Seeking A Secular Non-Divine Fine…(Enough Is Enough & Too Much Already)

Seeking A Secular Non-Divine Fine…

(Enough Is Enough & Too Much Already!!!)

By Phil Cicchi/old & in the way

The Los Angeles Lakers should be fined and disciplined by the NBA for not making a legitimate effort to win games by playing their best players. They should be fined for a starting line-up that defines tanking and a conscious effort to lose games. They should be fined for incompetent, inept and corrupt ownership and coaching. They should be fined for a total lack of intelligent player rotations, player utilization and playing time minutes allotted. They should be fined for the biased treatment and marginalization of their best player, Jeremy Lin. That’s right…best player Jeremy Lin. Simply because the Lakers organization, management and coaching staff fail to realize, recognize, acknowledge and actualize this fact does not make it any less so.

The Lakers should be fined for catering to an aging, over-the-hill former so-called superstar to the detriment of the rest of the team and winning games. The Lakers should be fined by the NBA for playing Jeremy Lin a mere 26 minutes a game when he should be in the 35 minutes a game range. They should be fined for not allowing him to have the ball in his hands and run the offense. If the NBA is interested in being credible and believable as a legitimately competitive, professional sports league, then it needs to take decisive action to penalize the Los Angeles Lakers organization for malpractice, malfeasance, corruption, lack of honor and integrity and misleading both public and private sectors regarding putting a legitimate team on the court for every game and legitimately trying to win any game this season let alone all of them. The coaching staff needs to be disassembled by a front office that needs to be disassembled and deconstructed.

The Lakers have hit rock bottom and I would be rejoicing over this fact if it were not for the sad reality that Jeremy Lin in particular but all of the players in general except for prima donna Kobe Bryant have been abused, exploited, mistreated and caught in the middle of this internal conflict, lack of competence and criminal failure. This failure is not accidental or an unintended consequence but rather one that has been consciously orchestrated from within. That there has not been a serious players’ revolt and mutiny is a tribute to the professional demeanor and character of the actual players involved. If the Lakers organization and coaching staff would match the professionalism of most of their players, I would not be writing this critical analysis. There would be no need to do so as the Los Angeles Lakers would have somewhere near as many wins as losses. Instead we see a lamentable and particularly unacceptable record of 13-37 and a .260 winning percentage. They are on a pace to finish with a record of 21-61. At the rate they are going they well could lose more than 60 games!!!

The Lakers management, coaching staff and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers one legitimate prima donna superchild, should go straight to morality jail and the rest of the roster players who have been subjected to such ill treatment should be financially compensated from team funds and profits. Their contracts have been violated by the crimes committed against them. None of this will, of course, happen but this in no way means that it should not happen. Jeremy Lin and this year’s team and what this year’s team could have been with better court-side leadership has been thrown under the bus to build for a nebulous future that may never materialize. Thus Sacre, Kelly, Ellington, Clarkson and Hill are your starters…an injured Hill now replaced by Tarik Black? This is a total joke and travesty. Your best players are on the bench and your marginal players are the starters? Right. And I’m the reincarnation of William Blake, Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson. Come to the illegitimate shrine that I have built for myself. It is just like the one built by the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…going down for the which time? The second, third or fourth time? As the homily goes it is the third time that does most of the damage.

I have not been impressed by Adam Silver’s first year as NBA Commissioner or anything he has yet done. But if he would hold the Los Angeles Lakers accountable for their criminal lack of responsibility and professional credibility, I would begin to take notice of his presence and prominence. But I don’t expect him to do the right thing. I suspect that he is just another talking head covering for a toxic corporate culture. And the Lakers are vultures preying on their own players. They need to be held accountable for their criminal and corrupt behaviors and practices. They need to be held accountable for betraying Jeremy Lin and the other players on their current roster and selling them out for self-serving purposes. In my view the credibility of both the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA is at stake.


  • ashley

    Dear Mr. Old,
    You’re killing it with your mighty pen! Awesome! While I enjoy reading everything you write, it’s highly doubtful that NBA would fine a team for tanking; there probably won’t be solid evidence and there should have been some precedents. An option, which I likely came across on, is to change the rule that has the bottom teams get the top picks to every team getting a fair chance. Salute to your excellent work again!

