When Allowed to Start and Play his Game Jeremy Lin Puts up Superstar Stats (23 pts, 8 ast) and Wins Games (74% Win Rate)

I was alerted to an excellent article on Jeremy Lin by MrPingPong, a long-time reader. participant, and writer of this site, in his comment to a previous article of mine. This article did such an excellent job of summarizing Jeremy Lin’s journey from the second half of last season with the Lakers up until now that I decided to feature it here in case others might have missed MrPingPong’s comments. Anyway, the article is called “Part 2: The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues…JLin Strikes Back as a Hornet”. It is written by a stat guy named Tom Gardner, who is a die-hard Knicks fan and took some time off from his analysis of the election to provide some insights on Jeremy Lin. The article, not surprisingly, includes some great stats and is very objectively written with lots of facts and figures. I urge you all to go read the article. It’s a little long, but well worth it and I can tell Tom spent quite a bit of time on it, because it’s very detailed and thorough.

I do have one point of contention with the article and I think one stat line may be incorrect. In an attempt to discuss Jeremy Lin’s upside, Tom highlighted stats for games in which Jeremy Lin started at point guard as the primary ball handler (i.e., without Melo, Harden, Kobe or Kemba). Tom counts a total of 28 games that meet this characteristic. I’ve also done something similar to this in my previous articles on this site, so I’m glad to see someone else doing this, as well. However, I think it’s statistically irresponsible for Tom to include Lin’s games with the Lakers for a number of reasons. But the biggest reason is that in those games, Lin averaged only 27.6 minutes, whereas Lin averaged well over 30 minutes those other games that he included in the 28-game sample as you can see below:

Jeremy Lin Stat w o MeloHardenKobeWalker from Tom Gardner

From a statistical point of view it doesn’t make sense to lump games in which Lin average well under 30 minutes to games in which Lin averaged well over 30 minutes together. As you can see from the points column, the data for the games in which Lin averaged only 27 minutes is very much an outlier to Lin’s average points from his days with the Knicks, Rockets and Hornets. In the nine games with the Lakers in which Lin started without Kobe but played only 27 minutes, he averaged only 11.8 points, which is what you’d expect someone to average with those minutes. Whereas in the other 19 games, Lin averaged well over 20 points! So it doesn’t make sense to lump the data together. I’d like to point out that Tom, admittedly acknowledged that it’s “a little squirrely” to include the Lakers games, because Jordan Clarkson held or shared point guard duties with Jeremy Lin in many of the nine games that were included in his data set.

To me, if Tom wants to gauge Lin’s potential, then it would make more sense to just include the games in which Lin started and got starter minutes, which is over 30 minutes a game, and is not playing alongside a ball-dominant superstar and, thus, allowed to play his game. In other words, I think it would be more accurate to take out the 9-games from Lin’s time with the Lakers altogether, since he only averaged 27.6 minutes during those games. In the process of doing this, I discovered that some of Tom’s “Total (average)” stat line from the stat above is incorrect. Now, I’m not a stat guy, but in backing into the data that Tom provided, I got the following total numbers and averages with my discrepancies highlighted in yellow, with red font and boxed in bold borders:

Jeremy Lin Stat w o MeloHardenKobeWalker from Tom Gardner 2

The only stat of Tom’s that aligned with my computation is steals. I got 1.28 for steals (based on a total steals number of 36), which can be rounded up to 1.3, which is the number that Tom got.

Anyway, just thought I’d point out a potential error in Tom’s computation, because I don’t want to send readers here to an article that potential contains incorrect data. It’s not that important. What I really want to do is calculate Lin’s average, excluding those 9 Lakers games. Here is Lin’s stat line in the 19 games in which he started and played over 30 minutes without Melo, Harden and Walker:

Jeremy Lin Stat w o MeloHardenKobeWalker from Tom Gardner 3

Rather than just putting the averages for those stats, I included the total data and then calculated the averages, so you can see how I got the numbers. As you can see, Lin averages 22.8 points, 7.8 assists, 3.6 rebounds, 5.1 turnovers and 1.5 steals. what’s more astounding is that Lin’s win/loss record is 14 to 5! That’s a 74% winning percentage! And this is why a lot of Lin fans continue to say, “No Lin. No win” to deaf ears. If teams care about winning games, they’ll give Lin the keys to the offense, just like D’Antoni did and they’ll be rewarded handsomely. Lin single-handedly brought an otherwise very mediocre Knicks team (that should have been a lottery team) to the playoffs.

Chris Baldwin, in his most recent Jeremy Lin article, had a great way of comparing Jeremy Lin with James Harden. Harden puts up superstar numbers that don’t impact team wins, whereas when Jeremy Lin puts up superstar numbers it has a huge impact on team wins. “Harden’s a compiler, a stats-gobbling force. I watched him rack up one of the most statistically impressive — and completely meaningless — triple doubles ever in a loss to the Detroit Pistons. Try 36 points, 17 rebounds, 14 assists and no real game-shifting impact. It’s hard to put up that monstrous of a triple-double without completely dominating the game. Harden managed it. Contrast that with Lin’s 24-point, eight-assist, five-rebound night against Cleveland, during which he kept the Eastern Conference’s best team continually off guard with his playmaking, fearless drives into the lane and defense.”

That’s the thing that makes Jeremy Lin a true superstar: when used the right way and when given starter minutes, he helps win games. Even when playing off position this season, according to Tom, Lin is 7-4 for the Hornets when starting in place of Batum, which is a huge improvement over the rest of the Hornets’s games in which they’ve gone 20-23. So anyway you cut the data, giving Jeremy Lin more minutes gives teams more wins. It’s baffling how people’s ingrained perceptions have blinded them to statistical truths.

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  • MrPingPong

    Mr. Gardner did come by and commented on this blog one time last season when he first wrote about the curious case of Jeremy Lin:


    This man is one serious number cruncher and writes extremely well. I truly appreciate his style.

    • Ace Pagoda

      Yes, excellent article, thank you Mr. PP. I wonder how much evidence like this as well as evidence we can see on the court it will take for the higher ups to recognize this talent and take advantage of it. Charlotte is as blind as all others and they have had the benefit of seeing things in action. It would be very interesting to ask Cliff, MJ and Cho what they make of this evidence, if they believe it and if they believe it how they plan to take advantage of it.

    • I didn’t realize that Tom has commented on this site in the past. That’s great to know. Thanks, again, for alerting me to his article, MrPingPong! Hope more people find his article on Lin. I tweeted Tom’s article to Stephanie Ready and to Pete Guelli, who’s a marketing head at Hornets.

      • Ace Pagoda

        I would imagine that the Charlotte front office gets a little tired of people putting “facts” in front of their faces demonstrating what kind of baller JL is WHEN he gets the chance. In Charlotte he has had 2 chances and according to Tom only 28 chances over his career. I have been reading on other blogs criticisms of JL’s shooting problem now and over the past years. Now they are citing changes brought about by a shooting coach and breaking down his form. JL does not have and never has had a shooting and scoring problem. he has a lack of playing time problem and that is not up to him. Did he have a scoring problem during Linsanity? Did he have a scoring problem over the games Tom pointed out in which he actually got to play and actually play his best position. Did he have a shooting problem during Linsanity when he measured Calderon for the 3 pointer in Toronto for the win? JL has only improved through hard work his perceived weaknesses, while now, 5 years later, the weakness on the part of basketball coaching and administration to figure out the best way to WIN has not improved one iota. Tom should chart their successes: New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and LA Lakers. Maybe soon to be Charlotte Hornets. A decent team chugging along at 80% efficiency.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I see where OKC waived Steve Novak. In the article I read about this they said Novak’s best year was 2011-12 with the NYK. This of course was the year of Linsanity. I remember many times that Novak was the recipient of a timely JL pass for an uncontested 3 pt shot. 2012 was also the highest scoring year for Novak and it earned him a good contract. He was a beneficiary of Linsanity along with Jeffries, T. Chandler, Landry Fields all of whom got contracts arguably better than they maybe deserved were it not for the timely Linsanity. Too bad Charlotte did not try for Novak as another spot up 3 pt shooter.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I hope JL gets a chance for some minutes and plays well as Brooklyn is a potential landing spot for him. As always, depends on FO and the new GM is a question mark though I saw in an interview that he want so build on the Spurs model and emphasize defense (so that might rule out MDA who has no “reputation” for defense though I have seen statistics that disproves this reputation). Maybe having a Russian owner will be beneficial in that he might be able appreciate marketing opportunities although it does not seem he knows a lot about basketball so that would be a big negative, for JL to get signed just for marketing. But being in Brooklyn, where Prokhorov saw firsthand Linsanity might be good if he and Marks are on the same page. Overall though, it will be very interesting to see how JL is treated by Clifford with the new addition in C. Lee. As Greg at Sportige says, JL is now auditioning for next year. I hope the best for Charlotte but part of that would mean playing JL more which is something we shall see over the remaining games. I am not optimistic and hope to be proven wrong.

  • Tom

    Thanks to JLintel for commenting on my article and doing analysis on my analysis, and thanks to all of the readers who made comments here. I am grateful!

    I considered eliminating the Laker games as you suggested, but Lin fans are often accused of “cherry-picking” his great games so I thought it would be more consistent to include them. Obviously they bring down the stats but I do not think they damage the main point, which is simply that JLin puts up terrific stats when he starts at PG without a ball-sucking superstar next to him (that is, like most starting NBA point guards). I feel we weaken our case when we eliminate games for various reasons, however good the reasons may be.

    As for the computation errors, I have not gone back and checked them, but I certainly could have made an error. Apologies for that, but again the differences do not seem to change the point of view. But thanks for pointing them out and, again, if I am wrong I apologize! Thanks again, Tom Gardner (and Go JLin!)…

    I ask all of you to please pass the article along, as some of you have done. I think it all helps to correct misperceptions!

    • Thanks for the comment, Tom! Yeah, I figured that’s why you decided to include the Lakers games. I hear you on Lin fans being accused of “cherry-picking” his great games, so I totally understand and respect your decision to include the Lakers games. I try to just do what I think is right regardless of how it may be perceived by others. I just think that people are gong to think whatever they think and I have no control over that. All I can do is what I think is the right thing to do, so to me the right thing to do from a statistical standpoint is to exclude those Lakers games. But totally understand where you’re coming from.

      Thanks, again, for such a comprehensive, well-though out and objective article on Jeremy Lin. I hope a lot of people do read your article. Look forward to more articles from you on Lin in the future.

      Keep up the great work on the election, as well!

    • MrPingPong

      Thanks for dropping by and share your thoughts, Tom! I read and re-read your Lin saga article many times. I love it! 🙂

      I like your discussion on teams that can use a good PG next season. What is your take on the Nets organization and their new GM? My Ouija board is whispering Utah! 😉

      Speaking of stats and NBA analytics, have you seen this?


      You can find links to the Harvard stats geeks’ academic research paper on NBA defense analytics here:


      The paper and its supplements provide computational results ranking Lin in the top five of several categories among the NBA guards.


  • Skyfall

    Will there ever be a team that would be willing to allow Lin to run the show? If there is, is it possible and how is it possible? Contrary, if there isnt, why is it? What will happen to Lin if no such scenario is presented for an opportunity for him to do what you think he can do best? In a forest jungle full of athletically agile monkeys all hungry to grab a piece of what they value most, will they allow Lin to share those as one among them much less allow him to steal from them? Perhaps the less superior ones would be willing to ride on his shoulder and take whatever that’s left and be grateful. Isnt this the perfect write up of what Lin’s situation as a whole up till now?

  • Chirico

    This article is just awesome. it covers a great deal of thoughts that we have been preaching after that linsanity day. Again, another well written analysis by JLintel. Thanks!

    Thanks to JLin, through his leagacy, I view NBA and possible other entertainment Industries in a completely new angle. His twisted stories are no different than a lot of people. Human race, in fact, is driven by emotion when making decisions, not logic. therefore, when we know the stats shows that Lin is just as good (or even better than) as those elite players, people in the circles or NBA emotionally chose to ignore.

  • Chirico

    I like to point out, JLin’s brand of bball is simply about winning, not personal stats.

    • Ace Pagoda

      Coaches want to win because it is a measure of their success. Players want stats because it is a measure of their success to most people. These are two different goals that can result in winning. Winners just like to win.

      • Chirico

        If that’s the case. That means current methodology of measuring players performance has huge flaw. JLin is teaching us a lessen about how to rethinking about judge a players by simply looks at his score, block, FGA etc.

        • Ace Pagoda

          I agree that there is a big flaw in using statistics to measure player value. JL has the intangibles for which there is no measure other than “W’s” in the win column. The stat man Morey had the numbers but not the insight to evaluate the dynamics of a group of people. Houston did not have a coach good enough to get the personnel to play properly either. I like MDA because he knows what he wants to have happen, then gets the players that can do the things necessary to have happen, then lets them do it. In this sense MDA is as unique as JL and I hope they get a chance to make music together. It would be fun to see the both win a championship. If this happened it would (you would think) have a major influence on NBA thinking and culture. It is very unfortunate that MDA and JL missed each other in LA. Even though Kobe would have gummed up the works there would have been some interesting and exciting times. But things happen for a reason and time will reveal what those reasons were.

      • Chirico

        For example, the game vs Nets in Feb 22 showed it again. While KW had highest score but to the eyes of intelligent folks, it was Lin who sealed the win without scoring a point in the last 4 minutes.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I saw only the last couple of minutes of tonight’s Indiana game, which included KW’s driving layup for the win. That was quite heroic, though I don’t understand why Indiana would allow him to make a layup with only seconds remaining. They at least should have knocked him down and prevented a LAYUP. This was Indiana’s fault as much as anything. Looking at the box score I saw the stats and for just playing time JL Had 21:45 and C Lee had 39 minutes. Quite a disparity and especially for a new guy in only his second game. There may be more this this, like JL had a bad ankle, but I don’t see this. Plus the C Lee stats were no better than JL in almost 15 more minutes unless C Lee played some hellacious defense. Unless there is a good answer this is not good coaching and sends a negative message to JL and invalidates his contributions to date. Based on comments from other JL websites I may now see that there is substantiation to the claim that Cliff is a non-believer in the skills and talents of JL.

    • pistolpete

      I watched the whole game Ace and wish I hadn’t. Lee played basically a poor game but yet played 39 minutes more than any other starter and about 17 minutes more than Lin. I couldn’t see any reason for it as Lin was playing his usual stellar defense and shooting well ok (better than Lee anyhow). He had a fabulous full court pass to Lamb for a layup and had a lot of other nice passes to wide open teammates but most of those shots were missed hurting his assist number.
      I heard that Cliff used to coach Lee and that could be a reason for some bias but it’s no excuse for the disparity in minutes or the treatment of someone who led them to victory over Cleveland. I’m angry with Cliff and a lot of the team right now because they’re playing hero ball and Lin is left standing in the corner most of the time because someone usually takes a bad shot before the ball ever swings to the weak side. Al is a black hole, Kemba we know about, Lamb is a chucker and so is Kaminsky. I’m not going to watch games live any more but if I see Jeremy has a good game I’ll go back in the archives to see it (Another approach is just to view the JLin highlights on the Jeremy Lin Portal). It’s just too depressing otherwise. Anyhow I hope and pray that there will be a team that Lin can go to next year where he can start at PG where I’m sure that he will put up the type of numbers that the philosopher has compiled.

      • ashley

        Well, the glaringly unfair treatment to Lin didn’t just occur in this Pacers game. Right after that Cleveland game, Lin only got 16 (or 17) minutes’ playing time, which was similar to the 19 minute treatment he got as a Rocket in the game right after he he had a triple double game beating the Cavaliers then without LeBron. Ah, Lin’s post-Linsanity NBA history seems to be repeating itself.

        What’s worse is the unfairness doesn’t just come with the playing time, but the abuse from the coach. I read on JLinportal that in the Nets game (a game earlier?) Cliff yelled at Lin on/at the court (for perhaps some mistake?) while not frowning a bit with Kemba’s. The fan who witnessed the abuse said Lin missed his shots afterwards and didn’t smile at all in the post-game interview albeit the win.

        At this point, I have to conclude that Cliff is even worse than McHale, who would star JLin whenever Harden was out and never yelled at Lin–at least not in public.

        • pistolpete

          You’re right Ashley – the unfair treatment certainly didn’t just occur in the Indiana game. I’ve been a Lin fan since his Linsanity days and have watched just about every game he’s played since then. The only coach that has treated him fairly and used him correctly is D’Antoni so I would say that he should make every effort if possible to reunite with him, Talk is cheap as we learned from Clifford.

  • Ace Pagoda

    PJ Hairston recently traded to Memphis for C Lee had 21pts tonight in a win over LA. Started at SG, played 30 minutes. Do you think Charlotte might have made a mistake trying to make SF Batum into SG Batum. and SG Hairston into SF Hairston? INterestin sub story going forward.

    • Yeah, I definitely think Hornets made a mistake in trying to turn Batum into a SG. I also thought PJ Hairston could be a pretty decent player, so not surprised that he had a good performance for Grizzlies at SG.

    • MrPingPong

      One thing to take into consideration though, Ace, is Hair was scoring against the Lakers, the second worse team in the NBA, whose BS coach is known for being a complete BS!

      And yes, I agree with you (and concur with the Philosopher) that Cliff’s playing Hair out of position at SF and Batum out of position at SG was a mistake. Now that MKG is completely out of the picture, Batum gets to re-learn how to play at #3 and has not been doing so well. Sad story!

  • Ace Pagoda

    (Sigh) http://sportige.com/charlotte-hornets-jeremy-lin-kemba-walker-courtney-lee-nicolas-batum-pushed-aside-92338/

    Sad but true. If there is a sharp basketball minded owner/GM/coach out there they could make one of the steals of the century if they picked up JL and built a team around team basketball with him as PG. I still think JL has his best chance with MDA, maybe in Philly to achieve his dreams of being a starting PG, winning games and winning a championship. Why more teams do not look at the two best teams in the NBA in SAS and GSW and recognize that they win by playing team basketball.

    • MrPingPong

      Well, Ace, I dunno about you and the rest of the readership of this blog, but team ball or not, the NBA GMs take a look around and see no Asian man leading the floor. How many stars/superstars would want to fall in line with an Asian floor general? Amare’s recent comments on the Knicks and Lin -nothing that us Lin fans already know- are proofs of what’s going on behind the scene. Building a team around an un-drafted Asian PG from Harvard is a huge and politically incorrect gamble that only my Ouija board is willing to take! 😉

      • Ace Pagoda

        Hi Mr. Ping Pong, I am getting a tingling feeling that something may happen that will JL a chance to have a significant role for Charlotte before the season is out, I don’t know what it will be and am not hoping for an injury, but something to continue the saga of Linsanity that we would like to see. What does your ouija board say? In other sports it took an exception person to break perception of the times; Jackie Robinson in baseball, Jim Brown in football, Texas Western University in college ball. Once the perception was broken the evolution began. I think JL has the talent and dedication to maybe change the perception. Ever since Linsanity in 2012 JL has worked hard to improve on all facets of his game that he received (much unfairly) criticism for: can’t go left, can’t defend, can’t play without the ball in his hand, a fluke in time. It is disheartening to have black players be a part of this unwarranted criticism though somewhat understandable as this is the competitive nature of sports as applied to their livelihood. Now you hear criticism of his shooting prowess and this coming from his fan boards! But whenever, over the past 4 years he has been allowed to play unfettered he has produced and produced in star-quality numbers as Tom documented in his statistical research of the 28 games in which he was allowed to play. I am hopeful that this opportunity for breakthrough will happen for JL and us fans, because if he gets the chance I have no doubt that he has the talent.

        • MrPingPong

          Well Ace, your tingling feeling and my Ouija board will make a great team predicting Lin’s future! 😉

          It’s a mad rush to the playoffs now. My Ouija board says the Bulls are done and that Lin will turn blonde and go Super Saiyan in the playoffs. Can’t wait! 🙂

          As to Lin fans on other sites who criticize Lin’s shooting form and handling of himself, well, they don’t play basketball at the highest level, do they? 😉

          I agree with you, Ace, that there is nothing wrong with the way Lin shoots and plays BB. Lin, just like any other NBA player, has strengths and weaknesses. But Lin never stops working on improving himself and is a much much better player now than ever. But what impresses me most about Lin is his character and his heart. I love this guy! 🙂

  • Chirico

    Now, It’s clear as day that Hornets made their bet on K Walker as their starting PG for the next a few year. and the deal of JLin and his stellar performance this season had some of us fancy about JLin being the “PG” is not going to change that fact. Hornets FO made te choice and is sticking with it.

    JLin’s true value to the Hornets, IMHO and speculation, from FO’s perspective, is being a stimulant to their key player who’s had below average FG and sub par assist value. In others words, JLin has been used as a on-the-court coach as well to improve K Walker’s assist efficiency and control of the tempo of the game. Walker is fast and energetic and a decent ISO scorer but FO’s understand he could have be better if he could learn from what Lin has excelled at. So far, it worked out well, at least it seemed that way but one thing proved this attempt is flawed and incomplete. JLin not only excels at offenses but also at defense.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    I’ve been busy and as a result did not get to watch much BB after the ASB. I did get to watch the whole Cavs game and the second half of the ATL game however. Lin played well overall after the ASB, as I see it. I did not watch the Bucks game, but from what I’ve read and seen in the highlights, Lin held his own this time against the bigger guards. The Bucs tried the same Middleton formula on Lin but failed this time around. Our man Lin is playing better defense than ever before. What used to be a “weakness” in Lin’s game is now his biggest strength! I love it! 🙂

    I am always optimistic about Lin and still am, in spite of the limited role Lin is being reduced to. I really do not mind Lin playing around 20+ for the rest of the season. For one thing it helps reduce the risk of injuries. They do no pay Lin enough for him to sacrifice his body on both ends of the floor as he always gives it all in every game. Lin will be the last man standing when the season ends. With some luck the Hornets will make the playoffs and Lin will shine because he is the only the guy with any juice left.

    So just relax and enjoy watching Lin play, as Lin is enjoying playing BB and laying it all out on the court causing headaches and heart aches to opposing teams, no matter what.

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB! 🙂

    • Ace Pagoda

      I too am learning to be optimistic about JL. The situation is what it is and there is no amount of teeth gnashing on our part that is going to change it. July 1 will come soon enough. In the meantime JL seems to do the best with what minutes he gets. It must really be hard for Cliff to withhold minutes from JL because as coach he has to win. But unless C. Lee turns out to be better than he looks so far Charlotte may have to turn to JL and C. Lee just does not have the dynamics that JL does. Plus Batum seems to have “disappeared”, which is bad for him in a contract year. Maybe he too is feeling the effects of KW iso-ball too. Batum is nowhere near a max player as demonstrated thus far. I have a “feeling” also that something will happen for JL to be put into the spotlight more, though not by the team’s choice They have an easy schedule here on in with 10 of the next 12 games at home and most of those teams with poor or marginal records. However, Detroit and Washington made some improvements at the trade deadline that may put pressure on Charlotte. Charlotte has to play both and Detroit and Wash know who they have to climb over to make the playoffs so the games should be good to watch and will be very telling as to how good Charlotte really is. If opponents play Charlotte by shutting down KW the Cliff may have no choice but to play JL in which case JL will shine, but also Charlotte will win too.

  • Ace Pagoda

    The Cleveland Cavaliers of all teams might want to get ahold of JL’s phone number for a future call around July 1: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2620703-kyrie-irving-latest-news-rumors-speculation-surrounding-cavaliers-pg

    Coach Lue is a former PG so maybe he can appreciate JL’s skills. Lebron wants a facilitator who can also score. Sign JL, trade Kyrie which should bring excellent value to fill holes and Lebron should be able to win a couple more championships as he ages. The plot thickens.

    • MrPingPong

      I am amused by the rumor, especially when it comes from SAS! 🙂
      But sure, His Hairness and the King would be a formidable duo!
      #championships 😉

  • Ace Pagoda

    I see comments on other JL oriented blogs about the “jealousy” involvement of Melo during Linsanity. Regarding MDA’s role, they claim he wanted to bench Melo in favor or JL or something to that effect. When he was rebuffed in favor of the “star” he resigned. If that was the case, it is any wonder why Cliff will not make the big move of JL to PG and KW to SG? He has seen the past and does not want it in his future. Cliff can lose with KW and keep his job or maybe win with Lin and be fired. In this light, this lends some credibility to MDA’s character and further reinforces the idea that the best place for JL to land is wherever MDA is coaching for the best chance to realize his dreams and the dreams of Linsanity fans.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Been pretty quiet on this forum for a while. This coincides with the lack of basketball activity by JL, and also by his poor shooting woes. Even Greg at Sportige commented on the poor shooting percentage of JL recently. I don’t know what is causing this poor shooting streak but whatever it is I don’t believe it is permanent. Maybe JL is discourage because of his reduce role especially as a PG. When he does play it is at SG. Granted KW is on a roll and Charlotte is playing well and advancing in the standings. However it is dangerous for Charlotte to live and die based on whether KW is hot or not. This is the big disadvantage of star ball, when the star is not starring nobody else is prepared to pick up the reins. I am sure it is discouraging to JL to have his skills suppressed by playing out of his best position, PG, but at the same time he knows he was not signed to compete with KW as the PG. I don’t have Mr. PP’s ouija board but I have a “feeling” that something will happen to allow a Linsanity 2 to occur. It may not be in Charlotte this year but the future is open. Many if not most will be deceived by the poor shooting stretch but I think this is temporary and in any case is not the strongest suit of JL. The strongest suit of JL is to win if given the opportunity to guide his team properly. When the playoffs come and Charlotte’s opponents put the clamps on KW then we will see the real mettle of this team based on the system that they have been embracing.

    • MrPingPong

      It’s good to have you hanging around here, Ace. I’ve been busy as of late and have not been able to watch any Hornets game in its totality. Why has Lin been not shooting well, and I’m talking about missing wide-open uncontested shots, nobody knows. But Lin has made it up with almost perfect FT shooting. Lin has been fouled hard so many times driving to the basket, and did not get any calls on quite a few of them. These hard fouls take a toll on Lin’s body, I am sure. I suspect Lin is playing hurt. Sigh! 🙁

      Speaking of body blows and hard fouls, I strongly recommend Lin to take lessons from this Vietnamese martial art master during this off-season:


      https://youtu.be/k9PLm5qbrJU (master Thong appears in this video at around the 1:10 min mark).

      Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB! 🙂

      • Those are some great martial arts lessons, MrPingPong! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to watch more of this master’s stuff.

        I’ve been watching the games, but only when Lin is playing, just to save time. I’ve been meaning to write a few articles on here, but just haven’t made the time to do so.

        As expected, Lin’s role has been diminished even more with Lee’s arrival. Lin’s also been struggling with his shot due to a number of factors: he changed his shooting form this season, he’s still playing injured, Lin’s offensive game struggles whenever he doesn’t get to handle the ball, etc.

        I keep going back to what Lin’s Harvard coach said. The biggest obstacle for Lin in the NBA is that he won’t be allowed to lead. Lin is a completely different player when he is allowed to lead and when he’s not allowed to lead.

        Hornets are chugging along, though, mainly because they have a very easy schedule. They may even be able to climb up to the 4th seed. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

        I hope Lin leaves the Hornets to find a bigger role next season, but if I had to bet, I would bet that Lin stays, because I think he’s tired of moving from team to team. And he likes the players on this team, so will accept a lesser role, unfortunately. I also think Lin likes being on a playoff contending team, so that’s why he won’t go to the Sixers or the Nets. But what I hope he realizes is that since Linsanity, he’s been in all of the worst situations he could possibly be in. It’s time for him to pick a good situation for himself and see how that turns out before being totally exhausted with the idea of moving from team to team.

        Since Linsanity, Lin’s had the worst coaches in the NBA (with Cliff being the best of the horrendous bunch) and he’s had to play with intensely ball dominant players in Melo, Harden, Kobe and now Kemba. So it’s not surprise that he hasn’t been able to play his game. He needs to not give up the idea that he can still find a place that will allow him to play his game. The problem is, a lot of those situations involve having to play on lottery teams and I don’t think Lin is okay with that. We’ll see. Should be an eventful off-season for Lin, at least. I’m really curious to see which teams will reach out to him.

        • Ace Pagoda

          I hope you are wrong and JL does not stay with Charlotte and accept second best never knowing how good he might have been. The die is cast in Charlotte and as long as KW is in the picture it won’t change. JL can’t or won’t challenge Cliff which means in Cliff’s mind JL is who Cliff thinks he is. Meanwhile the best JL can hope for in the future is what he is getting now and maybe even worse if Charlotte tries to improve by getting a true SG with those skills instead of a true PG leader like JL and turn him into something else. He has to play the point and lead a team because that is his strength. He would also have to accept a woeful contract like this year and I would think, if you have any ego at all, would have to be insulted to be paid so much lower than what other less capable players are getting just because of how you are perceived. On that basis alone I would leave for a decent offer. he cannot get punched or he is done. A lottery team with a good GM and coach could do a pretty rapid turnaround with good moves. Why not Philly? They have some young talent to trade, money and draft picks that are valuable. If the Lakers had been serious about their basketball instead of having this ridiculous year-long Kobe farewell tour I could see where they could contend for the playoffs next year. But they wasted a whole year so you have to put it off another year. As a former Laker fan I won’t watch that now shallow organization no matter what they do. I am keeping a hopeful eye towards San Antonio. They signed Andre Miller for the playoffs. It is too bad JL was not available. I don’t know what Pop thinks about JL but with all of those other highly skilled team ball players it would have been PG heaven for JL. And no matter this shooting slump JL can shoot if he is playing his game.

          • For sure, Lin will opt out of his contract. There’s no doubt about that. But my fear is that he’ll still stay with the Hornets, since they’ll likely give him a decent contract.

            I completely agree with you how a lottery team can turnaround. Lin has shown that he has the ability to turn around a lottery team. My fear is that Lin had such a horrible experience with the Lakers that he doesn’t dare go for another lottery team.

            I also hope I’m wrong and that Lin does try hard and find a good situation for him.

            I don’t think that the Spurs are great for Lin, because they already have two PGs they like in Patty Mills and Parker. So there’s no room for Lin in Spurs unless one of those guys gets traded, which is highly unlikely.

        • MrPingPong

          I’m glad you like the martial art videos, Philosopher.

          NBA basketball is a full contact sports, as we all are witnessing! 😉 Take a look around the NBA: 3/4 into the season and players are breaking down left and right. And in spite of all the intentional hard fouls on him, our man Lin is still playing full speed at both ends of the floor. Lin is tougher than many would be willing to acknowledge.

          I’m not too worry about Lin falling down when he drives to the basket trying to layup because I think his falling technique is sound. Still Lin can improve by taking lessons from these martial artists in these videos:

          https://youtu.be/69jDKcL838A (at around the 1:15 min mark)

          And here is an example of how one can train to fall like a feather:


          A word of warning though: do not attempt these falling techniques without proper instructions.

  • ashley

    Will Lin stay as a Hornet after this season? I believe most fans hope not. He may like “this squad”, being on a playoff contending team, and even coming to terms with his further reduced backup role, yet his relationship with his coach, Cliff, should matter a lot as well—I read that this awful lying coach yelled at him at the Piston game again, and this time he barked back. Props to our boy for standing up for himself, if he really did.

    No matter how teammates and the coach are, I personally think the most important to consider is the pay. This season, he has been cheated by the coach, but what’s worse is he sold himself for a ridiculously low salary. As a Lin fan, I would have found all his mistreatment a lot easier to take if he is well paid, like Lamb. Will he get a decent offer from the Hornets? I seriously doubt it. I think MJ, a black owner, prefers black players on his team and is reluctant to pay an Asian player well despite knowing Lin’s value. I don’t think Cliff is the one that makes the call; MJ is. And we’ve got enough evidence to tell how all this is going to play out, from the acquisition of Lee and the further marginalization of Lin. Borrowing a line from our philosopher, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Ace Pagoda

      If JL “likes” this squad then that is his decision to make and live with. I have to assume he (and his advisors) know best. I too think he needs to try to go where he can play in his strong position of starting PG. He is being paid by Charlotte to play as told even if it is not his strong position. If this position is not consistent with what Cliff told him in order to recruit him then JL for sure needs to leave a liar. The money part is more a sign of respect. If JL is not paid in accordance with his ability he needs to leave. However, as he is being marginalized now his “value” is degraded as compared to his value (high) after the Cleveland game. JL says his decisions are not motivated by money only and I can appreciate this if there is a greater plan (to be a starting PG and win championships). However, as a measure of respect and treatment rate of pay has to be considered. At the levels of pay in pro sports I have no sympathy for any player. JL had made $28 million in salary over the past 4 years and has endorsement money coming in. He is smart, has a pedigreed degree, a stable family, good friends and his health (except for ankle). It was absolutely amazing (and highly suspect) how his playing time and utilization dropped of a cliff (pun intended) after that heroic game. It was like the powers that be did not want a repeat of Linsanity and shut it down like “right now”. I also suspect that playing calls for JL are not due only to Cliff because JL is still getting 20 minutes or more (22 in Detroit game) even with his poor shooting. This is because JL is contributing with defense and his other “intangibles” that bring real value to the game. So Cliff needs him to win. Is MJ, the owner a racist? Sure, why not, but we don’t know, can only make observations based on actions. No race is exempt from being racist. While MJ might have been great as a player as an owner-decision maker he is second tier. If he is insisting that the face of Charlotte be KW then this possible “weakness” will be terribly exposed in the playoffs when defense becomes key and they shut down KW and force KW to expend energy on playing defense. In the recent Detroit game KW did not shoot well but the team responded well. Plus this was Detroit, not Boston or Miami. Who knows, it may be that in the playoffs if Charlotte is shut down in the first couple of games they may need to resort to Linsanity!

      • ashley

        Ace, thanks for the response. I used the wrong phrase “sold…for”. We all know that Lin signed the contract with no consideration for the money but his ideal and Charlotte’s promise to allow him to play his game. The promise seems broken, but I have to say Lin’s shooting this season has failed him, not to mention that on the other hand, Kemba is peaking, having the best of his career while winning with decent players around him. Honestly, I don’t expect Linsanity in the playoffs even though Kemba might be shut down a bit. The reality now is the team can still win enough games without using much of Lin. Hopefully he’ll do well in the playoffs in the limited time he gets.

        • Ace Pagoda

          Hi Ashley, Tonight against Houston JL had a good game, and he got 25 minutes. He scored and played great defense. Cliff is known as a defensive coach and if Charlotte is to get anywhere in the playoffs it will be with defense because all an opponent has to do is shut down KW and the offense is gone because KW will keep chucking and that destroys the team. I think Cliff knows he has to play JL if he wants to win, both now and in the playoffs. I just hope Charlotte does not offer him more money and charm him with the idea that he can be a “great 6th man” like Ginobili. He has to go where he can fulfill his destiny as a starting PG and leader of a team.

  • MrPingPong

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    I finally got the time to watch the whole Hornets vs Rox game in its entirety. His Hairness did relatively well in 25+ min I think. If it weren’t for the fifth foul with 7 min left in the game, I think Cliff would have let Lin stay longer. May be it’s just me, but I think the Hornets are playing more team ball now. The ball moves around more. Kemba and Batum are looking for Lin more and as a result, Lin is getting more touches. Kemba is still taking the most shots, but he seems to be looking to pass more.

    I am very encouraged by what I’ve seen. The team is gelling and peaking at the right time, in my view. We are talking about serious basketball here. Just no more injuries, please! I do not read Lin’s mind, but if Lin is as focused as I think he is, he is not thinking about free agency like most of us are doing now. He is thinking about basketball, studying films, practicing, sleeping and eating right and winning!

    The Hornets will make the playoffs for sure. No team will want to play the Hornets in the first round. Lin will shine. Daryl Morey will make Lin another offer he can’t refuse. My Ouija board says so! 😉

  • LinFan123

    Hi all,
    Been a while since I posted here….been watching all the games on Time Warner Cable here in NC. My Take:
    Jeremy is happy here, at least for now. He is very engaged with teammates, cheering from the bench high fiving Kemba, and even doing little choreographed celebrations/high fives with the new guy who impacted his minutes Courtney Lee. He has accepted his role, and is giving his all with the minutes he gets.
    Strangely Cliff really trusts Jeremy’s D. That is his calling card on this team.
    Kemba has been very good. I hate to admit it…but if you watch the games or review the stats you will see the last 15 games he is on fire. He is not chucking up too many shots, he is just making a very high percentage of the ones he takes. Particularly 3pointers. I think it would be better if the ball moved a little more freely, and if they looked to push a bit more. As we know Jeremy would do…but…….that patented Kemba dribble dribble…. fake drive/jab step….pull back is ugly iso basketball but…….dang if he doesnt make it a lot! So it is a double edged sword.
    I have given up on Jeremy playing “true point guard” for this team. His role will be 20-25 minutes, role player, tough D with occasional offensive breakout.

    I used to get frustrated watching these games. Even sometimes kinda wishing for certain people to struggle so Jeremy could benefit from that. That was not very fun. In Houston and LA Jeremy was BADLY mistreated. That is not the case here….so Now I just try to enjoy it and root the whole team on. That seems to be what Jeremy is doing **Key point** If they keep winning and do well in playoffs it will ONLY HELP JEREMY. His D has been incredible, and I cant wait to watch it on a larger stage. In the NBA you make your rep in the playoffs, and I have a funny feeling something great may happen for Jeremy in the playoffs. We as true Lin fans know he has a knack for the big statge….More people will have the chance to see him and they will see the things we see. I think a lot of people will be reminded how good he is. Go Hornets! Go Jeremy!! Its going to be fun down the stretch.

    • MrPingPong

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts, LinFan123. Yeah, I root for the whole Hornets team too. I think the team has good chemistry and is gelling in time for the playoffs.

      Lin (and the team) did not play well tonight against the Mavs. Props to the Mavs for bringing it to the floor tonight. Let’s hope the Hornets and Lin will snap out of the funk and play with more energy come Wednesday against the Magic. Personally, I like to see Lin go back to his crazy hair and go super sayian. Yes, I know, Lin said in an interview that the “mohawk is dead.” Sad story! 🙁

      • Ace Pagoda

        Charlotte had been playing well as of late. Better blend of team ball, getting others involved. Then against Dallas at home they laid an egg. Went back to iso ball with KW and Batum dominating, JL uninvolved. Why the change? Was this a directive from upstairs? Why did Cliff resort back to dumb basketball. I hope they go back to being more of a team ball type of team otherwise they might start going the other way. The importance of JL being involved is very evident though I doubt many see it that way. Charlotte deserves what it gets. If this is a preview to the future then absolutely no way should JL even remotely consider resigning here no matter what the good feelings are because they are wasting his time and talents.

        • MrPingPong

          Yep, Ace, the Hornets sure laid a big fat egg against the Mavs. The ball movement I saw in the preceding Rox game wasn’t there at all. May be the Rox game was an outlier.

          If my memory serves me correctly, the Hornets’s opening pattern in all games is to shoot from long range, and if these shots do not fall then the Hornets would switch to Kemba iso mode. In the Mavs game, opening long range shots did not drop and Kemba iso went nowhere. Nobody came with the energy to play, including Lin who went 1/4 at the FT line. What happened to Lin, I dunno, but Lin was never given a chance to stay and play his game in order to get his rhythm back. Once the ball left Lin’s hands it never came back to him. Lin’s main role as the “floor general” of the second unit is to get the ball to Al. It’s Alfense with Lin as the “facilitator.” Sad story!

          I expect to see more of the same Alfense with the second unit in the Magic game tonight. If Al does not deliver, then people will blame Lin for doing nothing to help the team. And if Al does well, then Al will get all the credits. Such is the story of Jeremy Lin. The Magic deservingly won big last night. They are on a back-to-back and the Hornets are playing at home. On paper, the Hornets should win. In spite of all the frustration seeing Lin being misused, I still enjoy watching Lin play.

          Letzzz Goooo, JL7!

          Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on the WEB! 🙂

  • Ace Pagoda

    Articles and reports say that Cliff calls virtually all the plays. So far you could say that this strategy is working. I would say it works for the way he has set this team up to play. Unfortunately this is the opposite of JL’s game and his strength. This is another example of a coach trying to make JL into something which he is not, a non-instinctual programmed player, but which he is trying to learn and adapt to. Like other coaches and systems before him except for MDA who have tried to make JL into something that does not play to his strengths I think he will learn from this too and become proficient just like improving his defense, his off the ball play and contrary to his current criticisms, his shooting. At the end of this season JL will be more of a complete player than ever. That is some consolation and something he has had to do in order to stay in the lineup and in the league. Otherwise, if he does not follow coaches instruction he gets benched, does not play at all and is bounced out of the league. It is intriguing to watch and something that I consider a real positive, though it is not guaranteed if his skills improvements will pay off one cannot say he has not done everything asked of him and more by contributing to his team wins even though marginalized. His story is really quite heroic in this manner, though subtle, not the same as playing 38 minutes at PG and leading his team. For all of these past 5 years in the NBA and the years preceding in high school and college I hope there is some coach in the NBA, some owner and GM, who can recognize this young man’s character for what it is and give him a chance to lead a team to a championship because he certainly has the pedigree to do so. With a “poor” game against Miami, he still got a chance to demonstrate that character by coming in and nailing down the game with those free throws. I don’t think Charlotte will go very far without JL’s contributions and they could go farther if they allowed situations that played to his strength’s. But as long as they are winning games there is no apparent need to change. It is just nice to see these subtleties come through in the face of his personal adversities. Watching JL’s career thus far makes me wonder how many other players who had genuine team skills, winning skills, but were not allowed to grow because basketball is more of a celebrity entertainment industry rather than a true sport. A few got through because they had strong personalities beside great talents. I am thinking Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as two of them. Too bad it is not in JL’s character to have the type of personality it would take to bust through the stereotyped barriers in the NBA. Therefore I think it is going to take a smart and brave owner, GM and/or coach to complement his skills and character.

    • MrPingPong

      Agreed, Ace. Lin is misused and not being played to his strengths. Lin needs free rein when running the floor. Right now he has to follow what Cliff dictates. And what is being dictated to Lin whenever he runs the second unit is to pass the ball inside to Big Al. It is too predictable to be effective when playing against good teams.

      Cliff’s coaching is not gonna change. So we can only hope that the chemistry between Lin and Big Al will improve with each of the remaining games. Lin is a team player and will do what it takes to play team ball. Big Al is a veteran with bonafide post playing skill. May be it’s just me, but I’m seeing incremental improvements each time I watch them play. Call me overly optimistic, but hey, I am always optimistic when it comes to Lin. 🙂

  • Ace Pagoda

    I just watched the video of the last 16 seconds of the Miami game. It was a Chinese video instead of english so I did not have to put up with dialogue. Marvin Williams choked like a dog on missing his two free throws. Just terrible. You could see it in Marv’s body language. I felt sorry for him. If he can’t hit free throws down the stretch in the regular season then in the playoffs in tight games I take him out. JL meanwhile in the last few seconds played a stellar game. It was him and D Wade. Now what is the difference between having to shoot 2X2 free throws to win the game vs hitting jumpers while in isolation and marginalization? Answer: BIG. JL can shoot, and can shoot under pressure. He is the equal of D Wade in big moments. He is just not allowed to play in the right manner and this is on the coach. While I like some things about Cliff, he is limited and either blind or constricted by management. In either case Charlotte does not pass the test for JL staying in Charlotte.

    • ashley

      Hi Ace, the English version of that last 16 seconds’ play isn’t bad ’cause you’ll hear the announcer stress that Lin is an 81% FT shooter, who then hit all four and won it for the team–again!

      I wonder how many times such a scenario has repeated itself this season. In crunch time, we saw Lin help the team win by stealing, intercepting, guarding the ball and getting fouled or making the layups.

      I am so glad that Lin got to play hero in crunch time showcasing his tenacity, basketball savvy, and super athleticism, which makes people wonder why such a player isn’t getting more playing time. We may say LIn is in a shooting slump, but Wade, who went 3-13, was no better in offense than Lin (1-6) in this game.

      • Ace Pagoda

        I wish we had some inside info on whether JL is in a shooting “slump” or if there is some other reason. Guess we will never know. In looking at the video again JL does not look “happy”. Must have been “it’s just my job” kind of day.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I don’t usually watch whole NBA games anymore but watched most of SAS-GSW last night. If SAS do not have a let down after GSW then Charlotte is in for a big test Monday. Plus it will be on NBA TV so one of the few Charlotte games I get to watch. We will now see how good Charlotte’s offense is against a premium defense. SAS shut down Curry (and everybody else) If KW is Curry then Cliff better have an alternate plan other than to let KW and Batum control the game. I don’t think Cliff has an alternate plan being that we have not seen one all season. If ever there was a time for team ball this would be it because it will take all five plus the bench to have a chance against a focused SAS team. Charlotte cannot play KW and JL together effectively anymore because there is no shifting of the offense between the two. It is KW 1st, 2nd and always. Shut this down and there is no offense. So then Charlotte’s second option is to display their vaunted “defense”. Problem is that KW does not play defense well. At least he is not greatly outsized against Tony Parker but Parker can neutralize KW and Parker plays team ball so he does not have to offensively dominate against KW though maybe Popovic will look at the matches and tell Parker to attack KW. In this case it would be worst of both worlds. The #2 option for Charlotte is Batum. Batum has a real chance here to show the NBA world if he is worth a max or close to max contract (NO!) because he will be up against Kawhi Leonard. If SAS is up for Charlotte then the only way Charlotte can have a chance is to play team ball against team ball. They will need to use all five players on the court. Of course this would be ideal for our boy JL but Cliff would have to change his mindset for this to happen and he hasn’t so far (except for Cleveland where he had no choice). Cliff too will have an opportunity to show the world if he can coach against the best. He does not have quite the talent of SAS but as one of the better teams in his conference he needs to demonstrate how he can fare against arguably the top team in the NBA right now. I am thinking he may be forced out of desperation to play JL especially if the 1st half goes bad for Charlotte. Cliff has not shown much ability to adjust. For example he never limits KW shooting even if he is having a bad shooting night or has a tough defender on him. In this game he will have 5 tough defenders on him.

    • MrPingPong

      Agreed with your analysis, Ace. I watched the last half of the Q3 and the full Q4 of the Nuggs game, and the second half of the Spurs/Dubs game. The Spurs are just too good. It’s unfortunate that Spurs and Dubs are in the same conference.

      Lin make the most out of whatever mins and role he was given. Cliff has a fixed rotation scheme and Lin is stuck with that no matter how he performed. Sad story!

      The Spurs will be studying game films and will know exactly what to do to stifle the Hornets. Lin will do his best in his 20+ min of PT. But that won’t be enough, I don’t think.

  • Ace Pagoda


    • MrPingPong

      I know my Ouija board never said these things about JL7! 😉

  • MrPingPong

    I can only quote this Lin fan from realgm.com:



    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • MrPingPong

    It all started with the freaking 4-pt play:


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • GT

      All I want to say is that I have NOT been sooooooo happy for a long long time. 🙂

      Good night and sweet dream, everybody!~~~~ 🙂

    • I didn’t start watching until the middle of the 2nd quarter, so I missed this 4-point play by Lin.

      I did manage to do a write up about this incredible game, though. I still can’t believe what I saw!

  • Ace Pagoda

    Unless the game is on cable I don’t get to watch Charlotte games. I got to see this one and it was like Linsanity 2. I just finished watching the NBA TV commentators 3D and Brent Barry and they very effectively managed to make it sound like a ho hum game. What a whitewash! What an exposure of corporate sports! There is absolutely no doubt that when JL runs the team EVERYBODY is empowered. Where did Jeremy Lamb come from! He hasn’t played for a long time yet he was critical. Cody Zeller as a starter was mediocre but a star tonight. Even JL’s replacement C. Lee was great. Defense and Jeremy Lin won this game tonight. If I am Coach Cliff I cannot sleep tonight wondering what the hell am I going to do? The game in the 2nd half was so very much more dynamic with JL at the point. It looked like a different team. I would say JL just interviewed for the SAS as well as other teams in the NBA and if not then the NBA is more obtuse or more bigoted than even I give them credit for. p.s Stephanie Ready is a dumbass and should not be a commentator.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Kaminsky looked energized. Jeremy Lamb came from out of nowhere to contribute some good things but unfortunately he got hungry for the ball and did some bad things. I think he was just happy to play and this should bode well for his future. I think Cliff let JLamb out of the doghouse because he was desperate. Courtney Lee and JL are absolutely dynamic.! What a guard duo (at least for one game). Two great guard defenders is a plus for any team. Defense for Charlotte wone this game and unfortunately you do not get a defensive dynamic playing KW. But Cliff brought KW back in at the end of the game and he deferred to the hot hand JL so kudos to KW. Prediction for next game: JL 16 minutes. Did I mention that Stephanie Ready is a dumbass?

  • David

    Has anyone else noticed that Stephanie Ready seems to criticize JL for something every single game, keeping conspicuously silent most times when JL does something good. Not only that but she seems to be very preoccupied with Kemba, which makes me wonder, could she be jealous of JL competing for some of Kemba’s glory. Nothing against Kemba, I think he’s a really great player, but she really spends too much time gushing over him. I found it so distracting that I joined NBA League Pass Audio so I could turn down the TV volume and listen to Steve Martin on Hornets Radio during the game. JL could do worse than he has done this season with the Hornets. He is a major part of a fast rising team. Maybe the organization doesn’t appreciate him enough, but I believe the fans know what his contribution has meant to the teams success. I think he understood what was expected of him at Charlotte, and he has really performed at a high level. He may not be a starter but he is definitely a star.

    • MrPingPong

      It’s ABL, as our Philosopher puts it.
      S Ready is just a TV announcer like every other TV announcers who just don’t want to give Lin any credit.
      None of the Charlotte media folks voted for Lin as 6POY.
      Lin doesn’t care.
      And my Ouija board does not care either.

  • MrPingPong

    In Lin my Ouija trusts!
    Best 2 out of 3 next.
    Lin will burn the Heat in game 7 in Miami.
    My Ouija board says so!

    🙂 🙂 🙂