Under No Circumstances Should Ronnie Price Start Over Jeremy Lin – Something Devious Going On in Lakerland

Although the IDEA of Price starting over Lin should be SHOCKING, the news that came out that BS (an apt abbreviation for Byron Scott) will start Price over Lin came as no surprise at all to Lin fans, after how Lin has been treated so far by BS, as well as how Lin has been treated by McHale and Woodson.

You can talk about fit all you want, but if Price was on ANY team, Price would not start under ANY circumstance. Hell, price has no business of playing the minutes that he has been playing thus far as a back up Point Guard. Price currently averages 20.7 minutes. Price’s career average is around 12 minutes, which is equivalent to his average last season. People are going to make thee same tired arguments about fit, defense, etc.but these arguments are misguided and disturbing, which I outline in a previous blog before the season even started.

Before, the argument for relegating Lin to the bench was that they needed scoring with Nick Young out. Well, now Nick Young is back, so there goes that argument. Then, of course, you get the usual defense reasons for benching Lin, which is completely misguided, because Lin is actually an underrated defense. Here’s an article that goes into it. And even if you blind yourself to the truth of Lin’s defense, his defense is not so bad that it would warrant starting a PG of Price’s caliber. When it comes to benching Lin, if it’s not this reason it’s another reason. People just make up whatever seems plausible either because they’ve been misguided or because of their own biases (conscious or unconscious) of Jeremy Lin.

I mean, if we’re talking fit, then Lin doesn’t fit much better with Nick Young than he does with Kobe. Sure, it MIGHT be a little better but is that worth decreasing Lin’s minutes even more in favor of increasing Price’s minutes by making Price the starter? The bottom line is that starting is important. There are only a few instances in which the back up plays more minutes and closes out games. I go into this in more detail in a post I wrote before the season even started here.

Also, if we’re really serious about fit, then why has BS made a concerted effort to avoid putting Lin and Davis together at all costs, even though they have clear chemistry together? Also if Lin and Kobe don’t mesh, then why has BS made a concerted effort to play Lin and Kobe nearly 100% of the time together (I actually think it’s exactly 100%, but just said “nearly” just to be on the safe side), rather than at least try to stagger their minutes a little. And BS could have very easily staggered Kobe’s and Lin’s minutes and it would have made total sense in the flow of the game. But has been doing the thing that actually makes no sense and going against the natural flow of the game in order to purposely pair Kobe with Lin 100% of the time. Let me illustrate this for you so you can see what I’m talking about.

BS takes Lin out in the 1st and 3rd quarters consistently around the 3 to 4 minute mark. Then he checks Lin back in in the 2nd and 4th quarters around the 6 minute mark. BS plays Kobe nearly the ENTIRE 1st and 3rd quarters and checks Kobe back often BEFORE he checks Lin back in. From a pure player rest standpoint, this makes absolutely no sense. Why is Lin resting 9 minutes between quarters? There’s no need for that. At the most Lin should be resting 6 minutes between quarters. So if BS would just manage Lin’s minutes appropriately and not sit Lin out an unnecessarily long period of time, then Lin would have 6 minutes per game playing without Kobe. In other words, if BS was SO CONCERNED about Kobe and Lin not meshing and that’s why Lin is being relegated to the bench, then his management of Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes did not communicate that. In fact, BS went out of his way to pair Lin and Kobe together at all cost. Even at the cost of simple logic.

So, again, all of these arguments about fit are misguided if you look beyond the surface. Unfortunately, a lot of people only see the surface of things. If we’re trying to win games, then the Lakers are doing the opposite of what is needed by relegating Lin to the bench. The BIGGEST and MOST OVERLOOKED mistake the Lakers have actually been making is their mismanagement of Lin’s minutes and usage. If they simply increase Lin’s minutes and usage, the Lakers would win a ton MORE games.

So Price starting over Lin is either about this disturbing effort to relegate Lin to the bench, due to a bias against Lin (which the media keeps pretending doesn’t exist). Or there may be another conspiracy, which I go into here.

The gist of the conspiracy idea is that the Lakers want to keep Lin as their back up PG of the future,  primarily because of Lin’s marketability. I didn’t buy into this conspiracy theory until Lin’s very odd benching in the 4th vs. the Celtics, in which Lin was 5 of 8 from the field with 14 points in 19 minutes, I’m finally buying into the conspiracy theory that I’ve been resisting. That benching vs. Celtics didn’t jive with how BS has been managing Lin’s minutes all season. The only other explanation for the odd benching (aside from this conspiracy theory) is that BS was testing out starting lineups.

Of course, the Lakers wouldn’t be playing these games if they were actually looking to win. But they’re not. The Lakers are looking to tank. This might not have been the plan until maybe the Timberwolves game. That’s when some crazy things started happening, like benching Lin in the 4th even though Lin was the best Lakers of the night. Basically, what the Lakers org cares about this season are the following:

  • Kobe gets his stats and finishes off his career strong (that’s why they keep Kobe in there during garbage time if Kobe hasn’t achieved good stats).
  • Lakers lose enough so they get the #5 pick, but not too much so that they lose the pick to Phoenix.
  • Keeping Lin in check so Lin does poorly and won’t get attractive offers from other teams and they can retain Lin as their back up PG of the future. Also, they don’t want Lin ruining their tank plans by playing to win.

The Lakers also want to seem like they’re trying to do things to win so as to still keep fans interested and not incite fans who are against tanking. So they’ll make lineup changes and pretend to be upset and such. But these lineup changes are all part of their strategy to lose, showcase Kobe, and undermine Lin so they can keep Lin.

Anyway, the conspiracy theory goes something like this. Unlike other NBA owners, the Lakers is the Buss’s primary source of income. In other words, making money is especially important to the Lakers’s owners. So the Lakers really want to keep Lin, because Lin is a big marketing asset—especially after Kobe retires. They don’t see Lin as a starter, though, so they’re trying to do whatever they can in their power to make it so that other teams only see Lin as a back up. That way when free agency rolls around, Lin will only be getting offers to be the back up PG for other teams. And the Lakers hope that after considering everything, Lin decides that he’d rather be a back up for the Lakers than for other teams, since Lin enjoys residing in LA and Lin likes the LA fan base.

I think the Lakers’s strategy is going to work, because it’s going to be very hard to shine with less than 20 minutes per game. I don’t care how great you are. Getting less than 20 minutes a game is going to make a player inconsistent. Minutes are the most important thing to a player’s game. So it’s going to be very tough for Lin, going forward, to really showcase what he can do and other GMs will be laughed at if they give Lin an attractive offer (not just for money but for Lin to be their starter, which is way more important than the money).

But I’m counting on the fact that Lin will feel so disrespected by the Lakers for starting Price over him (anyone in Lin’s position would feel disrespected) that he will chose to leave no matter what.

