Why Arguments that Jeremy Lin is Needed with the Second Unit is STILL Misguided

It’s clear Jeremy Lin is in a much better place with the Hornets and Coach Cliff. But, once again, we have the same tired arguments about whether or not to start Jeremy Lin. And this season, it appears that a lot more Lin fans have gotten on board with this notion that it makes sense to keep Lin with the second unit, because he’s needed there. I’m not sure if it’s just because Lin fans have been so beaten down that we’re just so happy he’s finally in a good place so we’re willing to just go along with anything at this point. But let me attempt to explain why arguments that Jeremy Lin is needed with the second unit, although well-meaning, is STILL misguided.

I completely understand the realities of the arguments for Lin being needed with the second unit. The reality is, Lin has a history of coming off the bench and he comes to the Hornets with bench-player stats, because of limited minutes and lack of opportunity, etc. I don’t care if you’re Lebron James, if you’re given bench minutes and bench opportunities, you’re not going to produce star stats. It’s just simple math. So at the moment, because of Lin’s stats, he straddles the line between a starter and a sixth man. So it seems reasonable to make arguments that Lin should just be a sixth man for the Hornets, since the second unit needs him to run the show.

But if you’re someone who has followed Jeremy Lin very closely (I’ve been following him and writing on this blog about him since 2012 right at the start of Linsanity) and you’re someone who can dig a little deeper and not just look at the surface of things, then the notion of keeping Lin with the second unit is actually quite absurd. Let me see if I can explain.

Lin has vastly improved his game and matured from the days of Linsanity when he put up superstar numbers. That alone should be a wake-up call. But let me lay this out for you a little more. Lin is much more skilled in all aspects of the game including defense, he is able to play at a lot of different speeds, and he now has a deadly jumper (which is the latest and greatest improvement I’ve seen). Because Lin is looking to shoot the ball (which is a new thing), he now has so many unique weapons to beat you. Weapons that he didn’t have during Linsanity. I remember during Linsanity, his shot did not look very good. You combine someone with very high skill level with Lin’s craftiness and creativity, as well as high basketball IQ and you got yourself a bonafide NBA star.

I know others may think I’m just being a delusional Lin fan, but I do believe objectively that Lin has all the attributes to be an NBA star, it’s just that he hasn’t had the opportunity. But Lin is not just any ordinary star, he’s a star who is also integral to winning games, because of his unselfishness.

I understand how others who haven’t followed Lin closely can make the argument that Lin is needed with the second unit. But for those who closely follow Lin and truly believe that Linsanity is not a fluke (and to think Lin is even way better now), then there are no good arguments to be made for not starting Lin–especially since Lin is a star who helps win games. Because no matter what, if you’re a star on a team, you’re needed in the starting lineup. Sure, the second unit would LOVE to have you, but that is a luxury that a team cannot afford. Teams need their stars in the starting lineup! There are only a few very very rare exceptions, if any, to this rule. So this is one of MANY reasons why arguments about not starting Lin is misguided, even if they’re made with good intentions.

It’s a little odd to me that it appears a lot of Lin fans are okay with this argument that Lin is needed with the second unit on THIS Hornets squad, because those very same people making this argument are, at the same time, saying that the Hornets’s second unit is very deep. Now, they may very well be including Lin in the second unit when they say the second unit is very deep. But I think with this Hornets team, there are actually even more good reasons to be made for starting Lin. For one, this Hornets team is pretty deep even without Lin. And Brian Roberts is looking very much like a capable back up point guard. So why do we need Lin to be a back up shooting guard? Also, if you start Lamb, then, according to Coach Cliff, that causes a lot of guys to have to play out of their natural positions. So there are actually good logistical reasons why Lin needs to start for the Hornets. So it’s odd that it appears a lot of Lin fans seem to be even more okay with Lin coming off the bench for the Hornets than in the past, when it probably makes even less sense in THIS case than in the past. My guess is just that Lin is in a good situation and we are all just feeling good about it and are just sort of swept away by the good vibes so we’re more willing to accept anything. I don’t know.

People often make lots of arguments about why Lin is needed with the second unit on the Hornets, but how about this idea that Lin is needed with the first unit? I mean, it’s not like the Hornets’s starting lineup is full of superstars that we don’t have room for another star, right? The Hornets starting unit is actually pretty average talent-wise, individually. The difference maker is how they play as a unit and we all know that there’s probably not too many players out there who can bring a team together like Jeremy Lin. I mean, he proved it during Linsanity when he got a bunch of guys who he hadn’t even had one practice with to sing together in unison on the court. Imagine what Lin can do to this group of guys who are more talented than the squad he had during Linsanity?

Also, you want your best guys to go up against the other team’s best guys. So if you truly believe that Lin is a star, then it is absurd NOT to have Lin in the starting lineup. For example, if Lin hadn’t been in the starting lineup to stop the Clippers in today’s game, this game could have very well turned out differently, because the Clippers are a very talented team that was out for blood. But Lin’s 10 points at the open (which were ALL of the Hornets points), matched what the Clippers did as a team. And that helped steady things, otherwise this game could have gone in a different direction. Momentum is very important in sports, so if you don’t have Lin in the starting lineup, you may be okay with average teams, but you are going to have to battle from behind if you go up against very good teams. So if the Hornets want to make noise in the playoffs, they’ll have to win games against very good teams and, for that, they need Lin in the starting lineup.

To illustrate why Lin is needed with the starting unit, all you have to do is look at these two Clippers games. In Game 1 (Clippers WITHOUT Chris Paul), the Hornets’s starting unit didn’t have flow. It was the second unit that won the game and looked good. This is because Lin was in the second unit. But in Game 2 (Clippers WITH Chris Paul), the Hornets’s starting unit had flow and looked good. This is because Lin was starting. The bottom line is Jeremy Lin just makes any four guys on the floor better, so wouldn’t it be more beneficial to Hornets for Lin to help make the first unit even better?

These are some of the more complicated reasons why it’s absurd not to start Jeremy Lin. But the most obvious one to me is that the bottom line is that starters get the most minutes. This is just the way it goes. If your’re coming off the bench, I don’t care how great you are, it’s very very difficult to break the 30-minute barrier. James Harden did that in only his THIRD season with OKC, where he averaged around 31 minutes. But in his second season with OKC, he only averaged around 26 minutes coming off the bench. So if you truly believe that the more time Lin is on the floor the better it is for the Hornets’s chances of winning, then you want Lin to start. It can’t be more simple than that.

And the thing is, the difference between Lin starting and Lin NOT starting this season with the Hornets is DRASTIC. Because if Lin starts, he is likely to get THE MOST minutes of anyone on the team. This is because of Lin’s versatility, so Cliff will want to play him quite a bit with the second unit, even if he chooses to start Lin. We are talking 38+ minutes potentially. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lobbying for Lin to play 38+ minutes (although I think that would be fine), I’m just trying to illustrate the potential significant difference between starting and coming off the bench in THIS situation. But if Lin plays back up he’ll likely get around 28 minutes or so. So it baffles me when I hear some Lin fans say that it doesn’t matter to them if Lin starts or not–especially in this situation particular situation. Because there is a big difference between starting and not starting here.

The other thing that I think some Lin fans may not fully realize on a deep level is that Lin as a shooting guard under Cliff is a totally different situation than Lin playing shooting guard in Houston. Sure, Lin fans all understand that Lin is in a very good situation and is in a much better place. But I think some of us still have an allergic reaction to this notion of Lin playing “shooting guard”, because of our PTSD from our McFale days. A lot of players actually love playing the shooting guard position. It’s no coincidence that Jordan and Kobe are both shooting guards. It’s the position that really allows you to shine, because you’re dependent on to score the ball. And whether or not you like it, scoring is still the biggest measure of success in the NBA for most people.

Because of this, I’m perfectly happy for Lin to play shooting guard if that’s what he has to do to get in the starting lineup. I know a lot of Lin fans want to keep him with the second unit, because that way, Lin will get to be the primary ball handler. But as a ball handler, you have the responsibility of making sure everyone gets their touches. You have to think a little more. I think Lin feels even more free as a shooting guard, because that’s the position you’re really given free rein to score. As a shooting guard, if you have a shot, it’s your job to take it. Also, Cliff is not having Lin just stand in the corner, he is actually running plays for Lin at shooting guard. So Lin is a TRUE shooting guard, not just a shooting guard in name only so he can be tucked in a corner so as to not get in the way of a superstar. Sure, I would ideally want Lin to be used as a combo guard with Walker and I want Lin to share ball-handling duties, ideally. But to me, more minutes EASILY trumps EVERYTHING ELSE. If you’re a great basketball player, more minutes takes care of EVERYTHING.

One of the complaints about Lin the past several seasons is that he’s inconsistent. That complaint is misguided, because they’re measuring Lin against players who get consistent big minutes. But if you measure Lin against players who get inconsistent minutes like he has been, then you’ll see that Lin has actually done very well. More minutes will take care of any seemingly inconsistent issues. This is one of the biggest reasons why superstars seem to produce so consistently. It’s because they have the minutes that allow them to weather any mini slumps they have throughout the course of any given game. There are plenty of instances when a superstar, like Kobe would go 0 for 6 shooting and end up with something like 10 for 20 at the end of the game, because they have the minutes to stay in the game and improve their stats.

