Incredible Hornets Comeback Win vs. Kings Sparked by Kaminsky, Lead by Kemba and Finished by Jeremy Lin

I don’t have much time to write, but just had to say a few words about this incredible win. It’s the second biggest comeback in Hornets’s history. I think they were down by 22 points or something in the 4th quarter. Lin didn’t play the entire 3rd quarter. The comeback started when Clifford finally realized that the first unit wasn’t getting it done, so he inserted Kaminsky into the game late in the 3rd quarter. Prior to that moment, Kaminsky didn’t play at all in this game. But the moment Kaminsky came onto the floor, the dynamic changed and the Hornets started eating away at the lead. Kemba was still on the floor when Kaminsky was inserted and would end up playing I think the entire second half and overtime. He scored 21 of his 39 points in the fourth quarter and hit some tough shots. Kemba was just on fire and couldn’t miss anything. Great night for him.

I think Clifford stayed too long with the unit that wasn’t working in the 3rd quarter. I kept waiting for him to insert Lin in the 3rd quarter, but he never did. He was about to at the 2 minute mark, because I saw Lin getting off his chair about to check back in, but Clifford waved him back. For some reason, I knew Lin would do well in this game if he got put back in. I expected him to shine in the 4th, but the 4th belonged to Kemba. So Lin ended up showing up in overtime and scored 8 of his 14 points in OT. By the way, the refs were horrendous in this game. They missed a lot of calls in general and a few on Lin in particular. They didn’t call very obvious fouls and they didn’t count one of Lin’s continuation plays. So Lin should have had several more points had the refs not messed up.

I knew that Clifford would stick with the unit that sparked the comeback through the 4th and overtime, so wasn’t surprised that he did that. But have to also give him credit for doing the right thing, rather than just change lineups for the hell of it. A lot of coaches would go back to their starting lineup to finish things up, but because the Hornets don’t really have a strong starting lineup, I wasn’t at all surprised that Clifford didn’t want to mess with what was working and decided to just stick with the lineup of Walker/Lin/Batum/Zeller/Kaminsky. I hope to see this lineup more often in the future, because this is a very talented and athletic lineup. I don’t think we’ve ever seen this lineup on the floor, but I hope because of the success tonight, we’ll see more of this lineup in the future.

I was actually not at all surprised by what Lin did in overtime. Like I said, I had expected Lin to come back in the game with a vengeance in the 4th quarter, so it took him a lot longer to really turn it up than I expected. What I hope is that Lin continues to play the way he did in OT in this game going forward. Yes, I know that Clifford has Lin tucked in the corner when Lin is on the floor with Batum and Walker. But I think there are opportunities for Lin to assert himself and move without the ball and move to the ball within the offense, but Lin is a little too faithful to his “role” of spacing the floor to take the initiative to move and get into positions where his teammates would want to pass it to him. So I do partly blame Lin for not being assertive when he’s on the floor with Walker and Batum.

In overtime in this game, he asserted himself and moved to positions where his teammates would want to pass him the ball and that unit of Walker/Lin/Batum looked more like it did in pre-season. I hope Lin takes something away from what he did tonight and carry it over to future games. There’s not need to defer as much as he has with guys like Walker and Batum. I think both these guys are pretty unselfish players and are actually good teammates in that they aren’t just concerned about their individual performance at the expense of winning games. The thing about Batum on this Hornets team is that he wants to be a play maker. So he’ll never pass the ball to Lin unless he’s in trouble or unless Lin is in position to score the ball. Batum is always looking to make plays, so he prefers to pass it to the bigs. So Batum doesn’t pass the ball to Lin much, because he wants to be the one making plays. But tonight, Lin moved to the ball a lot more when Batum had the ball and so Batum gave it up. Lin needs to do this more and not be so overly concerned about maintaining spacing on the floor. Lin is much too valuable of a player to be out there just to space the floor.

There’s a lot more to say about this game, but I just don’t have time to write much. Excellent win. The Hornets showed a lot of grit to win this game. They could have easily given up and probably no one would have blamed them. It looked like this game was over towards the end of the third quarter, because the momentum was fully on the side of the Sacramento Kings. Winning a game like this sticks with you as a team and will increase team chemistry even more on this Hornets team that is already a pretty close-knit group. So I think it’s a very important win in that sense. It will really carry over, which is very much-needed as they have some tough battles ahead. They need all the momentum they can get. I can tell you one thing, if the Hornets just rolled over to the Kings tonight, they wouldn’t have a chance facing the Cavs and Warriors soon. But the fact that they did gives them a sliver of a chance at keeping these games competitive. We’ll see how it all plays out. But what a great win and a great game to watch tonight!

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  • MrPingPong

    Thanks for your postgame analysis, Philosopher.

    I missed the first half and was able to watch bits and pieces of the 3rd quarter. Luckily I was able to watch the full 4th quarter and the OT. Lin is the perennial 4th quarter man, and of course the OT guy when the game spills over.

    The Hornets showed true grit and character tonight. They are a fun team to watch. Lin will figure things out and will do well. Don’t worry too much about Lin, folks! That’s what my Ouija board says! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, MrPingPong. That’s right, Lin is Mr. 4th Quarter and Mr. OT as long as he gets to handle the ball some during crunch time. When the game is on the line, that’s when Lin is at his best. He’s a fierce competitor, who wants to win badly.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Did not see the game but saw the highlights on the NBA channel. I hope the coach can figure out how to properly use both KW and JL together because the combination can present a real problem to teams that do not have two good guard defenders. One way to do that is to replace play making responsibilities from Batum to JL as JL is better anyway especially operating from the 2 G or dual point position when KW is in. Will be interesting to see if Cleveland can defend when these two are in at the same time and both handle the ball equally.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    I guess y’all know by now that Coach Cliff just agreed to a 3-year extension with the Hornets. So he should feel safe about his job and may be he will start making bolder decision in his coaching.

    I watched the Pacers vs Wizz game last night just to get an idea how the Wizz played. John Wall, came in as a 26% 3pt shooter, but somehow made 3 out of 4 long range shots to keep the game competitive for a while. His sidekick Bradley Beal played really well too. Of notice is Gary Neal, their backup PG. The guy was on fire last night with the team high 23 pts.

    Because of his small size, I don’t think Kemba can defend Wall nor Beal that effectively. The LoF in me says Lin will have no problem matching up against Neal in the second unit. And of course, just give Lin the key to run the floor, and the bench will outdo the starters.

    The Wizz played hard but lost last night to a superior team. I don’t think they will have enough energy to keep up with the well rested Hornets playing at home. tonight. Easy call: Hornets win running away in the 4th.

    Letzzz Gooo JL7!

    • Ace Pagoda

      You called it, Charlotte running away in the 4th. Charlotte won so what they did worked. But 15 minutes for JL? 30+ for Lamb and 40 for KW? Yes I know they won, but 15 minutes! Who does Clifford think he is, Byron Scott! Chicago would fit JL perfectly. JL does not need to stay in Charlotte because they obviously don’t need him. Just like with LA he is too good to play only 15 minutes on ANY night. Clifford obviously does not trust JL to run the team if he gonna play KW 40 minutes. JL was wrong if he thinks Clifford knows his game. wrong wrong wrong.

      • ashley

        Now I kind of hope Lin gets traded to another team ’cause it’s obvious that the coach has betrayed his trust. If this team doesn’t want him, he’d better leave as soon as possible.

        There is no reason why Lin can’t get 20 to 25 minutes’ playing time–borrowing some from Kemba or Batum. Do you have to be so stingy with Lin, Coach? Isn’t Lin the one that has gotten the win for the team for at least three times? What happened?

