Everything for Jeremy Lin Changed Abruptly and Drastically after Scott Met with Kupchak end of November

I only caught a glimpse of the final few minutes of Lakers vs. Thunders game last night and don’t have time to re-watch it at the moment. I was at a bar so couldn’t hear the sound of the game and wasn’t paying much attention to the game, which was shown in a small TV at the bar I was at. I only mention this, because I’m not sure if my recollection of the game is correct and hope you can clarify for me. Was Lin playing in the final minutes of the game? And did Lin take it upon himself to hit the second to last shot of the game? And did Lin pass the ball to Wayne Ellington rather than Kobe in the third to last shot of the game? Also, was Nick Young not in at the end of the game? Did Lin finish the game because something happened to Nick Young, so BS had no choice but to let Lin close out the game? I tried to find some article about Nick Young being injured, but couldn’t find anything. Nothing seemed to make any sense (in a good way) with the Lakers game vs. Thunder. So I’m not sure if I was losing my mind or not.

A lot of things didn’t make sense (again, in a very good way) in Lakerland, last night, and it’s all because Lin was in the game in the final minutes and actually allowed to play Point Guard. Of course, Kobe did take and miss yet another game winner (12 consecutive game winner misses for Kobe now, which ties his career worse), so in that sense, business as usual in Lakerland. But from the little that I saw of the game, it was the oddest treatment Lin has gotten from Byron Scott since after the Timberwolves game, albeit, Lin still only played 22:14 minutes. So maybe BS’s treatment of Lin was still bad, but I just saw the moments where Lin was played the right way at the end of the game. Did Lin just decide to defy BS and go off on his own? I don’t know. What was your take? Was Lin played the right way vs. Thunder and if so did you also find it as odd as I did?

My interpretation of the odd way in which Lin was used (in this case, odd actually means that Lin was allowed to play the right way) last night tells me that the Lakers organization is starting to realize that they may need to ease up on how awful they’ve been mistreating Lin ever since after the Timberwolves game, because it could back fire on them and not allow them to accomplish their goal, which is to retain Lin as their back up PG of the future. They may be starting to realize that if they keep mistreating Lin so miserably, he will not want to stay with the Lakers no matter what and opt to go to another team no matter how bad the situation is with the other team. So I think maybe the Lakers now realize that they need to figure out the PERFECT balance of how to keep Lin’s stats down, without demoralizing Lin and Lin’s fan base so Lin still decides to re-sign with the Lakers, since he won’t get any better offers (not just money-wise).

This is a very delicate balance that the Lakers have to figure out, so I anticipate even more inconsistent treatment of Lin going forward. In short, things will get even odder for Jeremy Lin. Sometimes Lin will be allowed to play his game, sometimes he may not. But I suspect they’ll ease up just a little (again, they still need to communicate that Lin is not an asset to any team) on throwing Lin under the bus going forward. But, of course, I’m not sure if my interpretation of last night’s game was correct. So this whole discussion about Lakers being wise to how their demotion of Lin could backfire may be totally off base. The reason I posed the title of this article in the form of a question is because I’m not sure if my interpretations of last night’s game was correct, since I only caught a tiny bit of it.

[EDITING NOTE: I changed the title of this post from “Lakers Organization Catching on to How their Demotion of Jeremy Lin Could Back Fire?” to “Everything for Jeremy Lin Changed Abruptly and Drastically after Scott Met with Kupchak end of November” because the latter title is actually the real crux of this post. Also, after learning more baout what happened in the game vs. Thunder, it is clear that Scott was simply FORCED to let Lin close out the game due to Nick Young being ejected. I also think Lin just took matters into his own hands and played his game, instead of listening to Scott and deferring to Kobe, as usual. So it turns out that nothing too special happened in the Thunder game in terms of Lakers making any sort of pivot when it comes to Jeremy Lin. So I felt the old title for this post was no longer relevant. I have been meaning to post about Scott’s meeting with Kupchak, but thought it would have been strange to just post about that and ignore what I thought were very odd things that occurred in the Thunder game. So I felt I had to mention something about it. But now that it’s clear nothing really interesting happened, I had to change the title of this post to reflect the crux of this post, which is that everything for Lin changed abruptly and drastically after BS met with Kupchak.]

I know I sound like I’m some sort of stubborn maniac, who’s unwilling to let go of my crazy conspiracy theory, but I write what I feel honestly, even if this makes me come off a some sort of lunatic. I don’t really care how I come off, all that matters to me is that I speak the truth as I see it. And to me, what has gone on in Lakerland–especially with Lin’s treatment–is too bizarre to not buy into my conspiracy theory.

Yes, Byron Scott is not a good coach. Yes, Byron Scott does not believe in Lin. Yes, there is tremendous bias against Lin by the NBA in general. But these things STILL don’t explain the insanity that’s been going on in Lakerland immediately right after the Timberwolves game. It’s definitely not business as usual in Lakerland and when you have a team and a coach that treats Lin worse than McHale, then there HAS to be more going on than the usual Lin doubter/bias thing that Lin confronts on a regular basis.

I think with McHale it was all about bias, so McHale’s treatment of Lin was at least explainable from that stand point. There was no conspiracy there, except that McHale was a Jeremy Lin hater (I realize now that McHale is more than just a Lin doubter) and wanted to prove that his decision to wave Lin in the first place was correct. So there was a simple explanation there. I still believe that no coach will ever surpass McHale in their bias against Lin. But Byron Scott’s treatment of Lin right after the Timberwolves game far surpasses any ill treatment McHale ever gave Lin, so there is definitely something fishy going on that is more than just the usual bias that Lin faces. And my intuition tells me that Byron Scott is not more biased against Lin than McHale is. So none of it adds up for me, thus, only the conspiracy theory makes any sense.

With Lin in LA and how he’s been treated by Byron Scott, there is not a simple explanation. It’s not just about bias against Lin. There’s a lot more to it and I’m too lazy to really lay this out very clearly for everyone. If I could have a conversation with all of you one-on-one, then I think I will be able to really break it down for you, because I would be able to respond to whatever specific doubts you may have to my conspiracy theory (since I’ve thought about them all). The problem with writing this out is that it’s way too cumbersome and lengthy to incorporate all the specific doubts that I anticipate people having about my conspiracy theory and it’s hard for me to anticipate how people will interpret what I write anyhow. But if I could have a dynamic conversation one-on-one it’ll be much easier for me to figure out where your doubts are coming from and respond to them accordingly in a way that would help you mitigate those doubts.

Anyway, until I see something that leads me to believe that my conspiracy theory is not correct, I’ll continue to discuss it, because it’s hard for me to take anything going on in Lakerland seriously when I feel very strongly about my conspiracy theory being the explanation for all of the insanity going on. To me, in a sense, there really is nothing else to talk about. Again, this doesn’t mean that I think BS would otherwise be a good coach. BS is a bad coach with or without the conspiracy theory (and BS would still worship Kobe and mismanage Kobe in the EXACT same way with or without the conspiracy theory). But Byron Scott is just not THIS insane. NO ONE is!

I was informed, recently by @nhawj44 on Twitter, that BS met with Mitch Kupchak after the Timberwolves game and had a sort of State of the Union meeting. For me, everything changed abruptly and drastically–especially for Lin after this game. And I mentioned this in my previous articles even when I wasn’t aware that this meeting between BS and Kupchak took place.

I don’t know if you guys recall, but in the game vs. Raptors on November 30th, which is right after the Timberwolves game, there looked to be a concerted effort to ice Lin out right at the start of that game. If you recall in all the games prior to the Raptors game, the Lakers let Lin play freely at the start of games and only end up losing their way starting in the second quarter and end up not playing Lin the right way due to lazy habits. I’ve made comments about this. And this is why it was very apparent to me that there was an orchestrated effort to ice Lin out in the Raptors game, because Lin wasn’t allowed to play freely at the start of the game. I think many Lin fans forget that Lin actually got to play his game to start a lot of games before the Timberwolves game, because they let whatever is happening right now with Lin cloud their memory of the past. The truth is, Lin didn’t have it so bad in Lakerland before the Timberwolves game. The nightmare only suddenly started right after BS met with Kupchak.

The Raptors game was really the first game Kobe acted as THE point guard consistently for the entire game all season (of course, that’s been a regular thing for Kobe ever since that game). I think a lot of people have short term memories and their assessment of the past gets clouded by the present. But early in the season, Kobe and Lin actually made it work in a lot of games and Kobe made a concerted effort to look for Lin–especially in mid to late November. Kobe was also Lin’s biggest supporter before the Timberwolves game. But all this changed drastically overnight after BS met with Kupchak.

At the time when I made comments about how it looked like there was an orchestrated effort to ice Lin out in the Raptors game, I wasn’t aware of the meeting between BS and Kupchak. But now that I am, I have no doubt that my intuition at the time was correct. There was an orchestrated effort to ice Lin out as a way to set up Lin being pulled from the starting lineup which occurred after Lin’s oddest benching of Lin’s career in the Celtics game.

I know this is all really convoluted and I’m jumping all over the place. This is all really frustrating for me to write, because I know if I were to lay this all out for you brick-by-brick, it would be a very painstaking task and I’m just too lazy at the moment to do so. So all I can offer you (for now) is very convoluted writing.

