Rick Carlisle and Mavs Destroy Lakers with Unselfishness (Jeremy Lin would be Perfect for Carlisle)

I know this is a little late, but haven’t had a chance to write until now. I just wanted to make one point about the Mavs destruction of the Lakers on Friday night. That point is that Jeremy Lin should play for Rick Carlisle. Rick is another coach who understands team ball and Lin would be perfect for what Rick Carlisle is looking to do. I’ll be pushing the Mavs to sign Lin, so I’ll be reaching out to Mark Cuban. I think Cuban, being a business man, will like the marketing prospect of Lin, at least. And Carlisle is going to be love the way Lin plays. I think Lin could replace Jameer Nelson in the starting lineup. Lin will also see some familiar faces in Dallas (the two Chandlers) and will play along side a superstar who actually cares about team ball (Dirk). On paper, at least, the Mavs are perfect for Lin. Mavs also love to run fast breaks, which Lin excels at. Anyway, just a thought. Something to keep in mind for the off-season. But, of course, we’re just beginning this season, so no need to think about all of that right now.

The Mavs pass the way I want teams to pass. There’s one play that I’ve been imploring Kobe and Lin to implement, which I call the “give back”. The Mavs used that to great effect–especially in the 3rd quarter when they really blew out the game. They executed the “give back” play multiple times with Monta Ellis in that 3rd quarter where Ellis went off.

The “give back” is simple. Here’s how it could work very effectively with Lin and Kobe. Lin passes the ball to Kobe and Kobe pass ball right back to Lin if/when Lin’s man is not paying attention to Lin. Lin can then either shoot a wide open shot or use Lin’s quick first step to get back Lin’s man. In the NBA, players rarely pass the ball back to the player that just passed it to them, because it looks stupid. The “give back” exploits this conventional thinking, thus, surprising the defense. Kobe and Lin are perfect for the “give back” because Kobe commands a lot of attention and Lin has a quick first step.

In the 3rd quarter, the Mavs implemented the “give back” with Monta Ellis, which resulted in Ellis nailing several wide open 3’s. It was awesome for me to watch, because I rarely have seen the “give back” implemented in the NBA, since basketball players think it’s stupid to pass the ball right back to the man who pass it to them. They think if the guy just gave them the ball, that guy doesn’t really want it back right away. But that didn’t stop the Monta’s teammates from continuing to give the ball RIGHT BACK to him RIGHT AFTER they got it from him. On a side note, Dirk also did give-and-goes with Parsons. Parsons is a perfect guy for the give-and-go, because he’s such a great cutter.

Watching the Mavs play should be a master class for BS and the Lakers in passing, but, of course, I’m sure BS and the Lakers weren’t paying attention. The ball, in the hands of the Mavs is like Quidditch (you know, that ball in Harry Potter that zips around in lightening speed), in the hands of the Lakers, it’s like the basketball has been dipped in molasses. Most of the Lakers don’t like giving the ball up right after they get the ball, because they don’t know when they’ll ever get it back. They also love their mid-range jumpers. So Lakers offense just ends up being either Kobe isos or One Pass + One Jumper.

If Lin gets to play under Carlisle, Lin will finally be able to show, once again, what he can do. Carlisle is another rare NBA coach who coaches the entire team. As a result, everyone on the team steps up, because they all feel like they matter. In Lakerland, the only one who matters to BS is Kobe Bryant. Lin is, once again, stuck with a Superstar fanboy coach who doesn’t care for team ball.

SIDE NOTE: I think my theory about Lin being McHaled–especially when Lin faces the Rockets–does appear to have credence. Because Lin has a great game the night before facing the Rockets and then had another excellent game vs. Mavs (the game right after the Rockets). So being in the presence of Rockets-related “stuff” for lack of a better word, does have a detrimental psychological impact on Lin that does appear to affect his game. I’m telling you guys, psychology impacts everything we do and at that level of competition, psychology is EVERYTHING!

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  • MrPingPong

    As we all know by now, the Rockets beat the Mavs last night in Houston. The Mavs only shot 39.8 FG% and 17.1 3PT% in this game, in violent contrast to 62.9 FG% and 51.4 3PT% the night before against our beloved Lakers. This illustrates how hard it is to be “consistent” day in and day out, game after game in the NBA. This also shows that back-to-back games are tough to win. But of course, our JL17 is the most inconsistent NBA player of them all! I’m immune to that.

    And tell me if I’m wrong, Philosopher, it does not matter which team Lin is on, which coach he has (besides MD), Lin will be marginalized and will have to prove himself over and over again, game after game. I’m 99% sure of that.

    Anyway, it’s game day again for Lin and Kobe’s Lakers. Of course, Lin, being the most injury prone NBA player, is said to have a bad back and did not practice yesterday. I’m also immune to that kind of criticism and marginalization of Lin. I’m also 99% sure that unless Lin is completely incapacitated by his bad back, he will play and will compete like hell!

