There’s a Reason why Jeremy Lin is called “Mr. 4th Quarter” by his Fans. It’s time Others Wake Up to this Truth.

Jeremy Lin fans call Lin “Mr. 4th Quarter”. There’s a very clear reason for this. I suspect that if you calculate Jeremy Lin’s field goal percentage in overtime and with 4 minutes or less in the game when his team is +/- 8 points, then you will realize that Lin ranks as one of the highest if not the highest on this stat. This is one of the reasons Jeremy Lin is a star-caliber player, because he wants the ball in his hands when the game is on the line and he’s got ice in his veins. Remember all the game winners during Linsanity (the ONLY time in Jeremy Lin’s NBA career in which he’s utilized properly consistently)?

It’s almost comical how this was clearly illustrated in the last three Hornets games. Let’s see, Jeremy Lin was utilized properly in the Cavs game, of course due to an injury to the starting point guard, since that’s the ONLY way Jeremy Lin gets used properly is out of desperation. It’s no coincidence that it was due to lots of injuries and a desperate coach that Linsanity was born, but I digress. Getting back to the comedy of Lin’s life as an NBA player. So in the Cavs game, Lin got his first start in Charlotte as a PG and took over the game in crunch time to seal the victory over the Cavs. In the next game against the Heat (a much worse team than the Cavs), Lin only got to play 16 minutes w/o handling the ball much and sat out most of the 4th quarter and the Hornets “star players” (Walker and Batum) ended up turning the ball over during crunch time, while Lin sat on the bench, and the Hornets ended up losing a winnable game. In last night’s game against the Wizards, Jeremy Lin ended up making back-to-back baskets in crunch time and Hornets pulled out a close win. Here’s a great summary from Greg at Sportige in his write up about yesterday’s game: “…what did Lin do after a rough game in which he scored just two points on 1-of-3 from the field up to that point? First was his penetration and score to put the Hornets up by three points following a Kemba Walker miss (he missed again on the following possession nearly losing the lead for the Hornets), easily carving up the lane for the basket. His second and probably biggest contribution was his three pointer from the corner, as Nicolas Batum drew a lazy double team and Lin didn’t wait for the defense to realize he was wide open to hit it with 29 seconds left in the game, giving the Hornets a 104-100 lead…”

As a Jeremy Lin fan, I feel like I’m surrounded by climate change deniers or something. There’s clear evidence that whenever Jeremy Lin is utilized properly (i.e., has the ball in his hands), his team has a significantly higher chance of winning games, but people refuse to look at the data and continue to believe whatever they want to believe. I suspect that if you calculated Jeremy Lin’s winning percentage whenever he plays 32+ minutes a game with a high usage rate, you’ll realize that Lin has one of the highest winning percentages in the league. I’d do these calculations myself if I was adept at number crunching. I know it sounds hypocritical for me to say people need to look at the data and I’m not providing any data. I’ve been following Lin’s game very closely ever since Linsanity (except during half of his season with the Lakers), so I have a very good idea of what the data would suggest, Thus, I’m confident that these numbers would back me up. If I wasn’t confident, I wouldn’t bring up these numbers and suggest that people, who are more adept with number crunching, calculate them.

Jeremy Lin needs the ball in his hands period. But this is especially true during the 4th quarter and when the game is on the line. Time and time again, Lin wills a win during crunch time. Sure, he won’t do it ALL the time, because no one does, and he’ll make mistakes, but he’ll do it a significantly higher percentage than most. Somehow, Jeremy Lin finds a way to win in crunch time. It’s in his DNA and it is one of the things that make him a star-caliber player.

Everyone remembers Lin’s game winner vs. the Raptors on Valentines day during Linsanity. But what most people forget is that Lin was having a very rough night up until the 4th quarter. Here’s a reminder for those who may have forgotten:

What most forget is that even during Linsanity, Lin wasn’t consistent for all four quarters of each of those games. Lin would have rough starts but, because he is treated like a star player and given the minutes, usage rate and trust of a good starting PG, he ends up with star stats and wins games. Another example during LInsanity is a game versus the Sixers. In that game, Lin also struggled throughout most of it, but ended up scoring something like 16 in the 4th with something like 8 straight points in crunch time to win the game. In fact, a lot of star players have games where they would struggle early on in the game only to turn it up in the second half and that’s one of the reasons star players have consistently good stats. Jeremy Lin has the makings of being a star, he just needs the minutes, usage rate and trust worthy of a starting PG.