Anyway, now that I know there was a meeting between BS and Kupchak, I feel even more strongly about my conspiracy theory that the Lakers only care about three things this season and none of those things have anything to do with winning games:

  1. Kobe gets his stats and finishes off his career strong (that’s why they keep Kobe in there during garbage time if Kobe hasn’t achieved good stats) so Kobe can keep fans interested to continue to watch the games.
  2. Lakers lose enough so they get the #5 pick, but not too much so that they lose the pick to Phoenix.
  3. Keeping Lin in check so Lin does poorly and won’t get attractive offers from other teams and they can retain Lin as their back up PG of the future. Also, they don’t want Lin ruining their tank plans by playing to win.

I think the Lakers organization anticipated that they may have to tank this season. So when they were trying to find a coach, they had that idea in mind. They likely discussed this idea to BS even during the hiring process and BS was desperate enough to be amenable to the idea. And that’s one of the reasons they ended up hiring BS (that and they wanted to rally Lakers diehards to root for one of their own).

So BS’s hiring had little to do with winning basketball games to begin with. I think early in the season, the Lakers were trying to get a feel for the team. See what this team is capable of. Lakers management may have been secretly hoping Lakers lose games, but they weren’t ready to make a concerted effort to tank, just yet. But after November, I think the Lakers organization felt like they saw enough out of this team and concluded that this team wasn’t capable of making the playoffs. So Kupchak had that meeting with BS to share with BS the three things that are important to the Lakers this season, as I’ve laid out above. I’m sure Kupchak didn’t put it in those exact words as I’ve laid them out, but it’s something along those lines.

I think after this meeting, BS shared with Kobe (likely at the request of Kupchak) what the Lakers organization want to accomplish this season. It would have been very suspicious if Kobe was in the meeting with BS and Kupchak, so that’s why Kupchak just told BS to share what went down in the meeting with Kobe rather than doing it directly himself.

I know a lot of Lin fans have a totally different narrative of Kobe’s role in Lin’s demotion, etc. than I. But, again, I just speak what I see as the truth, even if it means alienating Lin fans. Here’s what I think is going on. Tanking and Lin’s demotion is not Kobe’s idea, but Kobe is willing to go along with all of it out of a sense of loyalty to the Lakers organization. I blame Kobe only for being a coward for not stopping the nonsense. But, at the same time, understand that he would value his loyalty to an organization that’s been extremely loyal to him than his loyalty to Lin, who he has just gotten to know. So I totally get where Kobe is coming from. That still doesn’t stop me from tweeting Kobe regularly and calling Kobe out on being a coward for not putting a stop to it, because it’s a disgraceful way to end his career and I know it’s something he will regret much later in life when he reflects on how he ended his career, which will become very very important to him. Of course, he doesn’t realize all of this now, which is why I keep tweeting Kobe to help “save his soul” for lack of a better phrase.

I know a lot of Lin fans think that Kobe doesn’t want Lin to overshadow him and so is doing everything in his power to demote Lin. I don’t think this is the case. Sure, Kobe has a big ego, but he was also the biggest proponent of Lin very early in the season. And Kobe was all smiles and gushed at how Lin waved him off to hit a three with Chris Paul all over his face. Again, I think people let present conditions cloud their recollection of the past. Kobe was the best teammate to Lin, but everything changed overnight after the Timberwolves game. In that Raptors game after the Timberwolves game, Kobe completely iced Lin out. But before this game, Kobe actually made concerted efforts to find Lin–especially mid to late November. Lin and Boozer were like the only players Kobe would actually look to pass to. And if you recall at the beginning of the season right before the Clippers game, it was Kobe who reached out to Lin and Boozer on Twitter for a strategy session.

I don’t think a person can radically change their opinion on another person of their own accord. There has to be some drastic stimulus to cause one to radically change their opinion on someone. And Kobe is as stubborn a they come so Kobe won’t suddenly change his belief in Lin overnight out of the blue. But Kobe’s attitudes towards Lin has been pretty much night and day before and after the Timberwolves game. The “drastic stimulus” that caused this change in Kobe’s attitudes towards Lin is because after the Timberwolves game, it was relayed to Kobe that the Lakers want to keep Lin in check so they can keep Lin as their back up PG of the future. Before the Timberwolves game, Kobe would go out of his way to mention Lin in post game interviews. But ever since then, you don’t hear much at all from Kobe about Lin. In fact, Kobe’s pretty much been phoning in his post game interviews, lately, whereas he showed a lot of passion in his earlier post game interviews–especially vs. the Clippers in which Lin waved him off. To me, this is extremely odd and goes against normal human behavior.

Byron Scott’s attitudes towards Lin has also taken a pretty dramatic turn, although, not as drastic as Kobe’s has, ever since the Timberwolves game. Byron Scott went from, for example, blaming himself for his miscommunication with Lin in the Grizzlies game back on November 11th, to throwing Lin under the bus any chance he gets ever since after his meeting with Kupchak. BS blames Lin for everything now and has been awful in how he talks about Lin. Again, people have short term memories, but BS wasn’t like this towards Lin before his meeting with Kupchak. I’m not saying that BS was overly positive towards Lin, either. I’m just saying that BS wasn’t overly negative towards Lin as BS is now. Also, before the meeting with Kupchak, although BS’s treatment of Lin wasn’t great, it was still much better than McHale’s treatment of Lin. But suddenly after BS’s meeting with Kupchak, BS’s treated Lin far worse than McHale ever did. I don’t know why nobody else notices this. I think it’s because people let current events influence their memory of past events. Again, BS’s attitudes towards Lin changed overnight after his meeting with Kupchak. I find this extremely odd, because it goes against normal human behavior. The only thing that explains this odd human behavior for me is that Kupchak tasked BS with keeping Lin in check at the behest of the Lakers owners so they have a chance at keeping Lin as their future back up PG, primarily for Lin’s marketability.

Another piece if “evidence” for my conspiracy theory that has come to light recently is the Lakers’s attempt to get Rondo. I don’t know why it seems like I’m the only one that finds it odd that Lin wasn’t one of the pieces included in the Lakers attempt to get Rondo. Now, let’s be clear, I don’t think the Lakers were really serious about getting Rondo in the first place this season, since they want to tank, and I’m not sure the Celtics would want Lin at all so I’m not saying including Lin in trade for Rondo would have helped the Lakers. These are all beside the point.

The point is, based on how the Lakers have been treating Lin like garbage, you would think that that means they don’t want Lin on the team. I mean, under normal circumstances, this would be the case. So you would think that the Lakers would find all sorts of ways to get rid of Lin. And the thing with the Rondo trade is that including Lin makes complete sense. In fact, it would be going out of your way to not include Lin in that trade. This is why it’s so odd to me that Lin wasn’t a part of that trade. I guess one could argue that the Lakers still want to keep Lin as a back up PG–even without my conspiracy theory being in play–so that’s why they wouldn’t include Lin in the deal. But I think under normal circumstances, including Lin as one of the pieces to try and get Rondo would still be the way to go, because they can always find some other back up PG if they think Lin is nothing special.

Where my conspiracy theory comes into play is that the Lakers actually do think Lin is something special–and not just from a marketability stand point. I think Lin’s marketability is a large part of the conspiracy theory, but I think the Lakers also think Lin is talented, but just not talented enough to be a staring point guard. However, based on how they’ve been mistreating Lin, it is saying that they think Lin is complete garbage. So based on that, it would make total sense for the Lakers to include Lin in an attempt to get Rondo, again, because from their treatment of Lin they are saying that Lin is easily replaceable. So the fact that the Lakers didn’t include Lin in their attempt to get Rondo is very suspicious to me. This is just one, of many examples of all the oddness going on in Lakerland–especially when it comes to Lin. A lot of things just simply don’t add up and I think this is just another piece if “evidence” to support my conspiracy theory. I realize this is all extremely convoluted and very repetitive reasoning, but it’s because I’m way too lazy right now to lay this out clearly for you.

I get a lot of questions about tanking. People assume that when an organization wants to tank, it’s very obvious and people assume tanking is a very simple thing. Well, tanking is different to different organizations. I think for the Lakers, tanking is not a simple thing. They’re a storied franchise, so they have to really hide their tanking efforts. They also want to continue to keep fans interested for financial reasons (I’ve talked about this in previous articles, but the Buss’s care about making money more so than other owners, since the Lakers is their primary source of income), so they can’t just go out every night and look to play awfully every single night. Also, only BS and Kobe are in the know about the Lakers organization’s desire to tank, so all the other players on the team are still trying to do their best to win games. And this is precisely one of the reasons they need to make sure to keep Lin in check. I mean, Lin almost ended up winning the game vs. the Thunder last night. So the Lakers will win some games they didn’t mean to win and lose some games that they meant to win.

