If Lakers aren’t Tanking, then Byron Scott is beyond Awful, Insane, Stubborn, and Biased

I caught the second quarter and most of the rest of the game, including overtime in the Lakers win vs. Spurs. This game should have been won, easily, if it weren’t for Byron Scott’s insane coaching and/or Lakers tanking.

Lin, Nick Young and Boozer were the keys to Lakers being in control against the Spurs. Lin finished with 14 points and 8 assists and was a +10, tied with Sacre. The next highest +/- was Nick Young with a +5.

Lin played in control tonight and was really leading the offense, which is something that hasn’t happened in many games, due to Lin being uncertain of his role as he keeps getting shuffled around and treated like trash by Byron Scott and/or the Lakers organization.

At this moment, I suppose we still can’t say beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not Lakers are tanking. I, for one, am pretty certain that they are, because everything Byron Scott is doing is completely insane and it’s as if he’s doing his best to help the Lakers lose. If you want to know more about my conspiracy theory about the Lakers, go here.

This season, I think the Lakers are only interested in three things:

  1. Kobe gets his stats and finishes off his career strong (that’s why they keep Kobe in there during garbage time if Kobe hasn’t achieved good stats).
  2. Lakers lose enough so they get the #5 pick, but not too much so that they lose the pick to Phoenix.
  3. Keeping Lin in check so Lin does poorly and won’t get attractive offers from other teams and they can retain Lin as their back up PG of the future. Also, they don’t want Lin ruining their tank plans by playing to win.

I don’t think the Lakers sought out to tank at the beginning of the season and that’s why Lin was a big part of what they were doing early in the season. Kobe was big on Lin early in the season, as well. Then, if you recall, things shifted dramatically after the Timberwolves game. I think that’s when the Lakers decided to tank. I think at first, maybe the owners and management were hoping that the Lakers would lose a lot of games, but it wasn’t until around the Timberwolves game that they included Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant in their tanking plans (as well as their plans to keep Lin in check).

After the Timberwolves game, things changed significantly for Lin. He got iced out by his teammates. It was as if the whole thing was orchestrated to take Lin out of the Lakers offense. And this, of course, culminated in Lin’s extremely odd benching in the Celtics game and then Lin going to the bench.

“Coach” Byron Scott has said in interviews that he will keep his lineups fluid to close out games. He’ll leave the guys who he thinks will give him the best shot at winning games on any given night. Well, if BS is true to his words (there’s a reason why Byron Scott’s initials are BS), then he should have kept Lin in the lineup tonight. He kept Boozer in the lineup, as well as Nick Young. Yet, true to his extreme bias against Lin he didn’t keep Lin in the lineup to close out tonight’s game, even though Lin was a key reason for the Lakers taking control of the Spurs all night. This  is why I think there is an agenda against Lin to keep Lin in check. If there is not, then I have no words to describe what a dumb, stubborn, insane, awful human being Byron Scott is. I guess the only way to put it is that Byron Scott is much worse than Kevin McHale. This is, perhaps the worst insult I can give another human being. The only reason why I haven’t gone off completely on Byron Scott, apart from a few posts here and there, is that I don’t take anything he does seriously anymore, after he benched Lin for Price. If BS has actually been sincere all along, then I am really speechless at his level of incompetence, stupidity, insanity and utter extreme bias against Lin. It is all very sickening and he’s an awful awful human being who deserves nothing but the worst things in life. I just really believe any human being is actually capable of the actions that BS has taken after the Timberwolves game if he is actually trying to win games.

Anyway in the game tonight vs. Spurs, Jeremy Lin was taken out of the game with 2:46 left to play in the 4th quarter. Even though Lin was critical for the Lakers taking control of the Spurs, Lin didn’t get to close out the game–something Lin desperately wants. And without Lin on the court to handle the ball, Kobe and the Lakers turned the ball over play after play after play.