I’m always reminded of something very wise that Jeremy LIn’s coach at Harvard, Tommy Amaker, said. He said that the problem with Jeremy Lin’s success in the NBA is that Lin needs to be the leader on the floor in order to be effective. But most in the NBA won’t give him this role, so that’s going to be a huge obstacle for Lin in the NBA. Well, that statement has been very prophetic for Jeremy Lin’s time in the NBA so far.

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  • pistolpete

    Mr. clutch 4th quarter – amazing. Cliff dweller is coming out of the stone age and is realizing this.He was pretty inventive in playing the offense/defense card at the end of the game. He knows he needs Lin to win close games but he’s got political problems. Pretty clever though the way he got Lin in without ruffling MKG’s feathers.

    • Yep, we can give Clifford credit for finally realizing Lin’s importance at the end of the game.

      I’m still not 100% positive if the last play was specifically run for Jeremy Lin by Clifford. If it was, then that’s a very big statement by Clifford about his trust in Lin to hit clutch shots. Lin barely shot much in that game, so for Clifford to trust Lin with hitting a 3-pointer at the end of the game is a pretty big deal. I hope that play was specifically run for Jeremy Lin and not just something Batum came up with on the fly.

  • Ace Pagoda

    If JL needs to be the leader of the team on the floor, maybe this is why he needs to go to a rebuilding team. His agent and JL hopefully realize this and know that their next move must be to a situation like that. With that perspective, then this stay in Charlotte is still productive and we should not hope for maybe more than what has happened here. You read where Charlotte wants to encourage Batum to stay. What about encouraging JL to stay? Reports keep repeating that JL is a one year rental, but obviously they are not trying to change JL’s mind and are treating him as such. So be it. So to speculate, JL has to go to a team than wants to play a team concept, wants to push the ball up the floor and make plays happen, not feed the team “star”. This situation could be Philly because of the presence of MDA; It could be Brkln if Colangelo and MDA end up there and would be a good fit because NY was the home of Linsanity and its huge stage; it could be Chicago because of Holberg’s stated preference of offensive style. With Chicago having a solid player like Butler, the possible return of Noah for defense they might be able to get great complementary assets for Rose if he is traceable; maybe Sacto again because of the coach and Cousins though maybe Karl is in trouble. But if Amaker is correct and I think he is because you can see it happening in Charlotte then he has to go to a place where he is meant to play to his strength: be a leader of team ball. It would take guts by any organization to bring in this Chinese kid (though he is an American) and build a team around him. Therefore MDA is the only one I can see doing this because he is the founder and the only one who truly understands how JL can make his vision of basketball really work like Steve Nash did. I neglected to mention Phoenix. Now wouldn’t the return of MDA for MDA 2 and Linsanity 2 be great! As a fan I would like to see more for JL in Charlotte (and the fans of Charlotte) but the political reality is that just won’t happen. That can be the only reason for his recent treatment and the only explanation for how he will be treated going forward. Only injury to KW will put JL in position to thrive and ironically allow Charlotte to thrive and hoping for that is not the way to do things. Having accepted this reality I can be more at peace yet excited for how the next chapters of this story will play out.

    • Yep, unfortunately, the only way Lin’s role changes is if there are injuries to key players. I think Lin, at least, has been able to rehab his career somewhat this season, so hopefully he’ll get some attractive offers (not just money-wise, but situation-wise) in the off-season. Unless Kemba leaves the Hornets, Lin shouldn’t stay. If I was Jay-Z, I’d be trying to reunite D’Antoni and Lin to the Brooklyn Nets. One big thing I don’t like about D’Antoni for Jeremy Lin is that he’ll run Lin to the ground. But I guess that’s better than the alternative. Lin reuniting with D’Antoni in Brooklyn would make quite a story.

    • MrPingPong

      To add spice to your speculation, Ace, what do you think of Lin under Alvin Gentry in NO? After all, AG is a disciple of MDA. The current Pels guards are so injury prone. His Hairness PnRing with the Brow! What can be more exciting? 🙂