The other thing that I think is going on is that there is still a struggle internally about whether or not to tank. I mean, when you’re talking about a competitor like Kobe, it’s not a simple thing to tank. I think Kupchak, in the meeting, expressed the desires of the Lakers organization, but I’m sure that BS and Kobe still have in their mind that they may still be able to convince Kupchak that the Lakers are competitive enough to make the playoffs. As a coach, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is coach a team to tank. So, as bad of a coach as BS is, I’m sure he also would prefer not to tank. So this is the other reason why tanking is not a simple thing. I mean, when Kobe is on the court in the final minutes, he may know that he has to throw the game, but his competitive spirit, I think, will often get the better of him and so I think in the moment, he gets lost and still ends up trying to win the game. It’s like a prize fighter who can stand to make a lot of money if he just threw the fight, but can’t get himself to do it all the time, because of his competitive instincts. So I’m sure a lot of that is going on with the Lakers tanking situation as well. Right now, it’s still very early in the season, so the margin of error for tanking is very wide. So Kobe will be forgiven for letting his competitive instincts dictates how he plays. In short, tanking is not a simple matter–especially when Kobe is involved.

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  • Lucy

    Lin didnt play much first half (7 min) because Price was hot first Quarter (14pts). 2nd half Jeremy played the entire 4th Quarter because 1. he was playing very well leading a comeback and 2. Nick Young was ejected after a flagrant 2 called. So Jeremy earned his playing time in 4th and tried his best to engineer a comeback. But Kobe was fatigued all night with not enough left to win the game.

    • Now that I know Nick Young was ejected, BS had no choice but to let Lin finish the game last night. In that case, I take back everything I said about Lakers org catching on. Not enough evidence to conclude that. So last night’s game was just a fluke, due to Nick Young being ejected, etc. Just a one-off situation. Will have to see what happens with more games in the future to determine whether or not Lakers org are catching on.

  • MrPingPong

    I’m still trying to figure out how to explain BS playing the starters the whole freaking 3rd quarter in the Pacers game using your conspiracy theory, Philosopher! Just joking, of course! 🙂

    • I know you’re joking MrPingPong, but I’m not really getting your implication here. I think BS knows that the starting unit, without Lin, is not really a starting unit. The bench is actually better than the starters now. So him BS playing starters in a losing effort in the 3rd quarter jives with the conspiracy theory. But it’s a very complicated thing you bring up, since I don’t know how to interpret what you just wrote, even though you’re just joking. You’ll have to elaborate.

  • Simply put, just like in New York, the coach had to play JLin because he had no other choice. And JLin responds by almost bailing out the coach. Until the coach remembers he doesn’t want to win games. And so he brings back Kobe to ruin the comeback. I have 32000 reasons why BS shouldn’t coach.

    • Yep. So no change. I take back everything I said about Lakers catching on. Last night was just a situation in which BS was FORCED to play Lin. So nothing special.

  • Lakers: The 4th Quarter Belonged to Jeremy Lin
    by Mike Garcia



    Great Post by thebigb0ss

    What Lin did in the 4th quarter is what he can do more often then not when the usage rate is in Lin’s favor (when the ball is in Lin’s hands in his control). Again, for those who have been following my posts in regards to Lin and his game play…his basketball iq and skills make him very capable of providing success in these type of situations. If you look at his usage #s, the higher his usage, the higher his efficiency rating will be. The issue will always be with the coach. Byron Scott simply doesnt have any faith in lin, and its not because Scott actually uses the type of information he has in front of him. Coach Scott, like Mchale, are old school ball players that started in the 80s. They have a certain “perception” of how a talented NBA player should “appear”. These are probably the same people that left Lin unnoticed for the NBA Draft. What i mean is, they ignore stats, they focus on their “perceptions” and their basketball “instincts” in how an NBA player should be. I mean, why else would Byron Scott continue to give the ball to Kobe (yes, he is a legend in the making and probably the greatest (arguably) in our generation after Mike), but this isnt 2011 (even though in 2011-12 season, lin scored 38 against Kobe, gasol and bynum’s lakers).
    With that being said, im not suprised at lin’s performance last night. This was similar to the San Antonio game and the playoff victory back in Houston (and various games throughout the rocket’s season when harden was hurt)….where lin made a huge impact. The problem is, having a coach who will believes in him, and not give biased opinion and thinking of what lin needs to “work on”. Listening to byron scott’s quotes on what lin needs to work on, and seeing how kobe has been playing all season is hard to watch, its actually unbelievable coming from a coach at the NBA level……scott talks about lin like he is some kind of rookie that needs to “prove” his spot in the starting lineup. Maybe someone should tell byron scott if he allows lin’s usage rate to go up (meaning, staggering his time from Kobe and giving lin about 35 minutes a game), he would actually see the entire lakers team improve. Lin has already posted great +/- #s with the 2nd unit, and even when Lin played in the 1st unit with kobe earlier in the season, lin always got his teammates involved before Kobe starts his shooting splurge.

    • Thanks for the thorough post, Ray B. And great seeing you here!

      Yep, BS is very similar to McHale in that they’re both old school. And I think BS also doesn’t believe in Lin, but I still think there’s more at work here than just bias. I know most Lin fans don’t buy my conspiracy theory, but it’s hard for me to really analyze anything going on in Lakerland, because I can’t take any of it seriously, knowing that there’s a lot more at work than what is occurring on the surface.

      • Harry

        Lin is an elite player and should be a starter in this League.. Lin could be a Steve Nash/ Drogic type of player, if they gave him the chance. The bias smh, it’s just disgusting.. I have been watching a lot of lakers game and the treatment he has been getting it’s just crazy!!

        I had one “Fan” of the nba said Lin is being benched because of Defense smh… I think lin is a better defender than Nash, and he is better than Nash this point in his career. The Lakers would have never treated Nash that way.. Every Lin Hater always wanna pull out he doesn’t play D and he is turn over prone etc out their asses..

        Lin right now is even better than he was in NY, but shit man, the guy just doesn’t really get a chance..

        Why do you think people are sooo biased when it comes to LIN?

    • Chirico

      Ray B, you hit the nail in the head! Thank you. I can’t agree no more. JLin is an elite player, period. It is pathetic that these old school NBA pro s refuse to acknowledge his contrbution to the team.

  • ashley

    Since the beginning of the season, BS had been talking about making a lineup change if the starting five didn’t do well and that he would try them out for 20 games. Then it did turn out that the Lakers could hardly win games during that period and our Jeremy did struggle in a few games. So after the Timberwolves game, which I believe was the 20th, he sort of justifiably demoted Lin in favor of Ronnie Price. Therefore, I’d assume the meeting between BS and Kupchak after Timberwolves–if there was one–was to talk about the lineup change, and that’s the best rational assumption to make, so I don’t think that meeting serves to support the conspiracy theory.

    Our suspicion of BS’ attitude toward Lin started as early as the preseason. As the season unfolds, BS’ true colors were exposed, so I don’t feel there’s such a drastic change in BS’ treatment of Lin. As BS said right at the beginning of the season, the starter would get at least 30 minutes, which meant a bench player would get less, and that justifies giving Lin even less playing time after the lineup change.

    As for Kobe’s attitude toward Lin, I’d say the first 20 games is like a honeymoon, during which time, Kobe wanted Lin to dominate and play his best. But unfortunately, our boy seemingly failed to prove he’s the one to Kobe, BS, and perhaps even the front office. I think if he could play more Linsane, putting up LInsanity numbers in offense, he would have more success during that trial period. We all know he was playing in a new system alongside a ball hog and trying hard to involve his teammates instead of getting his own stats, but the harsh reality is scoring is all that matters. If he could score like Harden in his first few games in Houston or at least like he did in the beginning of last season, they would have all be well convinced.

    Perhaps I’m not as sensitive as Philosopher, and I can’t flatly deny the slight possibility of the existence of a conspiracy. But as long as my rationality finds other reasons stand more firm and logical, I won’t go in that direction.

    Regarding the issue–that I kept displaying my disapproval of the conspiracy theory–Mr. Old & in the way kindly offered an explanation more than once, that all of these could be playing simultaneously, and it’s not “either or” but rather “either and, either end…” which I found amusing smiled as I truly appreciated the explanation. But I think it’s more about the proportion, about how much you believe in one or the other.

    • Excellent, ashley. These are all points I would use to argue AGAINST my conspiracy theory. I’ve thought about all of these points you’ve brought up, before, but I just have different interpretations of them. I still think BS was playing mind games in pre-season and I don’t think Kobe is someone who would change his mind about something that easily. Kobe is as stubborn as they come.

  • old & in the way

    Dear JLintel:

    The next time you miss a Lakers game and want to find out what happened in some detail you can get a pretty good feel for the game by doing the following:

    1. Go to the NBA website home page;
    2. Click on “scores and schedules;
    3. Go to the Lakers game and click on “complete stats”;
    4. Scroll down a bit and click on “play by play”.

    You will get a quarter by quarter timed breakdown of every play with running totals on pts., assts., rebs, fouls and turnovers. In the Lakers-OKC game you will see that Nick Young was ejected at the 11:24 mark of the fourth quarter and replaced by Wes Johnson. Jeremy was already in the game having replaced Ronnie Price at the 2:37 mark of the third quarter. Jeremy stayed in the game from the 2:37 mark of the third quarter until the final buzzer. He played very well during this period so it is difficult to say whether or not he would have remained in the game had Young not been ejected. Of the last 5 shots taken by the Lakers Kobe took and missed three of them including the potential game winner with 2.2 seconds remaining. The other 2 shots were a miss by Ellington at 1:05 and a basket by Jeremy at 0:35. It was clear to everyone with a still semi-functioning brain that Kobe would take the last shot and it should have been clear to everyone with a still semi-functioning brain that he would also miss it. Apparently McChithead does not still have a semi-functioning brain. Perhaps he never has had one or more likely he is just too biased in favor of Kobe and against everyone else but especially Jeremy to use it (his still semi-functioning brain).