Anyway, there are still plenty of other reasons that I haven’t even touched on about why Lin should be starting. But I hope I’ve helped highlight at least some of the reasons for you. Let me know what you think!

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  • I think Walker should lead the 2nd unit. Lets be honest, Lin is better at just about everything when compared to Walker. Lin is a true Floor General. He has been the best point guard and floor general in New York, Houston, LA and now Charlotte…..by a mile…..not even close. I think Lin will take over the point guard spot around game 25 to 30.

  • I’ll just say that most people are easily brainwashed and bamboozled. They are lazy and won’t do any leg work. They are just parrots. They listen to these people who obviously have deep rooted issues. Their blatant lies about Lin are based on pure emotion and 0.0 facts. Luckily Clifford seems like a pretty smart coach (unlike McHale and Scott) and an equal opportunity employer. I think….I hope when it’s all said and done that he will start the best players that give the hornets the best chance to win.

    • I hear you, Ray B, and good to see you here!

      Yeah, I think it’s easy to be a lazy thinker. It takes work to see through preconceptions and see beyond the surface of things and not always fall into group think.

      To me, Clifford, so far, has shown that he’s quite a thoughtful, open-minded human being. One example that I think really expresses why I’ve been so impressed with Clifford is that when an interviewer asked Clifford if Clifford should encourage Batum to look to score more. I think when the interviewer asked Cliff this, he expected Cliff to say, “yes!” You know how these interviewers are. They always ask leading questions. Questions that they think they know the answer to. But I think Cliff, being a thoughtful human being, surprised the interviewer by saying that he doesn’t make recommendations about how a player should play until he’s had a chance to really get to know that player. To me, that answer really spoke volumes about what a thoughtful and intelligent coach Cliff is. A lesser coach would have blindly recommended Batum to look to shoot more, even though that may not be the best for Batum or for the team, simply because that’s what Batum was brought in to do and simply because Batum was a big off-season acquisition.

      Cliff seems to be all about really figuring out his players and finding the best roles for them and the team as a whole. I think Cliff really takes his time and is sincere about it.

      • old & in the way

        I agree that Jeremy Lin is a potential star in the NBA. As many of us have been saying for more than three years now all he has been lacking up to now is the opportunity to see just how good he can be and just how good he can get. It is generally true that the longer one does something the better one gets at doing it no matter what it is. Playing basketball is no different than any other repetitive function or activity. The more one does it the better one gets until finally the pinnacle is reached. Jeremy has not yet reached his potential. It is not yet known how good he can be. Charlotte does seem so far to be a very good situation for him and Coach Clifford does seem to be an objective and unbiased coach much to Jeremy’s benefit. As least that is my view up to this point. My objective…and yes, it is possible to be high on Jeremy’s potential and simultaneously objective about it…assessment is that Jeremy is the best back court player on the Hornet’s roster. I do not think he should be playing behind anyone at the guard position. Thus he should be starting. He is the Hornet’s most versatile back court player. He should not be playing behind Kemba Walker or Jeremy Lamb. Neither of them are as good as Jeremy in any aspect of the game of basketball. I do not understand why Jeremy must continuously defer to anyone he has yet played with at the professional level. Kemba Walker’s ego must be protected but not Jeremy’s when Jeremy is the more valuable contributor to team success? To me it is a no-brainer that Jeremy should be a starter on this Charlotte team. Two play-makers on the court together is certainly better than one. After Nate “Tiny” Archibald retired after the 1982 season the starting guards on those great Celtics teams during the 1980’s were Danny Ainge and Dennis Johnson both of whom were point guards. And Larry Bird was kind of a point forward. So those great Celtics teams had three play-makers on the court much of the time. I still think Jeremy should primarily be a point guard and not a shooting guard. But two point guards playing side by side ought to pay great dividends to the overall success of any team in general and this Charlotte team in particular. Thus Jeremy should be starting and finishing all of the Hornet’s games in my view for all of the reasons that you have already articulated. That is my objective view. Just because I like Jeremy doesn’t mean that I can’t be objective. I can and I am. He should be starting on this team. It is in my view a no-brainer that he should be starting. Hopefully he will. Thank you, JLintel, for stating the obvious. There is no reason to back away from your position as it is right-on. He needs the minutes and playing time to maximize his skills and to maximize his ability to facilitate overall team success. Go Jeremy…go Charlotte. The future looks good from here so far. All systems go.

        • Thanks for the in-depth comment, old & in the way!

          Yes, objectively, Lin is better than all the guards on this team. The issue is that, due to the circumstances/situations he’s been in the past several years, he hasn’t had the opportunity to show it. So those who don’t follow Lin very closely just look at the stats out of context and see him as an average player or a good back up player. And that’s totally understandable. So, I completely understand it when those who don’t follow Lin closely make arguments that he’s best utilized as a back up. But I think for those who follow Lin very closely, it is absurd, based on Lin’s skill sets, creativity, craftiness and high bball IQ, to not start Lin. It is, as you said, a no-brainer. This is why it’s sometimes very frustrating being a Lin fan, because he’s a guy who has all the attributes of an NBA star, but simply just hasn’t had the opportunity. But those who don’t observe Lin closely can’t see this and that’s understandable. This is just simply a situation in which there’s a tremendous gulf of information and knowledge about Lin. Both parties (Those who observe Lin closely and those who don’t) have completely separate sets of information, as a result, see things completely differently. Normally, I would say both parties are right. And technically, both parties are acting based on the information they have so they are right in their own minds. BUT, in THIS case, those who observe Lin very closely have an information advantage on Lin over those who don’t. So that’s why in THIS case, those who observe Lin closely are right in the practical sense. Those who don’t observe Lin closely just need to increase their knowledge of Lin. Once they have the proper amount of knowledge on Lin, then they’ll come to realize that those who have observed Lin very closely are right. So, yes, that’s why you can be a Lin fan and be objectively concluding that Lin is better than all the guards in Hornets and should be starting, because you’re working off tremendous amounts of information gathered over several years on Lin, whereas those who haven’t observed Lin closely are missing tremendous amounts of information on Lin.

          The whole discussion above is a stream-of-consciousness rambling on my part. Too lazy to go back and edit. It’s complicated stuff that I’m trying to convey. I know I can explain it better, but I’m just too lazy to do so at the moment. I think you get what I’m saying, though. But concerned that others may not. Oh well. It’s the best my lazy self can do for now.

          • The Hornets should just let LIN loose..let him start to get his rhythm early. He’s the glue that will put the Hornets together to win playoff matches. The Hornets moves and looks better with him on the court. It really does not matter if he plays point guard or shooting guard coz he can do both anyway. The Hornets was a forgettable team and its only claim to fame was it is owned by Michael Jordan, Lin is really their most important asset…on court and off court. Now all is abuzz with the resurrection of Linsanity.

          • MrPingPong

            You are preaching to the choir here, NPA.

            It is so freaking frustrating to watch how Lin is being marginalized by coaches and GMs in the NBA and the so-called NBA experts. The Lin doubters apply multiple standards to Lin’s BB skills. Lin’s stellar performance in the current preseason is summarily dismissed because after all, preseason games do not count. But had Lin played a bad game, they would jump on him for sure.

            Newton’s law of inertia not only applies to physical mass, but also to the way people think. Once bigotry takes its root, it won’t bulge. There is no rationality nor reason in bigotry.

          • Thanks for the comment, N.P.A. Totally agree! Hope the Hornets coaching staff, players and front office realize Lin’s value. So far, they have shown to appreciate Lin, but it is a mistake if they don’t start Lin.

  • MrPingPong

    Well articulate as usual, Philosopher and Old and In.
    When I grow up, I want to be able to write like you both.

    For me, you start your best players to optimize the team’s chance for winning and minimize the chance for losing. It is a no-brainer. It is common sense. It is a tried-and-true principle. Right now, the #2 position is open, and Lin is simply the best among the guards to fill that role. Lin should start. Period. Unfortunately, there is a nasty and persistent undercurrent within the NBA community to try to drag Lin down and keep this man down. These folks will come up with all kinds of “basketball reasons” to try to marginalize Lin.

    It’s amazing that how Lin has survived all the hate and marginalization and just keeps playing and getting better. Lin is playing his best basketball right now and playing better than anyone on the Hornets team. The cream will always rise to the top, as the old saying goes. Lin is the cream of the cream! Period.

    Before I forget, in case you want to watch replays of all NBA preseason games, check out:


    I tried it and it worked really well for me.

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

    • Thanks, as always, MrPingPong! When I grow up, I want to be as funny as you are. 🙂

      Yep, no matter what, Lin continues to work on his game and get better, despite others limiting his roles and minutes. That’s the type of perseverance that will give you a chance at success. You can’t control what other people do or think or say or believe, but you can continue to take right action in the midst of adversity.

      • MrPingPong

        I’m still working on my game as comic relief for your blog, Philosopher…

        I appreciate your taking the time to respond to the commentators. It’s quite interesting to read their comments and realizing how different their interpretations of your writing are from mine.