I encourage Jeremy Lin fans to spread the word about this, so that word gets out to other NBA owners/GMs/coaches about what the Lakers are doing so Lin may still get attractive offers in the off season. If you have Twitter, tweet owners/GMs/coaches/media/etc. to spread the word! Not to be self-promoting, but since these arguments are pretty complicated to make under Twitter’s 140 character limit, I would encourage you to share my articles via social media. This one that I’m writing here is probably the most comprehensive, because it touches on the bias, as well as the conspiracy theory, since we don’t know which it is still. But it is definitely one of these two things. People who try to explain Lin’s benching by giving basketball reasons may mean well, but they’re misguided, as I’ve pointed out here and in previous posts.

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  • There is a reason why I still haven’t bought a Laker jersey or a Houston jersey yet I have one of Lin’s from the Knicks 😉

    Lin will work through it like he always will. Kid still gets paid, still gets to play basketball (though probably not the way that he would like to) and still gets the best seat in the house.

    • MrPingPong

      Agreed, Samsuki! Lin will be professional about the whole thing and will be fine.

      • No need to be professional, MrPingPong. Us fans don’t get paid. We can be as amateurish as we want. Haha.

        Go ahead, just let it all out. It’s okay!

        • Gary Teng

          Price replacing Lin as the starter will turn out to be one of the biggest farce in the history of NBA. 🙂

          I said clearly early on that BS’s top priority was to suck Kobe’s a– to make him happy. This idiotic move seems to prove that I was right all along. 🙁

          Oh! How I wish I was wrong. 🙁

          • Hi, Gary! I don’t have much time right now so this will have to be short. In time we all saw this coming. It was expected but it is still a shock when it actually happens because it is so unjust. We all need to stick together during these difficult times. I feel for Jeremy as I am sure you do, too, and everyone else here. Ciao for now.

        • MrPingPong

          Lin would be labeled as 君子 in the Confucian culture. Literally it means “son of the king”. A short and rather inadequate translation of this notion is “a British gentleman”. Countless essays have been written to discuss this notion of “the princely man”.

          On the other hand, BS is best described as 小 人, which literally means “small man”, or more appropriately “small-minded man”.

          I always try hard to refrain myself from name-calling. I’m sorry I lost my cool in this case and have “to let it all out” per our Philosopher’s suggestion! 🙁

          Perhaps Dr. Teng and/or other Chinese scholars reading this blog can help explain the above tow opposite notions of a person.

  • Chirico

    Kobe, at the beginning of the season continued to publicly encourage JLin and even said to help him to become a “champion guard,” but why now it evolved into such a situation? I think the turning point of origin of the JLin Kobe attitude change was in the 11/10 home game against the Hornets. Lakers won their first win this season. JLin took 8 of 12 shots and ended up with 21 points and 7 assists, compared to Kobe got 21 points but was 7-20. After the game, in the locker room, Lin was surrounded by army of reporters, Sacre was also impressed to say Kobe met some competition! This is the first time since the opening season of 2014, JLin stole the spotlight, but also became a major contributor to the first win of the Lakers. I had noticed Kobe’s mood in post game interview, he was not particularly exciting, but also gave very brief answer, apparently for the first win for the Lakers, he did not feel particularly happy, or had any emotional response.

    Sure enough, the next few games Kobe decided to be the point guard himself and jack up Sh#$%#, JLin began to show the ups and downs ON THE PAPER. Until recently he seemed to find a balance with the passing, attacking, guarding and even played great in the game vs Timber wolves with gorgeous run and gun, the long pass to WJ half court was one of the highlights. The crowd went crazy! The result? Lin was benched late in the game. Scott criticized JLin did not do the right guard work, Kobe took over the ball and lost. The game vs Raptor, Lin was competently Fisher’s role.

    BS was extremely careful in putting restrictions on JLin , reducing the playing minutes from the beginning of the season 40 mins to now never more than 40 minutes or even more than 35 minutes, rarely left Lin alone to lead the team, every play would surely followed with Kobe together. This tells me that BS is out there to prevent JLin from having great
    performance, until recently BS began to realize that JLin can not be contained when he is kept playing with first unit. So, the result? bench JLin.

    I now, fully understand why no NBA star like to play with Kobe.

    • MrPingPong

      Who would have thunk the Lakers are owned by Kobe? Sad story. I wonder what true Lakers are thinking right now. Not that it really matters.

    • Dear Chirco:

      Kobrick is a gigantic hypocrite and a creep!!!!

    • Chirico, you speak my mind…. thanks

  • I’ve been following the NBA since the 1950’s. As a young kid I watched Bill Russell come out of USF and lead his Boston Celtics team to 11 championships in 13 years I believe it was or something real close to this. He and his Celtics were crazy good. So that is over half a century that I’ve been watching the NBA as closely as I could. In all that time I have never seen anyone treated as badly as Jeremy Lin. I have never seen anyone scapegoated the way he has been in both Houston and now Los Angeles. Losing his starting job to a marginal player like Ronnie Price is a travesty beyond comprehension. McScott and kobrick are horrid human beings as apparently is Mitch Upchuck the general manager who is also a former player who was pretty decent in his prime. His career was shortened by injuries but he had a few darn good years. These people should know what they are doing but they do not. It is like Elgin Baylor, a truly great player, who was the general manager for the Clippers for many years and could never field a good and successful team. And now Michael Jordan floundering in Charlotte as one of the owners. These kind of management failures are unfathomable but not that uncommon. There is absolutely no justification for Jeremy’s demotion to the second unit. It is a gigantic travesty of justice. The Lakers as an organization are a joke. There is a vindictive part of me that wishes they would lose every game they play. But Jeremy is still a part of this team so I am torn. For his sake I want them to win but not if he continues to be marginalized. This is a terrible development and I am uncertain how to handle and deal with it. I will wait and see what transpires for now. But I am damn tired of Jeremy being scapegoated and blamed for everything that goes wrong. The NBA has no honor or integrity if Jeremy’s treatment is the standard used to judge it. I look to you my fellow Jeremy Lin supporters for support. I am really upset about this. I can’t wait to see what Ido Amir says about this. I wish he would post something on this fine Jeremy Lin blog. For now old & in the way out.

    • I share your frustration! When it comes to Jeremy Lin, people lose all rational judgement. This is beyond crazy. And I actually think this is beyond McFale. I mean, Ronnie Price has absolutely no business of starting on ANY team under ANY circumstances. That’s just an indisputable fact. Even McHale at least staggered Lin’s and Harden’s minutes for a very brief time. So with this demotion, Lin is actually being treated worse in LA than he had been in Houston. I can’t believe I’m actually saying that, but it is true when you really think about it. Not even an attempt to stagger Lin’s and Kobe’s minutes by BS.

      So, because all of this is just beyond crazy, I think the conspiracy theory is the one that makes the most sense of all of this craziness. Otherwise, BS is extremely biased against Jeremy Lin and the way Lin is being treated in LA is extremely DISTURBING. There’s no other way to see this.

