“Collusion, Coercion & Subversion”…(A Conscious Effort To Subjugate Jeremy Lin’s NBA Career)

“Collusion, Coercion & Subversion”…

(A Conscious Effort To Subjugate Jeremy Lin’s NBA Career)

By Phil Cicchi/old & in the way

I have been following the NBA since Bill Russell’s rookie year in 1957 after he lead USF to consecutive NCAA championships in 1955 and 1956. That is a grand total of 58 years. I was thirteen years old in 1957 having been born in ’44. In all this time I have never seen anyone in the NBA treated as poorly and marginalized as much as Jeremy Lin. There may have been others who were mistreated like Jeremy but I was either too young or too unaware to have perceived it. But I don’t think so. I can’t think of anyone else who has been put through the gamut of biases to which Jeremy has been subjected. It has become clear since Linsanity began that the NBA power structure does not want Jeremy Lin to be a star player in spite of the fact that he is intelligent enough and talented enough to be a star player if he is utilized properly in the right system and is allowed to play point guard and run the offense. The rationalizations used to shackle him are redundant and have followed the same power points as though scripted regardless of who the coach and team has been. He lacks toughness, he can’t defend, he lacks point guard skills, he can’t run an offense, he is inconsistent. The only exception to this was Mike D’Antoni for the brief six week period of Linsanity in New York in 2012. The truth is that he is very tough both mentally and physically, he is a very good defender and he is consistently capable of running an offense and making his teammates better players through the utilization of good ball movement, good player movement, creating mismatches and attacking the basket. With proper spacing and teammates who know where to be on the floor he is particularly good at aggressively attacking the basket and can score at will unless he is fouled. And here in lies another bias he faces. No matter how hard, blatant or obvious the fouls against him may be he rarely gets a foul call on the defender. He averages a ridiculously low number of free throws attempts per game in spite of the frequent number of times he is fouled in general but in particular when he is driving through the lane and attacking the basket aggressively. Even when he is virtually assaulted and knocked to the floor he still does not always get the foul call. This is, of course, unacceptable but nevertheless the kind of treatment he routinely gets from NBA referees.

The blatant and obvious biases against him reached a pinnacle Friday night in the San Antonio game when Byron Scott refused to give him any playing time at all choosing instead to use both Jordan Clarkson and Ron Price ahead of him. This was Jeremy’s first post Linsanity DNP-CD. Pre-Linsanity this occurred too frequently to be comprehended but now it is even less justifiable. For sure in the particular case of Coach Scott he is highly biased. He is so biased in favor of African-Americans and against non blacks that it is fair to say without the slightest bit of hyperbole that he is a black Archie Bunker. He is very much a black Archie Bunker. For those of you too young to know him Archie Bunker was the fictional racist main character in the very popular 1970’s television sit-com, “All In The Family.” But before Scott there was the not so brilliant Keith Smart with the Golden State Warriors, the pedestrian Mike Woodson with the New York Knicks and the dim-witted Kevin McHale of the Houston Rockets all of whom treated Jeremy with the same disdain and lack of respect with which he has been treated by Byron Scott. Scott though is apparently even more rigid, inflexible, narrow-minded and ignorant than these coaches who preceded him. Byron Scott lacks adequate intelligence. He runs an obsolete and antiquated offensive system that shuns the modern game of shoot first, aggressive point guards in favor of less assertive pass first point guards. Of course, Jeremy could excel even in this latter type of system if he were allowed to and if his teammates were capable of moving without the ball and being in the proper place with proper spacing. They are not and this is mostly the result of coaching and not execution as the execution of such a system is not difficult with the proper coaching.

It must be clear to most NBA fans who are not biased that none of the straw men players who have been used to justify Jeremy’s subjugation…namely, Patrick Beverley, Ron Price and most recently Jordan Clarkson to say nothing of Acie Law and others at Golden State and Samuel Dalembert in Houston whom the Rockets preferred when they released Jeremy on December 25, 2011…have been Jeremy’s equal in skill level, on court performance or ability to positively effect the outcome of games. Nevertheless, they were all moved ahead of him on the depth charts and rosters of these teams. In my view it is not irrelevant that most of them have been African-Americans. But what precisely is that relevance in plain language? There are several theories that have been presented by various writers. But three make the most sense to me so let me concentrate on them to the exclusion of others that I think are less probable. So the three are racism, marketability and the third I shall call social manipulation which is related to racism but separate and somewhat distinct.

Racism is well understood by most people. Briefly let me interject my own view which is that racial categories are largely artificial and an imperial construct used for social manipulation and control. Genetically all humans are very close to one another and virtually identical. Apparent physical differences can be explained by geography, topography, climate and culture. A simple example is skin color. The closer people are to the equator the darker their skin color will be because they will produce more melanin which controls skin color and protects them from the sun’s stronger rays. Thus Africans have darker colored complexions because they are close to the equator and it is very hot. People in northern Europe are more fair skinned and blonde because the climate is much colder and their bodies will produce less melanin as they require less protection from the sun’s rays. In fact genetically speaking there are often more differences between individuals in the same racial category as there are between individuals in different racial categories. Nevertheless whether racial categories are real or not they do exist. What is important here isn’t what I think but what people like Scott, McHale, Woodson and others within the NBA establishment think. To them racial categories are probably very real and this effects their perceptions most often in a detrimental way. In regards to their assessments of Jeremy Lin’s basketball skills in a very detrimental way. I have often heard the Lakers’ radio broadcasters, John Ireland and Mychal Thompson, marvel at the foot speed of players like John Wall, Ty Lawson and Damian Lillard. They have said that they would like to see a foot race between these three while dribbling a basketball to determine who is the fastest NBA point guard. At other times I have heard them say about Jeremy when he steals the ball and drives the length of the court for an easy lay-up that he is faster moving down the court with the ball than the players chasing him who aren’t dribbling a ball. And some if not most of these players chasing him are actually black! How about that? But when they mention the ball-dribbling foot race among the fastest NBA point guards they never include Jeremy in the discussion. Why not? The eye test is sufficient for them with Jeremy? They don’t need to include him in the discussion? This is a clear case of racism and a very strong bias against Jeremy. They are buying into the fiction of racial superiority whether they are aware of it or would ever admit it. In their ignorant minds blacks run faster and jump higher than others. This is, of course, nonsense. I have seen pictures of Jeremy and Nick Young jumping to give each other high five hip bumps and guess who is higher off the ground? You have one guess and the correct answer is not Nick Young. Jeremy has as much or more spring in his legs as his African-American teammates. This same kind of racial bias haunts Jeremy on a daily basis and has since his very first day in the NBA. So this kind of racism is easy to perceive if not quite as easy to comprehend. At least we can see where it comes from and in rather concrete terms how it is constructed.

Then there is marketability. The pattern of the star player mold has been well established by former players and trend setters like Michael Jordan especially, Larry Bird and a much younger Kobe Bryant. The NBA is first and foremost a profit driven and very successful business venture. The NBA wants the golden goose to continue to lay very golden eggs for its owners and upper echelon management people like Adam Silver. The established star player mold illustrated by Jordan, Bird, Bryant and others is a sure thing and a sure money maker. The NBA has made billions of dollars by marketing these black and white basketball heroes to the rest of the world. China is certainly a very big part of the rest of the world. But the NBA wants a very sure thing. While I think there is plenty of room in professional basketball for “black” heroes and “white” heroes as well as “yellow” ones, the NBA is apparently not quite as sure as I am. To the billionaires who control the NBA Jeremy represents more of a risk than the traditional black and white cash cows. Thus this, too, works against Jeremy and adds to the conscious effort to subjugate his career and purposely limit his success. So we have racism and we have billionaires who do not want to do anything to decrease the league’s profitability although my view is that Jeremy could only increase it and not decrease it. But once again what I think doesn’t matter as much as what the rich and powerful owners think.