    • Thanks for the tip, “old & the way”. I do use the play by play sometimes. I also have the ability to watch games that I’ve missed pre-recorded. The issue was that I just didn’t have time to investigate further,so thought I would just reach out to the Lin fan community here. But, in retrospect, I probably should have looked more into it, before posting my thoughts about the game last night.

      I have been meaning to post about Scott’s meeting with Kupchak, but thought it would have been strange to just post about that and ignore what I thought were very odd things that occurred in the Thunder game. So I felt I had to mention something about it.

  • old & in the way

    Dear JLintel:

    I meant to include this interesting factoid in the above posting but in my haste I forgot to do so. The Lakers line-up for the last 6:48 seconds of the game was Lin-Boozer-Bryant-Ellington-Davis. They played very well together as a unit and remained in the game until the 0:06 mark when Davis was replaced by Johnson don’t ask me why. Had Young been available the odd man out should have been Ellington or actually in my view only it should have been Bryant but BS would never have done that and never will do that as he is a Kobe supremacist to the extreme even though Kobe is a mere shadow of the player he once was. It is difficult to even speculate what BS would have done had Young not been ejected. But I think or want to hope that Lin would have remained in the game since he was playing so well. But given BS’s track record who knows what he would have done. It is hard to imagine him sitting Jeremy under the circumstances but he may very well have anyway. He is definitely that biased against Jeremy as we all know and realize.

    • Sage

      Kobe. I think Kobe needs to take a page from Chamberlain, Jabbar, or even Duncan. They won Championships when they were shadows of their former selves, by becoming roll players and picking their moments. If he did that, he might win a couple more and build his legacy.

      Lintel’s theory, Lintel’s theory about the Lakers is interesting. There are clearly some elements of truth in it. In my opinion, financially, Lin is a big positive for the Lakers, because of the large Asian connection. The Lakers would most likely like to keep him around for that reason. However, I wonder if they are turning off a larger portion of that market, by treating Lin like a back bencher. I do not live in LA so I do not know. Some parts of the theory are a little convoluted. But I really commend Lintel for taking the bull by the horns (so to speak). I am sure the Laker management and the league is taking note. Maybe they will reconsider their treatment of Lin because of Lintel’s comments. We can only hope.

      Bias. I think the basketball street has decided it is not cool to have some Harvard educated Chinese guy becoming a star. Although some players like him (Parsons Chandler…), the others cannot see beyond this viewpoint. Plus, I think they are jealous of the media he gets. Harden for example was upset at the number of All Star votes Lin was getting. (BTW. I am voting for him every day). All the players, coaches, and announcer want basketball street cred. Even the referees are influenced by it. I think that is why Lin has not had the chance to be a star.
      Money. Lin broadens the basketball market. If he is star, it helps broaden the appeal of the NBA. Every owner and play would benefit from the larger pool of money and prestige from that happening. As a rationale human being, I do not get why the basketball street is against that.

      Talent. I am not even going to bother to argue this. Friday’s 12/19/14 game against the Timberwolves is a classic example. He had 8 rebounds, 5 assists, and 12 points in 22 minutes. If you add the three together that is 25 in a limited number of minutes. Most players in the NBA cannot do that on any day. Yet Lin has stats like that often even only playing just over 20 minutes a game on average. If he gets hot, he can take over the game (if BS, McHale, or Woodson do not take him out). Most NBA players cannot do that. There is no question in my mind that he has the talent to be a star or a least a strong starter. However, pro careers are measure in years. 2 years at Houston and 1 at the Lakers are already wasted. He may never get the chance.

      Inconsistency. This is too stupid a criticism to take seriously. All players are inconsistent. Even Barkley was commented (not about Lin) that sometimes your shot just will not drop and that it happens to everyone. Like, I wonder if the people that say this know anything about sports.

      • Excellent stuff, Sage! Thanks for sharing these great insights. I, too, am baffled by why the NBA seems to be against Lin when Lin would benefit the NBA tremendously. I guess it’s just our base human instincts getting the better of us. I don’t know. I always thought that the NBA commissioner would be pulling strings behind the scenes (even at the risk of breaking NBA rules) to make Lin succeed, etc. But this is so not the case and that baffles me. I’m glad someone else shares this view.

        Everything else you’ve shared, I also agree with wholeheartedly and don’t have much to add.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Sage:

        The part of your post I like the best is about the street credibility bias influencing even the in-game referees. I think it is why Jeremy gets so few calls when he is so obviously fouled virtually every time he drives to the basket. But rarely does he get the benefit of foul calls going his way and the free throws that he deserves. He averages around 3 fta/gm which is a joke relative to the reality of how often he is actually being fouled. When bias comes into play which is often in a society as racist as America people see what they want to see and not what is actually there. The referees are as biased toward Jeremy as the rest of the NBA. I don’t know if it is possible for Jeremy to be treated with the respect and fairness that he deserves. America does not seem perceptive and aware enough of its own nature to give Jeremy the benefit of the doubt or to deal openly with the blatant bias that he faces in every facet of his job. The discrimination that he faces daily is enough to break someone who is not tough mentally and physically which Jeremy obviously is. Any suggestions to the contrary about his toughness are purely ignorant and stupid beyond comprehension.

        • Gary Teng

          Dear All,

          I am NOT a race baiter, nor I am trying to be cute or provacative, but I truly believe that race is the primary driver for Lin’s mistreatments in the NBA.

          Let us be honest with ourselves and face the reality. In today’s NBA, even white basketball players as a whole is a very small minority and an endangered species, let alone a sole Asian guy graduated from Harvard. Nowadays, the blacks consider the NBA their turf and protect it with all means necessary, including dirty tricks, strong arms, etc.

          Besides the explicit and/or implicit prejudices against Lin, there is another major factor for the current quagmire Lin is situated at Lakers. As we all know, Kobe is notorious for his egomaniac disorder and self-aggrandizement. He never ever tolerates any of his teammates outshining him on the basketball court. Since BS is a no-brain coach with no-ball either (his balls are in Kobe’s LV backpack), he basically just serves as a lap dog of Kobe and he is willing to do anything to make his dog-master happy.

          I can provide thousands of examples to prove what I just stated upon request.

          This is my two cents. You be the judge.

          • old & in the way

            Hi, Gary!!

            Here’s one good example to illustrate your two cents. First half over against Sacramento. Lakers up 8. Starters are +1. The bench is +41. Jeremy by himself is +12 to lead the Lakers. But he plays less than 9 minutes. Price who is -6 plays 16 minutes. Duh-uh!! Scott who is a moron puts starters on the floor who shouldn’t be starting. Racism is one of the main obstacles Jeremy faces without a doubt. Maybe it is the major one. Conspiracies are real but so is this shit…I mean the racial discrimination. It is unbelievable that people can act oblivious to such blatant nonsense. Only time will tell where all this leads. But I seriously wonder if Jeremy will ever get a break in this despicable league. America for Asian-Americans is mostly duplicity and hypocrisy. Land of the free? Home of the brave.? Not unless you are the right “color” in the right place at the right time. Otherwise it is nothing but imperial crockery and colonial nonsense backed by centuries of lies and crimes. Brutal honesty may lead to unwanted truths. But better this I guess than more bullshit for the masses. Sorry to be so truthful as I know the truth can hurt. But not as much as lies on top of lies, heh? Wish we lived in a better world. But it is what it is. May Jeremy prosper anyway in spite of all odds and all obstacles. Later, my friend and ciao for now.

  • old & in the way

    Dear JLintel:

    I just reread your article here with the new title. You make a very strong case. I, too, was unaware of the meeting between Upchuck and BS after the Timber Wolves game. I, too, think it is odd that Jeremy was not included in the offer for Rondo. I agree with many of your points. But your article is too long and your points are too numerous and I am too lazy to address each of them individually. So let me write in general terms. Your arguments are strong. I am inclined to buy into them. At the same time I think it is really impossible to know for sure the degree to which they may be accurate. In fact though I do agree with much of what you write. But I think only more time and more games to analyze will allow any of us to definitively know what is transpiring behind the scenes and how it is effecting Jeremy’s treatment by management and the coaching staff. You seem to be acknowledging, too, that there are multiple conflicts occurring and that most if not all of the other explanations presented by others here are also valid. As Ashley aptly states it is a matter of proportion and how much one believes in one explanation or the other. That is, to what does degree one accepts one explanation over another. I have no trouble believing your theories whatsoever. I just can’t say with any certainty whether they are correct or not. But I will gladly concede and agree that you make a very strong case. That is as far as I can go at this time and as much as I can state at this time. Another agreement that I have with you is that each of us should express our true feelings in an honest manner no matter where they may lead us. That is what I try to do. I think at least at this website everyone is doing that and there is very little of the posturing and bullshit that I encounter at other websites. Perhaps there is none at all. Here one truly does find intelligent discussions on Jeremy Lin with no hype. And I for one think it is wonderful. So thanks to all of you for that and Ciao for now.

