Kobe Bryant Sat out Resulting in Devastating Consequences: Lakers Beat Top Team in NBA

When I learned that Kobe would be sitting out vs. the Warriors yesterday, I posted the following comment to a previous article on this blog:

Lakers decide to sit Kobe out vs. Warriors tonight. Of course, they would decide to sit Kobe out vs. the toughest opponent in the NBA, since the chances are low that the Lakers would win this game.


The Lakers org know that this Lakers team is much better without Kobe, so they wouldn’t dare sit Kobe out against an opponent like the Thunder, because the Lakers would end up winning without Kobe and fans would start being even more suspicious about the situation with the Lakers than they already are.


Well, when I posted this comment, I was sure that the Lakers would lose (albeit not as badly as if they would have had Kobe in the game), but the Lakers surprised everyone and ended up beating the best team in the NBA. I guess it should be mentioned that the Warriors was playing on the second night of a back-to-back so that may have a little to do with the Lakers pulling off an upset. But I can guarantee you that the Lakers would have lost this game if Kobe had been playing. And anyone who thinks differently, just doesn’t know the game of basketball or they are insane. Lakers are much better without Kobe playing the way he has been playing. There is no doubt about that. And I’d be shocked if the Lakers organization don’t see this. The reason the Lakers organization continue to play Kobe the way they have been is that they want to tank this season.

After I learned that Jeremy Lin was not starting (no surprise at all), I decided to not watch this game. So I can’t comment on the specifics of the game, but from looking at the game stats, it looked like the Lakers played team ball, not the usual BS Kobe PG iso ball. Lakers had 7 players in double-figures with none scoring more than 18 points and they racked up 28 team assists. As a result, playing in the OPPOSITE way that the Lakers org, BS and Kobe have been FORCING the Lakers to play, the Lakers end up handing the best team in the NBA only their 4th loss in 27 games!

This win is the biggest nightmare for the Lakers organization. As I wrote in my comments that I posted above, the whole reason the Lakers thought they could rest Kobe is that they figured the Lakers would lose this game, anyway. So that was their best chance at giving Kobe some much-needed rest for the first time this season by sitting Kobe out. They wouldn’t dare sit Kobe out for the first time this season (since the first time they sit Kobe out is a big deal) against winnable teams, like the Thunder and Kings, for example, which are teams that the Lakers faced prior to the Warriors game. And if you recall, had it not been for Kobe, the Lakers would have likely won both those games, as well. And you can say this same thing about numerous previous games. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Lakers would basically be in playoff contention if it weren’t for Kobe and Lin being insanely mismanaged and misused.

As I’ve continued to re-iterate in numerous previous posts, the Lakers are interested in only three things this season and none of these things have to do with winning games:

  1. Kobe gets his stats and finishes off his career strong (that’s why they keep Kobe in there during garbage time if Kobe hasn’t achieved good stats) so Kobe can keep fans interested to continue to watch the games.
  2. Lakers lose enough so they get the #5 pick, but not too much so that they lose the pick to Phoenix.
  3. Keeping Lin in check so Lin does poorly and won’t get attractive offers from other teams and they can retain Lin as their back up PG of the future. Also, they don’t want Lin ruining their tank plans by playing to win.

Luckily for the Lakers ALL of these three things work in concert. That is, none of these three things counteract one another. For example, Kobe playing for his stats helps the Lakers lose games. Keeping Lin in check also helps Lakers lose games and helps Kobe play for his stats, etc.

But after this Warriors win, the fans would start being even more outraged than they already are if the Lakers go back to having Kobe play for his stats. And when they don’t have Kobe play for his stats and actually play Kobe efficiently and sparingly, then how can the Lakers make sure that they continue to lose games (since only BS and Kobe are in on the tanking)?

For those who don’t believe my conspiracy theory, I think the fact that BS didn’t start Lin in place of Price  last night should serve as more evidence to prove my theory. I mean, after Price’s awful performances as a starter, no coach would start Price with Kobe absent from the starting lineup. You only do that if you want to accomplish the three objectives that I laid out above. I don’t care how biased you are against Lin. I mean, even  McHale started Lin whenever Harden was out. The reason is that, despite McHale’s bias against Lin, he was still tasked to win games, not to tank. And THIS is the main difference between McHale and BS. And THIS is why BS is so much more insane than McHale ever was.

