Byron Scott Insanely Benches Jeremy Lin (the Best Lakers of the Night) Late in 4th and Lakers Lose to Timberwolves

Until the Lakers resolve their core issue, there is no reason for me to care whether or not the Lakers win. All I care about now is that Lin gets his stats night in and night out. The moment BS took Lin out late in the 4th quarter, I almost wanted the Lakers to lose in order to teach BS a lesson (even though he won’t learn it anyway). Man, how does Lin get stuck with the dumbest and most stubborn coaches?

BS got exactly what he deserved for his insane benching of Lin for Wayne Ellington late in the 4th. Lin checked in at the 6:12 minute mark in the 4th (way too late, as usual) and got substituted out at the 3:45 minute mark. So Lin ended up playing only 2:27 minutes in the 4th quarter. How do you explain playing your best player of the night only 2:27 minutes in the 4th quarter? That move made absolutely no sense. Even the argument that he wanted someone longer to defend Lavine is misguided, because Lin was defending Mo Williams, anyhow.

The only reason for benching Lin in the 4th is that BS is an idiot and he wanted that stretch to be the Kobe ONLY show and so he didn’t want Lin in there to take the ball away from Kobe. And for that inane strategy, BS got exactly what he deserved. Kobe misses two very critical free throws at the line and misses a wide open three at the end of the game. Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if Lin were to do what Kobe did?

Once again, BS’s Kobe iso strategy failed, as usual. And, once again, BS isn’t going to learn anything from this. So for my own sanity, I’m not going to care about the results of Lakers game until they fix the core issue. It wasn’t just tonight that BS waits too long to check Lin back in in the 4th. He has done this in EVERY game. He waits way too long to check Lin back in in the 2nd and 4th quarters and this is THE BIGGEST MISTAKE BS is making, among a long list of mistakes. Since BS refuses to fix this core issue, there’s really no reason for me to get worked up over Lakers’s losses. All that matters from now on is that Lin is able to get good numbers during the limited time that he is allowed to play. I do expect the Lakers to start winning games due to having a much easier schedule, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the Lakers have resolved anything until they fix their core issue. I know fans and the media are going to start feeling good once the Lakers start winning, but until the Lakers fix their core issue (i.e, their mismanagement of Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes), nothing else matters in Lakerland. Don’t lose sight of the big picture!

Tonight, Lin was excellent. He was the best Lakers. Lin had a double-double with 18 points on 8 of 15 shooting with 11 assists and 4 steals. Even though Lin was the best Lakers, he played ONLY 29.5 minutes. This is THE BIGGEST REASON why the Lakers have been losing and it’s insane that no one in the media is even talking about this and I’m sure BS is completely oblivious to this.

It’s really very simple, increase Lin’s minutes and usage and decrease Kobe’s minutes and usage and Lakers will win a ton MORE games. This is not difficult, folks! Unless the Lakers start doing that, I could care less whether or not they lose. So tonight, I am not pissed that they lost to a team they should have easily defeated. I’m just glad that Lin managed to sneak in 18 points and 11 assists (and 15 shot attempts) with less than 30 minutes of playing time. Lets hope Lin continues to play the way he has been, because he’s been doing a lot of things that I’ve been wanting him to do. Lin has been looking very good so far, so I’m content.

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  • MrPingPong

    I missed the first quarter of the Wolves game.
    But yeah, Lin was great.
    It’s hard to imagine someone worst than McHale…
    Anyway, Lin will perform even better come Sunday!
    I guarantee it! 🙂

    • As long as Lin continues to do what he has been doing, I’m all good. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Before long, Lin will be a double-double machine. His teammates are getting Lin’s game, in my Lin-centric view. Also, I think Lin is wining over James Worthy. And I’m patiently awaiting for Magic to chime in on Lin’s side 🙂

        • I saw on Twitter someone saying that James Worthy called out Scott for benching Lin. Yeah, Worthy has been a big supporter of Lin’s, lately. I think Magic has already been a big supporter of Lin back during Linsanity, but, yeah, I haven’t heard much from Magic about Lin, lately.

  • Excellent post. And throughout

  • ashley

    Now I know why the Lakers could win 27 games last season–Kobe didn’t play! Actually, I haven’t watched the Lakers’ games much, but I feel this one is typical of what everyone said about what went wrong with the the Lakers. I didn’t see what Lin did to get benched, but guess the fact that Nick Young was hot and they had an 8-point lead made Scott feel he didn’t need to play Lin. What’s worse was he let Kobe iso lose the game again–Oh, Kobe couldn’t even make at least one free throw! I really hope from this game, BS will learn that Kobe isn’t clutch anymore and he really needs to change his crunch time game plan. Losing such a close game is too much of a shame.

    • ashley

      Thinking back, Lin did blunder a bit in that limited 2:26 minute in the 4th quarter (missed a shot, got a foul call after a charge to the rim…), which must have led to his benching. But after that, the team didn’t play well either. In a word, Lin got a short leash, despite a brilliant performance in the previous three quarters putting up a double double.

      I’m not sure if the Lakers would have won had Lin kept on the court, since Kobe would go iso anyway. I do feel it a pity that Lin didn’t get to close out the game like he said he would prefer over merely starting. Well, there is no compare to BS’s trust in Kobe. Just hope Lin could have a coach that trusts him and would give him the chance to develop as a key piece of the team. For now, he just needs to continue his strong performance, then more good change should come his way.

      • I really don’t think Lin was benched because of those two blunders. Scott has actually been pretty good about letting Lin play through mistakes. I think Lin’s benching has to do with the fact that Scott felt Lin was a distraction out there. Felt like Lin was handling the ball too much on that night late in the game (unlike other nights when Lin would defer to Kobe late in the game). So that’s why BS took Lin out. He didn’t want to risk Lin taking the ball from Kobe. This is not something BS will admit publicly, but BS wanted it to be the Kobe iso only show down the stretch like he wants in EVERY close game.

  • BS lacks adequate intelligence. Perhaps he is an android or a robot. He certainly coaches like one. His in-game coaching decisions are mechanical, predictable, rigid and inflexible. It is as though he has been programmed. It is as though he were coaching by the numbers as in painting by the numbers. In my view much of the responsibility for the Lakers’ poor start falls on him. Ordinarily I would hold the players more responsible but in this case his incompetence overwhelms me and is so blatant that it is difficult for me to blame any of the players too much with the possible exception of Kobe who does not yet seem to realize that he is not the player he use to be. But even in Kobe’s case he may think that if he just keeps shooting eventually the old Kobe will re-emerge. I think it is doubtful but I can at least understand why he would feel this way. As far as BS is concerned I can think of no justification for his lack of game management skills and this is most profoundly amplified in his usage of Jeremy. He refuses to play Jeremy more than 30 minutes a game regardless of circumstances. It is as though he has been programmed that Jeremy shall play only 30 minutes and not a second longer. This is, of course, stupid and robotic. In his own way BS is as bad as or perhaps even worse than McDummy. I never thought I could dislike someone else as much as McIdiot and Fat Morey, but I am getting close with BS. A few more stunts like last night’s benching of Jeremy at the end of the game and I will be there. I predict it will happen unfortunately. When oh when will Jeremy find a team and a coach that may treat him fairly and with the respect that he deserves. When will he find a team and a coach that appreciates his skill set and his desire to play team basketball? When? When? When?

