Once Again, Jeremy Lin Saves the Hornets and Hornets Win Second Straight Playoff Game in 14 Years

I only got to watch this game in spurts, but I just wanted to make a few quick points. Kemba Walker may be getting a lot of glory for his 34 point performance and his last 11 points, but it was Jeremy Lin who really saved the Hornets. I’m not just being a Lin fan trying to re-write history either. I’m also not trying to hate on Walker. I actually like Walker and don’t mean to cut down Walker in any way. All I care about is communicating the truth as I see it.

Stat Lines:
Jeremy Lin had 21 points on only 6 of 10 shooting, which is pretty ridiculous. He was also 8 for 9 from the free throw line and had several beautiful And-1s. +17, 3 assists, 3 TOs, 2 steals in a little over 33.5 minutes. Walker finished with 34 points on 13-28 shooting, 6-7 FT, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 TO, 3 steas, 2 blocks in a little over 40 minutes.

Best Lin highlight video for the game:

To me, this game would have been an easy win for the Heat if Lin hadn’t checked in early in the 1st quarter to, once again, save the “starters” from digging a huge hole. With Hornets down 13 to 4 with 6:10 to go in the 1st quarter, Jeremy Lin draws the second quick foul on Wade. This was critical, because if that hadn’t happened the Heat would have built on their early double-digit lead and this game would have probably been over by the first half. On top of this, Lin lead a 23-6 run to give the Hornets a lead after being down by double-digits.

For the night Lin was a +17, which is the second highest on the team and Kemba Walker was a -7.  In fact, just to emphasize how much Walker is not the hero of the night, Lee managed to log a +10, even though he had nearly the same minutes as Walker. Lee played 41:35 minutes and Walker played 40:15 minutes. Again, my intent is not to take down Walker, because I was cheering for him to make all his shots at the end. It’s because I think there’s been a very false narrative that Walker lead the win. It’s not surprising that Walker got Player of the Game. He did score 34 points. But he actually hurt the Hornets for most of the game, but managed to redeem himself in the end.

Lin on the contrary, lead the Hornets in fighting off what otherwise could have been a big deficit in the first half. In fact, when Lin sat, the Hornets lost a big lead. And then Lin helped to build a lead again late in the 3rd, but for some crazy reason, Cliff inserted Kemba back in with only seconds to go in the 3rd quarter after taking Walker out only a few minutes prior to that. When Cliff did that, I thought the Hornets were going to lose. When Kemba came in near the end of the 3rd quarter, the Hornets had an 8 point lead, led by Jeremy Lin, of course. Hornets looked like they were about to build on that lead with Lin leading the offense, but when Kemba came back in, Lin went back to playing off the ball and the Heat came back to nearly tie the game. After that, it was a close game all the way to the end.

Had Lin gotten to lead the offense in the beginning of the 4th like he usually does coming off the bench, while Kemba sits, the Hornets could have widened their lead and the game would not have been so close. So Cliff fucked up big time by prematurely re-inserting Kemba back in when the Hornets built back their lead with Kemba sitting for a short stretch in the 3rd. So, even though Kemba redeemed himself by hitting shot after shot (11 of the Hornet’s last 13 points) towards the end of the 4th quarter, it wouldn’t have come to that if Kemba hadn’t come in prematurely at the end of the 3rd quarter.

I hate it when people can’t see through the surface of things, so I just had to get that off my chest. Again, I’m not trying to hate on Kemba and am not being a petty Lin fan always trying to give Lin credit. The reason why I felt the need to point out who the real savior of the game was is because if we buy into the false narrative, then we’ll never know what actually worked. The truth is Cliff and Kemba nearly lost this game for the Hornets. Cliff by making an awful, asinine substitution decision and Kemba by being Kemba. I swear, when Kemba kept hitting his shots, I thought for sure the Hornets would lose, because it would become the iso-Kemba show again. But good thing Kemba managed to continue making his shots. I was praying that he make his shots, because I knew that if he didn’t it would have been a disaster, since Hornets were clearly playing the iso-Kemba game late in the 4th. If Lee hadn’t grabbed that critical rebound on a Kemba missed three-pointer, the Hornets might not have won this one. In fact, I thought the Hornets would end up losing the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter, due to Cliff insanely bringing Kemba back in at the end of the 3rd quarter when the Hornets were doing so well with Kemba sitting. Throughout the entire 4th quarter, I was expecting the Hornets to lose the game. It wasn’t until Lee grabbed that missed shot from Kemba that I didn’t think the Hornets were going to lose.

Cliff and Kemba got away with one tonight and Kemba managed to get the Player of the Game. So Cliff and the Hornets organization are happy. Because if Kemba hadn’t shot the lights out at the end, then they would have had no choice but to give the POG to Jeremy Lin. No one in the front office wants that, because they want to keep Lin next season and don’t want to raise his profile. Fortunately for Lin, these playoff games get a lot of national attention, so people outside of Charlotte know who the real savior is and Lin fans aren’t left looking like we’re the insane ones because we know the truth about Jeremy Lin. The truth is, even though Lin hasn’t won Player of the Game the entire series, Lin is clearly the MVP for the Hornets so far in the this series. Check out this stat on Twitter that should make it abundantly clear that Lin is the MVP if you’re not brain-dead but are somehow still in doubt:

Lin Def Net Rating Heat Series

Without Jeremy Lin the Hornets would be swept. No question! Lin has put this team on his back time and time again in big games (Spurs, Cavs, Raptors, Celtics, Heat, etc.). Hopefully, more and more people are starting to see this. If Lin continues doing what he has been doing, he’ll have his pick in free agency. The GMs and coaches that are perceptive enough to recognize that Jeremy Lin is a top 2-way point guard in the league is going to reap the rewards come free agency. I hope that it’s going to be Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson of the Nets.

One last note, I still don’t think the Hornets will win this series, because Lin keeps having to save them and Lin isn’t being put in an advantageous position to do so. It is tough having to come off the bench to save your team time and time again. It’s much easier doing it from the starting lineup, because when you do it from the bench, you’re forced to play for long stretches without rest . That’s why Lin was so tired late in the 4th quarter, as he mentioned in his post game press conference. Unlike most offensively talented players, Lin also plays great defense and gives 100 percent effort on defense, which is extremely tiring. By having Lin come off the bench, Cliff forces Lin to have to play without rest for long stretches, which is a really bad idea and that’s why I don’t think the Hornets will win.

If Hornets do manage to win, though, then I think they have a good shot at going to the Eastern Conference Finals. I actually think the Heat are tougher than whichever team the Hornets face in the second round. Lin also plays well against the Raptors (I haven’t focused enough on Pacers to know how well Lin matches up with them, but I’m sure it’s not a problem either), so I really want the Hornets to make it to the next round so Lin can really showcase himself. I mean, if Lin can do what he has been doing against the Heat, which is a team Lin has done poorly against, then imagine what Lin can do in the second round! So I really hope that somehow Cliff doesn’t mess up too much and the Hornets stumble onto the second round, because things will really start to get interesting then.

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  • Ace pagoda

    That’s telling it like it was. KW was cold at the beginning of the game which is why Charlotte fell so far behind. THere was a time in the Third quarter when the lineup was JLin, Marvin, Cody, Clee and Hawes with JLin the ball handler that the game just flowed. On some other forum yesterday I read a comment where somebody said that at some point in the game those 5 players would be in the game together and would play well. They were and they did, playing like a team. It was beautiful to watch. I hope some lucky team can see the magic and give JLin his own team to run.

