Jeremy Lin Snaps yet another Long Losing Streak for Hornets Franchise: Leads Hornets to First Playoff Win in 14 Years

I only saw the first half of Hornet’s Game 3 vs. Heat. I wasn’t too surprised that the Hornets won, but was shocked they won by such a big margin when I checked the score late in the fourth and saw that Hornets were up 90 to 70 (Final Score: 96-80). I had to do a double-take. Because I didn’t watch this entire game, I can’t comment too much on the specifics of the game, but I did see enough to know that Lin was responsible for yet another important win for the Hornets. I mean, even the NBA recognized that. Their YouTube Channel has a highlight video of Lin with the title: “Jeremy Lin Leads Hornets to First Playoff Win in 14 Years”:

With the exception of Deng (19 points for the Heat), Lin lead all other scorers with 18 points, but Lin did it in only 26 minutes of playing time. Lin also had the second highest +/- with a +18 (Zeller had a +19) for the night. The rest of Lin’s stat line: 7-16 from field, 2-3 from three-point, 2-3 FT, 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 0 TO, 1 steal (on Wade).

Even though it was clear to anyone watching that Lin lead the Hornets to their first playoff win in 14 years and lots of analysts tweeted about Lin, Frank Kaminsky ends up winning the player of the game. Here’s Frank’s stat line: 15 points, 5-12 FG%, 0-3 from three-point, 5-5 FT, +16, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 0 TO, 1 steal, 1 block. Frank did this in 34.5 minutes, whereas Lin only had 26 minutes of playing time. Frank also did most of his damage by taking advantage of a mismatch (from Cliff’s post game interview, it appears as though the much smaller Wade was on Frank when Frank went off). I’m not trying to hate on Frank, I’m just providing factual evidence that I think shows Lin had the much better performance–especially when you look at the context. Yet, because of the ABL (Anybody but Lin) syndrome, Lin didn’t get the Player of the Game. Lin has to be 10 times better than the next best guy on the floor in order to get the POG recognition, it seems. That’s the story of Lin’s life in the NBA: he does all the work, but doesn’t get the credit. But when something goes wrong, it’s all Lin’s fault no matter what.

I didn’t watch the second half, which is where I think Kaminsky made the most impact (due primarily to taking advantage of a mismatch), so I guess I can’t comment. But seeing all the response on social media and headlines of articles on the game, as well as the title from the above video from the NBA, I think it was pretty clear that Lin was the player of the game.

The truth is Lin has actually been the most solid Hornets throughout the playoffs. He and Batum were the only ones who showed up in game 1 and when Lin went to the bench in the second quarter in game 2, that’s when that game was lost. Here’s an excellent stat from @22NN4 that shows just how effective Lin has been in the first two games:

Lins Impact in Gm 1 and 2 vs Heat

With what Lin did in Game 3, Lin has clearly been the MVP for the Hornets of the series. Yet, Cliff never uttered Lin’s name in his post game interview last night. It’s so insane to me how successful Hornets are whenever Lin leads, yet, Hornets seem oblivious to this. In just one season with the Hornets, Lin has managed to snap some of the Franchise’s longest losing streaks. For example, Lin gave the Hornets their first win over the Spurs since January 2010 and he snapped LeBron’s personal 20+ game winning streak vs. the Hornets. Last night’s win will require me to update my post which aggregates all of the records Lin has broken.


Like I mentioned, I only saw the first half of last night’s game. What I saw was Lin playing his game. Lin was relentlessly attacking the paint every time he got the ball and he was pretty aggressive about getting the ball in his hands. I think Lin understands the urgency of the matter and that it’s time to stop being a good soldier. Lin knows that when he does well the Hornets do well, but he also doesn’t want to go against his coach’s demands. So Lin will only play his brand of basketball when times are desperate. On Wednesday, I sent Lin these tweets:

Tweets to Lin Heat Gm2 a

Tweets to Lin Heat Gm2 b

Tweets to Lin Heat Gm2 c

I’m sure Lin didn’t see any of my Tweets, nonetheless, I’m very proud of him for playing exactly the way I wanted him to play. I’m sure he has lots of people around him who expressed similar sentiments as I did in those Tweets to Lin. Lin also understands the situation himself and that’s why he just played his game last night, just like he did in the Nets game back in 2012 that launched Linsanity. He said, fuck it, if I’m going out, I’m going out playing my game. I hope he continues to have this attitude throughout the playoffs.