    • I hear you! I’m also getting tired of all of this myself and am speechless about it all. The absurdity/irrationality/stupidity of it all is too exhausting to contemplate.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just changing conversation here after the Black Friday Disaster in la la land…

    If you are into supporting Asian American sportsmen/sportswomen like myself, here is something to cheer about.

    I know it’s the MLS and not the NBA, but nevertheless, it’s jersey number 24! 🙂

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Dr. Gary Teng

      Philosopher King,

      I am 100% with you.

      However, I truly believe that benching Lin at the 3:45 minute mark had everything to do with politics, favoritism, and nepotism.

      In last night’s game Nick Swaggy Young’s famous rapper girl friend Iggy Azalea sat prominently at the front row VIP seat with TV cameras constantly spotted at her. BS must have thought that the W was in his pocket, so he used Lin’s one poor play as god-given excuse to benched him, and let Young stayed on the court to finish the game to ensure that Young would get all of the glories and accolades. Not to his wildest dream and tiny brain, Young’s crucial stupid foul + Kobe’s miss of the wide-open 3-pointer at the last 5.3 seconds…

      What a poetic ending!~~~~ No genius in the whole planet can write such a ironic and farcical script!

      No wonder that Lin said before the whole new NBA season started that, “But I just find it ridiculous that everyone comes in and just calls him ‘Swaggy.’ You’ve got to earn it or something, and maybe he has but I just got here, so maybe I’ll adopt [it] eventually.”

      This shows how smart Lin is and how BS is BS. Nick Young is nothing but a mini-Kobe with even bigger bloated ego and un-checked selfishness.

      Professor MrPingPong,

      I found peace with myself, slept well, and had a wonderful dream last night. I dreamed that I urinated a massive amount of water on Kobe’s two broken legs… 🙂

      To my deepest chagrin, I woke up this morning and found myself laying on a big puddle of my own… 🙁

      To sum up my current state of (hallucinated and twisted) mind:

      “I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”
      — Clarence Darrow

      • Nick Young was definitely another reason Scott benched Lin. Even though Lin could have been in there with Young and Kobe (since BS substituted Ellington in for Lin), BS wanted it to be the Kobe and Swaggy show at the end of the game and didn’t want to run the risk of Lin taking the ball away from either Kobe or Swaggy. BS also loves Swaggy and wants either Kobe or Swaggy to the ones taking shots down the stretch.

      • Indeed. I have never before seen this particular Clarence Darrow quote, but I like it…a lot. It applies generally to life and in particular to the NBA. There are many shallow and stupid people in this world and seemingly especially so in professional basketball. I live in northern California in the S.F. Bay area and am only interested in the Lakers because of Jeremy Lin. I don’t know much about Swaggy P. but I do believe it would be better if he did his talking with his play on the court and not with his overactive mouth. It would be great if Jeremy could go to a team like San Antonio next year and player with people like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. I am already sick of Kobe Bryant and Nick Young. I agree that Nick Young just seems to be Kobe light with perhaps an even bigger ego. Jeremy does not need this shit. Dallas might also be a good place for Jeremy but I think San Antonio might be better even if he had to play behind Parker. Keep the good quotes coming please and thanks for this one. Ciao for now.

        • Dr. Gary Teng

          Dear old & in the way,

          Thanks a lot for your gracious compliments. 🙂

          I, just like you, am only interested in the Lakers because of Jeremy Lin. In fact, whichever basketball team Lin is playing for, that team instantly becomes my most favorite team.

          I also totally agree with you that it would be great if Lin could go to a team like San Antonio next year. I believe that Spurs’ genius coach Gregg Popovich will really appreciate Lin’s unselfish and leadership qualities, and there Lin’s true talents will be fully developed and utilized.

          I predicted more than one year ago that had Lin been traded by Rockets, the most likely new home for Lin would be Lakers. I now baldly predict that IF Kobe keeps on playing at current pace, he will end up in junkyard once for all before this coming Christmas.

          To sum up my New Year’s wish:

          “I’ve just learned about his illness. Let’s hope it’s nothing trivial.”
          — Irvin S. Cobb

          BTW: I live only 35 minutes from the LA downtown. But, as long as Kobe is healthy, I will NOT watch any Lakers’ game live at the Staple Center.

  • Some signs of encouragement. There are more articles starting to question BS moves and supporting JLin. I predict as JLin shows that consistency people keep asking for, BS flaws will become more magnified. As more people support JLin, hopefully teams that play real team basketball take note and try to pick him up.

  • Dear Dr. Teng:

    I left a long and detailed response to your previous comment with the Irvin S. Cobb quote but when I tried to post it there was no post comment slot and I lost the entire post. I don’t have time to rewrite it now and I’m pissed that the whole thing got snuffed. I will try again later in the day. I think I can remember my main points. Just wanted to let you know that I tried to respond. I will try again later when I have more time.

    • Dr. Gary Teng

      Dear old & in the way,

      Please take your time. There is absolutely no need to hurry.

      I feel your pain because similar things happened to me more than once before. So nowadays I always first write my reply as a word processing file, then copy and paste it to the comment slot. (One time I even accidentally deleted my saved file. :()

      Have a beautiful Sunday and enjoy tonight’s Lakers vs. Reptiles game at 6:30 PM. 🙂

  • jin

    I love Lin as much as lakers. I live in la

  • jin

    Lin has to be a bit selfish to survive in the selfish professional sports stage

  • Dear Dr. Teng:

    As best as I can remember here is more or less what I wrote earlier this morning that I was unable to submit for posting at that time.

    Keeping in mind your wonderful Irvin S. Cobb quote here’s hoping that as you predicted Kobe finds that junkyard by Christmas. I think the Lakers might be better off without him as long as he refuses to collaborate with his teammates. Like you whichever team Jeremy Lin is playing for is my team. It was difficult for me to root for Houston as Texas if far from one of my favorite places. But I did it anyway. Ditto for the Knicks. The only time I have ever rooted for the Knicks was the winter-spring of 2012 during Linsanity. The beauty of Linsanity for me is that it demonstrated that an unknown but very talented team oriented point guard could lead a group of essentially role players on a 7 game winning streak in the NBA. It was the pinnacle of team basketball. It was exciting, entertaining and inspiring to all of us who have ever been told that we couldn’t do something that we knew damn well we could. I have been “in love” with Jeremy Lin and his team oriented style of basketball ever since. My wish is that he will soon get the accolades and be treated with the respect that he deserves. Let’s hope that Kobe can get out of the way tonight and allow the Lakers to play team basketball. If so they may just surprise everyone and defeat the very talented Toronto Raptors who currently have the best record in the eastern conference. Thank you again for the great Irvin S. Cobb quote. You are apparently a master of pertinent quotes and I look forward to the next one. Until then ciao.

    • Gary (No Doc) Teng

      Dear old & in the way,

      Thank you deeply again for your kind words. I am just good at borrowing or paraphrasing others’ quotable quotes.

      To steal a quote from the great Winston Churchill: “A modest little person, with much to be modest about.”

