One Very Simple Fix that will Help the LA Lakers Win a Ton More Games

We can talk about offensive sets, defensive communication, etc. all we want, cause there are plenty of mistakes there. But the BIGGEST MISTAKE that BS is making and one that is SO SIMPLE TO FIX is his mismanagement of Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes. IF BS would just correct this one big error, that will make a huge difference to the Lakers and allow the Lakers to win a ton more games. It’s really that simple. Sure, there are a lot of other problems, but fixing this one major error will go a long way toward helping the Lakers win games. BS’s mismanagement of Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes has been detrimental to the Lakers from the get go and will continue to plague the Lakers until it changes.

This is what really gets me about how completely incompetent a lot of NBA coaches are. They miss the most obvious and the most easily fixable things. What kills me about BS is that I KNOW that his mismanagement of Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes is not even anywhere within the realm of his awareness. This is how dense BS is! This is what is so scary about BS to me and it’s one of the many things that makes him a completely incompetent coach. Sure, part of it is because BS is Kobe’s door mat, but I also KNOW BS doesn’t see a problem with Kobe playing as many minutes as Kobe is playing and BS DEFINITELY DOES NOT have a problem with Price taking away minutes from Lin, which is the MOST INSANE thing of all!

It would seem obvious that I want Lin to play way more minutes, simply because I’m a Lin fan. But that’s really not it, at all. I want Lin to play way more minutes because I’m a fan of rationality and winning. Right now, Lin doesn’t have capable back ups. Ronnie Price really doesn’t deserve more than 10 minutes (actually, he doesn’t deserve any minutes, but given Lakers’s circumstances 10 minutes is fine with me) and should absolutely not be averaging more than like 12 minutes a game under ANY circumstances on ANY team. I actually just looked up Price’s minutes stats after typing this and guess what his career average minutes are? 12.0 minutes! Wow! I amaze myself, sometimes. Anyway, you know how many minutes he averaged last season with the Orlando Magics? 12.2 minutes. Yet, BS somehow sees no problem with Price averaging 21 minutes a game. This is BEYOND INSANE. That alone should be enough cause to fire a coach and probably should be reason to have him checked into a mental institution.

Price averaging 21 minutes a game is a MAJOR REASON why Lakers are losing a lot of games. It’s really as simple as that. Because Price is taking away precious minutes from Jeremy Lin. Lin is averaging only 30.6 minutes a game. The only starter who plays fewer minutes than Jeremy Lin is Carlos Boozer. From a purely rational standpoint, Lin should be the starter playing the most minutes, because he’s the one without capable back ups. Yet, Kobe Bryant plays the most minutes (35.7, ranks 13th in the NBA), which is a HUGE MISTAKE at this stage of Kobe’s career after his major injuries. This has already hurt the Lakes and will continue to hurt the Lakers and will really haunt Kobe and the Lakers later in the season. On top of this, Kobe actually does have capable back ups in Wayne Ellington and even Nick Young can play Kobe’s position.

BS’s lack of foresight about how Kobe is being run to the ground is infuriating! Lakers and Kobe should be thankful that Kobe is in such good shape and not take advantage of this like they have been. Right now, the Lakers are really pushing their luck on Kobe’s health. Kobe playing ENTIRE 1st quarters and ENTIRE 3rd quarters regularly is a HUGE mistake and that alone should be reason for firing the coach, because the Lakers need a coach who has the balls to at least manage Kobe’s minutes if they want to win games.

Kobe playing ENTIRE 1st quarters and ENTIRE 3rd quarters from the start of the season will not only hurt the Lakers for sure later in the season, it has already hurt the Lakers in pretty much every game so far, because it causes Kobe to not have the lift that Kobe needs in the 4th quarter. This is a major reason why Kobe (one of the most clutch players of all time) has struggled so much in 4th quarters this season. And last night’s game vs. Nuggets was, of course, no different. Lakers lost a winnable game due to Kobe isos in the 4th and Kobe not having lift in the 4th due to playing ENTIRE 1st and ENTIRE 3rd quarters. This is not hard, folks! Yet, BS blames the loss on missed free throws. How dumb can he BS get?! I’m speechless at BS’s level of incompetence and stupidity.

The fact that BS is completely oblivious to this shows just how incompetent he is. In post game interviews, BS keeps saying that Kobe has hit those shots his whole career, oblivious to the fact that Kobe is an old man who has come out of major injuries after playing ENTIRE 1st quarters and ENTIRE 3rd quarters. BS’s lack of foresight and perceptions infuriates me! There’s no way else to say it. BS is a dumb coach, who also lacks any courage to manage Kobe Bryant.