      • Ace Pagoda

        Hey Mr. PP,

        I had not thought of NOP, I guess because I never do! Seriously I think of market exposure as well as where JL might fit. Of course he would do well with A. Davis and Ryan Anderson is great as the stretch 4 who could pitch a tent in his favorite corner waiting for JL to kick it to him after he and AD suck in the defense. I took a look at the roster before posting here and while NOP would have to make some political decisions with their incumbent guards none of them seem to have the veto power that KW seems to have. You are right about the Coach Gentry too as it is critical to have a coach who wants and recognizes a guard with JL’s skills. NOP just do not seem to have a well though out, complementary roster. Kind of a mis mash. But of course with JL as the leader of the ship he can make average pros exceptional. Tonight, if he plays enough PG he will be auditioning before Holberg and the Bulls. KW will have his hands full containing D. Rose, which he can’t which will show up KW’s biggest weakness. But if JL gets some time at the PG Holberg will be impressed with JL’s down the court, high vision, aggressive penetrating style. Also, I agree with JLintel re MKG- he is much better with JL at the PG because JL gets him the ball in the position from which he can score. Looking forward to this game and expecting some kind of surprise. Maybe your ouija is giving some kind of clue? How many minutes tonight for JL?

  • MrPingPong

    Well said, Philosopher!

    A thought experiment: pick any of the current NBA starting guard and Linsanitize him for four seasons in a row and see what happens to him. 😉

    Anyway, I missed the Wizz game (due to CNY celebration with family). From what I’ve read and seen on Youtube, Mr. 4th Quarter came thru again! I love it! 🙂 Like our Philsopher, I’m not 100% sure that last play between Batum and Lin was set up that way or not, but it sure did fool Wall and the rest of the Wizz team. Cliff ought to do more of that! Make the other team pay for “disrespecting” Lin! 😉

    It’s officially the Year of the Monkey now. Happy New Year to ALL!

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    It’s game day for Lin and the Hornets against the Bulls. On paper, things do not look good for the Bulls who have lost seven out of their last 10 games. Bulls fans are not happy with their team losing the last two games to the lowly Nuggs and Wolves. Adding insult to injury, their star guard Butler is out with a bad knee.

    On the other hand, the Hornets have won six of the last 10 games and just a few days ago beat King James and the Cavs, the #1 EC team. All players, except for Big Al, are back on full duty. Cliff has his near dream team lineup with Kemba at the 1, Batum at the 2, MKG at the 3, Marvelous at the 4 and Zeller the Stellar at the 5. And let’s not forget our Hairness as the ring leader of Bench Force One.

    Easy game to call, right? Let’s look at some details.

    #5: Cody vs Pau. Contain Pau and the Bulls are done. Yes, Pau is an “old” man, but let’s not kid ourselves here. Pau easily manhandles Cody.

    #4: Marv vs Taj. Marv has been playing extremely well. From what I’ve read, this is his best year as a Hornets. I dunno much about Taj, but looking at his numbers, I do not see anything special. The nod goes to Marv.

    #3: MKG vs Snell. Snell is basically a nobody, so I give the nod to MKG. However, I have some misgivings about playing MKG heavy minutes just coming back from shoulder surgery. He played extremely well the first four games , but seemed to slow down quite a bit in this last game vs the Wizz.

    #2: Batum vs ET. ET is a nobody who is replacing the injured Butler. Batum should have no problem with him.

    #1: Kemba vs Rose. OK, Rose is not the same Rose any more. Everyone seems to agree with that. But still, he has done well carrying the team load with Butler out. The edge goes to Rose.

    Bench: Noah is out. So Felicio, a nobody, may be called upon to play backup center. Hawes should have no problem. Chicago’s Portis is a very promising rookie. But our Frank the Tank should outshine him. McDermott is a decent player and will score on PJ. Mike Dunleavy is playing his second game back from back surgery. Lamb should be able to contain him and score. Our Hairness JL7 will eat AB’s lunch this time again, as he always did in all previous meetings.

    Easy game to call, right? Not just yet!

    In case you do not live in the US and know little about the Super Bowl, the BIGGEST sporting event in the US, the (Charlotte) Caroline Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos last night. The whole state of North Carolina is depressed. Everybody is feeling down and drunk with sorrow in Charlotte. Everybody, except Batum who is French and doesn’t care about American Football, is down. The fans will not show up to support the Hornets tonight. Jeremy Lin himself tweeted: “Was rooting for the Panthers but gotta respect Peyton Manning…classy guy.”

    Ouija board says Lin will play 18.5 mins and the Super Bowl hung over Bees lose. 😉

    • Ace Pagoda

      But if JL plays 30 minutes it is a win. With D. Rose out and if AB is on AB may go on a tear against the matador defense of KW

      • MrPingPong

        As much as I’d like to see JL7 play major minutes, I don’t think JL7 will play more than his usual 20+ min tonight. It may be a blessing in disguise that Rose sits out. Garbage time will start in the 4th quarter and Lin will not need to sacrifice his body playing garbage time.