It was ridiculous how everything fell apart for the Lakers down the stretch with Kobe handling the ball. Kobe simply just lost the ball in one possession, unforced, that resulted in a jump ball, which was recovered by the Spurs. In another possession, Kobe makes a careless pass (which should have been a very simple pass) to Jordan Hill at the top of the arc, which was knocked away by the Spurs off Jordan Hill. Another turnover. Then in Kobe’s worst possession trying to play PG, he makes a very unnecessary and risky half-court pass to Boozer with 18 seconds left in the shot clock (53.9 seconds in the game clock) with the Lakers leading by 4 points. In THIS situation, there’s absolutely no rush and no need to make a very risky pass and risk turning the ball over. This is either totally insane mistake by Kobe or Kobe is trying to tank the game. I don’t know. That was pretty blatantly bad, though. You have to be pretty dumb to make that pass in that situation. And Kobe actually did it.

So in three straight possessions, the Lakers went from being up 7 points to having the Spurs come back to within 1 point. It was one of the biggest meltdowns I’ve  seen in  a while, all lead by the BS point guard Kobe Byant. Lakers end up going to overtime and after such a meltdown without Lin, even a coach like McHale would have put Lin  back in in overtime. But, of course, the difference between McHale and BS is that McHale is charged with winning games, while BS is charged with losing games (at least that’s what I think). So I guess it was no surprise that Lin was not put back into the game to keep things under control. It was still sickening to see Lin not check back in. It wasn’t until Kobe was finally too tired to continue to handle the ball, that BS bit the bullet and finally had Lin check back in in the last minute or so of overtime. In one of the final possessions, Lin passed it to Nick Young, who hit a lucky game winner. So Nick spoiled the Laker’s tanking strategy tonight.

Of course, latest insane thing Scott is planning is too have Kobe play PG, so that the Lakers organization can keep Jeremy Lin on the bench. This is the only way to keep Lin out of the starting lineup, since Price is, of course, is a complete failure. This is why I think there’s something else going on. No one can by this bias or insane against one player. No one! No coach would, in their right mind, want to play an aging Kobe Bryant as the starting PG, after Kobe’s had a 10+ turnover game and keeps on being a turnover machine. And even after Kobe’s awful showing of playing PG in the last few minutes of tonight’s game, BS is going to stick to his plan to play Kobe as their starting PG just so the Lakers organization can keep Lin out of the starting lineup so they can keep him in check. Under normal circumstances, this stuff just doesn’t happen. I don’t care how dumb or biased of a coach you are. There is definitely more going on here than meets the eye. So that’s why I’m more and more confident that my  ENTIRE conspiracy theory is correct.

The thing you have to understand how tanking works is that very few people area actually in on tanking plans. They want to keep the circle of those “in the know” very tight so word doesn’t get out and fans stop buying tickets to see the games, etc. The coach does his best to control the game to lose, without being so explicit about it. And I think the only player “in the know” is Kobe. All the other players are playing to win.. So winning or losing is not completely under the control of the Lakers as whole. They’ll end up winning some games they meant to lose and vice versa. They’re also not going to try and lose every game, because that would look too obvious. Remember, tanking is often done in secret, so it’s not something anyone outside of the small circle of those “in the know” can ever really say with 100% certainty whether or not a team is trying to tank. It only really becomes obvious at the end of the season when teams know where they stand and don’t mind being more explicit about losing, since there aren’t many games left so there’s no need to keep the charade.

Because Lakers want to tank, they must keep Lin in check, because they know how Lin can take over games and hurt their losing efforts. Also, point guards tend to have a lot of control over the game, since they’re the ones with the ball in their hands to start most possessions.

