Thoughts on Jeremy Lin’s Exit Interviews and Why I Don’t Pay Attention to Them

I wasn’t planning on writing a post about Lin’s exit interviews, but I feel that I need to, because it seems to have generated a lot of anger on the part of some Lin fans. My Twitter is lighting up with reports from Lin’s exit interview. I won’t even bother pasting all the tweets, I’m sure you’ve seen them yourself. But a lot of them seem to indicate that Lin wants to return to the Hornets. So, of course, Hornets fans are ecstatic about this, because they desperately want Lin to return in a backup role, since they know how valuable Lin is (yet, not valuable enough to start in place of Kemba). And Lin fans are up in arms baffled at how Lin could return in a back up role.

I have never really paid much attention to exit interviews and apart from tweets coming to me, etc., I haven’t actually sought out anything regarding Lin’s exit interview. The reason is that I don’t put much weight to them. Every now and then, a player reveals his cards and says something of significance. But for the most part, players just say the politically correct thing.

I, of course, didn’t pay attention to Lin’s exit interview with the Lakers, but I have heard that Lin said that he was interested in returning, etc. I mean, what is a player supposed to say? If he says he doesn’t want to return, then it looks bad. Looks like he’s not a team player or would be an issue in the locker room, etc. And in Lin’s current situation with Hornets, especially, Lin would look really bad if he said he didn’t want to return. Lin would look ungrateful, because it is widely believed that Lin was able to repair his image, etc. And everyone aside from a lot of Lin fans seem to think that Lin found a home with the Hornets, etc. So for Lin to say he wouldn’t return would generate a lot of negative headlines, since it would go against the general consensus. I don’t want to get into a long discussion why returning with the Hornets in a backup role is a horrible idea for Lin. I’m assuming Lin fans understand that argument all too well. I’m just talking about the general consensus in the media, etc.

So given the general consensus that Hornets has been a good situation for Lin, it makes complete sense that Lin would say that he is “interested” in returning with the Hornets. To me that is no headline. If Lin were to suddenly say that he didn’t want to return, then that would be shocking and generate all sorts of negative PR. People would see Lin as being ungrateful, etc. and question why he wouldn’t want to return to such a good environment for him. Then Lin would have to give justifications for why he was underutilized and misused and would come off looking really really bad.

The other reason why I don’t take what is stated at exit interviews at face value is that there is a lot of strategic maneuvering involved. Strategically, it is in Lin’s best interest to say that he wants to return so that other suitors will try harder to get Lin if they want him. If Lin shows that he’s not really interested in returning and is looking to move, then other suitors may think they can get Lin for much less than they’re willing to offer (not just money, but situation), because they’ll be “rescuing” Lin from an undesirable situation. Also, revealing to the public your real feelings and intentions for free agency does a player no good. Free agency is a long ways away, it does Lin absolutely no good to reveal his hand to the public, since it’s not the public that he’d be negotiating with. So it’s best to just say the politically correct thing that is in-line with the general consensus so as not to generate any shocking headlines.

All this being said, I do think Lin genuinely enjoys playing with his teammates and wants to play with them. Lin loves the chemistry and it’s the best team environment he’s felt since High School. I think that is all true. Lin does believe all that and is not just saying the politically correct thing. I also do believe Lin genuinely wants to return. Lin is tired of moving around and does want to find a home. I think if Hornets offered Lin a starting PG position, he’ll take it in a heartbeat. But I’m confident that even though Lin has enjoyed his experience with the Hornets a lot, he will not return in a backup PG role. Lin is too smart for that. He’ll figure out that once MKG returns, he will likely not close out many games and will likely play less than 20 minutes. Free agency is a long ways away. Lin has his family, friends, agents, etc. to help him see things more clearly if he hasn’t already. Also as much as Lin wants to return, I would think that if someone like Atkinson/Nets come knocking with a starting PG position, Lin would take that offer.

The ONE thing that scares me is that the Hornets might offer Lin a starting SG/combo guard position and Lin takes that, because he loves his Hornets teammates and is tired of moving. To me, that would be a huge mistake, because Lin is meant to play PG, not SG. Also, Lin can’t trust Cliff to keep Lin in the starting lineup so that’s an offer that is not guaranteed. As long as Kemba is with the Hornets, Lin can’t stay with the Hornets, because Cliff prefers Kemba’s offensive game to Lin’s offensive game. I just hope the Hornets don’t have enough cap space to make Lin this type of offer and I hope that Lin is smart enough to not fall for this type of offer. When the Hornets signed Lin, Cliff made a lot of promises that he ended up not upholding. I don’t want to go into all the details, because that would be a very long post. And some of those weren’t really promises anyhow, so I don’t want to say that Cliff out right lied to Lin, but Cliff gave Lin one impression of what Lin’s offensive role would be when they signed Lin, then didn’t fully live up to that is all I will say about that in this post.