        I feel the Charlotte’s boss actually extremely favored black players so Lin has no future on this team, and I even feel the two white owners and FO of the Rockets and Lakers actually like him better. Regarding coaching, Clifford no doubt is far better than MH and BS, but he has turned out to be the worst for Lin, giving him the least trust and playing time. I feel Clifford is actually very conservative to the extent that he only wants to hold on to the Kemba, the PG he trusts and has been playing for years.

        Lin has given so much love for the team, so much praise for the coach, and so much sacrificing himself in crunch time, but it seems none of these are going to be appreciated and make any difference. Yes, the season is long, but I doubt the situation will improve.

        • old & in the way

          I agree with you, Ashley, that the bias against Jeremy on this team is unacceptable and not likely to improve any time soon. He is being utilized poorly by a coach who in my view is clueless and does not trust him or perceive him to be as good a player as we all realize that he actually is. He needs to find another team yet once again. This Charlotte team, coaching staff and FO does not deserve to have Jeremy Lin on their roster if they don’t plan to use him in a more intelligent manner. I have no particular allegiance to the Charlotte Hornets. My allegiance is to Jeremy Lin the person and the basketball player and not to the Charlotte Hornets organization. If they don’t appreciate Jeremy Lin they shouldn’t have signed him to a contract although that contract was an insult to his skills and considerable accomplishments in this biased league and biased NBA culture.

      • MrPingPong

        Yep, you said it, Ace Pagoda, Charlotte won so what they did worked. No coach in the right mind would fix what “ain’t broke.” I’m not trying to defend Cliff’s usage of Lin here, just simply trying to see things from his perspective.

        Also, I’m trying to understand Lin’s perspective as well. There is not much he can say nor do under the present circumstances. Just like weather forecasting, it’s not easy to predict rain or shine deep into the future. My Ouija board is no better than the weather man. It can only predict what will happen in the next game or so. However, like the stock market, Lin’s value has its ups and downs, but in the long run it has nowhere to go but up! Yes, my Ouija board is bullish on Lin! 🙂

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          I was just wondering…who is on your Ouija board of directors?

          • MrPingPong

            Great question, Old & In, my friend! Would you be interested in finding out who the assistant coach at UC Berkeley that called Lin “Ron Jeremy” was instead? 😉

            I just re-watched “Linsanity” this morning.


            JL7 is one tough, smart and wise dude.
            Never bet against Lin!
            Yeah, King James is calling his Cavs mates “soft.” The Cavs are mentally unstable right now. They will lose tonight to Lin and the Hornets.

            Letzzz Gooo, JL7!

      • old & in the way

        To quote the vernacular Clifford “doesn’t know shit!”

    • Good call, MrPingPong! Hornets did run away in the 4th. Went on a crazy 25-0 run. That was pretty impressive and it was sparked by Lin’s defensive play, tying up Beal and winning the jump ball that lead to a Kemba walker easy lay-up. That play really fired the team up and fired the Hornets crowd.

      If last night was an indication of Cliff making bolder decisions, because his job is now secure, then that doesn’t bold well for Lin. We’ll see how it all plays out. I really do like this Hornets team, though, so it’s too bad that it doesn’t look like it is going to be a place where Lin will be fully utilized.

      • MrPingPong

        I like this Hornets team too, Philosopher. They just don’t give up and fold. Oh yeah, Lin’s defensive play of the game turned everything around. It’s a game of momentum, and oh boy, did the momentum changed dramatically with that play. Lin is shredding the bad narrative on his defensive skill one game at a time here. There is an emerging pattern for how Clidd is using Lin: Lin is inserted whenever defensive stops are needed to turn the tide. Too bad Lin got into foul trouble too early and had to sit. I am guessing Cliff was saving Lin for OT, just in case the game went into OT.

        The Cavs are next. My Ouija board is taking a break for Thanksgiving and is not talking. Oh yes, it’s Thanksgiving here in the USA. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL, wherever you are on the WEB! 🙂

      • Ace Pagoda

        I did not see the game so your comment about the defensive stop is revealing. Nice to know there was a significant contribution from JL in this manner. I like this Charlotte team for its youth and energy. But I sense a bit of “lightness”. It needs some toughness. I think JL brings this, or can, and it may be when teams start to become more aware of Charlotte and they bear down that this may become evident. There is consolation in the fact that it is early days yet and more trying times to come and the true quality will be revealed and that time may be when they attack KW on the defensive side.

  • GT

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I want to be honest with you all — I like almost nothing about Kemba Walker except his name (because I do like Johnnie Walker Blue.) 🙂

    It is an extremely tough year for me personally. I moved from the City of Lost Angles to the City of Lost Wages. It is like jumping out of the frying pan and directly into the fire (because it is so hot here in the summer.) I lost two very very dear family members and two not-too-close friends, and many many more…

    Still, I feel that I have much to be thankful for. So tonight I am going to have Peking Duck with Wild Turkey on ice as my Thanksgiving dinner.

    Wishing you all the blessing of a Thanksgiving filled with love, health, and prosperity.

    • old & in the way

      Dear GT:

      You should move to the S.F. Bay Area where the weather is much cooler. There are two incredible desert parks near Las Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park and Zion National Park, but southern Nevada is only habitable from October 1 through about May 15. During the long summer period Las Vegas is an all the way no-go as you have probably noticed. Come north my dear friend. The sun up here is not quite so relentless during those long summer months. It is plenty warm here away from the near coast but not really hot by southern Nevada standards. My condolences to you for such a recent rough period in your life. Hopefully 2016 will be kinder to you.

    • MrPingPong

      I’m sorry about the loss of your loved ones, DGT. We all have to go thru those painful events somehow.

      Peking Duck with Wild Turkey on ice seems quite appropriate for TG in the City of Lost Wages. Is there such a thing as Peking Turkey with Wild Duck on fire?

      Just take it easy and enjoy the Bucs game today, my friend!

      • GT

        Dear old & in the way,

        Thank you deeply for your condolences.

        I worked on two huge new drug development projects as the group leader for two pharmaceutical/biotech companies located in the SF Bay area (one in Redwood City and one in Palo Alto) many years ago. So I am kind of familiar with your current home town. It is always very beautiful and colorful with great weather all year round.

        As a matter of fact, the very first time I heard the great song “San Francisco Flowers in Your Hair” way back in the last century, I fell in love with this romantic city.

        Dear Professor MrPingPong,

        Thank you deeply for your condolences.

        The sudden and tragic death of an extraordinary gentle, decent, and intelligent young man (a Princeton graduate and Stanford Ph.D.-bound) at his prime, is a devastating and unbearable blow to all of his loved ones.

        Although time heals most wounds, the void he left deep in the hearts of his beloved ones may never be completely filled.

        Why bad things always happen to good people? Why??? 🙁

        BTW: I may try your suggested dinner menu of Peking Turkey with Wild Duck on fire next Thanksgiving.

        • Ashley

          Dear GT, truly sorry for your loss. Keep the memory alive and smile for having met your beloved ones

          • GT

            Dear Ashley,

            Thank you deeply for your condolences.

            To think that only yesterday
            I was cheerful, bright and gay
            Looking forward to who wouldn’t do
            The role I was about to play
            But as if to knock me down
            Reality came around
            And without so much as a mere touch
            Cut me into little pieces

            Alone again, naturally

            Alone Again Naturally by Gilbert O’Sullivan

    • Dear GT,

      I apologize for my belated reply and for not being on here for a while. I’m very sorry for the challenging year you’ve had and for your loss. That is a lot to take on for one individual. I hope things get better for you and that you have even more things to be thankful for in the future.

  • Chirico

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  • Ace Pagoda

    Early flash: If Charlotte does not play JL more than 32 minutes they will lose. If JL plays more than 32 minutes (preferably 30+ minutes) they will win.

