Either Byron Scott is the Most Insane/Disturbing Coach Or Something Fishy is Going on Behind the Scenes with Jeremy Lin’s Treatment in LA

So in the last game vs. the Wizards, Lin was given a chance to play, but he just had an off night and went 0 for 10. That was on Lin. In tonight’s game, Lin turned things around and was hot, but Byron Scott sat Lin at the 3:24 minute mark of the 3rd quarter and Lin never returned to the game, even though he was instrumental in keeping the Lakers in the game in the 3rd quarter. I actually even thought that BS would put Lin back in early in the 4th, like around the 8 minute mark, because Lin looked like he was really feeling it tonight. Lin was able to drive past Rondo at will.

I kept waiting and waiting for Lin to be checked back into the game in the 4th quarter, but it never happened. Then when the Celtics really blew the game out very late in the 4th I didn’t expect Lin to return and he didn’t. The other insane thing that happened is that BS left Kobe in the game late in the 4th even though the Lakers had no chance of winning the game. So nothing made any sense tonight. The only thing I can think of why BS would leave Kobe in the game is so Kobe could pad his stats. There really is no other explanation for it.

I try to stay away from conspiracy theories, but after what happened in tonight’s game, I can’t think of any explanations that make sense for taking Lin out and not putting him back in in the 4th. Lin was actually doing well tonight and could have been pivotal in leading the Lakers to a win, because the Lakers were still in this game well into the 4th quarter. And it’s not like Ronnie Price was doing well, tonight. So either BS is the dumbest, most insane coach ever, or there is something else going on behind the scenes. Normally, I don’t think the front office meddles too much with coaching duties, but that may be what is going on. Otherwise, nothing can explain BS’s decision to not play Jeremy Lin in the 4th. If defense is the reason, then BS is the dumbest, most insane and blindest coach ever, because even if you think Lin wasn’t playing good defense, it’s not like Ronnie Price was that much better and what Lin provided on offense far outweighed whatever Price was providing on defense (if, in fact, Price was providing anything better than Lin on defense).

So, the only thing I can think of is that the front office has no interest in winning this season. Their primary interest this season is to make sure Jeremy Lin re-signs as a back up point guard and make sure Kobe Bryant finishes off his career with great stats.

You see, unlike a lot of other NBA owners, for the Buss’s the Lakers is their only source of income. They know Jeremy Lin generates a lot of interest that is good for business, but they’re not that keen on Lin’s basketball prowess. So they don’t see Lin as a starting PG, yet they really want to keep Lin as a back up PG for next season.

Since Lin is a free agent next season, in order to make this happen, they want to make sure Lin doesn’t shine. Because if Lin shines, he’ll generates too much interest from other teams and can command a big contract. This explains why BS caps Lin’s minutes pretty much at 30 minutes and it also explains why BS seems to bench Lin also when Lin is doing well. This may explain why Scott benched Lin in the Timberwolves game, even though Lin was the best Lakers of the night. Normally, I don’t buy into all this conspiracy theory, but I really can’t think of any reasons (rational or otherwise) for how Lin was benched in tonight’s game vs. the Celtics.

I think the Lakers are hoping that the only offers Lin will get in the off-season are offers to be a back up PG. And they’re hoping that when Lin weighs everything, he’ll decide to take the Lakers’s offer for him to be their back up PG, since Lin would rather be a back up PG in LA than with other teams. One of the reasons is that Lin likes residing in LA and Lin likes the LA Fan Base. I’m hoping that if this conspiracy turns out to be true, it will get leaked out widely to media outlets around the nation so team owners are aware of what the Lakers are trying to do. It would be great if you can do your part in spreading the word on this. One of the things I plan to do is to tweet NBA owners/Gms/coaches/major media outlets, etc. about this and I would encourage you to do the same.

If we don’t spread the word, then the Lakers strategy is going to work, because it’s going to be very hard to shine with less than 20 minutes per game. I don’t care how great you are. Getting less than 20 minutes a game is going to make a player very inconsistent. Minutes are the most important thing to a player’s game. So it’s going to be very tough for Lin, going forward, to really showcase what he can do and other GMs will be laughed at if they give Lin an attractive offer (not just for money but for Lin to be their starter, which is way more important than the money).

I may be wrong, but I don’t think BS has a thing against Lin in the same way that McHale did. BS just doesn’t have full confidence in Lin. But since Lin did well tonight (only played 19:19 minutes and finished with 14 points on 5 of 8 shooting), that doesn’t explain Scott’s benching of Lin tonight, because he should have had confidence in Lin tonight. Who knows, maybe Scott is THAT blind that he couldn’t see that Lin was feeling it tonight. If so, then I’m speechless at that level of bias, stupidity and insanity. I don’t see how ANYONE, no matter how biased you are, can’t see that Lin was feeling it tonight and should have been in the game early in the 4th to give the Lakers a chance of wining. Also, the fact that Lin came off of an 0 and 10 game is all the more reason to ride Lin in order to build Lin’s confidence and allow him to get his rhythm back, after having an off game the other night. If you’re a normal coach, this is EXACTLY what you would do.

So to me, either BS is really insane and biased against Lin or there is something very fishy going on behind the scenes. There’s no other explanation for one of the strangest things I’ve witnessed in an NBA game. And it’s disturbing why none of the Lakers’s commentators made a big deal about it. Because it was a very big deal. The fact that Kobe was still on the quart was also something the commentators should have made a big deal of. But I guess commentators don’t want to rock the boat, because they want to keep their jobs.