I think up until the Timberwolves game, BS has actually been somewhat fair to Lin. I mean, BS still wasn’t giving Lin the minutes or the usage rate that Lin should have on this team, but BS was more fair to Lin than McHale was. So, overall, Lin’s situation in Lakerland was better than in Houston. Then, suddenly, as if overnight, everything changed after the Timberwolves game. And BS was suddenly extremely unfair to Lin and compare to THIS version of BS, McHale looks like Lin’s biggest supporter. So to me these things don’t add up and that’s why I feel even more strongly that there is something very very fishy going on in Lakerland with Jeremy Lin and it goes beyond the normal bias Lin faces.

I don’t think Scott suddenly changed overnight on his own and went from being somewhat fair to Lin to suddenly being extremely biased against Lin–the most bias of any of Lin’s coaches and probably the most biased you can possibly be towards a human being. I don’t care how biased you are, you don’t start Price over Jeremy Lin under ANY circumstance! This is why I think there was a mandate from the Lakers organization to devalue Lin so they can keep Lin as their future back up point guard.

It’s, admittedly, a very crazy plan, because you figure Lin wouldn’t want to stick around with an organization that treats him like trash. But I guess they’re just rolling the dice on this one, betting that they can devalue Lin so much that he won’t get any other attractive offers and will stay with the Lakers, because he likes living in LA, as well as the LA fan base. Of course, the Lakers wouldn’t be playing such crazy games if they actually wanted to win this season. But the Lakers don’t want to win. They actually want to lose, so devaluing Lin goes hand-in-hand with losing games. The Lakers figure that if they don’t do anything to keep Lin in check, Lin may explode this season and get a lot of offers to be a starting PG, so they won’t be able to keep Lin as their back up PG for the future (since Lakers don’t see Lin as a starting PG). Not keeping Lin in check would also spoil their tanking plans, since Lin is all about winning games. So that’s why this conspiracy theory is the only thing that I can think of to make sense of the insanity that’s going on in Lakerland. Whatever’s going on in Lakerland, it’s not business as usual, that is for damn sure!

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  • bob space

    If a fan with average basketball knowledge such as myself can see the ineptitudes of bs’s coaching as well as the simple fact that at this point kobe is simply not the same player he was before, most gms and people in the know will realize that its hard to quantify lins value based on his play within this horribly insane system and coaching style with outdated modes of thinking.

    Make no mistake, as a big lin fan, i admit he has been inconsistent so he isnt doing himself any favors, but he also has to deal with kobe, scott, and the horrible politics that are taking place on this team. On max and marcellus they touched upon this, saying there is a 99% chance scott benched lin out of politics. There is simply no justifiable reason to start price over lin, ever. The argument can be made that beverly is stronger defensively and fits better with harden, but price is worse defensively than lin. The excuse that lin isnt as strong defensively as price is crap.

  • Amazing isn’t it? Lakers start the game stone cold on offense. JLin comes in and now we have a game. JLin comes out at 2:46 in the 4th, the lead immediately evaporates and the Lakers almost, almost blow it. If it weren’t for the insane shooting by Young, this game would have been another loss.

    It’s like you said, the Lakers stay good enough to keep fans interested. But bad enough to tank. I bet you JLin’s inconsistency is a direct result of the conflicting signals he’s getting from the Laker’s organization. Be aggressive. But when you’re aggressive we’re going to bench you.

    • I like a comment I read from another forum. Lakers are bad because of BS decisions and are a much better team than the record suggests.

      “the Lakers started playing well when Price screwed up Scott’s rotation by picking up two quick fouls after the Lakers went down early in the first 0-10. This forced Scott to play Lin for most of the first quarter with Ed Davis – something Scott has avoided all season. It was one of the reasons why the Lakers were able to catch up after digging themselves in a 0-10 hole (and a big reason why Lin had such a good 1st quarter/half)

      So the Lakers started to play well when they didn’t play what Scott normally wants them playing.

      Then, the Lakers’ were able to build a lead because they got incredibly hot from beyond the arc. Young dropped 5 threes in the first half. This is a complete antithesis of Scott’s offense (remember his comments that the Lakers shouldn’t shoot threes?).

      So again, the Lakers played well because they did something Scott didn’t want them to do.