        PS: Rose is a such BIG disappointment.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Mr. PP, your ouija board was quite prescient, though JL did not even get 18.5 minutes. With such a short stint he did not even get to “interview” with Chicago head coach Holberg. The Charlotte “stars” all had a good game tonight against a lame Chicago team. Ho hum.

        • MrPingPong

          Ha, my Ouija board did not even see Rose sitting out due to “general body soreness.” Rose’s disappearing act was sprung out from nowhere. It looks like Rose has no more will to play, no more love for the game. Sad story. As to Lin, he had a bad night, missing a bunch of wide open shots. I’d say he needs to take it easy and allow his ankle to heal. ASB cannot come soon enough.

          With the original starters back in place, Lin will get 20 min PT top, even when the team is in trouble. Cliff will want to have his “dream” lineup work together with the hope that the team will make the playoffs. It is obvious that Lin is not part of the Hornets’ future.

          The Pacers are next. They haven’t been playing that well, I don’t think. Kobe almost single handedly beat them tonight. They have Paul George and that’s about it. Bulls fans will be rooting for the Hornets to defeat the Pacers on their home court. It’s not gonna be easy, but it’s not hard either. My Ouija board will foretell the outcome come Wednesday! 🙂 Stay tuned…

          • pistolpete

            You have to upgrade the motherboard on your Ouija board Mr. PP!

            Oh well only another 30 some games until JLin can find another team. Hopefully his shot will come back so his stats will be attractive to others. I think the rest and recuperation the All-Star break will provide will work wonders!

          • MrPingPong

            Ha ha, you are right, Pistol! My Ouija board needs both hardware and software upgrade. What do you recommend? 🙂

            On a separate note, take a look at His Hairness’ ankle:


            JL7 needs to see my Chinese Martial Art Master ASAP. My master can fix instantaneously!

  • MrPingPong

    Chicago Bulls Tweeted about 10 mins ago: “OFFICIAL: Derrick Rose (soreness) is out tonight in Charlotte. Pau Gasol and Mike Dunleavy are both available to play.”

  • MrPingPong

    Aye yai yai, Pistol is right about my Ouija board. It needs an overhaul. It did not see MKG’s injury coming at all. Let’s hope it’s just a minor one. MKG is young and strong. He will be OK. ASB is here, so it’s time for every Hornets players to rest up, recharge and reboot.

    Lin did alright tonight. Seeing him dunk the ball made me believe his ankle is in better shape now.

    Take it easy everyone. See y’all back here in about ten days.


    • GT

      Dear Professor MrPingPong,

      Where I can purchase a Ouija board like yours? If it is one-of-the-kind national treasure, would you kindly clone a Mini-Me for me. 🙂

      Hopefully (95.1 % probability) Walker will finally walk the walk within one week and Lin becomes the starting PG after the ASB. 🙂

      • MrPingPong

        Dear DGT: ‘good to hear from you. Madam X on Bourbon Street in New Orleans thought I was a nice guy and gave me her treasured Ouija board. It is now speaking to me in some gibberish Cajun French that only Madam X could comprehend, I think. 😉

        Dear Philosopher: I did ask my Ouija board about that billion dollar jackpot. It said to me that if it knew it would have bought the ticket itself. 🙂

    • If your Ouija board predicted the MKG injury, then I’m going to have to borrow it the next time Powerball goes over $1 Billion.

      Unfortunately, the MKG injury is serious. Same injury as in pre-season, so I don’t see him returning this season, but the team will re-evaluate after the ASB.

      See you and everyone else back here, soon, MrPingPong!

  • pistolpete

    The wrong player got hurt.

  • pistolpete

    MKG suffered a torn labrum in his surgically repaired right right shoulder. Gotta feel bad for him after months of rehab. He was playing well and the team will miss him.

    • Yeah, I feel really bad for MKG. He worked hard and definitely is a big factor in the Hornets winning games. I can’t help but feel that he may have rushed back from his injury, since he re-injured it. It was amazing that he didn’t suffer any rust when he returned to the lineup. Very impressive. Looks like the team will re-evaluate after the ASB, but I find it hard to believe that he’ll return this season. I think this time around, they’ll to be very cautious about bringing him back. Big loss for the Hornets just as they are getting on a roll.