Thirdly there is the factor of social control and manipulation. This is related to racism but distinct enough to have its own category. It is clear to most intelligent people I think that America is controlled by white supremacists. The power structure in America is composed mostly of white men. Any other cultural sub-group will accordingly be disadvantaged. This very naturally causes a lot of conflict and resentment and is a potential fire bomb. I think one way that African-Americans are controlled and manipulated by this white power structure is through the utilization of cultural and economic crumbs and bones. Creating a few hundred rich NBA mostly black basketball players doesn’t help most
African-Americans at all but it is a distraction and it is a part of a conscious effort to keep all the poor and disadvantaged blacks from spending enough time thinking about their plight to do anything about it. It seems to me that African-Americans are deliberately advantaged in sports and entertainment for the precise purpose of keeping this cultural fire bomb from exploding in very violent ways. Concede sports and entertainment to them in an effort to appease them for every other way in which they are compromised by the white power structure. This is also conscious and not an accidental and unintended consequence. Thus I think it is the view of the rich NBA owners that Jeremy also threatens this cultural safety valve. One Chinese-American hero today but how many tomorrow? And the more Asian-American heroes tomorrow the fewer and fewer black ones I think is the ruling class fear. Again they want a sure thing and don’t like anything that risks their position and power. Asian-Americans are already being appeased in other ways so it isn’t necessary for the power elite to let them enter the professional basketball arena, too, to maintain their power and control is what I postulate the thought process to be for the rich and powerful white men who control this society with a heavy hand and a very big stick. So this also works against Jeremy and is part of the bias that holds him back and keeps him from realizing his full potential as a professional basketball player in the NBA.

As far as yesterday’s first post Linsanity DNP-CD is concerned there is also the added factor that the Los Angeles Lakers seem to be deliberately tanking games this season in an effort to retain their top-5 draft pick in 2015. Put all of these factors together and Jeremy is trying to play basketball in a straight jacket while everyone else is taking PED’s at least figuratively if not literally. Will Jeremy ever be allowed to compete on equal terms on a level playing field? That is the question and the answer continues to be blowing in the wind along with Jeremy’s nebulous professional basketball future. My heart is for Jeremy but my brain wonders if he will ever prevail, if he will ever be allowed to compete fairly and equally. We can only hope that it may in time be so. Los Angeles is a lost cause clearly. He needs to find another team and the sooner the better. Now playing point guard for your…fill in the blank with your dream team of choice…number 17, Mr. Jeremy Lin. That’s what I want to hear. Boston? Golden State with a new and improved coaching staff? San Antonio? I don’t know but I do know he needs to get the hell out of Dodge and pronto, Tonto! (Jay Silverheels, a victim of extremely racist casting in the middle of the last century and Native American sidekick of “The Lone Ranger” fame. But don’t think that Tonto was his role of choice. It was virtually all he could get.) And now Jeremy, too, treated just like Jay Silverheels seventy years later. What kind of progress is this!? The sad truth is that the collusion, coercion and subversion continue unabated and virtually out of control. For power-crazed billionaires including those who own basketball teams subjugating the lives of others for profit is I’m afraid a way of life.

  • MrPingPong

    Man, you sure nail it on the head, Old & In. I truly appreciate your talking the time and effort to analyze the Jeremy Lin story in terms of current social and economic structures and articulate your deep thoughts.

    One thing I’m not sure I understand is your use of the word “subversion” in the title. Are you saying that Jeremy Lin is viewed by the establishment as a threat of subversion? Jeremy Lin the renegade floor general of the gladiators!

    So, Chirico, are you gonna translate this? 🙂

    Aside: You are 10 years older than me, Old & In the Way! So you are not that old, brother! 🙂

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      It takes many years to achieve even a modicum of wisdom so perhaps this is why you seem so wise to me. I didn’t realize or even imagine that you might be anywhere near as old as I am. I figured somehow that you were younger…maybe still in your 40’s. But I never imagined that you might have been born as late as 1954. We could be brothers. I have a sister who is almost as young as thee. Also, I must apologize to you for having trashed Texas so much…not that it doesn’t deserve it in many ways…but I would have restrained myself had I any clue that you lived there. I mistakenly imagined that you were a southern Californian based on what I don’t know. Perhaps it was simply that you seemed too open-minded for a Texan. Open-mindedness is not something that I have much observed in Texans but you break the norm. So I apologize for having trashed Texas as though there were no exceptions to the general rules that for me seem to apply to Texas and Texans…with exceptions of course.

      Regarding the title to my most recent piece, “Collusions, Coercions & Subversions,” all of it was intended to refer to what is being done to Jeremy and not what he is doing to anyone else or the entity of the NBA. But rather what the NBA culture is doing to him…namely colluding to ruin his career, coercing others to ruin his career and then subverting his career from what it could be to what it has been so far. I’m sorry if this was too nebulous for you to grasp. I intended to be clearer on this; I hoped the subtitle would clarify any confusion or doubt that the title might create. Perhaps I was too ambitious in wanting to create a title that would grab readers by the “balls” if not their brains and make them want to read more. I think titles can be very important for initially creating interest in prospective readers and patrons if it is a commercial venture. In this venue it is solely readers but the same rules apply I believe. Even if it is free the reader needs to be given a good reason and enough interest in the subject matter to read on as it were. I hope this clarifies my position and I wish I could have been more clever in choosing a “grab you” title.

      I think this article may be as good as the first one that Chirico translated but it is a lot of work to translate anything and this article is even longer than the last one. So while it would be a great honor for me if Chirico wanted to translate this one, too, I don’t really expect him to have the time to do so and I completely understand why he would not want to take on such a chore. My motivation was simply to deconstruct the biased prison in which Jeremy is held and the reasons for it and not to have another Chinese translation of something I have written in spite of the great honor it would be. I write what I write because I am a truth seeker at heart and for no other reason. I write whatever I write here on this website with the same motivation that I write my poetry: to shed light into places where there is mostly only darkness. That is probably the chore of most poets who are serious about what they write. It has taken me many years of practice to learn to write the way I do. It has been a long journey but certainly with many rewards as well as setbacks and failures. I take the victories home with me and try to leave the failures behind. The road of a poet/writer is much like the road that Jeremy Lin has been on much of his basketball life: lots of highs and lots of lows with not much in between. It is easy for a poet to relate to what Jeremy is going through. Talent alone is not enough; often luck and circumstances play a larger role.

      Gotta go. Later and ciao for now.

      • MrPingPong

        Dear Old & In:

        Thank you for your explanation and your kind words. I’ve stated a few times on this blog that I am of the age group of Lin’s parents and that my children are of Lin’s age group as well. So the fact that I am an “old” man is not news to many of the long time followers of this blog, I don’t think. 🙂

        And don’t worry about your “bashing” of Texas. It’s not uncommon for Texans to bash California either! Human nature, I surmise! I’m not a native Texan anyway. I’m a first generation Asian American immigrant.

        Another tidbit of info here just to make some of the readers here “drool”: my son had a friend in college in Houston who is a friend of Jeremy Lin! 🙂

        News break: your article is making its way around the Internet and getting positive reactions. Check this out:



        • Chirico


          Thank you so much for this link. I’m grateful for the old & in that this article is getting traction on other forum.

          Again we are not along.Lin fans around the globe are angry about that DNP CD on last Friday.