Now, I could be completely wrong and Lin ends up signing with the Hornets as a backup PG. If so, then I really don’t know what to say. To me, that shows that Lin is completely clueless and needs better people around him to help him see the situation more clearly. If Lin does re-sign with the Hornets in a backup role with MKG coming back, Lin will likely play less than 20 minutes and not close out games. I don’t think I can watch Lin doing that for an entire season. If that happens, then I’ll just follow Lin from reading articles every now and then and looking at box scores, but I won’t bother watching Lin being underused and misused. It’ll be a complete waste of my time!

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  • Neil Benisvy

    I have been following Jeremy Lin’s career. He needs to play
    for a Coach who has faith in him as a starting PG. Charlotte
    is not that place. This may surprise , but I think that San Antonio
    is a good fit for Jeremy Lin. Tony Parker and Gonobli are getting
    to the twi-light of their careers. Popovich is a coach who appreciates
    Lin’s ability. He could begin as a Ginobli, and then move into
    Parker’s role. San Antonio is a great organization. Lin could
    thrive there and spend the remainder of his career with a
    wonderful coach in Greg Popovic.

    • Thanks for the input, Neil. Spurs is THE best runned organization not just in basketball but in general. Pop is a great leader. I haven’t thought deeply how I feel about Lin with Spurs. I do think that Lin would probably take that offer, because he admires Spurs as much as we all do. I think Spurs/Pop is happy with Patty Mils, but that’s just my guess.

      For me, I want Lin to be in the starting PG role next season. I think next season is the right time for Lin to FINALLY start. So I’m rooting for Nets/Atkinson first and foremost and if not that then I’m looking at Sixers or other situations where Lin will clearly be the starting PG. But haven’t given FA much thought, so will have to do more digging between now and then.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I agree with your assessment 100%. All facets of what you presented. If JLin went back to Charlotte w/o being the lead PG I, like you, would only follow him by reading the occasional article about him. But I don’t think he is stupid and his exit comments were the only thing he could say.

    • I think other Lin fans feel the same way as you and I on this. I don’t think Lin fans can handle seeing Lin misused and underutilized for another season–especially since I think there’s a good chance he has repaired his image in order to be a starting PG next season. If Lin turns down a starting PG position to return to the Hornets to back up Kemba, I really don’t know what to think anymore.

      • ashley

        Watching Lin’s exit interview, I feel he really wants to stay simply because he likes his teammates so much. He knows salary reflects how much they want to invest in a player, but at the end he also states he doesn’t really care about money, he justs wants to be happy, and he hates moving around. He was indeed being classy and politically nice, but he did send the message that he wants to continue being a Hornet. He even said Cliff didn’t sugarcoat it or really lie to him. I clearly recall that in the Laker’s exit interview, even though he said he’d consider returning, I could tell he just didn’t want to rule out that possibility, but in this one, he looks truly sad and sentimental and genuinely wants to be on this team. And I guess that’s what got fans worried.
        I don’t think he’ll turn down a starting offer, but I’m afraid if there’s no such offer, he’ll stay and accept this crappy backup role.

        Frankly, I don’t like him being so sentimental. I think as a professional athlete in a competitive world of NBA, he should focus on making the best of his limited sports career, such as taking the best offer–money-wise in particular–on the market this off season. However, knowing Lin being so idealistic, I now feel there is a good possibility that he’ll go against his fans’ wish and resign with the Hornets–he’ll opt for sure, but then he’ll sign a higher than 2 million but less than 8 (or even 6) million contract. I hope I’m wrong–and there’ll be enough enticing offers awaiting him this summer.

        • I’m confident that once FA rolls around, everything Lin said in his exit interview will be a distant memory. There’s a lot of time between now and then. What many enthusiastic Hornets reporters failed to report is that Lin said he hasn’t even thought about free agency or talked to his agent, yet. So everything Lin said was just a combination of politics, strategy and emotion. When the time comes,

          I’m also confident that Lin will receive a starting PG role in free agency. There aren’t very many good free agent PGs this off-season and a lot of teams a desperate for PGs. So It’s actually a very good time for Lin to be a free agent. I think if Lin gets a starting PG role, he’ll take that over a backup role in Charlotte, regardless of how much he meant what he said in his exit interview. I also don’t see Lin accepting anything much below $8M this off-season. I think the general consensus among national writers is that Lin is going to get $10M+ per year.

          The contract I want Lin to sign is a 3-year with a player option in 2 years. That way, it gives Lin some stability but also gives Lin the chance to get a max or close to max contract once he proves himself after starting and running the offense for two years. I think Lin can prove himself to be a max/close to max player after one year, but just to be safe, stretch it to two years in case he gets injured or something. Realistically, I want Lin to sign a $12M to $14M per year salary, but he’s worth more.

          I have high hopes for Lin this off-season. I hope I don’t get severely disappointed.

        • MrPingPong

          OK, Ashley, Lin just posted on his Facebook wall promising that “for free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. ”

          So there you have it. Hopefully this will put you at ease somewhat! Like our Philosopher here says, there is a lot of time between now and July 1. A lot of strange things can happen.