It’s also notable that this very strange management of Lin’s minutes happened against the Celtics. Rondo will also be a free agent in the off season and it is widely speculated that he will leave. So the Celtics is just the team that would be interested in a player like Lin possibly to replace Rondo. So if the conspiracy theory holds true, then the Lakers organization would have a strong interest in keeping Lin in check, especially for this game. So that’s another reason to believe in the conspiracy theory.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s all very disturbing and Lin’s career is going to be further hampered by, yet, another organization and coach. I’m disgusted by all of it, because after this season, it’s going to be nearly impossible for Lin to show that he is clearly a starting PG in this league and a star in this league. I don’t mean to sound depressing, but if there is a concerted effort to maintain the image of Lin as nothing more than a good back up PG, then I think it’s pretty much over for Lin’s career in terms of his chance of being a star NBA player.

It will take another perfect storm for Lin to be given his chance, because if he’s going to be taken out of the game when his stats get too good all season, then I don’t think he’ll generate much interest in the off-season and pretty much wherever Lin goes, he’ll be considered a back up PG. The only chance Lin has is if he somehow finds himself with a coach who’s open-minded and will actually capitalize on Lin’s strengths and legitimately allow Lin to fight for his starting spot. So, hopefully, that will happen. We’ll see, but I’m not optimistic. As for the rest of this season, it’s going to be pretty depressing being a Lin fan, because I think there is a concerted effort by the front office to keep Lin’s stats down. I still can’t believe I’m actually buying into that conspiracy theory, because it just seems so far-fetched. But after tonight’s game, I really can’t think of any other explanations. What happened with how Lin was benched was beyond strange!

Anyway, let me know what you think, because right now apart from the reasons I’ve given, I really don’t know what to think about how Lin has been misused and mismanaged with the Lakers so far–especially in tonight’s game.

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  • Sage

    “You will not apply my precept,” he [Sherlock Holmes] said, shaking his head. “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

    I think it is also strange that Woodson immediately reduced Lin’s minutes when he became coach. McHale never gave Lin starter minutes. And in the second season, told him not to shoot and stand in the corner (usually unguarded) around the 3 line and wait for the pass that never came. BS is just a variation of the same theme. It is amazing that Lin’s stats are as good as they are given the circumstances. I am not drawing any conclusion, but…………

    • McHale was probably the worst coach Lin could learn from, remember the crazy fluctuation of minutes? 3 minutes starting the game and then pulled to the bench and not playing long stretches after that?

      All Lin need is a great coach, unfortunately there aren’t many in the NBA.

    • So you don’t buy the conspiracy theory. I can understand that, because I’ve been resisting the conspiracy theory myself. It was only tonight that the conspiracy theory appears to be the only explanation that makes sense to me. It’s notable that it happened vs. the Celtics, since the Celtics would be JUST the team that would be interested in Lin, since they’ll need a PG to replace Rondo (since it is widely speculated that Rondo will not return to the Celtics next season, as Rondo will also be a free agent).

      This benching tonight was more unique to me than Lin’s benching this season, as well as Lin’s benching in the past. It’s gonna be hard for me to explain this, so I won’t even try, because it’ll take a long time for me to really explain it well. But the oddity of this benching is what FINALLY led me to accept that the conspiracy theory could be true.

      • Well I’m just a basketball fan from the other side of the world so conspiracy theory or not I still need to make my own cereal in the morning 😀

        Let’s call it a rearrangement of strategies by both management and coaches that haven’t had any draft success since…Kobe Bryant, and I have to say they probably fluked it too.

  • Firstly I think we all need to calm down.

    The script was already written way back during the pre-season where the reception was lukewarm at best.


    This was supposed to be about Bryon Scott, not Jeremy Lin.

    Scott is here for a few years, Lin is here for 1 year.

    LA may trade him or offer him a small contract to stay and be a backup point guard. Lin of course will reject it because he is a much better player than that and doesn’t deserve to start from the bottom again. Secondly, he’s not playing to his potentials and they don’t trust him so why be undermined and treated like that? I feel something coming from Lin saying “I’m no one’s bitch”.

    Either way, LA is not interested in making Lin a core part of this team. Their long term plan is Bryant, Scott, Young, Kelly and maybe a few others that have long term contract in LA.

    But you know who has the biggest voice that can change all this?

    Lin fans, ESPECIALLY LAKERS LIN fans.

    Just boycott LA altogether, boycott Kobe. If LA ask for more sponsorship money from companies investing in exchange for more Lin minutes then stop buying tickets, stop shopping for NBA merchandising and let the whole NBA feel it financially.

    Because the whole thing is not so much of a conspiracy as it is a joke.

    • Tonight’s benching was uniquely odd to me, even as a Jeremy Lin fan who’s followed him very closely since Linsanity. It will take a very very long post for me to really explain why this particular benching was odd, so I won’t even attempt to.

      If Scott was coaching like a normal coach under normal circumstances, even if Scott doesn’t have confidence in Lin, this benching of Lin tonight didn’t make sense at all. So that’s why I think there is something else going on. Again, it’s notable that this odd benching happened vs. Celtics, which is a team that would have interest in a PG like Lin to replace Rondo (since Rondo will likely not return next season).

      Also, I think the Lakers really want Lin to stay, but only as a back up. But, again, that’s just my opinion. So that’s why I go with the conspiracy theory.

      • Gary Teng

        Dear Philosopher King,

        I agree with you that BS’ bizarre couching behavior tonight is beyond crazy. It is (almost) crystal clear that he had absolutely no intention to even try to win tonight’s game.

        BS may be dumb, but not stupid. So, just like you said, there must be something fishy going on behind the scene.

        Dear Professor MrPingPong,

        Lin was NOT just doing OK, he was playing exceedingly well in less than 20-minute slot allocated to him tonight.