      I’m not torn about about how I want things to go with the Lakers and Lin from here on out. I want Lin to get his stats and I want the Lakers to lose as much as possible and lose so badly that they even lose their #5 pick to the Suns. I want the Lakers to lose EVERY game if possible. But hopefully, SOMEHOW, Lin is able to get his stats with all the constraints put on him, which will be a minor miracle.

      • Chirico

        You don’t have to wish them lose every game. Mr. Philosopher. The Titanic has hit the ice burg. The course is set. It is sinking.

      • I agree. This is worse than Houston and I do want the Lakers to lose. This is in fact now that the game is ongoing horrible to witness. It is terrible. It takes the joy I once received from following Jeremy’s career and turns it into a type of grief that I don’t like and don’t appreciate. I hold McScott and Kobrick personally responsible for this debacle. I want Jeremy off the Lakers and away from Los Angeles. 60 more games of this hell to go. I can’t stand it.

        • I’m so glad I decided to skip watching this game. Yep, the NBA turned something so beautiful (Linsanity) into something so disgusting.

          It’s gives me no joy to root for the Lakers to lose and only Lin to get his stats. But that’s what I find myself doing, unfortunately. I gotta be honest with you guys and not try to be fake and diplomatic. Any organization that treats a human being that way does not deserve to succeed.

  • When the Lakers defense remains bad and now they have no offense to back up the lousy defense, I hope one reporter has the guts to ask BS why he thought Price was better than JLin. And it is mind boggling that Ed Davis is not paired with JLin.

  • Nice coincidence that the Lakers are shooting 25% in the 1st with Price starting

    • Halftime. Jrue Holiday leading with 12 pts. If JLin was starting, critics would be howling right now where’s the guard D?

      The Lakers were fortunate Anthony Davis was sitting a bit with 2 fouls. But despite that, they are still down 10. Some ice cold shooting happening.

  • bob space


    I just cant help but laugh when i read articles like the one in the link i posted. Lin gets yanked while playing well, and is “outplayed by rondo?” Of course he will only get 2 assists when kobe has the ball in his hands all the time.

    Espn710,max marcellus were talking about how kobe and co have various news outlets publish articles whenever they want to convey certain ideas without saying it directly. There were articles in sports illustrated i believe about kobe going to the knicks, and max kellerman talked about he believed that was kobes doing to plant that idea in the public without looking like the bad guy.

    Now im bringing this up because reading the linked article made me feel that lin was being treated unfairly by the media, and im usually one to reserve judgement on conspiracy theories but this smells. Also, lakers media and fans have always trashed any decent player other than kobe in recent years (dwight, pau gasol, etc) so it is no surprise that they all leave.

    I really dont know how lin puts up with this. As much as i love his basketball skills, i kind of hope he’d leave this ugly league and just become a pastor/familyman. Theres too much shadyness in the nba and ego catering, and lin in some ways is too well-adjusted and normal for this amount of crazy. Hes getting lebron-levels of scrutiny and hes just a guy who two years ago was sleeping on his bros couch. I dunno how he handles it as personally i would have snapped lol

    • Yea, it’s amazing how much people are trying to scapegoat Lin. When Kobe is shooting poorly, it’s Lin’s fault the offense isn’t good. When the defense is bad, it’s Lin’s fault.

      • Scapegoating of Lin is hate bias, plain and simple. Lin doesn’t look the part (undrafted, Asian American from Harvard). This bias against Lin is disgusting and it’s time the media stops pretending it doesn’t exist and starts talking about it.

    • Dear Bob Space:

      I know what you mean. I think there are few people who could have handled all this nonsense as well as Jeremy seems to have. I don’t know how he does it. Most people would have snapped by now I believe.

      • Yes, Lin has a lot of patience. And I think he’s had a lot of practice since he was a kid playing basketball.

  • Sage

    Sports is supposed to be a meritocracy with a little business sense thrown in. Lin is good for business (a gold mine). He has the talent to be a major contributor on any team. His treatment by Scott, McHale, and Woodson is a pattern that is hard to justify. I am tired of players on Lin’s teams not working with him. Given the circumstance, I am even suspicious of the lack of fouls called on Lin in the paint. I am tired of the announcers lecturing Lin for one turnover, when Kobe, Harden, and Melo are making multiple turnovers in the same stretch. WTH, the Laker announcers were complaining about Lin missing free throws several games later when Lin is an 80% free throw shooter. I am also tired of the Lin haters on every blog. Lin makes 20 good plays and one bad play, and all they post is the bad play.

    I have a subscription to League Pass so that I can watch him play. I am reconsidering my interest in watching a biased league and am seriously considering cancelling.

    So Lintel, even though I do not like where my observations are leading me, I am tending towards believing a broader conspiracy. Although I do agree that Laker ownership would like to keep the cash generated by the Lin fans, I think your limited conspiracy is very kind to the league as a whole. I admire your restraint.

    • Amen, Sage!

      There is definitely also a broader conspiracy at play here. There is a clear bias against Lin due to him not looking the part (Undrafted Asian American from Harvard). And it is time the media stop pretending it doesn’t exist and start talking about it. It is sickening!

      • It is absolutely sickening. The media is a major part of the problem.

  • MrPingPong

    My heart sunk and sunk as I watched the Pels game. Lin does not care about his stats. He just wants to play basketball the right way. But there is no chemistry at all. No teamwork, no nothing! I think Lin just gave up.

    Y’all know I am usually a pretty upbeat person, but tonight… sigh…

    Dr. Teng: I don’t drink, but save me some of your Dom Peri anyway!

    • OMG! I’ve never seen you like this, MrPingPong. Good thing I skipped the game on purpose. Because if someone as upbeat as you feels this way, I fear what my fate would be if I had actually seen the game.

    • Gary Teng.

      Please be quiet. I am attending the AA (Alcohol Anonymous) meeting right now. You can have all my Dom Peri because even the bubbling bath won’t be able to help me now. 🙁

      • Gary Teng

        Dear All,

        I finally figure out why BS truly believed that Price was a much better defender than Lin and accordingly made the brilliant move to start Price instead. I therefore am totally cool with BS’ BS decision.

        Please recall: Price jumps up and down on the court all the time, he goads and hustles, he smashes opponent team defenders’ heads, he gets technical fouls, etc. One time he even used this stinking shoe as a weapon of mass destruction to disrupt the enemy team’s potential fast break… In short, Price’s (Harlem Globetrotters) showmanship meshes perfectly with Lakers management’s core philosophy — Showtime Basketball.

        I won’t be surprised at all that in tomorrow’s game Price will do a triple-backward-somersault steal on the court to validate and showcase the brilliance of BS’s decision.

        Professor MrPingPong,

        Even you gave up hopes on Lakers! Maybe it’s time for me to start watching live broadcast of ping pong games. It may be boring, but at least it won’t hurt my feeling. 🙂

        • MrPingPong

          Yes Dr. Teng, watching someone hit a small ball with a small paddle can be rather boring, except when it’s Bruce Lee playing ping pong!