  • ashley

    So that’s Kemba’s way to bounce back–by taking more shots! He should thank JLin for helping him win for the first time as the Player of the Game. It’s sad that Kemba never seems to understand what teamball means, even with someone like Lin to learn from. In a video of Game 3 highlight, I see Kemba urging Lin to be aggressive, which looks odd to me. I guess to Kemba, being aggressive merely means to keep shooting, and I wonder if he’ll ever realize that taking 28 shots (with poor +/-) is plain selfish. When Kemba took fewer shots in Game 2, the Linspired team easily kept their lead throughout the game and blew out the Heat. (So the Hornets fans probably should thank Kemba for that.)

    So far Mr. PingPong’s Quija board has been great and so has our Lin. Will it take seven games for the Hornets to win–or to lose? Surely the best scenario is Lin keeps up his hot performance, (Kemba plays more teamball,) and the Hornets passes Round 1 in six games. Let’s see!

    • Ace Pagoda

      KW is a shooter. He does what a shooter does, he shoots. That is what and all he knows. The organization enables this shooter mentality from the coach to I assume the owner. They give him $12 M/year to do this. Neither the organization nor KW can afford to change. Unless someone is very brave and can make a basketball decision, they are stuck. The best scenario proven to this point is for Batum to stay gone. If he comes back they will have two iso players reducing the chances of team ball. The best lineup is JLin, CLee, Zeller, Marvin and Hawes. The problem is lack of a bench unit, though if they played Lamb some and Hansbrough they could field: KW, Batum at SF, Hansbrough or Big Al at C, Lamb at SG and Frank at PF. that is an odd lineup who has not played together though. But Charlotte has proven that the way to win is tough D, run the ball into the paint. JLin looks like a tall Steve Nash winding and weaving his way around the paint. He has neutralized Whiteside.

  • Here’s some good recognition for Lin from Fox Sports article:

    Some great excerpts:

    “In this series, Charlotte scores 14.7 more points per 100 possessions when Lin is on the court—roughly the same gap that sits between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers’ offensive units during the regular season. They’re outscored by a brain-melting 32.5 points per 100 possessions when he sits.”

    “Lin’s 11.5 drives per game ranks fourth overall in the playoffs, behind Isaiah Thomas, Jeff Teague and teammate Kemba Walker. That’s pretty good, but gets better when you consider Lin’s only averaging 27.7 minutes per game (about 10 fewer than Walker, who only has four more total drives).”

    “Lin’s played 69 fewer minutes than Russell Westbrook, but they both have 46 drives; his 22 free-throw attempts in such situations lead the entire playoffs and Miami doesn’t really have much of an answer.”

    “Drawing fouls is a skill, and Lin is using every minute he has to show why very few in the world are better at it than him.”

    The article isn’t perfect, though, because it does falsely point out Lin’s inconsistency myth and doesn’t think Lin is a starter, but people are starting to learn about Lin, at least.

    • Ace Pagoda

      I read this article JLintel and I think this writer is clueless both about JLin and basketball in general. There are starting to be more articles and comments written about JLin and his playoffs with comparisons to his past playing. I am just amazed at how clueless these writers are and how poorly they research what they write. I am not speaking as one who is biased towards JLin but as one who has at least some knowledge of his game, how he plays it, the impact he has. These writers, if they did a little bit of web research could write much more knowledgeable articles. These sports writers are the the same as general news “drive by” reporters. They look out the window as they drive by an event, fire some half-baked comments out the window and blithely drive on to the next story having already forgotten the ignorant and irresponsible comments they have made. Some of the TV commentators are not much better. Chuck a luck Barkley is one. One of the most insightful TV commentators is Isaiah Thomas. He was a point guard and he recognizes the talent in JLin.

      • Yep, lots of misguided sports analysts/writers–especially when it comes to Lin, because they don’t follow Lin much. So the usual misguided garbage is to be expected. But I thought this article (as well as title of the article) gave Lin some high praise. I mean, the statement about Lin’s ability to draw fouls was very surprising to me in how high the praise was. Overall, I thought this article meant well.

        In general, NBA analysts/writers are a very disappointing bunch. They only see the surface of things. It’s the reason why they voted Steve Kerr for Coach of the Year and Jamaal Crawford for Sixth Man of the Year. Most are very lazy thinkers, indeed.

        • Ace Pagoda

          I am 69 years old now. I should not be surprised by much anymore, including my own incredulity in the actions of professionals and especially journalists. Looking forward to the continuing drama tomorrow in Miami. Now that JLin has Spo’s full attention I am curious as to his game plan to contain JLin and the counter to that by JLin. From press reports it sounds like JLin is getting under the thin skin of Whitesides, who is complaining of flopping by Charlotte of all things!

          • The Heat were already keyed in on Lin in this game, but Lin couldn’t be contained. So not sure what else Spo is going to do–especially since Spo is already keyed in on Lin to begin with. Lin is frustrating all Heat defenders so maybe look for them to commit some flagrants on Lin.

            This quote by Witeside on defending Lin is hilarious: “You’ve got to basically, I don’t know, man. I really don’t. I don’t even have an answer for it. I don’t know.”

            Whiteside is still a kid and it’s his first playoff run, so I guess his whining about flopping, etc. is to be expected. Whiteside has always had an attitude issue, also. Hoping that this means Lin has gotten under Whiteside’s skin and he’ll lose focus and get into foul trouble early in the next game. We’ll see. I still don’t see the Hornets winning this series, because I don’t have confidence in Cliff to pull this out. Lin can’t continue to save this team time and time again. Hope the Hornets surprise me. Also, Batum might be back in the next game, so Lin’s role is likely to be diminished, unfortunately.

  • I’ll do my best impression of MrPingPong’s Ouija Board. I can’t predict whether or not Hornets would win game 5. If I had to bet, I would bet on the Heat to win. BUT, I think IF the Hornets win, then it’s going to look a lot different than what the last couple of games have looked for the Hornets.

    I think Hornets, if they’re going to win, are going to win shooting threes and playing like they did for most of the regular season. More of a finesse game. I predict that Lin won’t be much of a factor offensively. I predict that Marvin Williams and Batum (if he plays) will be the factors with their three ball. Williams or Batum will win Player of the Game IF the Hornets win game 5.

    I’m still concerned about Lin’s shooting. In the last game, he drove to the paint a lot, but his shot didn’t look very good.So I think Lin is going to struggle offensively in game 5. Gonna have a let down game, because Cliff will put back the leash with Batum back. Still not sure if Batum comes back, though. Anyway, excuse the crazy rant. Just laying it out there so I’m prepared to be disappointed in game 5.

  • Ace Pagoda

    It is strange to have a game discussion where one of the most important factors is whether a coach will rein in the player who is doing the most to change a losing paradigm into a winning one. If Batum does not play then JLin has to and I can see a surprising win in Miami coming home to Charlotte to close it out. I had my doubts too early on because Miami looked so strong but now they look mortal. D Wade, Joe Johnson and even Goran Dragic, their vets will be motivated. However JLin has nullified Dragic, the 90 M man. If Batum is out forcing Cliff to play JLin and JLin asserts himself then anything can happen, especially if Charlotte finally hits some 3’s. They are due, and I agree the 3 ball will be a big factor.

  • pistolpete

    Thanks for your insight philosopher — I didn’t pick up on some of your points when watching.

    Tonight Miami will be more prepared for Lin and Walker so their strategy has to be drive and dish out to 3 point shooters. Hopefully Batum will not get in the way – he is a good 3 point shooter though so perhaps he can help that way.

    • You’re welcome, pistolpete!

      I think Spo has been game planning for Lin from game 1 and keyed in on Lin even more in game 4. That’s probably why Whiteside is whining about Lin, because it was probably his assignment to stop Lin, but he wasn’t able to.

      I think you’re right about the 3-point being a factor. Yeah, I think Lin will help out with the 3-point.

  • The news today is that Batum will likely play, but he asked coach to bring him off the bench, because he doesn’t want to mess up the mojo of the team. This is one of the reasons why I like Batum. Like Lin, he’s a team player! Although the Batum’s logic is all wrong, because it Lin that’s been the mojo, not the starters. So if he really didn’t want to disrupt the mojo, he would start, rather than come off the bench. But I don’t think Batum is going to disrupt Lin’s game.