          I may translate this great piece if I get the privilege from the old & in to to so.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Chirico:

            Thank you for your kind words. You have my permission to translate anything I write. You don’t have to ask me for permission. But it is so much work. I feel guilty that you must endure such an undertaking. If you have time to translate it I would be honored again. But only if you have the time. And take your time if you do translate. You don’t have to do it all in one day like last time. Space it out some. Maybe that would be better for you and fit into your schedule better. At any rate feel free to do whatever you wish and whatever time allows you to do. Gotta run. Ciao for now.

        • old & in the way

          Yo’ Mr. PingPong:

          Is this Joyce Ward comment from Jeremylin.net? She is kind to applaud my article. It nice to get positive reinforcement from an African-American woman. Any suggestions on how to approach the negativity of posters like “Realist?” Let the trolls be or try to reason with them? What sayeth thou?

          • MrPingPong

            Dear Old & In:

            Yes, it’s the comment by Joyce Ward from JLinPortal.com and not JeremyLin.net.

            Lin was cut by the Rockets in 2011 to make room for Samuel Lambert. See for example:


            Lin detractors will twist and turn things to “prove” their points. My take on the trolls is just to ignore them. It is impossible to reason with them. No harm is done! LOHs and LOFs can coexist without any impact on global warming! 🙂

            Have a great evening over there, brother! 🙂


          • chirico

            “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

            ― Mark Twain

          • old & in the way

            Dear Mr. PingPong:

            Good advice regarding haters and doubters. It is what I had decided overnight on my own to do anyway. But thanks for the reinforcement. I don’t want to interact with haters as it is a waste of time for sure.

            Thank you, also, for the link to the origins of Linsanity and the name of the player Houston kept instead of Jeremy. I will revise that part of my article for accuracy and to fend off any other truth twisters who may be lurking out there in cyberspace.

            Gotta go. Ciao for now.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Chirico:

            Great, great Mark Twain quote and one that I had forgotten all about. It is so applicable to Jeremy’s critics so thanks a lot. It helps me to realize that it is best to avoid confrontations in he said/she said situations where the chances of either party changing their positions is zero.

            Regarding my post to you last night I re-read it this morning and it is not very clear. What I meant by spacing out the translation process if you have time to do a translation at all is to just do a little bit each day rather than doing all of it at once. Just doing a little bit each day may be a much more manageable way to handle it. If you can do a translation at all let me know when you are ready to being and I’ll send you a copy of my article via an e-mail attachment like last time that you can print up.

            Gotta go. Hope you can have a peaceful and productive day. For now ciao.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Chirico:


            I meant…”let me know when you are ready to begin and I’ll send…”

  • Realist

    When Lin was cut in 2011 he was behind Dragic and Kyle Lowry. Which of those has he ever been better than? This whole write up is so over the top and biased the other way it’s a joke. But everyone who doesn’t agree with you is automatically an idiot….brilliant.

    • old & in the way

      It was not Dragic or Lowry that they chose over Lin. It was someone who is already out of the league that they kept rather than Jeremy. Why do you read this website if you are so anti-Lin? And where does it say anyone who doesn’t agree with me is an idiot? Can you comprehend what you are reading? Do you think I couldn’t name Dragic or Lowry if that was the person? The person they kept over Lin was a marginal player who hardly ever played. That is why I have already forgotten his name. Do you care to explain your vitriol towards me? You don’t even know me. Do you care to dispute my points or do you prefer to just attack me? Which part is over the top. Unless you are more specific I don’t know how to respond to such negativity. I’m not sure why I am even bothering with this.

  • Forthelin

    Thanks for the read–very insightful and informative. I appreciate your passion!

    • old & in the way

      Dear Forthelin:

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you appreciate my passion. Not everyone does apparently. Gotta run. Ciao for now.

  • Steve Yen

    I believe that BS is hired to lose as many games as possible. BS is a sub.500 coach and has no idea how to coach. Two of his missions are to get Kobe over MJ as quick as possible and to force him to retire this season. So the Lakers can go to the tank mode like they are appearing now.

    Apparently he is awared that if he’d kept Lin on the court, the Lakers might have actually won the Spurs game. BS is an evil person from this point of view, he is destroying a superstar’s and a talented young player’s careers. I am wonder if he is wise enough to know what a terrible job he is being asked to do.

  • Wow! What a fundamentally sound article/commentary. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for writing this and I couldn’t agree more.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Ray B:

      Thanks for your kind and complimentary words regarding my article. I am just trying to express in a written format what we all feel and know about Jeremy’s road through the NBA. We all want to support Jeremy and this is my way of doing so utilizing the one and only skill I have left which is writing from my heart and using my brain to state the obvious elements we have all witnessed and observed regarding Jeremy’s treatment in the NBA. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

  • Kobe is out now. Young has an ankle injury and is now questionable. The stage is set for JLin, what will BS do?!

    • old & in the way

      Yo’ Charlie:

      BS will unretire and become a washed-up player-coach but under no circumstances will he play Jeremy any more than he has up to now no matter what. I am reminded of that scene from Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” in which one of the Pythons gets his arm cut off in a sword fight and he says, “no problem…it’s just a flesh wound.” This might be one of those deals. Get out there and play, Nicky; it’s only a flesh wound and you have two damn ankles anyway. You can hop around but I’ll be damned if I’m going to give that Asian kid any more playing time. Tongue in cheek but with BS nothing would actually surprise me even the preceding satirical pseudo-scenario.

      The remarkable thing to me about last night’s game though aside from the fact that Jeremy played 28 minutes tying him with Clarkson and Johnson for the most minutes was the fact that he had 14 fta’s. This was 4 more than even Harden got. Jeremy should get 14 fta’s every game given the way he is recklessly defended without consequence most of the time. The officials in last night’s game were Curtis Blair, Kane Fitzgerald and Marc Davis. I don’t know anything about any of them but I am sure going to look for them in future games.

      Gotta go. Ciao for now.

  • old & in the way

    Dear Charlie:

    On the ESPN NBA website there isn’t anything about Swaggy P. having an ankle injury. But there is a bit about him acting insubordinately yesterday and leaving the arena at halftime. It sounds like he is being disciplined by BS for his insubordination. What is your source on his ankle injury? Can you please elaborate? Is he injured or not? Or is he just being reprimanded for his immature behavior? It isn’t clear to me what it is but there is something unusual going on between him and the team. He has always seemed like a me-first player to me. That would seem to be manifesting itself now but the actual details are nebulous to me. Can anyone else clarify for me what is going down here with Mr. Swag P? What a dumb name if nothing else were unusual about him and there is plenty else.

    • MrPingPong
      • MrPingPong

        And check out this short video on IDM’s ankle injury:


      • old & in the way

        Dear Mr. PingPong:

        It doesn’t look like a serious sprain. He may even play tomorrow he says. We’ll see. But in my view Nick Young is part of the problem with the Lakers and not part of the solution. He has no concept of team basketball as illustrated by his quote at the end of the article. “Pretty much just give me the ball and get out of the way.” What a dumb-bell. Too much iso basketball is why they only have 12 wins. Golden State on the other hand has fewer losses than the Lakers have wins because they play consummate team basketball with constant ball movement, good spacing, moving without the ball and creating mismatches. This is exactly what Jeremy orchestrated during Linsanity. This is how to win games in the modern NBA. Not “give me the ball and get out of the way. This Lakers team is pathetic with or without Kobe Bryant. I can’t wait for Jeremy to get away from this idiot team lead by an idiot coach and an idiot FO. What a nightmare for Jeremy and all of us. I’m not a religious person so I can’t get solace from “the Lord” or biblical quotes, but rather only from Jeremy going to a team that knows how to play smart basketball. That clearly is not the Los Angeles Lakers as currently constructed and coached. All the prayers, gods and biblical quotes couldn’t help this team. Will they even win 20 games I wonder. Ciao, bro’.