          PS: Yes, I do know that whole thing is a hoax. But it’s fun nevertheless! 🙂

          • Gary Teng

            Professor MrPingPong,

            You always bring smiles to my face. I really appreciate it. 🙂

            I am so damned depressed that I can hardly utter any coherent sentence. The following may be just a pipe dream: Deep inside my heart, I still believe that BS really hates Kobe most because Kobe makes him look like a clueless fool in front of the whole world. But BS’ both hands (and feet too) are tied at present and there is nothing much he can do besides keeping on sucking Kobe’s axx in order to keep his job. After his alpha dog Kobe is relegated to the ash heap of history and becomes a junkyard dog once for all (and I believe that day is coming very soon), BS will stop his nonsensical BS and start doing some real coaching.

            I sincerely hope that I am not just an incurable (day)dreamer, and my track record indicates I may not.

            I need to go to my psychiatrist’s appointment soon. Bye for now. 🙁

          • MrPingPong

            What else can we do but laugh at this joke of a “couch”, Dr. Teng? 🙂
            And the illustrious Lakers franchise is now the laughing stock of the sports world.
            Funny story! 🙂

        • MrPingPong

          More ping pong anyone?


          We have to keep smiling and laughing! 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Dear Dr. Teng,

        Somehow I think Dom Perilics Anonymous would work better for you in this case! 🙂

    • Chirico

      Hang in there. MrPingPong. I am sure you are not alone. I can, in fact, be just optimistic as you were. I do not how much longer this darkness will end. However, one thing is for sure. JLin is caving his foot print in a huge historical scale. His influence is far far far greater than just BB team, some Star, NBA, Basketball Sports in general and racial agenda. I am so grateful that we are witnessing this in real time and not some old history book.

      Being an Asian American, JLin and his legacy not only remind us there are many racial, sub culture, discrimination issues yet to be touched upon (or dealt with properly) by the most advanced, cultural melting pot country in human histroy, but also wake us up by making us realizing NBA is merely a “Show” business. I can not get too far on this particular topic but the show business in human society, in general, is pretty brutal in nature. A lot of similar stories may have happened to many people that causes grief, sadness, pain, hopeless, or desperation but most of them were buried. Never the less, Just let his story unfold. I am sure JLin’s heart is much stronger than most people think. When we look back years later, his journey as part of Lakers play will be just a small mark in his legacy.

      I have to thank Mr. Philosopher again for having us seem intelligent JLin fans express our thoughts here.

      • Chirico

        sorry, typo is my alias. I meant to say — ” I do not know how much longer this darkness will end. However, one thing is for sure. JLin is carving his way in a huge historical scale.”


      • bob space

        Agreed chirico. Lin is the jackie robinson of the nba in terms of bringing awareness of asian americans who were previously consider3d too unathletic for basketball

      • Very well expressed, Chirico!

        I’m very lucky to have a lot of very insightful individuals here. I always learn a lot from reading these comments.

        I do wish that the media is not so allergic to discussing issues of race when it comes to Jeremy Lin. They did during Linsanity some, but since then they just talk about Lin as if race is not an issue. And I think that’s people trying to pretend away something that very much exists.

        It’s one of the things that motivates me to write about Lin. To wake people up so they stop pretending and have their world all neat and tidy. Anyway…

        But it’s not only about race, it’s also about lack of perception and such. But, of course, the media is all about soundbites and such, so I guess i’m expecting too much.

        Just for once, I wish the media talks about how Lin gets an inordinate amount of bad calls that can’t be explained by random distribution. I’m well aware that I’m a biased Lin fan, but it is undeniable that Lin gets a disgusting amount of bad calls/no calls and it has everything to do with Lin being and undrafted Asian American from Harvard (either consciously or unconsciously).

        • I think it is very conscious that Jeremy gets so few foul calls in his favor. He gets pounded every time he drives to the basket and yet only averages 3.3 fta/gm. This is ridiculous. Violet Palmer is one of the worse when it comes to missing fouls committed against Jeremy even when it is blatant and happens right in front of her ugly face. But she is not alone. Jeremy gets no calls from anyone most of the time. He could be going to the free throw line much of the game but doesn’t. Palmer is just one of the worst but they are all bad.

          • Sage

            Two more fouls and his scoring average is 15 to 16 per game instead of 11 and change. Further, his drives would be more effective because they couldn’t crush him. That would at least one or two more shots. That is now 18 or 20. Star numbers. I think it is disgusting and part of the larger conspiracy.

          • Sage, this is EXACTLY right on! I wish more people were capable of this level of perception. Unfortunately, people only see the surface of things. They’re not able to think “what if”. And, as a Lin fan, this is very frustrating, because there are so many very very valid “what if’s”. Lin has been misused so badly and the ref bias has a huge impact on his game, as well. When you are constantly getting bad calls or no calls, you also have to play passively. This hurts Lin both on the offensive and defensive end. It’s crazy how all the things Lin has to fight against every game. EVERY game, Lin has to deal with his own biased coach, as well as biased refs. And it’s disgusting that the media pretends all of this doesn’t exist and talk about Lin as if his situation is like anyone else in the NBA. I wish the media stop pretending and start talking about Lin through truthful lenses. But, of course, that is NEVER going to happen. Just the way it is, unfortunately. And most people are not perceptive enough to see past whatever the media puts out there.

      • MrPingPong

        Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, Chirico. I am always optimistic about JL17. Stats cannot measure the strength of his heart. He will bounce back. It was just tough to watch him struggling out there. He is human. There is only so much pressure one can handle…

        • Also, if he got more foul calls it would make the defenders play him more honestly as they would know they can’t get away with pounding him every time. Now they cheat because they know they can get away with it and won’t be called for a foul. It is disgraceful and part of the bias and NBA corruption that Jeremy faces in every game. The way it is now the NBA lacks credibility and integrity and especially so in Jeremy’s case with him getting so few foul calls.

  • Let me state some obvious facts. Perhaps it will make me feel a little better and some of you, too. Byron McScott deserves to be fired immediately. If Mitch Upchuck is the person who hired him then he should fire himself at the same time. The two people most responsible for the Lakers 5-16 record are Byron McScott and Kobrick Bryant. Jeremy Lin while a convenient scapegoat is not the reason the Lakers are 5-16. Mike D’Antoni is a much better coach than Byron McScott. Being a former player does not necessarily qualify one to be a coach. These are two different jobs that require totally different job skills. Lineup changes will not resolve what ails the Los Angeles Lakers. From my perspective of how this organization has treated Jeremy Lin it is an extremely toxic business enterprise and does not deserve to be successful. The NBA is a part of the entertainment business and as such is largely corrupt and controlled by people with out of control egos. Jeremy Lin is only interested in playing egoless team basketball which leads to victories and success. He is in the wrong place once again. The only solution is in free agency and his ability to pick his own next job location. This year is lost. And we are all sad about and saddened by this realization. My heart goes out to Jeremy and all who care about him and are concerned about his well-being. The Los Angeles Lakers do not care about him and are not concerned about his well-being. The Los Angeles Lakers are a very toxic organization. Pox to the Los Angeles Lakers. Peace and love to all of you on this blog who truly care about Jeremy. Out for now.