    • Ace Pagoda

      I meant 35+ minutes

  • Ace Pagoda

    5 point loss to Cleveland, JL gets less than 20 minutes. KW is 6/16 for 37.5%. Charlotte out rebounded by 12. Why isn’t Tyler Hansbrough in for rebounding?

  • old & in the way

    In my view Clifford is as bad a coach as Scott and McHale. Most of these NBA head coaches are a joke. To me few of them seem to know what they are doing. Few of them seem to know how to utilize their rosters in an intelligent manner and Clifford is no exception. If the Charlotte coaching staff is going to misuse and under-utilize Jeremy Lin, then they deserve to lose and I am in fact glad when they do lose. Tonight I was hoping they would lose when it became apparent that Jeremy was going to get buried on the bench when the game was still winnable. He should have remained in the game as long as Charlotte was still in a position to win the game. In fact Charlotte was up 3 when Lin was benched at the 8:52 mark of the fourth quarter and went -8 the rest of the game with Jeremy sitting. Clifford as I stated yesterday doesn’t know shit about anything. It takes Walker 16 shots to score 18 points and it takes him 34 minutes to get 4 assists. Jeremy meanwhile had 4 assists in only 19 minutes. Clifford is a joke. If Charlotte insists on playing both Walker and Lamb ahead of Jeremy Lin they deserve all the losses they will surely get. Clifford understands nothing about Jeremy Lin’s game. In my view Clifford is a fraud like Scott and McHale both. The three stooges for sure.

  • MrPingPong

    I stopped watching when Lin was pulled out in the 4th. No Mr. 4th quarter, no win, especially against the best team in the East. Cliff is a Lin doubter for sure now. I root for the Hornets to win, but without letting Lin run the show they will lose more than win, especially the close ones. That I am sure.

    The Bucs are next.

    Letzzz Gooo, JL7! Do your thing!

  • No Lin No Win. I am always believe in this manner as a Lin fan watching his play over many years.

    Let’s discuss another point of view and this possibly outcome as I’ve discussed this topic with many Taiwanese Lin fans from ,some kind of true Lin’s fan site in mandarin language just like jeremylintel.

    There was a turning point during a tough Win over Knicks when Kemba Walker was benched for the entire 4th quarter and only sub in at 0:28 for security reason of FT % he had. From that game onwards Walker’s minutes went up way higher and stable, and JLin’s playing time had been shrink game by game.

    I think the FO or Kemba definitely gave some pressure to Coach Cliff, that’s no doubt about it, and the key personal from FO should be MJ.

    I still believe at this stage, Coach Cliff is trying to do some comparison to show FO/MJ that No Lin No Win, so after he got the extension for 3 years + 1 contract, Lin’s minutes dropped to 15 mins from Wiz game, and almost less than 20 mins in the tough loss from Cavs game, I think because Coach Cliff got his job secured, next move he can do some bolder adjustment to run his comparison show between which PG is truly helping the team.

    In the tough loss to Cavs last night, Coach Cliff inserted AJ and KW to close the game when Cavs didn’t even play Bigs, that’s too fishy and obviously as a result we have already seen, the Hornets got trashed in the late 4th, everyone played isolation, no ball movement, and again, winnable game went away like snap the finger tips.

    To me this is clearly that Coach Cliff was trying to tell, Hey MJ, now you gonna believe in me or not? You wanna trade these both co-captain away or kept them as corner stone? your call. With every evidence and stats talks and I am here to remind you again as you have always been the man with bad choice in eyeing right player. That explains why after he secured the contract, Lin’s minutes cuts significantly especially in clutch time, and yet we didn’t see Lin come up with upset face during interview as he did in Lakers last year.

    Another point of view, maybe MJ has been decided, KW/AJ has to go for the new age of this Hornets, now is a showcase to sell them away, quite true too.

    Why cut Lin’s playing time, because of Lin’s only 2M contract worth his skill set, Lin is like a hot cake to every team’s FO, surely some GM would love to bundle Lin in the trade talk … eg. Lin/AJ to Bulls for Noah/XX. Therefore to make Lin less valuable is to tuck him in the corner and do nothing. Look at Lin’s stats recently, 5ppg , 7ppg…really awful isn’t it.

    Let’s see if my point is true or not, BIG TRADE is coming for the hornets, KW, AJ , PJ or Hawes should be gone soon.

    • Thanks for your very interesting theory, Aaron! I hope that’s true. If not, then I’m afraid Cliff is just a Jeremy Lin doubter like all the rest and hasn’t lived up to his promise to Lin when Hornets signed Lin.

      • After the recent tremandous win over Bulls in Chicargo home stand(only 2nd home loss), Lin again shown his key contribution to the beautiful W not just in points but in all around efforts.

        Tonight Kemba Walker has been marked questionable (sick) to play against the Pistons, what a coincident that fox sport just release a headline story today just to troll Walker indrectly in comparison with JLin. Link below

        Lin will most likely start for tonight’s game, Pistons is in hot streak 4 consecutive win right now, if JLin bring the Hornets for the Win, that’s certainly Kemba Walker will be gone.

        My theory above is getting more and more interesting

        • Ace Pagoda

          Interesting article Aaron. Interesting theory too. I did not put too much credence in it when you first posted and still have reservations as to who will go, KW or JL. I thought KW would stay because he is part of the established culture in Charlotte. If JL has a great game tonight (lot of pressure to perform in one game only) then we will see if Coach Clifford is a coach or a drone. The article on this website regarding MDA in NY offers a similar example where MDA wanted to trade Carmelo the ball stopper and implement team ball. If JL can demonstrate the dynamic he brings to the floor then Coach, if he is honest, must re-appraise his lineup. I do not think he will have KW come off of the bench (though he may be good off the bench as instant offense). Who knows, maybe JL can even make PJ a more meaningful contributor.

          • realm9thfeb

            Fully agreed with you, generally JLin makes everyone around him better when trusts are given appropriately, no exception. Let’s enjoy the Jeremy Lin Show tonight, good or bad game whether anot JLin is always the man with our supports.

  • Ace Pagoda

    absorbing a loss to prove a point to MJ is pretty rough, especially if MJ wants to make KW the key playmaker. If the problem is the ownership not wanting JL to shine, Then JL will not shine, good basketball or not. there seems to be a lot of politics in Charlotte and many other teams that defy good basketball sense. If that is the case JL should ask for a trade and if not forthcoming then demand one. He is at the peak of his game now both in talent and age, took probably a lot less money in order to play more. If the coach and owner told him he would play if he came and they do not fulfill this obligation then he is justified to ask to leave, their loss I believe

    • old & in the way

      Absolutely correct, Ace. Too much bullshit in Charlotte and not nearly enough playing time for Jeremy Lin to put up with such nonsense. He should demand a trade. The NBA is a toxic culture it would seem. Jeremy Lin deserves much better treatment than he is receiving.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    It’s game day for Lin and the Hornets at home against the Bucs (yes, I know, it’s Bucks and not Bucs, but…). I scanned the WEB to learn a little bit more about the Bucs and found that they haven’t been playing well. The Bucs fans are really down on MCW, who was the 2013-2014 season ROY. To be honest with you, I do not like the Bucs FO and JK, their coach at all. They deserve each other, as far as I am concerned.

    Aside: Being a California Golden Bear, I rooted for JKidd when he played at Cal and through out his NBA career. But when I saw his dirty/nasty play, grabbing Lin’s hair and knocking Lin down to the floor, I decided he was a bad person and that was it.

    So, what does my Ouija board have to say for the matinee game today? Cliff will be Cliff, playing Lin off the bench with standard bench minutes. Lin will be Lin, trying his best to be aggressive but at the same time sharing the ball, getting everybody involved. That will only happen whenever he gets to play PG with the second unit though. ‘Sit back and enjoy watching Lin boss the Bucs second stringers around’, says my Ouija board. I can’t change the way the NBA treats Lin, so I will sit back and savor every play that Lin makes on the floor.

