No Surprise. Jeremy Lin Starts. Allowed to Play His Game and Explodes for 35 Points to Lead Hornets to a Win in OT vs. Raptors


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  • MrPingPong

    Lin to Troy Daniels for the WIN! πŸ™‚

  • Ace Pagoda

    Daniels was hot and unconscious on the last shot. Took a few steps too, but hey. All I will say for now is that Rajan Rondo with his 20 assists is a liability because he cannot score, is not a threat to score and as such disadvantages his team greatly.

  • pistolpete

    I’m happy they won and JLin had a great game but pissed that he had one turnover in the 4th and was frozen out the rest of the game. Cliff is obsessed with turnovers but isn’t forcing shots that are rebounded by the other team also in a way turnovers? Kemba is the King of turnovers.

    • Forthelin

      In the third quarter, the offense seem to run through Jeremy, and that quarter was a blow-out. I’m not sure if Clifford intentionally stopped that in the fourth, but that wasn’t a good quarter for the Hornets.

  • Ace Pagoda

    If Cliff does not see the light now, then he never will and Charlotte will never be more than mediocre this season no matter who comes back. If you watch clips of JL from the NBA website you will hear numerous references by the announcer, Sacto, I think, about how JL is bringing them back and keeping them in the game. If some needy team (like Chicago, Phoenix Sacramento – from what I saw of Rondo JL would be better for Sacto 20 assists or not, Philly, Milwaukee and a few others could pry JL from Charlotte it could prove to be a turnaround or next-step-up move.

  • I’m not surprised Lin got injured tonight. Lin’s been playing injured ever since Batum went down the FIRST time. Lin came back from injury, because the team needed him after Batum went down and I knew that was a mistake. Ever since then, Lin has been playing injured and the 50-minute game vs. Sacramento was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back. Not surprised at all Lin got injured. Was expecting it to happen. Hopefully, he won’t rush back from injury this time.

    • MrPingPong

      In yesterday’s radio interview with ESPN Charlotte, Lin revealed his ankle still bothered him and the 50 min PT made it worse:

      Most of us LOFs know Lin would play as long as he can walk. Sigh! He needs to take a break until after the ASB. They don’t pay him enough to sacrifice his body like that.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Looks like JL rolled his ankle. Hope it is not serious but serious enough for him to take full time off and heal completely for the 2nd half of the season. I don’t think he would have been available for trade because Charlotte still thinks they can get to the playoffs (maybe they can). Now that he will be out for a while and Batum is back Charlotte can see how KW and Batum as their 1 and 2 options can do. I did not see the game (but almost sprung for League Pass in case JL was going to play more but now will wait) but the +/- between the Jazz and Charlotte 2nd string was huge. Average Utah +20. I have read that some people believe than Charlotte won’t play JL properly because he is a “1 year rental”. Well, if you don’t play him then for sure he is 1 year done and gone. How do they expect to keep Batum if they can’t hold their best players? Charlotte sure has their share of injuries. Spurs have the right idea in judiciously resting their players because of the long season. Personally I would not mind the schedule being cut to about i 1/2 to 50 games because then we would see more intensely played BBall rather than coasting through the regular season and mediocre games. Injuries have become way too big a part of the game and the reason is due to so many games and traveling. Guess there won’t be much to talk about for awhile on tis blog till JL comes back, unless there is some trade speculation. JL would be a great acquisition for a team that needs some leadership and dynamic play to get them to the next level. Hey, how about Charlotte Hornets!

  • Ace Pagoda

    JL’s weakness is that he needs to play in flow. He is not a plug-in instant offense (especially from the corner). KW is more suited to that. I think that as long as he is relegated to being identified as a 2nd string PG (he is not even that in Charlotte) then he will be inconsistent. Look at Linsanity NY it took MDA by default to start and play JL enough minutes to shine. Look the rare stints in Houston where JL got to start, play meaningful minutes he shines (big game against SAS 38 pts and the win). Personally if I have to make important decisions or take meaningful action I like to do it within a flow, where each action or decision is half a non-thinking reaction, more intuitive, then considered and worked out. Comments by G@S support this idea because Greg points out that JL looked confused at playing his old role of 2nd string. Clifford really is dense if he cannot see the best way to use his personnel for the team benefit. It may be that unless JL gets a real chance to play in a flowing manner suited to his personality, mentality and skills he will never be able to maximize his talents. With the league attitude what it seems to be regarding JL it seems he may not get this chance unless he goes to a team with a coach like MDA or Hoiberg who want a PG to push up the pace and make the plays. I am hoping for a trade or if not a trade this season then another chance for JL to play in an environment that will allow him to maximize his skills. He should take whatever time is necessary to completely heal so as to come back strong but also allow Charlotte the perspective of playing without JL and appreciating (or not) what JL can bring to the TEAM if used properly. I would say less than 20% chance of that happening. Glad I didn’t spring for League Pass.