        I will miss tomorrow’s game against the Knicks due to family functions. It appears that Lin is sick and won’t play. My Ouija board says it’s the hands of Providence at work here for us fans to see how the Hornets play without Lin. The Jeremy Lin story has so many twists and turns even during preseason. I love it! 🙂

        • Haha, MrPingPong!

          It is also always interesting to me how people interpret things, in general. We all are limited by our own experience/knowledge, etc. and, thus, see from this unique perspective. It’s a fascinating subject altogether. I think often times the comments section of this blog is even more interesting than the article itself. 🙂 I always wished more people comment on this blog, but as per the norm, I get a lot of views on this site, but not very many comments. And then I get people commenting about the article on Twitter. But my preference is that they comment here, so I can be more thorough in my response. As you well know, I like to be very thorough.

          Yep, it looks like Lin is sick. I still don’t know if he’ll be playing or not. Hopefully, this doesn’t stop his momentum.

  • Strangetimes

    Hey Jlintel, haven’t posted in a long while. I see you are keeping the flames alive for Jeremy and still passionate about it.

    While I enjoyed your post, I am going to say the opposite. I mean I am beginning to not like basketball in the US, it’s not sportsmanship really. I don’t know how you persist in being interested. After so many disappointments, you still have hope for this mafia called the NBA? I don’t think it matters anymore. If he starts, if he doesn’t. Believe me he won’t, because it’s a mafia. I realized this when the Rockets, or when any other Asian player was on a team, were showing Chinese, or Korean, or Japanese ads on games right on center on TV. American audiences would have no clue what they were about. That seemed strange. See, they like Asians because they sell ads and whatever else they sell. Your playing time minutes don’t matter. I saw that slick businessman smile on Jordan when he went to Asia. Yeah, it’s a business, everyone in the NBA knows it. Not the fans of course. They will never bench Lin even for legitimate reasons, because of ads, business, you know, but they will never regard him as a player outside of business. He will always be NBA’s business prospect in China.

    That maybe harsh but who doesn’t know how business is in America. All the teams hired him for cheap pennies to sell shit to China, it seems.

    • Good to see you again, Strangetimes!

      Jeremy Lin is traveling the path of the pioneer. The path of the pioneer is a messy and dirty one, because it’s not paved. When it rains, the path of the pioneer gets muddy and it’s a struggle to keep walking on it. It wants to suck your shoes out from under you. You want to get off, because it’s hard and messy. You want to get off, get cleaned up, have your shoes shined and walk on an easy path, one that has already been paved.

      Yes, the NBA is a business and it is true that Jeremy Lin is a marketing tool. But I don’t think it’s entirely true to conclude that ALL decisions regarding Jeremy Lin in the NBA have to do with business. If this were so, then nearly all teams in the NBA would have made Jeremy Lin an offer during free agency, just to have him on the team to sell jerseys and tickets. But Lin didn’t get very many offers in free agency, because the league buys into this notion that he’s just an average back up player. So, sure, Lin’s marketability is attractive, but that’s not the ONLY thing NBA teams look at when evaluating whether or not they want Lin on the team. And most in the league are still blinded by their own biases regarding Jeremy Lin and that’s why I continue to do what I do. My job is to elucidate and illuminate. To help those who are well-meaning see a little clearer and, hopefully, change perspectives. Jeremy Lin is walking an unpaved path, so it’s not going to be easy to get where he wants to go.

      I think with the Hornets in particular, they have a basketball need for Jeremy Lin and their interest in Jeremy Lin is genuine. Sure, they’ll benefit from possibly significantly increasing their fan base and all the marketing benefits that Jeremy Lin brings. But I don’t think that’s the sole reason they went after Lin. Coach Cliff has a familiarity with Lin due to having worked with D’Antoni and the Hornets have Silas as one of their assistant coaches, who had a genuine relationship with Lin when Lin was a nobody on the Warriors. Silas treated Lin like a star and spent significant time with Lin. So I think there’s genuine interest in Lin from a basketball perspective in Hornets. And, so far in the preseason, they have shown that they are genuinely interested in Lin as a basketball player.

      Us Lin fans and Lin have been through a lot of shit, so we can smell bull shit a mile away by now. At least for now, the Hornets, and in particular, Coach Cliff have shown to be genuinely interested in Lin as a basketball player. And you can tell Jeremy Lin is having the time of his life. He’s closest to the situation, so if he’s having the time of his life and is the happiest he’s been in his entire NBA career, then that’s saying a lot. Even during Linsanity, Jeremy Lin wasn’t happy. Linsanity may have been a magical time for the fans, but it was a very stressful and alienating time for Lin.

      So I understand the tendency to just throw in the towel after what Lin and Lin fans have been through. Believe me, I get that. I didn’t pay any attention most of last season once I realized, early on, that the Lakers just wanted to tank. I just felt there was no reason to keep writing, etc., because I couldn’t take anything that the Lakers were doing seriously. But now the situation is very different for Lin in Hornets. So it’s time for me to pay attention again.

      Because the situation is so much better than in the past in contrast, I feel like a lot of Lin fans are just so thankful that we’re willing to be okay with anything at this point. Not me. I still see my job as helping well-meaning people to see more clearly.

      Last season, I thought it would have taken some sort of a miracle for Lin to turn his career around. Right now, Lin is very close to doing so. All he needs is starter minutes to show what he’s really capable of. So, to me, there are many reasons for starting Jeremy Lin and another one is that it’s the easiest way he can rehabilitate his career. Starting Lin and Lin coming off the bench is a HUGE difference to me, because of the difference in the amount of minutes he’ll get as I explained in my article. For example, it’s the difference between Lin being voted in the All Star team, versus continuing to be seen as a good 6th man. Once Lin starts, the tide will turn on Lin and even the “NBA mafia” will be swept away. During Linsanity, there was only pure joy and the cries of the fans overwhelmed everything else, including the “NBA mafia”.

      Above is another stream-of-consciousness rambling by me that I’m too lazy to go back and edit. So I totally understand if none of it makes sense to you. It’s totally okay if we just see things a little differently here. But glad to see you on here and hope you continue to follow Jeremy Lin’s progress. I think you might be in for a surprise of the good variety.

  • JT

    So far it seems Clifford knows he needs to get the most out of JLin in light of the MKG loss. That means he will find ways to get JLin 30+ minutes per game. Where Clifford decides to spend the 30+ minutes, 1st unit or 2nd… it really is going to be what he thinks make best sense for them whole team and get the wins. I am sure that is how JLin looks at this. And if most of us do think Clifford is a good coach, why are we micromanaging his job?

    • Thanks for the comment, JT!

      Yep, so far, it looks like Coach Cliff know what he’s doing and I hope he keeps making the right decisions. I’m totally new to Coach Cliff, since I haven’t observed him in the past. So, although he does appear to be a good coach, that doesn’t mean I will trust him blindly or agree with everything he does. Hell, sometimes I don’t even trust myself or agree 100% with what I do. I make bad decisions, just like everyone else and I’m sure Cliff is not an All Knowing Being.

      Having observed Lin since 2012 very closely, I think I have some area of expertise on Jeremy Lin’s game and how to best use him for the benefit of the team. Not saying that I know more than Coach Cliff, but I do have some some amount of knowledge on Lin that he may not have and vice versa.

      Technically, I can’t micromanage Coach Cliff, because I’m not his boss 🙂 but I know what you mean. To me, starting Lin and not starting Lin is no small matter, as I explained in my article. I think it’ll be a significant difference in playing time, due to the unique situation Hornets is in and Lin’s versatility, as a result, I think it will significantly impact team wins, since I do believe strongly in Lin’s ability to win games. Sure, Cliff may have different ideas on how to do this than I, so that’s why as a fan, I get to voice my opinions on the matter, even though at the end of the day nothing I say matters, since Cliff doesn’t read what I write and Cliff will do whatever he wants anyway.

      For me, part of the fun of being a “fan” (I actually don’t really see myself as a fan perse, I’m more of a close observer of Jeremy Lin than a fan who wants his autograph or something) is to critically analyze the game and decisions that are made. Otherwise, I’m just watching the game passively like a zombie. I’m someone who enjoys analyzing things and possibly bring new perspectives to things that others may not have thought of. That’s why I do what I do. Hope that sort of answers your question.

      Well, thanks again for your comment. Hope to see you here again!

      • old & in the way

        Does anyone know if Jeremy is starting tomorrow’s game against the Knicks? I hope he is starting and I agree with you, JLintel, that while Coach Clifford seems to be sincere to this point I have been burned too often by Jeremy’s previous coaches to completely trust him until I see how he uses Jeremy in regular season games. I want to trust him but I can’t do so unconditionally due to Jeremy’s biased treatment by coaches in the past. I hope Coach Clifford turns out to be the honest and sincere person that he seems to be but I want to wait until the regular season unfolds a bit until I decide for sure who he is and what he is truly about as an individual. So what is Jeremy’s role suppose to be for tomorrow’s game? Do you know? Thanks for any info you can sent my way. Ciao for now.

