GM Hinkie’s Abrupt Resignation from Sixers is Potentially Great News for Jeremy Lin

As many of you may have heard, Hinkie, the GM of Sixers resigned abruptly the other day. I think this is potentially great news for Jeremy Lin, since I’m hoping that Lin can be the starting PG for the Sixers next season. I haven’t really thought too much about free agency, but at this point, Sixers is my top pick for Jeremy Lin. I thnk Lin will fit right in with the players they currently have and, of course, D’Antoni is also there as their associate head coach.

What’s great about Hinkie leaving is that Hinkie was Morey’s #2 in Houston. He’s basically Morey’s (AKA “Devil Money”) clone, who also appears to have a big ego, according to this story regarding his abrupt resignation. Apparently, Hinkie resigned because they wanted to bring in someone else that he would partner up with as essentially co-GM, since they saw Hinkie more as a numbers guy, who lacked others necessary skills that are required to run a team and recruit free agents, etc. Hinkie saw this as a demotion, which it probably was, and so he decided to take his toys and go home, but not without writing a 13-page resignation letter. Sounds like a bit of an egomaniac, which is not surprising, since Morey was also an egomaniac. The other reason I’m very glad Hinkie left is that, like Devil Money, he’s all about shooting threes and layups and despises the mid-range game.

While we’re on the subject of the Toxic Rockets, I’m embarrassed to admit how happy I am to see them lose to the Suns yesterday, nearly pushing them out of the playoff race for good! There is no other sports organization I hate more than the Houston Rockets. Everything about the Rockets is despicable. It’s a toxic organization full of dirty, low character, low basketball IQ, selfish players (Ball Hargen), management (Devil Money), coaches (McFale), fan base (Klu Klutch Fans) and media outlets (Jonathan Faken). I don’t know how anyone can root for such awful people to win. They’re complete garbage in every way and I’m so glad they’re getting everything they deserve.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, back to the main subject of this post. So, yeah, Hinkie’s resignation is great news for Jeremy Lin, since he would have messed up Lin’s game as much as Morey did. Lin used to have a great mid-range, short-range game until he joined the Houston Rockets. Now, he’s slowly getting it back, but I think he might have gotten too brainwashed in Houston and still doesn’t utilize his mid-range and short-range game as much as he should and as much as he is capable of. If Lin joined the Sixers with Hinkie at the helm, he would have been forced to go back to just shooting threes or layups, which is too one-dimensional for a versatile, creative player like Jeremy Lin.

The other awesome piece of information I found out from Nathan Gottlieb, a mutual follower on Twitter and someone who used to cover the New York Knicks, is this:

New Sixers GM

It’s great news that the new Sixers GM, Bryan Colangelo, used to be with the Phoenix Suns when MDA and Nash was there. The more MDA personnel we can get on Sixers, the better it is for Jeremy Lin. I’m hoping Colangelo shares MDA’s views on Jeremy Lin and signs Lin as their new starting point guard. Sixers’s current starting PG is Ish Smith. Here’s an article from from someone who covers the Sixers who thinks Lin is the best option to replace Ish Smith. Hopefully the Sixers organization agree.

The other thing that makes the Sixers my top prospect for Jeremy Lin is that their current coach used to assist the GOAT coach Gregg Popovich. I think Lin running a fast-paced (MDA/Popovich hybrid) offense and tons of PnRs with Noel would be enough to turn the Sixers into a playoff team next season. It’ll also be fun basketball to watch. I really hope all the pieces are now in place for Jeremy Lin to join the Sixers next season and FINALLY be given the keys to the offense.

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  • Ray

    I pray things work out for Lin. He has done a lot more then some of the players out there to earn a big contract and starting point guard gig. If you give Lin the keys to the offense and support like walker gets, he will lead them to playoffs and he’ll collect some hardware (all star, most improved and maybe more).