        • Nick Young officially ruled out for tonight. The stage is set!

          • BSanity or Linsanity?!

          • MrPingPong

            Pierce has a sore toe and Wall has a sore achilles tendon. Both of them are questionable for tonight. My guess is they will sit and Lin is “set to fail”.

  • MrPingPong

    Dear Dr. GT:

    Where are you these days? Lin seems to have no interest in your Lakers girl! Check this out:


    • old & in the way

      Jeremy clearly has other things on his mind in this photo. Maybe he doesn’t like blondes. Maybe he is immune to the charms of blondes. They have no effect on him. I kind of prefer long, dark hair and dark eyes myself. Maybe him, too. He doesn’t look at all interested at any rate. “And now I really must be going. I’d like to say but I really must be going.” (From an old Groucho Marx routine from one of the Marx Bros. films of yesteryear.) Do we know if DGT is okay? He has been unusually quiet for quite some time now. You okay, bro’? Can we coax you out of your Lakers Girl bedroom for a word or two? Which reminds me of another Groucho joke from his old television show. Interviewing a woman contestant who had twelve kids he quipped, “I like my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth once in awhile.” This joke went right past the censors, too…somehow. But it got a hell of a laugh from the audience and everyone watching at home.

    • Gary (the poor) Teng

      Dear Professor MrPingPong and old & in the way,

      Thank you both for your genuine concerns about my wellbeing and whereabouts.

      To your big disappointments, I am still very much alive, albeit not so well. 🙁

      I had a minor freaking accident. It happened during the Lakers vs. Pelicans game last week. Lin played very well during the first half. So at the halftime recess, I thought it was pretty safe, and I therefore took a whole bottle of the blue pills…

      But, not to my wildest dream, Lin was benched during most of the second half of the game, and, as usual, Lakers lost yet another very winnable game. As you can easily imagine, my Lakers grandma got extremely upset and pissed off, and so she refused to…

      So early next morning, I had to rush to the local Rite Aid to get a family-size box of Salonpas to put on my both wrists…

      Ever since then, I could barely raised my arms, let alone typing on my computer…

      Please show some patience and sympathy to me. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Hey Dr. GT:

        Your nickname is getting longer and longer: it’s DGTPT now! Very much indicative how well them blue pills work on you! Keep it up! Figuratively, of course! 🙂

        • Gary (the down) Teng

          Boy!~~~ I thought that a true gentleman was NOT suppose to derive joy from other people’s miseries and sufferings, figuratively or not.

          It was up All Night Long, I needed to keep it down and lets why I hurt my both wrists. 🙁

          • old & in the way


            I can’t wipe this smile off my face or stop laughing. But I don’t even understand some of your quips. Blue pills? Lakers grandma? Salonpas? Hurt wrists? Keep it up, keep it down? DGTPT? What’re we hollering? Great show though. Keep it up…ah, or…do I mean keep it down. Up or down watch those wrists. We are only as strong as our weakest part. Did someone say “skyfall?” (Aside to myself: Why’d you have to put that in! ASS-hole.) It’s contagious. Whatever it is I got it from you guys. Let me see if I can give it to someone else. Damn…I’m still smiling. Can’t wipe this stupid grin off my face. Don’t stop now, my brethren. Is brethren the plural of brothers? That’s what I mean…brothers. Gotta go. Brake-fast beckons. Oatmeal with applesauce and oat milk. Trust me. It tastes much better than it sounds and especially when you are as hungry as I am right now. So ciao until nexus time. (Is that like Texas time? Get out of here…too silly.) Improvisational play time. You win some. You lose some. Smile all day long for no damn reason equals fool…that could be me. May be me. Could be me. Will be me if I type one more damn things. Damn…my wrists hurt.

          • MrPingPong

            Dear Old & In:

            You are BS’sing us, right? 🙂

            Anyway, just use goto google.com and search for “what are blue pills”. To enhance your morning reading, here are a couple of links for you:



            Now, as an exercise, Google for “Salonpas”.

            To DGTPT (Dr. Gary The Poor Teng):

            I think you are too much of a true gentleman to your Lakers mama. And that may be a problem! 🙂

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          Well, yes…I was feigning innocence for humorous effect. But either my feign or innocence or humor or perhaps all three was/were not pronounced enough to bridge the gap between here and east Texas. The only thing I truly didn’t understand technically was and still is salonpas. I have never seen that word before but I shall google it as soon as I finish here. It is not necessary to explain anything to me other than salonpas and even that didn’t get in the way of me understanding any of DGTPT’s jokes. I was just trying to mesh my humor with yours but perhaps my attempts to be humorous were too amateurish for this forum at least in regards to you and Mr. GT. But even this if the case would not be enough to get me to stop trying to fit my jokes in with yours in the very near future. I have been an amateur comedian much of my life both intentionally and not so. I love to joke around with and put-on people I like and whom I think are astute enough to appreciate my efforts whether always successful or not. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

          • MrPingPong

            Deat Old & In:

            Please give me time to mesh with your sense of humor too, brother. Since you admit not knowing about Salonpas, and since most Asians that I know of know about Salonpas, I am guessing you are not Asian! Well, nobody is perfect! 🙂
            And no, I’m speaking of myself here! 🙂

            PS: Ready to watch the Knicks game? On the Knicks fans site postingandtoasting, they are talking about the Tankabockers! Those guys are really funny!

          • Gary (the toothless) Teng

            Dear old & in the way,

            Please allow me to make my not-so-funny joke a little less subtle.

            My Lakers grandma and I stopped the pre-game warm-up show because we both had been burned so many times in the past. However, on that fateful day of Lakers vs. Pelicans, hope triumph experience, I thought that a sure win was in the pocket and I consequently started the preparation of the post-game celebration prematurely…

            I ended up hurting my both wrists in order to calm it down…

            “Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” ― Mae West

            I am still not be able to lift my middle finger at BS and Clarkson.

            Dear Professor MrPingPong,

            I laughed at your “Keep it up” comment so hard that two of my false teeth falling out of my big foul mouth. 🙁

            Please keep UP the good work!

  • Chirico

    Last night’s game vs Wizards was the blue print for “Set up to Fail”.

    BS just did what we predicted. He pretend to let Lin play for the back up PG role but in fact he played Lin as SG while Clarkson played PG most of the time. Only when Clarkson was out and Lin started rolling in 2 quarter. As predicted, BS eagerly pull him off the court.

    Similar situation repeated in 2nd half, at the end, Lin was benched at around 6mins left. BS was betting Lakers could win without Lin. laughably he failed again.

    Where was Price? The best perimeter defender of the Lakers.

    • old & in the way

      Hello, Chirico:

      Jeremy is definitely being set-up to fail. To me it couldn’t be more obvious. And last night’s game is a perfect example as you have already written. From the 10:50 mark until the 6:41 mark of the second quarter Jeremy had 5 assists and buried a long 3-pointer which he made at the 6:53 mark. At 6:41 he was pulled for Clarkson. BS does this shit all the time. If Jeremy plays too well he pulls him off the floor. He has done it time after time after time. Jeremy’s critics are so biased they are willing to ignore all of this obvious evidence of ill treatment. His critics are by and large ignorant fools.

      The priceless Mr. Price has now had two straight DNP-CD’s. It’s about time he got some. He has been exceedingly lucky to have gotten all the minutes he has gotten up to now. In my view he is much closer to a DNP-CD player than a 30 minutes a night player anyway. So while I expect this 0 minutes for Price stuff to be rearranged quickly by BS and his BS, I am certainly enjoying this annoyingly singular illustration that BS may have learned something for as long as it may last. But like I say I don’t expect it to last long.