    • old & in the way

      Dear Ashley:

      Thank you for the kind words. I agree with you that it will never happen. Rather though what I am saying is that morally speaking IT SHOULD HAPPEN. It won’t but it should and that is all we as observers and fans can say…that it should happen. It won’t happen but it should. Ciao for now.

  • MrPingPong

    A heavy dose of angst, sarcasm and humor, Old & In! Keep it up! 🙂

    The Lakers have been hijacked by a bunch of snakes, that’s all I can say. I dunno anything about the other currently sinking teams in the NBA, but from glancing over a few of their fans’ websites, I don’t see any of their coaches bench their best players and play their third stringers as starters. BS is a fraud, a laughing stock among NBA fans and a disgrace to the coaching circle.

    Amazingly enough, the media covering the Lakers don’t seem to go hard on BS at all. Kevin Ding dumped all of his frustration on poor Wes Johnson instead of criticizing the real culprits. From what I’ve read, the media did not have any problem calling for MDA’s head when he was coaching Lakers.

    Anyway, it’s game day for Lin and tank day for whomever. The Lakers didn’t even practice yesterday. What better way to prepare for tanking! As to our man Lin, he seems to have come to term with his lousy predicament and will do well tonight, I am quite sure!

    So Dr. GT, my friend, chill your Dom Peri and prepare yourself and your Lakers lady for 20 min of ecstasy tonight rooting for Lin, if and when Lin gets to play! 🙂

    • Gary (the fuming) Teng

      Great article! Salute!~~~

      This is NOT the first time that BS served as the tank-commander-in-chief for an NBA basketball team he is coaching. He IS the repeat offender of the worst kind:

      2000-2001 first year at the New Jersey Nets — 26 wins.
      2004-2005 first year at the New Orleans Hornets — 18 wins
      2010-2011 first year at the Cleveland Cavaliers — 19 wins

      2014-2015 first year at the Los Angeles Tankers — 13-37 so far.

      According to the current pace, BS might well be breaking his own infamous and deplorable records

      So the necessary (and only) conclusion is — BS is The greatest tank commander ever born and lived in the human history. Compared to BS, General George Patton and Field Marshal Erwin Rommel are distant seconds.

      The most unfortunate thing is that although this may well be the last time BS is playing the role of a tank commander and getting paid big time for doing nothing but sabotaging NBA basketball players’ careers, he is actively grooming his son (Thomas Scott who is currently serving as the assistant coach for player development of the LA Tankers) to inherit and succeed his despicable family tradition.

      I am pretty sure that Dr. Jerry Buss is crying and sobbing uncontrollably in his mausoleum.

      “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.”
      — Oscar Wilde

      Dear Professor MrPingPong,

      Thanks, but no thanks. I am still nursing and licking my painful wounds from last week so there will be no more premature preparation for post-game celebration less I may soon develop the PTSD.

      Anyway, I may take your subtle advice of popping some ecstasy pills… 🙂

      • old & in the way

        Dear Gary:

        Patton and Rommel are cub scouts compared to BS. Thanks for the kind words regarding my writing. Thanks also for the breakdown on some of BS’s other seasons coaching in the NBA. For him 21 wins out of 82 games is near the top of the line which just illustrates his level of lameness. But bad news bears that he is grooming his damn son to follow in his tank commander foot steps. And what exactly are Tommy boy’s credentials to be coaching basketball to anyone at any level no matter how elementary? I’ll bet he has none. Bummer indeed.

        I love the Oscar Wilde quote and it is not one with which I was already familiar. At least I don’t remember it.

        Here’s hoping Jeremy plays well this afternoon in spite of everything with which he must deal to actually do so. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      Go, Jeremy #17 for sure. He will be fine today. This game starts at 12:30pm PST so it is more of a day game here in California and mid-afternoon in the eastern time zone. I just wanted to comment on your comment. It kills me every time I have to ponder those in this Lakers organization of the criminally ignorant that any of them could think that MDA is not a good idea but BS is. How clueless and undeserving of a decision-making position can one be? These corrupt Lakers fucks (and there is no kind way to say corrupt fucks…it is what it is, an abomination) are setting new standards of vileness in my view. As soon as Jeremy leaves this organization it will gain my full disdain and the disdain that it has earned and deserves. I only want Jeremy to get his. If the dumb fuck Lakers lose again so be it. They don’t deserve that top-5 draft pick they are sitting on but apparently they are determined to keep it no matter how many lives they must fuck with to do so. How deplorable and disgusting…the whole damn lot of them. I’m even losing respect for Magic Johnson in all of this as he seems to me to be trying to cover for the Lakers and there is no covering for something that stinks this much. As long as Jeremy plays well I don’t care what ultimately happens to this franchise. I just want Jeremy to sign somewhere else with a different team. PLEASE…oh fate and destiny.

