Kevin Ding of BleacherReport Shared my Theory about Lakers Keeping Lin in Check

I just saw this article (it’s actually a video interview of Kevin Ding) on BleacherReport in which he shared my theory about the Lakers keeping Lin in check to retain Lin as their future back up PG for Lin’s marketability. Kevin Ding discusses this at the 1:45 minute mark of the video.

I did tweet @KevinDing, on several occasions, my article in which I discussed my conspiracy theories about the Lakers. So maybe, just maybe, Kevin Ding decided to open the link to one of those tweets and read my crazy conspiracy theories.

I also tweeted Kevin Ding that he should do some investigative journalism and dig into what’s really going on in Lakerland. I tweeted that the Lakers only care about three things this season and none of those things have anything to do with winning basketball games. Those three things, as I’ve laid out in previous articles are:

  1. Kobe gets his stats and finishes off his career strong (that’s why they keep Kobe in there during garbage time if Kobe hasn’t achieved good stats).
  2. Lakers lose enough so they get the #5 pick, but not too much so that they lose the pick to Phoenix.
  3. Keeping Lin in check so Lin does poorly and won’t get attractive offers from other teams and they can retain Lin as their back up PG of the future. Also, they don’t want Lin ruining their tank plans by playing to win.

Anyway, I’m very glad that Kevin Ding is doing his part to spread the word on my conspiracy theory about Lakers devaluing Lin. I’m hoping that more people catch onto this and people start talking about this more, but I think most people will just dismiss this as Lin fanaticism. I think even most Lin fans think I’m crazy and don’t buy into my conspiracy theory. As far as I can tell, I’m the ONLY one really talking about this. There are a few on twitter who do agree with me, but not many.

Like I keep saying in my articles, I think we may find out the truth in time. For example, if the Lakers still try to retain Lin after treating him like garbage, I think that’s a pretty good indication that my conspiracy theory about Lakers keeping Lin in check to retain Lin as their future back up PG for Lin’s marketability has merit.

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  • I saw that video. However, thought Kevin mentioned it, it seemed from his tone that he was rather skeptical of the theory.

    • It’s totally understandable that Kevin Ding would be skeptical (since even most Lin fans don’t buy my theory) and it is even more understandable that he would try to sound skeptical, even if he wasn’t skeptical. The reason is that he has his reputation to uphold. If he is seen as buying into that theory, then I think he would be concerned about losing his credibility, since he’s more of a mainstream sports writer. Kevin Ding needs for people to see him as being objective and not some sort of Lin fanatic.

      The truth is, I don’t know if he is truly skeptical or just trying to sound skeptical so as to keep his reputation. I don’t think I will ever know. But the fact that he would even choose to mention my conspiracy theory in an interview in which he’s sought out as some sort of expert tells me at least that he’s open to my theory, which is saying a lot.

      There are lots of games being played in the media, so I often don’t take things said in public at face value. I suspect that if you talk to Kevin Ding in private, he may be more receptive to this conspiracy theory than he lets on in public. Being Asian American, I think Kevin Ding is even more sensitive about the potential that he would be seen as being favorable towards Lin. So that makes him even more careful when discussing Lin. Just my take on the whole thing.

  • old & in the way

    Dear JLintel:

    Here’s hoping Jeremy doesn’t fall for any of this shit and resigns with the Lakers. Rajon Rondo is now officially a Dallas Maverick. Boston got Jemeer Nelson, a couple of guys I know nothing about and some future draft picks. Maybe Jeremy would be a good fit in Boston with a young and innovative coach and his in place fan base from Harvard. I think your theory regarding the Lakers deliberately trying to keep Lin is check so they can retain him as their back-up point guard and for his marketability is quite feasible and very believable. I just hope he doesn’t fall for this nonsense. Re-signing with the Lakers will kill his career. And I don’t want that nor do any of the rest of us here. I want him starting somewhere and playing in a system that facilitates his strengths rather than his weaknesses. Perhaps Boston would be one of those places. Jemeer Nelson is not in my view that good. In the right system Jeremy is a potentially much better player I believe than Jemeer Nelson. Later.