      It seems to me, too, that there can be no doubt that the Slakers and Snakers are tanking every damn game now and being a little too obvious about it I might add. The haters, doubters and trolls are apparently deaf, dumb and blind. Even Helen Keller could see what is going on here but then Helen wasn’t dumb, was she? In spite of her sight and hearing disabilities she was infinitely smarter than any of us and definitely smarter than all the lurking trolls.

      Gotta go for now. Go Jeremy tomorrow night. #17!!!!! Ciao.

      • Chirico

        Yes, cant with you agree no more

        • Chirico

          Sorry, I meant can’t agree with you no more.

  • skyfall

    Jeremy is now the most hated player on the lakers roster by the lakers’ fans, they all wanted him out of the team just to get rid of his loathsome fans and get back their forum board without rubbish comments. Thanks to his battalion army forces(fans)!
    Before the start of the season, lakers’ fans were so high on Jeremy to be Nash backup with the understanding of him getting the bulk of pg minutes and were banking on him when Nash couldnt play afterall.

    When things went stray for Jeremy obviously because of Kobe, his fans should’ve just shutup or at least put up MILD constructive criticism on kobe instead of going full blast, but hey, fans are fans and are mostly immature that would stoop so low without realizing the consequences of their behavior.

    My heartfelt grievance for Jeremy for what his fans had place him into the kind of situations he’s in right now. It probably never occur to them how irksome they are and that, would only annoy the lakers from coaches to Kobe to teammates and finally all the way down to the lakers’ fans, which in my opinion has turn against Jeremy. How could these fans scream out their lungs as if Jeremy was the heart and soul of the team when he is actually or in all probability just a one year deal player! 自不量力.

    I couldnt imagine what’s in store for Jeremy when he is traded before the Feb. deadline or after he becomes a free agent and goes to another team because in all likelihood the same thing will happen due to his fans and followers. In my honest opinion, Jeremy is not doing his fans a service neither his fans are doing to him.

    I’ve said it before, he’s a big disappointment to me after the first few games of the season and Im going to say it again, he didnt improve on his game as compare to his last season with the Rox. If ever he wanted to be in the same conversation with the likes of the elite players, he’s got to hit the gym hard, seriously game reviews of his own and learn some of the stuffs players in his same capacity as being a point guard from youtube clip maybe or whatever. The likes of John Stockton, Nash and Jason Williams would be a recommend.

    His present write up–比上不足 比下有餘.

    • old & in the way

      How about some evidence to back up your inane premises and foolish conclusions!? You are like BS. You lack adequate intelligence. You’re a hater. No one here wants to read your rubbish. Your ideas are infantile. Go away, please. Your one trick pony mind repels me. Can I be any clearer? Speaking only for myself…you are not welcome here.

      • MrPingPong

        Dear Old & In:

        I don’t even bother to read the trolls’ comments, let alone responding to them.

        To amuse myself, I think of the trolls as Lakers girls! 🙂

        Have a great morning over there, brother!

        • Chirico

          Like I mentioned before, there are many LOH from Chinese community. There are reasons behind it for that matter but it is more pathetic that some Chinese who like to bash player from the same ethinicity.

          • skyfall

            I agree there are some LOH who likes to bash and troll just for fun, I’m not one of them.
            In comparison, most of the Lin fanatics(take away the negative meaning of it)are no different from LOH while others cant accept criticism on Jeremy’s deficiency. It’s either they are fans that never or don’t play bball at all or are in denial due to over protectiveness for Lin. There’s a difference in watching and actually playing bball.
            I’ve said it before, I gave Jeremy the benefit of the doubt cause I truly and honestly believe he was screw by the ROX. However, coming into the lakers and facing the same situation, the survival of the fittest is in the calling. No amount of subjugation can derail a gladiator, no amount of manipulation can steel bar a very good player. Don’t forget, Lin should be playing with a chip on his should, playing with a vengeance for his pride and dignity after what the ROX did to him, and most importantly playing for his large fan base. I had this funny feeling that all the fame, glory and money has gotten into him, it somehow take away his urge to survive or to strive to further and firmly establish his statue.
            A 26 yrs old millionaire does’nt need any babysitting nor a Harvard grad needs someone weeping for him.

            還幫人家翻譯,幫倒忙倒是真的。“林來瘋” Linsanity就是個天時地利人合的典型例子,當然也要有一定的能耐才行。但沒了它就非得要回方能展出才能是,這樣嗎?在這NBA籃球最高殿堂上頂尖高手如雲下,球技不如人就該更加努力的不斷求進步甚至求完美才是不二法門。想當掌控者談何容易,怪東怪西就是準備墮落的開始。

  • Head coach Brian Shaw of the Denver Nuggets is in the hot seat. Should he get fired, Mike D’Antoni is a possible candidate to replace him. Should that happen, JLin could sign with the Nuggets. Should that happen, who knows =D

    • old & in the way

      Yo’ Charlie:

      I first heard about this several weeks ago from the Leakers’ radio broadcasters, John Ireland and Mychal Thompson. It hasn’t gone away. I hope it happens. I would love to see Jeremy and MDA reunited. It would rejuvenate Jeremy’s career, productivity and development. At the end of your posting you put the letter “D.” I see this all over the internet but I have no idea what it means. What does “D” stand for? I’ve wanted to know for a long time. Would you please tell me what “D” means? Thanks and ciao for now.

      • MrPingPong

        Hello Old & In:

        Google for “emoticons” and you will find more than you will ever want to know about symbolic expressions of “emotion” when communicating through electronic media. See for example:


        Have a great day over there in California!

        • old & in the way

          Dr. Mr. PingPong:

          Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are right about two things this grand morning. One, there is more at the above link than I could ever want to know, but at least I now know what “=D” and “D” mean as well as many other symbols most of which I am totally unfamiliar. And two, I should pay trolls absolutely no attention. It’s just that this particular one has haunted us in the past. Then he disappeared for awhile. I thought we had been spared his venom finally. But now he’s back with the same stupid tune. It is though I totally agree a complete waste of my time to read a single word he has written. So from now I will skip right over anything that he posts. Regarding the emoticons who in this wide, wide world comes up with these things? And I’ll bet the seemingly endless list with which you and Wikipedia have supplied me is only a partial one. On that macabre note I’m outta here. Some day I’d like to meet one of these people that has nothing else to do but create emoticons. What a strange, strange world we live in indeed. I do get great solace though from my kind, kind brothers here at this website excluding, of course, the occasional trolls damn them. And coming from me damning them is kind of a hollow curse since I am an atheist…a very spiritual atheist but nevertheless an atheist.

  • skyfall

    Insights, thoughts, ideas and opinions that dont conform to most in general are nothing but inane premises, inadequate intelligence, foolish, childish, infantile and he/she equate to being a hater, troll!
    I thought some of the posters here are mature adults around 40-50 yrs old, guess I gave way too much credit.
    I did respectfully ask permission from JLintel to voice my sides and if I’m not mistaken I recall I never disrespect anyone here. My wordings may not be as polite as I might want it to be, however, once engage in a hostile argument that goes hot could turn into a more aggressive mode. But surely I’m not the one spitting out venomous rubbish that haunt anyone.

    Jeremy in now being hated by Lakers fans, that’s a fact.
    Jeremy is getting lots of backlashes, that’s a fact.
    Jeremy is obviously not going to be part of the Lakers future, it’s safe to say it’s also a fact.
    Jeremy is now or was officially relegated to coming off the bench for reasons that can be debated by both sides, that’s a fact.