          Let’s continue to speculate! 😉

          • Yeah, I tweeted Lin’s Facebook message. I’m confident that Lin’s intent is to communicate to his fan base that he’ll be looking for a starting PG position. I would have expected no less from Lin.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Not on topic with your subject here but I read some comments on another JLin blog that a Charlotte player finally stepped up to defend his teammate. That teammate was reported to be Cody Zeller. I have said on this blog that it is up to teammates, coach and organization to defend their own. Seller reportedly shoved D Wade in retaliation for the way Wade was bullying JLin. If this is true, I wholeheartedly applaud and support Zeller’s action. I find it deplorable that it took this long for his so-called teammates to come to his defense.

    • I saw that comment as well, but I didn’t actually see it in the game for myself so can’t comment on it.

  • MrPingPong

    Lin has always said the right thing. He has never burned any bridges. So yeah, what else could he have said?

    From what I’ve gathered, Lin plays for God. I will be very surprised if not totally flabbergasted should Lin’s God tell him to take it easy and play backup for the rest of his career.

    • To me, if I were Lin’s God, the perfect plan would be for him to generate Linsanity in NYC with the Knicks. Toil for several seasons in the desert only to reignite his career again and then return to where it all started in NYC to bring about Linsanity 2.0. But this time with a different team and a former assistant coach during Linsanity. Since Lin believes in fate and all that, I don’t know how much more perfect it can get than that. So that’s PARTIALLY why I’m so big on Nets. It would make the greatest story for Linsanity. I’d be surprised if Jeremy Lin and those close to him don’t see this, as well.

      • MrPingPong

        Hey, ‘sounds like a “perfect plan” to me too, Philosopher!


        The Nets owner, Prokhorov, is quite an intriguing character in my view. I’m not sure what to make of him yet.

        • Yeah, I’m not sure what to make of Prokhorov, either. From this YouTube video, he seems like a pretty bad ass or former KGB:

          • MrPingPong

            Ha ha, bad ass ball handling alright! I wonder if the KGB trains agents to infiltrate the NBA! 😉

  • Forthelin

    I think we would all like to see Lin develop what we think is his potential and lead a team that plays the style that fits him the best, but that isn’t easy to find and perhaps even harder to actualize, given all the variables of a new coach, new teammates, new agendas, injuries, etc. However, we also have to understand that Lin is human. It isn’t easy to find a place that fits. Lin has been dogged by a lot of criticism–much of unjustified and some of it downright racist–during his stints with the Rockets and Lakers. He has been largely embraced and appreciated by his team, the Charlotte fans, and to a certain extent, his coach. His game has improved, particularly his defense, and he has played more relaxed, allowing him to play better and more aggressively. I think it is natural for him to feel comfortable in Charlotte considering what he has been through. I also think he doesn’t want the stigma of being a journeyman, playing for five teams in five or six years. While I attach hopes to his being the player I think he’s capable of, I also will not blame him if he chooses to stay with the hornets. He has made his mark there this year, and I think he can continue to make his mark there in the future.

    • I hear ya, Forthelin! Lin has said: “You don’t become great by doing what’s easy or comfortable.” I hope he follows through on this, because I think Lin has a great opportunity to FINALLY start and run the offense. Lin has overcome every single obstacle, but has NEVER had the opportunity to start and run the offense for an entire season. I think if that happens, all the other issues will get smoothed out. In other words, even if the environment is not ideal on a new team, as long as Lin gets to start and run the offense, I believe Lin can make great things happen on a new team.

      I think if Lin stays as backup for Walker, then it would be very hard for Lin to change course and be a starter later in his career. To me, it’s basically now or never. I think Lin needs to have the courage to take the leap and find a starting PG position NO MATTER WHAT!

      I sincerely believe Lin can make pretty much any team a playoff team. I just hope Lin and those close to Lin believe this, as well. I mean, if Lin had started at PG for the Hornets, I’m very confident that the Hornets would have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. So I think if a GM or coach is brave and perceptive enough to build around Lin, there is no rebuilding necessary, because Lin doesn’t require superstars to make a team great. In fact, superstars hinder Lin’s ability to make a team great. I know many will laugh, but to me, Lin is that special superstar, because he has the ability to make other players better and a knack for winning games at a high rate.

      • MrPingPong

        Don’t fret, Philosopher! My Ouija board says Lin will not be content with a backup role and will take up the challenge to start and run the offense for a team that has no stars.

        OK, I know my Ouija board has lost all credibility after incorrectly predicting a win by Lin and the Hornets in 7. But at least give it partial credit for predicting the series would go 7 games! 😉

        • Yep, your Quija board gets partial credit (AKA an Asian “F”) for predicting that the series will go to game 7! Haha.

          Actually, that was a very bold prediction, which your Quija Board is famous for. Kudos!

          I will not rest until Lin signs on as a starting PG somewhere. Haha!

