WTF Was Byron Scott Thinking?! I’m Speechless at THIS Level of Stupidity (Lakers vs. Spurs)

I have so much to say about tonight’s game, but I’m too pissed off to really write anything coherent. But did want to just vent.

I don’t understand how anyone can be as stupid as Byron Scott was tonight when it comes to managing Kobe’s minutes–especially–and also Lin’s. All season, BS’s management of Lin’s minutes hasn’t been satisfactory. He takes Lin out too early in the 1st and waits too long to put Lin back in in the 2nd quarter. Also, Scott hasn’t been limiting Kobe’s minutes at all, like he had said he would. Turns out that was all BS on BS’s part. Lin should be playing more minutes and Kobe should be playing fewer minutes if BS wants Kobe to last the entire season. I can’t believe how hard BS is playing Kobe so far this season.

He plays Kobe the entire 1st quarter consistently and often the entire 3rd quarter. How come every coach Lin is on is a complete moron when it comes to managing player’s minutes? Why is it so hard for coaches (except Popovich, it seems) to grasp the simple idea that keeping guys fresh is a lot more important than riding your superstars like freaking Secretariat? I know, it’s because these coaches actually don’t coach ALL their players. They just depend on their superstars to give them wins, rather than having to actually think about how to best utilize all of their players. And this is the reason why Pop has been able to dominate so consistently. He’s playing with a bunch of dumbasses. even Pop’s ball movement/player movement is so simple, yet, other coaches seem dumbfounded by it. Pop basically coaches the way I would coach–using both common sense and disrupting conventional thinking in the NBA. Why is it so hard?! It really isn’t. There’s so much conventional thinking in the NBA. I would have a field day coaching. Seriously!

Anyway, getting back to my rant about BS. Apparently, Kobe told BS that he wasn’t feeling well, but that Kobe wanted to push through it. I don’t think even Kobe meant that Kobe wanted to play the ENTIRE 3rd quarter and start the 4th quarter. It was so obvious to EVERYONE, even though it wasn’t reported, that Kobe was ill. At least it was obvious to me. He looked more than just tired, he looked like he was sick to me. His eyes were glazed over and looked like he was about to vomit. When the game came back from commercial break to begin the 4th quarter, I was SHOCKED that BS kept Kobe in the game. In my mind, Kobe shouldn’t have played the ENTIRE 3rd in the first place. It was one of those things where it’s so obvious, I don’t know how anyone can see it any other way. So I was already pissed at BS for keeping Kobe in the entire 3rd quarter. Then we come back from commercial break and Kobe is still on the floor! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

What BS did is totally out of my realm of reality. I just don’t understand how another human being can make the decisions that BS made and I just have no idea how it seems none of the people in his coaching staff or any of the players were like, “What the fuck are you doing, coach? You gotta let Kobe rest!” People have got to speak up in the face of utter stupidity. I know this sounds very dramatic (and I apologize in advance), but it’s this type of silence amid insanity that causes shit like the Holocaust! You can’t just stand around and let insane shit go by without saying a word. And what Scott did in tonight’s game was utterly insane.

On top of all of this, BS pulls Lin out with over 5 minutes left in the 3rd and then waits until around the 9 minute mark in the 4th to put Lin back in. But I can’t even go into all that right now. Too pissed to even talk about that coherently.

But what blew my mind wide open is that when Lin returned, Kobe STAYED ON THE FLOOR!. I figured that BS was going to bring in Lin to let Kobe rest for a few minutes and bring Kobe back in to finish the game. I mean, what the fuck! Had BS planned on playing Kobe for ENTIRE 3rd and 4th? Since the Spurs blew out the game, we won’t get to see if BS was planning on keeping Kobe in the game for the ENTIRE 2nd half, but I think it’s very safe to assume that he would have. And this is just too insane to even conceive of for me.

On a night where Kobe was ill, BS wanted to play Kobe for the entire 2nd half. And for a similar level of insanity, BS severely limited Lin’s minutes tonight, even though Lin should have been the one playing the bulk of the minutes, due to Kobe not feeling ill. I just don’t see how anyone can be this insane and stupid. I’m speechless at it all. BS basically did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he should have OBVIOUSLY done. Also, Lin was on early tonight, but BS wanted Kobe to be the primary ball handler after the first quarter. Insane! insane! insane!

I can’t go into this much, but the Lakers have this pattern where they play the right way early in the game and really get Lin involved, but then seem to totally forget about Lin and they stop passing after early in the first quarter. This has become a pattern. I guess it’s because when players get tired, they just revert to going iso. But can’t get into all of this right now. Just wanted to rant about how I’m speechless at the utter stupidity displayed by BS tonight.

Why can’t Lin, for once, get a good coach? Probably because there aren’t any. Most coaches suck, except Popovich and a few others. If Lin was on the Spurs, Lin would be a superstar, no question! Lin is made for Popovich’s coaching. Too bad they already have a good point guard. To me, Lin embodies the Spurs spirit!