    All of the above mention facts were the consequences of his unruly fans who went into extreme of spewing rubbish stuffs blatantly against the Lakers as a whole. Do you think all of these wouldnt go the ears of the Lakers org from top to bottom? Bias, discrimination, prejudice, racial effects…granted all of that got Jeremy to endure once again, though I would say his fans are partly to be blame if not largely. Jeremy doesnt deserve all these crap but he has to deal with it for being a very prominent figure, that’s the price he has to pay and suffer…unnecessarily. If I’m going to curse, I’ll curse against his stupid fans for putting Jeremy in this awful plight.

    • http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/58608879.jpg

      Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

      • skyfall

        Go over to the Lakers board and you’ll see whether it’s true or not. It’s not what I think but rather that’s what the non-Lin fans lakers fans’ been saying and doing against Jeremy.

        • Sage

          @skyfall. “Lakers org…Bias, discrimination, prejudice, racial effects”

          You are not thinking big enough. I think these things are true with US Basketball in general, including College, NBA, players in the NBA, Refs in the NBA, and NBA fans.

          Given the anti-Asian bias, why would I waste the limited minutes of my life watching basketball. I think I would rather watch checkers (or whatever). Therefore, I do not care what some Lin hater fan thinks in the Laker organization or elsewhere. I guess Isoball (I meant basketball) does not need fans like me.

          • skyfall

            This is what I wrote above:

            I’ve said it before, I gave Jeremy the benefit of the doubt cause I truly and honestly believe he was screw by the ROX. However, coming into the lakers and facing the SAME SITUATION…
            —Take note, I said SAME SITUATION.

            granted all of that got Jeremy to endure it once again…
            —By this, I mean Jeremy knew of course of it’s existence, he’s the one in it. But he had to endure it further more that was aggravated by his fans.

            C’mon man, are you reading it correctly?
            You may say why would you care abt the LOH, but some ppl some die hard Lin’s fans do and will try to do everything to right the wrongs.

            In my opinion, the biggest problem of it all is that Jeremy isn’t giving us enough chips to fight for him, that’s why I stop defending him over the chronicle blog of Houston Rockets cause I knew I’m getting beat.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Charlie S:

        Right on!! I don’t have to read his shit to know it was something stupid that distorts reality. Good to use humor to whittle the haters and trolls down to microscopic size. Good riddance to all of them. What kind of a shit wants to rain on someone else’s parade?

  • old & in the way

    Regarding last night’s game what strikes me is that Jeremy didn’t even play the last 14 minutes. BS took him out at the 4:02 mark of the 4th. quarter with the Leakers up 5. With Jeremy sitting on the bench for the last 4 minutes or regulation the Leakers could manage only a tie and were damn lucky to get that. And damn lucky to win the game at all as BS defied the no Lin no win rule and for once got away with it. BS is as stupid as the haters and the trolls because he is a hater and a troll himself and couldn’t coach a little league basketball team or that is to say shouldn’t even be allowed to coach a kid’s team let alone an NBA team. I can’t wait for Jeremy to play somewhere else. How’s that Denver coaching position swaying these days? Shaw still on the hot seat clinging to his job? MDA in the wings. Don’t think Jeremy would play ahead of Ty Lawson but Lawson & Lin on the court together at the same time could be something to behold and to be held. They would make a very dynamic backcourt duo. Phoenix sometimes plays all 3 of their point guards together. Why couldn’t a MDA team play two together? Coming off the bench for MDA would definitely be better than starting for Woodson, McHale or Scott, the three-headed clueless coachman.

    I believe the next Leakers game is Sunday against the Knicks in MSG where Jeremy has historically played very well. But…does BS know this and will he give Jeremy significant and uncompromised playing time? We can only hope but the BS track record is as we all know pitiful and pathetic the distorted reality of trolls notwithstanding. Go, Jeremy…blow the trolls out of the water. Blow holes in sequential order the biggest one to the smallest one. I’ll be watching #17 do his thing if he is allowed to do his thing. We can only hope so.

    • old & in the way

      I forgot to mention that Price last night got his third straight DNP-CD. Finally he is playing the right number of minutes. How long can this last? Not long but I am sure enjoying it while it does last. But it must be a strategic accident. BS is not smart enough to understand that Price should never be playing ahead of Jeremy for sure. Clarkson? Maybe. But Jeremy…never. We shall see what we shall see come Sunday. But whether we like it or not remains to be seen. For now ciao.

      • It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Price was only in because Kobe was playing. Kobe just needed a simple PG to pass him the ball. Without Kobe now, Price has no utility. The offense would have become absolutely putrid. A convenient pivot for BS to turn to Clarkson.

        As for the game last night, I mean once in a blue moon that starting lineup could win. Chicago was just awful enough. Wouldn’t be surprised if another 9 game losing streak begins again.

        • old & in the way

          Dear Charlie S:

          I expect another losing streak to begin after the next game which could or perhaps should be a win against the Knicks although the Knicks have been playing better in the past few games.

          I hope you’re right about Price. He should never have gotten the playing time he got even with the Kobe connection factored in. One more DNP-CD against the Knicks and I will assume you are right. Good riddance to Price and more playing time for Jeremy. That is fine with me. Ciao.

      • Chirico

        That DNP CD night seemed to me like BS was testing the water. I don’t know how much pressure BS received after that night but he still insisted in his starters selection carefully managed Lins minutes. Expect his continuos effort to promoting Clarkson in the rest of the season while there are several media and fan sites clearly preaching to start Lin.

        Just a reminder here. The way it works for him is to use Lin but let others took the credit for the win. Otherwise, frame him as the cause of the loss. We’ve seen this one trick pony many times doing this .

        • Chirico

          Oh where is the head of the Snake?

  • ashley

    Has anyone posted this link?
    Jeremy has become the backup of Clarkson, something no one could have predicted before the season, though some Lin fans had seen it coming shortly after Price started–they knew BS would not give back Lin’s starter role. The only thing I’m certain is Lin has no problem dealing with any BS treatment now, especially after the DNP.

    It does look more and more like the BS is trying to lose than win, with the latest development of starting Clarkson the rookie and Sacre. I didn’t watch the Bulls game, but from what I read, playing Clarkson for 43 minutes in the Bulls game for the entire length 2 OTs despite his struggles was totally inept, insane coaching.

    I hope the season is ending faster than I know, but in the meantime I’m also hoping for some flashes of Linsanity, that Jeremy could manage to play his best given the limited time he’ll have.

    • ashley

      According to the Yahoo sports news (in Chinese), I’m giving the following indirect report on what the Lakers GM Kupchak said regarding KB and the future direction of the Lakers:
      1. They never regretted signing KB with that 48 million two year contract because he’s worth every penny.
      2. Even though KB ended the season earlier, they are not going to tank, despite the tempting top 5 draft picks.
      3. KB will surely come back next season. Despite the fact that he couldn’t play the entire season for the past three seasons, the Lakers still wants to build around him and they’ll be actively seeking good pieces this summer to strengthen their roster so as to help Bryant make a nice comeback in his 20th season. With their deep pocket, it’s hopeful they may acquire star players this summer.