    • bob space

      I completely agree with what old in the way and what charlie sun said, and to add further, i do not think mitch is not as good as most people think he is, or he has lost his touch/control over decisions. The pau gasol trade was gold at the time, and the lakers brass/media/fanbase treated him like shit. Look at gasol now, hes having an amazing year at chicago.

      I am a kobe fan, but ill admit its been getting hard to like him with each passing year. Ill always thank him for the rings as a lakers homer myself, but the guy is selfish and destructive. I was initially,mad about the espn 40th ranking/article, but there is some truth to it. While his skillset is still top tier, his shot selection (and age which limits his ability to get away with the bad shots) is terrible.

      Scott is a puppet and an idiot, so im not even mad at him. He fits the lakers agenda to tank, stat pad kobe, etc. Notice how the front office made him take 3 interviews before finally offering him a job. Its clear they finally accepted that while a crappy coach, he coulsdprobably steer the lakers into a goal of keeping the 1st round pick.

      • It’s great to hear from the perspective of someone who’s been a long-time Kobe fan.

        I became a big fan of Kobe’s just this season. I’ve always respected his work ethic, but never been a fan of his due to his ego. But when I saw more of him since Lin joined the team, I saw a man who’s very wise. So I became a big fan of his wisdom and such.

        However, I am now no longer a fan of Kobe’s. I was hoping that I would see a wiser Kobe who would play efficient, masterful basketball. But because he doesn’t have anyone to keep him in check, Kobe has become his own worse enemy.

        I’m very disappointed in Kobe now–especially because I think he’s either a part of the plan to demote Lin or he doesn’t have the courage to stop all the nonsense. I sent him a series of tweets about this earlier.

  • It’s only one game, but it’s rather fitting that the defense was still bad and now the offense has fallen apart completely. I’m predicting this same ineptitude to continue for the next few games. BS is saying he won’t change the lineup for 10-15 games. Which is perfect if you really do want to tank. As much as management denies the tank, I think they want to hold on to that top-5 pick.

    JLin will have to realize that getting teammates involved will first have to start with him shooting the ball more. That’s how it started in New York. Get the team pumped up, then the team will start to play for you. And that’s when we saw a Jeremy Lin at the happiest moment. Look at Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Tony Parker. They still shoot the ball plenty.

  • Forthelin

    I attended the Pelican game, and was prepared for Lin’s not starting. He played a decent game, better than his stats, but he just didn’t shoot well, missing a couple of fts and a couple of 3pts and a couple of layups. The whole team played strangely disjointed. The first half was competitive, and Kobe actually passed and ball movement was okay. The second half the Pels got ahead and Kobe started his “catch the criminal” iso pursuit, ending badly. Price plays better defense, but at the price of offense. Scott is just not a very good coach. The middle is still wide open for any decent 4 and 5 to exploit. Scott has to understand he cannot win with this kind of offense. He doesn’t have the offense talent. He has to play D’Antoni style to have any chance of winning. Maybe he’s not looking to win.

    • Thanks for the on-the-ground reporting, Forthelin. Appreciate it!

      I think there’s a lot of nonsense going on in Lakerland and I guess no one is 100% certain which nonsense it is. I have my theories, but they’re still just somewhat far-fetched theories at the moment.

      I do believe that whatever nonsense is taking place, these lineup changes have nothing to do with basketball. And I wish sports writers would acknowledge this so they can stop pretending to debate the merits of all this nonsense.

      • bob space

        I do think these nonsensical events as you mentioned have nothing to do with winning basketball games. I mean, wesley johnson? Lol he is not starter material, or even 2nd string on good teams. They arent even developing jordan clarkson (probably trade asset later) and boozer/hill/lin are all either 1year expiring contracts or trade fodder later. The front office clearly wants to tank this year.

        I hope lin leaves the lakers next year. This situation is a mess

  • Chirico

    Folks, I have to say this before I forget it. it’s Kobrick, not BS, who decided who he likes to play with. That is the line up we see since last Sunday.

    I bet Kobrick lost patience in Lin so he pushed him away to the bench.

    Above is just my wild guess but one thing should be quite certain, Kobrick must have a very strong influence in Lakers’ roaster and line up.

    • of course. Kobe gotta be the hero if the Lakers win. That’s why Lin cannot not be starter to finish the game.

  • Lin Fan

    I am a huge Jeremy fan and am a bit heartbroken at how this year is turning out. I see a huge similarity to how Jeremy Lin is treated and how Tim Tebow was treated. I have noticed this for a while and I came to this conclusion.

    I think in many ways Jeremy and Tim make the the people in the NFL/NBA uncomfortable. They do not fit in. They are both high acheivers Harvard/ Heisman winner. They are both devoutly Christian. They both overcame incredible odds (you know Jeremys amazing story/Tebow’s mother was advised the baby would have problems and she may want to abort and all the pundits said he sucked coming out of college)
    They are both incredibly strong and positive in the face of ridiculous and often hateful criticism. They both have performed very well in the pros but…………..did so in their own style which was not the same “accepted” style by the media and the league. (Tebow low “completion percentage” but ran the ball very well and hit big plays. Won Games! Jeremy- that little stop and hesitate fall away jumper from in the lane where every freaking announcer thinks he is stuck and then he swishes that fallaway 10 footer like always seems to). Unorthodox. Not what people are used to.
    The final and most important thing is that I think both Jeremy and Tebow remind people like John Elway and Kobe Bryant of their own shortcomings. I don’t think you will hear any stories about Jeremy/Tebow in hotel rooms “incidents” or out drinking with the boys. That is what drives so much of the belittling and hate that comes their way.
    At the end of the day these teams and leagues are no different than the playground when we were all 9. There are good people and bad people. Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin are like ultra bright shining examples of the good people, and the others just can’t handle it. So they bully, lie, and marginalize. Amazingly, Jeremy keeps hanging in there not stooping to their level. But then again that is because he is a better person than them. They know it too, and that is what they hate the most.

    • Nice comparison. Unorthodox is definitely JLin. He doesn’t fit the mold (because ermahgerd Asians can’t play derp derp)

      Let’s not forget the intangibles. Both can inject life and inspire a team. Turn a band of paid mercenaries into a band of brothers.

  • Chirico

    i pick up this from another forum

    according to a post that had transcript of this radio, in the ESPN LA radio. 2014.12.9 ESPN LA Max and Marcellus. They were joking about why JLIN got sent to bench. They were pretending to be BS and Kobrick. Hey, guess what this Kobrick persona said, bench Lin.