    A Bucs fan in Germany posts this free live stream link in Germany for today’s game:

    I have no idea whether or not it will work here in the US. But you might want to try it at game time, in case you have no other means to watch the game live.

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB! 🙂

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      Could you please elaborate on the JKidd-JLin incident to which you are referring? I am unfamiliar with this reference. When did it happen? JKidd has been retired for several seasons now or more. I can’t remember if he was still playing in 2012 during Linsanity. Is this when this incident occurred or was it when he was coaching New Jersey? I don’t know what you are specifically referring to. Details would be appreciated. I have always had mixed feelings about JKidd as both an NBA player and an NBA coach. He was never a model citizen during his career but definitely a great player at one time. Thanks for more information regarding this. Golden State is currently enjoying a second half double digit lead against Utah. It is difficult to imagine GS losing to Charlotte on Wednesday. But you never know. Maybe Jeremy Lin will be allowed to shine for once and Charlotte will make a game of it. I don’t expect this but you never know what may happen on an NBA court when Jeremy Lin is allowed to improvise his free form, creative, team-oriented game. So go Jeremy…audition for a Golden State contract next year. Double F Charlotte for sure. Ciao for now.

      • MrPingPong

        Dear Old & In:

        Here is the video of Kidd intentionally fouling Lin. It should have been a flagrant 1 at least.

        Kidd almost broke Lin’s neck. I was so angry when I saw it happen live. I can’t help but getting angry again re-watching it.

        Anyway, I just got home and caught the last minute and half of the GSW vs Jazz game. Curry is so freaking clutch. I don’t know how else to describe him. So it’s up to Lin and the Hornets to break the Dubs’ winning steak now, right? 😉

        Do you remember last season when BS accidentally let Lin and the second unit fool around and beat the Warriors? Yep, Lin can do it if allowed to run the show. But nah, it’s not gonna happen, with Cliff, the Stealth Lin Doubter. I’m gonna miss the Dubs vs Hornets game this Wednesday, anyway.

        • old & in the way

          Dear Mr. PingPong:

          Thanks for refreshing my old & in the way memory. I have seen this game before but I had totally forgotten about JKidd’s blatant dirty foul on JLin. There is no way that was accidental. As you may recall J Kidd was no model citizen off the court or on it. He got into trouble with the law while still at Cal over a hit-and-run incident on the Bay Bridge I believe was the location. He was involved in a vehicular accident and fled the scene of the accident illegally so his moral character was always in doubt to me. Having said that though he was a hell of a basketball player and considered to be a great defender early in his career. Towards the end of his career though he was a sometimes tactically dirty player as this assault on Jeremy Lin demonstrates. When he lost his quickness he often responded with thuggish defensive maneuvers like this one on Jeremy. I couldn’t remember if he was still a player during Linsanity. This must have been his final season though. Did you notice that he made no effort to apologize to Jeremy after he slugged him in the head. And then MDA got a technical called on him because he was still pissed off about Kidd not being flagged for a flagrant-1 foul if that is the worst of the two. I can never remember if flagrant-1 is worse than flagrant-2 or the other way around. One has a worse penalty than the other. To me this was clearly the worst of the two possible flagrant foul calls. I’m surprised that I had managed to forget this foul against Jeremy but there have been so many of them over the years that I can’t even remember the earlier of the worst ones and this was certainly one of those. Thanks again for supplying me with the video to assist my old memory banks. Ciao for now. Oh, just for the record…while I would love to see Jeremy lead Charlotte to a win over GS (sooner or later they will lose a game or two and so why not to Jeremy?) I, too, do not expect it to happen. I don’t think Jeremy will even be given the opportunity to lead this team to an upset win. Clifford will go with Kemba who is no match for Steph Curry and the Warriors at either end of the court. Win to GS. Charlotte has no chance if they play the same way they have been playing up to now.

          • MrPingPong

            You’re welcome, Old & In. It should have been a flagrant 2 with a heavy fine and multiple games suspension. But nooo, everybody in the NBA, including the refs were out to make sure that this Asian kid would fail and not play again.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Check out the box score. Charlotte bench outscored the Bucks bench 34-15, +19 points. Did all of that come against the 2nd string? Look at the +/- for the Charlotte starters vs the bench. The bench won this game. How would the bench have fared against the Bucks starters?

  • Ace Pagoda

    Philadelphia vs Memphis on NBA TV. What does it take for Charlotte to make TV? Philadelphia???? vs Memphis???. I don’t think Teal looks very dynamic on TV. It would be interesting though if JL could act as a veteran catalyst to some young, talented players in Phil. Might as well, not playing in Charlotte;

  • Pistolpete

    Obviously Clifford lied to Lin about playing time to get a cheap backup to Kemba. Jeremy’s only hope this year is an injury to Kemba which I’m sure he wouldn’t wish for. I do wish for it however – nothing serious – just something to keep Kemba out for 4-5 games and let Jeremy show his stuff. Seems that’s the only way he ever gets a chance to shine. Anyhow when Lin got in today they trailed by 6 and when he was replaced by Lamb they were up by 5 – an 11 point swing which I’m not hearing any credit being given to Lin. Charlotte was lucky however to win at home against a poor Milwaukee team and will get destroyed by Golden State unless changes are made. Clifford is too stubborn to change however and will keep playing Batum as a guard (9 turnovers) and Hairston as a starter stealing minutes from JLin and playing Kemba 40 minutes even though the team was more effective with Lin at PG. Looks pretty hopeless as Curry will destroy Kemba. They will get what they deserve for deceiving Jeremy however.

  • pistolpete

    I know, I know you should never wish harm on anyone and Kemba has been nothing but kind to Jeremy. Just got frustrated with Lin’s playing time and thoroughly disgusted with Clifford’s deception of Jeremy in their face-to-face interview. Anyhow my bad and I will never again voice something like this again.

    • No worries, pistolpete. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I will have to admit that I’m also wishing for a season-long injury to Kemba Walker, because that’s the only way Lin will get the minutes he deserves on this team. It sucks that I feel this way, because Kemba appears to be a good person. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I share your sentiment. Just being honest. I know how horrible it sounds, but that’s really the only way Lin will get to play 34+ minutes, which is what Lin deserves and which is what will help the Hornets win more games. I do wholeheartedly believe that the Hornets will be better off without Kemba, because then Lin will be the primary play-maker playing major minutes.

  • ashley

    The news said Lin twisted his right ankle and might not play against the Warriors–hopefully he won’t. While we don’t really want to wish harm on his teammates, Lin getting hurt is the worst for fans–this time, it should be a minor one though. Actually, I don’t mind Lin sitting out a few games. After all, what’s the point of playing hard every game for a coach that doesn’t appreciate you and wants to bury you on the bench. With his low salary under this circumstance, playing a quarter or third of the season might be just enough.

  • MrPingPong

    I did not watch the “best worst game ever” between the Sixers and the Lakers tonight, but am rather amused by the final score. Lakers fans on every websites that I scan thru are turning against Kobe accusing him of “disrespecting the game.” And should I mention BS? 😉

    Anyway, I am now convinced that Cliff is a fraud after reading this article:

    You’ve all heard of Lin spraining his right ankle during today’s practice, right? If I were Lin I would sit out the GSW game claiming injury. Of course, Lin would never do that. It’s just me who is losing my cool.

