on in his mind in the first two games. To me, one of the biggest mental issues was he’s always gun-shy after a few failed shot attempts, that’s why he took only 10 shots in the previous two games. One more good thing about last night’s game was the Lakers shot more 3 pointers, which they should do more in the coming games.

    It seems that Scott’s training camp and preseason coaching failed to prepare the team for the regular season, and the worst to Lin was he was not truly empowered by the coach, who was still evasive about starting Lin after Price got hurt–mind game or not. But I’m glad that Kobe has spoken up and his words carry the most weight, which made it clear for both the coach and LIn. Yep, our boy was really directing the traffic, but I hope he didn’t need to spend that much time doing it–it was just too close to make that amazing 3-pointer.

    Regarding the bad officiating, I wonder if the coach could have protested then and asked the refs to go over the video. Thanks for your quick action to tweet the NBA, Mr. Philosopher! You have addressed this issue long ago and perhaps have had some compilation of videos, so this could be a new addition. Hopefully, the officials of the NBA will be made aware of this issue.

    • Thanks, ashley! I think the main issue with the past couple of games is that Lin didn’t quite know his role and wasn’t sure if he could just be himself. But after Kobe told him to just be himself, that was what Lin needed to feel empowered and bounce back in the Clippers game. I’m sure it’ll still take some time for this all to stick and for Lin to play consistently at the level that he played last night. So I’m not celebrating just yet. I’m still just cautiously optimistic, because things can change in a hurry. I also don’t expect the Lakers to play like they did last night consistently. That will also take time. For example, I’d be surprised if they are competitive in tonight’s game with the Warriors. If they somehow manage to keep playing like they did last night, that would be very surprising to me.

      Yeah, I hope Scott learns a thing or two from Kobe about how to empower Lin. At least Lin has Kobe in his corner for now. We’ll see how it all shakes out. Lin now just has to continue to just be himself. I love how Kobe essentially called out Lin’s former teammates for not empowering Lin. The way Kobe is with Lin now is way more than I could have hoped for. I always thought Kobe respected Lin, but never did I expect Kobe to empower Lin like he has. That’s great to see. It’s all up to Lin now to show what he can do. After Houston, this new found freedom and sense of empowerment must feel pretty startling for Lin. So it may take a little time for him to get used to it all. He took a great step in his post game by acknowledging that he is a leader of this team. That was great to see and something that I haven’t seen Lin fans point out.

      Regarding officiating, unfortunately, coaches can’t have refs review no calls. There’s nothing coaches can do when no call has been made. In fact, coaches/players get fined if they complain about a specific call to the media or something. But I do think that the team can file a complaint about the call, but just not do it publicly. I’m not sure about this, though. Anyway, I doubt much is going to change, but at least the no calls on Lin hasn’t been as bad as it was in Lin’s first season with the Rockets. There was a stretch there when it looked like the refs were placing fun bets with one another to see who could get away with not blowing the whistle whenever Lin gets hammered. It was all very disturbing.

    • Bob space

      Lin played poorly first two games, great 3rd game, and mediocre the 4th game. That much is clear. However, while he is certainly accountable for his own play, I can’t help but have a bad taste in my mouth on the way kobe/byron handled lin. I mean, byron didn’t even have lin practice with the last unit much and started price in the preseason mostly. It looked like none of those guys knew what to do with each other.

      A great post on lakers ground etc mentioned how lin is getting the “put you big boy pants on” public treatment because he’s the least garbage and byron/kobe don’t want to publically call out boozer who played like a shell of a shell of his former self. It’s pretty cowardly if you ask me and I don’t really think lin felt “empowered” as that lasted what, one game?

      Finally, was watching the game and noticed lin was getting doubled by curry/green? And no one came to screen. Teams know once you stop lin, just let kobe have his 30 pts a game.

      • Bob space

        Meant to type last unit, not first

  • MrPingPong

    Well said as usual, Philosopher! The miracle already happened when Lin was traded to the Lakers for almost nothing! 🙂

    Switching topic to tonight’s game against the Dubs, yeah, it’s tough, really tough playing four games in five days with only 11 warm bodies. Lakers fans are subdued, expecting the worst and hoping for the best for obvious reasons. Warriors fans are expecting a 20 point blow out, though their team did not shoot that great in their last game against the lowly Kings, from what I’ve read. I predict Lin will pick the Dubs apart all night long with laser sharp passes and ice the game with a dunk on the last play of the game! 🙂

    Letzzz Gooo JL17! Beat the Dubs!
    Enjoy the game tonight, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Ha ha, MrPingPong. Well, you were sure right about Lin’s performance against the Clippers, so who am I to doubt your crystal ball?