          • MrPingPong


      • Forthelin

        I think Lin started all 82 games in his first season with the Rockets, when they were in their upward trajectory, reaching their apex the year after he left, then hit downward dog with team shredding James Haren shortly afterward. This is off subject, but the Rockets are the perfect example of the antithesis of what Lin is about–really good players on paper, but clueless and ugly as a team. If the Rockets had Lin and not Haren, I think the Rockets would have gone farther and played far better basketball. Lin has that special ability to make his team and his teammates better, a great character glue for his team. I understand that, but I just don’t know if you can just walk into a team culture of losing like the 76ers or even Brooklyn, say here I am, and turn it around. I’m not sure players like Lebron and Curry can walk in there by themselves and get those teams into the playoffs next year. It takes a lot of synergy and buy-in from everyone from management down to the last reserve. I think it’s possible, but so many variables are at stake there. I think Lin feels that synergy on the Hornets. They’re missing just a piece or two. Even Batum made a veiled threat of not returning if the nucleus were not in place. Again, I can’t blame Lin if he chose to return to the Hornets. I like your analogy of choosing Harvard or a party school, but perhaps a more apt analogy is if your friend choose the party schoo and convinced a couple other overqualified students to matriculate and turn that school into an academic powerhouse.

        • I know I may seem delusional, but I believe Lin has the ability to make pretty much any team a playoff team. For example, during Linsanity, Lin pretty much walked on the court and made a bunch of strangers who were struggling massively play in unison. Lin had never even practiced with any of the guys when he stepped on the court to play against the Nets on the game that launched Linsanity.

          I do think LeBron and Curry can make any team into a playoff team. And I also think Lin can, as well. Lin may not have the same talent as a LeBron, but I do think he has just as much of an ability if not more so to get a randomn group of guys to play as a team–especially since Lin is a PG. LeBron is actually at a bit of a disadvantage because he’s not the PG on the team. Lin is and if he’s allowed to run the offense, I believe he can make pretty much any team a playoff team. Also, I think teams like the Nets and Sixers will look a lot different than they currently look. So we have no idea who will be on either of those teams.

          Isn’t interesting how Lin’s first Linsanity game was with the Nets? That’s why I keep thinking that Lin is destined to return to NYC and launch Linsanity 2.0 with the Nets. There are just too many things that are aligned. I think Lin is big on signs. To me, all signs point to the Nets.

          As for my analogy about Harvard and a party school. I wasn’t trying to use that as an analogy for Lin’s free agency decision. I understand how it could be interpreted that way, but it was unintentional. All I was trying to do was express in very simple terms the level of frustration I would feel if Lin makes, in my view, a very bad decision.

    • MrPingPong

      Yes, Forthelin, Lin is a human being with strengths and weaknesses, with hopes and dreams just like any other human being. In my view, he is well capable of making his own decision about the next step in his career as an NBA player. Whatever he decides to do come July 1, I will support him and follow him as usual. My Ouija board will follow him as well. 😉

  • Neil Benisvy

    I can see the Nets/Atkinson as a possibility. Also the Sixers. The only thing that bothers me is the amount of rebuilding necessary to produce a winner, I still think that Greg Popovich loves Lin’s game, and would
    love to have him inSan Antonio. Again let me say that Ginobli and Parker are in the twilight of their careers. J. Lin would be a good
    fit there to fill those shoes. Popovich can appreciate Lin’s game,and
    he is a wonderful coach with a great organization. J. Lin could
    spend the remainder his career there. Players who play for Popovich
    seem to stay. They become family there and also do very well. Just
    examine their record.

    • MrPingPong

      Yes Neil, the Spurs are a great organization and Pop is a great coach. And yes, Parker and Ginobli are near retirement age. However, I have this nagging feeling that these two guys are gonna hang around for a little longer, and Pop is not gonna tell them to go away. Should Pop offer Lin a job, I can imagine it will not be easy for Lin to say no, even if it means to come and sit on the bench.

      As a Lin fan, I’d like to see Lin get a starting job. And like our Philosopher here, I believe everything will work out well if he is entrusted to run the offense. But unlike the Philosopher, I’m ok with whatever Lin’s decision will be, come July 1, and follow him no matter what.

      • The other thing is, I’m not sure how much longer Pop will stick around. I have a feeling he’ll retire once Tim Duncan retires. We’ll see.

        • MrPingPong

          True, we have no idea when Pop will retire. He will be coaching the US Olympic BB team this summer though.

    • I’m sure you’ve probably seen these, Neil, but just in case you haven’t, here are a couple of videos about the Spurs that I enjoyed watching (I’m sure there are many more):

  • We do not know Jeremy’s priorities. What he says publicly (or semi-publicly via prayer email, etc.) certainly gives some insight, but there is still much we do not know.

    Decisions of this magnitude are complex even for the person who needs to make them. For us who are only observers and fans, it’s purely a guessing game. We just don’t have access to all the data.

    So let’s avoid “clueless”, misinformed, naive or whatever adjective you choose to use to describe a decision Jeremy has yet to make. He will pray, seek advice from family & friends and then use his God-given mind to make a decision based on the multitude of factors that we cannot know.