      (I believe that Churchill was talking about me.) 🙂

      I agree everything you said about Lin and basketball. We the Lin Fans like him so such mostly because he is an embodiment of perseverance and esprit de corps. Linsanity tells us that if you work hard, fellow the rules, and never give up, you will succeed one day.

      Basketball is supposed to be a team sport. However. starting in the early 80s with Lakers’ showtime era, professional basketball gradually morphed into an entertainment more than a true competitive sport. NBA teams need superstars to sell tickets and T-shirts, and players need to pad their stats to sign future lucrative and ludicrous contracts. As such, more and more players become extremely selfish and egomaniac. What a shame!

      Enjoy the upcoming game and let’s all hope tonight Lin will lead the march to the final victory of team spirit over animal spirit.

  • jin

    Lin can not blame others but himself for the disrespect he received from melo harden mc_hell koby or bs. He needs take and fight for all opportunities to make as many points as given on court. Make others afraid before they even dare to show disrespect. You have support from fans and hof magic johnson, worthy as well. It can not be worse if you fight. Just feel free to take shots. Don’t expect and wait for any favrable treatment from others, bc you dont receive it automatically. As in your recent approach, attack after attack!

    • Lin has actually been playing the right way and he has been more aggressive at looking for his shots, lately. There’s a great article pointing to the fact that Lin’s stats are great–especially given the circumstances:

      Sure, Lin can be more aggressive and I think he has been. Lin has been playing the way I’ve been wanting him to play. But, unfortunately, BS is so blinded by his preconceptions of Lin that BS doesn’t recognize Lin’s contributions. So I think BS is to blame, not Lin. BS is to blame for his mismanagement of Lin’s minutes, especially. Lin has proven himself, BS just hasn’t caught on and I don’t have confidence that BS will catch on anytime soon. The big concern now is that BS may make things even worse for Lin. This article has me very pissed off at BS and I wrote comments and tweets expressing my anger:

      Oh why are NBA coaches so inept, dumb and stubborn. And when it comes to Jeremy Lin, people lose their rational judgment due to their preconceptions of Jeremy Lin. This is why Lin keeps having to fight his coaches, the media, and refs. People, in general, are not very perceptive and see only what they want to see.

  • Chirico

    Guys, just want to express some of my observation here. Picture this in a high level strategic point of view.

    1. One of the key reason BS’s defense is failing because his strategy is simply trying to defend 6 players at any time the games is at stake. – that 6th man is of course, JLin, whenever he’s got it going and taking over the game, bench is his next stop. This strategy, of course works occasionally as we’ve seen in those few games like the 2nd match vs Rockets.

    2. BS’s offense is another complete failure since his claimed Priston offense or modified triangle offense is nothing but KOMe ISO in disguise. That’s again an outdated and old fashioned offense proven to be a failure nowadays.

    3. BS, as the head coach of lakers, was contradicting in whatever he said and did. That was demoralizing to the team. That explained why the first few games JLin looked confused and lost then he began to realize this and made good adjustment. However, BS complains and challenges all players but Kobe and Nick. Imagine yourself being in a team like this, how would you feel?

    4. Basically, that is not to say he does not want to win games. He evidently wanted to win with one condition, that is Kobe needs to be the reason for the win. He would settle for Young in some cases. Otherwise, he would rather loss.

    5. He serves as a puppet or a servant to Kobe is, in fact, doing pretty well.

    6. He does not want Linsanty from happening because the enemy of Linsanity is THE infamous hero ISO ball.

    7. Lin will be heavily defended next few games by his own team led by BS and followers. So I don’t expect he will have good numbers on papaer. i suspect even his morale is low after that Timberwolves game. It does not affect me as Lin fan since I already know he is so much better than what is on score sheet.

    I hope you realize this so whatever he does since the first day od being the Lakers HC starts making sense to you.

    • Gary Teng

      Dear Chirico,

      Great points! Kudos to you!

      Just a very minor correction: For some unknown reasons, BS suddenly deviated from his stupid strategy of benching Lin during the crunch time and actually put Lin back around the last 3-minute mark during the 2nd match Lakers vs Rockets. That’s why Lakers finally got an extremely precious W at the Toyota Center.

      Let’s hope BS stops being BS and let Lin be Lin tonight and every night thereafter!

      • Chirico

        Thanks, Gary Teng.

        BS and our future HOF player KB are getting what they deserve.

        This SELFISH DUO is on a course to set the record (most embarrassing ones) for NBA and Lakers history. ESPN’s prediction on the win/loss seemed too generous at this point. Thanks to them, the Lakers of 2014-2015 has broken team spirit, disappointment from fans around the world, a live basketball text book example if why HERO ball does NOT win games, regardless how glorious it seems, a live example of why it is really a bad idea a frenchize whose fate solely depends on a fading, selfish star.

        It’s sad that everyone in the team is trying to save Lakers but only JLin seems to make that right move.

        Expect Lakers got beaten over and over again, until the situation falls out of control from this DUO.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making (light hearted) conversation here…

    It’s about half an hour till game time for our beloved Lakers. I scanned the WEB for game previews and, as usual, the Lakers are heavy underdog. In a desperate attempt to instill some degree of optimism here, I’d like to remind everyone that Kobe used to stick daggers into the Rapteors’s heart many many times in the past. Rapteors fans do not like Kobe at all because of that. On the other hand, Lin’s Valintine shot in 2012 was cheered by Rapteors fans, as far as I can remember. Also, Lin matched up really well against Lowry the last two seasons while he was with the Rockets. Another positive for the Lakers is the Rapteors’ top player, DeRozan is out tonight due to injury. So, I predict Kobe will defer to Lin, Lin will boss and the Lakers will win! Yes, I’m delusional. 🙂

    I know Lin’s bb skills are less than perfect and that he still has a lot to learn and improve on. But I believe Lin is playing bb the right way and is trying to get his teammates play the right way in spite of Kobe and BS. I believe that in time Lin’s attitude, demeanor, the way he interacts with his teammates, will win them over, Kobe included. What impresses me most about Lin is not his bb skills but his heart. No stats can measure his heart. In the end, Lin will triumph. Call me delusional if you will.

    Switching topic slightly, let’s talk about BS. The folks at SSR are spreading rumors that BS is losing the locker room:

    I read a bunch of weird quotes from BS and got curious and checked out his Wolves postgame presser. He was talking about zoo animals and the likes. He made me think of Dr. (Winston) Teng’s Animal Farm analogy. May be there is a metaphysical connection there somehow! 🙂

    Anyway, it’s not the Zoo nor Animal Farm tonight. It’s Jurassic Park! Letzzz Gooo JL17!

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans…
    It’s half time. I know Lin’s stats don’t look good, but Lin is playing the right way. Lin doesn’t care about his stats. He cares about getting his teammates involved and play bb as team. Lin is trying to make the extra pass and I like that. Lin does not have to take over because Kobe is playing bb the right way, or should I say the Lin way? 🙂

    The Rapteors are coming in thinking Kobe would be chucking up shots, but that’s not what they are seeing. They are confused. Again, I think Lin’s way is winning over. If BS does not get confused and muck up the rhythm, the Lakers will win this game.