    • Thanks very much for everything you’ve said here, “old & in the way”! Yeah, it’s nearly impossible for me to make my arguments short, because I know how insane they sound, so I have to really lay them out for people to really get it. And even then I don’t think a lot of people will buy into it. But that’s okay with me. I don’t need people to agree with me. And I’m very glad to see everyone here freely expressing their own opinions. I think that’s awesome and it makes me happy that you’ve pointed this out. I’m very glad that this is a place people can feel they can freely share their views and not worry about a lot of bull shit or posturing, etc.

      • bob space

        I dont think your arguments are insane. I dont agree with all of them, but i do respect the fact that you try to back up your points. Keep doing ehat you are doing. Im actually very similar to you in terms of thinking styles (readig between the line, hypothesizing) but have been making more of an effort to intuit less and just look at concrete evidence (which can also backfire, as not all evidence is real. Look at corrupt court cases as an example).

  • old & in the way

    I don’t know how I manage to miss such obvious typos and mistakes. Above it should read, “That is, to what degree does one accept one explanation over another?” Instead of what is written there. Sorry for the sorry ass proof-reading.

  • pistolpete

    Kobe is washed up and the coach is a racist. I can’t watch this chyt any more.

    • old & in the way

      Dear pistolpete:

      I know what you mean. It is very difficult to have to watch or even listen to these awful games. I had to turn it off tonight. I just monitored the play-by-play and that was painful enough. John Ireland and Mychal Thompson who do the radio feed are awful. They are extremely biased against Jeremy. Meanwhile Kobe takes 30 shots to score 25 points, shoots 8-30 which is less than 30%, commits 9 turnovers and they don’t say boo about it. But Jeremy makes one turnover in the second quarter and they go on and on about it. That is when I turned the damn sound off and just monitored the play-by-play. It is too painful to watch it or to listen to it. And McChithead is a racist fool, an idiot and a joke of an f-ing coach. Final +/- tallies are telling: starters -39, bench +4. But I love Jeremy too much to stop paying attention. Right now I just can’t stand to listen to it or to watch it. What a sad and depressing season this has become. Later, my friend and ciao until next time.

      • MrPingPong

        I was only able to watch bits and pieces of the first half and the last five minutes of the game. I got the Kings’ stream. The Sac commentators were coming down on Kobe hard! They said something like ‘ Kobe was playing bad basketball, etc…’. My failing memory seems to recall that they actually complimented Lin at one point during the game. Amazing!

        I recommend watching the Lakers game on the computer. That way you can switch to your favorite cheerful videos on Youtube whenever Lin is pulled out of the game. It’s less painful that way! 🙂

        • Gary Teng

          From: mellowman10013 on Youtube

          SAC commentary (to a close enough degree of exactness) :

          – “Kobe… he’s been totally ineffective… he’s totally hurt his team, that’s what he’s done”
          – “Watching Kobe… is sad… is depressing… concerned with stats”
          – “No team ball”
          – “The bench… have been more effective than the starters”
          – “Lin made the difference”
          – “Kobe’s going off the floor… you know the ball movement’s going to improve”
          – “Is Kobe allowed to pass?”


          • MrPingPong

            Thanks Dr. Teng. It seems like BS is going to ask Kobe for permission to sit Kobe for a game or two.

            The commentators on the Lakers side are still praising Kobe and his minion BS, aren’t they? I guess they have to say the right things to keep their jobs. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

            Life is good! 🙂

          • Gary Teng

            Professor MrPingPong,

            My life really sucks lately, thanks to BS and KoBrick. 🙁

            I sincerely wish you and all other dear friends on this wonderful Jeremy Lintel website

            A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 🙂

          • Thanks for relaying the SAC commentary, Gary. It’s good to know that others in the league are seeing the truth. Kobe is ending his career in a disgraceful manner. He’ll regret doing this much later in life. He simply looks like a damn fool out there.

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          For some reason up to now I have failed to remember or imagine that I can listen to the other team’s announcers. I shall try that from now on. Ireland and Thompson are awful. Also, I felt much better last night after I watch Jeremy’s post game interview. It was very uplifting. He is so fucking smart and together. He was calm, direct and critical of his team in an intelligent and non-threatening way. He would make a great coach. He already at age 26 seems to know more about basketball than his current thick-headed coach. He will land on his feet in time…not this season but next year for sure unless he is traded by the Lakers which would, of course, be a blessing for him and all of us. That isn’t anywhere else that could be as bad as where he is right now. But his interview reinforced what I had suppressed. He will be fine in time. It is only a matter of when.

  • Aaron Wang

    Please see this video, about Jeremy Lin being mistreated by Byron Scott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FJ_SJxIV0k

    • MrPingPong

      Many other people including the blogger at JLinNation.com and the posters at Lakersground and I think BS was saying, ‘Lin was trying to run the offense, but everybody else was just standing around”.

      • Gary Teng

        Dear All,

        On my way to the City of Lost Wages (the Sin City) to celebrate the Happy Kwanzaa, I suddenly saw the (Northern) Light and experienced my Jesus moment. Ever since then, I have nothing but the highest respect and deepest admiration toward KoBrick.

        Please just try to put yourself into KoBrick’s jersey: Whenever KoBrick is on the court, he is constantly dribbling and juggling 3 balls in his hands (1 basketball + 2 BS’ balls) while playing 1 on 9 (5 opponent team’s players + 4 teammates viewed as enemies/competitors.) That’s why his already dismal NBA career bricking percentage drops significantly further this season and now hovering around 33%.

        What a miraculous unhumanly achievement!

        The Great Wall was not built in one day, but KoBrick, you are almost there!

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. Tongue-In-Cheek:

          Great satire. You could write for MAD Magazine if it still existed although it probably doesn’t. Maybe you did at one time. Did you read my post below about the Brick Man just missing a negative triple double…22 missed shots, -18 +/- and 9 turnovers? I guess the reason he missed this great honor is due to something I had never considered which was right in front of my nose but I had missed completely until your insightful revelation opened my eyes wide. And that is, of course, that the great Brick Man is playing one on nine basketball. Well, of course, and I missed it completely until you pointed it out to me. Thank you for this and no wonder he couldn’t quite achieve the masterful negative triple double. I mean who could under the circumstances, hey!? It’s only a matter of when though. I know he can do it. Maybe we can all help him by cheering him on to brick lunacy under a full moon no doubt. When is the full moon? Soon I hope. And you are right. What a miraculous unhumanly achievement it will be when he gets that elusive negative triple double. It is coming and I am not. But I can feel it…almost. It is near that is clear. Go Brick Man. You can do it. I am sure.

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            I did read your reply below several times before.

            You said that, … the Brick Man just missing a negative triple double…22 missed shots, -18 +/- and 9 turnovers…

            I believe that he actually did achieve that stinking record and some last night. If you noticed that shortly after ColdBrick committed 4 TOs, he threw a bad pass of the ball to Davis, Davis could hold on to it, and the ball was out of bound. Normally, it almost always counts as one TO by the person who passes the ball. However, the Lakers statistician (i.e., game record keeper) inexplicably counted that TO on Davis instead.

            I was extremely shocked at that time. I didn’t believe that was just an innocent mistake and I highly suspected that statistician(s) was intentionally trying to cover for ColdBrick to make his stats less disguising and embarrassing. Shortly thereafter, another almost identical incidence happened to ColdBrick again. I just can’t buy that this was yet another innocent mistake BS. Therefore, this means that just during the first half, I witnessed two additional TOs by ColdBrick but not recorded.

            I did not watch the second half of the game at all because I smashed my poor tiny B&W TV set again before the half-time recess and then I voluntarily checked myself into the local anger management class. I had to sneak into the class through the back door because the hugh classroom was already filled with otherwise normal people like me and who suffered exactly the same symptom as I was… 🙁

          • old & in the way

            Dear Gary:

            Okay…Mad Magazine it was then. How long were you employed by them? They did stop publishing, right? But you probably moved on to bigger and better things like Saturday Nite Live and maybe even the White House where the best satirists in the world work feverishly to make American presidents the laughing stock of the planet. And in this regard they have an almost perfect record, do they not? They certainly do and especially so with the last 9 goons in the Oval Office by my count including the present one, Mr. O’Bomber.

            If all you did was smash up your black and white television you don’t have an anger management problem. Those black and white sets aren’t worth much anyway. Now if you had flown to Sacramento where the game was played incidentally (so there may indeed be a league wide conspiracy to make the Brick Man look as “good” as possible) and thrown your black and white television at McSmiley I might be agreeing that you do have an anger management problem. But even then given the circumstances I’m not sure it would warrant you attending a class to facilitate your little problem as it wouldn’t really be your problem. I see it more as a problem belonging to Brick Man and the ballsless BS. They are the ones who should be attending corrective classes and not thee, oh sir.

            And I am not surprised really to learn that Brick Man did achieve the elusive negative triple double last night. While I had no way to verify it I did have the fleeting notion several times that his running turnover totals were a bit light-in-the ass all night long. But the number was high enough that I just thought my mind was tricking me. But your validation would seem to indicate to me that there was nothing incorrect about my light-in-the-ass notions. Now in retrospect it would seem that they were right on. Not only that but I will swear that Jeremy was cheated out of a couple of assists in the first half but that is nothing new. It has been documented by many people that Jeremy has been the victim of deflated assists and steals totals and inflated turnovers totals from his first day in the NBA right up to the present.