Anyway, this upset of the top team in the NBA really messes up the Lakers’s main objective. The whole reason they felt it would be safe to sit Kobe out is because they felt 100% sure that the Lakers would lose to the top team in the NBA. I mean, it would be one thing if the Lakers beat a mediocre team or even a borderline good team. But to beat the best team in the NBA without Kobe Bryant really exposes all of the insanity that has been going on in Lakerland. I’m 100% sure that the Lakers org are devastated by this win against the Warriors.

I assume that the Lakers will continue to go back to their insane Kobe play PG iso ball. But I think going forward it will make things very uncomfortable for the Lakers to continue to play Kobe the insane way that they have been. I just hope that the fans and Lakers media continue to put pressure on the Lakers org about limiting Kobe’s minutes and usage rate. I’ve been saying all along that all the Lakers need to do to win tons MORE games is to Limit Kobe’s minutes/usage and increase Lin’s minutes/usage. Of course, because I run a Jeremy Lin blog, people just dismiss this as Lin fanaticism. But I’m actually just someone who tries my best to think critically about things without letting my perception get in the way of the truth of the matter.

Unfortunately, since Lin didn’t start last night and Price had a great game, the Lakers can continue to get away with the insane ways they’ve been misusing Lin. This is why the Lakers didn’t dare start Lin vs. the Warriors in Kobe’s absence, because if they had, then that would not just mess up their #1 objective that I laid out above, but it would also mess up their #3 objective directly above. Also, the Lakers didn’t start Lin, because they KNOW that starting Lin would actually give the Lakers a chance to beat the Warriors with devastating consequences to them. But they KNOW that starting Price would guarantee a loss. Of course, Price surprised everyone by playing out of his mind and way beyond his capability vs. the Warriors.

Had the Lakers started Lin and actually used Lin the right way (which is what happened in Houston whenever Harden went out), Lin would have had a great game and the Lakers org would have been screwed even more. Because even Lakers fans would be outraged at how they’ve been misusing Lin. Unfortunately, for Lin fans, things won’t change for Lin in Lakerland. But at least the win last night makes the Lakers org, BS and Kobe very uncomfortable. So that makes things a little more interesting. If the Lakers org continue to go back to playing Kobe big minutes and keeping Kobe’s usage high, then I think that’s more evidence for Lakers tanking–if it isn’t already crystal clear at this point.

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  • old & in the way

    Dear JLintel:

    I only have time right now to write that I concur that your conspiracy arguments get stronger and stronger as time passes and the clarity of more games reveals more clearly the nonsense approach of the Lakers coaching staff supported it is logical to assume by the FO. Otherwise Mitch Upchuck would intervene and say something like WTF are you bozos doing!? It is not apparent that he has yet done so. So it is getting harder and harder to take a flippant attitude toward your ever more solid conspiracy theory. And refusing to let Jeremy play point and continuing to force him to play out of position just adds more ammo to the firestorm, hey!? I think so. Gotta go for now. More later in the day. Ciao.

    • Thanks for this, “old & in the way”. I also feel more strongly about my conspiracy theory as time passes. Things could get pretty interesting going forward after this surprise defeat of the Warriors (without Kobe).

  • Kendalf

    I watched the whole game. Though Jeremy didn’t start, he could have had an even better game than he did. He missed several layups right at the rim, and there were two questionable calls against him that took away points/assists. While Lin got 25 minutes total, half of that was in the fourth quarter which was almost garbage time. I do wish that Jeremy had more minutes earlier in the game when things were moving, but Price had his best game this season and shouldn’t be downplayed, especially when he had back to back threes in the third. He also deserves recognition for what he brought defensively in this game.

    • MrPingPong

      I don’t know anything about Price until this season. The man just hangs around and never seems to give up. In that way, he is like Lin. Who would have thunk that the Charmins would beat the team with the best record without Kobe? And it was Price who beat them, just like Lin who beat the Nets in his breakout Linsanity game.

      Nobody thought Price could play like that, just like Lin’s case in NY. After Price nailed three straight treys, the GSW commentators kept repeating that Price only shot 27% outside the arc before this game. Lin was genuinely happy to see Price killing it out there. Lin doesn’t care about his stats. He wants all of his teammates to play team ball and play well. And they all did, having fun sharing the ball and play freely like “Django Unchained”.

      As the Dubs were trying to make a desperate run with time running out, they were so concerned about Price that they forgot about Lin, and Price found Lin for the wide open trey that sealed the deal for the Charmins. Price played like a true PG. Hats off to Price! 🙂

  • Chirico

    Dear philosopher,

    I agree things evolve into forming a stronger link to your conspiracy theory. However, I would proose a modified version of point #3.