I’ve said this time and time again, but when Lin has a great game it’s contagious and Lin’s entire team as a great game and wins. Last night, 6 players were in double-figures. Lin also has a knack for drawing the most thunderous celebrations from fans and teammates:

I think Lin sometimes shies away from taking over games, because he doesn’t want to be seen as being selfish. But the truth is that when he takes over the game, like he did vs. Spurs, everyone gets into it and his energy is contagious. It only adds to the energy of his teammates. And that’s what makes Lin special and a player you want to build your team around. This morning, I sent Lin the following tweets.

Seires of Tweets to Lin after Game 3 vs Heat

I’m sure Lin won’t see my Tweets, but I hope he has people around him who are expressing similar sentiments to Lin. Now onto game 4, make it count, JLin!

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  • MrPingPong

    Yep, Lin broke another spell for the Hornets, but as usual, got little credits. Lin gets all the blames when his team loses and gets little credits when he helps the team win. This is a consistent theme in the never ending story of Jeremy Lin. Yet Lin keeps his head down and plays his heart out every time. Lin does not care who gets credits. He sacrifices everything for the team to win. I love this guy!

    Linsanity is contagious. Resistance is futile. Lin will not let this first round series go the Heat way. Onto game 4, Lin will make it count. 🙂

    • Yeah, Lin doesn’t care who gets the credit. Only cares about winning. Lets hope Lin continues to take over and not give a fuck about what Cliff wants him to do. If Lin plays his brand of basketball, the Hornets have a chance of moving past the first round, if not, then it’s time to shift gears to free agency.

      Right now, what I care about is that the Hornets advance, giving Lin more opportunities to shine and showcase his value in free agency. Don’t really care about the Hornets franchise, but it just so happens that when Lin takes over the game, the Hornets play team ball and Hornets win. So both my interests and the Hornets’s interests are aligned. Hornets just still clueless about Lin’s impact is all.

      • MrPingPong

        Ha, ABL (Anyone But Lin), I like that acronym. 🙂

        I dunno what Cliff has in store for Lin, but at some point in time in the next game, there will be Lin, Lee, Marvin, Frank and Zeller on the floor together. Lin will be running the floor by default. Marvin, Frank and Zeller, I think, have all bought into Lin’s game. Lee, in my view, is an experienced and unassuming pro and is getting the hang of Lin’s game now. This lineup will be fun to watch, folks!

        Spo is one of those rare coaches that respect Lin’s game. Spo has a handful now, because this Lin is way better than the Lin of 2012. None of the Heat guards can stop Lin on on one. But if they gang up on Lin, Lin will find an open man to wreak havoc. It’s gonna be fun to watch Lin defying all odds folks!


    • Ace Pagoda

      Frank Kaminsky goes the first 10 quarters of his playoff career without scoring. A 7 footer goes 2.5 games without scoring. A number 1 team draft pick. In his 11th playoff quarter the scores 13 its, the team wins and for this he gets player of the game. JLin leads the team in scoring hits a back-breaking 3 pointer to kill Miami then goes coast to coast on a blitzing drive while shutting dow Goran Dragic and gets recognition from the nation press as leading the team but the hometown press goes crazy over a #1 draft pick who takes 11 quarters to score his first point. With hometown support like this, what’s to stay for? I want to see Charlotte win this series because it will make it all the nicer for JLin to leave. And since Mr. PP’s ouija board is calling it Charlotte in 7 I am sure JLin will have a significant role to play- Charlotte cannot win any other way.

  • JC

    Kid keeps snapping droughts, breaking records while the LOH keep calling him “average”. To quote one famous Spaniard “You keep using that word, but I do not think it means, what you think it means.”