  • old & in the way

    I just looked at Boston’s roster. They have a lot of point guards but none of them are very good. Jemeer Nelson, Paul Pressey, Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley. Bradley is considered a good defender but I thought he was a 2 guard. But he’s listed as a PG on the roster. This may be an error. I think he’s a 2 guard. Smart is a 20 year old project…don’t know how good he is or how good he may get. His stats though look bad although that doesn’t tell you everything. And I don’t know what kind of an offense Boston runs. They played the Lakers recently but I just can’t remember how they played. Maybe someone else can remember. I can barely remember the game but I think the Lakers lost big. At any rate if the offensive system is a fast and aggressive one Jeremy could prosper in it. I just can’t remember if it is or not. But the coach, Brad Stevens, is young and considered innovative. I just can’t remember what he runs.

    • I’m glad that you’re one of the few who buy into my theory, “old & in the way”. I think the fact that Lakers didn’t offer Lin in their proposed trade for Rondo is more evidence for my theory. Because if they are treating Lin like garbage that should mean that they don’t want Lin, and if they don’t want Lin, then why the hell wouldn’t they package Lin as one of the pieces to trade for Rondo? I mean, that would make the most sense. If they think Lin can’t handle the PG role, then why wouldn’t they want to get rid of Lin for someone who they would really want to play alongside Kobe Bryant? I mean, it’s very doubtful that Rondo would want to play in LA for a number of reasons. But from the Laker’s perspective, why wouldn’t they package Lin up in the deal to attempt to get Rondo? They tried to get Rondo, but Lin wasn’t in that deal. Of course, the Lakers could just be looking like they’re trying to get Rondo to appease the fan base, by not offering up anything that the Celtics would want.

      Anyway, I’m glad you’re thinking of the Celtics as a potential destination for Lin, On my twitter account, I’ve been adamant about saying that the Celtics would be my FIRST choice for Lin if Rondo leaves. Brad Stevens runs a very up tempo offense. There’s a reason Rondo averages over 10 assists a game. Brad’s offense is very beneficial for attacking point guards, because it’s got good floor spacing and their bigs actually follow the PG into the paint, making it easy for the PG to find a big when the PG can’t get a shot off in the paint. The problem Lin runs into all the time with the Lakers is that the bigs just hang out in the perimeter and so Lin has no options when he’s driving in the paint.

      Brad Stevens also seems like an intelligent, open-minded individual who wouldn’t already have his mind made up about Lin. So I would love for Lin to go to the Celtics if at all possible. I just don’t know if the Celtics have an interest in Lin. I can’t remember if Danny Ainge has voiced any opinions on Lin. I really hope the Celtics give Lin an offer. Lin will likely have to compete for the starting job anywhere he goes now, but at least in Boston, I think he will have the offensive system that will allow him to shine. So I’m confident that he’ll be able to start if he joins the Celtics, because he will be able to prove himself and Brad Stevens seems like a guy who would give Lin a fair shot.

      • old & in the way

        Dear JLintel:

        Thanks for de-fogging my senior moment memory glands. I figured with Rondo prospering in Boston they must be running an up-tempo offense but I just couldn’t remember for sure as I have paid little attention to Boston’s games in recent seasons except, of course, when they have been playing against Jeremy’s teams, Houston or now the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • bob space

    Ill admit i dont buy into your theory that they are purposely devaluing lin to resign him as a backup, although i hope you are right because that would mean that the benching has nothing to do with them thinking lin isnt good. I think it has more to do with kobe/scotts ego, politics, and racism.

    One thing i have noticed is that lin is taking the bad performances (particularly vs the pacers) too personally. The team as a whole played poorly and kobe is shooting 38 percent, so i hope he takes these kinds of games in stride.

    • MrPingPong

      I agree with you, Bob. I don’t buy our Philosopher’s theory either. Kevin Ding seems to have caught wind of this particular theory though. Being cognizant of a wide spectrum of opinions on Lin’s situation with the Lakers and able to formulate and articulate his own without stepping on anybody’s toes is the mark of a good and smart Lakers reporter, I think.