    I’ve tweeted in the past that I want Lin to recruit Batum to join him with the Nets, because I see Batum as a versatile, unselfish player with good character and a high BBall IQ, who’s all about winning. Batum, like LIn, only takes over games when he feels like he has to. The only major criticism I have of Batum is that he handles the ball too much, but I think that was more prevalent in the beginning of the season, because he wanted to fulfill lofty expectations of him. The other criticism is that his passes are sometimes too reckless. Other than that, I think he’s a good pairing with Lin. Batum just needs to play within himself.

    The other reason Batum asked to come off the bench is that he wants to play with Lin. I think IF the Hornets win tonight, it’s going to be from threes and Batum could very likely be the Player of the Game. Marvin Williams could also be another guy to step up. I think Heat will clamp down on Lin and take away Lin’s driving game with the refs’ help. So I hate to say it, but I don’t think Lin will be very effective offensively. The way Lin will be effective is to drive and dish out to shooters. We’ll see. I really hope I’m wrong and that Lin has another great game. I hope Linsanity mode is in full effect and that Lin is totally locked in like he was when he helped the Knicks win 7 straight even with the eyes of the world on him.

    • Ace Pagoda

      It could be a blessing in disguise if Batum does play off the bench though if JLin starts Cliff will sub out JLin first leaving KW with Batum with the same result as has always happened. If Batum plays with an iso guy he also plays iso. If he plays with a team player like JLin he will play team ball. Charlotte is due to make 3’s though KW is designated to take them. If JLin takes a 3 and makes his first one that may get him off and running to scoring almost forcing Cliff to play him. JLin needs to test Miami’s defense and resolve by immediately and consistently probing the middle. If they can’t stop him then keep doing it which will open up the outside for 3’s. If they do stop it (and I don’t think they can) then go different. But to stop it they will have to foul and if the refs are into fair play Miami will quickly accumulate fouls. Stay with what has worked until it doesn’t. If Charlotte falls badly behind then play JLin at PG, CLee, Zeller, Marvin and Hawes or maybe even JLamb. Speed speed and more speed into the heart of the beast every time until Miami can show they can stop it. I don’t think they can. Only Cliff can.

      • Ace Pagoda

        I hope they start Batum because that means JLin will play with Zeller, Williams and Hawes, a better combination. Leave out KW and insert Troy Daniels and there is your 3 point bomber lineup. If they start Batum with KW Charlotte may fall behind early and by a lot setting the stage for more Linsanity. If Linsanity ensues, they Cliff will be forced to leave the bench in unless he is dumb enough to force KW onto the bench force.

  • I saw this on JLinPortal site. I’m surprised a Hornets radio show would utter these thoughts out loud, but they confirm all my suspicions about Cliff and how Cliff is uncomfortable with Lin’s game.

    heart • 2 hours ago
    Listening to WFNZ http://wfnz.com/bustin-loose/.
    Paraphrasing IIRC: Earlier in this show, one of these hosts (Frank Garcia & Mark Yarbro) said that they can clearly observe in live-game that Cliff is uncomfortable w/ Lin’s play. Cliff’s animated reactions like throwing his hands up or figuratively ‘pulling out his hair’ when Lin makes a TO, Cliff would have someone else ready to sub him out at the bench. In addition, they said Cliff does not look confident when he sees Lin dribbling in the paint. In contrast, they said Cliff shows no reaction to others.
    Upon hearing this, our observation of Cliff throughout the season is confirmed!

    Edit: Some more tibbitds– Just now, they said when was the last time you see Cliff got on CLee? They said Cliff do that a lot w/ Lin. They said CLee is Cliff’s guy and want Hornets to sign Lee and “let Lin go”.

  • Ace pagoda

    At 7:54 in the 2nd art it looks like Miami can be had. Need better shots though. Why do they keep having Batum initiate from the top of the key with JLin on the wing? This is ass backwards. Hate this. Too bad Charlotte can’t shoot or this would be on the way to a blowout. Great D.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Watched the whole game, Great game, hard fought, ugly at times. TO’s in the 1st half kept Charlotte from running away early, plus they could not shoot worth a damn. KW terrible but give Cliff credit tonight for pulling KW out for stretches and then toning down his shooting. In fact, give Cliff credit for playing JLin so much tonight. JLin kept Charlotte in the game in the first half. 2nd half was a little ugly but as I said it was a hard fought game. Even though CLee hit the big shot (off an assist by JLin) my player of the game was Marvin. After poor shooting the first few games Marvin was solid shooting tonight and solid on defense as always. As he is a free agent, because of his quiet game he is probably under appreciated. IF JLin goes to Brooklyn I hope Marvin can end up going there too. Those two pieces if gotten for reasonable money would be key building blocks for Brooklyn. Kenny Smith on the TNT TV crew devoted his analysis to JLin and how he alters the game. Even Chuck a luck made favorable comments about “Linsanity” though I don’t think he knows Jack about Jeremy. I think Charlotte wraps it up on Friday at home. Mr. PP’s ouija board may have gotten the total games wrong but the right winner, at least I hope so. Though I have to admit it would be fun to have Charlotte come back to Miami and win a game 7. It would go a long way for their confidence in the next round if they make it that far. DWade is a real pro. If that rookie hadn’t shot that 3 pt airball I think we would have a different winner tonight. JLin did not shoot well tonight. But I give him credit that tonight, even though he missed 3’s and some mid-ranges he kept shooting and made a key mid range late in the game. Usually if he does not shoot well he defers and he cannot do that. Batum did not make a thing until the last 2 3 pointers which were hugh. This is what JLin has to do, be a fearless shooter because he is a good shooter.

    • Pistolpete

      Good synopsis of the game Ace. The only thing I will add is that Lin led the team with 7 assists with the last one going to Lee for the game winner!

    • Man, can I get some props for basically predicting this game tonight?! See above comment from be doing my best impression of MrPingPong’s Ouija board. I wrote that IF Hornets win, it’s going to look a lot different than in past two games. That’s it’s going to be from shooting threes. I also said MW and Batum would have a great game. I was wrong about Batum. Also said Lin’s shooting is still off. Lin did perform better than I expected, though. He did everything tonight and if he had gotten to handle the ball, he would have had another Linsanity game. So I wasn’t totally right about Lin, but I did mention he would be more of a passer than a scorer. So pretty damn close. Lin has his highest assist game of the series.

      Anyway, Cliff was all over the place tonight. He blew my mind when he yanked Kemba with over 7 mins to go in the 3rd. And he subbed Lin in. But then Cliff made the insane mistake of leaving Kemba in to guard Dragic at the end of the game, rather than have Lin guard Dragic. Cliff got lucky and it ended up working out. But that was insane. At least it was nice to see him FINALLY reign in Kemba a little. That was shocking, but it helped to keep Kemba in check, otherwise Kemba would have shot Hornets out of this one.

      • Ace Pagoda

        You called it! I can’t wait to hear your predictions for game 6. I think Charlotte can wrap it up at home contrary to Mr. PP’s ouija board. He may have to reconsult, though I would not mind Charlotte having to go back to Miami for a game 7 as long as they win. Cliff should have clearly, clearly seen the light tonight having JLin handle the ball. However, I don’t think he will change, hoping KW gets hot before he shoots them out of the game. In fact, if Cliff stays with KW that may be how Charlotte loses game 6 even though at home. But Cliff showed something tonight by reining in KW. I too was shocked!.I think KW benefits more by allowing JLin at the PG running PnR and looking for KW on the outside shot. We shall see though.

        • I’ll take the props, even though I basically pried it out of you. I’m not picky. Haha!