    • Gary Teng

      Professor MrPingPong,

      Exactly as you predicted, last night in the Jurassic Park, Lakers slayed the Reptiles and got a precious W.

      Your incurable optimism is contagious. To borrow a phrase from Oscar Wilde — “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

      Last night is the first time in a long long time that I didn’t need Ambien/Halcion combo to help me make it through the night. 🙂

      As Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem, the host of American Top 40, always said at the end of the show with his trademark line, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”

      Hope the stars are all lined up for Lin for the rest of this NBA season.

      • Gary Teng

        Quote of the day (courtesy of Kobe):

        “If I’m upset, everyone is going to have a bad day.”

        What a egomaniac asshole!

        • MrPingPong

          Does that surprise you, Dr. (Quote Master) Teng? 🙂

 cleverly juxtaposes Kobe’s interview with Lin’s interview to bring out the differences in character, I think.

          Anyway, some JLin Fan from Australia posted this link about Lin on

          It’s in Chinese, but one can use Google translator to translate and gets some idea of what it’s all about.

  • MrPingPong

    It’s overtime. I know. Lin has not played well. Too much deferring to Kobe. Too much Kobe iso in the second half. Sigh! Kobe is tired. Lin must take over! Letzzz Gooo JL17!

    • I think Lin got iced out by coach and teammates tonight. Wasn’t really allowed to do much, cause Kobe was doing well. So if Lin is seen as trying to do more than just pass the ball to Kobe, Lin would have been benched. So, Lin was FORCED to defer to Kobe tonight. I don’t blame Lin for how he played tonight, because I know his hands were tied. But this is one of the rare games in which Lin was pretty much a non-factor and the Lakers ended up winning. The key is that Kobe played team ball in the first half.

      Of course, they still went back to Kobe iso to end the game. That’s not going to work the majority of the time, though. Kobe was really feeling it tonight, so that ended up working tonight and I don’t blame them for the Kobe iso strategy tonight. But the problem is, regardless of whether or not Kobe feels it, BS will continue to go back to Kobe iso strategy down the stretch and that’s going to hurt a lot more than help the Lakers.

      I’m starting to really really hate BS and I have a feeling Lin is going to get pushed aside again. We’ll see. Lin just needs to somehow find a way to stay aggressive. But that’s going to be hard if BS starts treating him like McFale. did. And it’s starting to look that way.

      For some crazy reason, I did expect the Lakers to win tonight. So this win didn’t surprise me, actually. The loss to the Timberwolves did surprise me. I expect the Lakers to string together some wins now that they’ll be facing much easier opponents.

      The problem is, the coach is going to start thinking that whatever he’s doing is working, even though his mismanagement of Lin’s minutes is the BIGGEST ISSUE for the Lakers. Lin sits way too long between quarters and it still kills me every time I see it. Such an easy and important fix and most seem to be oblivious to this, except, of course, Lin fans. And, of course, no on listens to Lin fans, because they think we’re all a bunch of crazies.

      The reason why we all sound crazy is because we have to deal with so much irrationality and ignorance. When you know the world is round, but everyone around you is convinced that it is flat, you have no choice but to just pull out your hair and scream obscenities. Because in order for you to explain to them that the world is round, you have to provide evidence that is beyond their ability to grasp, yet, all these flat earth people have to do is say, “Look around, the ground is flat, not round. You’re crazy for thinking the world is round!” This is why being a Ln fan is exhausting. It’s constant uphill battle with people’s lack of perception.

      • MrPingPong

        I don’t think Lin got iced out in the first half. It did look like he was iced out in the second half though. I think because Kobe was playing well in the first half that the instruction during the half time break was to feed the ball to Kobe and let him facilitate.

        Lin was a non-factor in the regular time but was a key contributor in the OT, in my view. Lin’s FTs were clutch. The last foul on Lowry was really dumb though.

        Don’t waste your emotion on BS, Philosopher. He’s not worth your time and effort. The Lakers team belongs to Kobe and not BS. Kobe does what he wants. I still have hope that Kobe is smart enough to know the limits of his physical condition and play more efficiently, meaning play team ball instead of hero ball. It’s good for Kobe and good for the Lakers.

        What about our man Lin? Lin will remain that humble guy who has no hate in his heart and will find a way to blend and play his brand of bb. He will be fine, I am 100% sure. The key is to stay healthy. There are still a lot of basketball years left for Lin. And I plan to watch and enjoy every game Lin plays, no matter what team he is on.

        Next stop, Detroit! Letzzz Gooo JL17!

  • I, too, have developed a healthy dislike for BS. In my view he is as bad as McCreep. He is slightly different in that he is more articulate and less abrasive on the surface than McDummy but in his own way he is just as bad a coach as McHell and just as incompetent. He seems to me to be as biased towards Jeremy and as unappreciative of his game as were McA-hole and Fat Morey. I have developed a very strong disliking of Mr. BS. In fact I am discovering that I have nothing but disdain and contempt for him and his marginalization of Jeremy Lin. He doesn’t respect Jeremy. Unlike some posters here I think respect is important because it effects playing time and usage. It is not irrelevant. Jeremy has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has game but if the coach refuses to acknowledge this fact then it will effect what he is allowed to do. Kobe can do as he pleases without it effecting his minutes played but Jeremy can not. Why? Because BS wouldn’t let him do so without consequence. This is a no brainer for anyone who takes the time to think about the player-coach relationship for even just a little while. I suspect that anyone who doesn’t appreciate Jeremy’s BB skills at this point never will. His offensive skills are solid and he is an unrated defender. It pisses me off no end when BS substitutes Price in as a defensive replacement for Jeremy. He did this last night at some point…I think near the end of regulation.

    So last night Kobe played like the old Kobe somewhat and the Lakers won. But it was only one game. Overall too many games with too many second half isos and too much hero ball will not work. And even last night Kobe was only 11-24 in fg for 46%. This is better than he has been shooting but it is not that good. It still took him 24 shots to get 31 points which is okay I guess but not great. Jeremy was 3-11 which is a terrible % but still managed 11 points. The point I am trying to make is that Kobe can’t hero ball this team to wins or a regular basis. Last night was an exception. And here is an interesting stat. The Lakers are 3-0 against eastern conference teams and 1-13 against western conference teams. I know the east is weaker than the west overall…but this much!? It is hard to believe and yet there are the numbers 3-0 against 1-13. It could just be too small a sample but it does turn one’s head just a little bit. Detroit on paper seems to be a weaker team than the Lakers so Tuesday night could be another win against another eastern conference team which would exploit these numbers even more. I’m not going to count a game as a win before it is played but imagine 4-0 against 1-13. If boggles the mind as much as Jeremy being stuck with yet another dummy coach who doesn’t appreciate or respect him. So again I ask…when, when, when?

  • Pistolpete

    I have an observation that if it wasn’t actually happening I would never believe it. I’ve noticed over the last 3-4 games BS is playing Jeremy Exactly 30 minutes (unless there is overtime). JLin had played exactly 30 minutes when he was benched in the Timberwolves game with 3:45 left and last night he was put back with 5 minutes to go as he had already played 25 minutes. It’s almost as if he’s been told to play Jeremy at least 30 minutes so he’s playing him as little as he can.
    The stage looks like it’s been set to start Price for his defense (what a joke) and have Kobe play the 1 & 2 positions like Harden. I really hope I’m wrong though.
    I’m really starting to wonder if Jeremy will ever get a fair shake in this league. The blacks keep talking about racism but unfortunately they’re no better than anyone else.