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  • bob space

    At this point, im just going to assume the lakers are tanking. The average fan can look at any game and pick out obvious issues that have yet to be fixed or improvements that have not been implemented. anyone can see, when kobe takes more than 20 shots, they are going to lose. Their lack of floor spacing and screen usage is laughable. If they qre getting killed by the 3, why oh why did byron not teach them to defend it better? I thought he was a proud defensive minded coach. Finally, it seems kobe doesnt care about wins/losses at this point but more so breaking mjs record.

    • I can see how you can see it this way, of course. And MAYBE management does want to tank. But even though management may want to tank, I really doubt that it has been communicated to BS and the team.

      I can see management secretly hoping to tank or doing whatever they can behind the scenes to ensure the team tanks. And right now, they don’t really need to do anything. Just let BS continue to self-destruct.

      I think even if management wants to tank, they’d be too afraid of the word getting out so they wouldn’t involve too many people outside of a very very small circle even if they’re looking to tank. Sure, the coach could be in that very small circle, but I still doubt that.

      Also, I just don’t see Kobe ever wanting to tank. So I think for Kobe, it’s more about not accepting the reality of the situation. For BS, it’s just a matter of pure incompetence and lack of courage.

  • pistolpete

    I completely agree with you philosopher. Playing Kobe so much is just burning him out (maybe BS secretly wants him to get hurt) and playing Price so much is taking Jeremy out of the flow of the game.
    Kobe made a statement after the game that he played too passively in the 3rd quarter that got him out of his rhythm. There are at least three things to make of this:

    1) The Lakers scored 36 points in the 3rd quarter led by Lin therefore the team is better off with a “passive Kobe” ( and probably NO Kobe).

    2) It shows how selfish Kobe is always talking in terms of “I” rather than “We”.

    3) It shows how unaware Kobe is of anyone else on the team. If he feels he got out of rhythm by being passive in the 3rd quarter then what about the rest of the team who have to watch him time after time go ISO while they stand there. There’s no point in them cutting or trying to get open when they and everybody else knows Kobe will shoot. So doesn’t he have a clue that his actions will put the whole team out of rhythm?

    Unfortunately there is no fix to the Kobe problem other than Kobe getting injured. Even if they change coaches the new coach will have to defer to Kobe. I do think though that a new coach will handle the minutes better and will certainly not play Price so much. Jeremy just needs to do his best and keep his stats up so that he will get a decent offer from another team. Even though the situation is better than Houston I can’t see Lin staying another year in LA playing with Kobe.

    • Yep. If Kobe and BS refuse to do the right thing, then there’s nothing left but to root for Lin and hope Lin plays well enough this season to be considered AT THE VERY LEAST a clear starting point guard in the league. That’s really the only thing I care about now as a Lin fan, if i’m going to be completely honest, rather than try to be diplomatic or whatever. If Kobe and BS change, then I will change and start rooting for the Lakers again. If not, then there’s no reason to care about this team and my only concern is that Lin gets his stats so he will be considered as a starting PG in the league going forward.

  • MrPingPong

    BS is a very confused non-coach right now. Since he cannot control Kobe’s minutes, he has to limit Lin’s minutes instead. There must a psychological term for such behavior. 🙂 In order to make light of the whole situation and laugh instead of getting frustrated, I surmise BS is trying to have Kobe steak and eat it too! 🙂

    In case you have not seen it, check this out:

    Nah, you can’t have Kobe steak and eat it too!

    • I saw this, but I can’t say with a good amount of certainty that I really know what is going on here. So, until I have a clear idea of the context of all of it, I will refrain from making any comments about this. It’s such a short clip that may have been taken way out of context. At this point, I just don’t know either way. One of my biggest pet peeves is people taking things out of context, since context is EVERYTHING. So I don’t want to be the one committing the mistake of taking something out of context, thus I refrain from commenting on this video.

