Superstar Fan-Boy Coach

Please note: I wrote the first half of this piece on the day before Thanksgiving after game #14. I wrote the second half yesterday after game #23.

Superstar Fanboy Coach…….by old and in the way

I have noticed that when someone says “I really do” it usually means they really don’t. If they really did they wouldn’t have to say “I really do.” So when Byron Scott was quoted preseason as saying, “I like Jeremy Lin. I really do,” I was alarmed. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt then because there was nothing else I could do. But I was skeptical. Now 14 games into a horrendous 3-11 start for the Lakers I am more skeptical than ever. Scott has proven so far to be a much more inept coach than I ever imagined he would be. He refuses to rein in Kobe Bryant who is not the player he was three years ago before the injuries which sidelined him for much of the past two seasons. But he continues to play as though he thinks he is still that same dominant player that he once was. He is not and his ball-hogging gunner mentality has contributed greatly to the Lakers’ poor start. Scott is playing Bryant too much and Jeremy Lin not enough. If he liked Jeremy so much he would feature him more and not act like the superstar fanboy coach to Kobe Bryant that he has been up to now. Byron Scott is perhaps more articulate and less abrasive than Kevin McHale, Jeremy Lin’s last coach, but he just as stupid and just as bad a coach apparently. Only time and more games will tell if he is truly a good coach or not. So far he has not been good. So far he has just been a superstar fanboy coach to Kobe Bryant. This is a major disappointment as the Lakers could be a much better team than the pathetic hero ball team they have been through the first fourteen games of the 2014-15 regular season.

Now 23 games into the 2014-15 season nothing has changed for the better since Thanksgiving. Things have only gotten worse. The Lakers are now 7-16 having gone 4-5 since Thanksgiving as a result of a slightly easier schedule against slightly easier opponents. BS has proven to be a hypocrite, a liar and a lover of hero-ball. BS is not more articulate and less abrasive than Kevin McJail. He is just a better liar. Jeremy’s starting position has been given to a D-Leaguer who is supposedly a defensive specialist. He is not. He lacks the size, speed and strength to be a defensive specialist. His defensive M.O. is to flail his arms about like a flamboyant robocop. In fact Jeremy is a much bigger, faster, stronger and better defender than his starter replacement, Ronnie Price. But there seems to be a front office directive to tank games in order to protect a top pick in next year’s draft so it would seem that Jeremy’s “demotion” has nothing at all to do with merit and everything to do with a ploy to build for the future. Throw this year’s team under the bus to make room for next year’s stars that may, of course, never materialize. It is a risk and a gamble being enabled by this year’s superstar fanboy coach, Uncle McBeanMeUpScottie. As Gary Teng keenly observed in his Quote of the Century on December 12 Uncle McScottie feels real good when his balls are in the hands of his hero-ball superstar stud, Mr. All-About-Me Bryant, who has become the consummate brick laying no-team-play teammate and champion hero-ball player of all time.




  • Jeremy’s free agency can’t come fast enough for me.

  • Thanks for a great article, “old and in the way”!. I really enjoyed reading it. I really did. (kidding). In all seriousness, love the insight you had about “I really do”. It’s funny you mention that, because that drew my suspicions, as well. But I thought that was just me over analyzing. Glad you saw it the same way.

    • MrPingPong

      What about “I do”? 🙂

      • Haha, MrPingPong!

        • Gary Teng

          Dear old & in the way,

          Excellent job!

          Under no circumstance I ever tip my hat to anyone in order not to expose my bold and shinning head, but “I really do” this time. 🙂

          I believe you have noticed that in the Lakers vs. Rockets game played at Houston, Lin did not play well at all but mysteriously BS put Lin back around the last 3-minute mark in the 4th quarter. The end result was Lakers miraculously won that game (An 11 points switch in last than 2 minutes. Professor MrPingPong can be my eye witness.)

          Similar thing happened during the Lakers vs. Spurs game two days ago. Lin played excellently but somewhat BS foolishly and inexcusably benched him. BS finally put Lin back at the 1:04 minute mark during OT and we all knew the rest of this happy-ending story.