    • Great points, Ray! I do think Lin will get All Star and Most improved and maybe more if he is allowed to start and run the offense freely.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Philly was my early pick for JLin soley because of the coach MDA who you know what kind of offensive system he will run. If Philly does try to get JLin then it is confirmed that they want him to run “7 seconds or less” in Philly. The main competitor at this time is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is very intriguing because it is in NY and would give NKY a hell of a bad time. It would be fun to watch. But what is not known is who the coach would be. If it were to be MDA then no problem. However Brooklyn does have an owner who is a question mark. Prokhorov has not made many good decisions thus far but he does have money and he doesn’t mind spending it. Hopefully he got a good GM but this GM is first time in the driver’s seat. But Brooklyn may be even farther away from a championship than Phill because they cannot tap into a young talent pool via the draft. Philly has lots of draft picks however more importantly in terms of winning immediately they have money and cap space with which to assemble a team. Since they will be a basketball “team” and not a celebrity showcase of athletes they should be able to get some good pieces with $60 M, one of which would be JLin who should command $15 M/yr/3-4 years. Teams like the Lakers, NYK have shown how foolish and disastrous it is to gut a teams’ payroll by overpaying an individual player not to mention what the negative effect on team morale must be. But back to Philly. They have experienced hands at the top administrative positions: Senior Colangelo with the guiding hand, son Bryan with a proven, experienced record and of course MDA. Don’t know what this means for the current Coach Brown but it does not look promising. This team will know who they are, what they want and have a good idea on how to get there. Brooklyn does not. I only wish the Philly scene was being played out in some scenario here in the West where the weather is warmer (Phoenix) and they are in my time zone. But at this point anyplace is OK. It is almost like the potential Philly situation is pre-ordained, just like the last 3 years have been ordained to further train and toughen JLins skills. JLin is at the peak of his game and will be for the next 4-5 years then a Ginobili type 6th man for a few more years. He is a premier PG but now he is a capable SG and more skilled in all areas especially defense. Defense is an area, were the Philly scenario to be played out, that MDA should hire a good defensive coordinator. I have read where actually his teams were OK defensively but I think a better balance is needed similar to GSW, the epitome of run and gun and tough D. Assuming the Philly scene plays out as outlined above it should be fun speculating on what other pieces Philly will go after. I am not enamored with any of the current Philly roster. For all the talk of accumulating pieces by Hinkie, they all have weaknesses and have not been tested. Embiid has not even played so he is a rookie; Noel doesn’t seem to fit with Embiid so one of them has to probably go or one is a bench player; Okafor has potential but needs to grow up; Ish Smith is not the answer but might be an energizing bench scorer; I have always liked Kendall Marshall’s game and MDA gave him a lot of time with the Lakers, but he needs to play defense and score more otherwise he is just an assist man like Rajan Rondo. After JLin, first order of business should be to get a supreme pick and roll partner for JLin. Any suggestions?

    • Excellent info, Ace! You seem to be very familiar with the Sixers. From the article that I referenced in my post it looks like the Sixers are switching strategies from tanking to acquire picks to being a playoff contender. I hope Jeremy Lin realizes this, because I don’t think Lin wants to join another lottery team after his experience with the Lakers’s supreme tank commander.

      As for a supreme PnR partner for Lin, I don’t think Lin needs anyone that spectacular. If he’s allowed to run the offense, he can make it work with pretty much any Big. I think Noel is sufficient. If Ish Smith can make it work with Noel, Lin sure can no problem!

      To me, if Lin is given the keys to the offense, you can pretty much throw anyone on the team and Lin will turn the team into a playoff contender. Lin’s proven that he can do that during Linsanity. Lin is a much more polished player now. Just hasn’t been given the opportunity. So I’m really not worried about the talent on Sixers. My main concern is that they be unselfish, high character and high bball IQ guys. That’s really all that matters. As long as you have that, you have good chemistry and Lin can make magic with good chemistry.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Agree with you right up until the last comment about high character guys. Not so sure about Noel with his recent problems of death threats and trashing his rental house and Okafor punching someone out on the street. Two main guys are showing big signs of immaturity. But they can always be traded (if not reformed) and they do have that cap room and I am pretty sure they have a plan. Character, or people issues, is something Hinkie did not seem to do well with from reports I have read. But I absolutely agree that JLin can work magic in team-oriented ball (by far his greatest talent) so this is where I am hopeful that the direction Philly is going towards is to install JLin at PG and gather pieces that fit around him that will work.

        • My comment about high character, etc. was a general comment. I wasn’t thinking about the current Sixers personnel. That being said, I had no idea about Noel and Okafor’s antics. Thanks for the info! Good to know. Hope at least they are unselfish and have high BBall IQ. It’s hard to get all three.

          Of course, ideally, a GM should build the team around Lin, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

          My main point is that Lin doesn’t really need much in the way of talent to succeed. So I’m not so concerned about figuring out what specific Big Lin should pair with, etc. Lin will make it work as long as he has the keys to the offense. The Big just needs to be able to catch the ball, so I guess average to above average athleticism is also important.