          Unlike MrPingPong’s Ouija Board, I’m less prolific with my predictions. I do think the Hornets win game 6, but I don’t have any thoughts on exactly how at the moment.

          Cliff, to me, is still clueless on Lin. He STILL didn’t allow Lin to play PG very much in this game. Although he yanked Kemba unexpectedly, he still let Kemba come back in and run the offense way too much. So Cliff is still clueless. And after seeing the comment about the radio program in which the radio commentator talked about how he sees Cliff being very uncomfortable with Lin’s game, I don’t think Cliff will ever change his ways when it comes to Lin. The only way is if Kemba is off the team and Cliff has no other point guards he can replace Lin with.

      • MrPingPong

        Props to you with your semi timid prediction of game 5, Philosopher! 😉

        Yep, Lin’s shots were short and his free throws were off, indicative of fatigue. He has expended too much energy giving everything on both ends of the floor. He has got to learn how to pace himself a little bit better. By having Lin come off the bench and playing long stretches, Cliff has made it that much tougher for Lin. It’s not gonna change. Lin will just have to figure it out by himself.

  • One thing that irritates me about the Hornets organization is the way they try to sell Walker as a superstar. I think Walker is a great player too, but I think it hurts the moral of the team to focus so much attention on one particular player and I don’t understand what they hope to accomplish by representing Walker as something he really isn’t. I wonder if it surprises them to see how much attention J Lin draws. It’s apparent that Jeremy’s popularity is growing too. We are seeing J Lin’s face appearing now in most of the news about the Hornets. It’s going to be impossible for management to ignore him after the way he played in this series, and especially the way he ran the team in games 4 and 5. I wonder if the reason Jeremy is not starting more games is because of his ability to step into a game when things are not going well and turn it around so successfully. How many players can do that as well as him? The Hornets are extremely lucky to have a point guard of his caliber and character, willing to come off the bench. Actually, I think it demonstrates his unselfish attitude and willingness to help the team. It is going to be really interesting to see what the Hornets do in the off season. I think J Lin is going to be in a good position to bargain and I will be surprised to see him in Charlotte next season.

    • Ace Pagoda

      JLin had a plan in coming to Charlotte and it unfolded in ways most of us could not have imagined. It was not planned to work out this way by other people but I think that because of his faith, and his confidence and belief in himself and trust that things would work out one way or the other this plan is unfolding in a very entertaining manner. All season long commenters have been critical of Coach Clifford and for very good reasons. Now in Game 5 of the playoffs it appears he is either appearing to see the light with regard to KW or he just could not stand to lose by allowing KW full reign. JLin, though, cannot remain in Charlotte even though it might be a good landing spot because he cannot fulfill his destiny of being a starting PG and leader because KW is squarely in the way and I do not think the ego of management will make the decision necessary to entice JLin to stay, which is to make him the starting PG next season. We bash KW because he is an obstacle to JLin, but KW is doing what he is supposed to do, be the star, and play the way he knows to do, which is to keep shooting the ball. Too bad he is not 6’4″ or he could easily move to shooting guard and with some defense be great at it (he did have a great block on Dragic and I saw him play some defense earlier too). It will be a tough decision because Charlotte does seem to be that unusual professional team that has genuine camaraderie but JLin cannot fulfill his dreams of being a starting PG as long as KW is there. When JLin directs the show Charlotte is an entirely different team. I think his destiny lies in Brooklyn to torment the New York Knicks.

      • I feel the same way you do, Ace.

        Lin’s journey has been a long and arduous one and we Lin fans have followed him through all of it. I expected Lin to repair his rep with the Hornets, but this is beyond all my expectations! The tide is really starting to turn on Jeremy Lin.

        Lin’s always talking about God’s perfect plan for him. Although I’m not into Lin’s God the way Lin is, I think the perfect plan would be for Lin to return to NYC, but this time with the Nets and with the other former Knicks coach (Atkinson) and unleash Linsanity 2.0.

    • Thanks for the comment, David! Unfortunately the Hornets have attached themselves to Walker, probably because of Walker’s close relationship with Jordan. Like most in the NBA, the Hornets are still blinded by Lin’s talents and can’t see Lin as a starting PG if it means shunning Walker.

      The truth is, Walker an extremely undersized shooting guard, who’s a talented scorer, but he’s pretty much useless if his shot isn’t falling. Walker is not a floor general and is a liability on defense most of the time, although he does give good effort on defense, which is all you can ask for. Walker would be the perfect spark off the bench. If Hornets wake up to that fact, they can be a real contender with Lin at the starting PG position. The Lin/Lee/Batum/MW starting unit is a lethal one. All are unselfish, high IQ players. The unit is also a force on defense. It always baffles me how people who get paid a ton of money to figure out all this stuff (i.e., GM, coaches, etc.) can’t do it. The reason is that when it comes to Lin, people are so blinded by their preconceptions that they can’t see the truth. It’s the story of Lin’s life in the NBA.

      I’m hoping that by next year Lin will FINALLY get to start and run the offense for an entire season. That’s the only way people will change their ingrained perceptions of Jeremy Lin.

  • Pistolpete

    Man it’s been frustrating being a Lin fan. I’ve been ridiculed by friends and family called a “fan boy”, banned from clutch fans (twice) although I consider that a badge of honor. 😊 At times (but only briefly) I doubted whether or not Lin had what it takes to be a star. It looks now that he has turned the corner and is getting the attention and respect he deserves. I’m hoping they win this series and the next and meet Cleveland in the final. I think they could beat Cleveland but only if they let Lin take over. After Cliff sat Kemba yesterday who knows? Anyhow after the playoffs I can’t wait for the next chapter of Linsanity!

    • Haha. I’m sorry, I had to laugh at what you said about being ridiculed by friends & family. I agree that being banned from Clutch Fans is a badge of honor. Twice, no less! You’re my hero.

      I think even after everything Cliff has seen, he still doesn’t get Lin’s game and isn’t comfortable with Lin handing the ball. He showed it again last night when Batum came back and starting playing PG. He also showed it last night when Lin wasn’t allowed to handle the ball with Kemba on the floor. Lin actually didn’t have much time handling the ball last night, but still managed to get 7 assists. Lin had some of the best playmaking he’s had in Charlotte last night. Yet, Cliff didn’t trust Lin. So I don’t expect much to change.

      Linsanity started out of desperation and ever since then it has only happened in spurts due to desperation (injuries, etc.). If Batum didn’t go down, Hornets’s post season would already be over. Now that Batum is back, that’s going to make things tough for Lin, not because of Batum, but because of Cliff. So I don’t expect Cliff to let Lin be the PG and that’s why Hornets have no shot at beating the Cavs. I hate to say it, but the best thing that could happen for the Hornets is if Walker goes down. All KW has done is dig holes for the Hornets. Even in that game 4 when he dropped 34, as I pointed out. To me, KW has YET to be THE factor in Hornets winning important/tough games. It has been Lin time and time again.

      Hornets are +10.6 with Lin playing and -29.8 with Lin sitting for an On/Off net swing of 40.4, which leads the team by far.

      Kemba is second to last on the team with an On/Off net swing of -28.9. The only one worse is Batum with -31.7, but Batum has been injured so Batum has an excuse.
      Hornets are -11.6 with Kemba playing and +17.3 when Kemba sits.

      The conclusion is that Hornets are better off without Kemba Walker, yet blind Hornets fans, coaches, GMs, etc. still think Kemba is their man to their detriment. Oh well.

      Sorry for the rant, but it just kills me how blind people are with all the information we have access to today. Even crazier when you get paid millions to figure this stuff out, yet, everyone seems to fail at it, except a select few.