  • ashley

    Wonder if we could still say “give Lin some time to figure it out.” The 4th game turned to be a big disappointment for Lin fans. If fatigue was the reason/excuse, it was a poor one with the 36-year old Kobe in comparison.

    Actually, I only watched the first half and a little of the end. I saw Lin passing to his teammates trying to assist–it didn’t seem wrong then–and slowly bringing up the ball. I thought getting 6 points from free throws wasn’t too bad while at the same time wishing he could play like Curry and wondering why he wasn’t. I was being cautiously optimistic when I left the TV thinking our boy would score a few more for the second half–10 points at least for this game would be fine. Oh, I was thinking wrong.

    This is Lin’s 5th season or his 3rd staring out as a key player on the team at the beginning of the season. But it turned out to be the worst. Can Lin overcome his inconsistency and deliver every game? I am still hoping for the best.

    • ashley

      Well, I probably have given some wrong idea about Kobe in this game–he got 28 points out of 28 shots, pretty much like Jeremy got 6 out of 6. Wonder if Kobe playing that way kept Lin from playing his game. At least Kobe impressed people as a good fighter so far in all four games while our boy didn’t. I think Jeremy needs to be always on his attacking mode to turn things around.

  • fire9flyer

    I am wondering if acknowledging being a leader is placing more burdens on himself. Now he feel like he is having more responsibility toward the team. It is like the beginning pf the 1st season with Houston. The symptoms look almost identical.

    The good news is, he was in that entangling situatiion before and he know exactly how to get out.

    BTW, if Ed move to the 1st team, will the 2nd team lost its speed ?


    • Yes, if Ed moves to the 1st team, the 2nd team will lose it’s speed, but I think it’s more important for Ed to be in the 1st team than in the 2nd team. But with Hill playing so well, lately, that’s probably not going to happen, because I don’t think Scott would consider not starting Boozer. Also, I think Lakers need Ed or Hill on the floor at all times for rim protection. So the starting spot is between Ed or Hill. And I think Scott favors Hill.

  • Steven Ko

    If AI can come off the bench for Golden State, Jeremy should too so he can be paired with ED (PF) and WE (SG) and Hill (C). He clearly has no chemistry with Kobe or Boozer. Also, Byron needs to run more 1-4 spread PnRs to play to Lin’s strengths. Would also like to see Lin try to split the PnR traps more like he did in NY instead of picking up his dribble too early when the defending big man hedge on him. It’s only 4 games but when 3 out of 4 games are subpar games from Lin, it’s time to implement certain changes. Very pleased with Lin’s effort on the defensive end but would like to see him play ball denial defense on guys like Curry just like he did to shutdown Lillard in game six last season.

    • Thanks for the comment Steven.

      Lin hasn’t had hardly any practices with the Starters and was thrown into the lineup. It’ll take some time for him to build chemistry with Kobe and first unit. The Clippers game was very encouraging and I think we’ll see more games like that in the future, once these guys are together more. I think it’s still too early to relegate Lin to the bench after just 4 games basically without any practices or time to digest anything.

      The fact that Lin was already able to turn things around so dramatically in the Clippers game is a very positive sign. When it comes to Lin and Lakers, i’m taking a wait-and-see approach. It’s too early to determine anything at this point. I’m going to just settle back and see what happens. Not going to overreact game-to-game.

      Lin’s performance and the Lakers performance vs. Warriors was very much expected to me. I didn’t expect Lin to have a good game, after this Clippers performance. It’s a lot for Lin to take in right now, so it’ll take him some time to really embrace his leadership role. I was actually very surprised by how well the Lakers came out in the 1st quarter, so that was encouraging.

      I think there are some encouraging signs and so I’m just going to wait to see how things develop.