  • Pistolpete

    What I was trying to say in my previous post was that Jeremy was benched in the Minnesota game because as ridiculous as it sounds – he had played his 30 minutes!

  • Dear Pistolpete:

    Indeed I have noticed the same thing. Jeremy is subbed out at the 3 minute mark of quarters one and three of every game and not put back in until the 6 minute mark of quarters two and four for exactly 30 minutes. It is as though BS has been programmed and/or is a robot or android doing what he/it has been programmed to do. Perhaps someone other than BS is calling the shots. I share your concerns about Jeremy’s status on this team. And yes, African-Americans do seem to be as racist toward Asian-Americans as European-Americans have historically been toward them. It is a racist country and the racism does seem to effect everyone in general even those who have been adversely effected by it. As far as individuals are concerned there are a lot of exceptions, of course, but in general terms there may not be a more racist culture on this planet than America. It seems to be the historical nature of a country that was founded on colonialism as was America. There is the unacknowledged genocide against indigenous nations upon which this country was founded and five hundred years later we are still suffering the consequences whether it is fully understood or not. And there is the terrible racism that Chinese people experienced when they were brought here in the late 1800’s to build the railroads. In cultural and social terms not much progress has really been made in the past almost 150 years now. What racial progress has been made has been mostly superficial. The social institutions of American society remain as racist as every. So I do worry about Jeremy and the treatment he has received and continues to receive in the NBA where the racism is as pronounced as everywhere else in this society.

  • skyfall

    I kept wondering how come you guys couldnt see what I saw in Jeremy. He isnt the player you guys are making him out of. I had hope he’ll improve his bball skills and handles, his defense and most importantly his physical strength like leaping ability, finger wrist and arm strength which is vital for his jumpers. But unfortunately he disappointed me coming into this season being a new laker as I saw no improvement at all on the above mention stuffs. He’s facing lots n lots of very good and athletic pgs and they arent going to let him go linsanity for the second time. He kept on saying he needs to be more aggressive but he is showing the exact opposite, now for whatever reasons they maybe Im not going to allow myself to accept it. I simply dont see those reasons you guys have been saying as something legitimate.

    • Pistolpete

      Guess you never saw Linsanity.

      • skyfall

        Until he comes up with a respectable numbers plus doing it consistently, it’s better to let Linsanity go. Hopefully the arguments of not being able to or allow to do what he do best may not be raise up to an extreme level.

  • jin

    I do think lin should quit nba for his own benefits after this season. There is no fun for him. He does not belong to that circle, though he is good enough as a pleyer.

    • Pistolpete

      I was just saying to my wife today that I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t quit soon and go full time into charity work. I am a lifelong basketball fan but have been really disillusioned by the NBA’s treatment of JLin. He may give it one more try though if he gets a good offer in free agency from an organization like San Antonio.

      • jin

        It is so sad if he quits, but maybe good for him. I dont watch sports a lot, though I would love to. But linsanity was so exciting inspiring. I become additive to n can not help. It is a torture to me now to watch his being screwed.
        I m fine with him trying to please God, but can not stand him trying to please those assh_les.

  • Lau Ming

    Maybe it’s just me but multiple teams and multiple coaches can’t all be wrong. JLin isn’t as terrible as the haters say, but maybe just maybe he isn’t all that good either. I dunno, I mean his stats this year don’t seem to be all that good.

    • They sure as hell can all be wrong and are wrong. You need to read the article above posted by JLintel regarding Jeremy’s stats for this season. They are all up. A player…any player…can only do what he is allowed to do by the coaching staff. You need to open your eyes a little wider and do better research. Jeremy can be as good as he is allowed to be. The sky is the limit.

    • skyfall

      Let’s put it this way…multiple teams and coaches can all be wrong but they cant possibly be wrong all the time. Lin can be good at times and can also be terrible at times. Only Lin himself knows the real reason behind such extreme “variation”. Fans can only deduce from observing his plays while taking note of his stat line as mere reference.
      Till now 17 games into the season his stats may look nice, but in watching the games he is terrible in every other game they played and this is not telling it in mere generalities.

      • Not to confuse you with actual facts and data but I checked Jeremy’s game log because I am a little tired of people misrepresenting him as being so inconsistent. In 17 games this season he has had 11 clearly good games, 5 clearly bad games and 1 in the middle that was neither clearly good nor bad. So going by my assessment that is 11-5-1. Even if you count the middle-of-the-road game as a bad one his good games still outnumber his bad ones by a ratio of almost 2-1. I don’t know how this compares to other players as I do not have time now to check the game logs of anyone else. Still your assessment that “he is terrible in every other game” is clearly grossly inaccurate. Could you please be more accurate in your future assessments and stick to the actual facts? I am not interested in your fictionalized accounts of his performances. Or are you just another troll?

        • skyfall

          First of all, Im just trying to make a reply and a conversation to Lau ming.
          Now, it is not an assessment but rather a conclusion of what I saw after watching all of the 17 games. You may throw out his stat line at me and an emphasis of it as being actual facts, however, will it be acceptable to you when I say they can be misleading? May I lead you into getting away from reading only the face value of that stat line so far and raise up the standard by looking at those stats in a more meaningful representation?
          To be honest, Im being nice in saying his stat may look nice, when actually they are failures as far as Im concern.

        • Thanks for dispelling the myth that Lin is inconsistent. Lin has actually been just as consistent as any good player this season so far. The thing with Lin is that he’s always under a microscope so people tend to pick up on what he does wrong more than right, because our brains are trained to look for mistakes.

          Bottom line is Lin is not given the minutes and the usage that he should as the type of player that he is. But he has still managed to do well considering the obstacles.

          IF Lin is given the minutes and usage that he deserves, he would put up Linsanity stats consistently. He would also have the minutes to turn the bad games into good games. This is the thing that escapes a lot of people. Star players are consistent, because they are given the amount of minutes to correct their mistakes. For example, a superstar can have a terrible first half, but come back strong in the 4th quarter or something and still be able to have a good stat game. With Lin, he only has 30 minutes to be consistently good. I think if he had like 5 more minutes per game, you’ll see Lin being even more consistent. Think about how badly Kobe has looked in A LOT of games. If Kobe was limited to ONLY 30 minutes, you’ll see that Kobe will be a VERY INCONSISTENT player. These are things that a lot of people miss, because of their lack of perception.

          This is why Scott’s mismanagement of Lin’s minutes is such a GIGANTIC mistake, because Lin would be putting up Linsanity numbers and helping the Lakers win A LOT MORE games if given the amount of minutes and usage that he deserves.

          Since Linsanity, Lin’s minutes and usage has dropped significantly and people wonder why he can’t put up the same numbers. This is what infuriates me about people. They think only on the surface of things.