  • MrPingPong

    Oh crap, Lin has a stomach flu or something.

  • MrPingPong

    Just finished watching the game, or most of it, the part that Lin got to play. Well, he got play 9 min in the first half and the full 4th quarter, which was for the most part garbage time.

    Lin was a step slow. The energy wasn’t there. He didn’t attack much. He was sick with the stomach flu (gastroenteritis) but played anyhow. I see a lot of chemistry developing between Lin and Davis and between Lin and Boozer. All will come to naught by season end, unfortunately.

    Dr. Teng, my friend, drink your Dom Peri anyway! Champagne is no good unless you drink it or take a bath in it! 🙂

    • I find it very odd JLin only played 9 min in the first half. BS could have made a simple excuse that JLin wasn’t feeling well and I would have been fine with his decision. But then he throws JLin into garbage time. The worst player management ever.

      • MrPingPong

        What do you think, Charlie? BS played Clarkson the whole 3rd quarter and things sure did not look good. The Cavs trio James, Love and Irving were scoring at will. May as well play Lin the whole 4th and make him the fall guy!

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          People like TheTruthHurts who posted a comment below will always blame Jeremy for everything and denigrate his accomplishments and skills. BS is a racist fool like TTH is a racist fool. Neither one of them can look at Jeremy Lin and see a fully functioning and vibrant human being. What they see is what they want to see. To a bore like TTH Jeremy “would obviously be better building railroads than playing basketball.” These kinds of retrograde biases are unfortunately common in this country especially. So it doesn’t really matter when Jeremy gets his playing time as there is always a way to distort and misrepresent reality to fit one’s preconceived notions. It is the unfortunate nature of the world we are all stuck in together and in which we must all struggle together to survive. People like TTH seem not to understand anything about morality and equality or if they do they choose to ignore it. BS is just like TTH. They could be identical twins and may be so culturally even if in no other way. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

          • MrPingPong

            Dear Old & In:

            Again, like many other trolls who came to this site, this troll is full of hatred and bigotry. The KKK blood runs deep in his vein.

            It’s not worth wasting our breath over this kind of people.

          • TheTruthHurtstoOldMorons

            Hey goofball, have you considered that you are on the other extreme of this spectrum and that you can’t see any of Lin’s faults. You never give any credence to any of Lin’s faults, even going so far as to say he’s the best player on the Lakers. You blame all of his shortcomings on other people. You belittle other players saying they only are seen as good because they are black, which is just as racist as what I said. NBA coaches (that aren’t tanking for a better draft pick, which is a smarter long term plan, by the way) would do anything to win. That includes playing a player of Asian heritage if they thought he could help them win. The problem is Lin plays out of control and is a liability with all his defensive lapses and turnovers. Oh, but you always write all that off as “hater” stuff. You’re just as biased as the people you complain about. So put on your rice hat, go trim your bonsai tree, do some tai chi and calm yourself down you racist old kook. I joke about Asians because through your writings I know that you are racist against black men.

      • old & in the way

        Dear Charlie:

        It is impossible to disagree with your premise that BS is the worst player management coach I have ever seen. And I will add that he may be the absolute worse coach overall that I have ever seen. When it comes to coaching he does not seem to have a clue about any part of this game in which he participated for so many years. How could this possibly be? And yet it is. He is an even worse coach than McFail and with an even much worse W-L record. At one time McDipshit was an under .500 career winning percentage coach although that is probably no longer the case given Houston’s success. But BS seems destined to definitely stay way below a career .500 winning percentage. He is clearly clueless when it comes to coaching. He does coach anyone anything and apparently never has and certainly never will. What a bad trip he is. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

        • old & in the way

          Sorry. Last full sentence should read…”He does NOT coach anyone anything and…”

      • Chirico

        Dear Charlie, BS knew JLin was sick so he threw him out there to be humiliated.