    Lakers management and coach team, in general, do not intend to keep Lin after this year. They are at most valuing Lin nothing but a serviceable PG. The evidence is clear that they would rather keep Lin at much lower price next year. If Lin first not accept it, so be it.

    Again, this means that they are those flat earth ppl who follow old school bball principles and hold prejudice against Asian athlete. Those are the same group of people we are seeing in the NBA culture circle.

    Truth is, the existence of JLin’s presence in the NBA and his Linsanity story behind his back carve a scarlett on these ppls faces. there are so many people want to prove JLin’s a fluke, a one hit wonder. They are in fact so afraid of JLin’s bball career being successful. These ppl did not realize that there are so much more stuff out there in bball they don’t know, such as the real importance of superior court vision, controlling tempo, etc.

    Chances are these are the ppl who don’t have a clue why Spurs has been so strong in recent years and the way they play. Yea, some say they know but they are just lying.

    JLin’s not only an elite PG but also with a brian of coach popovich playing on the court.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Chirico:

      In my view Jeremy Lin has enough basketball savvy right now to be a very good coach. If he can break through the prejudices of the NBA establishment which is a hell of a big “if”…but if he can it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him coaching after his playing career ends which hopefully won’t be any time soon. He is incredibly intelligent both on the court and off the court. Whether he will ever be recognized and appreciated by the fools who control the NBA is quite another matter. I hope so but sometimes I wonder if he will ever be treated fairly by the NBA. Peace to you and ciao for now.

      • Kendalf

        I agree! He would make an exceptional coach, if the NBA can break through it’s stereotypes and biases.

  • ashley

    Remember to vote for Lin every day as many times as you can. I’m doing that and hope all Lin fans are. Have a nice holiday!

    • old & in the way

      Dear Ashley:

      I would love to vote for Jeremy for the all-star team but have no idea how to do so. Can you tell me how to do this?

      • old & in the way

        Dear Ashley:

        I just wanted to let you know that I went to the NBA website and figured out how to vote. So it appears that I can vote once each day. Is this correct? But not more than once each day? Let me know if there is something else I need to know about the NBA all-star voting process. Just for the record I absolutely did not vote for Bryant, Harden or Anthony as I don’t think they are the most worthy candidates. In the west I chose Jeremy and Curry and in the east I went with Lowry and Wall in the backcourt. In the east frontcourt I chose Gasol, Bosh and James. It was fun. I will do it every day if that is what I am allowed. At any rate there is no need to let me know how to vote as I did figure it out for myself, thank you. Bye for now.

        • ashley

          Dear old & in the way,

          You can vote more than once by deleting your browsing record every time you vote (press Ctrl+H) And I’m doing that quite efficiently now–I can vote several times in a few minutes. Feeling a bit guilty, I had hesitated to reveal my secret, but after reading your post, I think I should. Lin likely will get far fewer votes than last year, but I feel I should give him more support this year. I tell myself, it can be just about popularity and not so much about stats or skills. And I have no doubt in saying Lin is more popular than most super stars in the league.

      • Chirico

        Go to this site and cast your vote.


        This address is mobile site of all star.

  • Sage

    RE: Stats. Kendalf mentioned that Lin missed several layups. I am going to use that as a segway to discuss three items related to Lin’s stats.

    I have noticed that Lin misses layups sometimes. I blame it on the way the refs treat Lin. When Lin is close to the rim and jumps, the defenders hit him and the ball. At minimum it should be a 2 shot foul. Many times it should be a flagrant. However, the refs see that it is Lin and do not even call the foul. As a result Lin has been staying on the ground, shooting through the uncalled fouls, and doing misdirection layups to avoid the block. Most of the time it works, but sometimes he misses. Further, there are opportunity costs: if you practice misdirection layups all the time, you do not practice regular layups as much and they become less reliable.

    I wish there was a near assist category. The other Lakers are still not ready to get the ball when Lin drives. Several times a game Lin will drive to the basket, and he will pass the ball, but the receiver is not ready and it soars past him or bounces out of his hands. Looks like a turnover, but it really is not Lin’s fault. Instead of a turnover, it should have been an easy basket and an assist. Additionally, often he drives to the basket, then kicks. The receiver is not expecting the ball and therefore rushes the wide open shots. These are are also near assists. If Lin was running the offense and the players were used to his style, I think he would have double digit assists in almost every game, even if he only continues to play 20 minute.

    Finally, about two or three times a game, Lin drives and kicks to Kobe. Then Kobe misses the wide open shot. If Kobe was shooting better, Lin’s assist total would be higher.