        Anyway, your (wicked) Ouija board prediction about Lin’s performance was correct in its general direction. I have to give you that. 🙁

        I therefore grant your pet another chance to see the light of the day! 🙂

        It seems to be a long and cold winter ahead of us. So I plan to use this weekend to treat and heal my new wounds. You may want to do the same. 🙂

        • Yep, what happened tonight was beyond crazy. I don’t care how dumb you are, if you’re a coach under normal circumstances, you don’t do what BS did tonight with benching Lin. I now finally do believe there is something fishy going on behind the scenes.

        • MrPingPong

          Thank you, Dr. Teng, for gracing my Ouija board another day to shine in the lime light! As I’ve mentioned many many times in the past, I never bet against Lin. In the end I will always come out ahead. The cream will always rise to the top, as people say. 🙂

          It will be a long and cold winter for true Lakers fans, but not for this LOF. Lin will be fine, because my Ouija board says so! 🙂

          Late breaking news! Ouija board says Lin will perform even better come Sunday. When asked which team will win, it mumbles something like “cannot divulge the secrets of Heaven”. 🙁

          Aside: boy, that solo drive to the basket to close out the first half was sweet! That’s the Lin we all know and believe in! Of course, LOHs will say it’s a fluke. When asked Ouija board when all that hate will end, it gaggles something like “cannot divulge the secrets of Hell”. 🙂

          • jin

            Really enjoy your writing and atitude

          • MrPingPong

            Thank you, Jin, for your kind words. I try to serve as a comic relief for this wonderful blog. And like bball, sometime the shots go in, sometime they don’t. Luckily for me, anti-conspiracy theory aside, coach Philosopher hasn’t benched me yet! 🙂

            Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

      • All I’m saying is that we can’t control the things that people say or do. I’m sure Lin wanted to have a great year as a Laker but even he was not able to foresee all the challenges that even his own team had for him.

  • Kendalf

    I think a big question that needs to be answered is when Byron Scott decided that they were throwing in the towel and giving up on the game. If it was early in the 4th quarter, then the argument could reasonably be made that he kept Jeremy on the bench to rest him for the next game. Evidence for this is the fact that it was the second unit playing for most of the 4th quarter, with one exception. But what makes no sense in this scenario is why BS would then put Kobe back in at the 6:55 mark (when the Lakers were down by a dozen). Of all the Laker starters, Kobe should be the first and foremost to be rested when the towel is thrown.

    Putting Kobe in seemed to imply that Scott thought they still had a chance to pull it off (and with nearly 7 minutes to go and a dozen point differential, I think the game was still within reach). If that was the case, then it is indeed completely confounding why he didn’t put Jeremy in at the same time–the player who in the 2nd Q had scored 7 of the last 9 Laker points in two minutes to cut the Laker deficit from 12 to 5 at halftime. The one Laker player in the game who had already shown the ability to cut a big lead down quickly was not allowed to do so in the 4th.

    • Yep. When you go over it, none of it makes sense. That’s why what happened in this game if FINALLY what swayed me to believe in the conspiracy theory, something I have been resisting.

    • “But what makes no sense in this scenario is why BS would then put Kobe back in”

      Kobe is leading all scorers so he needs to jack up his stats.

      • Kendalf

        That plays into the “conspiracy theory” idea that the F.O. doesn’t really want to win games but just wants to pad Kobe’s stats. Giving Kobe more minutes when the coach has forfeited just increases risk of injury. The contrast between Byron Scott and a coach like Greg Popovich in how they handle rotations and substitutions is just night and day.

  • jin

    I think lin pissed bs by the layup at half. That infriged the patent named kobe.
    I loved it though. The man!

  • ashley

    I watched most of the 3rd Q and the 4th. What I saw was that even though Jeremy scored in the 3rd and once brought the team back within 6 point deficit, he and the first unit couldn’t stop the Celtics from widening the lead again at the end, so BS decided to try the second unit, which seemed to work for a few moments in the 4th Q. But then the second unit just couldn’t hit the buckets and the game was lost, which made BS think even the first unit couldn’t do much, so it wasn’t necessary to bring Lin and the other starters back in except Kobe, who must close out the game (and get the chance to pat his stats) no matter what. (Those who think Lin has poor scoring stats should take his limited playing time into consideration.)

    Yeah, if BS was indeed more of a normal coach, he should have made more in-game adjustments and put Lin back in with Kobe to see if any differences could be made. But since he didn’t believe in Lin that much, he didn’t think it necessary to bring Lin back. Benching Lin the entire 4th quarter just showed he had no recognition of or belief in Lin’s game.

    So this whole thing is just like Lin’s first season in Houston all over again when he was treated like a de facto starter who got benched for a long time and couldn’t finish the game. (The second season was the opposite in that he became a bench player but got to close the game.)

    Despite the insane benching, I’m still thrilled for Lin’s great performance. Hopefully, he keeps up the aggressiveness and the God of Basketball will take good care of him so there’ll be no more 0-10 game this season!

  • bob space

    Another article quoted lin saying how this isnt like the houston system (spacing decent 3pt shooters, etc) and byron scotts reply suggests his ego was bruised. He (byron) basically said that in ny lin could get his own shots, but in la he would need to create for others, which is complete and utter b.s. what does he think lin does? Also, i find it odd how kobe is the assist leader with 10+ a game. He did the same thing when nash was starting out. Its like hes willing to pass, as long as he’s still the primary reason why they win.

    • Kobrick is averaging 4.9 assists per game. What do you mean 10+? After last night’s 19 minutes of playing time debacle Jeremy’s assist average is now down to 4.9 also. But Kobrick is nowhere near 10. Why do you write 10+?

      • bob space

        Oh i meant in the last few games. lol late night typing. Yeah kobe is averaging around 4 a game but in the last few has been the assist leader

  • Chirico

    The same BS drama will repeat again and again this season like those stinky commercials.

    Next Season please.

