Set up to Fail

Set up to Fail : by Chirico

Regardless the accuracy of the story in the movie “Gladiator”, there is some memory in me that begs to relate it to JLin’s basketball story before and after Linsanity.

Some folks refer PG as floor general, JLin, somewhat resembles Maximus, the general of the mighty Roman Empire, who got thrown out of his commander role, almost got killed and became a slave. Then, he got back to Rome and was sold to get wasted in the cruel game that many roman enjoyed, he fought numerous battles in the famous Roman coliseum. In there, against all odds, unfair treatment and officiating e.g. he brought group of scrubs together and won over Roman fighters of superior physical strength, combat skills, and equipped with much better weapon. That was the highlight of the movie.

We don’t know if we will see similar ending like what the movie concluded. However, I find JLin has gone through that part of story at least twice already. Again, before and after Linsanity. During his high school and colleague basketball days, he was told that he could not play basketball like other non-Asian kids, he was denied by all famous colleague strong in basketball sports. And Linsanity happened, after that, we witnessed that he had excruciating two years in Houston and now an unbelievable worst situation in LA Land. A super roller coaster ride from Nov to Dec 2014. However, He just kept fighting and kept his chin up. Just two weeks ago, as a bench player for the Lakers, he was nominated as the player of the week by Time Warner. Then we saw Bryant took over his job by being the PG himself and tried to control the game, afraid of losing the control of the team in which he is worshiped by pretty much most Lakers from head coach BS to bench players.

Now Bryant finally got what he deserved, an over-used 36 years body. Is this a sign that our beloved JLin finally gets to run the team? Let’s quickly do a reality check. We know there are snakes in Lakers, for one, the black Mamba. Borrowing coach BS’s analogy, the head of the the snake in Ronnie Price for two. These snakes were doing their job pretty good so far to prevent Linsanity from reviving. With a biased coach who is playing the invisible hand behind the scene, he just got to continue to marginalize JLin. BS came to realize that he could not possibly contain Lin by simply marginalize Lin. Today we finally hear the news that Lin is on D.N.P list. BS decided to completely shut Lin  down by imprisoning him on the bench for the entire Game vs Spurs. Oh, we’ve got third snake in J Clarkson, who starts after Bryant was out of the rest of the season. This, in fact, was just a desperate move by BS. There is no doubt that Lin is the best PG Lakers have this season. Any basketball savvy or seasoned fan can easily point that out. This ridiculous act of coaching a professional basketball team deserves a remarkable place in the sports history of shame.

BS, just like JLin’s former coach Mcfail, is going to insist what he has been doing and told to do. With 40+ game passed, it already proved that what he has done was mainly aiming to tank and making sure that Bryant get his historical records. The fun part is there is a few byproducts to this. Historical season start losing streak, a broken right shoulder rotation cuff with Bryant.

Failure to launch? As it seemed that way on the surface for this year for Lakers. However, some of us Lin fans woke up pretty early when season just began, now more media and fans are waking up and begin to understand and question why BS led Lakers became a joke this season. In fact, BS had such a plan in mind before the season began. And it’s been successful except that he could not make JLin look much worse than he might hope so. To reach the goals that BS was assigned to work towards, now he is got one done for Bryant. Now what? What else is he going to do to “help” Lakers the season? Tanking? Yes, so, the priorities go like this: 1. Keep Linsanity from happening so Lin cannot shine when Bryant is out. 2. Never practice defense so Lakers stays like charmin tissue. 3. Make some player not named JLin to run the show. 4. Start bench players instead of those who should start (with one exception, his favorites). These serve two primary purposes: Lin could not be the face of the franchise and ensure Lakers keep high percentage of losing. So expect BS picks the second or third ball-hogger and ready to take the ball away from Lin.

We may ask why Lakers chose a coach in BS, especially in Cleveland he created this historical terrible tragedy of 26 game losing streak? First of all, the Lakers went through a dismal season in 2013-2014, has been completely reduced to rebuild. A lottery team faces an uncertain future. Rockets selected McHale as the Lakers chose Scott. They have one thing in common, yes, that is obedient. In Lotto team periods, management tend to find some junior, easy to control coach, so they can “guide” the team to play the way they hope. Mcfail fully implemented “Moneyball” in Morey’s theory, he was a good puppet. BS is another example for following FO’s assignment and a puppet of Bryant, well, a perfect tank commander.