        • ashley

          There is an article at http://www.nba.com/hornets/keys-beat-knicks-and-bulls
          titled “Keys to Beat the Knicks and Bulls” written by Sam Perley at hornets.com. The writer started the article with a discussion on two key matchups: Kaminsky vs a Knicks player and Lamb vs a Knicks player. For Lamb, he wrote “Jeremy Lamb will have a great opportunity to stake his claim as the Hornets starting shooting guard as he matches up against… After that, there’s a heading titled “Scouting the Hornets (4-0)”in which he mentioned the stats of quite a few players of the Hornets except Lin’s. This is pretty weird. It’s like Lin weren’t even on the team. I just glanced over it twice. Am I missing something?

          • old & in the way

            Dear Ashley:

            I’ve never heard of Sam Perley. I read the article and Jeremy isn’t even mentioned as you have stated. This is an oversight that is alarming to me, too. In no way should Jeremy Lamb be playing ahead of Jeremy Lin. For this guy Perley to be so casual in his dismissal of Jeremy Lin even being worthy of a comment is offensive to me as a Jeremy Lin fan. He (Jeremy Lin) has been the Hornets best and most productive player through the first four preseason games. But he doesn’t even get a mention from Perley. You aren’t missing anything but Perley is missing plenty. I do hope that Charlotte doesn’t turn out to be just like Houston and Los Angeles for Jeremy. I want to be positive about Charlotte but this kind of nonsense does make me anxious. Fortunately Sammy is not the coach and so hopefully Coach Clifford is paying more attention to Jeremy Lin than is Mr. Perley. Hang in there for now and I shall do the same. The regular season games will reveal the truth about this team. It is difficult to draw conclusions about the regular season based on preseason exhibition games for the most part. Ciao for now.

        • MrPingPong

          Lin posts on his Facebook wall that he is sick (“When I get a virus and am jetlagged from the China trip, I sit inside stone-faced and watch Naruto. “)

          He may not play tomorrow. It’s best for him not to, in my opinion. Just get some rest and grow his hair a little more! 😉

          • Yeah, I think Lin may sit out due to a virus tomorrow and that’s for the best. No need to push things in preseason, since coach already has a good idea what he’s getting from Lin at this point.

            The other point I didn’t make about “micromanaging Cliff” is that I’m sure even Cliff is not 100% sure himself about how best to use Lin. This is why he hasn’t made up his mind yet. It’s a tough decision and even after he makes the decision on how he’s going to use Lin, he’ll still doubt whether or not it’s the right decision. This is not one of those black & white decisions. Lots of grey areas. So I think this decision of whether or not to start Lin is very much up for debate, which is why there are so many different conflicting opinions on the matter. I’m just offering my own opinion here.

            Hopefully, Cliff is wise enough to realize that it’s something he may need to continue to re-visit, rather than make a decision and stick to it come hell or highwater. From what I’ve seen of Cliff, I think he’s open-minded enough to not hold steadfast to whatever decision he makes initially on whether or not to start Lin.

  • old & in the way

    Well, I’m sorry for being so sure of myself but I see no “grey areas” regarding Jeremy Lin on this Charlotte team. When he is healthy he should be starting and playing as many minutes as he can. It is irrelevant whether or not he plays today against the Knicks in an exhibition game. But in the regular season he should be starting and should be given a significant role. He is to me clearly the best back court player the Hornets have. To me his role as a starter is a no-brainer. What “grey areas”!? Where are they and what are they? In which ways is he not their best guard? What am I missing? (He asked rhetorically.) He is a starter. There is no black and white in this matter. He deserves to be starting and receiving maximum playing time. I am old but I am not stupid. He is a starter on this team.

    • MrPingPong

      Our Philosopher is simply hedging, Old & In! 😉

      After being shocked by the blowout of the Clips, our Philosopher is seeing various shades of grey, just like the Eskimos who can identify a wide spectrum of shades of white! 😉
      Sorry for the bad joke! 🙁

      Where is DGT these days, BTW?
      We need you here to keep the fun going, my friend!

      • Chirico

        I agree with the old and in. It’s clear as day that JLin is the best back court player Hornets got this year. I’ve come to understand the media like ESPN is one of the most anti-Lin type.

        The fact that there is much less coverage on Lin on these media proves the point many of us have been mentioning that they just wish linsanity never happened and how prejudiced and stereotyping they are against JLin. They basically follows this insidious act of repeating lies for thousands times and hope it becomes reality.

        • Once Linsanity 2.0 takes over, the tide on Lin will turn in a very powerful manner and even ESPN will be powerless to stop it. Stephen A. Smith and others like him will look like fools.

          But Linsanity 2.0 CAN ONLY HAPPEN if Jeremy Lin starts. Yet, ANOTHER reason for Lin fans to want Lin to start, which is so baffling to me when I see Lin fans say that it doesn’t matter whether or not Lin starts. I think they’re being duped. It is actually a very important matter whether or not Lin starts–especially if you’re a Lin fan.

          • Chirico

            Totally agree with you. Philosopher.

      • GT

        Dear Professor MrPingPong and old & in the way,

        “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
        — Mark Twain

        Although I have been speech-less on this website lately…

        Every single day and every word you say
        Every game Lin plays, every act you take, I’ll be watching you…
        Every Breath You Take — The Police

        • Ha ha! Good to see you here, again!

          MrPingPong can’t be the only one on here to lighten the mood. We need your comedic spirit and insights, as well, DGT!

        • old & in the way

          Dear Gary:

          Yo’! Excellent song and as always a perfect and pertinent quote placement by you. Your humor has been missed. Please don’t be such a stranger in the near future. We need your input. Hope to see you back here again and again time after time. And for now and ciao.

        • MrPingPong

          ‘Good to hear from you, DGT! 🙂
          I figure you’ve been busy bee with the Honey Bees ever since you broke up with your Lakers Girl.
          Anyway, be careful with what you wish for because you might get it. 😉

          • GT

            Dear Philosopher King, Professor MrPingPong, and old & in the way,

            It feels good to be missed. This gives me courage and strength to continue my clown show here.

            To be honest, I still have not fully recovered from the atrocious treatments Lin received from the Lakers. As a result, I left my Lakers grandma and the City of Lost Angles and moved to the City of Lost Wages. Right now, I am resting peacefully in an undisclosed cave deep in the Mojave desert to nurse my wounds.

            I’ll be back. 🙂

    • Thanks, old & in the way, for bringing up what I said regarding the issue of whether or not to start Lin is not black and white and that there are lots of greys. I’d like to clarify what I meant when I said that.

      When I said that the issue of whether or not to start Lin is not black and what and that there are lots of grey areas, I was looking at the picture as a whole taking into consideration all the different constituents involved. For people like you and I, “old & in the way”, it is a NO-BRAINER that Jeremy Lin should start for all the reasons I’ve outlined in my article. So we are one constituent that believes wholeheartedly that Lin should start and that starting Lin means more wins for the Hornets, etc. There are no grey areas for us. Then you’ve got another constituent, including some Lin fans, who who are fine with Lin starting or not starting. Then there are those, including some Lin fans, who think he is best utilized coming off the bench. So lots of different constituents with lots of conflicting opinions, due to the information any one constituent is working with on Jeremy Lin. Some people have more information and knowledge about Jeremy Lin than others. And it is my strong opinion that if you have followed Lin very closely since 2012, the thought of not starting Jeremy Lin is completely absurd, as I pointed out in my article.

      For Cliff, specifically, since he hasn’t observed Jeremy Lin closely since 2012 as I have, I think he’s still undecided on how best to use Lin. So for Cliff, I do believe it’s not black and white. Lots of greys for him. It’s not a no-brainer for Cliff, which is why he hasn’t made up his mind about who is going to start at shooting guard. And I think whatever Cliff decides on the matter, he’s going to continue to wonder if he made the right decision. So when “JT” commented that we should just trust Cliff, since Cliff knows what he’s doing, my point is that when it comes to whether or not to start Lin, even Cliff is uncertain of what to do and will continue to wonder if he made the right decision regardless of what he decides. So it is totally valid for “fans”, such as myself, to provide our very strong opinions on the matter, because the matter of whether or not to start Lin AS A WHOLE WHEN TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION ALL CONSTITUENTS INVOLVED is not black and white. Lots of greys with lots of varying opinions. Hope that makes sense.

      • old & in the way

        Dear JLintel:

        With the qualifications I accept and understand your “shades of grey” and we do agree in conceptual terms. I simply meant that for me there are no “shades of grey” regarding the utilization of a player like Jeremy Lin on this Charlotte team. From my perspective there is no doubt that he should be playing ahead of Jeremy Lamb and in my view Kemba Walker, too, or at least with him in the starting rotation and not coming off the bench to “lead the second team.” I am a little offended by the common opinion that Jeremy Lin is best suited to be a “leader off the bench.” This in my view is a backdoor compliment to Jeremy and his particular skill set. He is not a back-up. He is a damn starter in this league and I am not willing to accept anything less than that without an argument given that none of us are coaches in the NBA. But I have been watching the NBA for decades and I know talent when I see it and have a fair armchair sense of how to utilize it effectively. I have two good eyes in spite of my age and know that Jeremy Lin is a starter in this league with all-star potentials that have not yet been fully realized but are just beneath the surface waiting to be fully utilized and appreciated by one and all. It is just a matter of when and where. May it be this year and in Charlotte.