      Well, I’m glad the ASB is here so players can rest up for the rest of the season. Clifford needs to do a much better job of managing players’ minutes. I don’t know why every team Lin has been on, the coach has been horrible at managing minutes. Even D’Antoni was horrendous at it. I just have no idea why so many coaches fail at the most basic and critical aspect of their job. It baffles my mind.

      • MrPingPong

        It’s a real shame. Based solely on my personal injury experience, I too suspect that his re-injury is due to his rushing back to play before his shoulder completely heals. MKG seems like a really talented player. I like the way he moves, smoothly gliding and slicing thru air. There is plenty of basketball years left for him to play. No need for him to rush back. I hope he is more patient and cautious this time around.

  • Ace Pagoda

    With the injury to MKG it looks like any hope of JL being traded is gone. Whatever Charlotte and Cliff want they will have to keep JL to have any chance of making the playoffs and any chance of winning a game or 2 let along the series since at this point they will be at the bottom of the standings and have to play the 1st or 2nd place team. That said, having to keep JL will them them their best chance of making the playoffs and even advancing. Especially if they allow JL to play the point. That looks unlikely at this point, but who knows! Stranger things have happened. It would take an epiphany on the part of Charlotte ownership, Cliff and KW to allow this to happen though and that is definitely a big uphill climb. MKG was the new piece of the puzzle so what we can expect to happen will be more of the same with PJ starting and playing limited minutes, which will mean more PT for JL though in a weakened position (not PG). Big Al will be coming back and that will be interesting. It might be a blessing in disguise as if he is inserted back into the starting lineup then the bench squad would be led by JL but now with Cody at center. That was pretty effective at the beginning of the season in that the 2nd unit would bail out the first. There have been some rumors of Dwight Howard to Charlotte which would really create interesting team chemistry, whether good or bad is ????. If Howard could not co-exist with a ball hog like Harden how is he going to with KW? For the future I still think JL needs to go somewhere to be a starter for sure. He is starter material definitely. Linsanity was not a fluke and whatever the perceived and real flaws and weaknesses he had at that time he has had the time and effort put in to become a very talented basketball player with the unique ability to get a group of players to be more than their individual talents.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Well, with the trade for Courtney Lee it looks like JL is going to remain in Charlotte but not for the right reasons. The main right reason is that he is a very valuable player, not that he is a “cheap rental” for $2M/year. I was kind of hoping he might be traded and play more for a more appreciative team and coach but that is probably not the best situation for JL. He just needs to stay in Charlotte, hope for bigger minutes and look over the field this summer and hope he is “discovered” by the rich team to be a starting PG for a team oriented basketball team. There may be a glimmer of hope to this season in Charlotte yet. I assume Lee is going to start at SG, so that means Batum goes to SF which is his natural position. This would be good for the team. When Big Al comes back I assume he eventually starts after some conditioning. That movers Zeller back to 2nd team. Now the original 2nd team is back: JL, Zeller, Hawes, Kaminsky. But Cliff HAS to let JL run the 2nd unit without KW interference. If he does this, then Charlotte would have a pretty good team, good enough to make the playoff. I don’t think Charlotte can advance in the playoffs because of KW running the team but with this 2nd unit with JL at the point it could give other teams a run for their money. I am intrigued. On internet websites and other blogs I read critical comments about JL, like how he can’t play defense, how he can’t shoot, how he can’t score, how he can’t go to his left and other pure bullshit. But if you go back 4 years and look a the Linsanity games before Woodson became coach and before Melo came back and MDA left. JL, none of those criticisms meant much because NYK won! They did it by playing team ball and making all the players better than they were. And this was 4 years ago when JL was nearly as well developed physically as he is now. I think his chances of finding the right ownership, GM and coach that will give him a team to run is small- not impossible but small. But with the right support and a competent group of players willing to play together a JL led team can be in the top four of the NBA.