    Of course I would love to see him start as PG on a team that has potential with a coach that is fully supportive of his leadership role. But I’ll still be a fan and watch him play if he remains in his current role.

    • Thanks for the comment! I understand where you’re coming from and your comments contain a great deal of wisdom. It is true that there are lots we don’t know. My inclination is to agree with you, because you seem like a wise person and these are wise comments you’re making. But to be true to myself, I can’t completely agree with you.

      We are all different people and exercise our fandom in different ways. I can’t help but strongly feel that Lin is making a HUGE mistake if he doesn’t seek out and accept a starting PG position, because to me, it’s basically now or never. I can’t help but be severely disappointed if he doesn’t. And, yes, I would be at a loss for words if he returned to the Hornets as a backup PG. Of course, if that’s the ONLY opportunity he’s presented with, then I can’t blame him.

      But knowing what I know about what the free agency market is going to be like, I anticipate that Lin will be able to get a starting PG position if he sought one out. My calling Lin “clueless” is a moot point, really, because it’s a hypothetical scenario that to me will likely NEVER happen from my personal perspective. So I actually haven’t called Lin clueless. I hope that makes sense.

      To me, Lin is clueless ONLY on the very unlikely scenario that he not take a starting PG position and return to the Hornets as a backup PG. To me, that is unfathomable and I highly doubt Lin would do that with the information I have at my disposal and my study of Lin since 2012. So if that unlikely hypothetical scenario were to occur, then I basically throw my hands up and question everything I know about Jeremy Lin and can’t help but call him clueless. I may be wrong in doing so, but I can’t help how I feel. So I understand your need to defend Lin from being called clueless, but again, I actually haven’t called Lin clueless, because that highly hypothetical scenario hasn’t occurred, yet and to me that hypothetical scenario will NEVER occur. So that’s why I don’t hesitate to use terms such “strong” terms such as “clueless” because i know I won’t have to ACTUALLY use those terms when describing Lin.

      As an example, if you were talking to a friend and say he got accepted to Harvard and he has plenty of money to pay for the education, so money isn’t an issue. But he decides to turn down Harvard to go to a party school with an awful academic reputation, because Harvard is hard and he doesn’t want to work that hard. He just wants to party in college. I’m sorry, but even though I love my friend, I would be pissed at my friend and call him all sorts of names, “clueless” being one of them. So, basically that’s how I’d feel if Lin turned down a starting PG position to stay with the Hornets as a backup PG. I hope that example helps explain things a little better.

      This is probably something we’ll never be able to agree on and that’s fine. I’m okay with it. I get where you’re coming from, as well.

      • MrPingPong

        The French have a saying that translates into something like “With an IF, one can put Paris in a bottle.” Along the same line, my Ouija board and I have come up with the following What If scenario.

        What if the Rockets offer MDA the head coaching job and then come (back) to Lin and offer him beaucoup money to come (back) as the starting PG, while at the same time, the Spurs offer Lin to come as a backup with market price backup PG money? What should Lin do, folks? 😉

        I know it’s totally highly unlikely that this event will happen, but hey, just try to put yourself in Lin’s shoes and decide! 😉

        • Lets see, toil for a couple of years playing way less than 15 minutes a game with the hopes of starting someday with the Spurs at the risk of being seen as a backup forever, because “better” PGs will be available by the time the Spurs need a starting PG.


          Playing next to Har_en again with the Toxic Rockets.

          IF either event happens I will take a sledge hammer to your Ouija Board! 🙂

          • MrPingPong

            Byron Scott was quoted that “he’d love to interview w/both Sacramento & Houston.” So What If the Rockets hire BS and offer Lin beaucoup money to take over Beverly’s job? Ha ha! 😉

        • Forthelin

          Honestly, I don’t see how Byron Scott will ever get another NBA job. On the other hand, I have never seen someone so skillful at tanking. I almost cannot believe how bad he was. He was handpicked by Kobe to basically protect him and be his cheerleader. He was no coach.

          • MrPingPong

            You know I’m just trolling with this Byron Scott thing, right Forthelin? 😉

            How in the world did Lin have to cross path with this one BS of a non-coach? I dunno. The Gods of Basketball sure do work in mysterious ways! 😉