            Well, I gotta go, my friend. Here’s wishing that tomorrow night Jeremy may prosper against all odds and the Lakers may not. Their chances of playing well and winning against Golden State are certainly not good but as long as Jeremy plays well I am happy. This game is in Los Angeles and I believe you said once you only live half and hour away from the Forum or wherever the Lakers play these days. So if things get too outrageous for Jeremy you have my permission to drive over there and throw your television at BS. Tell him an old man made you to do it and that would be me. But run like hell after that and don’t let the cops catch you, please.

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            Thank you deeply for your high praise. I really don’t deserve it at all. I am just serving as a back-up bench-warmer for Professor MrPingPong in providing some comic relief to this wonderful all-you-can-rant blog. And you yourself have a great sense of humor which I truly enjoy it a lot. 🙂

            Ever since President G.W. Bush left the White House, that place has turned into a Dark House and I am still waiting for my invitation to visit it.

            Nowadays, a B/W TV may cost even more than a HD big screen TV because you can only find the former at garage sale or local flea market if you are lucky. 🙂

            I believe that if I throw my beloved B/W TV at BS which accidentally lands on ColdBrick’s two crumbling legs and breaks them, I will instantly become a hero of millions of Lin fans. Besides, I may also get a Key to the City presented by the LA mayor, and a life-long free VIP seat at the Staple Center…

            Who knows?! Maybe even some Lakers girls want to marry me too. 🙂

          • “All-you-can-rant, blog”. Like it, Gary!

  • bob space

    So here is my own personal theory on what is going on in lakerland:
    1) byron scott is stupid, or at least his ego forces him to be stupid.
    2) kobe is insane and doesnt give a rats ass about anything other than getting 25 pts a night
    3) lakers, media, fans are using lin as a scapegoat. Nothing new, it happened to dwight, pau, etc.

    Now for point number 1, im sure most of you agree that byron simply doesnt know what he is doing. Aside from not liking threes or sticking with the princeton offense, ronnie price should not be getting 27-30 min a game vs jlin. I actually like price as a person, as it seems he has worked hard to maintain his fading nba career, but regardless, he simply is not as talented offensively and is so-called defensive superiority is subjective. Now, as much as i hate to admit it, patrick beverly is a good perimeter defender. Ronnie price definitely isnt though.

    For point two, no sane elite player can look at their obviously horrible season performance and then start to think that they have to keep shooting. Im a kobe fan, but there is no way one can look at this objectively and not think hes crazy (not seriously crazy, but rather delusional in a sense). The stats, +/- all clearly show kobe takes too many shots isnt effective on defense.

    Finally, my third and most important point, i feel like jeremy is being made to be a scapegoat. Even when you look at the media, his joke about liking gamewinners is totally taken out of context and irresponsibly presented in a way to make people think jeremy is trying to diss kobe. Its almost as if los angeles has become addicted to its stars feuding so they keep trying to instigate something. Not to mention jeremys comment about the system not being the same as in houston. Even i thought jeremy was being snarky while i read the article until i actually watched the video and realized there was no malice intented.

    • MrPingPong

      Agreed with everything you said, Bob Space, especially the third point of Lin being the scapegoat. However, I’m noticing more and more support for Lin in the media. Lin is such a genuine person. How can one hate the guy?

      • bob space

        Theres a saying, people may not love or believe in god, but everyone loves people with godly qualities (kindness, humilty, wisdom, etc). Just observing from how teammates and the media (not the internet journalists trashing lin, but the oned asking the questions), you can tell people genuinely like lin. Kobe and scott are in danger of this team being divided (if it has not been already) as what is going on is blatantly obvious. No one except delusional kobe fans are buying it.

        I should have clarified; i did notice more support for lin in the media (lakernation, twc) but there are articles posted which maliciously disseminate everything people say. So i do agree with you on that.

  • old & in the way

    To All:

    I came across this great name at Jeremy Lin #7 and I want to share it with those of you who don’t read that website. There are a lot of a-holes who post there but there are also still some good people there so I continue to read it. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to post comments there or I would be trying to counterbalance some of the trolls over at that site. But here’s the name I want to share with you and it’s a good one. The name is, “Obi Want NoKobe.” I laugh every time I read it to myself. I can’t read it or say it without laughing. I hope all of you can enjoy it, too. I’m still laughing as old & in the way Want NoKobe, too. And you…Want NoKobe, too?

    • bob space

      Haha that is a funny name. Also, to answer your question (seemed like u were asking one) im not sure u can post comments on that site. Most of the pro lin fans have migrated to jlinportal.com and jlin.net is just a cesspool of loh and trolls now. I tend to stay away from both though as neither are really rational. Jeremylintel.com is very good imo (i mean it) as a jlin fansite.

      • Thanks very much, bob! I appreciate it. I hope more Lin fans, like yourself, find this site.

        I’m always wondering if I should create a forum on this site, since I’m not sure how user-friendly the Comments section is here. But I figured there are already Lin forums out there, so I don’t know if there is any desire to have another Lin forum. I hope it’s not too cumbersome to post and view comments on here in the comments section. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d appreciate all the input I can get.

        • bob space

          Yeah, hard for me to say whether you need a forum or not. It certainly wouldnt hurt you to try, although im totally fine with this blog>comments format. I did notice that the formatting seems to have improved as i view this site through a phone and hard time reading multithreaded replies. It could be also that my phone browser got smarter with changing screen settings lol.

          One thing that could help is maybe a notification system? I know disqus shows a number whenever someone replies to a comment one makes.

          • Yeah, I like the way disqus does their comments. I’ll see if I can figure out if I can do my comments in a similar manner. I’m not very savvy about all of this stuff so not sure if I will be able to figure it out. But thanks for the suggestion. I think if I create a forum it would provide me with more capabilities to do things similar to what disqus does. Will look into this more when I have time.

    • “Obi Want NoKobe.” Haha! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • old & in the way

    Yo’ Again:

    This is also from Jeremy Lin #7. This is a tweet from Pro Hoops History. “Kobe just missed a negative triple double. 22 missed shots, -18 +/- and 9 turnovers.”

  • old & in the way

    Just one more and then I’ll stop because I have to move on to other matters in my exciting (sarcasm) day. In the last 5 games the Lakers starters are #30 out of 30 teams in the NBA in points scored. The Lakers bench is #1 out of 30 teams in points scored. What a genius coach Sarge McScottie is. (NOT, NOT, NOT!!!) But then we already know that, don’t we? Yes, we do and the evidence is overwhelming and growing by the day. Can you spell M-c-L-u-n-a-t-i-c?

    • Sage

      @Old & in the way. Unbelievable! Great catch.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Sage:

        Thank you. But I’m not sure to what you are referring. What did I catch? And is it contagious?

        • Sage

          Old said: “In the last 5 games the Lakers starters are #30 out of 30 teams in the NBA in points scored. The Lakers bench is #1 out of 30 teams in points scored.”

          That is was I was referring to. Even if BS got paid to have a stat like that, it would be exceedingly difficult to produce.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Sage:

            Indeed it would! How does he do it?

    • Great stat. Thanks, “old & in the way” for sharing!

  • ashley

    Thanks for all your posts. Here’s something I just learned:
    According to Yahoo Sports News today (12/23, in Chinese), BS was happy with the 3 win-4 loss record since the lineup change, so he will keep it for 8 more games and see. Actually, if Kobe hadn’t shot that much, the team could have won more. Hence, it justifies having Lin come off the bench.

    Regarding why the Lakers didn’t include Lin in the Rondo trade, there are two reasons I’ve read about: 1) The Lakers want the draft picks that came along with the Lin trade; 2) They don’t want to pay that much to get Lin.

  • MrPingPong

    Dr. Teng, you are being too modest. You ain’t no backup comic relief to nobody! Gary Teng and a Lakers girl would be a match made in Hollywood Heaven!

    Speaking of comedy, Showtime 2 has really become painfully funny (my apology to long time Lakers/Kobe fan Bob Space). The Internet is abuzz with the Kobe brick show. The Kobe brick show has gotten better and better ever since Kobe stopped practicing but got to play full time in real games. I can’t wait to watch the Dubs game tonight to find out if BS has gotten permission from Kobe to sit Kobe.

    In the mean time, our man Lin will lay all out on the floor trying to get his teammates to play team basketball for about 20 min. Letzzz Gooo JL17!

    • Gary Teng

      Professor MrPingPong,

      I am not trying to be modest. I truly enjoy your self-depreciative style of humors. So when I first started my stand up comedy debut on this blog, I used you as my role model. I sincerely hope that I have not disgraced your great reputation. 🙂

      I have seen your footprints on numerous places on the internet in supporting our beloved Lin. I really appreciate and admire your great endeavors. I recently stumbled into an excellent Lin fans blog in Taiwan. You might have already very familiar with this blog. If not, you definitely should pay a visit and you will not be disappointed.


    • bob space

      No offense taken. Im a laker/kobe fan, but objectively it is very hard to be happy with what kobe is doing. Hes being abhorrently selfish (he always was, but at least had the youth/talent to get away with it). Once the stats and numbers come out, it is very hard to argue against the idea that kobe, the way he is playing is hurting the team, and the coach is a weak enabler. Now if was limited to 29 min/20 shots a game and could hit at least 45% of them, he would at least age gracefully like duncan/dirk or other legends who have put aside their egos and pride.