  • MrPingPong

    Is there a Reader’s Digest version of Hinkie’s (leaked) resignation letter? 😉
    For the sake of completeness, I just post the link to the Woj’s article on Colangelos vs Hinkie here:

    My Ouija board says Sean Marks will ask for permission to interview BBrown and hire him away in order to replicate the Spurs, which suits the Sixers fine since they want MDA anyway. Both Nets and Sixers will offer Lin a job. But Lin will surprise everyone by picking another team. 😉

    Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are on the WEB! 🙂

    • Thanks for the link to that article, MrPingPong! Lots of great information. Sounds like the Sixers front office has been a mess for a while, which is probably not that surprising. Hopefully, things won’t be as crazy next season. Also, Hinkie doesn’t come across so poorly in this article. So, as usual, it just all depends on who’s perspective we’re reading.

      Your Quija board is probably right, as usual. One thing is for sure, Lin will always surprise everyone. Just hope he’ll make the right decision, because so far he’s been in some of the worst situations for him.

  • Saw this article on Twitter regarding Lin’s injury:

    “Lin is dealing with bursitis on his right elbow and it is seen as something that will affect his shooting arm.”

  • Chirico

    Another great article, JLintel. Thanks!

    By definition and basketball reason, Lin is a better PG, comparing to any of the players in teams that he joined in the last few years(Nash excluded).

    There is a great article that dimistfies this between Walker and Lin.

    One more aspects I like about this article is that it also pointed out that Lin’s Bball talent can not be quantified by stats, it is above and beyond current stats system NBA uses to market and label its players.

    Basically it indicates also how shallow NBA circle and media around it are when it about pure basketball sports.

    • Thanks for the link to this excellent article, Chirico. I especially like the part when the article points out that Lin’s passes to teammates who end up shooting free throws doesn’t show up in stats, but are still valuable.

      • MrPingPong

        Oh yes, the NBA has “Player Tracking” stats that tracks all key aspects of a player’s game. Things like potential assists and “hockey assists” are definitely tracked. Check this out:!/player/passing/

        • Yeah, I figured everything is tracked, but these advanced stats don’t garner much attention, so basically don’t show up in the stats. I do think coaching staff pays attention to it, but probably not all that much, either.

  • MrPingPong

    I missed the Wiz game. The Hornets lost and Lin’s numbers look really bad. It’s alarming, folks! Lin is clearly playing hurt and does not know how to call in sick.

    At this point, the Hornets should rest all key players for the remaining two games and let the third stringers get some burns. 6th seed is fine. Key players’ health is more important than HAC. But I guess I’m in the minority.

    • I totally agree with you, MrPingPong! If Hornets want any chance of advancing in the playoffs, they need to rest all their key players until the playoffs. But, of course, Cliff, being the non-innovative, non-strategic coach that he is, won’t rest his players, because the chance to inch up in the standings is more important. But he would be dead wrong. Like you pointed out, in your comment to a previous post, it’s better for Hornets to get 6th seed than 4th or 5th, since they won’t have to face the Cavs if they advance to the 2nd round as a 6th seed. So in this instance, it is especially smart to rest all key players, because it’s actually worse for Hornets if they move up to 5th or 4th seed than stay at 6th seed. Of course, Hornets and Cliff aren’t innovative thinkers, so they’ll just blindly work to try to move up in the standings. Oh well, that’s why I’m so unimpressed with most minds in the NBA.

      • MrPingPong

        There is no more HAC for the Hornets. The best they can get is 5th seed. The health of the key players is most important for the playoffs right now. So rest them now and go all out come playoffs time. Of course, we are only fans and don’t know any better, right! 😉

  • MrPingPong

    I do not know much about the Sizers. Sixers fans of various websites do not seem to like what is happening to Hinkie and the smell of nepotism there.

    Switching topic completely, the Mavs are playing the Jazz and the Rox are playing the Wolves tonight. I’m rooting for the Jazz and the Wolves to win. For some reason, I really like the Jazz’s coach and their young team. They need a PG and can sure use a veteran like Lin!