      So the Lakers are not tanking, as Mitch said. Yet I wonder if they’re not, why are they having such a horrible coach as BS? It seems that no one has directly asked Mitch about BS yet.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Ashley:

        Kobe Bryant’s career is basically over. His days as a premiere player to build around have ended. Mitch Upchuck is delusional if he actually believes any of the BS that is coming out of his mouth/vocal chords. BS’s coaching career SHOULD be over and IS essentially. Mitch’s general manager career SHOULD be over and IS essentially. They fulfill their job responsibilities in name only. BS is the nominal coach and Mitch is the nominal general manager. But they are both buffoons who have no idea what they may be doing. As we all know a buffoon by any other name is still a buffoon. The Leakers are going nowhere and Jeremy is going somewhere. And that is why they need to end their working relationship as soon as possible. There is no other way. The Leakers are dead. And Jeremy LIVES in the prime of his physical life. They are like oil and water. Water gives life and oil destroys it. That about says it all. Ciao for now.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Ashley:

      Nice link and nice article. There are literally millions of us who see what is being done to Jeremy and understand the biases he confronts every day. The annoying haters and trolls are an ignorant minority who project their own cruelty and meanness onto others but are as lost as a dying empire.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans, just some irrelevant irreverent basketball talk here…

    You gotta to read the Knicks fan site at postingandtoasting.com. I love those guys’ humor! It will be BS vs Fish, both are former Lakers players tomorrow! Big time basketball coaching IQ!

    The third former Lakers player who is coaching this season is another BS at Denver. I don’t follow the Nuggs BB, but glancing at the score at time: it’s Denver 30 and Charlotte 62! Amazing. I have to watch the second half of that battle to witness NBA history!

    On the separate note, as always, I predict Lin will do just fine tomorrow. NY loves Lin! 🙂

    • old & in the way

      Hello, Mr. PingPong:

      Jeremy almost always has played well in MSG since he left New York. They like him and he likes them. So I agree with you that he will play well tomorrow if BS gives him sufficient playing time. We can only hope. Denver wound up losing that game to Charlotte 86-104. Brian Shaw out? MDA in? Denver now 10 games below .500 at 19-29. Only a little better than the Leakers, hey!? Gotta hobble. Ciao for now. Go, Jeremy…

  • https://twitter.com/RedNinetyFour/status/561717515810643968

    It’s funny the perception of JLin being a poor defender becomes really silly when he’s no longer on the team, and the defensive specialist struggles.

    Virtual unknowns like Beverley and Price get way too much hype because people desperately want to believe JLin is a poor defender. Good luck to the Lakers with Price and Rockets with Beverley. You can only use the scapegoat for so long before people see through the ruse.

  • MrPingPong

    OK Lin fans/non-fans, the following story has nothing to do with basketball nor Lin. Just want to share with you for some reason…


    Have a great morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are on this WEB!

  • yao

    When Lin is out of the league next year, this site needs to be shut down.

    • old & in the way

      Your arrogance is exceeded only by your ignorance. I think you should suffer plenty and die young. I am not a Christian. I don’t turn the other cheek. I’m an atheist. It has its benefits. One of them is being able to call shit shit in the right place and at the right time and be brutally honest about it. That fits. What doesn’t fit is you coming to our website and disrespecting us. Do we go to your website and disrespect you? NO! But you can come here and disrespect us? I don’t think so. I will defend this website any way I can. This website will be shut down when the webmaster decides to do so and not when you wish it to be so. What are you…like 19 years old? You are infantile beyond perception. You are either very young or very stupid or perhaps both. Either way you need to cut the shit and stop the nonsense. You come here with nonsense and I will challenge you every time. Guaranteed. It would be best for everyone if you just stopped and left us alone. You can believe whatever you want to believe but you have no right to come here and ridicule us for what we believe. And incidentally you have a lot of audacity to steal Yao Ming’s name and use it as your own. Yao Ming supports Jeremy Lin, you dumb fuck.

      • MrPingPong

        Whoever this Yao is, his parents did not teach him manners. Sad story!

        • Gary Teng

          More likely than not, Yao is Skyfall in disguise, and Skyfall is a bona fide Lin hater pretending to be a Lin fan.

          Whoever this impostor is, his logic is twisted and thinking perverted.

          Whoever his parents are, I feel so sad for them.

          • old & in the way

            Dear DGTPTT:

            It has occurred to me, too, that Skyfall and Yao could be the same individual. I think in fact that it is likely but it is impossible to know for sure w/o acknowledgment of some kind from the culprit in question. Bummer that people can’t just let us be and not feel compelled to attack us for our opinions and beliefs.

            DGTPTT: Dr. Gary The Poor Toothless Teng. Getting out-of-hand long. How about if I just go back to Gary for awhile? Cool? Let me know if you mind. I think you have expressed in the past that just Gary is fine with you. Correct?

            Milwaukee on Wednesday. BS the mad tank commander will sabotage anything positive that Jeremy does to turn defeat into victory but I shall be there anyway with eyes way wide open. Like Mr PingPong I love the kid, Jeremy I mean, and can’t stop watching his story unfold sad though it may be at times. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

            Oh…I googled salonpas. Sounds like something that could help me. I have a lot of chronic back pain and joint pain. I’m surprised I don’t already know about this stuff as I have had many Asian-American friends in the past through my former 31 year county job. Many of my co-workers were Vietnamese and a smaller number were Chinese. But I also had Japanese and Filipino co-workers. There are large Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese communities in the city in which I live. The San Francisco Bay Area has large populations of Asian-based peoples. But in spite of all this I had never before heard of salonpas. Maybe its a regional thing and not common in this area. Chirico might know more about this as he, too, lives somewhere here in the S.F. Bay Area. We are both part of the 6 million + people living in the 9 county Bay Area. Anyway I’d like to try some salonpas for my chronic pain issues. I will ask around about it and look for it in the stores. Gotta go for sure this time. Ciao.

          • Chirico

            Salonpas, I believe, was originated from Japan. It was good for people who suffer from muscle pain, arthritis pain and such.

            It worked for my grandpa, papa, and me.
            You can get it in many place in pharmacy or some grocery stores. No prescription needed.

      • adam zhu

        Well said for the truth. I completely agree with you!

  • I haven’t had a chance to read your article, old & in the way. But just wanted to thank you, as well as others on this site, for keeping this blog alive and well. I’m glad to see that you guys are all here, energized as always.

    I haven’t been watching any of Lin’s games, but I look at the box score. One thing I’ve noticed is that Ed Davis is also getting very limited minutes. People may disagree with my premise about Lin (even I have doubts about my own premise), but I have no doubt that the Lakers are limiting Ed Davis’s playing time so they can re-sign Davis for cheap next season. They don’t want to give Ed Davis too many minutes for fear that Davis might make a name for himself and get other teams interested in him. So the fact that they’re doing that to Davis makes it plausible that the Lakers may be employing the same strategy for Lin.

    Like I’ve said in the past, if the Lakers re-sign Lin after mistreating Lin worse than Lin has ever been treated before, then I think I can safely say that my premise was correct. We’ll see. But at least when it comes to Ed Davis, the Lakers are clearly limiting his playing time so they can re-sign him next year for cheap.

    • MrPingPong

      ‘Good to see you back, Philosopher! It seems like you haven’t followed our beloved Lakers lately.

      Ed Davis was starting for a while and getting heavy minutes. But without someone to feed him the ball right, he was not producing much on the offensive end.

      JL17 got a DNP-CD a few games back. Who knows what BS will do next to JL17! 🙁

      BS does not know how to coach besides playing KOB until his arm fell off. Now that the Black Mamba is done for the season, so is the “head of the snake” Ronnie Price. (Yes, in case you don’t know, BS called RP the “head of the snake”.) BS is now randomly putting together a starting lineup consisting of third string players going up against top NBA teams. BS is a joke. I wonder whether or not true Lakers fans think he’s funny.

      JL17’s season with the Lakers is shot. As a LOF, my hope is some good team out there will snap up ED and JL17 as a pair come FA time! I can dream, can’t I? 🙂

      • Yep, I’ve been following the starting starting lineup changes from looking at the box score. Looks like they’re clearly tanking so they just want to test out the rookies and other untested players and such to see what they have. See who they want to keep and such for next season.