    • Ace Pagoda

      JLin is in professional sports being paid very well to be an entertainer. As a public figure he is open to things like speculation and characterization good or bad, right or wrong. This JLintel blog is a nice sanctuary for people who are not rabid lunatics spewing venom through various forms of vulgar speech in describing things they have not thought out very well. Making a characterization like “clueless” in this context is pretty harmless. Plus we know JLintel’s track record in making comments about JLin and know this is not hypercritical commenting. I would agree that if JLin remained with Charlotte I would be flabbergasted simply because in following JLin over the years being a backup to a chuck-it-up guard and a less than supportive coach (not to mention clueless) is not what his goal is, to be a starting PG in the NBA. If he did do that I would contribute comments that would not be complementary maybe a little stronger than clueless. Of course we do not have access to all the information, but this blog is part of the entertainment which is the industry JLin is in. It is fun to do, exchange views with others here. I look forward to the give and take speculation that will be coming. The focus now is on Brooklin and Philly because of the coaches. I believe the front office and coaching is the most critical thing for JLin to consider. However I would like to speculate a little and think Chicago is a possible landing spot due to Holberg’s preference for a PG to push the ball up the floor and of course that is exactly what JLin does very well. I just do not have much confidence in the Chicago FO though I like the Chicago stage for exposure. Utah is intriguing because they could use JLin but I don’t know about the coach Quin Snyder but I like their young athletic team and JLin might like the conservative Utah area. Minnesota is a stealth pick and Thibs is known as a defensive minded coach and JLin is now regarded as a top defender. If Thibs defers to his PG to run the offense this might be a good spot for JLin with all of that young athletic talent- KAT, Wiggins et al. Whatever the case JLin is in the NBA and has gained some traction despite being under utilized and misused in Charlotte. But that is Charlotte’s loss (and JLin fans). Let the fun begin!

      • Thanks, Ace, for the comment. Appreciate the kind words.

        You’ve been talking about the Bulls for quite a while now. In the past couple of days, there have been lots of articles about the Bulls being interested in Lin. Here’s one that had the strongest positive opinion of Lin:–jimmy-butler-to-join-forces-.html

        With the Bulls, I don’t know what type of character Butler has. So that’s a factor. Also what will happen to Rose? It’ll probably be hard for the Bulls to get rid of Rose. I don’t think Rose will be willing to backup Lin. We’ll see.

        Here’s a recent ranking of Free Agent PGs. Lin ranks 3rd:

        As you can see the free agency for PGs is pretty thin and a lot of teams are in need of PGs, so that’s why I’m very optimistic about Lin’s prospects this free agency.

        • Ace Pagoda

          If people are talking about JLin to the Bull they must be reading this blog and stealing ideas! JLin belongs in front of Rondo for sure because Rondo is too one-dimensional and a head case to boot. If JLin were to go to Memphis next year it would be a good comparison to #1 Conley listed here. There are a number of teams who could use a PG with JLin’s skill and mental attitude- they just don’t know it!. The comment made about JLin the the PG ratings is wrong wrong wrong when they said JLin was a perfect fit. In Charlotte he just made the best of a poor situation and it is for that he should get credit for. The thing is that what you get from JLin is not JLin superstar. It is JLin basketball team improver! If you have a starting line-up with say a $40 M payroll, with JLin that lineup will play like a $60 M lineup! Charlotte paid JLin $2 M but how much did he improve the worth and value of the others he played with? Remember Linsanity? Remember who his teammates were during that incredible run until Melo came back, he got injured and Miami thugged him and his coach and management did not have his back? Tyson Chandler, Steve Novak and the guy whose couch he slept on (Landry Fields) all got good contracts afterwards. Jared Jeffries became an executive. But after they left the Knicks they were never as good. Chicago does not need to agree to back up JLin. The Bulls need to unload Rose and get some pieces back. Playing with JLin will recoup any value lost in salary. With a good supportive coach JLin will make his teammates better and that is his true value. Holberg has already stated he wants a PG to push the ball up the floor and since he already had Rose obviously Rose could not do the job.

      • I just read this story on Jimmy Butler:

        Seems like a good guy. He also has similar under-dog story like Lin and wants high character guys on the team. This was back in 2015, so not sure if he’s changed or not.

        So I guess the biggest issue is Rose. If Rose leaves then Bulls could be a great destination for Lin. A Lin/Butler backcourt would be the best defensive backcourt in the league.

  • skyfall

    While it may very well be a political front statement, I wont be surprise if he choose to return as a hornet backup to Kemba. As baffled flabbergasted furious as his fans can be once he decides to remain backup to Kemba, it means he knew himself better than all his wishful fans could ever be. One simple logical explanation for his return would be, he knew what he’s capable of and what his limitations are as well, something most of his non-baller fans would ever understand.
    On the flip side of being clueless, I would call him being chickenshit instead should he decide against the chance of a starting pg job for a contender or not. Under this presumptuous scenario, I would take it he is shying away from challenging himself for far more bigger greater role succeeding or failing. But after his stint with the Lakers and Hornets, it is foreseeable he’ll choose to stay because…he didn’t play with a chip on his shoulders after leaving the Rockets where he was humiliated by fat face Morey.
    Unless he addresses those limitations of his, so much for the subliminal stereotypical perceptions and it can be thrown away.

    • At the end of the day, Lin doesn’t care what any of us think of him. So it’s all good. 🙂

      • skyfall

        I wonder why he kept changing his hairstyle on the court if he doesn’t care what his fans think of him…hmmmm
        However, I will have to give in to you on this one, it’s one thought of yours that I’ll definitely agree to which explain why he didn’t improve much for the last 2 years. So since he doesn’t care what his fans think of him, wouldn’t his legions of forever and ever complaining ardent fans sound and look stupid? So sad and what a shame!