        • I wholeheartedly agree with you, old & in the way, and I hope more Lin fans feel the same way as you and I on this specific subject and that’s why I wrote my article. I think if you just look at a player’s pure ability, creativity, basketball IQ, you will conclude objectively that Lin should be starting over Lamb (of course) and even Walker. Lin is objectively a better basketball player than Walker. But that’s going to take quite a leap for those who haven’t observed Lin closely to make. So I stay away from that whole subject of Lin vs. Walker, because I know there’s a GIGANTIC GULF in information/knowledge between one constituent and another. Both constituents are working with completely separate sets of information/knowledge, so it’s nearly impossible for one constituent to convince the other constituent that they’re right. So given the reality of the situation, the most ideal option is for the Hornets to see Lin and Walker as two starting combo guards. Hope it happens.

  • Chirico

    Naruto, just like what I mentioned, he likes the anime. So, that explains the myth regarding to his spiky hair. It is interesting that Ppl were guessing it with character in dragline ball Z or a Jap anime called “slamdunk.” now it’s a good time to pick up Naruto, folks!

    • Well, in Lin’s Q&A on Reddit, Lin, himself, specifically mentioned “Super Saiyan”, when referring to his spiked hair.

      I’m still confused as to whether or not the spiked hair style he has now is the FINAL PRODUCT. I thought he still hasn’t gotten it to where he wants it, but in China he mentioned in the first postgame press conference there that when he comes back next year, he’ll have the same spiked hair style. So, if he’s going to have the same spiked style that he has now next year, then doesn’t that mean that the hair he has now is the hair style that he is after? I don’t know. The whole issue with his hair is pretty confusing to me, but it’s all good. At least he got everyone talking about his hair, including GQ: http://www.gq.com/story/a-brief-timeline-of-jeremy-lins-offseason-hairdo-swerves

      I hope he keeps this spiked hair style he has, whether or not it’s Naruto or Super Saiyan. I have to admit, I have not seen either anime. I know I’m missing out. Will have to find some time to watch them at some point.

      • old & in the way

        Okay. Now I’m going to show my age. What is a Naruto? What is a anime? Or would that be who is Naruto and who is anime? I’m in the dark on these references and need to be enlightened by someone on this forum. I don’t know what either of them are.

        • Chirico

          Old & in,

          In short, Anime, abbreviated from animation. Its how westerners describe Japanese animed tv series or movie.

          Naruto is a character in a famous Japanese animation
          called Naruto, somewhat a mixture of modern ninja kind of fantasy story.

          • old & in the way

            Dear Chirico:

            Thank you for the “consecutive translation” as they say at the United Nations. This (Japanese animation) is a world about which I know absolutely nothing so I appreciate your help and input. But I do like Japanese movies a lot. In fact my favorite movie of all time is a Japanese production titled “Maborosi” that stars the beautiful Makiko Esumi. Perhaps you have heard of it. It was released in 1994 so it is already 21 years old. Makiko was in her late twenties at the time but she is still beautiful today as she approaches her fiftieth birthday.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non-Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    In support of our Philosopher’s insistence of starting Lin, I did a little querying at basketball-reference.com on average minutes for starting guards and non-starting guards last season. Here is the result for non-starting guards who played at least 41 games last season:


    As you can see, Lou Williams, last season’s 6th man, only averaged 25.2 MPG and 15.5 PPG.

    And here is the result for guards who started at least 41 games last season:


    As you can see, if Lin is to score big and play at Linsanity level, he will need 32+ MPG. And in order to get such consistent meaningful playing time, he will need to start. There is very little chance he will get more than 25 MPG if he does not start. Numbers don’t lie.

    I want LINSANITY!

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!


    • Thanks for doing the leg work, MrPingPong! Excellent stuff.

      From Cliff’s post game interview, I’m a little concerned that Cliff is going to make a big mistake and not start Lin. I don’t think Cliff with start Lamb either. My fear is that he’ll use Batum as SG and Williams as Small Forward, which would be a HUGE mistake. I don’t like Batum at SG at all. I think Batum is perfect at Small Forward. But Cliff said something about how he doesn’t want too many guys in the starting unit who all need the ball in their hands. He also said that he doesn’t necessarily think the best five guys need to start and made comments about how some guys will have to play out of position, etc. He also said he likes the lineup of Lin/Lamb/Hawes/Zeller and said that the bench can be a real strength. So all these leads me to think Cliff is going to have Lin come off the bench, which is a BIG mistake.

      The thing is, even though Cliff believes in Lin, he STILL doesn’t see Lin as the star that I see. So that’s why Lin fans can’t sleep on Cliff and just assume that he’ll make all the right decisions. We still need to be vigilant. Right now, it looks like Cliff is going to make a big mistake and not start Lin, because this means Lin won’t get the amount of minutes that he should be getting (34 mins+).That’s the bottom line. Hopefully, Cliff is flexible enough that even if he decides not to start Lin, he’ll realize his mistake and change his mind later on.

      I’m surprised that Cliff didn’t see the Hornets/Knicks game without Lin and realize that the Hornets really need Lin to start, because the starting unit of the Hornets team vs. Knicks didn’t look very good. They probably looked more like the Hornets team of last season. I’m disappointed that Cliff didn’t seem to pick that up. To me, it was OBVIOUS.

      • old & in the way

        Dear JLintel:

        This is a bad development indeed. I didn’t know anything about Clifford’s press conference until just now. What I noticed about the Knicks game is that Charlotte wasn’t nearly as good without Jeremy Lin playing in the game. It is so obvious to me that for both the benefit of the Charlotte team as well as Jeremy Lin himself he needs to start and be in the game as much as possible and play as many minutes as he can. I sincerely hope that Clifford doesn’t turn out to be another coach who is incapable of utilizing Jeremy Lin’s skill set in an intelligent and meaningful way. I think this Charlotte team could be very good with proper player utilization but I agree that this latest development does not seem promising. I guess we will just have to wait and see how Jeremy is used when the regular season begins. But to me it is still a no-brainer that Jeremy needs to play starter’s minutes for this Charlotte team to be successful and reach its full potential. Otherwise it will just be another “here we go again.” Why are these NBA coaches so dense and lacking in perceptive insights. Are the anti-Asian biases really this wide spread and as deep as they appear to be? Is MDA really the only NBA coach who is capable of seeing past his own biases and doing the right thing? I want to think not but it gets harder and harder to think otherwise and especially if Clifford turns out to just be another coaching dud. For now I will hang in there and hope for the best. But I am truly growing impatient with Jeremy’s ill treatment if his Charlotte experience follows the patterns he faced in New York with Woodson and in Houston with McHale and Los Angeles with Scott. It is unbelievable to me that Jeremy’s path to success must be riddled with such constant obstacles blocking his progress. I grow weary of his mistreatment by this unhealthy NBA culture where racial biases carry more weight than actual on-court performances.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      Me, too!!! I want fucking Linsanity, also. He needs to start though because he deserves to start and not to please any of us. He deserves it. We want it but he deserves it because he has earned it. He has more than paid his dues in this troublesome league and thus deserves the minutes and the success that will come with it. JLintel is right, I am right and so are you. Go Jeremy and go Charlotte. I couldn’t help but notice that the Hornets struggled to beat the Knicks last night without him. Charlotte needs him to start, we need him to start but mostly he needs to start because it is right that he does so.

      • ashley

        I might be repeating what I’ve posted under an earlier thread, but I think “gray areas” may be applied here:

        First, the Hornets stated very clearly that they wanted Lin as a backup, which I suspect came from the owner’s decision. I think Cliff knows Lin’s game well enough, or he wouldn’t have claimed he wanted Lin at the end of last season. I think he knows Lin can be a starting PG, but that’s not their plan; they just wanted him to lead the second unit. Had MKG not injured, there wouldn’t even be this starting issue or possibility.

        Second, the Hornets acquired more than three good shooters in Lin, Batum, and Lamb; Robert the backup PG shoots well and so do the bigs like Zeller and Kaminsky. Thus they have many weapons. Indeed, Lin scored the first 10 points in the second game against the Clippers, which was so amazing that I think it’s God’s mysterious work to show Lin’s superiority among the starters in front of the owner and for the world to see. However, Lin only played 16 minutes and the second unit did extremely well to pull out the big win. Though in Game 5, the team didn’t play as well, they still beat the Knicks without Lin—well, that could be a perspective from which the coaching staff views the game. And the coach might think that’s just one preseason game and their ball movement will improve anyway.

        We all believe starting Lin is in both Lin’s and the team’s best interest, but the question–and the gray area–is whether this advantage of starting Lin big enough for them to make the change. So far Lin has only started one preseason game, and that probably isn’t enough for them to see or feel the need to make that change. Furthermore, with this many good shooters on the team under good coaching, they may still get to the playoffs without starting Lin.