In order to save the Lakers in a critical situation, the Lakers management had to take decisive action. In fact, this season, the management is taking two moves, the first step, Bryant surpasses Jordan. So, Bryant gets his and returns the favor to grant such an honor to the Lakers. The second step is to force Bryant retire. Yes, you’re not reading it wrong, in fact, they may wish Bryant an early retirement. Third, keep the draft pick.

Speaking of market value, until that day finally comes, Bryant’s retirement, Lakers FO couldn’t afford to lose all the benefit the Bryant bought to Lakers, so between Lin, an unproven player(in their eyes) VS. Bryant, they chose Bryant and JLin was relegated to the bench under a biased coach in BS. Lin’s minutes shrinks as season went on. 30, 25, 20, 16, and now on 01/23/15, hits a new low, a big fat zero minute!

Nevertheless, Lakers management also got what they deserved, cancelled national TV broad cast schedule. Losing fan base, enraged Lin fans around the world that’s for sure. They had to take such deep dive with their fading star. That is the price you have pay when a franchise is hijacked by a NBA star and hired inept coach in BS who has no shame.

It’s no doubt that stats(professional point of view) and salary(business point of view) both point out that JLin should be put on the spot to run the team but Lakers FO, coach BS, (and the NBA Empire?) can care less. Perhaps they do not want to admit the fact that they are wrong about JLin and they wish JLin could be just like a nightmare or bad dream and it should just go away. At the beginning, the records was their friend when the sample size was small. When the records abandoned them, they relied on they eye test, rumor of Lin’s fabricated shortcoming, and pre-perception to feed off their prides. Unfortunately, it shows that they are not as open minded as other professional sports communities or entertainment businesses. They probably forgot about why blacks were forbidden and treated unfairly to play professional sports in the US. Pathetically, it shows how much they are intimidated by an Asian American kid and in denial for the fact he can play basketball better than many NBA players.

Perhaps, JLin’s basketball career will be a reoccurring cycle like that. Never ending proving his worth of staying in NBA.

  • Don’t they know that there is a word “Acceptance” ?

    P.S. I miss this place…

    • chirico

      Hi Rubielyn,

      We missed you too! Welcome back.
      I might put it this way. “Conditional acceptance” it is very common issue among difference in sub culture, race, culture, nationality.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Chirico:

        Don’t you mean unconditional acceptance? Conditional acceptance means “with strings attached.” Unconditional acceptance means “exactly as you are and for the person you are w/o having to change anything.” Or maybe you mean that conditional acceptance IS the problem as it certainly is: I will accept you if you conform to my standards and only then. The ideal would be “I accept you totally as you are. You need change nothing.”

  • JT

    I hear your story but I have a different view. BS took the job and understand first he needs to do everything to please Kobe. The stats, control, etc. Minutes is just a byproduct so Kobe can get stats that Kobe is happy about. If Kobe can average 25ppg in 25mpg, we will not be here debating about why he played those long minutes.

    Now with Kobe gone, BS is on to the quest of finding the best casting crew for Kobe next season. Right now it is the interviewing stage of who’s current on the team. You know who is being interviewed by who is starting. It starts with JLin DNP because there are no other PG injuries so it just means JLin is not part of the plan for next season. Once Black is healthy again, Boozer will be the next DNP because we all know he is another one who is not part of the plan for next season…. and so on and so on…

    This is nothing that difficult to see through because BS is trying to keep his 4 years pay and at least for the first 2 years, he knows the only way is to be Kobe best friend and make him look the best possible to walk into the sunset.