      I also agree with you that Lin seems to have taken his bad performance in the Pacers game too personally. The whole team played very badly, including the famed Kobe. Lin took a real beating in the Spurs game the night before. One day is not enough time for anybody to recover from that kind of beating. I believe Lin will bounce back nicely tonight against OKC, now that he has a few days to lick his wound, dig deep and find the inner peace to play calmly and freely.

      BTW, we all know that Kobe Bryant does not take charges, right? It’s Lin’s job now.

      • MrPingPong,

        I realize I may sound egotistical here, but just stating the truth as I see them. I could be wrong, but I’m 100% sure Kevin Ding just got the conspiracy theory from my article that I tweeted him. I doubt that Lakers reporters care enough about what Lin fans think to waste their time scouring Lin forums or whatever to get a wide spectrum of opinions on Lin fans.

        I’m 100% sure what went down is that Kevin Ding just simply opened a link to my article that I sent him and read the article and just made a poor extrapolation that I speak for all Lin fans, thus the “Lin fanatic” comment. Little did Kevin Ding know that I simply speak for myself and my conspiracy theory is actually not shared by a lot of Lin fans.

  • ashley

    If the Lakers value Lin’s marketability, then they should promote him to attract his fans instead of devalue him, driving his fans away. Also, if they want to keep Lin, having him in their long-term plan, they should give him decent playing time so as to develop him instead of benching him, whether he’s to be a backup PG or not. Thus, the conspiracy theory is self-contradictory, apparently. To me, BS’ bias toward Lin and favoritism toward Kobe (and Ronnie) remain the more plausible reasons. Tanking? Keeping Lin by way of depreciating him? Neither makes good sense. However, I do understand that Mr. Philosopher came up with the theory because what’s happening with the Lakers doesn’t make good sense.

    Actually, believing in the conspiracy could make Lin’s situation look less miserable (knowing that the Lakers are just “pretending” not to like him) and BS’s coaching less awful (knowing the front office wants him to lose games). But I’m afraid things are just as horrible as they look, and BS, Kobe, and the front office are just as pathetic as they can be. And unfortunately, Lin’s career has become a collateral damage. He’s been labeled as “inconsistent”, now with the limited playing time, he could look even worse. On the Knicks, he once shot poorly (1-11?) in the first three quarters in the Sixers game, and redeemed himself in the fourth with his free throws. Now, it seems if he doesn’t score well in 15 minutes’ play, he’ll be benched like a scrub, who isn’t expected to make an impact on the game anyway.

    Aside from those Warrior days, Lin truly is having the most difficult time now in his basketball career, as he said to his fans in a video on his Facebook. Is the season still young? If so, we should keep up our hope, right? Well, here I hope Lin sees the adversity as a trial, keeps improving his game, and rise to the challenge!

    • old & in the way

      Dear Ashley et al:

      I do hope that Jeremy can rise to the challenge and overcome all the obstacles that have been and continue to be put in his way. But it is possible that we are all correct and at different times to varying degrees all of the above is correct. Keep him down, make him cheap, awful coaching, narcissistic and egotistical leadership, extreme racism and political infighting. Multiple spiraling conspiracies. I think all of the above is going on simultaneously. It isn’t “either or” in my view but rather “either and, either and, either and, either and, etc.” if you understand what I mean and if my use of language is clear enough and not too nebulous. Multiple, spiraling, interconnected conspiracies is the clearest way I can think of expressing it. I hope some of you can follow what I am trying to communicate. If not, I apologize for not being able to imagine a clear and better way to express what I mean and what I am trying to say. I think it may be that we all correct and all of our theories are simultaneously correct. I don’t necessarily see the contradictions in all of these theories co-existing. Only time will tell us more clearly what is truly transpiring. In the meantime I wish for Jeremy to prosper against all odds. And pox to the Los Angeles Lakers management and coaching staff. Losing becomes them. May they suffer and may Jeremy be released as soon as possible from the chains with which they constrict his athletic creativity.