      Then in the 4th quarter, Scott finally was able to implement his new plan of playing Kobe at the point. That quickly led to 3 quick turnovers, Spurs somehow rallying from ten back to tie it.

      So immediately after the Lakers started following Scott’s plan, they started sucking…

      These are all reasons why the Lakers won in spite of Scott and not because of Scott.”

      • Thanks for sharing that post from another form. That sounds EXACTLY like something I would say. I would encourage you to encourage that poster to write on this site. 😉

        I didn’t watch the first quarter, so I’m glad for that recap from a very astute fan.

        I made similar comments last season regarding McHale. In particular whenever McHale was FORCED to play Lin the right way, the Rockets ended up winning. This was very evident in the Playoffs. Here’s one of my posts regarding this, if you’re interested: http://www.jeremylintel.com/2014/05/03/rocketss-season-ends-with-mchales-irrational-benching-of-lin-very-fitting/

      • Chirico

        Allow me to add one more?

        Lakers bench was playing much better than starters. It was clear as day that it was the bench who kept them in the game. We will see if BS benches Young and Lin next game to fabricate the fake fact that Lin is inconsistent. Oh wait, they are already on the bench. Where else can they go? D league?

        It was hilarious to see lakers won last night bc BS’s plan failed miserably.

  • ashley

    So glad that Lin did well this game. Please keep it up, dear Jeremy!

    Regarding the conspiracy theory, something still doesn’t add up to me. If the Lakers wanted to tank, why didn’t BS bench Nick Young? BS said Bryant hated to lose, so would Bryant agree to lose intentionally? If anyone in the Lakers’ organization knows about tanking, Bryan should be one of them, and I doubt he would approve. Bryant yelled at his teammates in the practice in the name of motivating his teammates. Why would he do that if he knew they were planning to tank? And why would he play that hard and long every game?

    I don’t think BS was really being fair enough to Lin even before the Timberwolves’ game. He wanted to start Price at the very beginning (well, this could go along with the tanking conspiracy) and I got the impression that he was reluctant to give Lin more playing time. To me, he has been a Lin doubter/hater and finally revealed his true color after 20 games. In order to win more games, he was so desperate that he even decided to let Kobe play PG since it worked for the previous three or four winning games. His ineptitude and stupidity are simply beyond understanding. And to believe in the conspiracy theory is to give BS the benefit of doubt. When it comes to Jeremy Lin, I believe in BS being 100% BS.

    I know Mr. Philosopher has been tweeting Kobe. I’m thinking tweeting or reaching to Kupchak the GM about BS’ poor coaching should be an option; Kupchak sounded genuine when he said the Lakers had always wanted Lin.

    • ashley

      Someone on Jeremylin.net by the name of Smith A posted the following, which seems to answer part of my questions:

      – The Lakers are TANKING. Tankers do win some games; even Philly won 2. Tankers would prefer to win most of 20 wins in front of home fans.

      – As a rebuilding team, they only need contract-extended players (Kobe, Hill, Young) to LOOK GOOD – for recruiting purposes.

      Whether the theory stands true, Lin is being treated unfairly and his career has been compromised. Hopefully, his agent will do something, at least try to figure out what’s going on with the Lakers, and act in his best interest.

      • I’m glad you got the right answers to your questions from Smith A. This person is right on in what he wrote!

        I have also thought the same way as you about BS FINALLY revealing his true colors. All his talk about Price and Lin was insane in the preseason. And, as you full well know, I had a theory that he may have been playing mind games. So if that theory is true, then that explains it. But if that theory is not true then it does say that BS has been an EXTREME Lin doubter from the beginning. There’s too many strange conflicting things with BS in his treatment of Lin to really say for sure.