  • LinFan123

    Very interesting scenario playing right now in Charlotte and in the national media as there is a conflict….the facts are that JLIN scored 18pts in 26 minutes and was clearly the difference maker, particularly in the first half.. But Clifford and the hornets are going to injure themselves bending over backwards not to recognize Lin’s contribution. Postgame interview on TNT went to…Kemba Walker! Huh? Anyway now there articles out there with headlines like “Lin leads Charlotte to first playoff win….” ” Lin leads Hornets past Heat” Etc. So Which is it? I believe Clifford is the best coach Lin has had yet since leaving NY but he can be very small and disgraceful at times. This is one of those times. Hoping Charlotte advances and…Lin plays great..and….Lin gets the He** out of there after the season and….Charlotte misses the playoffs next year. ARGHH!

  • Pistolpete

    If Batum is out Lin gets more touches and they have a better chance to win. Same goes when Kemba is out. Miami will shoot better this game and it will be close. However if Cliff doesn’t let Lin finish the game and it’s close we probably lose. Whenever Batum comes back then it’s game, set, match series over. 😳

  • LinFan123

    Where all my peeps at? Its game 4 baby! Byron Scott got the axe and TONS of negative press basically saying he’s terrible and wasted the last two years! What a day!
    Mr. Ping Pong did your ouija Board see that coming? WHAT DOES IT SEE TONIGHT! (I know it says Hornets in 7 but what about tonight?)

    Ace- I know you got to have something to say about Dantoni or JLIN needs to play more PG tonight..Right??

    Pistol already chimed in so he is off the hook.

    Ashley, wherever you are. The fact that there is a lady out there that knows basketball and supports JLin is awesome like finding a unicorn in my backyard!

    Lets get the commentary going gang…GAME 4! I dont have a ouija board but I say…Lin Leads Hornets past Heat second game in a row! 26 pts in 31 minutes. Hornets win!!!

    2 more hrs til tipoff!!

    • MrPingPong

      Lin will boss!
      Miami, you have a problem!
      That’s all my Ouija board reveals to me.

    • Hey, LinFan123, glad to see you psyched for the game. I was only able to watch the game in spurts tonight due to other obligations. Once again, Lin was a huge factor. Hornets would be swept without Lin. I saw a Tweet from ESPN Stas & Info that says Hornets are +20 with Jeremy Lin on the floor and -13 with him off the floor. Had Lin not gone out when Hornets were up big, Hornets would have won this game easily. Lin is carrying the Hornets on his back, but it’s great, because this will only increase his value in free agency.

      I think the Hornets will have a better chance of winning round 2 than round 1 of the playoffs, so if they advance, Hornets have a good chance of going to the finals.

    • ashley

      Thanks, Linfan! It’s great to see your posts, and I’m so flattered by your nice unicorn simile. Honestly, I know very little about basketball. I’m just so obsessed with Lin that I can’t help venting. There are ladies who have turned their love and care for JLin into action–one made that “flagrant” video for Lin and for the world to see what our guy has been going through and another wrote the letter to the NBA. I salute to them!

  • pistolpete

    I’m psyched! One more game of Linsanity before Batum returns.

  • Ace pagoda

    JLin just killing Miami inside. Just killing! Tough Charlotte defense

  • Ace pagoda

    KW iOS is hot!

  • Ace Pagoda

    KW iso was hot at the end of the game and it was a good thing, otherwise he would have shot them out of the game, but he was hot and it was a beautiful thing to see. JLin kept deferring to KW and I don’t think that was a good thing but Charlotte won. Dragic played only 23 minutes and I think it was because (a) he could not stop JLin (b) Jlin (+17) completely stopped him. This was a huge factor taking Dragic out of the game. Charlotte’s defense was great! Frank was back in the tank. Cody played well (+20!) and Hawes contributed (+10). JLin, Cody and Hawes played very nicely together in the second half especially when KW was resting and JLin was the primary ball handler.I hope Charlotte can continue to win when/if Batum comes back next game. If he does that will cut into JLin’s minutes and that will really hurt the team. If Batum is back Cliff needs to take Frank’s minutes and give them to JLin. Frank is just taking up space. I listened to the press conference after the game with Cliff and a reporter asked him about JLin’s contribution and he said they were big because he drove the ball and that is what was needed in this game, then he switched to talking about KW. I have tried to give Cliff the benefit of the doubt regarding how many people say he treats KW over JLin but after seeing that I question if that is not the case, favoring greatly KW over JLin. KW was cold in the first quarter until JLin came into the game and from there things changed. Now Charlotte needs to steal one in Miami and they can win the series at home except that Mr. PP’s ouija board said Charlotte in 7 so I guess they have to win it in Miami. I have to say that Cliff deserves a fair it of credit for coaching Charlotte to these two wine. I hope he can keep it up.