    • I think Lin is instant offense, all Lin needs is the ball in his hands and high PnR and freedom to runt he offense, rather than having to run set plays by the coach. That’s why Lin was able to shine under D’Antoni, because D’Antoni just lets his PGs go and call their own plays, etc. Cliff likes to run plays. There were sever moments in the game where Hornets would have been better off letting Lin improvise, instead Lin was forced to pass because the play dictated it and the result was turnovers, because the defense read the play and anticipated the pass. Lin’s not good when he isn’t allowed to improvise.

      As for the Jazz game, I think the biggest reason for Lin’s “confusion” is that he was playing severely injured and couldn’t knew that he couldn’t do the things that he normally does. It’s the case in which your body can’t do what your mind wants. So I think that had more to do with Lin’s “confusion” than anything else. The entire game, I was just waiting to see when Lin would get injured, because I knew the 50-minute game was way too much for Lin, since he has been playing injured for well over a month now. So when it happened, I wasn’t at all surprised. Lin’s been banged up so badly for a while now and that 50-minute game was what finally did him in.

    • MrPingPong

      I do not follow the Bulls and do not know much about how they play. I did watch the 3 games the Hornets played against the Bulls however. So far, the Hornets have done well against them leading the series 2-1. I watched a little bit of the Bulls vs Lakers game last night, just a little bit because it was so boring.

      From the limited number of Bulls games that I’ve seen and what I’ve read, Paul does not do much PnR with his guards. Paul clashed with MDA publicly on his role as a Lakers. So my guess is Lin will not mesh well with Paul. And let’s not forget that Butler does not seem to have much respect for Hoiberg. Of course, should Lin join the Bulls, he would be backing up Rose and would probably spend more time running the floor with the second unit, as AB is doing right now. I am not very enthusiastic about such a prospect.

      Switching topic, in case you don’t know it already, here is a rather uplifting story about cops, kids, Shaq and basketball:

      • Ace Pagoda

        Hi Mr PP,

        I was thinking more in terms of having a coach who would appreciate JL skill set and mindset. I don’t think Chicago could or would get JL without a massive lineup change. Gasol probably would not mesh with JL’s game but part of the lineup change would be to change out Gasol! He would not play in back of Rose because they would trade Rose (if they can big contract) too. They should be able to get good assets back for those two stars. Butler will play with JL if they win because Butler can run and is athletic. JL will make Mirotic better as well as Portis who will now have a spot to play w/o Gasol. I like Gasol but face it, he could not play with Steph Curry because his game does not fit. Chicago has a coach who desires an offensive style that he does not have the players for. Aaron Brooks off the bench would give them a relentless PG attack of differing style. Brooks is a kind of KW. If they could trade Gasol (or just let him go as a FA) and Rose and get a PnR big to play with JL then they would have a place for Noah (defender) to shine again. It seems as if JL’s problems has been coaches (except for MDA) who do not appreciate JL skills. I think Holberg would. Just some fun speculation to get away from the disappointing scene in Charlotte.

        • MrPingPong

          I dunno anything about Hoiberg. Rumor has it that the Bulls want to resign Gasol. The point is whether or not Gasol wants to stay with them. But yeah, we fans have the prerogative to discuss and speculate! It’s fun! πŸ™‚

  • I didn’t pay too much attention to Hornets game with Blazers, but one interesting thing I did note is that Clifford benched Walker in the 4th in favor of Roberts, because Roberts was doing well. This tells me that for whatever odd reason, Clifford just doesn’t trust Lin as a PG. So it may not be about politics as it is about Clifford not seeing Lin as a floor general, which is pretty insane. Clifford should have more conversations with MDA. I guess MDA no longer has incentive to help Clifford out now that he’s got a job on an opposing team.

    • MrPingPong

      Cliff played MKG, somebody who just came back from shoulder surgery, 34 min. He played Batum, who looked doped and totally disinterested, 40 min. This is bizarre. Is Cliff that dumb of a coach?

    • Ace Pagoda

      I did not see the game but did look at the box scores before commenting here. Your comment that Cliff benched KW in the 4th in favor of B. Roberts because he was playing better is interesting because there have been a few games where KW was shooting Charlotte out of the game and he should have been replaced by JL- but was not. A good recent example is the 2OT win over Sacto. It could have been over in reg with JL at the PG and KW on the bench or occupying JL’s corner spot. Same in the 1s OT and the 2nd OT. This mention of KW being benched is the first time I have heard any mention of KW being benched for any reason at all let alone poor play. But this happens on a night where JL is injured and not playing and therefore not available? How strange. I am relatively new to your site and last night decided to look over some of the “posts from the past”. Wish I had done it earlier. I met and enjoyed past posters many of whom I have not seen comment since I have been attending this blog. I especially enjoyed Old and in the Way’s publication of “Linsanity”. Mr. Old is very direct in his criticism of the sports establishment in an intelligent manner. Great stuff. He should have sent it in to Sportige to see if they would publish it. Then I read your piece on the night things changed for JL and the Lakers after BS met with Upchuck. Now that was a great in depth article. I read through the posts of past and present posters from those years and wonder where they are now. This little nook of the JL phenomenon in pro sports has got to be one of the most (unnoticed) fascinating stories in sport. It promises to continue to be so for the length of JL’s career. I am sure there are two or three more chapters to follow after the Charlotte chapter, which is not over yet if Cliff can manage to pull his head out of his ass (at this point unlikely). JL has the ability, already proven, to be another Steve Nash- that is a transforming PG. But it took a free, unbiased environment like that provided by MDA to unleash the power of the individual that empowered the whole group. And Steve Nash was a 2-time league MVP.