      • Pistolpete

        No apologies for the rant as I was just incredulous when after 2 brilliant series savings performances in games 3 and 4 Cliff had an injured and slow Batum play point guard. I just could not believe it and shows there is no future for Lin in Charlotte. It’s too bad in a way as he really likes his teammates and the fan base is fair and appreciative. I really don’t get Cliffs attitude though and it worries me a little that Lin won’t find a coach who will believe in him. He is however winning over the sportscasters as Kenny Smith and others are very impressed by his ability. Greg Anthony was impressed but he said “a case could be made that he is the best backup point guard in the league” which burned me. Thanks to McHale starting D league Beverley ahead of him.

        • LInFan123

          Pistol my man!! HA….I too was kicked off of Clutch Fans!! It is a badge of honor! I still remember my comment that got me booted. It was after the Rockets lost a playoff game last year I posted..”McFail was overheard by reporters after the game asking ‘IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN BLAME THIS ON JEREMY LIN?” (As you all know Jeremy wasn’t on the team anymore) It was great!

          • Pistolpete

            HaHa – very good I love it! Worst fans in the world without a doubt. Dysfunctional team, fan base, management and coaches. “Ye reap what you sow” (or something like that)

          • Ha ha! Way to go LinFan123. Yeah, Klu Klutch Fans is a cesspool. I think “Toxic Rockets” is such a fitting name for that entire organization. They have some of the most awful players, coaches, management, media and fans in all of the NBA. I’m glad that this is finally seen by the national media. I think Har_en is one of the most made fun of NBA player right now and when the fan base cheered when Steph went down, that showed the entire nation what an awful group of fans they have in Houston. Everything about the Rockets is so toxic to me. It’s by far my least favorite team in the NBA. I’m glad they made it to the playoffs, actually, because they ended up getting embarrassed on national TV, their fans showed their true awful colors on national TV and they lose their lottery pick. Perfect!

  • JC

    Are Jeremy and I the only one that thinks Troy Daniels is a sleeper? The man is a 3 point monster waiting to come out, shooting .484%, albeit in limited number of games. Hope Nets pick him up with Lin.

    • Yeah, Troy Daniels is a great shooter. No doubt about it. Cliff has given Daniels a lot more respect that I would have expected. But in playoffs, teams generally tighten their rotations.

      • Ace Pagoda

        In Charlotte’s 3 pt game like last night I kept yelling to put Troy in for either/both KW and Batum, neither of whom shot well in the first half (KW all game). Batum only redeemed himself by making those 2 3 pointers near the end showing he had guts and confidence (which is what JLin should do when his first shots don’t fall). Troy doesn’t play much D but all he had to do was sit outside the 3 pt line and wait for the ball and shoot it. Charlotte did shoot 12-24 though but it starts by the penetration led by JLin. Do you notice how Big Al is not a detriment playing with JLin? And how much better Hawes is with JLin at PG

  • How come people fine with Batum getting 25M/year and Lin as too much on 10M/Year? Lin to me is better and more important player than Batum. Some of them in the forum even want Lin to accept MLE, while JLamb on the bench not playing in the playoff getting 7M/year.

    • Lin will likely get well over 10M/year. I’m thinking more like 13M/year. But Lin is worth a lot more.

      Once Lin starts, he’ll show everyone that he’s max or close to max player. Lin is a game changer and only a few are game changers. To me Lin is elite, just a matter of time when others will wake up to this notion.

      All Lin needs is an entire season of starting and playing his game. If I’m Lin’s agent, i wouldn’t lock Lin in for more than 3 years. Ideally I’d only do a one-year, since I know Lin will command close to max by the end of 1st year after starting for an entire season. But the risk there is that Lin could get injured. So since Lin doesn’t really care about money anyway, might as well sign like a 3-year so Lin has some stability. But I guarantee you that if Lin is injury free for the most part next season and gets to start and run the offense, many will say that Lin is underpaid on $13M/year. Just a matter of time.

      • JC

        No way Lin gets more than 10M/yr, not that he doesn’t deserve it but I anticipate a lagging negative perception still lurking that won’t let him get that much.

        No way Nets offer him 10M/yr, just because that invalidates their 1st offer of $3.4m and they’re in rebuilding mode so they’ll most like want to pay 10-15m for a “better” PG. I anticipate Lin will sign whatever Nets offer him, and the Nets know it.

        No way Charlotte offers 10M for a backup point guard even if it’s Jeremy Lin. We’ll quickly be reminded once the season is over, all the negative perception that still persists with Jeremy. They will try to keep Batum and Marv first, with Jeremy being 3rd or maybe even 4th after free agency. If nothing comes about the Nets situation, I’m pretty sure Lin will stay in Charlotte one more year. Strategically it wouldn’t be a bad move , if Charlotte can up his contract.

        That being said, I’ll be very happy for Lin if I’m wrong.

        • Charlotte won’t offer Lin very much at all, because they want to keep Lin as backup. So when I talk about $10M+, I’m not even thinking about Hornets. To me, they’re out of consideration. They’re desperately trying to hold onto Lin as their backup. As such, can’t offer him much.

          Nets have a new GM, so the first offer is irrelevant for the new GM. I do believe Nets won’t have a problem offering Lin $10M+. People pay attention to the playoffs and FA money is made or lost in the playoffs. As long as Lin continues doing what he’s doing, Lin will get paid.

  • Very tough to win 4 in a row at home. If this is another close game, I think Hornets will lose. Hornets need to win pretty easily tonight, otherwise going to be tough.

    • Ace Pagoda

      If Mr. PP’s ouija board is right Charlotte will lose tonight and have to win game 7 in Miami. I am going against the grain and with the home court picking Charlotte, maybe hopefully. I think D Wade will be a pro and come up big willing his team to win. Whiteside is an emotional basket case and if JLin can stay inside his head will hurt Miami. Miami will try to contain JLin but now that they are worried about his forays to the basket the 3 pt game has opened up. If Charlotte can hit shots they will win with 3 pointers, in which case KW may redeem himself. Though Big Al is not getting much credit I really like how he plays with JLin inside. It changes up the pace, focuses Miami’s defense on the inside again opening up the outside. Maybe this game JLin will explode in scoring especially if he hits a couple of outside shots early and gets his confidence. JLin vs Wade. Who would have thought?

      • Thanks for the pregame breakdown, Ace. Excellent stuff!

        Hope JLin can find his shot. i’m still not confident with Lin’s shooting. I just hope that somehow Lin wills himself to shoot well, because even though he didn’t have a good shot during Linsanity, he still shot well when it counted. Lin definitely wills great shooting when it really counts. This being the playoffs, the entire game is like crunch time for Lin.

      • JC

        I predict many hard fouls on Lin, perhaps even some flagrants (that probably won’t be called). Spolstra has Lin his sights, he was the first coach who recognized that Linsanity needed to be double teamed and hacked backed to the stone age.

        This is all of course provided that Clifford decides to believe in him this game.

  • pistolpete

    It’s too bad Hawes is not playing tonight as he plays well with Lin. Cody is hurt also but I think he’s playing. Will Psycho T see some playing time? I don’t have a good feeling about this one because the Hornets struggle against good teams when both Kemba and Batum play. The reason for this of course is that it limits Lin’s touches and you wind up with bad shots such as jumpers by Zeller, awkward drives by Kaminsky, rushed shots by Kemba and Nick, etc. Basically a lot of wasted possessions. They are playing at home however so they have a chance to pull it off and they will if Lin gets enough playing time and touches. Playing him 35 minutes standing in the corner will not get it done.

    • Ace Pagoda

      If KW falters early I think Cliff will go to JLin early like last game. Batum off the bench works too. I would love it if Psycho T played especially against Whiteside. That would really get inside his head and T would give a new look to Charlotte. JLin is clearly the direction to go if Charlotte wants to win. If Cliff does not recognize this now, then what can I say? With JLin’s momentum on national TV if Cliff does not play JLin TV will be pretty critical. I hope KW can redeem himself so Charlotte can play on.