        Also, to me, that Kobe rant at practice is all just part of their tanking strategy to let fans think that they’re still trying to win games. Kobe is the only player in on the tanking strategy. Kobe plays hard and long, just because Kobe always wants to play hard and long for his own personal gratification. But even Kobe knows that the longer and harder he plays, the worse it will be for the Lakers. Kobe is there to put on a show to help keep fans interested this season, while they tank in secret.

        Unfortunately, the GM doesn’t have a twitter account, but Jeanie Buss, one of the owners, does (https://twitter.com/jeaniebuss). So I tweet her from time to time. But since my theory is that the Lakers org is behind all of this, I no longer see the point of tweeting Jeanie Buss.

        • ashley

          There is still a good point in tweeting Jeanie Buss, whom I thought was genuine in welcoming Lin to LA saying “LA could be your home” to Lin, because there is no reason in putting down a good player as Lin and every reason to stop BS from abusing Lin out of his personal bias. If the Lakers want to tank, they don’t need to do that. (I still don’t buy the “keeping him as a backup PG so they could underpay him theory.” After all, it’s the Lakers that took on Lin’s third-year payment (along with the pick). I don’t know how to tweet (yet) or do other things online; hence, made the bold suggestion. Appreciate everything you did for Lin!

  • There is, of course, a third possibility and that is that both are occurring simultaneously. The Lakers are tanking it and Uncle McBeamMeUpScottie is the terrible, outdated, hypocritical, biased asshole coach that he appears to be. The litmus test for me will be whether or not the Lakers’ FO retains Uncle McScott’s services for the entire season. If they do then I think it is safe to assume that they have been tanking it much of the year. If however they fire his sorry ass in January then perhaps they have not been tanking it. Firing him in January would say for me, “oops…so sorry. We made a dire mistake. Adios. Let’s try someone with a more innovative approach.” Otherwise we may never know for sure. Jeremy was playing great last night but missed his last six shots to finish up with just a good game as opposed to a great one. But it was a step in the right direction for him. The Lakers though were damn lucky to win the game at all given that McBeamMeUp stupidly benched him at the 2:46 mark of the fourth quarter and didn’t reinsert him into the game until there was 1:04 left in overtime. The Lakers won the game in spite of BS and clearly not because of him. BS is as stupid as he is ugly. The Lakers didn’t score a single point in the last 1:59 of regulation with Jeremy sitting on the bench. Tanking or bad coaching or perhaps curse of curses…BOTH. This is much worse for Jeremy than was even Houston. I want him as far away from L.A. as possible and the sooner the better. BS is a lamentable idiot. KB is an egotistical asshole and the front office is seemingly clueless. L.A. away or bust.

    • ashley

      I enjoyed reading your every description of BS–they hit the nail on the head! BS is that horrible and there’s no doubt about it! He’s also absolutely disgusting–how could he be so critical of Lin while at the same time condoning Kobe’s bad shooting and turnovers doing nothing to rein him in? All he knows is pampering Kobe–to the detriment of the team. And that makes BS one hundred times stupider than McHale–at least the latter was favoring a better player in James Harden who did win games for the Rox.

      Will BS get fired? I have to doubt the possibility. BS’s been trying hard–and probably pretty successfully–to please Kobe. That alone might just save his ass. So whether BS getting fired or not might not be the test of the theory. Also, as the players get more used to playing with each other, the team might start winning more games, which would also make the firing less likely to happen. Another thing I’m not clear about is BS’s contract–does it ensure his coaching job for more than one season? Nonetheless, if I were Kupchak, I would definitely fire such a sorry coach.