      • MrPingPong

        A little bit more context here, in case anyone is interested:

        • That is more context. Thanks. I saw Kobe’s teammate (not sure who it was) give Kobe a low five after he said “Get the fuck out of the way.” So I know this sounds weird, but it sort of makes me interpret this as Kobe sort of just getting pumped up to win the game. It’s sort of like your leader saying that he’ll take care of it, so you don’t need to worry. So in that sense, it isn’t so bad, even though, of course, it means that Kobe wants to just go iso. But it doesn’t seem like he was saying “Get the fuck out of the way” in a condescending manner. I think he was just pumping himself up to win the game and hoping that his confidence will put his teammates at ease. I know I’m not making a lot of sense with this interpretation, but it’s a little complicated, as a lot of things involving human social dynamics are.


    Speaking of mismanaging minutes. It seems Kobe is practicing less so he can play more…

    • MrPingPong

      Right on, bro! It’s just simple math!

  • Speaking of simple math. Just like what pistolpete said, Kobe says he was too passive in the 3rd (yet the offense was unbelievably good that quarter). Kobe takes over in the 4th, offense evaporates. Kobe should know basic math. After all he has been counting up to 32074.

  • Chirico

    Don’t really need complex math here. It’s common basketball sense.

    Winng formula for Lakers this season: More Lin , less Kobe = more wins.

    Tip for other NBA teams.
    How to beat Lakers this season: More Kobe, less Lin.

    • Dr. Gary Teng

      You hit the nail on the head.

      I know that I am not supposed to wish people ill. So I pray to the Almighty God everyday that IF (god forbids) something bad happens to BS (fired) and/or to Kobe (injured), I will not shed any crocodile tears. 🙂

  • Luis

    Basically I agree with the post, but I guess somehow KB is the one that wants to play that much of minutes even he personally know that he should give up his minutes a little bit (maybe reduce to ave. 30+/- 2 min should be ideal).

    A interesting video of KB asking teammates to “fxxx off of my way”) uploaded to youtube ( is a proof of how KB is eager to play (and for sure showing the big EGO too).

    I also don’t believe that BS will have the guts to seat KB if he still wants to be on the court.

  • Yes, yes…you are right about Byron Scott. He is inept. I am surprised that he is as bad a coach as he is. I thought before this season that he was a better coach than this. His mismanagement of playing time for the Laker’s backcourt is infuriating. He always takes Jeremy out at the three minute mark of the first and third quarters no matter what. In the last game Jeremy was 5 for 5 on fga in the third quarter but he took him out anyway at the usual time even though he had just made his fifth fg in a row. The announcers exclaimed at the time, “why did he take Lin out? He is hot!” No shit. And Scott’s lack of awareness regarding Kobe Bryant is just plain stupid. Bryant is taking 24 shots a game and shooting 38%. 24 shots to score 27 points a game. This is a horrible ratio. Lin, Boozer and Hill are shooting a combined 49% from the floor but only taking a combined 30 shots a game. That’s 30 shots at 49% from three people and 24 shots at 38% from one person. But Scott sees no problem with this. This makes him an idiot. He is more articulate and less abrasive than McHale but just as stupid and just as bad a coach. It is mind boggling really. Kobe is not the player he was before his injuries but he continues to play as though he were. And Scott does not apparently confront Kobe about the ways in which his play his detrimental to the team winning the goddamn games!!!!!!!! Jeremy should be shooting more and playing for longer periods of time. Fucking Price is shooting 25% on fga on the season. You are right again. He should not be playing more than 12-15 minutes a game and yet Scott is playing him 21 minutes a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beside myself (whatever that means)…I am pissed off plenty and I am an old geezer over Scott’s mismanagement of the whole team actually. The whole damn team. With better coaching the Lakers would or could have 3-4 more wins and be a .500 winning percentage team or close to it. What a fucking bummer.

  • Pistolpete

    Well said!! Only 2 solutions;
    1) Jeremy hires someone to hurt Kobe
    2) Jeremy gets traded

    • Very humorous suggestions, Pistol. You made me laugh out loud. I’ll take #2, thank you. Somewhere recently (maybe here) I read that Dallas would be a good place for Jeremy given their much more team oriented style of play. I hate to wish Texas on Jeremy again but he definitely needs to be somewhere where team play is stressed much more so than it is in Los Angeles. I am deeply disappointed in Byron Scott as is JLintel.

  • pistolpete

    Agreed. Anywhere where team play is stressed Jeremy will shine! Let’s hope there is a suitable team for him next season!

    P.S. I haven’t given up yet on this season (but it would take a miracle).