    I scan the WEB for tonight’s game preview and unsurprisingly find that the Lakers are heavy underdog again. The fans on the Nuggs sites are singing, ‘our BS is better than your BS’ and ‘let them eat Kobe steak’, while dismayed LOFs like myself, per Dr. Teng, are learning how to curse in French ‘waiting for Godot’.

    Enjoy the game tonight, Lin fans/non-fans, because bad back or not, Lin will boss! 🙂

    • Lin did boss, but, as usual, BS and Kobe put an end to that in the 4th and lost the game. Kobe isos lost a game that Lakers should have won vs. Nuggets. BS has turned out to be a very disappointing coach. I think I’ve seen enough to know what type of a coach he is by now. He’s nothing but a Kobe fan boy. He doesn’t think they relied too much on Kobe in the 4th. This is the scary thing, because it shows that BS sees nothing wrong with Kobe isos in the 4th and will continue this insane strategy as Lakers continue to lose lots of games. Oh well. No use wasting more energy on inept coaches. I’ve had two full seasons of doing this with McFale. I’m just so disappointed in BS. He made a HUGE mistake to basically neglect the offense from the get-go. Doesn’t realize that offense feeds defense just as much as defense feeds offense. Anyway, lots to say, but at the same time, nothing more to say.

      • MrPingPong

        And Lin will boss again come Wednesday against the Grizz. He will have two days to resolve his back issue and piss on the fire hydrant. Nah, just joking, Lin will be a little more discrete than that.

        • Dr. Evil Teng

          Sooner than later, Lin will have the chance to sprinkle on Black-Mom-Bra’s (borrowed term) two broken legs. But, just like you said, he will NOT do it because he is such a decent young man. 🙂

  • Chirico

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, Mr. Philosopher. BS is strike out, IMO. I did not watch the game but I predicated the same pattern all over again. Lakers led or could be still grasping the lead until 4th Qtr. Then Kobe blew it again, both in the final minutes in 4th Qtr and TO. In addition, his terrible rotation of Lin’s minutes was still the same, that is another glorifying mistake that he just kept on doing. What was interesting to see tonight was Boozer did not play so we saw a difference in defense.

    • Chirico

      sorry, mean to say “OT”

    • Yep. BS strikes out. I’m done with BS. Now it’s all up to Kobe. Kobe needs to manage himself, since BS isn’t going to. I sent Kobe a bunch of tweets regarding this, just now.

      And yes, a HUGE MISTAKE by BS is his continued mis-managemnet of Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes. That’s been the biggest thing that BS is, of course, totally oblivious to. And that’s going to really haunt the Lakers even more later in the season. There’s so many things wrong with BS. It’s too frustrating to even think about. Thus, I’m speechless.

  • ashley

    Not long ago, I felt bad for the Lakers and Lin when they couldn’t even get a win; I could truly relate to their frustrations. But now I’ve become immune to their loss. Yeah, as long as Lin plays well, I’m fine. Actually, he could have gotten better stats had he got more playing time.

    Indeed, BS is Bryan’s fan boy, but what I couldn’t understand is why the Lakers’ GM or boss isn’t or doing (or hasn’t done) anything to make a change. Shouldn’t they talk to BS or Kobe? Are they OK with the way things are going? At first, Lin was called out by Kobe for playing too passively. At first, we thought Kobe was trying to set an example showing his teammates how hard they should fight. Now, we all see what the real problems are. The stubborn BS and the stubborn, selfish Kobe are made for each other.

    Last season, under Mike D’Antoni, with Kobe out for most of the time, the Lakers won 27 games. Now even that miserable 27 seems beyond their reach–to win 27 means they need to win one every three games.

    Well, if I’ve become immune to the loss, so must have Lin and his teammates more or less. Lin has always been on a winning team–at least both the Knicks and the Rox won enough regular season games to make the playoffs. Now, being on a losing team while being unable to do much about it must be quite demoralizing. Will this be the season that Lin is put through a trial of losing? Hopefully, our Lin will only get better and better, and after he finishes his tenure with the Lakers, he’ll end up on a good team with a smart coach. Way to go, JLin and Philosopher! Let’s hope your future plan for Lin will come true!

    • I feel the same way you do, ashley. Before, I could relate to the Lakers frustration, but now, I’m fine with them losing, because Kobe and BS is bringing these losses upon themselves. They could make a lot of very simple fixes that would make a HUGE difference to winning games, but they are oblivious to the problems, so I really don’t care that much about them winning, unless they chance their ways.

      Until they change their ways, all that matters now is that Lin plays well so he can be in a good position to pick his team in the off season and be considered as a starting point guard in the league. Since Kobe and BS refuse to do the right thing, there’s no reason to root for this team, so I just root for Jeremy Lin doing well enough to be considered a clear starting point guard in the league, at least. That’s what’s most important for me as a Lin fan–especially now since Lakers refuse to do the right thing and make very simple adjustments.