      • Excellent stuff here, “old & in the way”! I have a lot to say about what you wrote here, but don’t have time. So all I can say for now is that I agree with the excellent points you made here.

    • ashley, I don’t have time right now to respond fully to your comment. But I just wanted to touch on what you said about how the theory is self-contradictory.

      I think from the Lakers stand point, if they don’t make a concerted effort to devalue Lin, they’re afraid that he’ll end up averaging 18 points 7 assists a game this season and end up attracting starting PG opportunities in the off season. Since the Lakers don’t see Lin as a starting PG, they don’t want to run the risk of Lin having a great season and him attracting offers (not just money-wise) that the Lakers don’t want to match. So that’s one of the reasons for Lakers keeping Lin in check. Again, this is a gamble that the Lakers are making. Either do nothing and let things take their course and have Lin potentially have a big season and risk not being able to keep Lin or do something about it and keep Lin in check so they have the potential to keep Lin for what they want to offer Lin (again, not just money-wise, but back up PG position).

      If I had more time to write, I’d break this down for you more clearly. So this is just my lazy response to you, since that’s all I have time for at the moment, unfortunately.

  • Chirico

    I agree with there is a spiral conspiracy theory . However, I seriously doubt JLin’s going to sign with Lakers next year who treats him like outsider and is hurting his basketball career.

    JLin’s a much better player than most people, including so called experts, would perceive. He reminds us that there are so much more than just states, figures in the basketball game. he inspired us fans that bball can be this fun to watch.

    It was so obvious that the last two years he was mostly misused and marginalized by both Rockets and Lakers.

    JLin as a player to a modern bball team’s win/loss, has much much more positive impact and value than these ISO ball hogs.

    I don’t care his stats especially this season because his game is not about stats, unlike those selfish players[ fill in the blank ].

  • old & in the way

    A lot of good things happened last night. The Lakers lost. Good. Jeremy had a good game in limited playing time (12 pts., 5 assts., 8 rebs., 5-7 shooting, 22 min.). Good. Ronnie Price had a career game but Jeremy still outplayed him. Good. The bench again outplayed the starters illustrating once again what a clueless fraud BS is. Good. The bench had an accumulative +/- figure of +2 while the starters were a -7. Good. And finally I don’t tweet so I’m getting this second hand but according to a post on another website Jeremy tweeted the following after the game on Kobe’s final shot (a brick), “I like game-winners too. I would like to shoot some. But I get it.” This was probably the best thing that happened all last night because it indicates to me that Jeremy will not be playing for the Lakers next year. He is not being fooled or suckered in by anything they are doing to him and the team. I only hope he can get an offer from a team that plays a modern, up-tempo offense and has a young, innovative coach like the Boston Celtics. The only thing that wasn’t so good last night was my live direct access to the game via the NBA website link to the Lakers’ radio broadcasts. John Ireland does the play-by-play. He is okay…not terrible but not good either. The so-called “color analyst” is Mychal Thompson. I’m not sure if I’m spelling his first name correctly as he uses a peculiar (to me) spelling. But he is the former fairly decent player who is the father of Klay Thompson who is more talented than was his father and who plays for the Golden State Warriors. That “Mychal” Thompson. He is not a good analyst. He parrots and approves of everything BS says and does. Last night he stated emphatically that Kobrick is an all-star this season and that if he isn’t voted onto the team by the fans then he will be selected by the coaches or at least ought to be. This illustrates what a homer buffoon he is. KB is not an all-star this season. He is rather all-brick and no clutch. He has become and is a proverbial joke. And Jeremy unfortunately is one of his punching bag punchlines apparently. But he is no all-star and “Mychal” Thompson is no analyst. May the Lakers continue to flounder and plummet as a franchise and may Jeremy continue to prosper against all odds.

    • ashley

      On the day Lin played a good game and made us all happy again, BS had to spoil it by calling out Jeremy making “dumb” mistakes and turnovers. He just couldn’t control his bad mouth.