          • skyfall

            Consistent in terms of production output that would include pts produce and assist made, 2 major aspects. He’s averaging around 30 mins/game this season and it’s very clear his numbers differ from nice to bad. Pls take note, when we use the average of all the games played we may come up with nice output which made us to conclude he is consistent. But once we zoom in on each and every one single game alone without averaging it, the answer is there for us to see.
            Consistent in terms of helping his team in getting more possessions by doing every little stuff like getting steals, forcing a charge, boxing out, providing screens or going for possible loose balls on both ends. Again pls take note of these aspects Im referring to should be the focus on his mind whenever Kobe has taken the ball away from him which render him useless on offensive side.
            We wont ever develop and grow into something more than what we already are once we get complacent on what we have done right, and it’s only thru the microscope we’ll see clearly what we have done wrong.
            Playing additional minutes will cover up the mess but the mess is still there coz it happened already. And that’s one of the things Im talking abt regarding “face value”. I dont agree he’ll be putting up linsanity numbers with additional minutes, not on a bad game. Moreso, I think it’s kind of generalizing it and a presumption of sort. When you’re good you can do it regardless of when, isnt that’s what it is all abt when we say efficiency per minutes. When you need time or even extended time to heat up then it speaks for itself already.
            The way he’s been playing right now he doesnt even deserve 30 minutes. If you think or insist he deserves more minutes, it would be very consuming and tormenting to his body and may prove detrimental that may easily lead to injury considering he plays the most difficult position that needs to chase his man all over the court, for 82 games!?
            He simply has to make the best out of the time he’s allotted and be grateful he doesnt have to play more than what is necessary for the sake of his own longevity.

      • jin

        Point guard ranking this season.


        Score per gm 23
        field goal% 5
        assists 21
        mins per gm 22
        steal 16

        Without considering kobe taking over as pg on many occasions, lin’s numbers are still not bad among 30 nba teams.
        The top 5 field goal% suggests he should shoot more.

        • Yeah, Lin has actually been doing well considering his low usage and minutes played as a starting point guard. How a player is used and the minutes he gets has a HUGE impact on his performance. Since Linsanity, Lin hasn’t gotten the minutes or the usage to perform at a high level. So what Lin is doing is is quite good.

      • Forthelin

        Really not sure what you’re talking about. He’s scored in double digits in every game except three, I think. He’s accounted for a large number of Laker points, if you count hockey assisted assists. He’s always been a terrific passer with great vision, although he may tend to go for the highlight pass over a routine one for the same result. He is sometimes not sure of himself and tends to be hard on himself, but that is not “terrible” as you say. What exactly do you mean?

        • Skyfall:

          I like your name but your arguments are lame. Are you Byron Scott’s brother!?

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            I got a big hearty kick from your hilarious statement — I like your name but your arguments are lame. 🙂

            Skyfall may be just a nice-sounding penname borrowed from the title of the last 007 James Bond movie, the 23rd installment of the Bond series on screen.

            Skyfall MAY also imply excessive thought and worry, or even paranoid.

            Am I thinking too deep and too much?!

            After all, even the world most renowned psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, once famously said,

            “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” 🙂

            I may have to watch another rerun (for the 1001th time) of the “Sleepless Night in Seattle” tonight. 🙁

        • skyfall

          11/04-27—-18-3-2—(9 pts on fts)
          11/11-35—-12-3-3—(6 pts on fts)
          11/12-34—-15-4-1—(3 pts on fts)
          11/14-37—-15-4-3—(4 pts on fts)
          11/18-30—-15-10-3–(2 pts on fts)
          11/26-30—-14-5-3—(4 pts on fts)
          11/30-35—-11-3-0—(4 pts on fts)
          12/02-30—-11-5-0—(4 pts on fts)

          I took the pain just for your convenience!!!

          Take note of the games wherein he scores 15 and below, now minus free throw pts you get just around 10 pts. And for the last 2 games, those 4 fts were all under a minutes before the game ends.

          As for the assist made, around 4-5 of them were all simple pass to either HiIl or Boozer for an open 2 in most games. If you didnt watch the games and just look at these stats, you wouldnt know, that’s what Im saying regarding misleading and “FACE VALUE”.

          Now if a dbl digits of around 10 pts is good enough for you, so be it.

          Finally, Forthelin, just hoping you are sure of what Im talking abt.

          • Are you going to discredit free throws? If you look at the super stars they get a huge chunk of points in the FT stripe. So by that measure, most super stars are bad too.

            Plus, FTs in crunch time are pretty important. Do you really want players who can’t make free throws?

            Please tell me you have a legitimate reason why Jeremy Lin is terrible.

          • skyfall


            When I say terrible it refers to the game as a whole and points production is just one of them. Allow me to rephrase that one: He played terribly.

            Regarding points production, if we take away those free throw points he’s only making 5-6 field goals which amount to 10-12 pts though he’s 50-60 percentage wise. The issue here is jeremy isnt putting up enough field goal points unless he’s getting more than 6 fts like the one vs Suns on 11/04 which would tell us he’s being fouled on the act of shooting. One more thing is that we havent delve into those total FGAs wherein penetrating drives are included. So once again he’s percentage on FGAs could also be misleading because of that.

            The last 2 games both 4 fts were irrelevant in counting for his double figure of 11 pts because the Raptors were behind fouling him intentionally to freeze the time; While the game vs Detroit they were well ahead before he was fouled twice 19 and 10 seconds left respectively. Those werent clutch fts in crunch time.

            As of this writing, the lakers lose again to the wizards and Jeremy really pissed off the lakers fans. To compound the matter worst, some Lin’s fans are still defending him over lakers blog making jeremy look even more bad than what his performance showed.

          • Forthelin

            What are you talking about? You do know enough about basketball to understand that free throws count as points, right? They count as one point, if you make them. They are also responsible for quite a few won games. And, an assist is when you pass to an open teammate who makes the basket. Do you discount Kobe’s 6000 assists by saying 1000 of them were simple passes to an open man? Maybe you can also say Adul Jabbar really only scored 29,000 points because 7,000 of them were sky hooks. Can you explain yourself again until you make sense. I mean even a broken clock is right twice every 24 hours.

  • pistolpete

    So Kobe is following Lin’s example (passing) and now they’re winning! LOL

    (I guess turnovers aren’t the worst thing in the world)

    • MrPingPong

      Yeah Pistol, Kobe is playing bb the Lin way. But of course, from Kobe’s point of view, he is playing bb the Kobe way. Now, and I’m speculating here, he’s probably telling Lin, ‘let me show you how to create plays, distribute the wealth and get everyone involved’. And that’s alright with Lin, I think, because Lin kept feeding him the ball even though he was bricking left and right, giving the ball away as if he was Santa Claus.

      And yes, how about them TOs? It’s not easy to distribute the ball without TOs, is it? But since it’s Kobe, that’s not a problem. It’s only Lin’s TOs that are bad. Imagine Lin bricking and turning over the ball like that in the whole first half? Lin would probably be chained to the bench for the rest of the game. Lin always gets the short leash, doesn’t he? That’s the Jeremy Lin story, folks!

      Anyway, the Lakers won in spite of Kobe’s really subpar performance because the Pistons were really bad. Kobe is wearing himself out fast though. And BS has no balls to limit Kobe’s minutes. It’s really a sad story.