    • I’m afraid you are correct. To me, too, this season looks like yet another lost year for Jeremy Lin. Pox to the Lakers for their mistreatment of Jeremy. I am so sick of this shit. Will it never end? Where is Mike D’Antoni when you really need him? He is the only coach who has treated Jeremy well and it gave us Linsanity which was pure joy for me. I want the joy back. Ef McFail, ef McScott and ef Houston and the Lakers.

  • Good read. Another factor I’d like to point out is that the Lakers may be tanking. I wasn’t sure about that before this game, but now, I have a feeling that they are. Lin was just doing too good in this game, and maybe they wanted to stop that. Because I don’t think BS is THAT stupid to take out the best Laker on the floor because he wanted to win.
    If your theory is true, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. They get the first round draft pick from Phoenix, and they get to keep Lin.

    • Yep. I do mention the tanking bit in this article, although I didn’t use the words “tanking” specifically. I’m with you. Before, I didn’t buy the whole tanking thing, but now I’m more convinced of it–especially after last night’s game. And, yes, both strategies are in alignment.

      Before, I thought that the owners/managers were just hoping that the Lakers would lose games so that they could get good picks, but I didn’t think there was any actual collusion between the owners and the coaches. But now, I think there might be. And maybe this collusion didn’t start until very recently. I don’t know. I just think that there’s no need for teams to immediately try to tank at the beginning of the season, since there’s plenty of time to tank. So I’m thinking that once they realize this team isn’t going to make the playoffs, they decided that it’s time to tank on purpose. And I think that has just happened and the lineup changes that will occur in the next game is to facilitate this tanking. I even think Kobe is finally in on it, as well, since he’s loyal to the organization for treating him so well. This explains why Kobe hasn’t been so mad, lately.

      Basically, the strategy is to put on a good show, let Kobe do his thing, pretend to get a little upset about losing and then make lineup changes and such to give the impression that they’re trying to make changes to win, when in fact they’re making changes to lose. Lin, of course, is not in on it, so they need Lin on the bench, so he doesn’t do any damage and cause the Lakers to win. This explains why Lin was benched vs. Timberwolves, even though Lin was the best Lakers of the night.

      Basically, Lakers want to keep the fans still interested, by letting Kobe entertain and make it seem like they want to win games, so there’s no public outcry about tanking.

      • Chirico

        Spot on! Philosopher!

  • skyfall

    Dear JLintel

    If Im pissing you off with my post comments, you may very well tell me directly to stop posting and I’ll leave this blog forever without a second word, ok?

    Jeremy had 14 pts, 5-8 fgs, 1-1 3pt, 2 ass, 2 to

    He played 8 mins during the 1st qtr , 1 ass, 1 to, 0-1 fg.
    —His 1 assist came from throwing the ball to Hill who sank a long 19 ftr.

    He checked back in only at 02:46 left in the 2nd qtr, 7 pts, 0-1 fg.
    —After 2 exchanged possessions he was fouled and sank 2 fts.
    —He dribble up the ball crossing the half line with Boozer running alongside 5 ft away, Rondo blocked Lin’s left side giving him a wide open right lane which he banked it and a foul on Zeller who tried to cover him(and 1 for Lin). That, was just a case of bad defense on Rondo, in which Lin didnt even place a shake or shoulder fake on him.
    —Missed a jumper.
    —0.08 left, Boozer side inbound to Lin and he outrun Rondo went straight to the middle into 3 defenders and made an off balance bankshot. Again a case of bad defense on the celtics, the 3 lakers were all spread out while 4 celtics clogged the paint yet Sullinger and Olynyk couldnt even block Lin’s off balance shot!!! Lin was trapped and barely jump!!!

    3rd qtr 7 pts, 1 ass, 1-1 fg
    —Assist to Hill for a layup. This one Lin went around a “SEMI” screen by hill at the top, went straight left down low but was covered by Zeller, Lin pick up his dribble turn sideway back and find Hill come running to receive the pass for the layup. Rondo just stood ground watching when he’s suppose to block out Hill after Zeller switch. Lin wasnt skilled enough to go for the shot against Zeller especially it was on Lin’s left (weak) side, that’s why he stop and pick up his dribble.
    —Then missed a long 2 followed by a foul on Zeller who hits 2 fts.
    —Took a pass from Kobe and made a drive to the rim for 2.
    —Boozer defensive rebound dissed to Lin who went coast to coast for a layup which Sullinger wasnt able to block it. I’m sorry, it’s almost 1 vs 4, Bradley and Sullinger were in front facing Lin while Rondo and Turner just sort of jogged back.
    —Hill inbound back court, Lin crossed the half line on his right side, Kobe WALKED in front toward Lin’s right, Lin uses the “SEMI” screen went left and with 3 ft away from the 3 pt line threw up the shot. This I thought was a bad shot selection, Hill just came up the arc, Kobe walked to the other side, Wesley is on the opposite side of the 3 pt line, only Boozer is near the paint, IF LIN MISS THAT ONE, another lost possession with no chance at “2nd chance point”.
    —TO, palming the ball was called on Lin.
    —Then foul Sullinger on the ensuing play. Free throw shots.
    —Went to the bench after another minute and a half, time mark 03:24 left.

    Summary: 1 questionable 3 ptr, 2 fts, 1 and one, 1 driving layup thru Kobe, 2 dying sec. coast to coast, total 14 pts. Pls take note I break it down for a better perception.
    Did he played well? I’m not impressed at all. Was he bench on purpose or deservedly? Maybe he’s supposed to check back in at around the latter part of 4th qtr as usual, but maybe BS saw something else.

    • Thanks for the thorough break down, skyfall. I really appreciate that type of thoroughness. It shows that you really care about what you’re saying. So I respect that.