      • JC

        KW can’t go 3 for 20 forever, law of averages. Hopefully this game it evens him out a bit 🙂

        • pistolpete

          Good point. Hope you’re right! The downside though if Kemba gets hot he shoots every time with his teamates watching and then sometimes cools down but can’t stop himself. Kinda like a shark in the water who smells blood. 🙂

          • Agree with you both, pistolpete and JC!

    • You said it, pistolpete! Hope Lin isn’t forced to just stand in the corner.

      • Not a good idea to put Lin, Kemba and Batum together. 3 ball handler just not clicking.

  • MrPingPong

    I’ve been so busy with work and missed the first half tonight. Our man Lin was out of his element tonight. He will redeem himself in game 7. My Ouija board says so.

    Be patient!

    • I hope your Quija Board is right. It did say Hornets win it in 7. So keep dusting that Quija Board! Myself, I’m not very optimistic. I’d be surprised if the Hornets could pull out a win in enemy territory. Well, at least it’ll give Lin another game for Lin to redeem himself. If Lin can pull out a win with some Linsanity, then that would really help his stock continue to rise. But I think what Lin has shown is already pretty good enough. So even if Hornets don’t continue on, as a Lin fan, I’m pretty satisfied.

      • Ace Pagoda

        I went against the ouija board and was wrong. I did get right that D Wade would power this team. The other vets stepped up too though, Joe Johnson, Luol Deng and finally Dragic. But D Wade was the soul of this team and he earned his money tonight. JLin was disappointing, but the game plan was disappointing too. JLin is still out of position and I really think this affects his shooting. He has to man up and fulfill Mr. PP’s prediction and do things the hard way, win in Miami.

  • Walker tried to carry the team on his back, but Wade just willed this win. I did say that if the game was close, Heat would win and so I wasn’t optimistic when Hornets couldn’t get any separation. I had a feeling Wade would just will this win and he did. Wade was pretty special there at the end of the game.

    Walker has yet to lead the Hornets in a win vs. a tough opponent all year. When Walker carries the team on his back it’s all about Kemba. And it’s not because Kemba is selfish or all about himself. It’s just simply Kemba’s style of play. Kemba is not really a creator, so when He carries the team on his back, all he does is try to score, rather than make plays and involve the entire team. Tonight, though, I can’t blame it on Kemba. None of the Hornets had it and Wade just willed this win in the end.

    I suppose I could blame Cliff for not re-inserting Lin back in, but I won’t tonight, because I think Hornets would have lost anyway. This game was just not meant to be. Things are looking really dicey for the Hornets now. Going back to enemy territory to close out a game is a very difficult feat.

  • skyfall

    If someone under my watch needs to redeem himself after a mess too often I’ll just ignore or even dismiss him altogether cause it only boils down to one thing and that’s unreliable. How could Jeremy played so poorly on such an important game is unbelievable, making his resume of being inconsistent all the more impressive! The fact that he never “straighten” his shooting form after all these years is so tiring to root for him. Wonder his brother Josh ever tells him his shooting sucks big time and guys in his Taiwan leagues jump shoots way better than him, geez! It’s one thing to miss contested shot, but missing open shots wont warrant respect.
    And he simply got that great great ability to mess up after a stretch of good games. Unless they could snatch game 7, not even a good showing from him will erase what he bungled tonight.

    • Not sure if you saw but in the previous game Lin twisted his ankle pretty badly. I’m sure that was a factor tonight. As far as inconsistency, the truth is Lin’s been the most consistent all series. This is LIn’s first really bad game of the series. He and Batum were the only ones who showed up in the horrible loss in game 1 and he was also one of the better players in another bad losing effort in game 2. Games 3, 4, 5 he was the best or one of the best in each one. I’d say that’s one hell of a performance as a whole. It’s the reason why the national media are all talking about Lin.

      To complain about Lin’s inconsistency in THIS series, especially shows that you’re really grasping at straws. Every Hornets in this series has had multiple bad games. Lin’s actually been the most consistent.

      Over Lin’s career, the only thing inconsistent about Lin is his minutes/usage rate. Lin has off nights just like any ball player. He’s not any more inconsistent than anyone else who has similar minutes and usage. In fact, Lin’s done the best that anyone could with his limited/inconsistent minutes/usage:

      Just to compare, Lin averaged 13.4 points playing next to Harden, while Ty Lawson averaged only 5.8 points next to Harden.

      • Ace Pagoda

        I think you are right in that JLin’s ankle injury is having a significant negative effect on his game. Not much to be said or done at this point about injuries other than to debate the quality of basketball for fans based on such a grueling schedule. Injuries are always a part of sport but I think 82 games + playoffs is too much. I saw on another blog the argument for 60 games of high quality and I like that idea. I would rather see 60 games of playoff like intensity and the preservation of athlete’s health than the type of grueling schedule that exists now only for the sake of making more money. But the athletes’s want the money so they endure. Greg Popovic is the only coach in the NBA far as I know that has a realistic and enlightened view of how to mitigate the damages of the physical and mental stress of making money for corporate sports. Miami does not have any severely injured players like Charlotte does so it is what it is. What is really tough with an ankle injury is chasing PG’s on defense and it is defense that has been keeping Charlotte in the games. I think (hope) Cliff recognized the injury as the reason for playing JLin limited minutes.

        • Yeah, I also want to reduce the number of games in a season significantly to limit the number of injuries. The pace of the game is much faster now. Back in the day I don’t remember players going down with injuries at the same rate as today.

          For tomorrow, I’m sure Lin and Hornets will give it their all knowing that it is likely the last game they play this season. But with something like an ankle injury, having heart is just not enough. I’d be very surprised if the Hornets win and move onto the second round. At this point, it’ll take a miracle like Linsanity. 🙂

          • Ace Pagoda

            If the ankle injury is severe then Charlotte is done because I don’t think they can win without JLin. They can win without Batum because they have. And without JLin there is no strategy that I can see that can make up for that kind of loss. I will watch the game but it will be painful. There is hope though: don’t forget Mr. PP’s ouija board which picked Charlotte in 7

      • skyfall

        If his twisted ankle was so bad the hell he manage to went on playing 34 mins, the thing is he screwed up the next game from start to finish. He’s one of the better players in game 1 &2, yeah you’re right though you forgot to state it the exact way which is : better player among the bad, ending up with only 9 and 11 pts respectively. While he’s a big factor in their 3 straight wins, it’s nothing like superstar showing either. So, I wouldn’t term it as a hell of a performance as you did. To sum it up, 2 so so games 3 good games and one real bad game, an encore of previous stunts in the past so familiar giving away all the chances for his haters to slam home with complete satisfaction. Now am I grasping at straws?
        The only thing inconsistent thru out his career are his minutes and usage…that I laugh. I’ve stated here years ago that Lin must make the best of whatever minutes given while mixing and balancing the roles he’s ask to do, able player finds a way. For you, he has done his best that or than anyone else could under those situations. Not for me, because my expectation from him should start from above standard to well above.
        I wouldn’t compare apple to apple much less orange, rather apple to peach will be the least.
        Jlintel, allow me to remind you all I’m talking about is Lin, and Lin only. Don’t try to use any other player as sort of comparison specially statistical figures to justify his performances. I played basketball and was good at it, so I know what I’m seeing in Jeremy.

        • When you twist your ankle, you don’t really feel it until the next day. So Lin was still okay in game 5, even though he was slower, etc. By game 6 is when it really affected his game.

          Now that the series has ended, Lin is still the most consistent Hornets in the entire series.

          Comparing Lin and Lawson and how they played next to Harden is as apples to apples as you can get. And it proves my point that Lin has done the best that anyone with the awful situations that he’s been dealt. Playing next to Harden is the WORST situation a PG can be dealt.

          When Lin averaged 13.4 points people kept saying Lin was trash, then Lawson came in and showed show great Lin was when Lawson only managed 5.8 next to Harden.