      • I don’t expect the Lakers to fire BS either because I don’t think they are smart enough to do so and I think they are tanking it anyway. But he certainly deserves to be fired and in retrospect I would say he never deserved to be hired. It is probably telling that they made him do three interviews before making a decision to hire him. If the Lakers did fire BS it would help to clarify what has been going on for the past seven weeks but it would also surprise me immensely if they did fire him. I believe he has a 3 year contract. That doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t fire him. Depending on the terms of the contract they might be obligated to pay him for the full length of the contract but that doesn’t mean they can’t say “bye-bye, Byron baby.” Most teams don’t like to do this for obvious reasons but they could if things went south enough and it wasn’t on purpose. For Jeremy’s sake I wish he could maneuver himself to a stable team with good management and a good coaching staff. But so far that has not been his fate aside from that short wonderful period of Linsanity with the Knicks under coach D’Antoni. I don’t really understand why the basketball establishment has been so critical of D’Antoni. He had some great years in Phoenix and Steve Nash flourished under his guidance and in his system. The knock on him has always been that he doesn’t stress defense and defense is what wins championships. But there was that one year when Stoudemare was still healthy and Nash was at his peak that they came very close to beating the Lakers in the Western Conference finals and should have and probably would have done so had Robert Horry not goaded Stoudemare into leaving the bench during an altercation which lead to a one game suspension for Amare and in my view cost Phoenix the series. They had to play one game without him and they lost that game and eventually the series in seven games. The Lakers went on to win the NBA championship that same year but Phoenix was better than they were that year even though they lost the western conference finals to the Lakers because of the Robert Horry bullshit. It would be interesting to see what D’Antoni could do with this current roster. He won 27 games last year with a much weaker roster. This year under McBullshit the Lakers are currently on pace to win 25 games. I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that D’Antoni is the Jeremy Lin of coaching. That’s not too far off in my view. He has never gotten the respect that I think he deserves. During Linsanity Jeremy said that “D’Antoni is a brilliant coach.” I think Jeremy should know and probably does know.

      • You’re right, ashley, whether or not BS gets fired might not be the test of the tanking theory. I think if the Lakers were built to win as a team, then the owners would be more concerned with BS’s performance. But since this is a rebuilding stage for the Lakers, they aren’t too concerned with wins and losses at the very least and are actually hoping to lose or even PLANNING to tank.

        BS’s pampering of Kobe is disgraceful and it borders on a Saturday Night Live level of comedy skit. This is how insane BS has been. He’s no longer an actual human being, BS has become a caricature.

    • Oh, yeah, there’s no doubt that BS is a bad coach. That is for sure, regardless of whether or not Lakers are tanking. But I just can’t believe that he’s THIS awful.

      I fully expect the Lakers to keep BS and not fire him. I would be shocked if Lakers fire BS anytime soon. And I do think that’s a good litmus test, because any owner in their right mind would fire BS for what he’s been doing. But I think BS is following the Lakers mandate, so that’s why he won’t be fired.

  • BBallFanfromNYC

    I think the whole Lin benching/Kobe PG thing is related to Kobe breaking MJ’s scoring record. By keeping Lin on the bench, and playing Kobe at the 1, Kobe gets to decide where the ball goes, aka he can get the most touches. Kobe’s shooting efficiency is non existent at this point, and he needs as many shots as he can get to put up points. Lin is a passing guard (despite what Scott thinks) so having him dictate ball movement does not work in Kobe’s favor ATM.

    Also, as much as you dislike this opinion, it might be best for Lin to come off the bench. Not because of talent or not deserving to be a starter (even with his struggles Lin is head n shoulders above Price). But, because for at least for 20-30 mins a game, Lin would (hopefully) be able to run the offense with limited input from Kobe and play closer to his natural playstyle.

    Hopefully once Kobe gets his scoring record and his ego stroked and the hoopla calms down, we can see what real plans the LAL have for Lin and the Org going forward.

    • I do think that with the way Kobe has been acting and been treated so far, it may be best for Lin to come off the bench. But my biggest concern about Lin coming off the bench is that it will likely mean reduced minutes and not being on the floor to close out games. But I guess closing out games doesn’t really matter, since it’s the Kobe iso show anyway.

    • bob space

      I fully agree with you that lin should come off the bench. Hes a lot more talented than price on both ends of the floor but his talents will be wasted on a kobe isocentric 1st team with old players who dont run. Price is “the hero they need, not the one they deserve” to quote batman.