        • Ace Pagoda

          I don’t it isn’t that JLin doesn’t care at all what his fans think of him. I don’t think that is what JLintel meant. JLin does not care about the uninformed opinions of a multitude of strangers as to how to make decisions about his professional basketball life because only he has access to all the information to make that informed decision. As far as what he thinks his fans think of him don’t forget he plays for God and as such represents his faith on a world wide stage. His professional basketball presence, is, and I can’t speak for him, his ministry. He is just not going to listen to 1,000’s of fan-based opinions. For example I offered my opinion on who might try to sign him and I would be flattered if he took it seriously but I know he does not and if he did I would wonder about his judgement. My talk is free and therefore it is cheap but it is entertaining on this site. I quick scanned this link and I did not see a reference where JLintel said JLin did not improve in the last two years. First of all if he did say that I would vehemently disagree. JLin has improved vastly in all the areas his critics said he was weak in- going left, being inconsistent, and especially defense. JLin is now a much more polished professional. The problem was how he was used. Linsanity was based on his performance as a PG. Since that time he has been used mainly as an off the ball non-ball handler (Houston with Har_en, Lakers with R. Price and most recently Charlotte). So unless JLintel contradicts me here and says that he does not think JLin has improved much over the last 2 years or that I misunderstand then I disagree with that assessment. As far as the hair I think that was just fooling around fun, nothing deeper than that. Unless I missed something here

          • skyfall / JLintel

            (QUOTE)Thanks for the input, appreciate your insights and more power to you!!!

          • Ace, I think you may have misinterpreted what skyfall was trying to say. Skyfall wasn’t saying that I think Lin hasn’t improved the last 2 years. That was an assessment that Skyfall made himself. Of course, I think Lin has improved. Lin improves every year, in fact. He’s constantly improving his game.

            Also, Skyfall is doing what the kids call “trolling’. He’s just saying random stuff just to get a rise out of Lin fans. You did a great job of not playing into his game. I was just giving him a polite acknowledgement with my short response regarding Lin not caring about what any of us think. When someone is trolling, I don’t take any of it seriously and I respond accordingly. Anyway, it’s nice of you to offer skyfall an intelligent response.

          • skyfall

            Come now JLintel, you are disappointing me. First you said I’m grasping at straws which I refuted with proper layout of related events occurred. Now you are saying I’m just trying to grab your attention by trolling? You really should do better than that. Your short irrelevant insignificant response can be deem as something of a childish retort, was met with a relevant response accordingly.
            Since I’m taking what you’ve said seriously, lets go back to that stuff regarding Lin being clueless. I said he’s being a chickenshit rather than clueless and stated why. So I simply don’t see where the inappropriateness lies; While you, retorted by saying Lin wouldn’t care what I think right? So does your response relevant, appropriate and accordingly? I wonder who’s trolling who!!!

  • Ace Pagoda

    Greg at Sportige had this very clear, concise simple explanation as to why JLin will not be in Charlotte next year: This assessment coupled with JLin’s stated goal of being a starting PG (and as long as he sticks with it) makes it a no-brainer to see that the next step in the journey will be elsewhere with.

    • Yep, I’ve read this article from Greg. To me, it’s very obvious Lin should not re-sign with the Hornets. And I’m confident that Lin will come to the same conclusion.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I poached this from another JLin blog, thought it was interesting. I kind of like that he is not using the race issue though I think race is certainly an aspect of how the NBA views JLin. I also think his Christianity is too though. I hope you don’t mind my posting it here JLintel as I notice you post on this blog too:

    After Game 6 an old topic that I have wanted to debate reappeared in my mind. I thought hard about writing this article in the past few day but after today’s game it was I had to bring this up. I could’ve taken the time to write about Friday or today’s game but it would’ve been a waste of time and there is nothing good coming out of that. Instead, I want to talk about the underlying truth that’s been obscured by most, even by Jeremy Lin’s own selfless and calm personality.

    If you have followed me on Twitter you would know that I don’t necessarily like it when people play the racism card. I find it too simple and more of a reaction taken at the heat of the moment rather than a logical conclusion. You might also know that I’m not Asian. Therefore, what I’m going to talk about doesn’t come from racial-preference. But, from my observations of what’s obviously a discrepancy in equal perception of Jeremy Lin compared to others and how this stereotypical perception has affected Lin’s current season and how it might shape his future in the NBA.

    (Before I go any further I must clarify my position on Steve Clifford’s treatment of Lin before I am misinterpreted. Clifford is not a Byron Scott or a Kevin McHale. In my opinion, he has treated Lin fairly during the entire season and more so than any other coach since Mike D’Antoni.)