    • chirico

      Thanks for hearing my point of view. I hope you enjoyed it. The “interview stage” is pretty interesting and I agree with you that it is probably just the case yesterday in the game vs Spurs. However, it seemed odd such interview plan was kicked off so hasty, considering just right after Bryant and Lakers announced he is out rest of the season. I like that you can see it through and it is clear that JLin is not part of the plan for the next season(or remaining of this season?). It looks even worse in which BS not only tried to tank but also hurt players’ career badly, especially for players whose contract end this year, Boozer, Hill, and Lin included. “Expandable players” is probably what Lakers management has in mind.

      • JT

        BS has only one true goal, get paid for the entire 4 year contract. Which the first obstacle is Kobe… so make sure Kobe is happy and looks good until retirement day. Only after that, he will care about winning to keep his job for the next 2 years left and maybe even a new contract. I feel sorry for JLin, Boozer and others that do have or still have talent but unfortunately don’t mesh well with Kobe. Not everyone can be like Swaggy and I am happy for him. Most NBA teams do have a top dog who is also an alpha-male. Good luck to JLin finding a team without a top dog alpha-male. There are very few of them and also not like they will welcome the baggages come with signing JLin. It is a very bleak situation for JLin consider all the baggages and complications. I can only pray for you my brother.

  • MrPingPong


    1. I do not dislike any of the Lakers players. I really don’t.
    2. I do not like BS at all. I really don’t.

    OK, I got that out of the way. Now just some random thoughts…

    Very poetic Gladiators analogy, Chirico! Jeremy Lin, the indomitable floor general, leading a bunch of scrubs players to victory over the elite establishment! And yes, the Jeremy Lin story is a never ending story about having to prove his worth in every game he plays, no matter what team he is with: a humanly impossible task for any NBA player of any caliber.

    After being DNP’ed by BS last night, Jeremy Lin posted the following on his Facebook wall:

    “Lamentations 3:22-23 — The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!”

    And I wrote the following as a comment to Lin’s posting:

    “I hear your laments, Jeremy Lin 林書豪. What do you want to do now? I cannot speak for all of your fans, but you have my unconditional support, no matter what! Move forward and never look back, letzzz gooo young man!”

    How can there be so much hate on Jeremy Lin? I really love Jeremy Lin. I really do.

    Hubris: I do not know when and where Kobe got the nickname Black Mamba, but he sure bit his own tail and can no longer stop eating himself up. He has no respect for his teammates, calling them out as Charmins, and ends up having to play the tough guy image ruining his own aging body. Poetic Justice!

    And speaking of snakes, I don’t think Clarkson is a snake. JC is just an inexperienced rookie being played around as a pawn by a con man, a real snake named BS. Nor do I think Ronnie Price is a snake head. It’s just the snake BS that wants to use Price as his head in order to cover up his total incompetence. BS is a slick, slimy, slithering and cowardly snake that has no shame. How can an illustrious franchise like the Lakers let such a snake enter its house? Oh, I forgot… It’s the Black Mamba that opened the door for him. ‘Birds of a feather…’ in this case it’s ‘Snakes of a scale…’

    I do not know much about the current ownership of the Lakers, except for the fact that they are children of the late (and venerable) Dr. Buss. These children were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and seem not to know how to run their father’s business. They have let a player and his lackey BS of a coach hijack their proud franchise. Kupchack is just an employee. He has no final say in any of this fiasco. For some reason, I suddenly think of an old movie called ‘Snakes on a Plane’. No, I did not watch that movie! Just a random connection here! 🙂

    OK, I stop for now. BTW, I was only able to watch the 4th quarter of the SAS game last night. I did hear about the starting lineup before the game though. All I did was bursting out laughing! SAS did not play that well, missing a bunch of wide open shots and point blanks layups. Otherwise the game would have been a total blowout. Old Pop will find a way to fix that come playoffs time, I am sure.

    PS: ‘Good to hear from you, Rubielyn! We’ve missed you too!

    • chirico

      Thanks, Mr. Pingpong. I love reading your post. It’s quite inspirational and refreshing. They warm my heart whenever I read them.

      • MrPingPong

        Thanks for your warm compliments, Chirico! The feeling is mutual here!