    • Ace Pagoda

      Philly does smell of nepotism, but on the other hand the younger Colangelo has experience and a track record. Plus he is supposed to be a good judge of talent. There also is a board of owners who had to pass judgement on the Colangelo hiring so I assume it was OK with them. It is their money. I was not a fan of this tanking phenomenon as I don’t think it contributes to a winning culture. Same thing with Lakers. I am somewhat surprised that the NBA allowed this to happen damaging their brand, though there are other things they allow that damage their brand to me too. But tanking and doing it obviously is bad for athletic contests. Philly fans that don’t approve of what is happening to Hinkie need to consider that they are supporting with their fan dollars constant losing with no guarantee that things are going to be better. Plus, as the GM, must not have been keeping track of his young players in particular Okafor who got into a street fight and Noel who reportedly trashed a house and sent a veiled death threat to the landlord when the landlord complained (a tombstone was left on landlord’s doorstep with R.I.P. on it). These two were supposed to be the pillers on which to build? Switching to your other topic I too like the Jazz and as long as the coach is on board with the style of play that JLin can thrive in it would be a good match. Utah has some good young talent and a good running mate in Hayward and a real treat with their shot blocker Gobert. Plus I think the Salt Lake City environment, while not heavy on Asians, would be favorable to JLin. Cliff needs to rest his team until the playoffs.

    • Damn, I knew the Rox would sneak back into the playoffs, since the Jazz have tougher opponents. Sucks! Now it’s all up to Sacramento. If the Kings can beat the Rox and the Jazz can beat the Lakers, then that would make me very happy.

      Great point about the Jazz being a potential landing spot for Lin. Hope it happens! At least Jazz are playoff contenders, so that would be better than Sixers. Also, Sixers management seems like it could be sketchy, but I am not very familiar with the whole situation. Anyway, now the Jazz are on my radar as a top potential landing spot for Lin.

      • MrPingPong

        Yep, the Jazz and the Wolves, the teams I rooted for tonight, both lost.

        I think the Jazz are banking on the return of Dante Exum, their prized rookie guard of last season who tore his ACL last summer playing for the Australian National Team. Let’s see if the Jazz will hedge their bet by offering Lin a job this coming summer.

      • pistolpete

        Not sure what would be sweeter – Rox not making the playoffs or making the playoffs and getting destroyed by Golden State. Either way I’m happy.

        • MrPingPong

          I root for the young Jazz team to win and make the playoffs. But the odds are favoring the Rox right now since they own the tie-breaker over the Jazz.

  • MrPingPong

    I missed the Celts game. So, Lin played a monster game. We, Lin fans, know Lin can beast. But that does not change my plea for resting Lin. Case in point: Batum got hurt again.

    The upcoming Magic game is of little value. ESPN has dropped it from its scheduled broadcast. Cliff said it himself that he did not care about the 5th seed. So why not rest all the key players, especially our man Lin?

    In the mean time, let’s enjoy Lin’s highlights! 🙂

    • I also missed this game, MrPingPong. I also wanted Lin to rest, but I’m glad that he played in retrospect, since he had a monster game and I’m hoping that his game will give him the push to win a deserving 6th MOY.

      I don’t thin any of the other 6th MOY candidates have been THE guy on the team to help them win against toughest teams.

      • MrPingPong

        Agreed that Lin deserves the 6MOY award more than any of the candidates, Philosopher. I have tried to watch the Hornets games via the opposing teams’ feeds as much as possible. Lately, the commentators for the opposing teams have shown a lot more respect for Lin, acknowledging Lin’s qualities and abilities. May be these folks will vote for Lin in the 6MOY award. We’ll see!

        Still, rest the key players, Lin in particular, now and let them beast later in the playoffs. 6MOY is not worth it if Lin gets hurt in the season finale. Let Atlanta, Boston and Miami fight it out among themselves and weaken themselves in the process. It’s time for the “Art of War” now. 😉

    • pistolpete

      Just when you thought it was safe to not watch the Hornets – LINSANITY!


    Damn, ya’ll are still talking about this bum?!?! I mean, I guess he played okay tonight because racist asians made a big deal about some video showing Lin getting fouled, and the league got scared, but I can’t believe this site is still going. Is that old man still around that seems kinda borderline sexually obsessed with Lin? Old and Vigorously Masturbating to Chinamen, or whatever his name was?

  • Itdoesn’tgetEddieVedderthanthis

    Please don’t reply to this kind of a troll especially to people who can only name themselves very poorly and use very wrong grammar; might as well as rename himself/herself “REAL ESTATE AGENT”. That’s better sounding.

    I think that kind of unintelligible and yet insulting reply is telling us what kind of environment JLin has to encounter that blocks him from playing to his full potential in the NBA. Racism can be truly subconscious, even more disturbing than the conscious verbal racism, for a certain perspective, because of the uncertainties about that people showing it to you. White privilege is also something not many whites themselves can notice, along with the role that blacks themselves play in White America as second fiddle and a useful internal colonialist cultural elite. Not many blacks can notice. This is not the 60s anymore.