          If you think this is not apples to apples, then it’s clear you want to disagree not matter what and we can no longer have constructive discussions.

          • skyfall

            Well I simply can’t bring myself to agree to something I think isn’t correct just for the sake of having chances for constructive discussion. My impression of Lawson was, he’s a borderline tier 1 pg who may either do well or get shutoff depending on his match up. Once a player is like that then immediately questions can be raise regarding his abilities especially in terms of basketball skills. What do you think will happen if it is Westbrook, Curry or CP3 playing next to haren? Or the likes of Nash and Jason Williams? So a more appropriate comparison for Lin and Lawson would be orange to orange. Moreso, you dig up pt ave figures of the two to make your case, may I ask whether you fully knew the relations between Lawson and Haren? Obviously Lin is the more compromising one than Lawson, maybe Lawson just didn’t want to play into what the rox wanted which accounted for his poor production. Are you willing to look and think deeper than what the surface of stat figures provide? Are you willing to analyze how that 13.4 ave came about? Say it’s the ave of 10 games wherein half of it Lin score below 5 pts, how would you like that? Say it’s the ave pts production of outside fgs and driving layups, wherein we can safely figure most of Lin’s pts came from penetrating drives. Again may I ask how would you like that? I dont like any bit of it coz it tells me Lin’s outside shooting is still a mess!!! What’s gonna happen to his scoring offensive thrust when shoves turn to push, when big men blocks his driving layups like what happened in this Miami series?
            Now, dont you think you made an assumption without factual evidence to proof his twisted ankle really affected his game 6 performance? Game 7, he started out with a turnover having the ball stolen from him then miss 2 outside jumper, and when he’s done for the night and the series as well, he made only 1 field goal the rest were layups, what exactly did he show? Still the most consistent player in this series? STILL THAT STUBBORN?
            But hey, you guys find ways to seek warm and comfort from each other by blaming he didnt get enough playing time, that Cliff is………….etc.
            Now that his postseason run is over, you still seek the warm and comfort you badly need from one another by hoping he’d land with the right coach and with the right system next season. Not me, rather I’m still hoping against hope that he would do himself a favor over the summer by improving his basketball skills wise and turn himself into a real threat. When he can do that, you guys won’t be having the burden of having endless sleepless nights in worrying whether Lin can have the right coach and tailored system or not, coz it’s will be the other way around.

          • 13.4 vs. 5.8. There is a LOT of room for error, etc. We’re not talking 13.4 vs. 10 or something like that. Lin average more than twice as Lawson. next to Harden. Again, lots of room for statistical/context error, so no matter how you slice it, Lin did A LOT better next to a ball-dominant Harden than Lawson, who prior to joining the Rockets was considered a MUCH better PG than Lin.

            Here’s an article I came across today that I recommend you reading. They compare Lin with Beverly. So if you don’t like the Lin/Lawson comparison, you may prefer the Lin/Beverly comparison.

            Here ya go: https://jlinforum.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/the-stereotypical-subliminal-perception-of-jeremy-lin/comment-page-1/#comment-30

          • skyfall

            It appears you misunderstood what I said about being incorrect(isn’t correct), it appears you didn’t read it correctly and it appears you’re not thinking straight. 13.4 vs 5.8 ain’t no apple to apple, it is something incorrect that I can’t agree to, in the sense those figures do not represent the real nature and context of it which I did explained. It’s not about those figures being erroneous or questionable, it’s not about the sizable difference of the 2 figures either. Would the likes of Westbrook, Curry, CP3 playing along side haren come up with merely 13.4? Would a happy Lawson having good relationship with haren ave only 5.8? 13.4 SEEMS to be decent considering his mins and usage, though if we take away a couple of layups says 2 and 2 free throws(that’s 6 pts already), what gives? Take away a couple of good games he had, what gives? A good scout evaluation would take this into consideration, average figures can be a dangerous misleading numbers. SO, those 2 figures DOES NOT give any weight at all no matter how you want to slice it.
            I thought you love Lin dearly!!! The hell would you want to compare him to Beverly? That’s orange to something like banana, you are disrespecting and insulting your love one. Now you can see where our difference lies, I tired comparing Lin to the likes of RW, SC, CP3. I even brought up the great ones–Steve Nash and Jason Williams.
            To hell with the subliminal stereotype perception of Lin, I’ll paste a link comment post under yahoo board by a basketball fan presumably, a very different ironical comment towards this rhetoric you guys been complaining.

  • MrPingPong

    I understand the overall lack of optimism here and at all other Lin/Hornets fan sites. But my Ouija board is doubling down on Lin. This is the biggest test for Lin and the biggest stage for him to showcase his skill, his will and his faith.

    Yes, faith. I am a non-religious person who have witnessed people doing Linsane things in the name of their Gods. I dunno about the rest of the team but I do know Lin, Marvin and Court are deeply religious. I’m not claiming I know what they are thinking right now, but let me surmise that they believe that God is putting them in this do-or-die game to test their faith. Lin and his buddy Marvellous are probably reading the Bible and praying together right now. Court has probably gotten is deep Bible study massage last night. It’s game day on national TV, and they are ready to prove their worth to God, folks!

    So it’s not about basketball skills nor about Cliff’s coaching but it’s about these guys’ faith. They all have top rated skills and Cliff is just as good as Spo. The last game these three did not perform, so God is giving them a chance to redeem themselves here against all odds. And redeem they will!

    That’s my game-day “religiously Linsane” analysis of this soon-to-be historic game for Lin fandom and Hornets fandom. As a side note, Batum is still bothered by his ankle, he is not getting enough sleep due to the excitement of having a brand new baby, and as a Frenchman, his belief in God is only French deep. In spite of all these negatives, he will do his share to help the team win. 🙂

    Letzzz Gooo JL7!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • MrPingPong

      One final note…

      The reason I did not mention Kemba, Big Al, Zeller and Tank in my pre-game “analysis” is because, in my view, these guys did deliver their shares in game 6. It was Lin, Marv and Court that failed to deliver. Yes, it’s a team sports. Everybody must show up and contribute to win this do-or-die game. No one player can do it alone. I know Lin likes fishing but he sure does not want to take an early vacation. The fish can wait.

      And from Heat’s perspective, of course they also want to move on to the next round. But Wade is too “old” to be able to play like he did in the last two games. Father time is cruel. The mind is willing but the body will not be. That’s my two cents.

      Letzzz Gooo, JL7!

  • MrPingPong

    Sorry folks, my Ouija board was wrong about game 7. There is not a whole lot Lin could do with 19 min of PT. I’m not gonna even talk about Cliff and Kemba.

    I’m gonna go wash my car now to cleanse myself from the frustration of seeing Lin being misused.

    Letzzz Gooo fishing, JL7! 😉

    • You should wash your Quija Board while you’re at it, MrPingPong. Haha.

      Well, the silver lining, if there is one is this. If the Hornets made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, then Lin MIGHT be tempted to re-sign with the Hornets to keep the unit in tact, since they think the unit is a contender, which would be a huge mistake. As such, I would be shocked if Lin re-signs in a back-up role. So at least with Hornets losing, I feel even more confident than I already was that Lin will find another home. I hope he does and I hope it is with the Nets.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I have tried not to dump on Cliff with meaningless criticisms like calling him dumb, incompetent etc because he is after all a coach in the NBA. However this ass whipping is ALL on Coach Clifford and the Charlotte organization that supported the management of team personnel into this slaughter. Cliff played his personnel exactly wrong. Charlotte was not prepared. KW could not guard Dragic and made him look like an all-star. I watched only a little of the game so my criticism is limited. But the only excuse Cliff had for not playing JLin more minutes and in a proper role is if JLin is injured. Is he?

    • I didn’t have a chance to watch this game until the middle of third quarter. By then, it’ was already a blowout.

