Deal Me In J-Lin

Deal Me In J-Lin…by old & in the way

There are things that J-Lin does on a basketball court that make my heart race, give me pleasure and lift my spirits that the racists choose to ignore, distort and deny. It isn’t easy listening to the biased critics misrepresent J-Lin’s abilities in their ignorant mainstream media fiction. Their assessments of his basketball skills are bogus and illegitimate. Facts are misrepresented. The incessant lies are overwhelming in a process that is as jolting and difficult to experience as 9-11 deniers and trashers. Perhaps not quite that bad but similar nevertheless from the perspective of the consensus opinion failing and refusing to examine the actual facts and data. With Jeremy the trolls and biased critics dominate the narrative. They are copycat robots mimicking what they have heard others say. They must not do their own research and certainly do not think critically and independently. Rather it seems that they just parrot popular nonsense. Their narrative though false has become the accepted reality in spite of a total lack of evidence and credibility to support it. Truth and reality are obscured by lies and shallow perceptions that are based on blind misconceptions. Now though starting in late October of this year Jeremy will be doing his magic b-ball tricks for a new city in Charlotte, North Carolina on a team that is being coached by a protege of Mike D’Antoni, the only NBA coach who has ever given J-Lin a free reign to run a team’s offense. When he did this he allowed and enabled the birth of Linsanity in New York City in the winter of 2012.

Steve Clifford, the third year head coach of the Charlotte Hornets, has made similar promises to J-Lin for this upcoming season about giving him a free rein to run the offense and play his game without restraints. No short leashes like in Houston under McHale and in Los Angeles under Byron Scott. Both McHale and Scott, though former great players in their own right, are nevertheless bad and unimaginative coaches who incessantly misused Jeremy Lin and forced him to often play out of position. Neither coach had a clue in spite of having played on multiple NBA championship teams in the 1980’s. Coach Clifford has promised to let J-Lin do what he has demonstrated and established that he does best like run the pick-n-roll, drive to the basket and create easy shots for his teammates with kick-out passes and hit the open shot himself when he gets one. In addition as a bonus Coach Clifford will also get the very good defender that Jeremy has become especially over the past two seasons. As long as Coach Clifford is being direct and honest with Jeremy and is not trying to mislead him to perhaps make him feel good about playing way under his monetary value, J-Lin should prosper this upcoming season and the Charlotte Hornets along with him in a possible rebirth of Linsanity 2.0. Deal me in J-Lin. I am primed and ready for this immaculate redemption and resurrection. I am cautiously optimistic. I am ready for this collaboration between J-Lin and the Charlotte Hornets to blossom and grow into something more productive than the sum of the parts. I am ready for the nay-sayers to say less and less. Buzz Hornets…buzz Lin. Deal me in. Buzz Lin. Buzz me in Lin. I always did like Al Jefferson.

  • MrPingPong

    Deal me in too, Old & In The Way! Like you and most Lin fans, I am cautiously optimistic about Lin’s opportunity to play to his strength with the Hornets.

    According to all public statements made by Lin and by coach Clifford, they seem to understand each other’s position and believe in each other. For sure, Lin will be backing up Kemba, as coach Clifford already states that Kemba, Batum, MKG and AJ will be starting. The #4 spot is still up in the air. So when Lin comes in for Kemba, who will be on the floor with Lin? It does not matter, I don’t think. Because as long as Lin is given free rein to run the floor, he will make it work. There is no doubt in mind about that.

    What’s intriguing to me is the talk of Lin playing alongside Kemba. Kemba will be directing traffic as PG, Lin playing SG, Batum moving to the SF spot, so it seems. For this “small ball” Hornets, who will be #4 and #5? Intriguing… The 2015-2016 Hornets will be so interesting to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Letzzz Buzzzzz, JL7!

  • Chirico

    Old and in, another great peiece about Lin and great insight regarding to prejudice media in general. Its a pathetic phenomenon in most human society that many people whose perceptions towards a matter, story are easier to be twisted by media and now adding the great power of social media, things get even more tangled and obscure. Reality is further blurred by the runmors superficial and fake article around all corners. Anyway, it’s always been a pleasure reading your article.

    Thanks and peace out.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Chirico:

      Thanks for the kind words and support. I’m glad you enjoyed my short article about Jeremy’s treatment in the NBA. And thanks for the informative interview with Jeremy. I don’t recognize the interviewer and don’t know who he is. But I appreciate this video as I could never get his introductory press conference to play on my computer so this was my first exposure to what he actually said other than what I read in the articles that accompanied the press conference video which would never play for me and which I still haven’t seen or heard. How about his new haircut and hair style? It’s a little bit stark but I think I will get use to it in time. Again thanks for the Jeremy interview. Later and ciao for now.

      • MrPingPong

        Here’s a longer version of the post presser interview, in case you haven’t seen it:

        And here is Lin’s Hornets presser:

        I’ll post Coach Clifford’s post presser interview in another reply since our Philosopher puts a limit of two links per reply.