      Funnily enough even scott has publicly critcize kobe, saying he has to trust his teammates, etc. Maybe hes finally realizing playing the asskissing card will permanently damage his career.

    • bob space

      I replied to you in the post below on accident, but no offense taken. Kobe is being ajerk and hurting his legacy

      • Gary Teng

        Dear bob space,

        No offense at all. On the contrary, I am basking under the glory of your sharp and insightful replies. 🙂

        Please keep up your great work and keep on offending me! 🙂

        • bob space

          Oh the reply was in response to mr ping pong apologizing for saying he is enjoying the lakers train wreck now. My replies have been going under your reply lol. Sorry for the confusion. Also, thanks! And im pretty sure i couldnt offend you even if i wanted to lol

          • Gary Teng

            Lin = Win
            KoBrick = Loss

            Plain and simple!~~~

            BTW: bob space, you are so humorous. I like it. 🙂

  • Chirico

    BS is BS Lin hater. here is another lie about it.


  • Happy Festivus everyone! For those of you not aware of Seinfeld, it is a made up holiday where we can air our grievances. In this case, I got a lot of problems with Lakers management!

    It’s actually quite the art form. How can you make a team look competitive enough to hide the fact you are tanking? Simple. Make crazy decisions like bench JLin and yank him when he’s hot. Have JLin bail out the team when they fall behind only to let Kobe brick the game away. It’s quite entertaining if you look at it the right way. Enjoy the JLin moments when he has them (maybe there will be more to see if Kobe sits)

    • Happy Festivus, Charlie! Festivus is a perfect holiday for all Lin fans and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Of course, all of us Lin fans have been celebrating Festivus very early and it will continue through the spring and then some.

    • bob space

      Haha yeah its pretty obvious they are tanking at this point, yet they have to maintain their rep as a premier franchise.

  • Lakers decide to sit Kobe out vs. Warriors tonight. Of course, they would decide to sit Kobe out vs. the toughest opponent in the NBA, since the chances are low that the Lakers would win this game.

    The Lakers org know that this Lakers team is much better without Kobe, so they wouldn’t dare sit Kobe out against an opponent like the Thunder, because the Lakers would end up winning without Kobe and fans would start being even more suspicious about the situation with the Lakers than they already are.

  • bob space

    Right after psosting i noticed boxes to check for email notification lol. Nvm

  • MrPingPong


    Happy Dom Peri bath (and/or beer shower) to Dr. Teng!

    Thank you, Kobe, for your Festivus present!
    And thank you, Charlie, for your Happy Festivus wish! I didn’t not know about it until now. (No, I do not watch TV, except may be when it is in B&W!) 🙂

    Again, Happy Holidays to ALL readers and posters of this wonderful blog!

  • ashley

    Today’s win against the Warriors proved what people have been saying–this Lakers’ team is better without Kobe. I guessed without Kobe bricking shots, the team played extra motivated to beat the Warriors, one of the top teams this season. This win seems to come a bit as a surprise, as most people have predicted a loss before the game. To me, in addition to exposing the flaws of Kobe and BS, the game shows how well the team can play and these players may be talented enough to make a playoff contending team. Most of all, there is actually no need for the Lakers to tank. They are fine as long as they play team ball.

    I remember (perhaps eight games ago?) Jeremy once said in an interview that he believed the team can make the playoffs. At that time, when the Lakers were losing bad, he sounded really naive and unrealistic; what he said was all tall talk to me. Now I know I probably should have given Lin more credit. If Kobe weren’t such a egomaniac (plus a shooting lunatic), and if they had a coach not named BS, they probably would have an impressive winning record. It is predicted that Kobe will play in the next game on Christmas–he wouldn’t want to miss it–and he’ll try to play team ball. Let’s see.

    • MrPingPong

      Yes, I remember that interview too. I concurred with Lin’s assessment that the team could make the playoff. For one thing, Lin has the talent to be the floor general and get his teammates play the way they are all capable of playing. Unfortunately, it’s the aging, egotistic and delusional Kobe that runs the show and so, forget the playoff. Sad story for a once proud franchise! 🙁

    • I had fully expected THIS Lakers team to make the playoffs and predicted as much even before the season started. Of course, at the time, I didn’t anticipate that Lin would be benched and that the Lakers were looking to tank. But, yeah, if this team was actually playing to win and coached to win and played both Lin and Kobe the right way, they would make the playoffs.

  • old & in the way

    Here are some of observations from last night’s game that I would like to share with all of you.

    1. This was Kobe’s best game of the year. He didn’t miss any shots. He didn’t take too many shots. He didn’t hog the ball. And he didn’t play too many minutes. I would be very happy if this game became his blueprint for the rest of the season.
    2. The Lakers moved the ball around extremely well and played team basketball. This is the way they need to play to be successful. It is part of the reason they won the game.
    3. If Golden State has a weakness it is the second of back to back games on the road. One of their other losses was on the road to Phoenix on the second night of back to back games. Golden State seemed a half-step slow last night and committed 20 turnovers which is way above their seasonal average of around 12. The more turnovers they commit the more they lose. In all four of their losses they have had lots of turnovers.
    4. Jeremy was misused last night my McPinhead as he has been all year. For the entire first half I listened to the Warriors radio broadcast live as I live in the S.F. Bay Area and have access to the radio station that carries Warriors’ games. It was clear to me that for most of the time Jeremy was in the game he was not playing point guard but rather he was the shooting guard. These damn biased NBA coaches insist on playing him out of position. He is a point guard and should have the ball in his hands and should be running the offense. He is not allowed to do so. I missed the entire second half but suspect that nothing changed in this regard.
    5. Ronnie Price played well last night but most of the time will not. It kills me that he gets more minutes than Jeremy and is allowed to run the offense when Jeremy is not.
    6. It was one game. The Lakers played well together for once. But by itself it means nothing. All it may do is give Byron McMoron2 the idea that he knows what he is doing. He does not. He is as clueless as an NBA coach can be and that is really saying something given the general nature of NBA coaches.

    • MrPingPong

      Very on point observations, Old & In.

      Point #1: I couldn’t have said it any better.

      Point #2: Yes, team ball is what Lin has always been preaching and trying to get his teammates buy into it. Last night, I think everybody was doing just that, except may be IDM toward the end of the 4th quarter.

      Point #3: Back to back games are always tough for any team. The Dubs are no exception. Though in this case, they had an easy game against the Kings the night before and the trip from the Bay Area to La la land is only a short one without crossing any time zone that could cause jet lag. The Splash brothers did score a lot of points, but the TOs killed them. I watched the GSW stream on my computer. The GSW commentators were rather subdued for obvious reasons. I remember them saying something, “it’s a combination of the Warriors played badly and the Lakers playing very well…”.

      Point #4: Of course these biased NBA coaches are doing everything they can to make Lin fail. Making Lin playing out of position is what Lin has to put up with after he left NY. Yeah, BS had Clarkson play PG when he was on the floor with Lin. As a LOF, I am confident that Lin will only get better and play well at the off guard position.

      Point # 5: In a way, last night was Ronnie Price’s game of Linsanity! I am sure Lin is very happy for Price. Unfortunately, we will have to endure watching Lin being marginalized for a while. But Lin will triumph in the end. My Ouija board says so.

      Point #6: Agreed that it was just one game, but nevertheless a very telltale one. If BS has any clue at all, he should ask Kobe for permission to tell him to stay home for Christmas and let his Charmin teammates deliver a surprise present to true Lakers fans like Bob Space on Christmas day in Chicago.

      Aside: Did your radio box break at half time last night? It must be as old as the BW TV that Gary Teng threw away a few days ago! 🙂
      I used to live in the Bay Area too, Berkeley as the matter of fact. Back in the days of Rick Barry as the talk of the NBA and Al Attles was the coach.

      • I missed this game, but thanks for the recap, “old & in the way” and “MrPingPong”!

      • Gary Teng

        Professor MrPingPong,

        As you often quoted the famous saying by Rodney Dangerfield that, “I get no respect…”

        Please kindly show some respect to my cherished B&W TV set. Just like the way BS treats Price, I view my beloved TV as my love child.

        I did take a Miller Time beer bath as you suggested. Afterward, I used the Kobe Bryant Gold Authentic Throwback Home Jersey (my old doormat) to wipe my axx. Its material was just as soft as Charmin and I surely felt good. 🙂

        I had a dream last night that if only BS could rest KoBrick for the rest of the season and let the good time roll…

      • old & in the way

        Dear Mr. PingPong:

        Pressed for time right now so this will have to be quick and short. But I remember over a month ago before Thanksgiving you successfully predicted that Kobay would self-destruct before Christmas and be on the sidelines. I think your prediction implied more than just one game. But I am willing to give you the whole prize just based on last night’s triumphant game. You are seemingly very prescient. Got any other nifty predictions up your proverbial sleeve? Will return later to touch on your other points and to respond to the beloved D.G. Teng and others who have responded here. But no time to do so right now so ciao…

        • MrPingPong

          Dear Old & In, it was Gary Teng who predicted that Kobe would be done by Christmas. His B&W TV set is his Ouija board, so it seems. It does a better job than my Smart Phone Ouija board. Hats to GT! 🙂

          • (Jimmy the Great) Teng

            Professor MrPingPong,

            I am so glad that you voluntarily turned yourself in. You are a man of highest integrity. I command you with a 21-gun salute! 🙂

            Studies have shown that monkeys throwing dots at boards randomly would actually perform better in predicting the future of the stock market than most of those so-called Wall Street experts did. So I guess it was just my lucky (monkey business) day! 🙂

            Anyway, I have gained more than two pounds since last night by pounding (and causing big swelling) on my chest. 🙂

            Just as in the great thriller movie “Jaw” theme that when we think it is safe to return to the Malibu beach for some fun, the evil empire is busy in plotting to strike back with full force. So, We the Lin Fans, should not let our guards down yet. We need to be prepared to defeat this evil empire’s desperate assault once for all!