      I don’t ban people who have a different take. It’s great to have a variety of opinions. I only take issue with people who say hateful things and name call (although, I know I’m guilty of this, as well). As long as you’re sincere about what you’re writing, I’m all good with it.

      Your break down is great, but I think in the same way that I’m biased positively towards Lin, you may be biased negatively towards Lin. I say “in the same way” is because I try to be as objective about Lin as I can, while still being a Lin fan. And I see that you’re trying to be as objective about Lin as you can, as well, but I do see that you tend to look more at Lin’s faults.

      I think if you scrutinize any player, you can pick apart anything. Lin didn’t do much until the 3rd quarter and his 3rd quarter wasn’t perfect. But if you scrutinize any of the other Lakers player, you would find a lot of fault, as well. So I think overall, it was still very odd that Scott didn’t put Lin back in the 4th quarter. It didn’t even jive with how Scott has played Lin all season. So that oddity is what is significant here. And that oddity is what lead me to finally buy into the conspiracy theory, after resisting it.

      • MrPingPong

        We say here in America, ‘different strokes for different folks’. But the Vietnamese take it to a more organic level with something like, ‘there are nine people but 10 opinions’. Can somebody here educate me on what the Chinese would say in this case?

        Diversity is pretty amazing. And so is human genome folding! 🙂

      • It is easier to criticize than offer solutions and I think Lin is well aware of both. That’s why I never feel the need to criticize him because seriously, what good is using a keyboard to complain?

        Just enjoy the good moments and cherish the inspiring ones!

      • skyfall

        If ever Jeremy transform into a very good bball player, I’ll be very happy and proud of him. Biased positively but objectively while still being a fan of his is nothing wrong. Me, biased without prejudice. I’m biased in regards to his bball skills after watching him play since he was a knick. Unless he improves on some important aspects that I’ve mentioned, I think I’ve seen enough of him.

        After Yao Ming retired I stop watching nba AGAIN. 4 years ago Jeremy is one of the invitees among nba players for an exhibition game on Yao’s fund raising campaign. That’s when I came to know him, and he wasnt even a knick then. I thought who’s this asian guy playing in nba? It amazed me after what I saw as unimaginable bcoz he really didnt impress me, something I wont go into details(it’s abt his skills). When Linsanity broke out I started watching his games on tv whenever the cable provider broadcast it and I get to watch the replay of the WHOLE game hours after live. This season I have the luxury of watching every lakers game both live and replay, obviously thru the courtesy of Jeremy.

        I’m one of the guys defending and fighting his critics and haterz over chronicle Feigan’s blog. Some of those big big jeremy resident posters namely GoRock, Slamdunk with multiple accts, loveBB etc were well over board most of the time in my opinion. I gave Jeremy the benefit of the doubt during his 2 seasons with the Rox while we, together with his die hard fans, spoke abt fat face morey and mcfail’s conspiracy theory and stuffs you guys called “Lin was being mchaled”. Then I stop posting over there during the second half of his second season being a Rocket BCOZ JEREMY ISNT DOING WHAT I THOUGHT DEEP INSIDE ME WHAT HE’S SUPPOSED TO DO. I’ve come to terms with myself to accept the reality of what I perceive in him as someone who excels in one side of the game but can be negated altogether bcoz of his lack of physical attributes and thus limited bball skills. Come fighting for a playoff spot or playoff game which you all know what it’s like, his game will be exposed. I’m not one who’ll be “ooh, ah, wow” whenever jeremy makes a bucket; Try looking like this–Jeremy couldnt impress someone who never play on a professional bball in me but is good at it, what more to guys playing on nba? Dont get it wrong, I’m not taking away his side of strengths, I’m only saying they are far from enough since opponent will figure him out IF they still havent which I doubt.

        • ashley

          I’m no expert of basketball, but getting 14 points in 19 minutes’ play is good enough performance, which made many wonder why he didn’t get to play more. Therefore, to say he didn’t play well or not impressed at all is too critical IMO. I do believe he has some flaws that contribute to his consistency and he needs to continue working on them. And I’d hope that whether he gets to handle the ball a lot or not, he can always shine on the court.

          • ashley

            correction: “inconsistency” instead of “consistency.”
            BTW, there will be a change in the starting lineup next game. Let’s see!

          • skyfall

            I must say we’re all non expert but to those who play bball alot can see some distinction.
            I’m trying to tell how Lin got those baskets, 2-3 of them weren’t like his opponent tried hard to stop him, and we know what it’s like, games like playoffs. I saw how he got those pts and I’m sure guys playing can see that too. Unlike reporters and casual fans, BS was a professional nba player, he can’t possibly not know or differentiate the skill LEVEL of a player.
            Maybe I’m not getting my point across due to poor wording, hey I’m no writer and I dont speak much english.

  • Spiraling Conspiracies

    Well, I do believe in conspiracies as they are very common. In every jurisdiction at every level of government conspiracy is the most common conviction by a large, large margin. Conspiracies are as common as…as common as…well, as common as conspiracies. If you don’t like that one, here’s another one. Conspiracies are as common and durable as cockroaches. The question isn’t, “Is there a conspiracy?” Rather it is which conspiracy and whose conspiracy. We may have multiple and spiraling conspiracies in this case with Jeremy and the Lakers. There is the coaching staff, there is the front office, there is American culture and its racist nature and there is the NBA and its racist sub-culture. But if I had to pick just one I would say that the Lakers are deliberately tanking it and I would have to say that a decision like that would have to come from the front office. I would be surprised in McScott could make a decision like that independently. He might but it seems to be that it would be real risky for him to do so for his own long-term survival as the Lakers’ coach. I took a good, long, hard look at the box score from the Celtics game. There is an adverse relationship between offensive performance and minutes played. It wasn’t just Jeremy last night. The three most effective Lakers offensively were Jeremy Lin, Wayne Ellington and Jordan Hill and they played fewer minutes than everyone else other than Boozer among those who played significant minutes. Clarkson played 2 minutes; everyone else played at least 18. We know Jeremy’s line. Hill was 6-6 FG and played 22 mintues. Ellington was 5-7 FG and played 19 minutes. On the other hand we have Johnson 0-5 FG and 26 minutes, Sacre 1-10 FG and 26 minutes, Price 3-10 FG and 24 minutes, Young 5-14 FG and 22 minutes and Kobrick 9-21 and 33 minutes. There are two anomalies here with Boozer 1-6 FG and 18 minutes and Davis 2-4 FG and 30 minutes. But generally the better the offensive output the fewer the minutes played. So either there is a conspiracy here to lose games or McScott is a total moron. I suppose it could be both but my vote would be for the former.