    • Gary (the-no-name) Teng

      Dear old & in the way,

      I deeply admire you for being able to maintain your cool and great sense of humor even under vicious and senseless attacks.

      You are my man!~~~

      Dear Professor MrPingPong,

      As you knew, I had poured all my stashed Dom Peri into the toilets. Nowadays I only drink Shirley Temple and take placebos after the Tankers’ tanking games… 🙁

      TheTruthHurts, I seriously doubt that you even truly understand the meaning of the word “truth.”

      I do NOT want to dignify your distorted, incoherent, and hateful ramblings by arguing with you. So I will just quote three words from the former Vice President Dick Cheney (shouting at another despicable and pathological asshole) — “Go fxxk yourself .”

      While doing so, don’t forget to wear…

      • old & in the way

        My Dear Friend:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is never easy but I try to remember your advice along with Mr.P/P’s to just remain calm. And so that is what I try to do. It’s never easy but it can be done with patience. Thank you again. Great, great quote. I strongly dislike Dick Cheney. But sometimes a great quote is a great quote when it is using properly and in the right context. You not only use it properly and cleverly but also in the perfect context. Gotta run. Lunch soon. Shrimp and mushroom soup. Yummie. Ciao for now.

      • MrPingPong

        Dear DGT, the man with no name (Spaghetti Western anyone?):

        It’s good to have you back with your bottomless wells of quotes. You make me laugh every time.

        Dick Cheney this time, heh! The man sure lives up to his name!


      • TheTruthHurts

        All I heard when I read this was “CHING CHONG CHING CHONG PAI GOW!!!!!”

      • TheTruthHurts

        But between my racist jabs, I do speak some truth. And I love that it’s racist when I make my Asian jokes, but it’s okay to say things like Ronnie Price only starts over Lin because he’s black. So discredit all the hard work he puts in on defense, and the fact he plays more under control than Lin and just chalk it up to his skin color. You may or may not have been the one to say it, but I bet you agreed with it when the old kook said it. I do know what the truth is, but how can you not see how delusional you all are on this site? You really think Lin is the best player on the Lakers? You really think there’s a grand conspiracy against him? Do you realize the Rockets had to trade away a first round pick to get rid of Lin? Do you think Morey would want to lose an asset like that if Lin could really help them? The brightest minds in basketball, people with multimillion dollar jobs on the line seem to be on the same page when it comes to this one player. These guys would do anything to win, so someone would have traded for him off the tanking Lakers if he had any value in the league. Everyone loved Yao, why now would everyone decide “nah, we can’t let the Asian guy show how great he is” if he was really that good and could help a GM secure a win bonus for the playoffs, or help them keep their job. It’s silly and it’s childish and it’s delusional.

  • TheTruthHurts

    haha each post is crazier and more aggressive than the last. Hilarious to see someone melting down psychological live on a blog. Yeah, man we should fine everyone that doesn’t do exactly what you want! Even if the statistics say he makes teams worse defensively. Even if he’s so fragile that the slightest issue completely wrecks his game. He might be as mentally weak as this old lunatic that posts these ramblings. If you are really as old as you claim in some of your posts you might be the least mature, least evolved man of that age I have ever seen in my life.

    • old & in the way

      If you think my posts are crazy, why do you even read them? I wouldn’t read something I didn’t like. Why do you? And what do you know about maturity and evolution? Quite possibly nothing. So who the fuck are you to be giving me advice? You have a monopoly on arrogance and pretension perhaps? Why do you even comment if you feel so negatively about what I write and the perspective that I represent? Why do you even bother? Are you Skyfall’s buddy or are you Skyfall himself in one of his many forms? Whoever you are if don’t like it, then don’t read it. That’s what I do and it works for me. What is your problem? I think you should try it. Don’t read anything I write after this. Just don’t read it. It should be a simple thing to do, hey? Just don’t read it. That’s my advice to you since you seem to be so big on advice. Just don’t read it. I’m sure not writing for you, am I? I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. Not anytime soon. So just don’t come here and don’t read anything I write. Okay? Sounds good to me. And you?