      Also, our 1st squad isnt going to be the difference maker if you think about it. We actually have a competitive bench with lin, boozer, young, etc. If you look at the +/-, almost everyone in the 1st squad is a minus and the 2nd squad is a plus. I know one game is a small sample size, but it was also against the defending champs.

  • Forthelin

    I caught most of the game, and I am befuddled why Byron Scott would take Lin out in the final several minutes of the game. No one could handle the ball and turnover after turnover resulted. I understand from a coach’s pov that with a 9pt lead, you try to D up a little more, but we’re talking the ’14 Lakers here against the League champs. If it were the other way around with the Spurs up 9, it would make sense; it doesn’t with the Lakers porous defense, a tired Kobe, and nervous 2nd tier players playing under a ’50s style “whip until morale improves” mentality. I try to give Scott the benefit of the doubt because coaches from their position see things that laymen and even players can’t, and must make decisions that others question. But, Scott doesn’t seem to be adapting the team’s style of play to the players’ strengths, and seems set in his ways of playing a very conventional, even lazy, type of play around basically an inferior team. His minutes allocation seems to be based on “do the best you can in the time you’re out there, because you’re not getting anymore no matter what”. He was a little more flexible last night with Lin because Price was so bad, but Scott’s reputation for being stubborn and old school just does not fit this team at all. I had some hopes for this team when Lin got traded here, but they are quickly eroding.

    • bob space

      Scott is a very prideful man. Even david west was talking about it during his new orleans playing days about how what scott was doing wasnt working, but he was too prideful to change it

      • If all of this insanity isn’t by design, then I believe that BS is not only just an awful coach, but an awful human being for everything he’s done as a coach.

        Regardless of whether or not this is all by design, it is absolutely true that BS has too much pride. Confidence is good, but unchecked pride is an awful characteristic to have and it makes a person an awful human being. Pride causes us to be stuck in our ways and not grow as human being. To not learn from mistakes and grow from them is one of the worst ways to be in life.

    • BBallFanfromNYC

      “do the best you can in the time you’re out there, because you’re not getting anymore no matter what”.- This is EXACTLY what I think BS is doing w/ Lin. Another reason why JLin needs to be consistent and give great performances as much as he can. He’s only got a limited window of time to work with. He needs to show out AMAP.

  • pistolpete

    Pride is something Scott has in common with McHale. McHale wouldn’t let Jeremy succeed because he was trying to prove he was right in cutting him before Linsanity. Of course then Linsanity had to be a fluke because McHale would never have cut someone with that much ability. I could not believe after Kobe screwed up so badly at point guard in the last 2 minutes that BS started him at PG in OT. What a stubborn fat head (Charlie Brown)!

    • Right on, pistolpete. McHale and BS are both very prideful and that is their downfall.

  • hariss

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what I saw last night…. I showed another Basketball fan the article from the other day, and I told him, now, watch this game closely.. And he was like, “I’ll be damn, that Jlin kid that writes the articles is fucking right!!!”…

    • Yep. There’s a lot of insane shit going on in Lakerland, hariss. I haven’t seen this level of insanity EVER!

      That anecdote you related about your BBall friend put a smile on my face. So thanks for that. I appreciate it!

  • bob space

    Following jlin i cant help but feel disillusioned by the nba, the lakers, and their fans (which is a demographic i am a part of). I hate to play the race card, but i feel this is a case of “Lets fit the asian player in a peg and do our best to keep him there.”

    Players who have shown far less talent are given more leeway. Their coaches are a lot more forgiving. The fans are also more forgiving. I have yet to see any bench player, starter, etc do what lin did during linsanity, and i will never believe that it was a fluke. Its statistically impossible and improbable to be a scrub and go 7 games or so averaging around 25 pts 7 assists (these numbers are off the top of my head). Even with all the excuses such as “he was in a good system, no one knew him, etc,” who else would be able to do that? Not even nash did that in dantonis system and hes freaking tailored for it.