    Incidentally as far as votes are concerned my vote would be a strong confirmation to accept Skyfall’s gracious offer to “go away and shut the fuck up.” Arguing with this individual is like an atheist arguing with a religious fanatic. An atheist will never convince a religious fanatic that there is no god and conversely a religious fanatic will never convince an atheist that there is a god. So what is the point of even having such a discussion and debate? There is none. So to Skyfall I would say, “Adios. It’s been nice knowing you but it will be even nicer not knowing you!” Snuff said, hey!? I would think and hope so. But it is not up to me to make such decisions.

    • Gary Teng

      Dear Professor MrPingPong,

      You humbly stated that, “I try to serve as a comic relief for this wonderful blog.” I am grudgingly and reluctantly admitting that you have succeeded big time.

      I, Gary K. Teng, want to express my deepest gratitude to you for that. Your hilarity and great sense of (self-depreciated) humor always brings some degree of solace and comfort to me. In short, you make my miserable life much less miserable! 🙂

      Dear old & in the way,

      Wow! Relax! Take a deep breath and calm down please. 🙂

      I always avoid arguing against an (empty) wall. Because by so doing, all I get is the echo of my (excellent) points and frustration. It a pure wasting of time.

      Just remember this:

      “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”
      — Oscar Wilde

      Every sucker is entitled to his/her stupidity. So just leave those suckers and/or trolls alone, and eventually they will fade away.

      BTW: Although I vehemently disagree with every single word Skyfall had said, he seems to be a decent person who genuinely believes in his perception of the reality.

      • Gary Teng, I’m very glad to have you here to match up with MrPingPong’s humor. I would say that you’re more on the dark humor side. So with you and MrPingPong, we got the humor spectrum covered here on this “wonderful blog” (thanks for that!)

        Also, thanks for your comment after “BTW”. That’s very open-minded of you and that’s great to see!

      • MrPingPong

        Thank you, Dr. Teng, for your begrudging support. I will keep studying reruns of Johnny Carson whenever Lin and our beloved Lakers are not playing then.

        And do I love your quotes! They are so amusingly appropriate! 🙂

      • Dear Gary Teng:

        Hello. I notice that Mr. Ping Pong refers to you as Dr. Teng but you refer to yourself as just Gary Teng. Is the Dr. honorary or are you an M.D or Ph. D.? I am confused about how to properly address you. Could you please clarify for me how to address you. Is it Dr. Teng or just Gary Teng? Thank you. You are though without a doubt still a master of the pertinent quote. I am familiar with this Oscar Wilde quote having already heard and read it in the past. Oscar Wilde was, of course, a very clever and intelligent man who said and wrote many very quotable things. So thanks for this fine quote. I don’t know how you remember these quotes. Do you use a website for quotes to jar your memory? Perhaps I should as I don’t seem to be able to remember any good quotes “off the top of my head.”

        We shall however have to agree to disagree regarding trolls and fools. Just as you say that it is a waste of time to argue against an empty wall I say it is a waste of time to argue with a biased fool. And I am always calm and deliberate when I am writing. Perhaps you confuse my “brutal honesty” for a lack of calmness. But I am too old and have too little precious time left to waste any of it trying to convince a fool that he is a fool. We see what we see and we are what we are. I do not understand why anyone would want to tell someone else what to see or who and how to be as I have no desire to do this to anyone else. Have a wonderful day and I am hoping that Jeremy shall not be further marginalized tonight by McScott and what seems to be a very toxic Lakers organization. But I am not expecting my hopes to be realized. Perhaps I shall be gleefully surprised. We shall see. Ciao for now.

        • Gary Teng

          Dear old & in the way,

          Please just call me “Gary” if you don’t mind.

          I do possess more than one (earned) advanced degrees. But, as I interacted with wonderful fellow bloggers like you and felt more at home at this great blog, I decided to (voluntarily) drop my title less I was too formal or even pretentious. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂

          A picture is worth a thousand words. Likewise, an appropriate and timely quote is at least equal to a (mental) picture. I started collecting Quotable Quotes from the Reader’s Digest when I was in college. Every time I read a quote I liked, I immediately coped it down on a notebook. (Nowadays there are numerous websites specialized in famous quotes for all kinds of occasions.)

          A fool is a fool mostly because he/she does not realize that obvious fact. My point is that if we waste too much of our precious time in trying to convince a fool who he/she truly is, we ourselves become fools.

          Let’s have our fingers crossed for Lin and wish him play well tonight.

    • I agree with you on the tanking conspiracy. See my reply to notunafraid about the “tanking” conspiracy.

      I think it’s fine to have disagreements and different opinions on this site, as long as we do so with some level of respect. I also understand that we all disagree in our own ways and I understand that we all get heated. So a little name calling every now and then, I will accept, because I’m sure I’m guilty of this myself. But please lets try and respect one another. Even those who disagree with us if they do so in a thoughtful manner. And I think Skyfall has done so. He may be biased in his opinions and I haven’t read all of the comments, but I think for the most part, Skyfall hasn’t been overly disrespectful or anything. He just may see things a lot differently than some of us here and I’m okay with that.