      • TheTruthHurts

        By that same logic, if you don’t like the NBA and think there’s this grand conspiracy against Jeremy Lin, why do you even watch? I mean, he’d obviously be better at building railroads than playing basketball, so why continue to watch and get angry about how everyone is so biased against Asians? I’m sure he’ll dominate the CBA next season, so just wait and watch there. I mean you’re torturing yourself and it’s making you look crazy to anyone that isn’t a Lin sycophant. So how old are you really, because you weren’t really around to watch Bill Russell. You’re probably just another mid 20’s fanboy that’s obsessed with a terrible basketball player.

        • ashley

          Jeremy Lin may not be an elite star player at present, but he is definitely not a terrible player–even Kobe once said Jeremy is a good player–and I think there are stats to show he still puts out decent stats even not given enough playing time or used properly. If you think he’s better building railroads, then so are a lot of other NBA players, suppose they’re held to the same high standard.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Ashley:

            This guy is an relentless racist troll. To say that Jeremy is better suited to work on the railroads is an obvious reference to the fact that Chinese people were originally brought to this country to built the intercontinental railway in the 1800’s. The racism that existed then and that Chinese people experienced first hand is perhaps even worse today. It is manifested differently today but it is the same racist bias and hatred. TheTruthHurts is a hater and an agitator who should be ignored. If you are a nice person which you seem to be I understand that it is impolite to ignore anyone. Nevertheless some people are so spiteful and hateful that they deserve to be ignored. In my view this jackass (my apologies to the donkies) is one of those people. He is not interested in intelligent conversation or discourse as he is probably incapable of engaging in it. Rather he is interested in getting a reaction from people. If you don’t react he is neutralized. He deserves to be neutralized. He has earned it. The man is a racist troll. Do whatever you want to do regarding this person but never lose track of the fact that you are dealing with a racist troll who does not really deserve your time and concern. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

        • old & in the way

          Now you’re going to tell me how old I am? You’re a creep and I shouldn’t even waste my time answering you. And you’re wrong about everything else anyway. None of your criticisms against Jeremy Lin are valid. Do you not tire of being wrong all the time? And if I were in my 20’s a-hole like you, my love interest would look a lot better than she does. One can only look so good when one is as old as I am and she is. If you can not understand why or how an old man can be so passionate about a young basketball player then you are as foolish as I perceive you to be. You… who are anonymous, who won’t even use your real name, who hides behind an arrogant pseudonym like TheTruthHurts…have zero credibility in my world. Zero…a-hole. Zero. And who’s truth? Your truth? In my world you are a joke. Write an article first and post it here. Then you can criticize me. Until then you are a joke with no credibility. You can continue to read what I write if you are an idiot or you can go quietly away. Either way I will not be reading anything else you write so don’t waste your time on me. I’m not interested in you or what you think about anything.

          Oh, let me add that you seem to also have misunderstood the theme of my article which doesn’t surprise me. My argument is that any team that is not trying to win the games they play should be held accountable in some manner. To fine them is merely one suggestion. Losing draft picks is another one which I didn’t even cover. The point isn’t that they don’t agree with me which was your remedial interpretation but rather that it is fraudulent and illegal to deliberately try to tank games. This is like basic, elementary ethics. So if you can’t understand this wtf do you do for a living? Where are your morals? Do you have any? Unfortunately in some regards I will be unable to read your answers if there are any. I am curious about your answers but not enough to subject myself any further to your abuse and what I consider to be harassment. And yes, moron, I am an old man and I am old enough to have been a fan of Bill Russell who was a local sports hero to many people my age who grew up in this area. Adios moron. It’s been nice knowing you but it will be even nicer not knowing you.

          • TheTruthHurts

            I can write articles on here?! I would love to! I am going to write an in depth article about Lin’s short comings, how delusional you people have to be to still be worshipping him like you do and making the claims you make (backed up with statistics which you will most certainly ignore) and then go into the psychology of why you people need to cling to this dream so tightly that someday Linsanity will return. I won’t need to say everyone should be fined, or claim a grand conspiracy, or any of the nonsense you resort to in your trash articles. I mean, you’re in your 60’s or 70’s and STILL can’t form an argument without just claiming opinions as facts without any sources or statistical backing. It’s so sad. Yao was a great player, he deserved that adoration, and was treated like a star. Jeremy just doesn’t have it and you guys are forcing pressure on him he isn’t mentally able to take. And the real fanbases of teams that he joins hate you guys. Do you think it’s just everybody else? You never turn that gaze inward after all these years on this planet you really haven’t learned to do that? You obsessed sycophants ruined Rockets discussion on every Rockets board. You’ve ruined the Lakers boards and they constantly complain about you all. So don’t complain about me coming here, you all have plagued internet discussion for every team Lin has played on. Most of the hatred the poor guy receives is misdirected hatred from his dumb fans. And hey, keep repeating the same things over and over again in your responses, asshole. That really adds to the effectiveness.