  • Jeff

    I’m with Ashley on this one. Kobe going hero mode won’t help Lin OR the Lakers period. Everyone ends up watching him in awe. And rightfully so — the guy is amaze balls when it comes to flare. When he’s on, oh man is he ON. But it’s a detriment to ball movement and it’s not entirely Kobe’s fault (though he was more immersed in showing up Klay T. than winning the ball game). Lin and the other guys need to promote more ball movement even if Kobe is calling for the elbow every stretch and throwing up long 3 balls. They also have to proactively call for the ball after Kobe gets it for some give and go. They can’t just pass him the ball and plant their feet. But like philosopher, I’m gonna wait and see. I didn’t expect the same performance from Lin and there were very little positives from this game as a Lin fan. The only thing I can point to are the 6 free throw attempts. It means that Jeremy is attacking the rim on a night when he shot wasn’t falling. He’s not great creating off the dribble, so he should call for more screens. If he really thinks he’s the leader he should do that without being concerned. His teammates should know that they will get the ball back majority of the time when Lin calls a screen. Overall, I feel like this game was less about the Lin playing “awful”. He’s too harsh on himself post game. Curry is arguably the best guard bar none in the league right now. It’s like a younger Allen Iverson with much better shooting prowess. He’s been picking apart the opponents PG and shooting lights out for the past few seasons and with a running mate like Klay Thompson, oh man, the Dubs have a great future. I predict them to be in the western conference finals this year. They are DEEP and I believe in Kerr’s coaching.

    • Jeff

      One more thing to point out. Klay Thompson scored 41 points in this game. Not a great sign for the Lakers. This means that Kobe’s defense isn’t there. His mind might be but physically he can’t check these youngsters. Klay should not have more than 20. If that was the case, the game would have been a lot closer.

      • Yeah, Kobe’s defense has been pretty bad. I think he’s the one that kept leaving Morris wide open for threes in the game vs. Suns.

  • pistolpete

    I feel optimistic that they will figure things out and become a very competitive team. There is already a big improvement the last 2 games over the first two. A lot of people seemed to think Jeremy needed to be more aggressive against Golden State and take more shots. I think though that he was running the offense well and taking what the defense was giving them which was open shots for Hill and Davis. Most of the game was close and the offense was more balanced (except for the Kobe shooting spree in the 3rd quarter). The Warriors had Lin well covered and when he did try to aggressively take a shot he forced it and looked bad. They just have to figure a way to get better spacing to open up the floor for drives and pnr’s. More time playing together and the return from injury by a few key players will make a big difference.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here. It’s Suns at Lakers tonight, so let’s have a little bit of preview.

    The Suns just got beat very badly by the Jazz this past Saturday and are looking forward to get back on their winning way playing the “lowly” Lakers. Suns fans from various Suns websites all seem very upbeat. Lakers fans in contrast are evidently down and almost resigned to accept another loss tonight. What I find encouraging and refreshing is that there is not a whole lot of Lin bashing like the last two seasons in Houston. The Lakers fans are much more open-minded and basketball savvy for sure.

    The Jazz was able to soundly defeat the Suns by containing the Suns’ guards to a combined 11 of 35 shooting (31.4%). As a delusional LOF, I believe Lin will match up well against any of the Suns guards and will take care of business on both end of the floor tonight. Kobe will undoubtedly score a bunch but how efficient will he be? Suns forward/guard P.J. Tucker is back and is expected to match up against Kobe. How much energy Kobe will have left to play defense? Something has to give here. I am sure Kobe knows he was completely gassed by the fourth quarter in all of the games so far. It is really up to Kobe to try to play smart and conserve energy for game closing by deferring more to Lin.

    Now, about the rest of the starters. Lakers fans don’t think too much of Boozer, nor does our Philosopher here. From what I’ve seen of him in these last four games, I am not impressed either. Fans are scratching their heads wondering when BS will start Davis instead. Fans don’t think too highly of Wes Johnson either. But then who else can start in his place? Clarkson? Jordan Hill suddenly has become a LaMarcus Aldridge of some sort, nailing a bunch of midrange shots. I think Hill is getting the hang of Lin’s game as Lin is passing the ball more to him. I believe Hill will continue to do well shooting and grabbing rebounds tonight.

    Kelly is coming back to play tonight. So that’s a little bit of good news there. Let’s see how coach BS works Kelly in. I don’t know anything about Kelly’s game. Lakers fans seem to think he has a lot of potential from last year’s performance. The Lakers bench is thin but compared to the Suns bench, they are OK, I think.

    So things don’t look that bad for our beloved Lakers from the point of view of this delusional (and perhaps nutty) LOF. It’s gonna be a tight game tonight ending with Kobe kicking the ball out to Lin who swishes a winning trey in overtime! 🙂

    Letzzz Gooo JL17!