    Too bad I could not find it.

    • Chirico, I think here’s a link to that radio show you’re referring to.


      At around the 8:30 min mark may be what you’re referring to. It’s nothing substantial. Just two radio dudes having fun.

      • Chirico

        It’s ok. Mr. Philosopher.

        I am, like you, hoping someone from sports media would mention this in more depth.

  • There is clearly nothing legitimate about anything that BS is doing. According to posters at Jeremy Lin #7 the reasons that BS gave for demoting Jeremy are that he lacks PG instincts, does not distribute the ball adequately and doesn’t switch off fast enough on defense. He also said that he considers Price to be a better defender. None of these criticisms are valid in my estimation. In the preseason BS praised Jeremy and now he is trashing him after a mere twenty games. Clearly BS has no credibility and is not to be trusted. This whole thing stinks about as bad as it possibly can. Jeremy is not the reason that the Lakers are 5-16. The main reasons are BS himself for a lousy, lousy coaching job and, of course, Kobrick for being such a goddamn ballhog and gunner and for no longer playing both ends of the court. At one time Kobrick was an excellent defender but now he is a joke on defense…perhaps as bad as Harden in Houston. Regarding the above post comparing Tebow and Jeremy I personally consider Jeremy to be a much better basketball player than Tebow was a football player. Lin Fan shall have a difficult time convincing me that Tebow was as good at his craft as Jeremy is at his. The comparison is interesting but to a non-religious person like me not really very valid. I like Jeremy because of the way he plays basketball and not because he is religious. In my estimation Tebow’s football skills were suspect. I consider Jeremy to be a much more skilled athlete no disrespect to Lin Fan as he/she is entitled to his/her opinion. I can understand why Tebow is no longer playing in the NFL. I can not understand aside from racism why Jeremy is being treated as he has been up to now by everyone other then MDA.

    • Chirico

      Can’t agree with you more. Old & in the way!

      Thanks for this great post.

      • Thank you for the kind words, Chirico. And glad to be of service. What’s happening to Jeremy in L.A. is way beyond reasonable and can not easily be explained or understood. We just need to keep supporting him. I think and hope he is smart enough to see through what the Lakers are doing to him. He needs to play somewhere else for an organization that will appreciate him and treat him well and with the respect that he deserves.

  • bob space

    Magic johnson just said he wanta the lakers to tank. Maybe the front office told him to put that out in the universe so that the fans will start axcepting the idea too. Either way, at this point id bet my car that that is their strategy. Looking at the roster, it seems obvious they are banking on next summer when they can draft well, randle comes back healthy, they can sign another star with kobe, etc.

    I can forgive and understand that. I cannot forgive what byron scott is doing. He is completely trashing lin. No point guard instincts? Lin doesnt create well? Lol. Utter nonsense. If the lakers are trying to lower lins value to resign him cheap, this isnt the smart way to do it. I think scotts ego is bruised still from the systems comment, which is 100% true, if not a bit blunt. Scott is being so childish, and its not just because of lin. He was badmouthing howard who he doesnt even know or has coached, and even threw some shade at the clippers before the game against him. Not smart or savvy at all

    • Yep. It’s pretty clear Lakers are tanking.

      I agree, bob, that BS has no class. I hate BS more and more every day. Like McHale, I hope BS never gets another coaching job anywhere! I do think BS’s comments may have to do with bruised ego due to LIn’s “system” comment. But I also think it has to do with the Lakers org giving BS free license to trash Lin whenever BS wants in order to lower Lin’s value so they can keep Lin as their back up PG of the future. Of course, we won’t really know if this conspiracy theory of mine is true until probably free agency. If the Lakers try to trade Lin at anytime this season, then my conspiracy theory goes out the window. If this is the case, then we can conclude that BS is someone who’s EXTREMELY BIASED against Lin. Even more bias than McHale, if that’s possible. So I guess only time will tell. Right now, I think there’s a lot of nonsense games being played, so it’s hard for me to take any of it seriously.

      It’s so unfortunate that a talented player like Lin is stuck in the middle of all this nonsense. Lin is also someone who only cares about winning. So it’s gonna be tough for him to be motivated to play if he knows that the team is all about tanking this season. Unfortunately for Lin, I think he only gets motivated when the games actually matter and he’s depended on to win the game. That’s jut Lin’s nature. For his sake, he’s going to have to figure out a way to motivate himself so he can play for a good contract (not just $, but good situation) with a new team. We’ll see how Lin handles all this. It’s a lot to deal with for a sincere individual, like Lin.

      • ashley

        I seriously doubt that the Lakers’ front office would be so devious that they would deliberately lower Lin’s value so as to keep him as a backup PG in the future–why would a backup PG be worth the trouble? Wouldn’t that cause bad blood between the two parties? If they want to trade him, it would even make less sense to hurt his trade value. So I think it’s all BS’ doing out of his own bias. Not only is BS a bad coach, he’s also a terrible person, for his public denunciation of Lin, criticizing every aspect of his PG game.

        When Lin was demoted in the second season as a Rocket, I questioned why there was no explanation from the coach or FO. Now I see no explanation is better than such outrageous slander from BS. At that time, McHale said he had two great PGs in both Lin and PB. So McHale was actually much nicer and obviously appreciated Lin’s game more than BS. It’s so unfortunate that things have turned out so badly for Lin. I can only hope he keeps fighting and figures out how to play well for the remaining season even if he has to come off the bench.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Dr. Teng! Look at what I found on the Internet!

    How to have a shower beer (not to be confused with a beer shower)
    Step 1: Turn on your shower
    Step 2: Take off all your clothes
    Step 3: Get a beer, preferably a lighter beer
    Step 4: Get into the shower and open your beer
    Step 5: Contemplate how wonderful your life is that you can take a hot shower while drinking this ice cold beer.

    The last time I check, beer is cheaper than Dom Peri! 🙂

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Gary Teng

      Professor MrPingPong,

      Thank you for your “How to have a shower beer” inspirational advice.

      Given the bad economy and my mounting medical bills (e.g., frequent psychiatric clinic visits, daily sleeping and anti-depressant pills, etc.), I really need to tone down my life style but still maintain some minimum semblance of class. So from now on, I will only bath in Heineken and flash my toilet with purified water. 🙂

      You made an excellent observation and analogy in saying that Lin would be a perfect example of the so-called “君子” in the traditional Chinese/Confucian culture, whereas the counterpart of “君子” was “小人” and could be best described by BS (and Kobe.)

      Right now, Kobe is griping BS’ D firmly with his hands and has BS’ two tiny miniature ping pong balls in his pockets. Even in the post-Kobe era, it will not be sunshine and lollipop for the Lakers because BS is, by no stretch of imagination, an even half-decent coach.