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Dr. (Evil) Teng: there is a comment on SSR about Kobe as a “homie that ain’t getting new stripes.” I suspect the poster thinks Kobe is a zebra of some sort. Should he/she be invited to join your Animal Kingdom? Speaking of Animal Kingdom, what should BS be? An ostrich with his head buried in the sand somewhere on Malibu Beach? 🙂 As to the management of Lin’s time, I think BS is saving Lin for the postseason. That’s my anti-conspiracy theory.

    Anyway, it’s pre turkey game day for our beloved Kobe’s Lakers. The Grizz, the best in the West, is obviously the heavy upper dog. May be Kobe’s new found leg exercises will help him sit better. The delusional LOF in me says, let Lin run the show and the Lakers will win. That I am sure!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Dr. (Pure) Evil

      Professor MrPingPong,

      Since you mentioned animal, lease allow me to use the classic allegorical novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell as metaphors:

      The current state of Lakers shares a lot of similarities with that of the Animal Farm — a big badass mess!

      Kobe can be best personified as Napoleon, the main villain of Animal Farm with a reputation for always getting his own way (an allegory of Joseph Stalin.) Kobe should be sent to the animal slaughterhouse ASAP for the common good of the Lakers.

      As to BS, he personifies perfectly the chicken that refused to lay eggs (i.e., fully utilizing Lin and Davis) as a sheepish way to protest its mistreatment by Napoleon. (It should be noted that the chicken is among the first to rebel against Napoleon.)

      Sorry! I might have already consumed too much cold turkey or drunk too much Wild Turkey. I know that I may be a little incoherent…

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      BTW: Hope Lin will chop off the paws of the Grizzlies tonight and cook them for the Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Got it, Doc PE!

        May be Napoleon will make BS lay an egg tonight! And bear paws for Thanksgiving, man, you’re talking some serious Chinese food here! Beats Kobe turkey for sure! 🙂

        • Dr. Gary Teng

          Professor MrPingPong,

          Obviously, Lin could only get some bear claws for the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. 🙁

          Hopefully, he can grip some Timberwolves bones to chew on this Friday as a consolation prize. 🙂

          • MrPingPong

            Nope, no Xióng zhǎng for dinner tonight, Dr. Teng. 🙁 But this Friday will be a feast, I’m sure.

            Back to the Grizz game, Lin and the Lakers played well the first half. Kobe seemed to have realized his mortality and genuinely tried to adjust his game and be more team oriented. The third quarter’s sloppy plays changed the whole game momentum and ignited the Grizz’s come back. Somehow Lin got careless with the ball. Also, I think Lin and the Lakers as a whole were looking to get the ball to Kobe more in the second half, instead of just taking advantage of the Grizz keying on Kobe and getting the ball to the open man. Lin wavered and strayed away somewhat from his attacking mindset, I think. Most notably, with about 30 sec left on the clock, with the Lakers down 97-93, Lin grabbed the rebound but did not rush down court trying to score right away. Instead he dribbled looking for Kobe, wasting time and the 2-for-1 opportunity. In his high school and college days, he would have driven straight to the basket and shot as soon as he got into his range because he was the man! It’s much much harder now with Kobe, a 5 times champion, countless time all-star, etc.., as the team’s alpha dog. Lin will just have to find a discrete way to piss on the fire hydrant to win games for our beloved Lakers. And I am sure Lin will in due time! 🙂

            Have a great Thanksgiving Day everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • To me the Memphis game was just more of the same. Jeremy played about as well as he could in the first quarter with 8 points, 3 assists and 0 turnovers. But Bye-Bye-Ron Snot still took him out at the three minute mark. Bye-Bye-Ron’s substitutions are so mechanical, predictable and rigid. He plays Lin the first 9 minutes of quarters one and three and the last 6 minutes of quarters two and four regardless of the circumstances. Snot is a bad, bad coach. Last year’s team under Mike D’Antoni and with a roster weaker than the current one won 27 games. This team is on a pace to win 16 games. Apparently Mr. D’Antoni is a much better coach than Mr. Snot. Kobe last night 5-15 on field goals. Second half too much Kobe and his damn iso’s. Not enough team play. Kobe has become a bad joke. Jeremy 13 points, 4 assists, 0 turnovers on 4-6 shooting in the first half; 1 point, 1 assist, 3 turnovers on 0-3 shooting in the second half. This game just reinforced JLintel’s premises in the above article. This team is better than their record. Much of this falls on incompetent coaching. Not all of it but much of it. Tonight’s game was winnable. But once again Bye-Bye-Ron Snot was not up to the task. You can’t blame the players for inane coaching decisions. The Lakers are as toxic for Jeremy as was Houston…in slightly different ways but nevertheless just as toxic.