  • JT

    It is mainly the fault of our current NBA system… with both minimum salary floor and maximum salary cap, every team must have some decent players no matter how many trades and player moves teams make. Which means to get into lottery territory, team must keep the best players on the bench – aka tanking.

    You do not see tanking in MLB because the system there does allow a team to operate with everyone making minimum and playing at AAA talent level so players can still play their best and try to win games the best way them can.

    I should also point out that NFL has similar system as NBA with both minimum salary floor and maximum salary cap. The difference is in NFL, there are very few games and lack of talent in a few key positions usually will determine the outcome of games. Therefore tanking is not as commonly practiced and if it did, usually in a very short amount of time like the last 2 games so we fans don’t hear about it for a long period of time, week in and week out.

    I also agree change is a must to keep us fans happy with NBA. When you put money, fame and all the bling-blings aside, sports is all about competition. Without competition, why bother watch sports?

    • old & in the way

      Dear JT:

      Good points all. Thank you for your comment. And I agree that it is the system employed by the NBA that leads to these kinds of moral dilemmas like tanking games to gain a competitive advantage and what a contradiction and paradox this is. And what a can or worms indeed. Purposely become less competitive now so you can become more competitive later. This does seem to open wide the doors to corruption. And thank you for remaining positive in your comments. It is appreciated by those of us who love and cherish this website/blog. Ciao for now.

  • Chirico

    Bringing down the hammer of justice! What a powerful piece that you brought to us. The old and in, this is the deep throat voice came out from a true basketball fan. in fact, this points out a big flaw in the NBA competition rule. This tanking technique was just a result of the rule of top draft pick. I can see that it was started as a good faith but it was abused and misused by the franchises in the NBA. Dont get me wrong, In general, when you have such arrangement for teams struggling, hen there is gotta be a check and balance mechanism involved but it looks like NBA failed to do so.

    They can whatever they want but JLin and some of his teammates do NOT deserve to get treatment like that and we as fans do not deserve to watch games like this.

    Lakers becomes disgraceful story not because their season records this year but their conceted efforts too tank without a shame.

    • Chirico

      Sorry about my bad typing skills. I meant to say:
      Lakers become a disgraceful story not because their season records this year but their concerted efforts to tank without a shame.

  • It’s been brought to my attention that there’s been some trolling on this site. One of the things I like about this site is that, with only a few exceptions, the discourse on this site has been very respectful. I welcome differing points of views, because I think having a broad perspective on things is healthy. I do acknowledge that Lin fans, like all fans, have inherent biases and I include myself in that company. At the same time, I try hard to listen when someone brings up a different perspective. But I only do so when that someone does so sincerely and respectfully. And I welcome that very much. It’s awesome for me when I see someone else articulate their views in a thorough and well thought out manner and when it is a view that is different from mine, that is a wonderful thing, because it may offer me an opportunity to add to my perspective on the same subject. If I hear things that I already know, then that doesn’t help me grow as a person, even though it may make me feel good that someone else shares my views.

    I also have a lot of respect for non-Lin fans who come on this site and share their perspective without resorting to childish personal attacks and abusive language. I do understand that some Lin fans can be extreme (there is extremist segments in sect) and that it’s a lot to deal with. I understand this, because the Lin Haters are also extreme and a lot to deal with. So I really respect non-Lin fans who comes here and is able to disagree without resorting to childish, meaningless, fruitless, unproductive personal attacks. That shows maturity and character. I have no respect for those who aren’t able to do this, because they only show their immaturity, as well as ignorance. To me, such individuals are a dime a dozen and a complete waste of my time and I feel sorry for them, because they lack a lot of worthwhile qualities.