      Now onto the Wiz… My prediction is Lin will be play “calmly and freely” as he did tonight, feeding Kobe the ball and let him play point guard. It’s only when things get really bad that Lin will decide to take over. Let’s see what Lin can do in the 30 mins allotted by BS. One can never tell what Linsanity brings! 🙂

      Aside: I was watching the Pistons’ stream tonight. One of their commentators seemed quite fond of Lin. He said he truly enjoyed that Linsanity month in NY.

      • Gary Teng

        Professor MrPingPong,

        You were overly kind and gracious to BS.

        I believe that had Lin thrown bricks and turned over the ball like what Kobe did in the whole first half, he would have been shackled on the spot and sent to Alcatraz overnight. 🙂

        I read the newspaper article you mentioned this morning. I don’t need translation because traditional Chinese is my native language. That article vividly illustrated the fine qualities of Lin’s true character — faith, caring, decency, integrity, unselfishness, and professionalism. That is the main reason I like this young man so much.

        I sincerely wish that your crystal ball (or xx board, sorry I forgot the name) prediction of the outcome of tomorrow’s game turns out to be correct.

        Let’s keep hopes alive and give them hell!

  • I am certainly glad that the Lakers beat Detroit last night and they are now 4-0 against the eastern conference teams and 1-13 against western conference teams. But Kobe’s 10 turnovers were too much. Imagine what McScott would say and do if Jeremy committed 10 turnovers in one game!! The Lakers won last night because Detroit is not very good. They won in spite of McScott’s coaching and not because of it. His substitution patterns and use of Jeremy continues to stink. I now detest McScott as much as his predecessor, McDolt. I think they are equally incompetent and biased. The good news though is that Jeremy has historically played very well against John Wall and often won the competitive point guard battles against him. So if McScott allows Jeremy to have a more prominent role tonight the Lakers could win again in spite of the fact that Washington has the second best record in the eastern conference. It is hard to comprehend that the eastern conference is so seemingly inferior to the western conference right now. The difference is dramatic. It is almost like the east is a minor league relative to the west. It’s not clear to me how this has transpired but it has been ongoing for several seasons now and seems to be getting more pronounced each year. Good luck to Jeremy tonight. I want him to play well and if the Lakers can win the game it would be even better. But as long as Jeremy has a big game I am happy even with a loss.

  • Ok skyfall, now you want to criticize Jeremy for playing his strength of penetrating to get buckets? I guess next you want to say Lebron James isn’t that great because he uses his size and athleticism to his advantage. What is your measure of good shooting then if you take away penetrating the basket and free throws?

    You’ve just contradicted yourself with your free throw argument. Of course the Raptors would foul to freeze time. They are behind by 7 with one minute left to play. One minute is plenty of time in the NBA to make a furious comeback if the lead is under 10. Tell me how one minute left is not crunch time. You have to make free throws.

    I don’t even have to defend Jeremy, your points aren’t making sense right now. With this amount of nitpicking, I’m finding it hard to see what a good player is in your eyes. Please tell me a player you think is good.

    • Dear Charlie Sun:

      While Skyfall has a nice name he is simply a troll and a hater. It is probably best if we just ignore him but I know it is difficult to do so. His arguments are lame. He is a hypocrite and a hater. He pretends to support Jeremy but he does not. He misrepresents himself as a Lin supporter. He is not that. He is a troll. I will suggest to you that you should just ignore him. He makes little sense because that is not his objective. His objective is to make his inane arguments seem legitimate. They are not and neither is he. Good day to you but pox to Skyfall. Good name but lame brain nevertheless.

      • Indeed. I think my comments from now to him will be HAHAHA

    • skyfall

      I should have made it clearer by adding the word SHOOTING on percentage of FGAs. Penetrating drives are LAY-UPs, I mentioned his total fgs comprises those drives and we’ll have to check it all out if we want to get the numbers his outside shooting attempts. Those 15 pts and below scoring output apparently comprises lay-ups, fts and outside field goals. Im replying to poster Forthelin by giving an account of the dbl digit he mentioned. I said the 4 fts vs Det arent clutch on crunch time which in fact it really wasnt. As for the 4 fts vs Tor you may make a case abt that, no problem. HOWEVER… my conversation with Forthelin is all abt the posting of dbl digits so Im trying to convince him since fts are GIVEN PTS which Jeremy is good at, his scoring shrinks to around 10 pts if we take those away.

      In one of my earlier post I’ve talk abt other things jeremy must do once the ball is in Kobe’s hand, then the account of dbl digits to Forthelin. It appears you are the one nitpicking, picking only on the free throws I mentioned and going at me with some degree of antagonism. I wont fight you or anyone who’s been posting here, I know you guys are all Jeremy’s big fans. You guys may mock “skyfall”, it’s just a username I like.

  • After last nights debacle in Washington, D.C. I now believe that the Lakers are totally toxic for Jeremy Lin. I believe that Byron McScott is even worse for Jeremy than was Kevin McIdiot. At least with McIdiot you always knew where he stood. It was clear that he disrespected Jeremy’s basketball skills. McScott though is a hypocrite. He says one thing but he means and does the opposite. He says he likes Jeremy’s game but his actions say something else. His actions say that there is the strong possibility that he has already thrown Jeremy under the bus. Jeremy had no shot last night but he did play some strong defense and he did manage 5 assists in a mere 21 minutes in a game in which the Lakers collectively shot 38% from the floor. Even if you subtract Jeremy’s 0-10 that still leaves 33-75 for 44%. It is not easy to get assists under these conditions. Kobrick was 8-22 for 36% but he didn’t get benched in the fourth quarter. Jeremy is not responsible for the fact that the Lakers have horrible interior defense and give up more points in the paint than just about any other team in the NBA. But Boozer was not benched, Hill was not benched, Johnson was not benched. In fact the only Lakers regular player who didn’t play in the fourth quarter was Jeremy Lin. McScott has double standards up the ass. He has one set of standards for Jeremy Lin and a completely different set of standards for everyone else. His actions say that he is highly biased against Jeremy Lin. His words are hollow and lack credibility. His actions last night shouted out loud that he thought Jeremy Lin was responsible for the Lakers second half collapse much more so than anyone else. This is nonsense and bullshit. Byron Scott is the person who is most responsible for the collapse because he is such an inadequate and incompetent coach. I totally disagree with those who are fooled by McScott’s act and think he is treating Jeremy fairly. To these people I will say do not be such willing fools. You are being conned by McScott’s demeanor. He is a fraud, a fake and a phony. Look beneath the surface. See what is really happening. Do not fall for McScott’s rhetoric. He is toxic for Jeremy in ways we can only begin to imagine. I’m glad the Lakers lost. McScott got what he deserved for his inane coaching and for benching Jeremy in the fourth quarter. McScott is a creep.

    • Chirico

      Spot on! Old & in the way.
      Thanks for your comment, that is one of the greatest insights about the situation that lakers have. Double standard, period. He is not only dangerous to hurt JLin’s bball career but also Kobe’s health and Lakers performance.

      it looks like the marginalization of JLin is in full force. I speculate Kobe just needs Lin to be Fisher-like player who was more defense-minded(so Lin can clean up some sh”&t for him on the defensive side ) and a spot up shooter. On the other hand, BS is just going to continuely marginalized Lin using his double standard.