        I also hope there’s a team owner out there with enough foresight to snatch up Davis and Lin. I doubt the Lakers will let Davis go easily, though. And Lakers may also still want to keep Lin so they can sell tickets. Of course, a lot of Lin fans hate the Lakers now, so they have really botched things up. It’s all one big mess.

      • Gary Teng

        Dear Chirico,

        You are absolutely right — Salonpas is a very popular and well-known pain relief patch in most Asian countries for many many years.

        In 2008, it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an over-the-counter topical analgesic patch. Since then, it has gaining popularity in the U.S. market too.

        I am so impressed by your English-Chinese translations that I have decided to give up my fledgling career in this field. 🙁

        Way to go! Keep it up!~~~

        • Chirico

          Thank you very much. I don’t think that I deserve praise like this from you, Gary. I am still an amateur in this. However, it was JLin whose bball story inspired many people around the world including myself, so it became a force and passion in me to try to convey the thoughts of intelligent and warm-hearted JLin fans to the other side of the pacific.

          I am again grateful for the old & in for the fact that his article had caused a lot of a stir and positive echo in several Chinese forums and people came up comments with so much praises to this piece.

          Have a great day,

    • old & in the way

      Dear JLintel:

      Welcome back. We have all missed you. You shouldn’t be such a stranger, stranger. Just joking of course. You don’t have to thank me for helping to keep things going here in your absence. It is pleasurable to interact with almost everyone here in spite of the fact that Jeremy is trapped in the middle of yet another lost year. It may be difficult for younger people to understand my sense of urgency but the lifespan of a professional athlete is usually comparatively very short. So I hate to see Jeremy have too many “lost years” as he only has x number of years to be in that maximum physical capacities bubble that we all experience in our 20’s and early 30’s. It doesn’t last unfortunately. Everyone gets old and usually in a damn hurry so Jeremy has limited professional level longevity like everyone other athlete and he has already had too much wasted time in his development in a sense. In another sense, of course, there is no such thing as wasted time as he has continued to develop but perhaps not as rapidly as he could have under better circumstances. So I have been glad to help keep this website running during your sabbatical. But it is time for you to write something, is it not?

      Regarding the actual Lakers games Ronald Price has now had 4 or 5 straight DNP-CD in a row. BS is a phenomenal failure as a coach. He is as clueless about coaching basketball as virtually every American president during my lifetime has been about running this country. This is, of course, because American presidents have always been much wealthier and advantaged than those of us whom they allegedly serve and represent. Thus they serve billionaires rather than the rest of us and this is appropriate as the billionaires own them. In this same sense BS serves those who own him and not the team or individual players that he “coaches.” He serves management. He serves the prima donna face of the franchise, Kobe Bryant. But he does not serve Jeremy or Ed Davis or any of the other players and he most assuredly does not teach them anything as he apparently knows nothing about basketball in spite of the fact that he once played it reasonably well at the professional level. How this could be is not clear but that it is couldn’t be clearer. Anyway you should start paying attention again so you can write something and join us in celebrating Jeremy Lin and his journey against all odds on the road to basketball heaven. Come join us, please. It is fun even when Jeremy is temporarily being stifled by an inept and deplorable coach and FO staff. He manages to achieve personal triumphs almost every game while those around him flounder. He really is something which makes the doubters and trolls even more despicable than I already imagine them to be. Even the beloved Helen Keller could visually see that Jeremy is special. Of course, Helen didn’t need her sense of sight to see everything that there was to see. She was special that way. And in his own way Jeremy is as special as she was…in different ways but just as special. So come on back, friend…there’s work to do!! Jeremy needs all of us. Gotta go. More later. Ciao for now.

      • I’m not sure if you ever read my article reacting to Lin’s trade to Lakers: http://www.jeremylintel.com/2014/07/11/lin-to-lakers-is-not-good-for-jeremy-lin-and-may-be-worse-than-staying-with-rockets/

        But in it, I expressed a very strong sense of urgency about Lin’s career. So I share your sense of urgency. Not to sound pessimistic, but I don’t think Lin will ever get a fair shake in the league after yet another lost season. What’s happening in LA to Lin is so much worse than with Rockets, which is unimaginable, yet it is happening. Unless Lin finds a perfect-storm situation, Lin will likely remain a back-up PG in the league for the remainder of his career. This time in LA is an even bigger blow to his career than his time with the Rockets.

        I’ll likely continue to follow Lin from a distance, but I’m very glad to see that this site is alive and well without me. And I have you and others on this site to thank for that. I have now become the most out-of-touch Lin fan, so I’m not sure if I trust my analysis on Lin at this point. So I’ll just keep quiet and just be a cheer leader in the background for you all.

        • old & in the way

          Dear JLintel:

          I, too, am concerned about whether or not Jeremy will ever get another honest opportunity to demonstrate the high levels of basketball of which he is capable. It may take another perfect storm scenario and how many perfect storms can one player encounter is the rhetorical question we all ponder. Of course, another honest opportunity for Jeremy is what we are all hoping and waiting for. Houston wasn’t it and Los Angeles has been even much worse. Perhaps Boston or Denver if MDA winds up there or San Antonio would present Jeremy with a level playing field but it is quite conceivable that the ill treatment he has received the past 3 seasons will be what he continues to receive for the rest of his career. If this turns out to be the case and it very well could, then Jeremy’s story will become one of lost opportunity and what could have been in a more unbiased world where real opportunities are the norm and not the exception. We all know what Jeremy is capable of. The only question that remains is, will he be given a fair chance to once again display his considerable skills? That is why we all continue to follow him…the hope that this may occur against all odds. I want to see Jeremy given a free reign in a modern offense. Then the joy may return and it is that for which we are all waiting. The joy and the emotional catharsis which it brings to all of us. Gotta go. More later. Ciao for now.

          • MrPingPong

            I was naive to think Kobe was smart enough to realize his limitation as a 36-year old NBA player and thus would be willing to work with his teammates to win games. What has actually transpired is not only sad for Lin but for the Lakers franchise as well. It was a good thing that my wife would not let me move to La la land last summer! 🙂

            In case you don’t know, Howard Megdal, a Lin supporter, wrote this piece when the news of Lin’s trade to LA broke last summer:


            If you read the comments on that article, you will spot a couple of postings from me there. 🙂

            Have a great Lin game day everybody, wherever you are on this WEB!

            PS: Rumors had it that Jason Kidd was behind the firing of BS from the Nets way back when. It will be interesting to see BS vs JK tonight! And the winner is…. My Ouija board refuses to speculate due to lack of motivation!


          • old & in the way

            Dear Mr. PingPong:

            Thanks…I enjoyed the Howard Megdal article. But even more so I liked the two links in your comment about Jeremy’s defensive skills which are very underrated. He is a better defender than Beverley overall and these statistics bear this out. Beverley is not as good as his stats say he is and Jeremy is better than his stats say he is. But even if one wants to go just according to the stats there is very little difference between these two players overall. Jeremy is better in some regards and Beverley is better in other regards. Beverley made second team all-defense last year although I don’t think he deserved it but nevertheless Jeremy is at least as good as Beverley who was second team defense in the NBA. But Jeremy can’t defend anyone? The bullshit in the NBA is so f-ing thick I can’t stand it. I am so sick of fiction passing for the truth in the NBA and virtually everywhere else on this planet. In the words of John Lennon, “just give me the truth.” In this world the truth is apparently asking for too much. Cynically stated human beings seem to like living their lives in a heavy fog of very bad fiction.

            At any rate I enjoyed following your links as I found a lot of good data and information in them so thank you very much, my friend. Gotta go for now. More later. Ciao.

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