    What I don’t appreciate is when “trolls” (I’m not trying to name-call, I’m just using a common vernacular as a shorthand for communication purposes) come in here and write offensive things (especially racially offensive things, such as “Lin would obviously be better building railroads than playing basketball.”) and use abusive language, that gets us nowhere and is a big problem with society as a whole. Things like this detract from any type of information sharing. It detracts from any type of engagement and any possibility of exchanging different ideas. These people rob the human race of growth and prosperity. And I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the root of this type of behavior is responsible for the terrorism that is, unfortunately, our new reality. What people don’t realize is that every action we take reflects who we are no matter how small that action may be. Our whole self emanates through our every action. So while some may think that making anonymous racist comments and abusing others anonymously online isn’t a big deal (because everybody does it, right?), that seemingly small action is a reflection of who we are at our core. So if you do this, you have to ask yourself, is this who you want to be? Are you capable of more than that or is that all you’re willing to let yourself be capable of? In short, are you being the best version of yourself in this moment?

    The unfortunate truth is, a lot of people only see through their very narrow lens and ignore anything else that doesn’t comport with their very narrow views. There’s a thing called “reticular activating system” that we all have that makes us blind to things that don’t support our beliefs. You have to work hard and consciously to fight against this normal urge to only see the things that comport with your beliefs. But that’s a whole other discussion.

    I guess all I’m trying to say is that we can all be better than devolving to exchanging personal attacks and resorting to racially-charged insults. If we actually want to get our points across sincerely, then we would be more successful in our aim if we do so without personal attacks and offensive comments–especially ones that are racially charged. You will find that your voice will have a better chance of being heard by the other side if you approach them with respect and treat them with dignity. Unfortunately, people let their hate get the better of them and they let their hate get in the way of productive discourse. There’s enough racism in the world, we don’t need to bring that shit in here. It’s counterproductive and only sets us back as a people.

    Those who disagree with articles or comments posted on this blog will find that they will be met with respect if they do so sincerely and respectfully. I can say this because I find the regulars on this site to be very respectful and a joy to converse with. Contrary to the myth that all Lin fans think the same way. We don’t. In fact, I find myself alone in many of my perspectives on Lin, but have had very fruitful discourses with other Lin fans here who disagree with me.

    So if anyone wants to come here and share a different perspective and disagree, I think that’s great In fact, in my ideal world, I would have more non-Lin fans here. But I think non-Lin fans don’t feel welcome here, which is unfortunate and very much unintended. All I ask is that people disagree sincerely and respectfully. But if you come in here and launch a bunch of personal attacks, using abusive language and racial slurs, I will consider you a troll. And what I do with trolls is just ignore them. In fact, if I wasn’t made aware of the trolling situation by someone else on this site, I wouldn’t have even noticed that racist comment I cited earlier about Lin. To me, what comes out of the mouths of trolls are just gibberish from the mouths of babes. It doesn’t even register to me as actual articulation. I know everyone handles trolls in their own way, but as for me, I have way too much to do with my time than give trolls the respect of responding to them. Also, I like to let their comments stand on their own as a representation of their ignorance and lack of maturity. No need for me to get in the way of them showing how much of an ass they are.

    To the regular readers on this site, apologies that I haven’t written or commented on this blog in a while. But I’m very happy to see that this site continues to prosper without me. Unfortunately, I will likely only visit here sporadically in the future and will likely just remain in the background as a passive observer for now. Hopefully, this trolling situation is contained, but if any of you have any thoughts you’d like to share with me either here or via email (by going to “Contact”) about the trolling situation here, please do so. The more input I have, the better informed I will be at curtailing the trolling situation and containing it so it doesn’t get out of hand. Bye for now.

    • MrPingPong

      Vintage Philosopher’s writing as usual! I love this site! 🙂

  • Chirico

    I just want to share this with you.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Chirico:

      There is something wrong with the link. I can’t click on it. Can you redo it? Thank you. I’d like to read the article.

      • Chirico
        • old & in the way

          Dear Chirico:

          I remember this guy Greg from Jeremy’s Houston days. I think he writes for a local Houston outlet but I don’t know which one. This article was very good and it reinforced both your set-up to fail article and my seeking a secular non-divine fine article. It also highlights many of the points which the non-Lin fans choose to ignore much like trying to read a book with one’s eyes and mind closed shut. Intelligence seems to be very selective these days. Some folks seem to purposely choose ignorance over bliss for reasons which totally escape me at times. Thanks for not being one who chooses to ignore the facts…don’t confuse me with actual data. You know those people. We all do. Now more than ever they seem to be everywhere. Gotta go. Ciao for now.