      They saw hopes of getting this working in the last two wins, so they will keep doing it through out the season, but I would say in the end, it would just turn out to be another joke in lakers history.

  • Dear Dr. Teng:

    The last James Bond Movie I paid any attention to was back in the late 1990’s. It was the one with Michele Yeow who is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen on the silver screen. No…let me amend that. THE most beautiful woman I have ever seen on the silver screen. At any rate in my ignorance of youthful culture these days I was completely unaware that there is a recent Bond film with the title “Skyfall.” So I guess I was giving the troll poster here more credit than he or she deserves based on the fact that the image was stolen from the film title. Thank you for bringing me up to date. I enjoyed the first 4-5 Bond films back in the 60’s with Sean Connery but then tuned them out until the Michele Yeow one in the late 90’s. I am “in love” with Michele Yeow as an actress and on screen love interest. If it were possible to fall in love with a screen image which, of course, it isn’t I would be in love with Michele Yeow. She stole my heart forever in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.” But I haven’t been able to keep up with films for much of this century. So again thanks for coaching me on the origin of the image “skyfall.” Regarding this name I was also thinking about that old tale from childhood about “the sky is falling” meaning worrying about something that isn’t real or really happening. I look forward to our next exchange and share our regard for Mr. Jeremy Lin. Later.

  • skyfall

    Last year it was the Rox, this year it is the lakers. What follows? The Mavs, Spurs…all toxic and marginalizing everytime Jeremy doesnt see the floor during the 4th and finishing?
    Once you argue why only Lin got benched, actually you are agreeing to it.
    Since your so called dbl standard should apply to his teammates too, that meant whoever’s doing bad should sit. Well the coach sat Jeremy and Hill. But then again you refuse to accept Jeremy should sit, dbl standard?

    I thought jeremy should be taken out at the first substitution during the 3rd qtr, but he was left inside to continue for a couple of minutes even though he’s not performing well. I also thought he must be coming back at the later part of the 4th, then I realize Price is doing well. We would like Jeremy to have a fair shake, can we give that to Price also? I would since he did good during his time on the floor. Be fair, just be fair.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making conversation here…

    I missed the first half and most of third quarter of the Wiz game but watched the whole 4th quarter. When the Lakers pulled to within 4 points, I foolishly thought they could steal the game. Anyway, there is no point for me to elaborate on how predictable BS’s closing strategy is beside the fact that it might have worked ten years ago when Kobe was in his prime.

    So Lin had a really bad game and I am pretty sure the Wiz have found a way to mess up my Ouija board. It’s tough to live in the land of Oz sometime. Of course, LOHs all came out of the woodwork and celebrated. But amazingly enough, the folks at SSR and Lakersground were pretty cool about it. Lin was still composed enough to say the right things during postgame interview. And at least one sports writer is supportive of Lin in his article: So, the delusional LOF in me proclaims that all is still well in La la Land!

    Now onto the Celts game tonight. Unless their druids have come up with tricks to cloud my Ouija board’s look into the future, I predict that Lin will bounce back very nicely, playing the type of game he is well capable of. After all, his Harvard friends are gonna be there cheering loudly for him. May be Obama will show up and give Lin a boost! Harvard alma mater, they are probably torn between Lin and the Celts, but friendship is thicker than fandomhood, non? 🙂

    A few random asides…

    I filled up my car at $2.249/gal yesterday! How much is your Dom Peri going these days Doc Teng? You do buy Dom Peri by the gallons, don’t you? 🙂

    Does anyone here know why there is no pregame Kungfu ritual bows between Lin and his teammates at all?

    Does BS know the difference between defense and defence?

    • Gary Teng

      Dear Professor MrPingPong,

      Honestly, I don’t drink at all. But I always purchase the Dom Peri by cartons with deep discount. I just like its popping sound while corking and fizzing sound while pouring. Besides, that’s why I can afford to use it to brush my teeth, take the bubble baths, and flash the toilets, etc. 🙂

      Nothing Kobe does or does not do surprises me anymore. He defies logic and reasoning. He is predictably unpredictable and consistently inconsistent. He can be the nicest person on the basketball court one minute and the nastiest asshole the very next minute. Therefore, I have given up trying to figure him out long time ago.

      Hope your Ouija board’s prediction turns out to be correct tonight, or you may need to purchase a new one with much better clairvoyance.

      • MrPingPong

        Hello Dr. Teng: I’m getting ready to drive home. It will take me an hour at least. So I will miss the first half. I feel good about my Ouija board’s prediction. Besides, Kobe and Rondo had breakfast together. They are up to something? 🙂

  • Sage

    I just watched the Laker Boston Game. Lin scored 14 points in 14 minutes. Of course, BS did not play him in the 4th quarter at all. This would not be inconsistent with an attempt by BS to keep Lin’s numbers down. To be honest, I do not get it. If Lin was a larger part of the offense, the Lakers would win more, Kobe would be able to feast on wide open easy shots instead of having to beat 2 to 3 guys all the time, and maybe he will last a season or so longer.

    Moreover, if Lin was driving in the 4th quarter, the offense would not be 5 people shooting contested outside shots. Lakers fade in the 4th quarter because the offense stops. The offense stops because Lin in not driving and breaking down the defense. Duh.

  • MrPingPong

    Sadly I missed the first half and most of the third quarter, just in time to see Lin got subbed by Price! Instead of watching the rest of the game, I watched Lin sitting on the bench, relaxing because he knew he would not come back in. ‘Too bad only Kobe got to pad his stats and not Lin. That’s thematic of the Jeremy Lin story, folks!

    Anyway, from the box score, Lin seemed to do OK if not well, right? So my Ouija board prediction about Lin is correct, right Dr. Teng? 🙂

    Have a good night/morning wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Too bad you missed this game, because if you had seen the game tonight, you would have been SHOCKED at why Lin didn’t play in the 4th. It made no sense. I tried to make sense of it in my latest blog post. It was beyond weird.

  • Sage

    Lakers could have made a run at it in the 4th had they not played Price. If Lin has played 20 minutes, he could easily have scored over 20 points.

    BTW, Lin did not try a shot until the end of the 2nd half. He was taken out with several minutes left in the 3rd. Therefore, all 14 of his points came in about 1 quarter. Most players are incapable of doing that.

  • The last two games- vs. the Oklahoma City and Sacramento Lin has played
    sparingly-22 minutes and 20 minutes. He still managed 8 and 5 assists
    respectively. Not bad for someone who is now at the end of the bench.

  • I just completed some stats on Jeremy Lin. The Lakers have played
    27 games. Lin has logged 25 or more minutes in 16 of those. His
    stats for those 16 games are as follows- Point Average is 14.3, F/G %
    is 46.6, Assists Average is 5.81. He is probably their best player-Hall
    of fame Bryant excluded, Lin has done this under extreme pressure,
    because he has had his coach constantly looking over his shoulder.
    Imagine if he had a Coach who supported him, and told him – Your my
    point guard. Go out and play. At this moment the Lakers best player
    is on the bench. Not very smart coaching.