      Why didn’t he call out others’, especially Kobe’s “dumb” mistakes? And how about his own “dumber” mistake of giving the last shot to the poorest shooter this game? Being an NBA coach for years, does he not know what not to say? If it were Jeremy’s “dumb” mistake that cost them the game, I’d have found his dumb remark less annoying. This is probably the first time BS used such negative word on his player, though it’s not the first he trashed Lin.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Ashley:

        BS is a biased hypocrite who is a terrible coach and the real reason for the Lakers lack of success. He scapegoats Jeremy continuously because he is too arrogant to acknowledge his own shortcomings as both a human being and a coach. Jeremy had a great game and should have taken the last shot. BS is a rigid, predictable and inflexible coach and person. Any moron could have known that Kobe was going to take the final shot. The Thunder didn’t even guard anyone else. Jeremy was wide open and 3-5 in the fourth quarter but the brickaholic took the last shot anyway because BS is a stupid and unimaginative coach. When asked after the game why Kobrick took the last shot and not JLin his lame response was, “32,000 points,” referring to Kobrick’s ballpark career figure. His response just illustrates how mindless and clueless he is as he completely ignored the fact that before that shot Kobrick was 3-13 in the game and that he had missed 11 straight game-winning last second attempts…now 12. I know it is hard but try not to let a chithead like McScottie ruin you day. Okay? Ciao for now.

      • The_Chazz_Award

        Hey all!

        Read this post about Lagarette Blount:

        1. Replace Blount’s name with Lin’s
        2. Replace NFL with NBA
        3. Replace Running Back with Point Guard
        4. Keep in mind it may not work with all sentences
        5. If you want: replace pro bowler with all-star

        The story you get is eerily similar. Lin has not been given a fair shake at all. Most compare Lin to Tebow, but I think comparison to Blount is more appropriate. Lin, like Blount, was also undrafted.

        The blog also has a pretty interesting post about Kobe:

        Have a good day!

        • Interesting stuff. I don’t follow the NFL much anymore so am not familiar with Blount. But thanks for sharing that info.

          Yep, a large part of bias toward Lin is because Lin was undrafted out of Harvard, not just because he’s Asian American. For example, if Lin was a number 1 pick out of Duke, he wouldn’t face the same level of bias that he currently faces. But, of course, we all know that no Asian American man is gonna be recruited to play basketball for Duke and drafted number 1, so Lin being Asian American AND undrafted is a big part of the bias against Lin. At least Blount only has one strike against him.

    • MrPingPong

      Yes, Old & In the Way, a lot of good things happened last night against OKC for Jeremy Lin. And in case you haven’t seen Lin “thrash talking” about loving to take the winning shot, here it is:

      I love the guy! “I really do”! 🙂

      BTW, just to beat on my chest a little, didn’t I predict that Lin would bounce back nicely against OKC? Ha ha, crazy LOF! 🙂

      Back to the game losing shot by Kobe… As a LOF hypothetical coach, I would have Kobe inbound the ball to Lin then have Lin immediately give it back to Kobe, who then can do his razzle dazzle fade away jumper, and swish: game winner! That way Kobe gets his glory and Lin gets a mere assist! Everybody is happy, except for OKC fans and the OKC team, confused and stunned by BS ingenious coaching! 🙂

      Aside: I watched the game on my computer, and when Lin was on the bench, I switched to Youtube and watched Linsanity highlights! I love Jeremy Lin, I really do! 🙂

      • Gary Teng

        An very interesting and telling article from ESPN:

        Bryant has now missed 12 consecutive potential tying or go-ahead shots in the final five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime, which ties for the longest such streak in his career; he also missed a dozen such shots in a row between 2005 and 2006.

        Some would argue that Bryant isn’t as “clutch” as many believe, a point that advanced statistics has made all but indisputable…

        In this short NBA season alone, KoBrick has 4 such misses already! And it seems that the shows must go on… How sad and pathetic!~~~

        The dumbest (and shameless and spineless) coach in the history of NBA can surely learn something from the classical definition of insanity made by one of the smart persons ever lived:

        Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
        — Albert Einstein

        BTW: It seems that KoBrick is jacking up bricks so hard in order to leave another piece of stinking sh-t to his retarded fanbase — To build a new Great Wall around the Staple Center to protect his (despicable) legacies.