          • Chirico

            I am glad you enjoy it. I hear you and I am with you. I have been looking for information about JLin in various forums these days. And I am glad that I did. Lot of them have similar view like us. I’m busy deal with many forums as well as things happening but I do check this site every other day.

            It is clear as day in the eyes of intelligent bball fans that Leakers are a sinking boat this season with such BS coach captain in BS.

            After all, simply ignore these guys, they only get a sense of satisfaction when you reply them.

  • old & in the way

    It looks like George Karl will be the next head coach of the Sacramento Kings and will take over the head coaching duties right after the All-Star Game break. He has been an excellent coach in the past with a proven track record. He is not a make believe coach like Scott and McHale or a FO yes man. I have heard both good and bad Jeremy Lin statements attributed to him so I truly don’t have any idea where he stands on his assessments of Jeremy Lin’s basketball skills. He does though play ordinarily a very uptempo offensive game which would be good for Jeremy. Without looking at the Kings roster I’m not even sure who their starting point guard is at the moment. But the fact that the name of their starting point guard doesn’t readily jump into focus tells me that they don’t have anyone who is really very good. Thus Sac City may be a good FA destination for Jeremy along with Denver if MDA winds up there or Boston or perhaps even San Antonio although I must confess that I have mixed feelings about Greg Poppavich. I’m not sure about all that rough and gruff stuff and the very strict disciplinarian label which often is just a euphemism for asshole. I want Jeremy to play for a coach who is cerebral and supportive of his players and not one who yells, screams and belittles his players. I fear that Poppavich may be too much in the latter mold for me. At least he has certainly gotten results but I think personally that I would prefer to see Jeremy play for George Karl, MDA or the guy in Boston before Poppavich. At any rate George Karl in Sacramento seems like a good idea to me and another potential spot for Jeremy during FA this coming summer. Hopefully the Karl deal in Sacramento will not fall through. The media though is making sound like it is a done deal and we are only waiting for the ink to dry on the contract. Good for Karl and good for Sacramento if this is truly the case.

  • MrPingPong

    Dear Old & In:

    Funny I have mixed feelings about coach Pop too. I know the SAS fans love him and the NBA circle reveres him. But somehow he comes off to me as rather aloof. “… euphemism for a-hole,” oh man, you sure do not pull any punches, do you? Ha ha. Grumpy old men like us can say these things with conviction, can’t we? 🙂 I must admit I was fooled by BS when he was hired though! 🙁 And I may be completely wrong about coach Pop. My opinion of him is meaningless anyway.

    On the other hand, I do like coach Karl. I think he got fired by the Nuggs because he refused to be their Yes man. For that reason, I don’t trust the Nuggs’ FO and ownership, nor do I trust the Kings’ FO and ownership.

    For me, I really would like to see Lin play for the Celts, the team that all Lakers and Knicks fans love to hate! 🙂 Danny Ainge, an accomplished college player, an accomplished NBA player and an accomplished NBA coach, seems intent on rebuilding the Celts with completely new blood, starting from the coach transplanted directly from college, 38-year old Brad Stevens. I dunno what Ainge thinks of Lin, but I sure would like to see Lin end up there! 🙂

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      I, too, am leaning towards Boston among those teams that might be a good place for him to play next year if not this year. I don’t know if Ainge and Boston have any interest in Jeremy Lin or not but it seems like it would be a natural place for him to play with an already built-in fan base from Harvard. Brad Stevens is an innovative young coach who likes an up-tempo offense which is good for Jeremy. He might prosper in such a system under this coach in a supportive environment with young teammates who are hungry to win. Also, if MDA lands another job somewhere in the NBA, then that would be another good location for Jeremy. It will be good to lose the haters when Jeremy finally lands on the right team and is allowed to use his actual basketball skills. This is one other additional debit on BS’s coaching slate. Instead of using an offensive system that better utilizes the skills of the players on his roster, he stubbornly tries to force them into his system whether or not they fit into that system. No mas Los Angeles Lakers. No mas. Gotta go. Ciao for now. And, go JLin tonight in Portland against all odds.