    • MrPingPong

      Agreed Sage! Lin gets practically no call when he attacks the basket and gets contacts. The skill to get calls like Harden is a must these days! And then those bogus calls on him…! What can we say? 🙁

      Those near assists… his teammates will get used to Lin’s style of play, I am sure. Even if Lin only has 20 min per games. And speaking of assists, I’d like to have a hockey assist category as well. It will be a good measure of ball movement, don’t ya think?

    • Kendalf

      I agree too about the way refs treat Jeremy. Everyone gets bad calls against them now and then, but it seems that Jeremy gets more bad calls against him than most other players. Here’s a video of two of the poor calls from the GSW game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bbNcJwxrfA&feature=youtu.be. The first one could have gone either way, but the 2nd charge call against him was totally invalid. The defender was completely sideways and moving.

      Jeremy often gets ~hammered~ when driving in the lane but rarely gets a call, whereas someone like Harden get bailed out by calls almost every time he drives. At the same time, Jeremy often gets called when he defends an opposing player exactly the same way that he was defended. The disparity in calls is very noticeable and is a bad mark against NBA fairness.

      I don’t know about “near assists” but this article mentions “secondary assists” which is the first I’ve heard of that term. A secondary assist is a pass that leads directly to an assist by the receiving player. The Lakers not only had a season high # of assists in Tuesday’s game, they had 12 secondary assists as well. http://www.chatsports.com/los-angeles-lakers/a/Postgame-Numbers-Lakers-vs-Warriors-122314-1-10916252

  • Conspiracy perhaps. Or perhaps it just follows a broader trend. JLin was ignored out of high school even though he led his team to a state championship. He was then ignored out of college even though he killed it at Harvard. It should be no surprise that the status quo of the NBA doesn’t think highly of him. But slowly, it will be his interactions with fellow players that will turn this view around. Everywhere he plays he makes new allies and new fans.

    And it will take a coach with a open mind that will question the status quo. For those who follow the NFL, there’s a coach named Chip Kelly that is very unorthodox. He always questions popular belief and has had success so far. Hopefully a coach will see the diamond in the rough that is JLin and know how to play him the right way.

  • MrPingPong

    According to this tweeter,


    Kobe is not playing against Chicago tonight nor tomorrow against Dallas. His body is falling apart as aptly predicted by our Dr. Teng (and perhaps his Lakers girl Ouija board).

    Let’s watch the Charmins play Linsane tonight!

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      I just heard the same thing on the Lakers radio feed via the NBA website and was going to make the announcement here but you beat me to it. I plan to listen to the Chicago feed after the game starts. But I wanted to listen to the Lakers feed for the pregame stuff. Mychal Thompson actually praised Jeremy and said that he was the main catalyst for the win over Golden State. I couldn’t believe my ears but that is what he said. So I am glad for once that I was listening to the Lakers radio announcers. He credited Price also but said that he thought Jeremy was the main catalyst. I couldn’t agree more given that he plays so unselfishly. Let’s hope the Lakers can continue their non-Kobay team play in the broken down old palace’s absence. Go Jeremy. Obi Want NoKobe is getting his namesake wish and so are all of us. Too good to be true but we sure deserve it and I will definitely take it. Ciao for now.

    • Gary Teng

      Professor MrPingPong,

      You are giving me too much credit. Like I said before, it was just a lucky guess. Even dumbass monkeys could outperform professional stock experts in predicting the direction of the stock market sometimes by simply using a dart board. 🙂

      However, I still feel the urge to set the record straight: My Lakers grandma has never shared any inside tips with me before. My guesstimation was purely based on my brilliant mind and insightful analyses. 🙂

      Lin didn’t play too well tonight. Hope and believe he will do much better tomorrow.

  • Sage

    I just came back from Christmas dinner. Luckily I did not watch the game. According to CBSSports, the starters played from 29 to 35 minutes Johnson (34 min), Hill (31), Davis (33), Ellington (35), Price (29). Boozer only played 17 minutes, Lin, 19, Young, 17, Sacre, 15, and Clarkson, 11 (?!).

    No wonder they lost. This is nuts and totally supports JLintel theory that BS is purposely trying to tank.

    Leaving Lin aside, Boozer should get at least 30 minutes against the team the cut him. That is what winning teams do for their players.

    Back to Lin. Oh I get it. BS starts by playing Lin 25 minutes at game. Then every week BS reduces it by one minute. Now BS is down to 19 minutes. Then BS proclaims that Lin is not playing well or is inconsistent because his points and assists are declining. By the end of the season, he will be down to 10 minutes a game. Outrageous.