      O Wind,
      If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

      Ode to the West Wind by P.B. Shelley

      Let’s hope for the best and be prepared for the long and cold winter ahead of us. 🙁

      • Gary Teng

        As can be seen below, what a first-class clueless clown BS is!~~~~

        From the Official Site of the LA Lakers:

        Deciding How to Finish

        Midway through a tight fourth quarter in the Lakers’ comeback win over Sacramento Tuesday, head coach Byron Scott prepared to reinsert his starting power forward, Ed Davis, to close out the game. But someone stopped him — Davis himself.

        Davis noticed the current lineup was clicking with Carlos Boozer at the four-position, and he let Scott know that he was willing to sacrifice his minutes to keep the momentum pushing forward.

        “When I was going to check in at the six-minute mark — I think maybe the timeout was coming up — (but) it didn’t come,” Davis said. “We went five or six trips down the court. We were scoring, getting stops, so I didn’t want to break the rhythm. Our guys were rolling, so I just wanted them to play it out so we can get the win.”

        Moving forward, Scott will not have a set lineup to finish games with. Like on Tuesday, he plans to simply go with whomever gives the team its best chance at winning.

        “It’s going to be more of a ‘feel’ thing,” Scott said. “At that particular time, I was going to bring Ed in for a few minutes, because the only thing I was worried about is if they start wanting to foul him. So I was going to keep Booze in for that. But it’s going to be more of a ‘feel’ thing. Whoever’s playing well at that particular time.”

        • Dear Gary:

          Priceless (I wish). But really…priceless!! Uncle McBeamMeUpScottie is clearly from another dimension. Mr. Mechanical Man. Goes where no man has gone before. But as you say…totally clueless. And ping pong ball-less also. Love the Shelley quote. Ciao for now.

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            BS is indeed totally clueless and full of BS. In that very short interview, he was clearly contradictory to himself. How embarrassing!

            Bob space made an excellent point in saying that, “…nor [BS knows] how to speak properly with well-thought responses that take all of ten seconds to predict and plan for before media talks.” BS has become a PR disaster for the Losers basketball team.

            To borrow (with a slight modification) a famous quote from Samuel Johnson — “He is not only dumb himself, he is the cause of dumbness in others.”

            I know that BS has no balls (Kobe took both of them.) Now I know that he has no brain either. I can’t wait that he gets fired and follows Kobe’s foot steps to the junkyard.

            Professor MrPingPong,

            Hours after watching your top-10 head ping pong plays, my head was still spinning like a carousel powered by a Energizer Bunny.

            Anyway, thank you for always making my long face a little shorter each day. 🙂

      • Gary Teng

        Did I mean “flush” the toilet?! 🙂

        • MrPingPong

          Flashing the toilet is an interesting concept, nevertheless! 🙂

          • Yo’ Gary!

            I read it as “flush” even though it does say “flash.” But now that you have opened my eyes further I think that I do like “flash” better. From now on no more flushing of the toilet. Rather I will flash it and hope no one is watching when I do so.

          • Gary Teng

            You surely know how to rub sugar to an open fresh gushing wound. 🙁

            Apparently, my head was still spinning when I went to the bathroom.

            It looks like that Lin’s situation at the Lakers right now is even worse than that when he was at the Houston Rockets. We the Lin Fans need to unite to voice our displeasure for this totally unacceptable mistreatment. 🙁

            I have Barack Obama in the WH, now we have Black Mamba at LA…

          • You can’t win really. For the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans and Black Mamba is as bad as The Beard. Shall we just punt on first down? Or hunt for the runt known as the BS clown?

          • Gary Teng

            Actually, flash the toilet in Chinese slang means looking for sh-t (i.e., asking for trouble.) 🙂

            United We Stand! We the Lin Fans need to unite as one to fight against this gross injustice! I am pretty sure that in the end Lin will outlast and outshine those ass in the hole. 🙂

          • Really!? I didn’t know. Okay…I won’t flash the toilet then. Not flashing here!! Too old to flash here!! That’s not my toilet. Must be somebody else’s.

          • Gary Teng

            Quote of the day:
            “I feel real good when the ball is in his hands.”
            — Byron Scott

            BS is either the best actor in the whole world in that he really hates Kobrick in private but pretends he really loves Kobrick to death in public.

            Or BS is the biggest fool in the whole world in that he truly believes the shits he secretes and worships them.

            Unfortunately, as time goes by it looks more and more the latter is true.

          • Dear Gary:

            The quote doesn’t specify whose hands but I assume he is referring to Uncle Brick (24 shots per game to get his 27 points per game). In which case Uncle BeamMeUpScottie is the biggest fool and the worst actor with the sorriest act in L.A. or anywhere else for that matter. Jeremy Lin is trapped in a Lalaland nightmare that just keeps getting worse. The Lakers, a once proud franchise, have become a household joke. Everyone can see it and everyone knows it. For Jeremy there is only tomorrow and getting the hell out of Los Angeles. Free agency never looked so good. He must pick his next job location very carefully. Unfortunately there are still 60 games left at this particular job site. How will we all survive along with Jeremy?

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
            — Friedrich Nietzsche

            With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that BS is treating Kobrick like a living god and worships him.

            How sad and bizarre!~~~

            Quote of the century:
            “BS feels real good when his balls are in Kobe’s hands.”
            — Gary Teng 🙂

          • Dear Gary:

            I’m still laughing as I write this reply. I am already familiar with the Nietzsche quote and it is a good one. But as good as it is it is not as good as the second quote you have blessed us with. And I am not already familiar with it. So I must ask, “who said it?” You, perhaps?Whoever said it was, of course, right on and it is for sure the quote of the century. It will be difficult for anyone to top it anytime soon I would think. You certainly exhibit a masterful use of pertinent quotes. I am eager though to know from whom this quote came. I tip my hat although I do not ordinarily wear one to whomever it was.

          • Gary (the-one-and-only) Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            The second quote is from yours truly “Gary Teng.” Yes! the same Gary Teng who is responding to you right now.

            Thank you deeply for your compliments. You really made my day! 🙂

  • bob space

    Ill have to contradict myself on what i said earlier. I do not think byron has anything personal against lin. I just think hes a classless idiot who doesnt know how to nurture and develop talent nor how to speak properly with well-thought responses that take all of ten seconds to predict and plan for before media talks.

    1)attacks howards character. Not often a coach attacks another teams player.
    2)calls out randle in preseason. Kobe then jumps in and tells the media randle is an f***ing idiot if he messes this up.
    3)byron throws dirt on clippers franchise.
    4)byron+kobe attack lin, say he looks scared, etc basically making him look like hes soft to media, which hilariously enough, as nice of a guy as lin is, i can see him being ruthless and scary if you piss him off enough.
    5)attacks boozer after benching…which leads me to my next sentence..

    Boozer and byron scott have now created a silly sideshow of hurling passive aggressive insults and attacks. If you google it, i recommend popcorn, preferabbly the caramel kind like fiddle faddle.