        • mybaby2

          Brilliant insight in calling out the real slimy snake that BS is! This first DNP-CD Lin got came as a surprise to many fans but it actually has been predicted early by a fan on At that time, I didn’t know exactly what each letter meant but I also didn’t think treatment like that could really happen. After all, with Lin’s skills, work ethic, and the pay his contract demands, which coach in their right mind would not play him at all? But it has happened! Just as someone wrote, when you think things can’t get any worse, it got even worse. This seems to be the lowest of Lin’s LA tenure–it’s not 30, 20 or 15 minutes we’ve been picky about; it’s a big flat zero that renders one speechless. Such is the reward for Lin after playing hard in each of the previous 43 games. Well, more than half of the season is gone. Hopefully, we’ve seen all the BS that BS is capable of and won’t be surprised any more.

          • old & in the way

            Dear mybaby2:

            “When life looks like Easy Street,
            there is trouble at your door.”–Grateful Dead, “Uncle John’s Band.”

          • old & in the way

            Dear mybaby2:

            Yes, I, too, remember the guy at who predicted a couple of months ago that Jeremy was headed for a DNP-CD. He is a Jeremy supporter. He wasn’t saying it in a disparaging way but in a lamentable way…that it would not be warranted in any way but it was coming. I believe his name is KHuang. He lives in Phoenix and is very strident in his support of Jeremy. At the time I didn’t conceive that it could actually happen because I didn’t yet realize how vile BS could be. But as it turns out old KHuang was correct. He tends to be a bit too assertive at times in his lack of restraint when it comes to confronting trolls but his insights often prove to be right-on. I don’t see him much at though any longer. I think there is another private Jeremy Lin fan site that he prefers to frequent as there are no trolls allowed there. I don’t remember the name of that site but I use to read it before it went private and I could no longer utilize it. Hats off though to KHuang for his prescience. Later. Ciao for now.

  • Here’s to looking forward to JLin becoming a free agent and being able to find a team that works for him rather than be a trade or bargaining chip

    • MrPingPong

      I look forward to that day too, Charlie. However, my contention is no matter where Lin plays, he will have to prove himself over and over again. The negative stereotyping of Asian men runs deep in the NBA culture, leading to all kinds of false narratives about Lin’s abilities. May the Gods of Basketball prove me wrong!

      • old & in the way

        Dear Mr. Ping & Pong:

        Indeed…I am writing an article on this very topic, too, that is related to Chirico’s article but sans the Gladiator analogy. I will be posting it probably tomorrow morning. It is actually finished and almost ready to go but still needs a little revising here and there. It is long, too, and I am probably still missing some typos. I have found that I have to proof stuff over and over to catch all the typos and then I still miss some. So I’m going to sleep on it. Look at it in the morning to make sure I’ve noticed all the typos and then I will post it. It is kind of a non-identical twin to Chirico’s article. Some of it is similar but not all of it. I introduce some additional factors that I think are connected to Jeremy’s bad treatment and marginalization. For a teaser I will give you title tonight which is, “Collusion, Coercion & Subversion”…(A Conscious Effort To Subjugate Jeremy Lin’s NBA Career). The part in parentheses is the subtitle. The part in quotes is the title. It was motivated by the same thing I think that motivated Chirico’s article and that is last night’s DNP-CD. It really pissed me off what BS did to Jeremy. Unacceptable in every way. More manana and I really must be going for now. So ciao.

        • MrPingPong

          Boy, you sure have a way to whet our appetite, Old & In!
          Have a good night over there on the West coast!

        • chirico

          Can’t wait to read your article! Old & in.

        • chirico

          Yes, Old & in. You are right, last night’s DNP joke was the last trigger for me to came up with this one. No way JLin should be on DNP list. It was classless and despicable for the Lakers management.

          • JT

            It was all BS. We all know he thinks least of JLin and Boozer comes next. Mark my words…

    • JT

      JLin, I hope you will take less money and years in exchange for hope. Sign an one year deal to make sure the promises they make do come true. If not, you are a FA again next year. I truly hope there is at least one good GM in NBA.

  • I haven’t had a chance to read this article, chirico, but I just wanted to thank you for keeping this site alive and well with this article. Glad to see everyone here energized as ever. Sorry I haven’t been able to participate in these discussions.