  • Ace Pagoda

    From the Orange County Register comes this article re Byron Scottt:
    It’s a damn shame that this clown was (is) allowed to waste players and fans time with his shenanigans. If BS is put up to this farce in professional sports by the ownership then everybody should jump off the Lakers ship like I have.I can’t believe Kupchak is going along with this. BS and the Lakers wasted a year of JL’s career and made JL look bad to boot. I actually thought McLean’s commentary was not harsh enough. Kobe is smearing his “legacy” with shit.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here.

    It’s game night for Lin and company against the King and company. As you all know, Kemba is out due to a knee sore tonight. Hornets PR just tweeted:

    .@hornets starters tonight:

    So Lin will get to run the floor tonight. We know Lin is playing with a bad ankle. He will only sits when he can no longer walk. That’s his uber competitie nature. I watched a little bit of the Pacers vs Cavs game a couple of nights ago jsut to get a feel of the post-Blatt Cavs. The Pacers decided to go ISO with Monte on the last regulation time play and lost in OT. They deserved to loose. But the Cavs did not look that impressive to me either. My Ouija board says Lin will boss with bad ankle et al.

    Letzzzz Goooo JL7! πŸ™‚

    Enjoy His Hairness vs King James!

    • Chirico

      I don’t have to watch the game to know that Hornets’ chance of winning against eastern leader team Cleveland tonight is so much higher if KW not playing. I’m glad that JLin got to play “the PG” tonight. and Hornets won.

  • Linfan123

    J Lin playing point guard and dishing crazy assists!! Hornets lead Cavs by one. Wish you all could see it. I will be more detailed later but gotta go watch more or the second half!

    • MrPingPong

      Me and my Ouija board, we are watching Lin run the floor.
      The Hornets will win this game.
      Kyrie is just hero balling out there. He won’t last.

  • LinFan123

    Good to know your out there Mr. Ping Pong.
    VERY DISAPPOINTING!! Join clearly the best player on the floor the entire 3rd quarter hands down. SO………Cliff literally playing Brian Roberts the entire 4th to protect the lead JLin build. Any hope for Cliff is GONE!!! #undermine #Kembaprotectionplan Im beyond ticked right now.

    • MrPingPong

      Do you believe in Linsanity?

    • MrPingPong

      Do you believe in my Ouija board?

  • Linfan123

    OK he’s back in at the 5 min mark….maybe Cliff just giving long rest because the subs were holding the lead …maybe….anyway he’s back in to close it out.

  • Linfan123

    Yes Mr. Ping Pong I believe in your Ouija board and Linsanity. What does your Ouija Board say regarding the Hornets next game? Also why is Ouija pronounced WeeJee? I will await your answer……Where is the rest of the crew at? This is the night we have been screaming for! Ace Pagoda….He played Point Guard all night and went off! I have 2nd half DVRd my wife was watching with me and getting into it.

    • MrPingPong

      Good question, Linfan123.
      Let me ask my Ouija board why…
      Well, it started mumbling to me in Cajun French, “Oui je…” and then stopped with a wink!
      Have a good night!

  • Ace Pagoda

    Hi Linfan,

    Yes, it is eerily quiet on this board tonight, the first night JL has gotten to play his position, Point Guard. The team played well and I think this is due to the leadership of the PG. KW is a great player but he does not have that intangible that JL has that can unite a team to win. The response by Charlotte will be interesting. How will they deal with this situation? If KW comes back next game I think things will return to “normal” because I don’t think coach and ownership see things the way we do- and they are wrong. Plus it would be hard to “demote” KW to 2nd string PG even though it may not be a demotion but a restructuring. However I doubt it will be perceived that way and to be fair, JL would have to play some more games at the point to verify what we already know, that his greatest asset to the team is as its starting PG. It is really hard to believe that it took all this time, over 40 games for JL to play the point, his “Linsanity” position. The near future will be interesting indeed. I think they caught Cleveland in a “down” state, however a team that is supposed to be a title contender should not suffer these episodes like they did tonight if indeed Cleveland lacked motivation. However give Charlotte its due because they still had to show up and play hard. If JL can gain the PG position I think this will show people another dimension to their team that hardly anybody realizes is possible just like he energized the Knicks bunch of role players. And as a bonus, if KW can accept being 2nd unit firepower he will excel in that role. However I don’t think he can or will do that. For that matter the coach may not even be able to put KW in that position. Can’t wait. I am sure Greg at Sportige will have something interesting to say tomorrow.