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  • MrPingPong

    You are not alone, Philosopher. The folks at SS&R are just as dumbfounded about BS and his so-called coaching. They weren’t too thrilled if not opposed to BS hiring in the first place. Sad story of a non-coach.

    I missed the first quarter of the Spurs game last night. The rest of the game was boring if not painful to watch. Clearly, clearly, anyone could see that Kobe was not himself any time the camera zoomed in on him. I think we can all agree that the Lakers is Kobe’s team, and unless Kobe changes his way, the Lakers is going down the path of self destruction.

    I’m hoping against hope that Kobe learns from this last outing that he, just like any mere mortal, cannot beat father time and as a result, must adapt and change his stubborn way. It’s very simple, Kobe. Just tell BS you are sick and being (NBA) OLD, you need to sit out. There is no shame in it. The season is still very young. There are many more games to play and win!

    As to the Jeremy Lin story, what else is new? Lin is the Rodney Dangerfield of basketball. He gets no respect. But as a LOF, I believe Lin will ultimately triumph.

    Onto the Dubs! Letzzz Goooo JL17!

    • Dr. Gary Teng

      Kobe is indeed the best gift that keeps on giving — for the opponent teams.

      In the post-game interview, BS admitted that he did know Kobe wasn’t feeling well. But, Kobe said he wanted to push through it so BS decided to give Kobe the opportunity to go on (shooting as many bricks as Kobe wanted.)

      (It should be noted that on the official Lakers website, this section of interview was completely deleted to cover for both Kobe and BS.)

      This proves what I said earlier that for both Kobe and BS, at present winning is not the most important thing for either of them. Instead, the No. 1 priority for Kobe is his own stats and legacies, and BS’ is to make his top dog happy at all time and at all cost.

      However, there is a small consolation I want to share with you all.

      Whenever I can set my emotion and personal bias aside, my predictions of major future events are usually very accurate: I boldly predict that IF Kobe keeps on playing at the current pace, on or before this coming Christmas We the Pissed can start celebrating the new dawn by pissing on the fire hydrant (or telephone pole.)

      Just hanging in there. Don’t get depressed or heart attack. Our days will come!

      • Dr. Gary Teng

        EVERY Lin fans and Lin haters in the whole world should read this true one-of-the-kind masterpiece by Greg:

        Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Thinking About Scoring, Jeremy Lin About the Team

        • Dr. Gary Teng

          It seemed that somehow the ball was always in Kobe’s hands (unless he just shot it.)

          When everyone is busy in adding insult to injury to Kobe’s self-inflicted wounds, I feel compelled to defend him.

          Just imagine this — Kobe was playing 1 on 9 (5 Warriors + 4 Fakers.) He was often double-teamed or even triple-teamed. He still managed to shoot 34+ bricks while playing only 3 quarters last night . That is definitely NOT a small feat!!!

          Oorah! Semper Fi! Carry on!

  • pistolpete

    The only possible way for the Lakers to have a respectable season is to run an offense that plays to Lin’s strengths. Rarely is there ever a fast break where Jeremy gets the outlet pass or has a big come out to set a screen for a P&R. Lin is standing all day wide open at the 3 point line but never gets a pass. BS needs to talk to his bigs about LOOKING for Jeremy, getting him the ball and respecting his game. If they won’t do it play other people who will or make some trades. They need to get younger so they can run. If things don’t change soon they need to make a coaching change. I’m afraid though that they’re more concerned with getting a high draft pick and won’t do anything to turn this season around.

  • Ed

    Just some of the theories flying around the intertubes that I want to address as to your question of: “Why, oh why for heaven’s sake?”

    1. They are trying to tank. Management may have ordered BS to tank, having a very long-term vision of how to build a team with totally new players. That’s argument. But it’s a kind of armchair general argument from the viewers. I don’t think any team deliberately from it’s first few games plans on tanking. Sure, they will do it during the last few games but not at the beginning. Second, Kobe won’t allow that. There’s so many reasons that the tanking theory don’t work, although in the background that may be in the minds of some in the Lakers. Management, Kobe, BS have secure contracts so generally they are like, “if we lose, we win with top draft, if we win, we win. Easy.”

    2. Kobe is a stat fanatic. He wants the MJ record, but I don’t see why the rush. He has 2 years. Maybe he’s afraid of getting injured and then completely out of the NBA. It seems so trivial and misguided to be obsessed with numbers for a player with Kobe’s reputation, his legacy will be instead he sacrificed basketball and his team to get a high enough number. Really, what is he thinking?