    • Yeah, the positive withe the Courtney Lee trade for Lin is that he’ll be able to play PG with the second unit, since there’s no more Brian Roberts to run the point for the second unit. The negative is that Lin likely won’t be closing out games, because Courtney Lee will be taking Lin’s place. On balance, the Courtney Lee trade is a negative for Lin. Good move for the Hornets, though, since it forces Cliff to use Lin as a PG for the second unit and Lee is a good acquisition over Brian Roberts and PJ Hairston. I do think Roberts is a solid backup PG, though. But with Lin on the team, I don’t think Roberts got a chance to really show what he can do and his minutes were very erratic. PJ Hairston barely played much after MKG returned, so Hornets aren’t missing much by letting him go, either. As a win-now strategy, that was a good move by Cho for the Hornets. so kudos to him for pulling it off.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Under your scenario where JL will not finish games now that Lee is on board, here is the chance to see how good a coach Cliff is. If he stops using JL to close games his win percentage will not be as good. Then what will Cliff do? Can he recognize that JL should finish games? If Charlotte starts dropping games they may drop out of the playoffs. Can Cliff see this for what it is and reinstate JL to a position of significance? The other side of this deal is that if what you say is the case, there is zero possibility that JL will opt in for the 2nd year. My slim hope is still that there is some coach out there who will recognize the extreme value that is JL and will sign him to be a starting PG. Philly because of MDA is possible, Chicago because of Holberg and their problems. Brooklyn is an unknown with Marks being the new GM. I have a “feeling” something will happen to give JL another opportunity but it likely won’t be the logical thing of Cliff and ownership recognizing the value they have in JL. Let the games begin again!

        • Courtney Lee is a pretty clutch player. Here’s highlight video of him this season with the Grizzlies:

          So I think Hornets will be fine with Courtney Lee closing out games. This is why I’m pretty certain Lin will no longer be closing out games and his minutes will be diminished, unless injuries happen.

  • An excellent article by one of my favorite sports writers, Chris Baldwin:

    • MrPingPong

      Oh yeah, CB is a Lin fan and pulls no punches.

      As of this writing, less than one hour before the trade deadline, Morey has not been able to move D12 at all. All indications point to D12 leaving the Rockets by season end and Morey will get nothing from D12’s bolting. If I were Cho, I would throw in a few more dry bones to entice Morey to send D12 to Charlotte. With D12 protecting the rim, the Hornets will make some serious dents in the playoffs for sure. I just want the Hornets to make the playoffs and win a few games because that will help increase Lin’s market value.

      As to Lin, he will get to start this Friday since Lee won’t be playing. This is the only time Lin will get to start in this last part of the season. Lin and company will crush the Bucks for sure! My Ouija board says so! 🙂

  • Ace Pagoda

    JL has to be a professional and finish out the season, hopefully in the playoffs, then if not, it’s not his fault. But in the background he has to look for a spot to start next year. At the moment the only place I can see this happening is Philly because of MDA. Unless another GM and coach step to to proclaim they are building a basketball team with JL as the PG then he can’t trust anyone. Charlotte is out because it is evident they will not change from the KW paradigm. So be it. Charlotte has had the best chance up close and personal to evaluate JL and choose KW. Philly can do it if Colangelo buys into MDA’s vision and if that vision includes JL (I think it does). Then build a basketball team. They have assets, draft picks. They could have a supportive fan base. It could be exciting. I would prefer JL on the West Coast but don’t see a good spot here. Maybe George Karl in Sacto but I doubt if he is there next year and their front office is scary. Rondo I am certain will leave for other places, good riddance because he does not win. I still like Chicago because of what Holberg says is his preference in a point guard and because JL fits that description. Trade Rose for assets, Butler is already there, convince Noah to stay. Chicago is a big stage although I am leary about their front office. JL cannot stay in Charlotte because they are committed to KW ball. Fine. End of story. Leave. I am sure Courtney Lee will replace JL just fine. Isn’t that what they brought him in for?

  • Ace Pagoda

    One of the teams battling Charlotte for a play off spot is Detroit. Those thinking that Charlotte made a good move by getting Courtney Lee pales compared to Detroit getting Tobias Harris and Donatas Montejunas. Too bad JL couldn’t have gone to Detroit as they need a good backup PG to Reggie Jackson, at least for (JL) this season. Plus SVG is a very good coach though I don’t know if he is partial to JL’s style, I think he is good enough to recognize talent when he sees it.

  • MrPingPong

    In case you don’t know, here is a wonderful article on the “Jeremy Lin Saga,” by the venerable Tom Gardner.

    No flaming, no name-calling, just the fact! I really like his style. One thing Gardner missed is correlating Lin’s performance with his various hairdos. 😉 From what I’ve read, Lin may go blonde one of these games. Can’t wait!

    • Wow! This is an awesome summary of Lin’s career from after all-star break last year to this year. I plan on writing a post about this article. I love all the stats he included as these are stats I’ve been looking for. Though he made a mistake by including the Lakers stats, since those stats don’t count in my view. The Lakers season is total nonsense as the Lakers were in full tank mode. I’ll his stats to come up with my own stat of Lin’s games without Melo, Harden or Kemba.