    • old & in the way

      Dear Mr. PingPong:

      Steve Clifford would seem to me to be a compulsive liar or at the very least someone who does not keep up with current events as the Kobrick he describes in this short interview with the repugnant Jim Rome bears no resemblance to the Kobrick that we all observed last season when Jeremy Lin was a member of the Los Passionless Lakers. Kobrick cares about young players? Well, yes…we all saw how he treated Jeremy Lin as well as the rest of his teammates calling them Charmin soft when the only truly soft player on the Lakers roster last year was Kobrick himself. Kobrick only cares about Kobrick. Everything else to the contrary is pretense and nonsense. Clifford’s observations are shallow and lack true insight. He is a parrot who is just repeating the consensus view on Kobrick which has no connection to reality, which is based on myth and the projection of pseudo qualities on to a celebrity figure. The Kobrick of 2013-2016 is a shadow replica of the young Kobrick who no longer exists. Steve Clifford needs to update the rhetoric on his bullshit hard drive. Otherwise he just sounds like the lying, kiss-ass fool he may actually be. But I must say that I am loving that the Los Passionless Lakers are one of the two worst teams in the NBA right now and Houston is not much better. Now if Jeremy could only find a coach who is not a lying moron I would be a completely happy camper.

    • Hey MrPingPong! I haven’t had a chance to visit here for a while. Yep, it’s looking more and more like Cliff is just like the rest of them. Another wasted season for Lin, I’m afraid. The only thing that will change Lin’s situation is if Kemba Walker gets injured, I’m afraid.

      I read that article you linked to about Cliff talking about Kobe. I actually didn’t see anything too wrong with Cliff’s comments on Kobe, though. Seems like pretty standard stuff to say about a legend who’s retiring. I didn’t think Cliff said anything too interesting or out of the ordinary. All pretty bland stuff. Nothing much to take away from it. Just a lot of blah blah blah that you say to the media about someone who’s retiring.

  • GT

    I am no Brutus! (Brutus is best known in modern times for taking a leading role in the assassination of Julius Caesar.) But even I start losing my cool with coach Clifford.

    Lately, Clifford’s substitution and utilization patterns of Lin make absolutely no sense to me. I am only willing to give Clifford five more games before I will completely write him off. 🙁

    • MrPingPong

      I missed the game, and just may as well from what I’ve read.

      Originally I was going to give Cliff about 20 games or so for him to figure out the rotation. But after I found out Cliff was a Kobe worshipper, I’m done with him. He is no better than BS the Snake of the Lakers.

      It’s frustrating as a LOF to see Lin being continually marginalized and not given a fair chance to play significant minutes. But there is still 3/4 of a season left. Lots of things, good and bad, can happen. Just hope that Lin stay healthy both physically and mentally. That’s the most important thing to me.

      Next stop, Chicago! Letzzz Gooo JL7!

      • Ace Pagoda

        I saw where KW cussed out his teammates when Curry went off for 28 points in the 3rd quarter. I will be curious and looking for comments here from people who watched the game as to whether help was not forthcoming and it was his teammates fault or if Curry just plain torched KW. JL 13 minutes? I assume it was his injury as Brian Roberts got a chance to play.

        • old & in the way

          I didn’t watch the game but I did listen to it on local Bay Area radio. According to Tim Roye who does the radio broadcasts on KNBR 680 in San Francisco when Steph Curry went off in the third quarter and scored the last 24 points of the quarter to cap off a 28 point quarter it was a combination of Curry torching Walker but also Walker getting no help from his teammates at the same time. There was apparently one play when Curry drove past Walker like he was standing in cement and Walker was heard courtside to scream to his teammates, “Where the F is the help!?” Of course, Curry is a great offensive player and Walker is not a good defender but it seemed to be an entire team collapse in the third quarter that enabled Curry to go on such a spectacular offensive run and display.

          Regarding Jeremy only playing 13 minutes I hope it was just that he was not completely healthy but Tim Roye did not address this issue directly although he was complimentary towards Jeremy Lin when he did mention him at all. But his references to Jeremy were infrequent as he played a pretty small role in the game. I think Golden State staff and management have a generally good attitude regarding Jeremy Lin from his playing time there in 2011. They very reluctantly released him and have always spoken highly of him. Unfortunately that doesn’t and hasn’t helped him much with his time on other teams like Houston and Los Passionless. Jeremy would be a good fit on Golden State but I would prefer to see him starting and leading his own team “somewhere else.” The problem is that “somewhere else” may not exist in the NBA given the toxic and highly biased culture of the NBA.

          • MrPingPong

            The recap and postgame observations at says something like Lin was perhaps playing hurt. From what I see in the Lin highlight videos, Lin got fouled really hard a couple of times and looked dazed.


            It’s good that Lin has three days to recuperate before going up against the second stringers of the Bulls. Lin seems to have AB’s number and will do well, I am sure.

          • ashley

            I heard that Lin rejected the Warriors’ offer this off season because he preferred to play a bigger role on a team. But if that team isn’t going to utilize him well, he might as well play on a title contender in the Warriors. That way, he sort of fulfills his dream of winning an NBA championship. Sigh!

        • It was interesting, you could actually hear KW cussing even on the live stream. I wasn’t paying attention (had the game in the background), so don’t know what happened in the play so can’t say if KW was justified in being upset with his teammates.

          Lin didn’t play PG at all in the GSW game. Lin’s injury was a factor, I believe.

    • Et tu, GT?

      Clifford’s utilization of Lin has been suspect pretty much since the start of the regular season. I’ve already run out of patience with Clifford. I see him as no different than all the other jokers with regard to how he has treated Lin.

  • old & in the way

    Dear Ashley:

    I didn’t know that Jeremy turned down an offer from Golden State so he could play a bigger role in Charlotte. But I do remember that he said before the season began that he wanted to find out how good he can be. Thus he can’t possibly be happy or satisfied with his treatment by Charlotte and Steve Clifford. As you have already stated he is getting less playing time in Charlotte than either in Houston or Los Passionless. He must be pretty frustrated by now by duplicitous coaches who deceive him with lies and empty promises. I worry that he may never again find an honest coach who will give him an honorable opportunity to meet his full potential and that his NBA career will never advance beyond “what might have been.” This would be a tragedy of course. I, too, would rather see him as a bench role player on a championship team like Golden State than on a slightly above average team like Charlotte that will never win anything with their present make-up and approach. To say nothing of the differences between the coaching staffs and FO personnel at Golden State and Charlotte. I don’t really blame Jeremy. What is he to do if teams keep lying to him and misrepresenting their intentions for him and how they intend to use him. This NBA “shit” must be as painful for him on a personal level as it is for those of us who are his true fans and want to see him excel and reach his full potential. I wonder if he will ever be allowed to do so. At this point I am very angry about the way he has been treated up to now by everyone other than MDA. I don’t know if he is as angry about his treatment as I am but he can’t possibly be happy about it, can he? I think not.

    • ashley

      Dear Mr. Old,

      To our unfortunate surprise, Lin’s tenure on the Hornets has turned out to be a leg of his downward basketball journey. I’d hope it’s the last but it may also mark the beginning of the norm of a real NBA bench player. Could there be good surprises waiting for this season? We’ll see.
      BTW. thanks so much for the encouragement on writing!

    • I also didn’t know that Lin rejected an offer from the Warriors. In retrospect, I guess Lin would be playing pretty much the same role he is playing now with the Hornets, but at least he’d be in a team that wins the championship. But I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

      Unless something drastic changes, I hope Lin decides to find another team where he can start. I think Lin will at least get more offers in this upcoming off-season than he did last off-season. But it is still unlikely that he’ll get an offer to start if his role in Hornets doesn’t change drastically. Cliff really hasn’t lived up to his word and has severely failed my expectations of him.

  • MrPingPong

    I missed the Chicago game tonight.

    From the box score, Lin had more PT and seemed to play relatively well, especially with the rebounds and steals. The 3ptrs have evaded him lately. Perhaps because he’s been expending too much energy on playing defense. It’s a long season, so I’m not too worried. Lin just needs to stay healthy somehow!