      I actually expected a blow out, which is why I didn’t tweet any predictions before the game, because I didn’t want to get fans upset. When I turned on the TV in the 3rd quarter, I was not at all surprised that the Heat were blowing out the Hornets. Oh well. Just the way it goes. I very much expected this.

      I didn’t see the game when it counted, so have no idea what happened and how Cliff coached, etc. From the box score, Lin looked like he did fine with limited minutes.

      I think Lin did enough this season and in this series to get a starting job for a team like the Nets/Sixers. We’ll see. It’ll be a while before we have to worry about free agency, though. It should be very eventful.

      • Ace Pagoda

        It will be fun watching and speculating on this blog about what happens in the continuing basketball journey of Jeremy Lin. Brooklin seems like the favorite place for JLin to land. Philly because of MDA connection. Memphis is mentioned if Conley leaves. I still like the potential stage location of Chicago and Holberg’s announced propensity to push the ball up the floor, the signature of Linsanity. Rose at this stage of his career is over rated and certainly overpaid especially his pay relates to salary cap. A lot of people mention SAS because they think Popovich will use JLin wisely. Plus I don’t think Pop lasts more than another year. Too old. I think JLin would do well there especially if Ginobili retires now that JLin has shown he can play the SG position. However, since I think that JLin’s strength is to lead on the floor and be creative I think Pop’s offense is too structured. Utah would be a nice home. My dark dark horse pick is Minnesota. Let Rubio leave and put JLin at the PG with a bunch of young, semi-experienced high flying athletic players. I don’t know how Thibs would view that type of offense though, but I am sure he would appreciate a PG who can also defend. It all comes down to whether or not a coach can recognize the intangibles that JLin brings first, and second if he is willing to take a chance if those intangibles result in winning.

        • Yeah, we’ll have fun speculating on here for sure. I’ll have fun harassing Lin on Twitter. Ha ha!

  • JC

    The Nets are JLin’s best hope for a starter’s position AND a coach who is pro JLin. JLin will sign with the Nets if offered for a much lower number than everyone expects. $4-7M /year.

    • Ace Pagoda

      I think they need to offer him $10-12 M just to show respect and that may prove to be low but at least it is respectful if they offer him the starting PG job. Marketing alone in NYC will return their investment. That leaves $18-20 M for other free agents. But it still comes down to whether the GM and coach believe that JLin is the JLin of Linsanity or was a fluke. If they do sign him to be the starting PG they will be under a whole lot of pressure because a lot of people in the press will criticize the choice on a daily basis. JLin in Brooklin may even be more unpopular in the drive-by media than Trump. But if this new coach does pick JLin to lead the team, then I believe in his wisdom because it means he sees the intangibles that will make JLin successful and he should know better than almost anyone and know how to utilize JLin’s skills to the utmost. He would be the anti-Clifford who it seems recognized nothing.

      • I expect Lin to get $12-$14M per year for a starting PG position. $4-$7M would be for backup position.

        I haven’t looked into other teams, aside form Nets/Sixers that would be good for Lin. I suspect that there will be plenty of teams who need a starting PG next season. Off the top of my head, a team like the Jazz could be another potential fit.

        Of course, the most critical component is having a coach who believes in Lin. That’s first and foremost, so that’s why I’m fixated on Nets. Sixers to a much lesser extent, because I think the drama of MDA taking over Brown would cause too much instability and maybe bad team chemistry. Also, some of the young players on Sixers don’t seem like good character guys. But can’t have it all. Anyway, that’s why Nets is my top pick by far and I will be harassing Lin to go to the Nets this off-season.

        • Ace Pagoda

          I will support your harrassment

  • pistolpete

    I’m not surprised that the Hornets lost but I am disappointed that Lin played so little and they got blown out. After leading them to victories in games 3, 4 and 5 he didn’t play the last 7 minutes of a close game 6 and then 19 minutes in the game 7 blowout. I am relieved the season is over and look forward to free agency. The thing that bothers me is what is going on with Lin’s treatment by head coaches not named D’Antoni? How can so-called experts in basketball be missing what is obvious to us? Is it we who are deluded? We have to consider that possibility and not just blame racism as the reason Lin doesn’t have the confidence of his coaches. Why was it that Lin got only one good offer (from Houston) after Linsanity and last summer his best offer was to play backup to Kemba Walker? How can the whole NBA not see what we see? If it’s racism then why was Yao Ming regarded so highly? Are we deluding ourselves? Personally I think we are not deluded and some non Asians such as Kenny Smith, Greg Anthony and even Charles Barkley now speak highly of Lin. It has taken them years however to see his talent. I am however very concerned and bewildered about the underwhelming interest Jeremy has gotten from other teams in the NBA and fear he may never get the chance he truly deserves.

    • Pistolpete, I wrote a couple of comments in this article I cam across on Twitter today that I think speaks to some of the questions you raise here. Here’s the article if you want to check it out: https://jlinforum.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/the-stereotypical-subliminal-perception-of-jeremy-lin/comment-page-1/#comment-30

      To me, Yao Ming is very different from Jeremy Lin. Yao was a 1st pick 7′ 6″ giant from China. Lin is an undrafted normal-sized Asian American from Harvard. So Lin and Yao have very very little in common. That’s why I keep saying that with Lin, race is only a part of it. Lin just simply doesn’t “look” the part of an NBA player. People can’t get past this preconception. And to make matters worse, Lin has been dealt awful situations ever since Linsanity.

      Here’s an except from my comment that I think relates to what you’re talking about here:

      “To me, as a Lin fan, I feel like I’m surrounded by people who think the world is flat, because to them it’s obvious when they look around and they think you’re insane for telling them that the world is round. I wrote about this back in 2012. It’s very long and I was much more angry/passionate, etc. back then. I’m much calmer about “defending” Lin now. But if you have a couple hours to kill, here it is. Ha ha: http://www.jeremylintel.com/2012/05/20/jeremy-lin-hatersdoubters-are-like-the-flat-earth-people/

      The difficulty when talking about Lin is that the only thing that has stopped Lin since Linsanity is his coach and his awful situation. But the problem is, people can’t see beyond the surface. They only look at average PPG and don’t ever look at the context (playing next to Harden, Lakers tanking, etc.). This is what I mean by others seeing only the surface and thinking that the world is flat. Like those who saw the truth that the world is round, as a Lin fan, you have to work so hard to get people to see beyond the surface. You have to help them see the context, but most people are lazy thinkers, so they just dismiss you as being a “delusional Lin Only Fan”. I’m not saying that all Lin fans are right, either. Some Lin fans do go overboard and do get way too defensive of Lin. But that’s a whole other subject.”

      • pistolpete

        Thanks for the explanation Philosopher. At this point I’m glad the season is over and hoping Lin will finally get his starting opportunity next season. I believe he’s hit a perfect storm against him so far in his career – from Carmello jealousy to McHale pride, Harden ball hogging, LAL tanking and Charlotte politics. I always had the naive opinion that if you were better than someone or better for the team then you would get the opportunity to start. Apparently not in the NBA.

  • ashley

    Game 7 turned out worse than I had expected. We may have suspected a loss but not a blown-out with Lin playing only 19 minutes–we should never underestimate Cliff! Anyway, despite the low playing time, Lin got decent stats: 9 points from 4-8 shooting, which I think is better than Kemba going 3-16 in 36 minutes and Batum 3-9 in 29 minutes. Overall, with the records he broke for Charlotte, he had a pretty good season.

    I feel MJ, as a black owner, clearly prefers black players and our guy has no future in Charlotte no matter how well Lin played or how much he contributed. I dare not hold high hopes for Lin’s next offer, but I’m sure he’ll move on! Last, I’d like to thank Mr. PingPong’s Quija boardl: The seven-game prediction was pretty good and helped keeping us optimistic throughout the series.