        Last, Lin was signed to a low 2 million contract, which doesn’t warrant a starter role. Though I want our boy to get what he deserves—and I want Linsanity as well—but I feel they’re high hopes. Speaking of playing time, I think if the game is really close (and his teammates really suck), Lin might still get more than 30 minutes’ playing time to regenerate Linsanity, but he probably won’t get enough breaks during the game. Sometimes I even wonder if 2 million deserves our boy playing his heart out for more than 30 minutes.

        To dear Mr. Old, I truly appreciate your response to my previous post regarding that writer who completely left out the Hornet’s biggest acquisition—according to the Hornet’s owner—and the most outstanding player in the four preseason games. No doubt we’re seeing this absurd scenario again, in which Lin’s performance or name was deliberately ignored by sports writers– I’d say it particularly occurred during the Rockets seasons. Now I found there are basically two types of Lin haters or anti-Lin people: the first type makes untrue negative remarks about Lin’s play, and the second deliberately ignores him or downplays him whenever they can. What’s shocking is this second type of writers/reporters are everywhere when the basic requirement of their job is to be truthful and fair.

        • ashley, your comment made me think of another unfortunate scenario that is a little hard to express clearly. But let me give it a shot. One unfortunate scenario could be that Lin doesn’t start and the Hornets still do pretty well and still exceed expectations. As a result, the coach, Hornets fans, front office, etc., feel that they made the right move by not starting Lin. But the thing is, what people don’t realize is that even though Hornets exceeded expectations, they could have been even better if they had started Lin. But that type of stuff is IMPOSSIBLE to prove, so Lin fans, like myself, are left with just our own beliefs about Lin and everyone else moves on thinking that they know how to best use Jeremy Lin. And Lin, then, becomes known as a good sixth man, rather than a start NBA player.

          I do think that even if Lin doesn’t start, he’ll likely get around 28 minutes a game, since Cliff is going to want him in the end of games. There is even a chance he’ll be able to break the 30 min mark, but my point is, why take the chance? Why not just start Lin so he’ll get the 34+ minutes that he needs to help the Hornets be the best they can be this season? Anyway, of course, we all know this. Unfortunately, I’m not as confident that Coach Cliff fully understands this. Not much we can do but wait and see.

          • MrPingPong

            You worry too much, Philosopher! Though it’s rather difficult to gauge what’s optimal for the team at this stage, for a delusional LOF like myself it’s a no-brainer: no Lin no win! The Hornets will not do well without Lin starting and playing 32+. Period! 🙂

            In the preseason, every team is trying out various recipes and lineups to see how things work out. Coach Cliff and the Hornets are no different. So I’m OK with all these lineup changes for now.

            And yo, Coach Cliff, if you are reading my comment, here is what my Ouija board as to say: start Lin in the home opener against the Hawks on Nov 01 or lose three in a row! Yes, three in a row!

            On a side note, rumor has it that Lin will not start but will play tonight. The Bulls have not been playing that well with a new coach and without Rose. I’m rooting for the Hornets to win but at the same time, I’m recommending Lin to call in sick and thus allowing those guards who haven’t been playing get some burns.

            Enjoy the game tonight folks, wherever you are on this WEB!

        • MrPingPong

          You are right, Ashley. Lin signed the contract knowing that he was to back up Walker and perhaps playing along side Walker at times. Thus the coach has no “moral” obligation to start Lin in any position.

          My Lin-centric prediction is that coach Cliff will not start Lin when the real season comes and will discover very quickly that without Lin in the starting lineup to move the ball and put early pressure on the opponents, the Hornets will find themselves stuck in the mud and end up losing more than winning. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Dear Old & In:

        Lin may not get to start now, but he will at some point early in the season. My Ouija board says so! 😉 Be patient Old Friend!

        MJ, because of all the accolades he showered Lin during the China trip, will have to make them stick somehow. MJ, a great player as he was, has not been a good talent evaluator. But this time, he gets lucky with Lin falling on his laps. I dunno much about MJ, but it does not take much to be smarter than Jim Dolan, don’t y’all think! 😉

        The Hornets will do well this season because Lin’s energy and unselfish style of basketball is contagious and will help everyone on the team play better. Not to mention the spiky hairdo:



        • old & in the way

          Jeremy didn’t start but he is playing well through three quarters. Hornets up 1 at 73-72 through three quarters. Jeremy has 11 points and 4 assists in only 13 minutes of playing time. Fourth quarter will determine the outcome of the game. I’m hoping for a strong fourth quarter from Jeremy Lin.

          • MrPingPong

            Yes, I’m watching the game!
            Naruto Lin is on fire!

  • MrPingPong

    Naruto Lin is simply the best Hornets player right now.
    Case closed!

    • GT

      Can anyone explain to me the fact that Walker played 31:56 minutes as the sole ball handler and playmaker had 0 assist whereas Lin played about 12 minutes as point guard and had 5 assists?

      It is obvious that Walker is an extremely selfish player who only care about his own stats. In addition, he is notorious in his shooting percentage. I believe that now even Stevie Wonder can see this undeniable truth clearly.

      I sincerely hope that coach Clifford has a better vision than that of Stevie Wonder. 🙁

      • old & in the way

        I’m afraid that so far it is Stevie Wonder who has a slight edge over the Charlotte coaching staff when it comes to vision. Why this deference to Kemba Walker? Maybe Stevie Wonder would make a good basketball coach. What’d you think?

        • GT

          Dear old & in the way,

          I do believe that coach Clifford has a good vision and real appreciation of Lin’s true potentials and talents. That was why he actively recruited Lin to play at the Hornets few months before and it seems that his effort has paid off big time. Unfortunately, true talent is not The only factor in determining how many minutes Lin deserves to play at each game; they are just TOO many politics involved in NBA, (e.g., top dog always eats first and consumes as much as it desires, etc.) 🙁

          BTW: Did you notice that when Lin hit the 3-pointer at the last game, even assistant coach Stephen Silas was clapping his hands to root for Lin. That was a very unusual (and encouraging) scene in NBA. 🙂

    • old & in the way

      Yes, I agree. Jeremy is the Hornets’ best player clearly. He had a very strong fourth quarter. If he had made those last two free throws he would have finished with 20 points in only 25 minutes. He is clearly better than Kemba, but I don’t know if Mr. Clifford is yet aware of this obvious fact. I can only hope that Jeremy continues to demonstrate this with his out-of-this-world play. Eventually it should be as apparent to the head coach as it is to us.

  • What bothers me about even the IDEA of not starting Jeremy Lin is the irrationality of it all–especially on THIS Hornets team. I’m too lazy lay it all out at the moment. Maybe I will in another comment. But let’s keep it simple here.

    Jeremy Lin showed, again vs. Bulls that he is clearly THE BEST Hornets so far this preseason. In EVERY SINGLE SITUATION not involving Jeremy Lin, the best player on the team starts NO MATTER WHAT. No team reasons that their best player is needed with the second unit or is going to be a lethal weapon off the bench. NONE. Yet, when it comes to Lin, people (including coaches) make all sorts of excuses (going out of their way and contorting reason) for not starting THEIR BEST PLAYER.

    This stuff is all SO BASIC to me and that’s what frustrates me the most. When it comes to Jeremy Lin, often rationality gets thrown out the window. Not starting Jeremy Lin is an insult to rationality. And I’m a HUGE FAN of rationality and reasoning, even more so than I am a fan of Jeremy Lin. This is why I get so worked up on this subject of starting Jeremy Lin.

    • old & in the way

      Dear JLintel:

      I couldn’t agree more with you. I, too, am a “huge fan” of reason and rationality. My feelings about Jeremy at this particular moment is that racial and ethnic discrimination against Asian-Americans is far more wide spread and deeper than I can possibly comprehend in real time. It is as though there has been no cultural advancement in the U.S regarding “racial” interactions and dynamics. It is as though the same attitudes that prevailed 140 years ago are still in play now. This is very difficult for me to understand and especially so since I had many Asian-American co-workers when I was still employed in local government and had and still have many warm relationships with in this particular case Vietnamese-Americans whom I have found to be warm, friendly and kind people almost without exception. So it befuddles me that Jeremy has been met with such hostility and disregard in this apparently very unhealthy NBA environment. It is discouraging to say the least. The racism in America is inexcusable but perhaps predictable given the genocide against the indigenous nations that predated European colonization of North America and the imperial nature of American capitalism. I don’t want to get too political in this venue but the political nature of Jeremy Lin’s mistreatment in the NBA can not be ignored. We can only hope for some kind of intellectual enlightenment to shine upon this otherwise toxic NBA culture and the sooner the better. May reason and rationality prevail ASAP.

    • MrPingPong

      A chimp can only act on instinct and is incapable of rationalizing its behavior. A human being, in contrast, operates on a completely different plane and is totally capable of rationalizing his behavior.

      Rationality and reasoning are abstract concepts that, when materialized in each individual’s brain, expand into a wide spectrum of shades of grey. It is next to impossible to reason with religious fanatics, political zealots, etc…

      As to the curious case of Jeremy Lin, the Lin doubters will always find “reasons” to marginalize him. Though it is next to impossible to reason with them, let’s keep this blog going and celebrate this preseason Linsanity! 🙂

      Have a great evening/morning everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!