    • Dear Bob Space:

      I was wrong, too. BS is not more articulate and less abrasive than McDuck. He is just a bigger hypocrite and better liar and I stupidly believed his lies in the beginning of the year when he was pretending to like Jeremy’s game. The truth is when it comes to assessing Jeremy’s game with an open mind BS and McMoron are so-called Siamese twins joined at their total lack of insight and awareness. I hate them both but right now McScott is making McDummy look good. I can’t believe it but it is so. BS is even worse than McQuack.

    • BBallFanfromNYC

      My response to some of your points:

      1. I expect that from the LAL- they had to actually ASK D12 to stay- Players ask to stay, not the other way around- and then he left. The Laker’s collective ego is still bruised by that.

      2. Well’s that Kobe for ya.

      3. Makes sense. The LAC were the laughingstock of the league and in the Laker’s shadow until they drafted Griffin, then got CP3, who was supposed to go the Lakers originally. The Clips are building their future, while the LAL have only their glorious past to cling to (for now).

      4. He probably is, lol. Like TV tropes says- Beware the nice ones.

      5. Sounds interesting. At least Boozer isn’t rolling over and just taking it.

  • Lau Ming

    They sure do miss Jeremy in Houston, they are struggling without him for sure.

    • Dear Lau Ming:

      The fact that Houston is currently 16-4 is cruel and unusual punishment which just makes this entire Lakers debacle that much worse for Lin fans. So why do you even mention this? Are you trolling here or is there a point you are making which I am missing?

  • Lau Ming

    Just saying they weren’t entirely wrong about Harden or Lin in Houston. Harden is clearly a talent level above and beyond than Jeremy, so it made sense that they would let him dominant the ball. People need to realize that Jeremy isn’t some kind of superstar, he’s a role player in the NBA, and that’s fine. He’s one of the few people in the world that can play in the best basketball league in the world and have a role in it. Linsanity is far and away, Jeremy needs to figure out how to be consistent and succeed now.

    • Okay. I asked the question so I should be prepared for your answer whether I like the answer you have given or not. But my opinion is that Jeremy is good enough and skilled enough that he can be and should be more than just a role player in the NBA. He was totally misused by Uncle McDuck in Houston and now he is being totally misused and under utilized by Uncle McBeamMeUpScottie in Los Angeles. I do not agree necessarily or at all actually that Harden is as you put it “a talent level above and beyond…Jeremy.” Harden plays no defense at all. Period. At least not last year or the year before that. I have paid no attention to Houston games this year so I don’t know about this season but I will bet that I am pretty safe surmising “that he ain’t” playing defense this year either. He is in a system that puts the ball in his hands much of the time. The offense runs through him. He gets “homer” foul calls no matter where he plays that put him on the foul line many times each game. These numerous free throw attempts pad his stats immensely. He is not a team player. It is unfair to judge Jeremy and compare him to Harden when Jeremy is playing in a system that gives him low usage and does not feature him at all in the primitive and obsolete offensive schemes that Los Angeles uses. Houston is a totally different team this year with many new players like Trevor Ariza, Tarik Black, Jason Terry, Kostas Papanikolaou, Troy Daniels and others. So it is virtually impossible to compare last year’s Houston team to this year’s Houston team given that the roster is so different. Also, Jeremy is combating a strong bias and racial prejudice in the NBA which is a sub-culture of American culture which is perhaps the most racist culture on the planet. He gets no foul calls in his favor in spite of the fact that he is pounded and fouled every time he drives to the basket. He averages a mere 3.3 fta/gm. in spite of the fact that he is fouled multiple times in each game but gets no calls from the officials who are apparently blind and very biased against him. So from my perspective you need to either take a much more detailed look at what is going on and what Jeremy is facing on a daily basis or failing to do that or refusing to do that fall into my “troll bowl” if you still believe that Jeremy actually deserves to be only a role player in the NBA. With a coach who believes in him and who uses him properly and actually lets him run the offense as a point guard is suppose to do Jeremy is much, much more than just a role player and much more than you have perceived him to be.

    • Sage

      What a dumb statement.

      Why couldn’t they both have thrived. I cannot talk about this year since I have not been watching Houston. Last year, if Harden could learn how to stop ball hogging, he would have been great player. If he let Lin drive to the basket and kick him the ball, he would have scored just as much, and they would have advanced in the playoffs. If the ball ran through Lin, Lin’s stats points plus assists would have been star numbers.

      Typical example of the bias I mentioned above.

      • Sage

        I was responding to Lau Ming’s trollish statment.

        • I don’t think his name is actually Lau Ming. Sounds too much like Yao Ming.

  • Frank

    what a wonderful article.. especially since reading about Magic wanting the Lakers to Tank…. I’ve always thought Lin gets jerked around.. I don’t know whats the deal with that.. But this article brings everything to light.. I went crazy when I saw “BS” take him out the last 4 min of the game when he was their best player up to that point, smh..

    • Thanks, Franks. I appreciate it! I’m glad to know the article has helped you make sense of the nonsense going on in Lakerland.

      With each passing day, I’m more and more convinced that my conspiracy theory is correct. Because EVERYTHING BS is doing is so unbelievably awful that I don’t think any human being is capable of such insanity. So there has to be something else at work here. If there is not, then I owe it to BS to go on a crazy rant about how incredibly dumb as a coach and biased towards Lin he is. Because BS has really reached new lows that I didn’t think was possible, after McHale. Lin’s situation in LA now is significantly worse than it ever was with Houston. That’s because Houston was actually trying to win games. The Lakers aren’t trying to win games, so they can treat Lin as horribly as they want, since they see no consequences for doing so.

      Anyway, only time will tell whether or not my conspiracy theory about how Lakers want to retain Lin as their backup PG of the future is correct or not. If Lakers try to keep Lin, even after how they’ve treated him, then I think I can safely conclude that I was correct with my theory. Because I don’t know any team who would want to keep a player they’ve treated like trash. If the Lakers try to trade Lin away, then I will know with a fair amount of confidence that my theory was incorrect. I guess we’ll all know soon enough.

      In the meantime, It’s really hard for me to take any of the nonsense going on in Lakerland seriously. I just figure it’s one ploy after another that has nothing to do with winning basketball games.

  • Don’t you just love this double standard. Kobe is getting more PG duties, yet has more turnovers than JLin. Somehow JLin is a turnover machine according to the media, but not a peep about Kobe (could you imagine if JLin had a 10 TO night?).

    • Side note: I noticed James Harden passing the ball more to try and be a point guard for Houston. He is also a turnover machine. Not a peep about all those turnovers.

    • BBallFanfromNYC

      Criticize Kobe? Wha? Only nutzoid fans do that 😛 Sadly, people who criticize Kobe, even if it is justifiably so, will get torn apart by the media. A few yrs Nelly (a rapper, for those who don’t know) was on ESPN and criticized Kobe. What happened? Nelly got shouted down, cause you can’t say anything bad about the Great and Mighty Kobe, even if you’re absolutely right.

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