    • MrPingPong

      I watched most of the game, i.e. the parts when Lin was on the court.

      Lin immediately scored when he replaced Price with about 3 and a half minutes left in the first. But then he proceeded to miss his next three midrange jumpers before the quarter ends, I said to myself, ‘bad omen’! 🙁

      Lin started the second quarter. But when he missed a layup, I knew Lin was doomed. Never would he be given a chance to establish a rhythm and recover. It was hard to see Lin almost languishing on the bench, watching his teammates flailing on the court, out hustled and out rebounded.

      I don’t know what is going through Lin’s mind, but I can imagine how tough it is to motivate yourself and play, knowing you only have a meager and sporadic 20 min to make an impact. And even if you happen to play well and make a serious impact, you will be pulled out of the game any way.

      The rest of the team did not play well either, in particular the self-proclaimed IDM, who, perhaps embarrassed by his lousy performance, awkwardly tried to retract his statement about not needing Kobe. But of course, Lin will be the scapegoat for the team’s demise. This is the main theme of the Jeremy Lin story, after all is said and done.

      Lin will never be given a fair shake no matter what team he ends up with. My Ouija board says so. My Ouija board also says Lin will bounce back nicely tonight against the Mavs. I suspect my Ouija board is a closet crazy LOF. But that’s fine by me. Me and my Ouija board will always root for Lin. How can people hate this man?

      Have a great After Christmas Shopping Day (if you happen to live in the USA)! Go spend your hard earned money to help out the consumer driven economy of the US! 🙂

      Letzzz Gooo JL17!

      PS: Dr. Teng, did you remember to give your Lakers mama a Christmas present? If you did not, shame on you! But after Christmas buying spree is your chance to redeem yourself! 🙂 Indulge yourself!

      • bob space

        Lol had to admit i laughed at the spend money comment. That is what our culture has devolved to sadly.

      • Gary Teng

        Professor MrPingPong,

        Of cause I did! Nevertheless, thanks for asking. 🙂

        This is strictly just between you and me: I gave my newly-wed Lakers grandma an all-expense paid boo job done at the Hollywood Sunset Boulevard as a Christmas gift to boost her deflated and sagging morale. (I also got myself an used and abused 11” B&W TV at the downtown LA south swap meet.) 🙂

        I will find out how she likes this reboot job after sunrise tomorrow.

      • Sage

        According to Wikipedia, Michael Jordan made about 50% of his shots in his career, with the best year being 1990-1991 with a 54% completion rate. Put another way, Every time he made 4 or 5 in a row, he had to make up the streak (statistically) by missing a lot of shots later on.

        Ergo, Lin is going to miss shots. And sometimes several in a row. But it does not mean they should pull him from the game. If they pulled Jordan out of the game after every two or three bad shots (like they do with Lin), I doubt he would have been know as the greatest ever.

        I think BS and McHale know that.

        • MrPingPong

          I watched a little bit of the OKC vs SAS game earlier yesterday. RW started out shooting 1 out 8. But of course, he got to keep playing and later started connecting and ended up with 14/28 shooting. Of course, LOHs would say Lin is no RW nor MJ. The only time when Lin was allowed to play thru his ups and downs was during his 25 games of Linsanity in NY.

      • Phil Cicchi

        Dear Mr. PingPong:

        Jeremy got 7 assists tonight and played pretty well except his shot is still off. What or who is IDM?

        • MrPingPong

          Hello Old & I:

          I watched the Mavs game too, well just bits and pieces of it when Lin was on the court. There were a bunch of “near” assists too. Lin did fine I think, under such unfavorable circumstances. He will get better and better, I am sure of it.

          IDM is Nick Young, who also names himself “I Don’t Miss”. IDM and WJ tonight missed tons of shots but were allowed to play thru. No team concept for these guys and their clueless coach! Sad story.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Mr. P/P:

            Mr. IDM is so FOS. And compared to his NBA peers not a particularly good basketball player either. Jeremy does not deserve to have so many clowns for co-workers. Job in the NBA glamorous? Hardly. Well paid? Yes…but every penny earned when you have to put up with people like Mr. IDM to say nothing of Kobay the Clown and BS the Clown. Ciao for now. Phoenix next at home. Go Mr. Lin…you are visionary compared to the rest of the NBA. Or maybe even the rest of the planet. Well, let me not get carried away but he is certainly more aware and enlightened than most of the NBA in spite of his religious convictions which to me are misguided. But religious convictions pro or con are very personal indeed so I try to stay away from them. Later, my friend.