      • MrPingPong
        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          Thanks. The You Tube stuff I can watch and it works on my computer but the videos from the Charlotte website will not play on my computer for a reason that I can not isolate. But the You Tube videos were enough to give me some insights on the relationship between Jeremy and the Charlotte coaching staff and Coach Clifford specifically. I remain cautiously optimistic and the videos have done nothing to curb my optimism. Having been to Palo Alto many times it is hard for me to imagine that Charlotte and Palo Alto have much in common. But I have never been to Charlotte so I will have to defer to Jeremy on this one. I did live in the deep south for awhile when I was very young. Palo Alto is a much more liberal place than anything I ever saw in the deep south during the period of 1966-68 when I was living there. But whatever makes Jeremy comfortable is fine with me and I am all for it. I am hoping for the best for Jeremy and the Charlotte Hornets in their collaboration. More later. Ciao for now.

  • Chirico

    Hornet JLin post signing interview

  • MrPingPong

    Kudo to the folks at jlinportal for translating the latest Lin interview with a Chinese news agency:

    Lin re-iterated that he spoke with coach Clifford multiple times and was convinced the coach understood his game and would let him play his game, thru mistakes et al. Coach Clifford seems to have a genuine interest in Lin and plans to come to CA in August to watch Lin train. That is quite something, I think. The more I read about Lin and Clifford, the more optimistic I feel about Lin’s upcoming season.

    In other interviews, Lin spoke very highly of Stephen Silas, a Hornets assistant coach. Stephen is the son of former NBA player and coach, Paul Silas. Stephen was an assistant coach for the Warriors during Lin’s rookie year and joined the then Charlotte Bobcats when his father got the Charlotte head coaching job. I am not sure how much of an impact Stephen had on Lin during the Warrior time since Lin did not get to play very much then. Still, Lin and Stephen seem to have good rapport. That is another plus.

    So all the news this preseason have been good for Lin and the Hornets so far. The only concern I have is food. We all know Lin likes hamburger, chicken wings (not breast, mind you DGT), Peking duck and sushi. The question is, ‘are these foods good for NBA players, especially when they have to prepare for back-to-backs games?’ This is a serious consideration since the Hornets have the most back-to-backs these last three years. According to some rumor, MJ asked the NBA to schedule the Hornets as many Friday-Saturday games as possible to help boost attendance:

    Should Lin drop the wings and go for the breast? Any sports nutritionists here? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      Thanks for posting the link to this great interview with Jeremy. It reveals much about the nature of his relationship with the Charlotte coaching staff and further reinforces our cautious optimism for Jeremy, Charlotte and this upcoming NBA season. In this interview Jeremy says that โ€œhe eats healthy foods.โ€ Here is his quote regarding food that he likes and eats in response to a question about his interest in cooking: โ€œMost are of western style and healthier food like fish, steak, roasted chicken. But I can’t eat fried food, not too much sweet, oily food, mostly healthier food.โ€ There is nothing in the interview about hamburgers, chicken wings, Peking duck or sushi so perhaps there is nothing to worry about regarding Jeremy’s nutritional perspectives and practices although your humorous quips about Jeremy’s diet are fun to read. But I must ask when steak became a โ€œhealthy foodโ€ as I did miss that particular transition myself. Perhaps a lean steak could be considered healthier than hamburgers and chicken wings I suppose. Nevertheless go Jeremy and go Pinger.

      • MrPingPong

        Dear Old & In:

        You dunno what Lin’s favorite foods are, really? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Just Google for “jeremy lin in-n-out burger” and see for yourself!

        And Peking duck that is:

        And don’t eat sushi with wasabi while driving:

        Mere mortals like us fans are by nature omnivorous. But pro athletes are different kinds of humans. They eat different things. Google for “Sumo diet” and see for yourself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        For me, my favorite food is tongue-in-cheek! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          I like tongue-in-cheek, too, but only with curry sauce.

  • Gary Teng

    Dear Professor MrPingPong,

    I got hit by the strayed bullet even though I was lying belly up on the muddy beach with my big bad mouth shut??? ๐Ÿ™

    Congratulations to your accurate prediction!~~~ Me? I am presently hiding in an undisclosed bunker to engage in deep self-reflection and soul searching. ๐Ÿ™

    Win! Win! Lin likes wins.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. Gary:

      Bullets? Muddy beaches? Undisclosed bunkers? I must have missed something in my absence. What was it? We all like wins and Lin together. Wins and Lin go together like bullets and muddy beaches. Right? Reel me in GT. To Lin for the win grin. Been there. Full circle. Coming back. Soon.

    • MrPingPong

      Which soul are you searching, DGT? I figure you have multiple-souls syndrome as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      May I suggest you leave Malibu and check out North Carolina beaches? The ocean water is much warmer in North Carolina! ๐Ÿ˜‰