  • pistolpete

    Kobe is a man-child who has tantrums whenever he is out-shined on the court even for one game. When Jeremy had 11 assists and 18 points against Minnesota Kobe played point guard for the next 2 games to show everyone he could have double digit assists too. It would be comical if it wasn’t impacting Jeremy’s career. Last night Jeremy was hot and bringing the team back and became a threat to Kobe again so he was benched never to return. Kobe must get his stats and be the “man” – everything else is secondary even winning.
    For this reason Jeremy will lose his starting job to Price who is shooting 30% and is not even as good at defense as Jeremy. Boozer will also be justly replaced by Davis because his defense is atrocious.
    I’m praying now for a trade…

    • boy… this is exactly what i’ve been thinking….. thanks pistolpete

  • closetlinfan

    While the conspiracy theory seems possible, it was telling that Jordan Hill was also benched for much of the time, especially after sinking 6 for 6.

    Perhaps the theory from a previous poster is more plausible: BS thought the D needed a jumpstart and brought in the second unit. It did work for a while. Yet when the second unit was collapsing, BS did not have the confidence in Lin and the other starters (ex-KB) to sub them back in.

    In BS’s stubborn and convoluted mind, putting just Kobe back in with the second unit should stop the bleeding, since the second unit worked so well just minutes earlier.

    So all in all, if I imagined myself as Popovich but with 5% of his basketball IQ, I can almost comprehend what was going through BS’s mysterious head in that 4th quarter…

    • I think the significant thing is that last night’s benching didn’t really even jive with Scott’s pattern of how he has been using Lin and I think it’s significant that this oddity took place vs. the Celtics–a team that would have an interest in Lin to possibly replace Rondo. So that’s why I think there’s something a lot more going on here than just basketball.

  • yes, I meant to mention earlier but forgot that it was reported at Jeremy Lin #7 that in his post game press conference McScott announced that there would be changes in the starting line-up for Sunday’s game but he refused to give details or specify what those changes would be. If he replaces Jeremy then he is even more repugnant that I have imagined he is up to now. There is no justification for replacing Jeremy with Ronnie Price. But then there was no justification for replacing Jeremy with Patrick Beaverly in Houston either. I am so sick of the biased treatment that Jeremy has received in the NBA during much of his career to this point. But I am hoping that perhaps it will only be Boozer out and Davis in and that Jeremy will remain the starter. But the way things have gone for Jeremy so far it would not shock me if McScott has decided to replace Jeremy with Price as unfair as it would be.

    • As I mentioned in my response to notunafraid above, this lineup change is all part of the conspiracy to tank and to keep Lin in check so they can keep Lin as their backup PG of the future. It’s all related.

  • Chirico

    BS was testing his line up for this Sunday. Thanks for the spiral conspiracy theory, old & in the way. I really enjoyed reading it.

    BS was doing a great job. His rules of thumb as now i can point out are:

    1. Kobrick needs to be the reason for the win, nobody, nobody shall ever challenge that.

    2. If Kobe can not be the reason for the win, go to #4.

    3. If Kobe could not play a game, go to #4.

    4. look for ways to loss

    • Yep, I think the oddity could be explained by Scott testing his starting lineup for Sunday.

      Thanks for your algorithm. It makes it easy for Scott that “Kobrick” being the reason for the win is often the same strategy as “look for ways to lose”. Kobe iso is the answer for both.

      • Chirico

        Thanks for your echo, Mr. philosopher.

        Just for the fun part of it. What lune up would you say is going to be in Sunday ?

        I’m thinking in order to maximaize Kobrick’s historical record. This line up needs to be able to first, make sure Kobrick bricks much more effectively. Second, more hero ball and slow half court offense. Third, someone takes the defense load off Kobrick and takes the blame for the poor defense.

        Third, starts whoever Kobrick likes to play with.

    • Dear Chirco:

      By golly…I think you’ve got it! #4 it is then all the way!!! Thanks for the kind words on my “Spiraling Conspiracies” posting from this morning. I am hoping that Jeremy doesn’t get shafted again on his starting position but I fear that he will. Before Jeremy Lin I had no idea that the NBA is a racist as it is. No progress has been made at all apparently in the last 150 years as far as racial equality is concerned. It is both disconcerting and depressing to live on a planet where racial and cultural oppression are so prominent. I already knew this but somehow this brings it all home in ways I didn’t completely comprehend before Jeremy Lin. I think I mistakenly thought that racial equality had improved at least a little bit but I guess not. I still have faith though that Jeremy will somehow prevail through all of this turmoil eventually. He has game and he can play and play well at the NBA level even if most people are so biased that they can not perceive it. Later.

  • jin

    Fans want excitement. Owners want money. Players want publicity.
    All the things make sense if think that way.

  • Here’s something for you all to think about, and my apologies if it had already been said.

    I think Lin’s benching is because Lin doesn’t agree with the plays that Scott wants. If you remember Lin’s time at Houston, Lin would also get pulled by McHale when he’s playing well.

    So when Lin starts deferring from Scott’s plan and start making plays, great passes, and being aggressive, he is just simply taking a page out of an MDA offense. Guess what, they’re effective!

    So guess who’s not going to like it when Lin subconsciously switches to playing MDA style? The coaches 🙂

    It might explain why Scott AND Kobe don’t like it.

    Guess what happens when Kobe takes the ball and also plays a PG-driven offense?

    Nothing happens. Not even a word from Scott.

    So there’s no conspiracy, just 2 OLD guys milking the situation for what it’s worth because the lineup doesn’t meet their championship level standards.

    • Chirico

      I second that. Samsuki D.