    Anyway, from this LOF’s perspective, moar Lin moar wins!


    • Ace Pagoda

      Score does not lie. As long as Charlotte wins they will accept the losses. The problem is that as they play higher tier teams like Cleveland and Golden State (I don’t think Chicago is there yet though they may be) they will look very ordinary. This is where they will miss JL at the PG because he can provide a different dynamic than KW and can make his team mates better than they are. I read a Bulls blog earlier than today and he pointed out that Charlotte has had a weak schedule so they look better than they are and I would have to agree. At least they beat the teams they should but they need a dynamic to get them over the hump to where they can beat some of the better teams at least some of the time. Atlanta, Cleveland, Golden State. With JL at the PG and Zeller playing an athletic 7 footer they won’t miss Big Al/

      • MrPingPong

        I watched the full game replay.

        It must have been an exciting game watching it live with so many lead changes and the game tied at 94-94 with about a minute and a half left to play. The game could have gone either way, but the Bulls failed to execute. They had open looks but missed them, in particular one wide open three that would have put them ahead. After that missed shot, things went sour for them. Lady luck went with the Hornets with Kemba doing his usual hero ball iso thing and made a highly contested shot over the towering Niko.

        What surprised me was Cliff putting Lin back in with 2:44 to play after taking Lin out at the 5 min mark. I re-watched the 4th quarter a few times but nothing in the flow of the game that would warrant Cliff to sit Lamb down and replaced him with Lin to close out the game. Could it be that Ciff liked the way Lin playing good defense throughout the game? I root for the Hornets to win because of Lin. The more the Hornets win, the more Lin’s value goes up, whether or not Cliff plays Lin significant minutes.

        Overall, I think Lin played a pretty descent game, making the most out the 27 bench minutes he was given. He played with controlled aggression, always looking to pass the ball to the open man. A few times his receivers did not make their shots but those were the right passes. In contrast, his teammates were not looking to pass the ball to Lin, in my opinions. Many times Lin was wide open but the ball never got to him. And unfortunately of those rare times when the ball got to him, Lin did not convert. I think it’s a matter of Lin not having the ball often and long enough to establish some kind of rhythm. There is a lot of season left, plenty of time for Lin and his teammates to figure things out.

        Pistons are next. Letzzz Gooo JL7!

        • Ace Pagoda

          Thank you for the summary. To have watched the replay you must have NBA TV. JL is at this best with the ball in his hands and the flow of the game, especially offense, at his direction. Playing off the ball as a shooter is not his strength though he is much better at it. His game is aggressive offense involving all of his team. His big threat is drive to the basket to score and make the defense commit to him leaving his teammates open. He does this very well. I liken his style to a bowling ball crashing into pins (the defensive players) and a big scattering of bodies now all out of position. His style is not like Stephen Curry’s who runs around all over and scares everybody with his hot shooting. It is not like Steve Nash who used to weave in and out of bodies. But both, and JL, were scoring threats as well which is why defense has to be drawn to you in the paint. This is why JL scored a lot of points with NY but at the same time made his teammates better. I see the same thing with Curry, who is such a scoring threat he disrupts defense because they are scared of him. If JL ran the point with this type of offensive aggression all teammates, including Big Al, would be better players. This would give Charlotte the dynamic they need to get to the next level to challenge the Clevelands, Atlanta’s etc. This style would make Cody Zeller a star and make Steve Hawes a more powerful offensive threat because on these mad dashes to the hoop he would be all alone much like that 3 point designated shooter on the Knicks (can’t remember his name) who got a nice contract afterwards but could not perform the same. I just do not understand why teams do not want to revisit Linsanity. It does not matter whether JL does not want a repeat of that or not because if he plays his game it will happen- it is called team basketball. Golden State plays team basketball but the caliber of their teammates is a bit above Charlottes and they allow Steph Curry to orchestrate. Terrible misuse of personnel by Coach Clifford.

          • old & in the way

            Yes, one of the reasons that Steph Curry is so good and playing at such a high level is that he has the support of the entire coaching staff. They give him the freedom to play his own game and create at will. This feeds his confidence which is very important. He knows that the coaching staff have his back and will not betray him when he makes mistakes or commits turnovers which he does comparatively frequently. If he has a weakness turnovers is it. But Steph like Jeremy plays a high risk-high rewards type of basketball. And, of course, he is an ultimate team player. In these respects Jeremy and Steph are similar. Unfortunately Jeremy does not have the support of the Charlotte coaching staff and I think it does effect his confidence and performance. Under D’Antoni he did have that support and it makes all the difference in the world. No one knew earlier in his career that Curry could reach these levels of excellence. Curry isn’t really any more gifted physically than his peers but he is in a perfect situation and does have the total support of his coaches. This is very, very important and what Jeremy Lin lacks presently. Otherwise Jeremy has the potential to excel like Steph Curry. He just needs to be in the right situation. Unfortunately Charlotte is not it.

          • MrPingPong

            Yep, confidence is everything in sports. MDA realized that right after the Linsanity game and immediately gave Lin the starting job. But I fault MDA for quitting and leaving Lin to the wolves. Lin vindicated MDA and saved his ass, but MDA did not tough it out and stayed with Lin to the bitter end. MDA is a quitter, while Lin is not. If MDA ever gets a coaching job again, I do not want to see Lin play for him.

          • Ace Pagoda

            To give MDA his due, we do not know that he wasn’t “forced” out. It was strange to see the only success he had in NY was Insanity, wildly popular and then he quits? More here than meets the eye, so I don’t think he abandoned JL, and in any case he did not owe a personal loyalty to him. I would be curious to know if MDA and JL have maintained any contact. It would also be nice to hear an interview with MDA and what his thoughts were about that time in NY and also what he thinks of JL, his talents and his potential in the NBA. Now that would stir things up in the establishment. If he ever wanted to support JL that would be the way to do it but he could kiss any more time in the NBA goodbye.

          • MrPingPong

            You are preaching to the choir here, Ace!


  • Ace Pagoda

    Can anyone tell me if there is a point to this article?:

    Is this so unusual that it needs to be made a post of on homepage?, where I found it.

    Is JL the only NBA player who tripped (or was fouled by Butler) and missed a layup having gotten off the floor and rushing a shot in the oncoming rush by Butler again.

    Again, can anyone tell me the value of this article from any point of view? It seems to me that JL has fallen on the wrong side of political correctness that Tim Tebow seems to find himself. Incredible.

    • old & in the way

      It has no value. You should have read the comments. Some of them were even worse than this ridiculous mini-article. The haters will hate without reason or cause. Jeremy is Chinese-American which seems to be enough for some haters to hate. Why though I can’t tell you. It is stupid and silly for people to be so biased against such a likeable individual as Jeremy but they do it anyway.

      • Ace Pagoda

        I did read the comments after I posted OITW. Should not have and known better because they are the same people who posted on the Lakers blog when JL was in LA. Almost the same language verbatim.

    • MrPingPong

      I just laughed because I did not know Jesus was a Lin hater! 😉

      • ashley

        I saw that play in the game and found Jimmy Butler, whom I regarded earlier as a great player, was actually a thug who tripped Lin first and then relentlessly smashed him after he missed the layup. It seemed to say you shouldn’t have gotten up to try again and I’m punishing you for that. It was horrible and tragic the way it happened. I thought it was something worth mentioning regarding Lin and the game, but never would I have thought someone would write that article under that misleading title, which not only distorts the truth but also blames the victim of violence for looking bad. Did JB commit a flagrant foul? If so, fans should submit it to the NBA.