            United We Stand! Hurray!

          • old & in the way

            Dear DGT:

            So sorry. My mistake apparently. I thought it was Mr. PingPong who correctly predicted Kobay’s demise but it was instead thee. Congratulations. You win the prize which is a brand new B&W television. It comes with only one stipulation and that is that sometime before the end of this current basketball season you must give it to Coach Scottie Chitferbrainz. Under our rules throwing it at him would certainly meet the definition of “giving it to him.” Indeed that would be “giving it to him” real damn good and about how he would deserve to receive it. So just leave your address at our concession booth at the back of the hall and my sponsors will ship your brand new Black & Whiter to you as soon as they can scrape the funds together to purchase one at the nearest (to our hearts) garage sale. If there is a delay in our shipping plans we shall inform you. Otherwise you can expect delivery to occur sometime before the end of all the imperial nonsense currently ongoing on this planet.

            Sidebar #1:
            And here’s another great reason to be glad that our uplifter, Mr. Jeremy Lin, is no longer employed by the Houston Rockets. Kevin McFlail has just been given a three year contract extention by Fat Morey and his boss, the owner, whose name escapes me at the moment. The Lakers are worse but Houston was no picnic or even a backyard barbecue. Free agency beckons. I can’t wait and only hope I live long enough to see Jeremy liberated and all of us along with him. Ciao until my next break from the monotony of tending to my old age medical issues. For now ciao and again congrats on the success of your outstanding Kobay explosion prediction. I would tip my cap to you if I were wearing one but I can’t figure out how to tip the hood of this sweatshirt jacket I’m wearing.

          • Gary Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            Thanks a lot. I will wait patiently for the arrival of my new prized toy. 🙂

            One done, and one more to go before our victory parade on the Sunset Boulevard!

            Wishing you and all other dear fellow bloggers on this great website a wonderful Christmas and a season filled with joy, blessing, health, and happiness!

      • old & in the way

        Dear Mr. PingPong:

        I was a Golden State Warriors fan for a very long time although I no longer am. We got a “divorce” maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I just finally stopped caring after 35 years of futility and one dysfunctional ownership after another. But I do remember the 1974-75 season fondly as it was the last time they won an NBA championship. Rick Barry was the “star” on that team and Al Attles was the coach and an excellent coach at that. Al Attles was a real coach unlike the foolish “Siamese McMoron twins,” McSmiley and McSnail. They had a very young Phil Smith and Jamal Wilkes (aka Keith Wilkes) coming off the bench although Wilkes may have been starting by the play-offs but Smith was definitely still a bench player although a very good one and good enough really to have been a starter. The guards were Charles Johnson from Cal Berkeley and…can’t remember the other guy’s name. Derrick Dickey was the starting power forward although the term power forward was not yet in use but that is what he was. He defended well and got a lot of rebounds. They had a two-headed defense-oriented center in Clifford Ray who started and shot-blocker extraordinaire George Johnson with whom Ray shared playing time about equally. Jeff Mullins was the sixth man and near the end of his exceptional career at the time but still good. They had a defensive specialist at guard who came off the bench, “the hopper,” Charles Dudley. In the finals that year they swept the heavily favored Washington Bullets as they were then called who had Wes Unseld, Phil Chenier and Elvin Hayes. I was so young then and married to my first wife who also liked sports quite a bit. We watched every game together and couldn’t believe any of them as each game was more or less the same. The Bullets would race out to a big early lead and then in the second quarter the Warriors would come storming back and overwhelm Washington with their defense, speed and quickness running fast break after fast break. Barry, Phil Smith and Jamal Wilkes would go crazy and start hitting every shot for awhile. Washington never knew what hit them. It was a long time ago but in some ways it was just yesterday. Anyway two years later Barry and Wilkes moved on to other teams and the Warriors stunk most of the time for a very long time. Finally I stopped caring and now I no longer have any emotional connections to the team. But suddenly this year they are great. I am happy for my friends and people I know who still care about them. But personally I don’t care any longer whether they win or lose. It is nice that they’re so good finally but I get no personal comfort or satisfaction from the fact that they are as good as they are.

        My basketball heart now belongs to Jeremy. I can’t help it. For me he is a local guy having been raised in Palo Alto which is near many places I have lived. In fact when I was a child I lived in Palo Alto for 3 years with my parents. Then we moved to Mountain View and then Cupertino. All of these places are close to one another in northern Santa Clara County. He lead Palo Alto High School to the state championship against a highly favored “hot shit” team from southern California around 2006 I guess it was. Jeremy just blew them away. They had no answers for Jeremy. They couldn’t stop him. He scored at will. He scored whenever he wanted to and his team needed him to. He was just too quick for everyone else on the court at that time. He was just too good for other high school players at that time. A few years later I got swept up in the euphoria of Linsanity and now his story is well known by everyone who cares about him.

        As quickly as I can ’cause I went on about the Warriors much more than I intended to. The reason I missed the second half of the Lakers-Warriors game isn’t because I threw my radio at McSmiley although figuratively if not literally I’d like to. Rather it is because I have medical and physical issues which require daily care. I have an attendant who comes to get me ready for the day. He comes early in the morning before he goes to his regular day job. So I have to go to bed early enough to be awake when he gets here in the morning to attend to my medical problems and get me ready for the day. Then he returns in the evening to get me ready for bed. So when Jeremy is playing in the pacific time zone I only have the luxury of listening to the first half. Early the next morning I have to try to piece the second half together by studying the box score and the play-by-play breakdown and reading JLin blogs like JLintel, which is by far the best, and Jeremylin.net. Well, sorry this is so long. I didn’t intend to go on and on. Chicago on the road tonight and the Brick Man plays. It will be tough for Jeremy but per usual may he prosper against all odds and all obstacles put in his way. Peace to you and ciao for now.

        • MrPingPong

          Dear Old & In:

          Thank you for your long response. Boy, you sure remember a lot of things about the Dubs. Ah, Clifford Ray, he was such a clumsy center! I love the guy, “I really do”! 🙂

          I used to listen to the Dubs on the radio too! I got to watch them live one time against the Blazers, sitting far away in some cheap corner of the arena, not being able to see well. Rick Barry was already gone by then, I vaguely remember. And speaking of Rick Barry, I bet you haven’t seen this video:


          Take care and enjoy the Bulls game tonight. Lin won’t get to play much, but he will do well no matter what! My Ouija Board says so!

          PS: When asked how Kobe will play, my Ouija Board answered, ‘it depends on how BS coaches’. When asked how BS will coach, my Ouija Board said, ‘it all depends on how Kobe plays’. I didn’t know my Ouiji Board was such a smart aleck. Perhaps Dr. Teng’s favorite Lakers girl can shed some light on this. 🙂

          • Gary Teng

            Professor MrPingPong,

            First of all, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to your beloved Ouija Board, but I honestly believe that you should replace that wacky sucker with a dart board as your new Christmas toy. By so doing, it may dramatically increase your batting average. 🙂

            I, Gary Teng, as a senior FBI (Female Body Inspection) agent, my favorite Lakers grandma says to me that ColdBrick will always do what ColdBrick does, i.e., he will play coach, point guard, scoring guard, playmaker, floor general, and even field marshal, etc. The only thing he will Not do is defense. However, to be fair to ColdBrick, he may occasionally employ his lethal eyeball defense technique by using his death stare aimed at the opponent players and then wish for some miracles to occur… 🙁

  • Sage

    @Old and in the way. You forgot one thing. Lin hit the three that iced the game. Before that three, Lakers had gone stone cold and it looked like GS might even win.

  • jin

    Maybe bs is smarter than I thought he was.
    knowing he had no power over kobrick, he overplayed mamba and let him suicide…either injury or perform poorly as he did. Now that kobe is being tired, less confident as probably the real reason, bs finally gained some control over how to play as he might have planned out at beginning.

    • old & in the way

      I think you are only kidding but it would be nice if McScottie turned out to be smarter than we all thought we was. But I’ll believe it when I see it. So far I haven’t seen it. According to Phil Jackson though who ought to know Kobe is “uncoachable.” I’m inclined to believe Phil Jackson. But it would certainly be wonderful if McScottie turned out to be Columbo smart (pretending to be dumb and stupid in order to outwit one’s adversary) and breaks Kobay into little pieces. I am skeptical but you never know. Only time will tell for sure. Ciao for now.

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