    I read a comment that just blew my mind. “Jlin should just know his role and pass it to kobe” along with other disparaging remarks. Normally i dont let comments, especially on the cesspool that is the internet bother me but the level of ignorance, hatred, etc made me weep for humanity. The poster was a relatively normal and nicelooking young woman, and this person thinks likes this? Not that appearance or sex is a good indicator, but it really shows you that ignorance is so pervasive in our society and people just believe and spew whatever they read.

    Im seriously considering watching golf or taking up a hobbie instead of watching what has become an ego-pampering, jersey-burning, garbage league and fanbase. I hate golf, btw.

    • Thanks for this comment, Bob! I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think Lin gets targeted because he looks different. I also know a lot of it is subconscious. It think it’s just human nature to notice something that stands out. So I think what happens with Lin is that, because he looks different, he gets scrutinized more than most players. And the human brain is wired to focus on the negatives more than the positives. So that’s part of the reason why you get so much overwhelming criticism of Jeremy Lin. This is why the commentators keep mentioning Lin more than other players on the court, with the exception of Kobe, say. Lin just sticks out, because of his race, so this makes him a target.

      If you really put what Lin did during Linsanity in context, it becomes even more impressive than the story that most people tell about Linsanity. Here’s my very detailed break down of Linsanity that helps put things in context in case you haven’t read it before (it’s an extremely long post): http://www.jeremylintel.com/2012/05/20/jeremy-lin-hatersdoubters-are-like-the-flat-earth-people/

      I would hate to lose you from this site, since I so enjoy reading your comments, but I do share your sentiment when you say you want to do anything else but watch the NBA. I feel the same way as you. It’s hard for me to take these games seriously. And because of that, it’s hard for me to watch them, because it’s no longer about winning and competing anymore. It’s just all about insane games being played.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just making “thrash” conversation here…

    Kobe’s thrash talk is old news and I know I am way behind in current NBA events here. I’ve been too busy making a living (and will be busy for a while), which is a good thing, I think. Be forewarned that what follows is my own trash talk, so please do not take it too seriously. 🙂

    If it is indeed the case that the Lakers FO wants to tank, BS is doing a very sh**ty job of implementing it. Why? Because while the FO has this in mind:


    BS, with a brain full of Charmin, is thinking of this:


    And speaking of Charmin, I guess you’ve all seen Lin’s Spurs postgame interview:


    Lin said Kobe’s trash talk was “blown out of proportion” and there were times when Kobe was at the receiving end of the trash talk from the bench team. Boy, I’d love to hear what Lin’s trash talking was like. But then it dawned on me that whole interview was Lin’s way of trash talking back. I love this guy, “I really do”. 🙂

    While BS is full of BS, I think Lin is really TS, meaning Tough Sh*t! Did you see all that pounding he took in the Spurs game? Should Duncan break Lin’s jaw with that elbow to the face, LOHs would say Lin was just Charmin soft and didn’t belong. But since Lin came out OK, they concluded that Lin was just flopping. So here’s my trash talk to LOHs… NVM! >:) (Evil Grin)

    To conclude, let me borrow and twist Dr. Teng’s word into “let’s all flash the trash” and have a great (albeit frustrating) time watching the 20 min of Lin in tonight’s game against the Pacers!

    PS: Didn’t I say that Lin would bounce back? 🙂

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. Ping Pong:

      The part of Jeremy’s interview I liked the most was when he said, “I thought we played pretty well for a team of toilet paper.” That is Jeremy’s version of trashing talking back to Kobrick. Loved it. Go, Jeremy!!!

    • Forthelin

      Trashtalking is a part of the hip-hop culture of basketball. We never did it in hs, because our coach wouldn’t have any of that, but I’m sure this is pretty commonplace for a fun practice. I think this is just the result of a novice reporter not used to locker room talk and taking it way too seriously.

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