        Other than JB’s atrocity, what pops out from that clip is Lamb’s indifference towards Lin. He seemed to just shrug his shoulder and walk away after he saw Lin fall. He seemed to feel bored after he found out what happened and decided there was nothing fun to do. What a teammate!

  • Ace Pagoda

    In this sequence of clips from the recent Chicago game you will see Jimmy Butler drive to the hoop and miss the layup without being touched! Why is this not on Yahoo?

    • old & in the way

      My guess would be that Jimmy Butler is not treated the same as Jeremy Lin because it is the NBA. Although the NBA is composed mostly of black players it is still a white institution where white America relieves some of its guilt for the racist enslavement of Africans by allowing African-Americans preferential treatment. Since Jeremy Lin is not African-American he is not afforded the same preferential treatment as Jimmy Butler even though no one was treated any worse than the Chinese immigrants who were brought to this country in the 19th century to build the damn railroad lines across America. America has not caught up to its racist past and present in all regards. Jeremy is a pioneer because the NBA establishment is not yet ready to welcome Chinese-Americans and acknowledge the racist treatment of Chinese immigrants with the same levels of guilt with which they welcome players whose ancestors originally lived in Africa and were kidnapped and enslaved in America. In this case I would agree that it is politically correct to be African-American in the NBA but not politically correct to be Chinese-American yet in the NBA. It is the sick and sad truth I am afraid and part of the reason that the NBA is such a toxic culture for Jeremy Lin.

  • MrPingPong

    I watched the Lakers vs Pistons game just to get an idea what the Pistons are like since they will be playing against Lin and the Hornets tomorrow.

    Unfortunately it was hard to gauge the Pistons because the Lakers were so freaking bad and got blown away. By the 4th quarter, BS threw in the towel and cleared the bench. The Pistons first stringers basically sat the 4th quarter so they will be fresher than usual playing the second game of a back-to-back tomorrow.

    From all appearances, the Pistons second stringers are not that good. I believe Lin and his bench cohorts will run circles around these guys. It comes down to coaching I think. And SVG is a damn good coach.

  • Ace Pagoda

    That is a lot of psychology here OITW and I can see the line of your thinking. But to see what happened publicized and exploited on a major media outlet like Yahoo is really eye opening. I read and have read Yahoo web page content and it is obvious they are “liberal” media, all the more eye opening to see something like this on their site. I wonder if others who have seen this on the Yahoo site have the same impressions as us?

  • MrPingPong

    An interesting interview of Meta World Peace in which he discussed MDA’s system:

    • GT

      Dear Philosopher King,

      Thank you deeply for your condolences.

      I am willing to give coach Clifford four more games to prove himself before I will call him out and write him off.

      Dear Professor MrPingPong,

      Fredo. you broke my heart!~~~ 🙁
      The Godfather: Part II (1974)

      I normally held you to the highest regards. I pretty much worship and idolize everything you wrote (including the punctuation and emotion signs you used.) But this time I have no choice but to fiercely and vehemently disagree with your view of coach D’Antoni.

      By HOWARD BECK The New York Times March 14, 2012

      Mike D’Antoni and the Knicks parted ways Wednesday — an event that seemed fated once the franchise acquired Carmelo Anthony, an immense talent whose individual playing style clashed with D’Antoni’s spread-the-wealth offense.

      The tension between D’Antoni and Anthony has been building for 13 months, since Anthony arrived in a controversial trade. It reached a crisis point over the last two weeks, as the Knicks lost 8 of 10 games, while Anthony bristled over his role.

      Finally, on Wednesday morning, D’Antoni asked to meet with team officials and with James L. Dolan, the Madison Square Garden chairman. D’Antoni asked Dolan if he would be open to trading Anthony before Thursday’s 3 p.m. trading deadline, according to a person briefed on the meeting. When Dolan said no, D’Antoni offered to resign.

      The team characterized the parting as mutual, but the decision to walk away “was absolutely Mike’s,” according to a D’Antoni associate…

      D’Antoni resigned as the head coach of the Lakers under very similar situations (i.e., just a different evil culprit ColdBrick and same incompetent and non-supportive FO.)

      When your star player is openly and actively sabotage your coaching plans and your boss does not have your back, The only honorable thing you should do is to resign under the circumstances. So I believe that D’Antoni is a man of principle and integrity, Not a quitter.

      I do like to see him and Lin reunite one day.

      • ashley

        Nice to see your post, GT. Regarding D’Antoni, there could be different perspectives. To Mr. PingPong, or a frustrated Lin fan, he could seem like a quitter. Had he not quit from the Knicks, Lin might be able to stay as a Knick; had he not quit from the Lakers, Lin would have been able to start, play his game, and gotten a fair chance to develop as an all-star PG. I guess not all coaches can have a team devoid of pompous superstars, and I heard Lebron had given the Cav’s coach some difficult times. Had D’Antoni been better at handling the stars or more willing to deal with them, he might still be an NBA coach. He’s neither as tough a coach as the Spurs’, nor a flatter like BS. But he’s surely “a man of principle and integrity,” as GT so aptly put it, and I respect him for that.

      • MrPingPong

        Thank you, DGT, for your high regards of my postings. I appreciate your sharing your wit as well as your pain and sorrow with all of us here. This is what friendship is all about. However, being friends does not mean we cannot disagree at all time. Differences in opinions and the freedom to express them are important ingredients in a healthy friendship.

        Believe me, I read everything out there when MDA resigned from the Knicks, and everything out there way after the dust had settled. Here are a couple of links that you might or might not have seen already.

        There was also a very telling interview of MDA a year or so after he resigned from the Knicks that I read but could not locate it.

        It really does not matter what I think of MDA. What matters is what Lin think of MDA. And I am sure Lin holds the highest respect for MDA, who gave Lin a chance (though by accident and out of necessity) to showcase and vindicate his NBA skills. I just wonder how Lin felt the moment he found out MDA quit without any advance warning. How does one feel when a friend and supporter just quit on you without telling you anything?

        Switching topic to the present, or more precisely yesterday’s Pistons game, Lin played a well-rounded game, don’t y’all think? 🙂

        Heat is next! Letzzzz Goooo JL7!

        • Ace Pagoda
        • GT

          Dear Professor MrPingPong,

          You always seem to know so much on so many and that can be very scary and intimidating to me sometimes. 🙂

          Joke (only the second part of my statement) aside, it is indeed a great pleasure to have a high-caliber cerebral (notice that I did not use the term “egghead”) friend like you so I can engage in honest discussions of opinions without fear of naming calling. 🙂

          Now let’s talk about egg. On one Wednesday morning, March 14, 2012, D’Antoni had a boiled turkey egg the Knicks front office (FO) prepared for him as breakfast. After only one spoonful, D’Antoni knew that the egg had spoiled and rotten to its core. He had two options he could take: (1) Swallowed the rest of the egg and pretended it was as fresh as animally possible, (2) Complain the incidence to the FO.

          After clearly sensing that rotten Melo intentionally caused the losses of several winnable games in a row by not playing defense or getting the rebounds for the sole purpose of obliterating the Linsanity freezy, D’Antoni requested an emergency meeting with the Knicks FO just few hours before the pending Knicks game in Madison Square Garden that night.

          When Knicks FO insisted that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the egg and the real problem was D’Antoni’s taste bud, D’Antoni had no third option but to resign on the spot. In a sense, he resigned because of Lin. I don’t think that any NBA coach will give an advance notice to a given player that he is going to resign because of him.

          According to ESPN’s Pablo S. Torre, D’Antoni was the first one to call Lin following the trade and talked about the missed reunion between the two:

          As the clock ticked toward 3 a.m. in Lin’s hotel room, his mom, Shirley, handed him the phone for his inaugural conversation as a Laker. “Oh my gosh,” Mike D’Antoni told Jeremy, in his unmistakable West Virginia twang. “I can’t believe we missed each other.”