        • old & in the way

          Dear Gary:

          Only have time right now to write that this Albert Einstein quote of the definition of insanity is one of my favorite quotes of all time and one I first heard many decades ago. But it is poignantly applicable to the current situation in Lakerland with their dummy robot coach, McChitferbrainz. More later. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            Wow! You just invited a new word “brickaholic.” It says it all and I like it very very much. 🙂

            IF the Lakers is intentionally tanking this season, then BS will surely be remembered as The greatest tank commander in the history of humankind. Compared to BS The Great, General George Patton and The Desert Fox of German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel would be distant second and third. 🙂

      • old & in the way

        Dear Mr. Ping Pong:

        I love Jeremy, too. Thanks for the video of his whole interview. In the context of the entire interview his “trash” didn’t seem quite as powerful to me as in the tweet itself taken out of context. Jeremy is just too diplomatic and gracious to be a full spectrum “trash basher.” But at least it is clear I think that he definitely knows which way is up as far as the sorry ass Lakers organization is concerned. Pressed for time. Gotta go for now. More later.

  • old & in the way

    “Some fun Kobe stats. Out of 121 players who have shot enough to qualify for league shooting % leaders he is #117. Out of all players in the league he is #342 out of 438. He averages 22.4 shots per game. No other player in the league takes even 20 shots and only 3 take more than 18. Stuff of legends.”–Corey Ellyn (“Top commenter” at ESPN website)

  • Kendalf

    After last night’s game, here’s my new conspiracy theory:
    The Lakers are overplaying Kobe to the point where he’ll get another season ending injury, and then BS will have no choice but to put the ball in Jeremy Lin’s hands and Linsanity 2.0 ensues. Only slightly tongue-in-cheek. It’s a perfect script for Hollywood.

    • Believe it or not, I think this is what Mitch Kupchak secretly wishes if he’s completely honest with himself. Of course, the Lakers owners want Kobe to play forever to get TV contracts and sell tickets. But Kupchak knows that Kobe is hurting the Lakers rebuild chances. So I think this is why Kupchak secretly hopes Kobe gets injured for good.

  • pistolpete

    If the Lakers FO watched the game last night they should realize that they building the team around Lin is the future. I can definitely see them trying to devalue him now so they can keep him and get the draft pick as well. Once they get the pick though they should dump BS and rebuild with Jeremy as the focal point.
    This is highly unlikely but if they don’t then hopefully another team will realize it and make Jeremy an offer. The fact that other teams haven’t done this already leads me to believe that there may be a larger conspiracy then just the Lakers going on although I hope I’m wrong. But how could they ALL miss the POTENTIAL???

    • old & in the way

      Dear Pistol Pete:

      It does make me nervous, too, that this keeps happening. New York, Houston and now Los Angeles. I hope this isn’t a league wide conspiracy to discriminate against Jeremy because of his ethnicity. But it could be. I read at another website that the NBA wants brotherball and not basketball. It is hard to argue with that but I hope this view proves to be more cynical than the reality. Still I worry.

      • Sage

        LOL Brotherball. That is funny. I hope not, but it is very hard to argue against at this point. I hope the league proves me wrong.

  • Chirico

    I just want to drop a message to you, philosopher, Ashley, MrPingPong, and “the old & in the way”.

    I really enjoy reading your post. You made my day. Thank you much.

    JLin was pretty much one of the main reasons that Lakers were still in the game with Thunders in the 4th Q. As soon as Kobrick went in, Thunders knew that they were going to seal the deal.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    • MrPingPong

      Thanks for your kind words, Chirico! The feeling is mutual! Happy Holidays to you too!

    • Thanks, very much Chirico. Love reading your comments, as well. It’s still early, but Happy Holidays to you, as well!

    • ashley

      Dear Chirico,

      I am flattered by your kind words. It’s been great reading your posts, and your message made my day! Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

      • old & in the way

        Dear Chirico:

        Ditto for me on all of the above and Happy holidays to you, too.

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