  • Chirico

    just want to share this article with you. No only philosopher pointed it out that JLin should start but also others would like it to happen to Hornets.


  • MrPingPong

    OK folks, in case you don’t know it, the Pistons’ official site, pistons.com, has a link to live streaming of tonight’s game!

    Lin will start tonight, unless coach Cliff decides to start the third stringers instead! 😉

    Enjoy pre-season Linsanity!

    • Thanks, MrPingPong, for the heads up on the lives stream of the game tonight! Here’s the direct link: http://www.nba.com/pistons/multimedia/pistons-preseason-livestream

      • old & in the way

        The live stream is not working for me. It says I am not subscribed to receive the feed…? What do I have to do to get it? Why isn’t it working for me? Do I have to do something to get it that I’m not doing? Can someone help me?

        • MrPingPong

          Describe to me your problem, Old friend!

        • MrPingPong

          Send me a private e-mail, Old & In!

          • old & in the way

            I’m getting audio but no video. Is it suppose to be both. I get a still picture but no continuous video feed. Shouldn’t I be getting both or is it only audio?

          • MrPingPong

            Dear Old & In: Check your private e-mail and communicate with over private e-mail.

    • GT

      Sear Professor MrPingPong,

      Thanks deeply for sharing this great news with us. I have subscribed the NBA League Pass in order to watch every Hornets’ game but it does not broadcast all the games including this one. I was so pissed but now I am so happy…

      BTW: Please keep up your great work!~~~ 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        You’re welcome DGT!
        It pays every once in a while to scan the various fans websites and official website of the opposing team before every game! 🙂
        Be sure to set the video quality HD!

        Letzzz Buzzz JL7!

  • MrPingPong

    Lin is completely off tonight! 🙁
    No energy, no assertiveness at all.

  • MrPingPong

    OK, Lin warmed up a bit toward the end there.
    Lin has done a good job on Reggie Jackson there!
    Hopefully Naruto Lin will go super saiyan in the 4th quarter!

  • MrPingPong

    Jeremy Lin is the best Hornets player. Period!
    Good night/day folks, wherever you are on this WEB!


    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      Yes, indeed…Jeremy Lin is the Hornets’ best player by a wide fucking margin. +20 point differential and 18 points to go with 5 assists, 5 rebounds and 1 steal. Charlotte 7-0 in preseason. Love Linsanity in preseason or regular season makes no difference. Onward and upward. Loving it…just loving it. Who needs Kemba Walker. And what the hell is a kemba anyway? Go Jeremy and go Hornets. Too much of anything is just enough and this is definitely too much.

      • Chirico

        While, ESPN praised Batum like he was the only reason for the win.
        Yes, I like Batum and he has been delivering but ESPN post game made me want to puke.

        • MrPingPong

          I like Batum too. Perhaps our Philosopher can tell us more about Batum the former Blazer. Batum seems like an unassuming character. A “silent killer” who quietly gets the job done, I would say.

          As to Lin, what’s new? Lin never gets much credit when the team wins, but always gets blamed in a loss. I am immune to that. Ultimately though, Lin will triumph. There is no doubt in my mind about the ultimate triumph for Lin.

          • Batum is a team player through and through. He’s a perfect teammate for Lin. They’re both unselfish and all about winning. It’s a mistake for Hornets to think that Batum can be the #1 option. That’s just not his personality. He’s a player that asserts himself. He’s a silent killer, as MrPingPong points out. I think Cliff is wise enough to understand this. So far, Batum has been very solid. He only messes up when he tries to do too much and tries to be a shooting guard. Batum is perfect as a Small Forward. It looks like Cliff might start Batum at the Shooting Guard position, since he wants Lin coming off the bench and THAT is a GIGANTIC MISTAKE. Hopefully, Cliff doesn’t do that and if he does hopefully Cliff is humble enough to realize his mistake sooner rather than later.

          • MrPingPong

            Thanks Philosopher for filling us in on Batum.

            Yeah, from what I’ve read, Batum’s natural position is a 3. Coach Cliff seems to have some fixation about starting Batum at 2, and he has been trying to make it work during the preseason.

            I sure hope he comes to his senses when the regular season starts and plays the players right. We’ll see what he has in store for real a week from today.

    • Was an ugly win, which is a good sign. Alfense really bogged Hornets down–especially in the 1st quarter.

      Lin, as usual, was clutch. Had a sluggish start, but like most NBA stars, just give him the minutes and he’ll fill up the stat sheet at the end of the game.

      Lin could have had a key steal towards the end of the game, but Al couldn’t handle the loose ball after Lin knocked it out of Reggie’s hands.

      Reggie, who has an $80 million contract, completely got outplayed by Lin.

      Lin: 18 points (5 of 9, 1 of 4 from three-point) vs. Jackson 10 points (3 of 15, 0 of 8 from three-point).

      • old & in the way

        Jeremy is being grossly underpaid by Charlotte but as you have pointed out he has an opt-out clause for the second year and will be richly rewarded if he keeps playing as well as he has during the preseason. This is good but he is still being paid way to little for this particular season. He is easily a ten million dollar per year player when he is properly utilized and the coach puts him in a position to be successful unlike the last two morons especially. At this point names are no longer necessary as we all know all too well who they were.

        • Chirico

          Dear Old & in,
          Could not agree with you any more. This was just great. Jeremy again proved a lot of so called bball experts wrong.

          I’m loving it too.

  • MrPingPong

    I think Clifford wanted Lin to play Alfense in this game. That’s one of the reasons why Lin was not playing well in the first quarter. Of course, Lin got over it and started to play for real when he came back in the second quarter. I also think Lin missed his last FT on purpose just to make the win less ugly! 😉

    The Pacers are next.
    8-0 preseason coming up!
    Letzzzz Buzzzz Naruto Lin!

    • EXACTLY, MrPingPong! Lin was trying to feed Big Al in the post to start the game. That really bogged things down and halted the ball movement. It was a mistake. Not sure if that was what Cliff instructed, or Lin just felt like it was his job to get Big Al going as a PG. I think it’s good to have Big Al post ups, but not too many. Good to use it on occasion, though, since Al is great at it. Big Al just missed so many easy shots today, though, so he really messed things up for the Hornets overall. He did redeem himself somewhat late in the 4th quarter. It’s good to keep Big Al happy, though, so he doesn’t get disgruntled and mess up the chemistry of the team. Cliff will just need to figure out the right balance of Alfense and the New Look Hornets Offense.

      • Chirico

        I did not follow the gam closely as I wished but that live broadcast from pistons web site was very nice. Thanx MrPingpong !

        Speaking of last nights game, I consider it was vital that Hornets got the win vs Pistons because it was Jeremy Lin’s first Hornets game as a PG and he delivered. This may help swing the notion against on insisting K. Walker being the de facto PG in coach team and front office’s mind.
        When people try something new, they are inclined to set expectation based on the result of the first few attempts. If things do not seem to work as expected or hoped, they simply give up and move on. So I’d say last night was quite critical to jlin’s success at Hornets. And thanks to Walker not starting.
        Probably our philosophy can help as dig deeper into this.

        I’m not saying let Walker start from bench. With all due respect, Walker is a great player and does not have huge ego like we witnessed before and seems to be having good chemistry with Lin. Like someone mentioned, he is a SG disguised in a PG’s body. So, it may be best to start JLin, Walker, Batum and big Al.

        • MrPingPong

          You’re welcome, Chirico.

          Every game is vital for Lin. That’s why it is freaking tough to be in Lin’s shoes. People apply multiple standards on Lin. Should he play one bad game, they will jump all over him.

          But yeah, Lin was allowed to play through his tentativeness, lack of focus and careless TOs in the first quarter and look at what he ended up doing! He brought the team back in the 4th. Mr. 4th as always!

  • Chirico

    ESPN : Batum helps hornets stay unbeaten. Beat Pistons.

    In forth quarter, JLin backed to court with 5min left. Hornets trailing by 5 points.

    A. JLin layup shot at 1:29, 96:92, hornets up by 4. defender – Reggie Jackson.
    B. JLin steal at 0:20. 96:94. attacker- Reggie Jackson
    C. JLin rebound at 0:13. 96:94
    D. Jlin FT 97:94
    E. R. Jackson missed 3 pt shot at 0:02. Defender- JLin

    Conclusion: our Naruto did this so fast and so stealth that ESPN did not even know what happened during last minute and half.

    • old & in the way

      I think we can all agree that ESPN is not a good source for information and that their analyses of all the professional sports is lame and unprofessional. ESPN proves the contention that experts often lack expertise in the very areas in which they are suppose to be experts. Many experts so-called are just repeating what they have heard others say. It is expertise by consensus which doesn’t necessarily make it correct and in fact often makes it incorrect. Jeremy Lin as we all know is a prime example of this phenomenon of fraudulent expert analysis that is fiction passing as the truth. So I say “to hell” with ESPN and all the rest of the sports world “experts.”