          This shows that the old saying “No Lin no win” may have some truth in it. 🙂

          Again, thank you deeply for brightening my otherwise lousy day. Indeed, the sun finally comes out in full force today in southern California, the first time in about two whole weeks.

          Please keep up the great work! Anyway, next time I can only promise you a full-military salute, no more hats off. 🙂

          • Gary Teng

            Did I just boldly expose my baldness?~~~ 🙂

          • Thank you for being so kind. And I need to pad my comments stats. I really do. I have one other short piece ready to post but wonder if I should press my luck by posting them both on the same day. On the other hand I have nothing to lose. I really don’t…oops. But I really don’t, do I?

      • Dear Mr. PingPong:

        If it’s BS beware of the following:

        I. I really do;
        2. I really don’t;
        3. I do;
        4. I don’t;
        5. I might;
        6. I won’t;
        7. I could;
        8. I should;
        9. or any combination of the above;
        10. or any other time his lips are moving, hey!!

        Up, Jeremy!! Down, Lakers!! No Lin no win. Let’s hope for the best for Jeremy tonight. Ciao for now.

        • This is 100% correct, “old & in the way”!

  • bob space

    Great article. I actually think scott is a lot worse than mchale because at least mchale is willing to adapt to the winning trend of fast paced 3s/layups with ball movement and spacin, or hes smart enough to delegate that to his assistant coaches. I dislike mchale for his marginalization of lin but the team is competitive.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Bob Space:

      Thank you, Bob. Yes, Houston is very competitive and the Houston coaching staff does seem much better than the Lakers’ coaching staff. Scott and his assistants are pathetic. I had no idea prior to this season just how terrible and outdated McScottie is as a coach. And the Lakers’ FO also seems like a bad joke to me. They should have kept MDA. Someone else said somewhere else that MDA is the Jeremy Lin of coaches and it is hard to argue with that. MDA allowed Linsanity to occur and in his own words he “rode Jeremy (to victories) like Secretariat.” If MDA were still the Lakers’ coach they would have a lot more wins and Jeremy would be getting many more minutes of playing time and being utilized in a much more intelligent way. Jeremy himself was quoted as saying that “D’Antoni is a brilliant coach.” And the Lakers fired him. Snuff said, hey!? I think so. Ciao for now.

      • bob space

        Yeah they should have kept him. The defense was going to stink regardless but at least he would have been able to make the offense more fluid. Even barkley criticised magics tweet, saying mda is a good coach but the fo did not give him a lot to work with.

        The fo is a joke at this point. Its not even the failed chris paul trade that really killed the lakers, but rather a string of bad decisions tied with the new cba. You have pau, howard, nash, and kobe? Great lets turn down an 11 ring coach for someone to build the system around a 40 yr old pt guard. To his credit dantoni took the team to the playoffs and at least got something out of an even worse roster the 2nd yr.

        • old & in the way

          Dear Bob Space:

          Gee…I had forgotten all about that. Hiring MDA over Phil Jackson. I guess her father, Jerry, was the real brains behind the Lakers. Since his death all the decisions have seemed suspect. I like MDA but hiring him ahead of PJ does seem lame. Although PJ hasn’t helped the Knicks yet at all. Some say the triangle offense is as obsolete as the so-called Princeton offense. I don’t know but neither do Jeannie and her brother seem to know much about what they are doing. I’d rather have PJ coaching than MDA but on the other hand I would love to see Jeremy playing in a MDA system. He would thrive like he did under MDA during Linsanity. And MDA did have a lot of success in Phoenix when Steve Nash was still in his prime. Clearly now though the Lakers FO is a damn joke. Mitch Upchuck seems to have lost his way also as a GM. Was Dr. Jerry calling all the shots when he was still running the team? Or has Upchuck just lost his way? Senile perhaps? I can’t wait for Jeremy to get away from the Lakers. Ciao for now.