  • Dr. Gary Teng

    Professor MrPingPong,

    Excellent observations!

    I believe that Lin’s inconsistent performance had a lot to with BS’ newest battle plan directive. BS publicly said that during the first half of the game Lin should be Lin and looking for opportunities for himself. However, during the second half he should be the playmaker and create opportunities for his teammates (i.e., Kobe.)

    How bizarre and absurd! Is BS a true genius or a mad man?!

    As Bee Gees’ classic states:

    And how can you mend this broken man?
    How can a loser ever win?

    • MrPingPong

      Dr. Teng: BS is beyond BS in my opinion. Having been a good NBA player himself, he must have known what it’s like to be yanked around when you are getting the rhythm, feeling it and playing in the zone.

      Anyway, since you brought in the Bee Gees, I would like to bring back here a song I plagiarized from the Beatles last season, when Lin was with the Rockets. I think the song applies to Lin this season as well.

      Let Lin Be

      When Bev finds himself in deep foul trouble
      Brother J-Lin comes to Hale
      Speaking words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      In Hale’s hour of blindness
      Lin is standing right in front of him
      Speaking words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      When all the Flat Earth People living in the world agree
      There will be an answer, Let Lin Be
      For though they may be blinded, there is still a chance that they will see
      There will be an answer, Let Lin Be

      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be
      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      And when Harden plays shitty
      There’s a Lin that shines on the benchie
      Shine until tomorrow, Let Lin Be

      Lin Only Haters’d better wake up
      Brother J-Lin comes to thee
      Speaking words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      Yeah, Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Let Lin Be, yeah, Let Lin Be
      There will be an answer, Let Lin Be

      Let Lin Be, Let Lin Be
      Let Lin Be, yeah, Let Lin Be
      Whisper words of fandom, Let Lin Be

      (Apologies to the Beatles)

      • Dr. Gary Teng

        Professor MrPingPong,

        Excellent! You said it all. I am pretty positive that if Paul McCartney happens to be a Lin fan too, he will totally agree with what you said and be very proud of you. In the meantime, I hope that one day I can see your remix of “The Long and Winding Road.” 🙂

        Watching the Lakers games this season so far has resembled the experience of a bad roller-coaster ride — I am swinging back and forth between upright euphoria and downright despair.

        Even in the best scenario of post-Kobe era, there is a Kobe clone lurking in the wing, eagerly to copy and duplicate every single Kobe move — Nick Young. Last night, Young went 4-of-14, shooting bricks after bricks at will without any sign of remorse or embarrassment.

        My world-renown psychiatrist has seriously and repeatedly warned me of late to immediately stop watching any future Lakers game. Otherwise, I have 100.1% chance of developing a double personality and then he will have no choice but start charging me double. 🙁

        I just have one small wish for this Thanksgiving holiday — Tomorrow won’t be another Three Dog Night (BS, Kobe, Young) performance.

        That’s all I am asking. So help me God!

        • MrPingPong

          Just drink your Dom Peri and stay calm, Dr. Teng. Never cry wolf, says BS!

          • Dr. Gary Teng

            I don’t see even a flicker at the end of the long and winding tunnel so I have smashed all of my Dom Peri.

            I just can’t take it anymore. I am going to drink Kool-Aid instead tonight. 🙁

          • MrPingPong

            You know, Dr. Teng, you think you’re pissed but Lin is probably more pissed than anyone of us here. He will piss on the Rapts this Sunday. No, I’m not talking about fire hydrants; I’m talking about the whole Rapts team. Lin will piss all over them. I guarantee it!

  • Guys guess what? BS does the same BS move and yanks JLin with 3 minutes left. Timberwolves go on a run to take the lead. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Ready for the punch line?

    • MrPingPong

      The marginalization of Lin continues… The little brain in BS’s head says, yellow men can’t play BBall. Sad story! Raptors are next, and they ain’t no wolves! Jurassic park that is.

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  • On point as usual. Good stuff.

  • Lin has not been unleashed since MDA. Lin has gone from one bad situation to a worse situation. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Carmello Anthony is looking pretty good right now. I mean out of the 3 biggest self centered, selfish ball hogs(Anthony, Harden, Bryant), Anthony was the least of all the evils. Don’t get me wrong, Anthony and New York was still toxic but I guess the least toxic.

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