    • Ed

      After watching the commentaries, the Lakers talking point seems to be, concerning Lin, he needs to transform himself Mortal Kombat style from man to pit bull tomorrow, always attacking, fighting on the beaches and the hills and the streets, then pissing on hydrants and trees and opposing point guards’ faces, while calling all the right plays, quarterbacking, but also getting the ball to Kobe, Hill, Boozer. I say, BS (not Byron Scott, although…). It’s all just blame shifting, distraction, changing the subject from all their losses.

      You think I am too cynical but that is effectively what has happened. And Hollywood is no town for rubes. Even frickin’ Boozer is hinting the guards need to step up. It doesn’t help Lin’s addicted to taking all of it on himself. If he says so, everyone will jump on that stupid bandwagon, thus, putting more pressure on himself not less. I want to see Lin, just once, hint that the loss was Kobe’s fault. Otherwise, every game they lose, and there will be a lot, they will put it on Lin’s “timidity.” All these vague terms that has nothing to do with basketball.

      So if they lose tonight, Lin better be honest about who really messed up, or just dismiss it as everyone else in his team is doing. Just no more “it was my bad, I will get better” because that is pathetic rookie talk.

      • MrPingPong

        I hear you, (cynical) Ed. But we all know Lin’s not gonna call anyone out. He will never change, bro! 🙂


        • Ed

          We’ll see. Everyone seems to be calling out Lin. I think the last losing game interview was the lowest of the low. I think he has realized he can’t do that again. It’s a strange American Puritanism when if you win, it’s the team that did it, but if you lose, my bad. He thinks that’s being a nice fella. Very opposite of all the superstars in the NBA.

      • Chirico

        Spot on! Ed. I can see this Lakers game flow pattern in pretty much most of the games so far.

        Whenever Kobe starts to take over offense, Laker either starts falling behind or losing the lead.

  • MrPingPong

    In case you have some time to burn from now until game time tonight, here’s a Ted talk about getting un-stuck:

    Just un-stuck yourself and let the game flow freely in your blood vein, JL17!

    • Thanks for the link.I just had a chance to watch it. Lin was definitely “stuck” in Houston. During Linsanity, Lin was flowing. No conflict in his mind and action. Since then, he’s been all up in his head. Needs to bring his focus back down to his center of gravity and out of his head. That goes for everybody. We are all up in our head way too much.

  • Jeff

    concerns as a Lin fan: a) even with all this encouragement from Kobe and coach, Lin still getting bench player minutes. b) kobe still forcing it even when he’s not on c) coach letting kobe play 44 mins d) absolutely no ball movement when Kobe’s on the floor e) Lin was aggressive and defended Bledsoe well, but won’t get noticed for it f) boozer has no chemistry with Lin at all g) boozer/kobe getting blown by nightly

    • Jeff

      And h) that defining play where Lin was trying to defer to Kobe who was battling a defender and being indecisive — then chucking up a bad shot which luckily got cleaned up by Hill

      • Chirico

        And I) I, I , I, I, ISO ball all night just to prove that I can still play at high level. Dude, 39 points with 37 FGA by one player IS just pathetic bball. I’d rather play golf if I were you.

        • Jeff

          “We’re not necessarily playing the smartest basketball right now,” said Lin, who had 18 points on 4-of-8 shooting, “but I can’t sit here and say that we have guys that don’t want to try their hardest.”

          translation: “Kobe’s not playing the right way.. but i can’t say he’s not trying really hard to win..”

  • pistolpete

    In all my years of watching basketball I have never seen anyone hog the ball more than Kobe in this game. It was just horrible to watch as Kobe single-handedly lost this game for the Lakers. I was feeling optimistic before the game but it looks like Kobe will never change. He just doesn’t get it.

    • Jeff

      i was pretty surprised actually, looking at the early trends, I thought he was going to dial his shot attempts down to 15ish and play “team ball” like he did against the clippers (except for the 4th quarter). he definitely knows how and usually likes to throw out a few of those whenever he feels like the media is up on his grill about hogging the ball.. he loves proving skeptics wrong.. but i guess the fear of losing 5 in a row got the better of him..

      • Yep. it was an ugly game to watch. Lin needs to tell Kobe that if he wants to win, he’s gotta play team ball. Kobe said that he was really inspired by the Spurs. He needs to start playing like the Spurs play.

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