    It’s either this, or the NBA establishment is deliberately blocking the rise of an Asian American Jackie Robinson in basketball to appease the black audience, whose lives were destroyed by the economics of the past 40 years and the mass incarceration phenomenon. I think this has been explained here on this site before. Asians were already more privileged as a minority, why make them present in a place where blacks excel and can feel threatened by their position because sports is all they have. They are even being beaten by Asians in hip hop dancing. This is not about attacking or belittling black people, but about how J-Lin’s NBA career can be affected by American socio-economic dynamics and its relation to race issues and the place of the races in current society. US is still very racist and white supremacist for me.

    Great game for J-Lin anyway.

    • Yeah, whatever trolls say don’t even register as actual words to me. Just gibberish from the mouths of babes.

    • MrPingPong

      Yep, don’t feed the trolls.

      It’s funny how Lin haters now are saying that Lin got to the FT line 10 times last night because the NBA got scared by the flagrant fouls video that some Lin fan made. Lin made all 10, bad shooting elbow and all. 🙂

      • I didn’t watch the game, but did see highlights and I did notice that Lin actually got calls that he hasn’t in the past. I do hope that, despite NBA not publicly acknowledging wrong-doing that they are addressing ref bias against Lin internally and are doing something about it. We’ll see. That video/letter has made a lot of noise. An article came out just today from Huffington Post about it:

        One thing I’ve noticed about Lin is that when Lin puts up stats, it impacts the entire team in a way that doesn’t happen with a “star” like Walker or Harden or Melo, etc. If you notice, whenever Lin has a big game for Hornets, they do well, but that’s not the case with Walker. That’s because Lin’s team ball and energy is contagious. It’s what makes Lin special and what makes him vital to winning. And it’s why I think if GMs/coaches are visionary and not conventional thinkers, they would build a team around Lin. Of course, they’re never going to do it to their detriment.

        • MrPingPong

          Agreed, Philosopher! Linsanity is contagious! Resistance is futile! One can always dream that there is a forward thinking NBA GM somewhere who would want to break the mold and build a team around Lin. 🙂

        • Ace Pagoda

          MDA was considered “unconventional” a few short years ago and now this style of play is a mass movement led by GSW, current NBA Champs. I am hopeful that team ball and not celebrity ball continues to grow in popularity. JLin is part of this new movement and helping a team win by making his teammates better is, IMO, his greatest “talent”.


      Yao would be the Jackie Robinson, you dildo. Lin would be comparable to one of the shitty niglets that hit for like .185 after Robinson made an impact. Glad to hear The Old Pedo is off writing poetry. I’m sure it’s every bit as incoherent as his weird Lin fan fiction fantasies. Keep it real Chinaman! You’re just bitter that we don’t have any more railroad construction jobs in the states.

  • GT


    Very well said!~~~

    He should rename himself Real Asshole. (Sorry that I give real “asshole” a real bad name.) 🙂

    BTW: I really miss our dear and beloved friend old-and-in-the-way. Anyone has any news about him???

    • MrPingPong

      Dear DGT:

      Our beloved Old & In is taking a sabbatical from commenting at this site in order to spend more time on writing poetry. I communicated with him via e-mail every once in a while. He is still following Lin though.

      • That’s good to know, MrPingPong. I’ve also been wondering about Old & In the Way, myself. Glad to know that he’s doing well. Do send my regards, as well.

        Hope to see him back here soon. He should come back just for the short playoff run, then he has the entire off-season to focus purely on poetry.

  • Dear Professor MrPingPong,

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

    Poetry? The Love Song of J. Alfred Purfrock??? This is way above my pay grade. 🙁

    Please kindly send my warmest regards to our dear friend.

  • Just saw this:

    Rumors about potential for D’Antoni to become head coach of Sixers. I actually think D’Antoni is better off as an assistant coach, but that’s a whole other discussion. I guess it would be pretty awkward for Brown since the Colangelo boys are now taking over the Sixers and have a history with D’Antoni. So seems inevitable that D’Antoni would become the head coach at some point.

  • MrPingPong

    Hot off the press:–hawks-assistant-kenny-atkinson-agrees-to-coach-nets-151842232.html

    Atkinson is a Lin supporter from the Knicks day.
    Lin to the Nets? 😉

    • Thanks for the breaking news, MrPingPong!

      Lin to Nets is now my top choice. I really hope it happens.