    3. BS is the thirteenth player on the team. He is a total Kobe flunkie. He has all his hopes in the Kobe basket and have no other vision. He does what above all else what Kobe wants, and he thinks encouraging Kobe is the only way. Everything says that is how it is. Theoretically while I don’t like coaches having too much power, for the reason as you said, “maybe most coaches are bad”, stars having too much power in the team seems way too worse, because they easily take over the coaches power as well. In fact, I get the feeling that secretly Kobe is telling coach BS to sit Jeremy, or bring in Jeremy, or play this way Jeremy etc. A good political lesson of how governments are ordered by it’s stars (money, big corps).

    Just a few points, there’s more but this post is too long.

  • Forthelin

    I checked in in the third quarter and was shocked to find Kobe just scored his first basket. I checked the stats and found him something like 1/11. When Lin got back on the floor, the lead widened to like 15-18 points, and when Kobe left, it was pretty much each Laker for himself as they seem to have given up hope they can win. The ball rarely left each Laker’s possession, and Lin started to realize that he wasn’t getting the ball back, so when he got the ball, he went straight to the basket. The Lakers started coming back, but for all intents and purposes, the game was over. It was disappointing watching players trying to pad their stats instead of trying to win. I think the Lakers can change their stripes, but the longer Bryon lets this go on, the more difficult it will be to change.

  • Chirico

    First, it’s quite certain that this is the year for the Lakers and Kobe to set many records. Second, I feel sorry for JLin was going to be part of this journey. Nevertheless, I am sure he will only grow stronger and tougher as we are witnessing it this year.

  • JLin’s comments after the GSW game pretty much some it up. There’s just no words to describe how bad they played.

    • MrPingPong

      Yeah Charlie, as articulate as Lin is, he had such a hard time finding an appropriate sequence of words to describe what happened in that game. Playing on Kobe’s Lakers may turn out to be the greatest challenge for Lin in his NBA career. There are still 72 more games to play. It’s a marathon.

      We all know what Kobe will do and what BS will NOT do in the next game. I am curious to find out what Lin will bring to Atlanta! Letzzz gooo JL17! 🙂

      • The other really interesting thing is that Lin, for once, didn’t blame himself, even though he had plenty of reasons to in that game. I’m not trying to blame Lin. It’s just that normally, Lin goes out of his way to take responsibility. But he didn’t this time, even though he had bad stats.

        To me, this is really telling of how wrong things are behind the scenes in Lakerland. This is why Lin was at a loss for words. If Lin is not pointing fingers at himself, then you know something is royally messed up.

  • Bob space

    I was cautiously optimistic about scott as a coach until i watched the first regular season game. He emphasizes defense, but apparently did not bother to teach them the basics of offense (ball movement, floor spacing, screens). They looked lost out there from day,1. His emphasis on defense is all for naught because we either do not have the right pieces to be a strong defensive team or the players still look like they dont know what they are doing. Lastly, this guy is willing to throw anyone but kobe under a bus, and allow players (kobe) to throw each other (lin) under one. Ive never seen him call out kobes bad shot selection once. He can do no wrong apparently but he was quick to point out jhills settling for jump shots.

    • MrPingPong

      Same here, Bob: cautiously optimistic about BS at first, but now totally convinced BS is really one bad coach. The players don’t know what they are doing on both ends of the floor because the HC is completely inept. Sad story for an illustrious franchise such as the Lakers.

      • Right on, Bob! Yep, BS has proven himself to be an inept coach, so far. And he’s proven himself to just be a puppet of Kobe’s. Very disappointing. When hired, he said that he’d be able to control Kobe, but that turned out to be a bunch of BS. He’s nothing but Kobe’s fan boy. Embarrassing! Most coaches are so disappointing. Most coaches are just superstar fan boys with great seats.

    • I think BS is mistaken to not put any emphasis on offense. If the team does not feel involved in the offense, is it no surprise then they won’t feel motivated on defense?

      Maybe BS only focuses on defense because he knows the offense is just going to be give it to Kobe. No one wants to play like that so BS covers it up by just talking defense.

      • Yeah, HUGE mistake on BS’s part to disregard offense. People often say defense feeds offense, but it also works the other way, as well. From what I’ve seen so far, BS is a bad coach.

        • Chirico

          Why dismiss BS so fast? He is a good puppet. I am waiting for the next show when he makes some change to the line up.

          That when he gets strikeout.

      • bob space

        Charlie sun, exactly right. Basketball is a two way game. The team has to be able to score easy buckets as well. Many people are complaining that there is no one but kobe on offense, but thats because there is no offensive plan.

  • We all know BS is a puppet for player/coach Kobrick. It is sad. Jerry Sloan would have benched this loser for not playing team ball. Popovich would never put up with this nonsense. If Kobrick doesn’t respect Nash, why would anyone think he’ll support Lin? Sad state of affairs in Lakerland. Hope Lin gets moved to a team like Spurs, Mavs, or Cavs, or OKC.

  • Chirico

    Strike 1 : Made Lin back up Price.
    Strike 2 : Offense and Defense plan were proven to be failure
    Strike 3 : Adjustment – bench Lin and let Young start? LOL

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