          D’Antoni also praised his former point guard and called him “special,” via Torre:

          Now he was calling Lin only eight weeks after resigning as coach of the Lakers amid discord with, yes, Kobe Bryant. “You hate to miss an opportunity to coach somebody that receptive, that good,” D’Antoni says. “He’s one of those special point guards.”

          Lin and his dad revealed recently that during the past off-season at least six NBA teams approached Lin’s agent and expressed high interest in acquiring Lin. In fact, Grizzlies made a 3-year offer to Lin with fairly decent salary, rumored at ~15 millions. And YES, these six teams also included some very elite teams — Golden State Warriors and San Antonia Spurs. But after close consultations with his former mentor D’Antoni and lengthy conversations with coach Clifford (a former D’Antoni’s portage), Lin chose to join Hornets instead with a chicken-dinner salary of 2 millions. This shows that how highly Lin respects and values D’Antoni’s opinion.

          Dear Ashley,

          Thank you deeply for your compliments and emotional support. 🙂

          The head coach of San Antonia Spurs, Greg Popovich, is generally considered The best active coach in the NBA by no coincidence or accident:

          1. Greg Popovich is the longest tenured active coach in the NBA. Taking over as head coach of the Spurs in 1996, Popovich has stayed with Spurs for 19 years straight.

          2. He has the total and unconditional support from the Spurs’ owner and FO.

          3. He hand-picks every single Spurs’ player. They are all team-oriented players, no superstar with bloated and twisted egos.

          4. His three core players (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili) have all stayed with Spurs for at least 13 years or more.

          5. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. He coaches the Spurs team like a drill sergeant in a marine boot camp. Hero and/or ball hog won’t be able to survive more than one day in his training camp.

          6. His is extremely intelligent, fair, and firm.

          Need I to say more? 🙂

          • Ace Pagoda

            You seem to have a lot of insight as to the relationship between MDA and JL. Thanks for those comments. You mention that Clifford was an understudy under MDA. I wonder if Cliff and MDA have talked about JL role on team and are in agreement as to how JL is being used? It would seem not.

          • GT

            Dear Ace,

            Thank you deeply for your compliments. 🙂

            From D’Antoni’s open letter of resignation “Why I Am Leaving the Knicks” dated Wednesday, March 14, 2012 (courtesy of Professor MrPingPong):

            My proudest moments in life – that seven-game “Linsanity” winning streak; two MVPs for Steve Nash in Phoenix; my splendid mustache — have all come through hard work. But the Knicks have become too much about shortcuts and not enough about achievement…

            I do follow D’Antoni and Lin closely because I very much love to see them reunited one day. However, if this reunion does not materialize before the start of the 2016 NBA season, the chance will become extremely slim. 🙁

            During the offseason in the past summer, not only Lin had close contacts with his former mentor D’Antoni and actively sought his advices, but also coach Clifford consulted with D’Antoni several times to pick his brain. As a matter of fact, D’Antoni did give coach Clifford a complete copy of the Lin’s User Manual in the end.

            Rome wasn’t built in a day ! Coach Clifford does know Lin’s strengths and potentials. However, due to Hornets’ current team compositions and company politics, his usage rate of Lin is only about 30% at present. As the season progresses, this usage rate will also gradually decrease. Hopefully, this rate will eventually reach the Linsanity level.

            Time will tell. Lets have our fingers crossed!~~~ 🙂

  • Breaking News: Kemba is sick, so it is likely that Lin will start against Pistons.

  • pistolpete

    The Hornets won by 20 and Kemba didn’t play 40 minutes. Unbelievable – Cliff must be in shock! Hopefully from this he’ll realize he doesn’t have to burn out Kemba and can give Lin more pt. Based on prior years I’m skeptical that a coach will be fair to Jeremy but I do see a glimmer of hope with Clifford. Jeremy played well last night and with the exception of his shooting has been consistently good in all phases of the game. If it wasn’t a blowout last night he probably would have cracked the 30 minute mark for the first time this year. Anyhow I’m hoping that Cliff just needs some time to get more confidence in Lin and realizes he needs to give him more pt for the team to make and advance in the playoffs. I know this is a stretch for an NBA coach (especially for one who starts PJ 🙂 ) but this is the Christmas season and miracles do happen!

    • I have also noticed Clifford doing a better job of managing Lin’s minutes the past few games. So maybe he is trusting Lin more. But he still doesn’t want Lin to dribble too much, which is a shame. At least Lin’s getting more minutes and getting subbed in a little earlier in the 1st and 3nd quarters. Cliff also does this smart thing where he’ll rest Lin a little in the 2nd and bring Lin right back in to finish the 2nd quarter and sometimes he’ll do that in the 4th as well. I like that substitution pattern for Lin. Hope it continues.

      • Ace Pagoda

        19:50 is not much use for JL, but they did not need him. That is significantly less than 1/2 of the game. 10 minutes a half, hardly time to get into the flow! Under-used, under-appreciated, not under-stood. We will see how this works when they play the upper tier teams they must be .500 against to have any real credibility, and if they can be at least .500 on the road.

  • Ace Pagoda


    Interesting and insightful comments about Clifford closely consulting with MDA about JL. Would have like to heard how MDA told Clifford how to use JL. I think you meant to say that his usage rate will increase rather than decrease as in your message- at least I hope so. I don’t understand though why this usage has to be gradual because if it can’t happen now then why should it later? If it is 30% now increasing to 50% will seem like a lot. The problem is that it should be north of 70%. Unless they are waiting for a fall off in Charlotte’s play and success- which I think will happen when the schedule gets harder and they play more on the road. This would represent a natural opportunity to play more JL and adjust the lineup because basketball life will be tougher.

    • GT

      Dear Ace,


      Sources: 76ers in talks to hire Mike D’Antoni as associate head coach
      By Adrian Wojnarowski

      New Philadelphia 76ers chairman Jerry Colangelo is beginning to impose his influence on the franchise, engaging Mike D’Antoni in talks to join Brett Brown’s staff as associate head coach, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

      D’Antoni, a four-time head coach in the NBA, has been discussing with Colangelo and Brown a role on the Sixers’ bench that could begin later this month, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

      Mike D’Antoni last coached in the NBA during the 2013-14 season with the Lakers. (AP)
      Mike D’Antoni last coached in the NBA during the 2013-14 season with the Lakers. (AP)
      D’Antoni, 64, and Colangelo have a longstanding relationship that includes successful runs together with the Phoenix Suns and USA Basketball. D’Antoni has been the revolutionary offensive mind of the modern NBA era, clearing the path for faster, smaller offenses that thrive on the 3-point shot.

      The timing of Brown’s two-year extension on Friday, a deal that extends through the end of the 2018-19 season, has apparently eased any concerns that D’Antoni would be brought to the Sixers as some kind of head coach in waiting. D’Antoni wants to be a head coach again, and his candidacy elsewhere could be enhanced if he’s back on a bench in a coaching capacity.

      With the offseason departure of top assistant coach Chad Iske to the Sacramento Kings, there was concern Brown needed to add more experience to his staff, league sources said.

      The Sixers are engaged in a tanking strategy that has largely gutted the roster of NBA talent, leaving them losers of 23 of 24 games to start the season. Philadelphia ownership hired Colangelo to preside over president and general manager Sam Hinkie, although Colangelo won’t be dealing in the day-to-day operations of the front office. Despite the demotion, Hinkie is trying to stay on the job.

      After the Los Angeles Lakers let go of D’Antoni at the end of the 2013-14 season, he’s spent most of his time living in West Virginia. D’Antoni reached the Western Conference finals twice in his five seasons as the Suns coach (2003-08) and reached the playoffs twice again – once each with the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers.