Jeremy Lin Breaks NBA Records wherever he Goes

Ever since Linsanity, Jeremy Lin has broken records wherever he goes, so I wanted to write a post to consolidate all of the records I can think of that Jeremy Lin has broken. I’ll do this in reverse chronological order. If you think of records that I may have missed, please include them in the comments below. As you’ll see, for an “average player” Jeremy Lin sure does break a lot of NBA records, including some of the most difficult ones to break.

3/21/2016 Jeremy Lin leads the Charlotte Hornets’s second best comeback in franchise history against the San Antonio Spurs.

  • Hornets were down 7 to 30 seconds into the 2nd quarter and went on to beat the San Antonio Spurs 91 to 88, thanks to a game-high 29 point performance by Jeremy Lin (15 points in the 4th quarter). This 23-point comeback win is just one point shy of the record, which was set on October 29, 2014 when the Hornets came back from a 24 point deficit to defeat the mediocre Milwaukie Bucks. To come back against the Bucks is one thing, but to do this against the elitist of elite teams is just too improbable to believe. Somehow, Lin keeps managing to do the impossible. I still can’t believe how Lin/Hornets managed that comeback. It’s inexplicable!
  • The Hornets only scored 7 points in the entire 1st quarter (while Jeremy Lin was on the bench). The last team to only score 7 points or fewer in the first quarter and still win was the Utah Jazz in 2008.
  • The Spurs have never lost a game when leading by 20 points or more in the first quarter.
  • Prior to this game, the Spurs had a 72-game streak of never losing after leading by 15+ points.
  • This game was the first time in NBA history that a team with at least 50 wins lost a regular season game with a lead of at least 20 points at the end of first quarter.
  • The 23-point lead is the largest lead Gregg Popovich, possibly the greatest coach of all time, has lost in his very long tenure as an NBA head coach.
  • The 23- point lead is the largest lead the Spurs have given up in the Tim Duncan (Spurs superstar and one of the greatest players of all time) era (1997 to present).
  • Jeremy Lin lead the Hornets’s first win against the Spurs since January 15, 2010, before Kemba Walker, Hornets’s starting point guard, was even in the NBA. That’s right, Walker has never beaten the Spurs before Lin joined the team. On this historic night, Kemba Walker only scored 6 points on 2 of 11 shooting in 29.5 minutes. This is probably Walker’s lowest minutes played this season. So if the Hornets somehow make it to the NBA finals and face the Spurs, they may want to keep this in mind if they want a chance of beating the elite Spurs. Kemba’s good if you want to beat sub-.500 teams, but if you want to beat the great teams, you need Jeremy Lin to be your main guy.
  • Jeremy Lin came off the bench and outscored the Spurs’s entire bench 29 to 18. Spurs entered the game 3rd in the NBA in bench scoring at 39.7 PPG.
  • Lin managed to score 15 points in the fourth quarter against quite possibly the best defensive team of all time. Meanwhile, Spurs held superstars like Chris Paul, Westrbook, and Steph Curry (the NBA’s leading scorer and in the running for the greatest player of all time) to zero points in the fourth quarter in their recent match ups.

2/3/2016 Jeremy Lin starts at point guard for the first time for the Hornets and leads the Hornets to their first victory over LeBron James since 2010

  • With Hornet’s starting point guard, Kemba Walker, injured, Jeremy Lin started in his natural position at point guard for the first time in a Hornets uniform. The results, as expected, was spectacular. Lin scored 24 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds to end LeBron James’s (who will go down as one of the greatest players of all-time) personal 21-game winning streak against the Charlotte franchise. The Hornets’s last victory against LeBron occurred on February 19, 2010, before Kemba Walker was even in the NBA. That’s right, Kemba Walker has never beaten LeBron James, so if the Hornets make it to the Eastern Conference Finals and want a chance at beating the Cleveland Cavaliers, they may want to keep in mind that Lin is 1-0 as a starter with the Hornets against Lebron James, while Kemba Walker has never won a game against LeBron James in his five years with the Hornets.

2/1/2014 Jeremy Lin became only the third player since 1985 to get a triple-double playing 29 minutes or less coming off the bench

  • In Jermey Lin’s second season with the Rockets, McHale relegated Lin to the bench, but that didn’t stop Lin from breaking one of the most improbable records. Lin managed to get a triple-double coming off the bench against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Lin scored 15 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, all while playing off position and from the bench in just over 29 minutes (29:11).
  • Lin became the first Houston Rockets player to have a triple-double off the bench since Cedric Maxwell did it on March 31, 1988, against Indiana.
  • Only 16 players have managed to get a triple-double with 29 minutes or less of playing time since 1985 and they include Hall-of-Famers and elites, such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Stephen Curry, etc. So Lin became just the 17th player to achieve such a feat.
  • Lin becomes only the third player since 1985 to get a triple-double playing 29 minutes or less coming off the bench. There’s a reason why there are so few players who have done this. Getting a triple double is so rare, because you’re doing everything on the court and usually, the guys who tend to do everything on the court are the superstars and Hall-of-Famers. But Lin managed to do this as a guy coming off the bench, playing only 29 minutes! This stuff just doesn’t happen. You have to be uber-talented and skilled to pull this off. Yet, McHale felt Jeremy Lin belonged on the bench. But thanks to McHale, Lin managed to put up one of the most improbable records in NBA history!

11/13/2013 Jeremy Lin ties the Houston Rockets franchise record for the most threes made in a single game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

  • Jeremy Lin was in his second season with the Houston Rockets and was relegated to the bench by McHale. However, on this night, James Harden was injured and we Lin fans know all too well what happens when the “superstar” on Lin’s team is injured and Lin gets inserted into the starting lineup! That’s right, Lin breaks records. He hit nine three-pointers (9 of 15), which ties Robert Horry’s 1996 record for the most threes in Rockets’s franchise history. To me, this is the most hilarious record for Lin to break, because Lin is not even that good of a three-point shooter. So Lin breaks records that he has no business of breaking, that’s how good Lin is at breaking records!
  • Lin ended the night with 34 points and, get this, 11 assists!  I’m not sure, but hitting 9 threes and dishing out 11 assists in one game may have tied or broken an NBA record.

2/5/2013 Jeremy Lin helps the Houston Rockets tie the NBA record for threes in a blowout of the Golden State Warriors (140 to 109)

  • Rockets tied an NBA record for threes going 23 of 40 from three point (57.5%). Jeremy Lin made the most threes on the team going 5 for 8 from three-point range. The Orlando Magic held the previous record on January 13, 2009 during a 139-107 blowout of the Sacramento Kings.
  • Rockets tied an NBA record with 14 three-pointers (14 of 18) in the first half.
  • On this night, the Rockets managed to break their previous franchise record with their 18th three-pointer in the third quarter.
  • It’s ironic that the Rockets accomplished this feat against the best three point shooting team in the NBA.

2/5/2013 Jeremy Lin helps the Houston Rockets score the most points (140) in Toyota Center since April 1995 in a blowout of the Golden State Warriors (140 to 109)

  • Jeremy Lin scored a game-high 28 points, which surpasses all players in the game by a large margin. The second leading scorer in the game was Jarrett Jack of the Warriors with 20. James Harden was the second leading scorer for the Rockets with only 18 points. By the way, Lin also managed to dish out 9 assists and was a +37, while Curry, being guarded by Lin, only scored 7 points (on 3 of 12 shooting) and was a -27.
  • With Lin’s help, Rockets scored 38 in the first quarter, which is the most they scored in the first quarter for the season.
  • Lin and the Rockets scored 77 at the end of the first half, which is the most the Rockets had scored in a half all season.
  • By the way, have the Rockets broken any franchise or NBA records since Jeremy Lin left?

2/10/2012 Jeremy Lin scores the most points (38) of any Knicks player up to that point in the season against Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers

  • Everyone remembers this game, so no need to say much more. 38 points is, of course, also a career high for Jeremy Lin. Keep in mind, though, that this Knicks team includes Carmelo Anthony, who is a prolific scorer himself. So for Lin to score the most of any Knick up until that point that season is notable.
  • Lin scored 38 points against the Lakers, who were actually a good team back then. Melo, a prolific scorer, never managed to score this many points against the Lakers franchise during his tenure with the Knicks. The last Knicks player to score 38 points or more against the Lakers was Stephon Marbury, who had 45 on March 29, 2005. This is just another example of how Lin shows up, especially in big moments and for big games. This is why Lin has become a Spurs killer.

During Linsanity February 2012, Jeremy Lin became only the 15th player to have scored at least 20 points, seven assists and one steal for six games in a row since 1985

  • I know this seems like an odd record to talk about, but I came across this in an article and what makes this notable are the names of the other players who have accomplished this same feat: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Kevin Johnson, Tim Hardaway, Gary Payton, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Lebron James. Of course these are hall-of-famers, but what’s also notable is that most of these players are also known to be great defenders. Like I’ve been saying all along, Jeremy Lin is an underrated defender.

During Linsanity February 2012, Jeremy Lin became the first NBA player in history to score at least 20 points and have seven assists in each of his first five starts.

  • Unlike the record above, Lin has no company here. In the first five starts, no one but Lin has scored at least 20 points and have 7 assists. I don’t think people really understand how difficult it is to play the point guard position. There’s a reason why no player has done what Lin did. It takes not only a great deal of skill and B-Ball IQ, but also lots of experience, to run an offense and to do so as a starter for the first time is even more challenging. Prior to Linsanity, Jeremy Lin barely played much in the NBA, so managed to run an offense and score at a high clip without having hardly any NBA experience. Lin managed to not only score at least 20 points, but also dish out at least 7 assists in his first five starts, playing with a team he’s just getting to know. Lin didn’t have the luxury going to training camp with these guys, in fact, when Lin stepped on the court in the first Linsanity game against the Nets, he hadn’t even had one practice with any of his teammates!
  • By the way, Lin had 25 points and 7 assists in his debut Linsanity game against the Nets, but that game is not included in this “first five starts” because Lin didn’t start in that fateful Nets game. Lin did pretty much play as a starter in that game, logging 36 minutes, so if we count that game, then it’s a streak of 6 games with at least 20 points and 7 assists!

During Linsanity February 2012, Jeremy Lin made NBA history by scoring the most points (136) in his first five starts of any player since the NBA and ABA merged in 1976

  • This is, perhaps, Jeremy Lin’s most well-known record and is probably his most impressive. With his 27 points in one of Lin’s most memorable games on Valentines day against the Raptors, he easily surpassed Shaquille O’Neal for the most points scored in the first five starts of a career. Shaq’s previous record was 129, which stood for 20 years before Lin took it down.
  • The players that Lin beat out are future Hall-of-Famers and Hall-of-Famers: Shaquille O’Neal (129), Michael Jordan (116), Allen Iverson (107), LeBron James (84), Kobe Bryant (80). There’s a reason why this list is full of future Hall-of-Famers. It’s damn hard to take over the game as a young player getting your first start in the NBA and score at a high rate. Yet, many in the NBA seem to have already dismissed the significance of what Lin did during Linsanity, as if it was some sort of fluke, when in fact it is what Lin can do if given significant playing time and allowed to be the primary ball handler. Lin also managed this feat without really knowing any of his teammates, since he had just joined the team. He didn’t have, for example, the luxury of a training camp. This is something that I think a lot of people don’t really give enough thought to. A lot of people dismiss what Lin did during Linsanity by saying that the defense wasn’t ready for him, etc., but they fail to recognize the challenges, such as not really knowing any of his teammates, getting quickly up to speed on new system/plays, and having to perform with the spotlight of the entire world on you, etc.
  • Lin also scored 89 and 109 in his first three and four starts, respectively, which are also the most of any player since the merger between the ABA and NBA in 1976. Once again, Lin is completely alone in achieving one of the most difficult records in the NBA. This is the record or all records, folks! Lin’s record will stay for a long time and there’s a very good chance that it will never be surpassed!




4/23/14 Jeremy Lin leads Hornets in Hornets’s first playoff win in 14 years off the bench

  • Lin had a team high 18 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks in only 26 minutes of playing time.
  • Lin’s 18-point performance was more than the entire Heat reserves combined (13).
  • Lin finished with a +17. Only Zeller had a better +/- with a +18.
  • Once again, it’s Lin, not Kemba who leads the Hornets in yet another tough  and imporatnt win. Kemba still has yet to lead the Hornets in tough/important wins. Even though Walker scored 17 points, he did so with a very innefiicient 4-19 from the field and he also played 36.5 minutes.
  • Lin gave the Hornets thier first playoff win since March 12, 2002 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the New Jersey Nets. Kemba has yet to lead the Hornets to a playoff victory. Just saying.

4/11/16 Jeremy Lin is first Hornets player since since 1997 to come off the bench and have 25 points and 4 or more steals

  • Lin lead the Hornets past the Boston Celtics in Boston with 25 points and 5 steals off the bench. According to a tweet from Charlotte Hornets PR, the last Hornets player to get at least 25 points and 4 steals off the bench was Tony Deik on 4/9/97, also against Boston, coincidentally.
  • Lin also snapped Celtic’s 5-game wining streak against the Hornets. Up until that point, the Hornets hadn’t beaten the Celtics since Isaiah Thomas Jr. joined the Celtics. Once again, this is an indication that Walker is just not up to the task when it comes to beating tough competition.

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  • MrPingPong

    And here is a broken record by your humble MrPingPong:

    “Give Lin the keys, let Lin run the floor and the team will win!”


    • Good one, MrPingPong! A broken record that is music to my ears!

  • Ace Pagoda

    Thanks for the info Lintel. After 4 years with that kind of start you would think teams would be beating a path to Lin’s door but we know that not to be. Maybe with this little bit of timely momentum and especially if he gets some meaningful burn in the playoffs the door to acceptability will open wider. Some people are becoming wildly optimistic but I have learned to temper that optimism with the realities of the past 4 years. Maybe even Charlotte will reconsider trying to get JL to stay. I think he would consider since he seems to like it in Charlotte but the big hurdle would be to resolve how JL and KW could play together and where JL could play in his rightful position of PG. JL’s staying might influence Batum to stay if he can see a future in Charlotte. Can you imagine a starting lineup with JL, CLee, Batum, Jeremy Lamb and maybe Zeller as the big? Big, fast, relentless and if they all play D getting close to Golden State if not as good. Then it would be constructing a bench. The next big hurdle will be for JL to prove he can be a starter over the course of 82 games and playoffs since everything he has done so far has been in spurts. Even Linsanity was only a couple of months. But at least Charlotte has had the luxury of seeng up close what JL can do. Now they have to decide if he can do it over the course of time. But the big question is KW. Can he be a good “teammate”? More fun speculation for the future.

    • excellent points, Ace!

      I wouldn’t put Lamb in the starting lineup. Lamb is a good only in spurts. To me, the ideal situation would be for Lin to stay with the Hornets and the starting lineup would be Lin/Lee/Batum/MKG and the big would probably be whoever Hornets get for trading Kemba. I know I’m probably in the minority on this, but I think Big Al fits pretty well in this ideal starting lineup, since it seems Al has been more willing to pass the ball out of the post lately. Big Al is one of the few post-up players left in the game and that could be valuable, since it offers a different look, while most teams are moving away from post-ups.

      To me, if you have a lineup of Lin/Lee/Batum/MKG, you don’t really need much. In fact, I think if you bring in a superstar you may disrupt the chemistry and end up winning fewer games. So Big Al or Zeller is probably better than some “superstar” like Dwight Howard. Unfortunately, this is the type of counter-intuitive thinking that most NBA owners/GMs/coaches are incapable of. I really think a lineup of Lin/Lee/Batum/MKG/Al or Zeller is a championship contender. To me, chemistry and unselfishness is more important than having big names on your team.

      • Ace Pagoda

        More than agree here JLintel. Charlotte is so close to having something special. OK with MKG in the starting lineup but I read somewhere that he might be a risk due to injury. No problem because I think JLamb would be happy leading a bench mob. From what I read of Batum he is a team player and as long as he gets paid and likes his teammates he could probably stay in Charlotte if it means a shot at a championship. Ditto on Big Al. He plays well with JL, passing more etc and posting up when needed but he doesn’t seem to get miffed if the offense does not run around him. Big Al seems to be another player whom JL makes better. Veteran professional act and smart to realize something potentially special. Zeller and Lamb on the bench would be a great start to a bench and if KW could handle what would be looked at as a demotion I would not have a problem with that either and he might be perfect as a microwave scorer a la Vinnie Johnson from the Detroit days (who Charlotte happens to be playing tonight and on NBA TV so I get to watch it). Trick would be if he could handle it. But if not and he had to be traded Charlotte ought to be able to get a couple of pretty good pieces for the bench for $12 million/year. I don’t think Dwight Howard would be detrimental in the playing department but he would command too much money. The point of team ball is to assemble the correct parts, not stars but he would be great for defense. And he could be the star here as long as he does his job because I don’t think anybody else on this prospective team would care! No Har*en, no Kobe. Perfect! The weak link might be the coach. If he truly is a micromanager then a free flowing system dictated by the PG would clash with constant bench play calling. I don’t know how the money works but if Batum, JL, Big Al signed for at least 3 years, JLamb is in for 3 years and KW if he stayed has 3 years left they would have a good core which could develop some chemistry for a while and a nice age group of no oldies but young vets. This group could match up pretty well with GSW and more than match up with Cleveland since they already beat Cleveland with essentially this group.

        • Ace Pagoda

          Just saw this posting from Sportige: This coming after my comment that maybe the coach is the weak link. Only Cliff can stop JL from playing. This kind of heightens the intrigue for tonight’s Detroit game. If JL does not play Cliff will be questioned and ultimately burned at the stake especially if Charlotte loses. Cliff and the team need to be very careful here not to destroy the momentum they have. For Cliff, ideally, he plays JL, JL plays poorly and Charlotte loses. That way going forward Cliff can do what he wants with JL and he won’t be blamed, if in fact there is some kind of “agenda
          to smother JL. If Cliff loses with KW no matter how well KW plays they will question his not playing JL. If Charlotte wins playing KW centric iso ball it is a neutral situation. And all this on national TV.

          • Chirico

            Definitely got burnt. Hornets went with KW Iso, it was the end of it.

            Teams may have figured out that one way to beat Hornets is to just let KW shoots lights out while denying his teammates from going hot.

            This was a classic text book example. Hornets are exposed.

  • Lin’s team won over Curry’s GSW last year in Lakers too.

    • The lowly Lakers also beat the GSW this season. Something strange in the dynamic between the Lakers and Warriors. I guess it’s because in their history, the Lakers have always been the dominant franchise California. Not sure, but there’s definitely something strange going on there.

      • GT

        A great morale-boosting article!~~~ It makes my weekend. 🙂

        Lin will keep on breaking more records. Go Lin go!~~~

  • Ace Pagoda

    Ugh as in ugly in Detroit. Detroit came out with energized defense and Charlotte responded in their usual manner by chucking up jump shots hoping to be hot and they were not. KW made Reggie Jackson look like Tony Parker. Charlotte defense had no energy by contrast. JLin took 2 steps back after one step forward from the SAS/Brklyn wins. Greg at Sportige was quite critical of JL and said JL fit the mold of Cliff’s comments that JL was a bench player. First, very bad thing for Cliff to say. I hope he is happy that he was proven “correct”. See my previous comment about how he could come out of this game looking good if Charlotte lost. KW had his points, JL played poorly and Charlotte lost. Perfect for Cliff. Except for the loss and whatever effects his dumb comments had on JL and the team. Perfect. But, what I observed, to help make Cliff’s comments come true is that when JL went in KW stayed in. This meant for a long time JL was again the SG. How many times have we said JL is a PG and SG, while nice to have the versatility is not his position. This is on the coach. Now Cliff can say all day that he played JL and not make reference to JL being played “out of position”. How about he plays KW at the SG? (which might work to some degree because he only has to worry about the “shoot” in SG). Charlotte had no other offensive game other than to chuck up jumper after jumper hoping to get hot. When that did not work they had no plan B. Time after time there was no deep penetration to the basket to change things up. And yes, Detroit’s defense had something to do with that but at least your percentage of makes is going to be better shooting free throws or from inside. Big Al had a bad game and he is supposed to be the inside game when the outside game does not work. But how creative is an inside game where if KW does not chuck it up he throws it to Big Al? No, part of this loss was on coaching and after Cliff’s dumb comments it worked to his advantage. It was like JL played down to Cliff’s assessment. Dumb and dumber.

    • I’m glad Greg is writing about Lin, but I think that by trying to write something on Lin every day, it seems, results in him being hyper-reactive. I much prefer to see the bigger picture and not be too jerked around by all the noise.

      I didn’t watch the Pistons game, but from the box score it looks like pretty much every player but walker struggled offensively. So it wasn’t just Lin. I actually already had this game in the Loss column, so to me it’s not that surprising they lost. Pistons are tough. As long as Hornets win the next three games Hornets still have a good chance at getting the 3rd seed.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I quote Greg quite a bit but that is because he is the only writer who reports on JL for whatever reason. Maybe he is Asian, I don’t know, or maybe he is like us who just like JL for who and what he is. I look at the other JL blogs and most just blew off Detroit game as a normal “letdown”. I was a little surprised and thought that maybe I am over blowing the situation. But since it was on NBA TV I got to watch the game, one of about 4 or 5 that I have been able to. The other times I look at the boxscores and read other comments. But since I did see the game coming on the heels of Clifford’s comment about how Batum made JL play better and alluding that JL’s play was not significant and then watching how JL was used in the Detroit game I made the comments here that I did. JL did play poorly like the rest of the team. KW did get his points and stats. Charlotte lost and Cliff looks good on his JL-inconsistency comments. But Charlotte was blown out. Charlotte has beaten Detroit twice before and if they are a contending team should not have been blown out. Charlotte is not so good that they lay back. They are not SAS. They don’t have the depth or the talent. But I found Cliff’s comments and then his walk-back the following day offensive. It seems like I am in the minority and I don’t know why I feel this way. I just hope that I am over blowing this situation otherwise Cliff’s action could lead to demoralizing team spirit, or at least JL. I know Charlotte views JL as only a one year usage, but for his contributions thus far you would think they would try to get him to remain to build for the future or at least no publicly denigrate his contributions. In any case, Charlotte needs to do what they can this year to advance in the playoffs because they could lose Batum, Marvin, Big Al not to mention JL and be where? Like I said before, this loss makes Cliff look good, or at least accurate with his “bench player comments”. If I was JL I would be very upset to the point of confronting Cliff and the organization for setting him up.

  • MrPingPong

    OK folks, so Lin played lousy in the Bad Boys game but then bounced back and became a thief in last night’s game against the Bucks. And man, some of Lin’s near assists to the BIGs inside were so close. Just like any other NBA players, Lin has his ups and downs. But the long term trend is always up, just like the stock market! So don’t worry too much about Lin, dear Lin fans! 🙂

    Unless some disastrous injuries happen to their key players, the Hornets will make the playoffs. The goal now is to gain home court advantage. It’s not gonna be easy with the Hawks and the Celts playing well and winning as of late. I am sure Lin and the rest of the team are focused on playing as a team in order to consistently win. They are pros and they know it takes a team playing well together to win, especially down the stretch.

    IMHO, the team is gelling in time for the playoffs. The NBA pundits are taking notes. The game commentators for the Bucks were saying things like, ‘they Hornets are playing like a well-oiled machine.’ I’m seeing Lin getting more touches these days. The ball goes around and comes back to Lin more. There are a whole lot more ball movements than ever before. I always look for the positive angles; it’s more fun that way.

    Next stop, Philadelphia! Win this one for sure! Letzzz Gooo, JL7!

  • I just glanced at the schedules for the Hornets, Heat, Hawks and Celtics going forward. The Hawks have the toughest schedule, followed by the Celtics. Hornets have the easiest schedule, but it’s still not going to be easy for them to get the third seed. I think worst-case scenario, the Hornets lose 3 of their next nine games and end with a 48-34 record. If they do so, then I don’t think they’ll be able to get the 3rd seed. I think the Heat will end up being the 3rd seed with a 49-33 record. If Hornets manage to lose only 2 of their next nine games, then I think they’ll end up tied with the Heat, record-wise. Since both teams have also tie in their series record against one another, it goes down to division winner. Right now, I think the Heat have a 9-5 division record versus Hornets 7-7. So Heat will end up with 3rd seed and Hornets 4th seed, which isn’t too bad. But this will only happen if Hornets only lose 2 of their remaining games.

    If Hornets lose 3 of their remaining 9 games, I think a very likely scenario would be the Heat ends with 49-33 record and Hawks, Celtics, Hornets all tie with 48-34 record, which is devastating for Hornets, because they lose tie breakers to both Celtics and Hawks. Hornets will end up being the #6 seed. SO it’s critical that Hornets only lose 2 or fewer of next nine games.

    The difference between winning the remaining 7 games or 6 games is likely the difference between a 4th seed or a 6th seed, which is HUGE!

    • MrPingPong

      Yep, 3rd seed is mathematically possible but highly unlikely. The three toughest games are road games against the Cavs, The Raps and the Celts. If the Hornets can steal one out of these three, then 4th seed is within grasp. The key is no injuries to the impact players. Knock on woods!

  • MrPingPong

    It’s just basketball, folks!

    TTNN (aka 22NN) posted this link at

    Check it out in case you haven’t seen it.

    • Thanks for sharing, MrPingPong. I haven’t seen it and it is quite a gem. I’ve never heard coach Pop talk this much. He says nearly everything I want to say about coaching. To me, coaching is actually quite simple, which is why it baffles me that there is only a handful of coaches that have any clue what they’re doing. And Popovich is, to me, the GOAT! I think most coaches get stuck in the weeds and unable to see the big picture. Coach Pop is the exception. It would be great to be a hardcore Spurs fan, so I can really witness coaching at it’s finest.

      It would be quite something for Lin to be coached by Popovich before his career is over and before Pop retires. Maybe then, Lin would actually learn something from his coach. Although, I do credit coach Cliff for tightening up Lin’s defense even more. But apart from that, Lin hasn’t learned a damn thing from any of his coaches. I don’t know how coach Pop really feels about Lin, but I do know that Lin would love coach Pop. I think if Lin got an offer from San Antonio this summer, he would take it. We’ll see.

  • Wow! Lakers beat the Heat, so now Celtics, Heat, Hornets all have identical records and Hawks also have the same amount of losses. But more importantly, the Heat lost a game thy should have won, so if Hornets manage to lose only 2 of their remaining games, they have a good shot at getting the #3 spot!

    • MrPingPong

      Wow! Basketball happened! 😉 There’s a good chance for the Hornets to win their division the first time ever.

      Still, should Lin sit out a few more games to nurse his back? They don’t pay him enough to sacrifice his body and play hurt like that. He’s just a bench player after all! 😉

      • Ace Pagoda

        Lin should sit out Philly game which Charlotte should win, then sit out Cleveland game which they will probably lose unless Cleveland gets lax or Charlotte gets luck or Charlottes plays Lin at PG. Then try to blitz the rest of the schedule having a slight margin of losing one game and still end up #3. A healthy JL is worth a lot. In fact when Lin comes back give some rest to KW since Cliff plays him so many minutes, let JL start at the point, play Lamb some more to give Batum a rest and hopefully give Lamb some confidence and some experience under pressure when the pressure is not as great as it would be during an actual playoff game.

        • Yeah, Hornets should definitely sit Lin out on the Sixers game and maybe even the Cavs game, although the Cavs seem vulnerable lately due to their lack of chemistry. I hope Lin doesn’t try to come back too soon from his injury that’s basically been plaguing him all season.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I just watched clips of JLin from the recent Philly game and it is so obvious that when he plays the point the offense is very un-clifford. On the floor Jlin is the coach because the game moves too fast, is unstructured and purely talent driven. Another example of team dynamics and how a PG makes his teammates better. JL would be a threat to many coaches because of this unstructured nature of playing team ball. At his professional prime if JL wants to be the best he can be he needs to leave Charlotte. With Clifford-KW Charlotte is operating at 80% efficiency because talent is diluted in favor of control (except control of KW). With team ball and the unleashing of talent Charlotte can beat the Clevelands and Torontos in a series. They can keep up with the GSWs and SASs (thought their talent is better so I don’t think they can win a series). Unfortunately it will not happen this season. At this stage of his career, with his improvements over the last 3 years I think JL is the equal or better of Jason Kidd at a similar stage

    • Yeah, I think you’re right Ace, in terms of how coaches feel threatened by or don’t like Lin’s unstructured team play. Cliff, especially, loves micromanaging, so that’s why he doesn’t really like Lin playing the point. Yep, I hope Lin leaves and finds a place that will give him the keys to the offense. We’ll see.

  • Chirico


    Another great one!
    Here are the translated Chinese version of this article. This one is quite powerful and remarkable, I would like to say. It leaves Lin doubters and haters no where to hide. Thanks for the efforts writing this one. I checked the translated version and it is equally powerful.

    • Thanks, Chirico! Appreciate it. Also, thanks for letting me know about the Chinese translation. I’m glad to hear that it’s a great translation and that the article is being widely read. That’s awesome!

  • Ace Pagoda

    Wish I could see this Toronto game. At the half Charlotte is behind. It looks like KW is either having a bad time or Toronto is putting the clamps on him on defense as he is 0-4 in 2’s and 0-4 in 3’s. JLin started but although I like it I don’ know why. He started for Batum who is a SF and put C Lee in at SF so JL could play SG. This puts C Lee at a mismatch. I think in this case they should have started J Lamb or Kaminsky at SF, left CLee at SG where he belongs and let JL lead the bench. At this point I would bench KW and start JLin at the PG to start the 2nd half, CLee at SG and Kaminsky or JLamb at SF. we shall see, but what we won’t see is my scenario because Cliff won’t bench KW and he won’t let JL have extended minutes at the PG.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Did not see the game but the box score shows JLin with 40+ minutes, 4.5 minutes more than even KW. Still do not see CLee moving to SF to accommodate Jlin starting at SG. Lee at his SG position, Kaminsky at SF which he at least knows, and JLin to lead the bench of Big Al, JLamb could have been more effective. JLin even had 4.5 minutes more than KW so KW must have really stunk tonight. I hope Charlotte can rebound.

    • I didn’t know that Lin was starting tonight, so I didn’t start watching until second quarter or so. Kemba struggled massively tonight and Lin did well. I think Hornets would have won if Kemba had been injured instead of Batum. Lin was pretty much the only Hornets that did well. Most Hornets stunk tonight, but still managed to keep the game close in the end. Hornets did much better against the Cavs. In any case I expected Hornets to lose both the Cavs and Raptors games. So was not surprised. The only way Hornets have a chance of winning against really good teams is for Lin to start at PG, so that’s why Hornets would actually be better if Walker got injured. The starting lineup of Lin/Lee/Batum would be deadly.

      If Hornets manage to win their remaining games, then they still can get the 3rd seed. If not, then most likely will stay in the 6th seed

      • MrPingPong

        I missed the Cavs game due to travel, but fortunately was able to watch the whole Raps game. As always, Lin gave everything he had and did not disappoint. Unfortunately the rest of the team seemed to be running on fume.

        Cliff has been overusing Kemba all season long and it is beginning to show negative dividend. This is not a good sign going into the playoffs. I’d say start resting the key players in preparation for the playoffs. And by key players, I mean Lin included. 3rd seed seems almost out of reach. 6th seed is better than 4th and 5th in my view, because in case the Hornets make it past the first round, they will not have to face the Cavs in the second round. And yes, I do assume the Cavs will take the number one seed.

        At this stage of the season, every player is playing hurt to varying degree. Did you see Lin’s right shoulder all iced up during the post game locker room interview?

        And his right elbow is swelling like a soft ball:

        Rest Lin against the Knicks tonight! I know, we all want to see Lin play, but Lin needs time to recover.

        • Ace Pagoda

          For all the complaining we (I) do about KW playing so many minutes another consequence of that is breaking his body down. 6th or 3rd there is not much to be gained at this point that rest will not be better for. I for one do not see the anxiety over whether you have to play the #1 or #2 seed or not. Here that is Cleveland and Toronto. How do you know that you cannot surprise a top seed early if you prepare properly. And here is a hint: Charlotte has beaten Cleveland and Toronto already this season and almost did Toronto again! The common denominator was JL at PG. There is your clue Cliff on how to advance and win in the playoffs. As much as how wrong I think it is not to play JL at PG, KW need a rest and some separation from his recent woes to be ready for the playoffs. JL too judging from recent photos. Let him play NYK just to beat Dolan over the head and give the NY fans a thrill and then rest him and KW until the last game of the season.

        • Good point about 6th seed being better than 4th seed. I do think Lebron takes it to a whole new level in the playoffs, so it’d be much better if the Hornets face Toronto vs. Cavs in the second round if Hornets advance.

  • Someone made an excellent video documenting a few examples of ref bias against Jeremy Lin. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, but just never had the time. So I’m very glad someone managed to get it done. Please share and tweet this video to @NBAOfficial, which is the twitter handle for NBA Refs.

    • Chirico

      Please pass this alone

      Dear Commissioner Silver,
      As fans of the NBA and its players, we care deeply about the quality and integrity of the game and the safety of the players. When we see excellence in officiating, as we sometimes do, we can’t help but admire the professionalism and skills the officials have brought to the game, often under difficult conditions. Conversely, when we see dubious officiating by the NBA referees, we cannot help but question the integrity of the game at its very core.
      As we are sure you will agree, officiating is the life blood, as well as the heart and soul of the game. Fair and unbiased officiating elevates the game to its rightful place in our society that prizes above all, fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for one another. We are certain that this is your commitment to the game, and it will never be less than that.
      With that in mind, we would like to bring your attention to one NBA player in particular, Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets. Throughout Lin’s six years in the NBA, we have continuously witnessed Lin as the recipient of numerous hard fouls with unnecessary and excessive force by other players. In these cases, the referees either didn’t make the calls or made incorrect calls.
      Since these are not isolated instances, and they occur with regularity, we wonder what the league has against Mr. Lin. Many fans have contacted and requested answers from the NBA Fan Relations NY office at, but have so far only received generic and dismissive responses, if at all. We also have sent numerous tweets regarding the questionable calls to @NBA, @NBAOfficial, and @OfficialNBARefs, but have received no response either.
      To make matters worse, Lin continues to receive ticky-tacky foul calls on him and non-calls from the referees as Lin frequently gets hammered by other players. It’s not just the fans who have noticed. The TV commentators from various teams also have questioned the referees’ non-calls on the hard fouls Lin has suffered.
      Below is a video of some examples of the questionable fouls for your review. We are showing just a selected few examples, out of numerous incidents to illustrate the point. Please kindly provide a comprehensive response as to why these fools were not called or called as flagrant fouls.
      Lin’s health and safety are at risk, as Lin gets hit unnecessarily and excessively in the face, head, and neck areas by other players frequently. The most alarming aspect of these incidents is that the referees didn’t make the right calls to protect the player, Lin, from harm. Evidently, the lack of calls and reviews from the referees encourages other players to continue using hard foul tactics on Lin.
      Fans want the NBA officiating to be more transparent and fair, whether the player is a superstar or not. When the referees step on the court, they are the extension and representatives of the NBA. The referees are to uphold the integrity of the game, show impartiality, and enforce civil behavior from all NBA players. Unfortunately, we do not always see this when it comes to officiating, especially pertaining to other players hard fouling Lin.
      The NBA has a huge following in Asia and Lin is one of the very few active players with full Asian descent in the NBA. It’s disheartening to see Lin’s mistreatment by the NBA referees. As fans, we ask you to please review this matter seriously and to take action.
      Thank you!
      NBA Fans

      • Ace Pagoda

        Maybe Chuck, since he is so anti-discriminatory, should weigh in on whether Jeremy Lin is being discriminated against and in what form (racial, corporate, sport) due to highly questionable refereeing and add that to the protest he is calling against all citizens of North Carolina. I am sure he has more insight as to the workings of the NBA mind than he does the character of the citizens of North Carolina. Then maybe China can also join in and mount a boycott against the NBA for ignoring this possible discrimination. JLintel maybe you should send a copy of the video you posted to Chuck. A good place to pose the question of questionable refereeing would be on the NBA pregame shows. Personally I think they should just discontinue the All-Star game because it is just a circus exhibiting amply buffoonery on the part of the NBA establishment. Players and fans would be better served by a 7-10 rest period for the players to recoup from their over worked schedule and we fans might see a better brand of basketball.

      • GT


        An excellent letter! Superb job!~~~ 🙂

        • Chirico

          Dear GT,

          This article is not written by me. I got this from another site and just want to share it with you guys.

          I, with lots of Lin fans 100% agree with this letter and sent it to NBA myself . Please feel free to use it. this year the despicable action against Lin from players and referees in the circles of NBA is at best disgusting. Think fans don’t know? Or idiotically ignoring them?

        • GT


          Whoever wrote this excellent letter did a great justice to Lin.

          Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. 🙂

          Have a wonderful weekend!~~~

      • I saw this letter on Twitter and retweeted it and encouraged everyone to retweet it and I’ve gotten a very solid response. An NBA referee (probably retired) even responded positively to one of the retweets of the letter. So, hopefully, the word is getting out about Lin’s mistreatment by refs in the NBA.

        • Ace Pagoda

          I think the referee you are referring to is Ronnie Nunn.

          • Yeah, Ronnie Nunn is the guy I was referring to. Do you happen to know anything about him?

    • It is just so outrageous! The same things also happen in soccer games, taking away all the pleasuring of watching the sports.

  • MrPingPong

    As we all know, Lin’s shooting was off in the Knicks game. It is not unreasonable to assume that his injured elbow bothered him more than he would want to admit. The Nets have shut down their best players for the rest of the season. The Hornets should rest their key players for this Nets game and give the third stringers some burns.

    • Yeah, I’m sure Lin’s elbow was the culprit for Lin’s poor shooting. I doubt Clifford rests his players, since Hornets still have a shot at the 3rd seed.