      • MrPingPong

        Speaking of NBA experts, you gotta to check this out:


        Lin is getting more and more respect! 🙂

        • Thanks for the link, MrPingPong. Someone shared this link on Twitter. Great stuff. Isiah Thomas couldn’t stop raving about Lin. Says Lin is the most important pickup in the off-season. To me, Isiah Thomas repeating what MJ said has more meaning, because when MJ said it, he was more or less playing up to the Chinese audience, but Isiah repeated what MJ said out of his own volition. So it means a lot more to me in terms of his belief in Jeremy Lin.

          I thought during Linsanity, Isiah Thomas was not a big Lin fan, but I could be wrong. Thought he might have tweeted something unfavorable about Lin or something. Not sure. But in this video, Isiah couldn’t stop raving about Lin. So I thought that was interesting. I think Isiah senses that Lin is going to blow up this season and wants to be one of the first on record to rave about Lin. Whatever the reason, it’s great to see someone on the national stage be so unwavering about what a great player Lin is.

          • MrPingPong

            Someone by the pseudo-name CaliUSMC on Jlinportal gave this old link where IT discussed the Lin/Harden back court the first year Lin was with the Rockets:


            I remember this discussion when I was following the Rockets (because of Lin). It is interesting to view it again.

          • Yeah, apparently, Isiah has always been positive on Lin. But I could have sworn back during Linsanity he said that Lin should be traded or something like that. Might have been because he’s friends with Dolan or something. Who knows. Anyway, doesn’t matter. Just good to see Isiah being overwhelmingly positive on Lin without wavering.

    • MrPingPong

      Tell it like it is, Chirico!

  • MrPingPong

    I like to snoop around in the opposing team’s website on game day just to see what they are thinking. There is not much on the Pacers’ website today, except may by an interview with coach Vogel after today’s shoot around:


    According to coach Vogel, most NBA teams would use the last preseason game as a “tune-up” for their regular season starters, playing regular starter minutes. And that’s what he will do tonight.

    Let’s see what coach Cliff will roll out tonight.

  • MrPingPong

    OK folks, according to Hornets PR, Lin, Al, Batum and Marvin are not playing tonight. On the other side, Vogel is playing his starters. The unbeaten pre-season record is in jeopardy here…


    Letzzz Buzzz Hornets!

    • When Lin rests, so do I. Ha ha. Likely won’t watch this game. I may sneak a peak here and there. We’ll see.

      • MrPingPong

        I skipped the Knicks game when Lin was out sick. But I’m gonna try to watch this one since only Kemba is playing with the “scrubs” just to see how they all work together. 🙂

  • Chirico
    • Thanks for the link, Chirico! Greg from Sportige has always written positive articles on Lin. Great stuff!

  • MrPingPong

    Ok folks, a quick report on the Pacers game here…

    First I confess I did not watch the game in its entirety since it was so boring. But I will say this: Kemba is well capable of leading the second stringers and compete against the Pacers starters. 🙂

    Kaminsky the Tank is pretty cool. He is quite agile and has some moves and can shoot from long range. I like him. I think he will get better and better as the season progresses.

    Zeller is OK, not as fast and versatile as Frank the Tank.

    Brian Roberts and the rest of the gang look lost out there not knowing how to move the ball and play as a team.

    That’s all folks!

    Onto to the real thing now, yes!

    • Thanks for the report, MrPingPong. I also had the game on, but didn’t pay very much attention to it. So I have nothing to report. Ha ha.

      Good to hear FTank is looking good. I also like Psycho T, but with Zeller and FTank, I don’t think Psycho T is going to get much run, which is unfortunate. Hornets are just too deep at the 4. FTank is probably doing to start later in the season, as long as he continues to improve.

      Well, I guess the only thing we wait for now is whether or not Lin starts. At least even if Lin doesn’t start, we know that he’ll be able to play loose and free, since he no longer has to look over his shoulder. I also expect Lin to be closing out all games.

      Now that the preseason is over, time for some predictions:

      IF the key players like Lin and Batum are healthy all season, the Hornets will win 45+ games (this is a conservative estimate. I’m actually thinking that they’ll win 50+ games), obviously, they make the playoffs at the 5th spot or better and make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but loses to the Cavs int he finals.

      Lin will win Most Improved Award.

      IF Lin starts the entire season, he’ll be voted into the All Star game.

      IF Lin starts and plays 35+ minutes he’ll average 19+ points and 6.5+ assists

      Coach Cliff will be in the running for coach of the year. I would say that he wins it, but I’m just not sure how much focus the league has on the Hornets. So tough call, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that Cliff wins the award.

      Rich Cho will be in the running for GM of the Year. Tough call to say whether or not Cho wins it, although I think he deserves it for signing Lin. But don’t think the league will see that he did anything too special in signing a player that was a pretty easy decision to make, due to Lin’s ridiculously cheap contract to warrant getting the award. So I think Cho comes up empty-handed, although, I really think he deserves the award for putting together a completely different team. I mean, they got so many new faces and, as a result, are a completely different team and that should be attributed to the GM.

      I think that’s all for now. And with that, I may have just completely jinxed the entire season for Lin and the Hornets. So basically don’t pay any attention to any of this. It’s just all for fun. Let’s just take it one game at a time and hope for the best. The main thing is for Lin and key Hornets players to remain healthy for the entire season and the playoffs. It should be a fun ride and well deserved one for Lin fans and Hornets fans this season.

      • ashley

        Mr. Philosopher, with your nice predictions, Lin’s, the Honrnets’, and our preseason ended on a good note. Let’s hope our boy continues his hot performance throughout the season, that his potential gets fully developed, and the season will be just as great as or even better than we have ever anticipated!

        • Very nice sentiments, ashley. I think that did the job to counterbalance my jinx. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Very realistic predictions, Philosopher! 🙂
        My Ouija board concurs.
        It also adds the following predictions.

        Frank the Tank wins ROY thanks to Lin creating plays for him.

        Big Al wins MWL (Most Weigh Loss).

        And because Kemba played so well with the second unit in last night’s game, coach Cliff has Kemba come off the bench and lead the scrubs. As a result, Kemba wins 6th Man of the Year. 😉

        Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on the WEB!

        • I think you need to get your Ouija board cleaned. Haha!

  • JT

    Anyone know when Hornets will announce the starters for season start?

    • Lin will be coming off the bench. The starting unit is doing to be Walker, Batum (SG), P.J. Hairston (SF), Big Al, and coach is still undecided between starting Marvin Williams and Cody Zeller. You can read more about it here:


      I think this is a really bad starting lineup–especially if they go with Marvin Willams over Zeller. This lineup with Williams at PF is bad because you’re playing so many guys out of position and you’re not utilizing our PF, which is where we have a lot of talent. So Psycho T is definitely not going to get many minutes. With this lineup, I think we could get destroyed on the boards and get destroyed by bigger teams.

      I think Cliff is getting way too cute with the lineup and is trying to be too smart for his own good. He never went with this lineup as the starting lineup in the preseason, so why risk it in the regular season?

      I think Cliff has got himself all turned around, cause he’s overthinking things, trying to be too creative. I think we got three really good PFs in Zeller, Kaminsky, and Tyler Hansborough. If you start Williams over Zeller, then you got three PFs off the bench.

      Also, two of the starters are playing out of their natural positions (Batum at the 2 and Williams at the 4).

      If Cliff decides to go with this starting lineup of Walker, Batum, Hairston, Williams and Jefferson, it’s really insane to me. But Hopefully, he’ll realize his mistake sooner rather than later.

      To me, the unit of Lin/Walker/Batum is the best unit you have. Start those guys so you make sure you have that unit on the court the most amount of time. Done. It’s SO simple. Don’t get too cute with the lineups.

      • MrPingPong

        I can’t agree with you more on this, Philosopher. Coach Cliff is overthinking and second guessing himself with an untested lineup. Coach Cliff seems to like Williams a lot from what I’ve gathered, so I’m guessing #4 will be Williams.

        Walker, Batum, Hairston, Williams and Jefferson up against Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh and Whiteside! It’s insane…

        Can Lin and the second stringers save the game for the Hornets? We’ll find out come Thursday night!

        Side note: in case you don’t know, Batum just had his wisdom teeth pulled over the weekend. He won’t be a 100% come Thursday, I don’t think.

        • old & in the way

          According to the ESPN scoreboard Charlotte opens the season Wednesday night in Miami. Is ESPN incorrect? Why do you say Thursday? I don’t have time to write a long response right now about Coach Clifford’s starting line-up but I think you have to go by what he does and not what he says. Not starting Jeremy is a big mistake and implies his coaching credentials are not intact any more than any of Jeremy’s other coaches. If he is a good coach why such an unusual and peculiar starting five? I will address this in more detail tomorrow but I am very much not encouraged by this new development. In fact it seems to me that it would be fair to say, “here we go again.” This is not good for either Jeremy Lin or the Charlotte Hornets. Is it possible he is getting pressure from the front office about how to coach this team? What does Jeremy have to do to get treated fairly? He played extremely well during the preseason and still gets the short end of the stick. How is this a good thing?

          • MrPingPong

            You are correct, Old & In! It’s Wednesday and not Thursday. I am dyslectic when it comes to days of the week! 😉

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