    • logical…… and I admire Lin having the guts to do that. He had have enough of Kobe’s bullshit Tom Brady role…

  • Pistolpete

    Dear philosopher,
    I would concur that there is a conspiracy to help Kobe get his stats even at the expense of team wins as they are going nowhere and they also want the draft pick. As far as conspiring to keep Lin’s stats down so they can retain him as a backup point guard I’m not so sure. Jeremy doesn’t need the money so if they disrespect him this season I don’t believe he would stay with the team even though.he does like LA. I’m sure there will be other teams that will want him that are contenders, have a good coach or where he feels will give him a fair shot. Why would anyone in their right mind want to play with Kobe? I believe that prejudice can blind a person from objectively judging a player’s abilities. I believe this is what is happening with Scott’s treatment of Jeremy. We’ve already seen this happen with McHale although his treatment of Jeremy was more pride to prove he was right in cutting him rather than racial prejudice. It’s been a tough road for JLin but he is mentally tough and I feel when he becomes a free agent he will pick the right situation to continue his career.

    • I hear you, Pistolpete. I did resist the conspiracy theory for a while, until what I saw in the Celtics game. Again, it was notable that the oddest thing occurred versus the Celtics, a team that potentially would be looking for a PG like Lin to replace Rondo. So everything starts fitting in for me.

      Lin’s benching vs. Celtics didn’t even jive with how BS has managed Lin’s minutes all season. That’s what was so strange about the Celtics benching. If it was about Scott’s lack of confidence in Lin, then he had no reason to not play Lin in the 4th in THAT game. So that’s why I think there’s something else going on. Not just simply that BS is a Lin doubter (which BS is). The only thing that could possibly explain the strange benching vs. Celtics is that BS was testing out his new starting lineup. That’s really the only thing that could explain it aside from the conspiracy theory.

      I also want to point out one thing. This conspiracy theory is based on what the Lakers organization is thinking. So, while I do understand that Lin doesn’t need the money and wouldn’t stay if he felt disrespected. I think the Lakers are kind of weighing two choices. Either they let Lin do his thing and become a star this season and command a lot of attention during the off season, making it tough for them to retain Lin. Or they go with the strategy of keeping Lin’s stats in check. And they’re thinking, what is going to be the BEST of these two choices. So neither is ideal, but they’re thinking that they have to pick one strategy. If they do nothing, then things will just take it’s course and the result could be Lin having a big year and they lose their big marketing asset of the future (which would hurt especially once Kobe retires). So maybe they don’t want to risk that. And so they’re thinking, why don’t we take some control of the situation and keep Lin in check. Sure, there’s the risk of Lin feeling disrespected and not staying, but the Lakers are hoping that Lin will perform so badly this season that he won’t get too many attractive offers and the idea of residing in LA and the LA fan base would win Lin over. Of course, the trick the Lakers have to pull off is to keep in in check just enough so Lin doesn’t feel disrespected. it’s a balancing act.

  • pistolpete

    Very interesting theory philosopher – I’d have never thought of it. You’re probably right but if they start “D” leaguer Price instead of Jeremy he should opt out of LA even if he has to play in China. For myself I’ll watch golf more, paint, do volunteer work – anything but watch the NBA.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely just a theory at this point and a somewhat far-fetched one at that.

      I think there’s also a possibility that they’ll start Ellington and Kobe as the back court. Davis could also start in place of Boozer. The reason I think there’s a possibility of Ellington starting over Price is that there will be less public outcry. I think lots of fans are down on Price so Lakers org don’t want to incite the fans. In either case, I’d be very surprise if Lin stays the starter.

      Yep, it’s gonna be hard watching the games if they marginalize Lin. But also hard for me to not be tempted to watch Lin play. It’s a dilemma for me. I’ll probably watch the game prerecorded and just skip to moments when Lin is on the court. We’ll see.

      • I just saw the news that Price and Davis are starting.

  • pistolpete

    Extremely unjust in Jeremy’s case. I’ll probably do the same for now – record the game and fast forward to when Jeremy gets in. Price is lucky for his first start though as NO lacks a good point guard (maybe they will be a good landing spot for Jeremy).

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  • Chirico

    Hi folks,

    Just got some twitter news.
    Without a doubt, BS sends JLin and boozer to join the bench.

    It sort of redirectly proves old & in the way’s Spiral conspiracy theory.

    Today, BS and Kobrick betrayed JLin. In just a month after this season began. They must have some alzheimer’s symptoms. Do they (2 old men)
    forget about what they said to the public, media and JLin ? Kobrick said he would help JLin and expect him to become a great NBA guard. BS told media that he likes JLin and the kid is playing the right kind of bball. So this is how you treat him after a month? you think Lakers fans and Lin fans dont know what you are orchesting? Dont you care what might affect the rest of Lakers players’ morale in general.

    The biggest joke I hear this month.
    To whoever wish lakers a good year this year, Sadly, Lakers is done this season.

    To those Kobrick hero ball admirers or worshipers, enjoy as much as possible before Kobrick’s body betray him again.

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  • Last night against Golden State Lin was back to 24 minutes. Better than
    19 or 20- only because Bryant was given a rest. Interesting – they beat
    Golden State without Bryant. Does that say something about team
    basketball? Looking back I observed that BS decided to bench Lin
    after the Minnesota game,where Lin had a double double-11 assists, 18 pts.
    He gave him 32 more games of 29+ minutes and that was it. Puzzling –
    why bench your best player because the team is not winning. There is
    something else going on. I would hate to think that it is racial. Time
    will tell, but it appears that LA may not be Lin’s last stop. I would like
    to see him with a coach like Popovich even if he was a backup for
    Tony Parker.

  • I made typo – I meant 3 more games of 29+ minutes. Not 32.