    • Thanks for the recap, Ace. I was only able to watch this game in spurts. I did notice that whenever Lin was out, the Hornets suffered. I thought it was a big mistake for Cliff to bring Walker back in at the end of the 3rd quarter. Lin was about to give Hornets a comfortable lead, but when Walker came in, Lin was relegated to the corner most of the 4th and that’s why the Hornets weren’t able to really pull away for good. Kemba did well at the end, but he also hurt the Hornets with his presence beginning of the 4th. Also Hornets lost a big lead with Lin sitting. I saw a Tweet from ESPN Stas & Info that says Hornets are +20 with Jeremy Lin on the floor and -13 with him off the floor. Of course, I’m sure Cliff is pretty clueless to this. If Batum is out and Cliff doesn’t start Lin in Game 5, I think it’ll be a big mistake, because when Lin comes off the bench, he isn’t given adequate rest due to the logistics on substitutions. Of course, Cliff doesn’t care about this.

      • Ace Pagoda

        The TV crew commenting on the game certainly gave JLin high props especially 3D (Dennis ?). He even called him “my boy Jeremy Lin” and was pretty enthusiastic. They all agreed that JLin “led” the team. After game comments on the internet interviews JLin said he was really tired in the 4th quarter and told KW to “bring them home” giving the ball and green light for KW to shoot and that is exactly what happened. I wondered why JLin kept deferring to KW, thinking at the time it was because he was feeding the hot hand. That was part of it. Then I realized that JLin was so tired because HE PLAYED DEFENSE! I really watched this game how JLin played D, how he fought through the screens then picked up his man after the screen if he got screened out. That is a lot of work. If KW played D that hard he too might not have had the energy to shoot so much.

        • That’s right! Lin is a top 2-way PG in the league. The first GMs and coaches to recognize this will reap the rewards.

      • MrPingPong

        Agreed that Lin has not been given adequate rest due the logistics on substitutions coming off the bench. Lin admitted he was gassed in the post game podium interview.

        Unfortunately, Cliff is not gonna change his rotations. That makes Lin’s job that much tougher.

  • LinFan123

    Just spent some time at the site called “at the hive” it is sports nations Hornets site I think…anyway…. you all will appreciate this more than most….Tons of comments from people shocked at how well Lin was playing! Basically saying things like “I can’t believe I am typing this but Lin is the only reason we are in this series” and “Lin D is off the chain never watched him play before but he is the only one trying hard” and my favorite…”screw it bring on the Lin Only Fans if he keeps playing like this!!” Is it happening? Mr. Ping Pong? What is that I hear? L I N S A N I T Y 2.0?

    • MrPingPong

      You should check the game thread of the Charlotte Realgm site too, Linfan123. Hornets fans are now singing “You’r my LINSPIRATION!” 🙂

      Linsanity is contagious! Resistance is futile! 🙂

    • MrPingPong

      And on’s game thread:

      lol…hornets coach trying to win without lin
      dumb guy…hes the reason they even had a shot in the first place

      by kajenk on Apr 25, 2016 | 8:51 PM reply

    • I do check out that site sometimes when Lin has a good game just to see what they say.

      I have found Hornets fans generally to be as fair as you can expect fans to be who don’t closely follow Lin. I think I’ve said this before, but If Walker wasn’t with the Hornets, then I would want Lin to stay and be the starting PG. I love Hornets players, fans and media. So the situation in Charlotte is actually pretty ideal for Lin. The only issue is that he can’t start at PG with Walker on the team. So, because of that one important fact, Lin has to move elsewhere. If Lin stays with Hornets as a backup PG, I’m not going to say that I will stop following Lin, but I think I’ll come close to that. I’ll at the very least be extremely pissed.

      Anyway, good to see Charlotte fans buying in to Lin and seeing the truth.