    The underlying truth is that Jeremy Lin is not like any other NBA player. And I don’t mean that the way that you might think I do. I was at Time Warner Cable Arena for Game 6 thanks to a fellow Lin fan that was generous enough to give me a free ticket. As you all know Lin had a terrible game, there is no way to sugarcoat it. But, Lin is human, he is like every other NBA player which means he can have a bad game just like anyone else. Or maybe not. Because as I headed out to the exits the only thing I heard people talking about was Jeremy Lin’s horrible game. In game 6 Lin had 8 Points shooting 1/8 from the field in 23 minutes. It was indeed a bad night, but my question is, why did I only hear about Jeremy Lin having a bad game? Frank had 7 points in 35 minutes. Lee had 2 points (yes, two) in 39 minutes. Marvin Williams had 0 points shooting 0/7 in 37 minutes! Yet, I didn’t hear anyone talking about any of those players. Why is that? Why is it that it’s ok for Frank, Marvin and Lee to have bad games without their value diminishing but not for Jeremy Lin.


    Why is it that someone like Cory Joseph, who averaged 7/2/2 in 18 MPG last year, got a 7.5 M/YR contract this season; and Jeremy Lin who averaged 11/4.6/2.6 in 23 MPG last year got a miserable 2 M/YR contract? Even Jeremy Lamb got an extension of 7 M/YR averaging only 6/2/1 in 14 MPG last season. I know there is going to be a lot of arguments about contracts, but I don’t have time to dive into all the little details so let me go a bit further.

    My argument is much more than contracts and money. It’s the fact that Lin’s bad games are treated differently than anyone else’s bad games. That Lin’s best games are treated differently than anyone else’s best games. Imagine that Lin was a stock in the market. In essence, when Lin has a great game his stock might stay the same or rise by 1-2%. When Lin has a bad game his stock plummets 80-90%. Yet, Batum can have a horrible game yet his value remains the same and no one questions his basketball abilities. Some may call this racism but I think that answer is too simple. I think there is a stereotypical subliminal perception of Lin, I know that’s a mouthful, but let me explain further.

    In Lin’s first season with the Rockets he averaged 13/6/3 in 32 MPG. After that “terrible” season he was benched the following year in favor of the infamous Patrick Beverley. Last season (first season without Lin) Beverley averaged 10/3/4 in 31 MPG. Beverley got a 6.25 M/YR contract after that season which was deemed as “great.”

    But for some unknown reason Lin’s points, assists and rebounds per game have less value than everyone else’s he is compared with. But the stereotypical subliminal perception of Lin is not just about his value. Recently another Lin fan published a video that became viral about Lin’s “too flagrant not to call” fouls. I remember watching the first 2-3 minutes and I had to take the video off. I just couldn’t keep on watching. These fouls were so flagrant yet sometimes Lin didn’t even get a common foul call. It was terrible.

    In some way it’s like Lin is treated with a completely different set of standards. Let’s even bring it to today’s Game 7. The Hornet’s were having a terrible game and Lin was getting in his groove in the second quarter. Yet, he was benched and only played 9 minutes as the Hornets were down 12 at halftime. Clifford waited until they were down 20+ points to call his first time-out of the 3rd quarter. And guess who remained in the bench? Jeremy Lin. In fact, Lin finished with the same total amount points as Kemba Walker, who played 36 mins compared to Lin’s 19, in half the amount of shots. Yet again, no one is going to question Kemba’s basketball abilities just because of a bad game, and his value will not diminish either.

    This subliminal stereotypical perception is so bad that I fear that Lin’s terrible Game 6 will undo most of what he has been able to accomplish during the entire season. I hope this is not the case. Thankfully we have been able to experience some good coverage on Lin after Game 4 and 5 of the playoffs. But the truth is that I expect Lin’s value to be lower than what it should be compared to other similar players unless there is a team that really wants him. My bet is on the Nets. I think they would be willing to give Lin the chance he deserves. Regardless, as good of a season he had, and as great as his teammates are if Lin stays, and everyone else does as well, he will commit career suicide. Lin would average less than 18 MPG next season for the Hornets if he stays. The only way I see that Lin stays is if Batum leaves. And believe me, I would love Lin to stay in Charlotte, I live in this city, but he shouldn’t, he can’t. Sadly, we won’t be able to know anything anytime soon after our season was cut short.

    What I been able to see in the last few years dissapoints me tremendously. I have seen Lin have great games, yet never getting the recognition or the value that he deserves. His basketball abilities and value is questioned every single bad game he has. But, the truth is Lin is human. He is not perfect, neither should he be. However, for most in the NBA Lin can never be good enough. I really hope that after these playoffs someone gives Lin the keys to run a team, but if history repeats himself, sadly, that won’t be the case. And Lin is too good to just be a 18 MPG role player.
    5 • Reply•Share ›

    This is why I think it will take a smart, perceptive coach and GM to see the true value of JLin, the ability to make the whole team better. The author of this piece says that he thinks Cliff treated JLin fairly and I would agree with this if he means he did not promise JLin more than was delivered. JLin knew KW was the PG. However, I also believe Cliff was one of those not perceptive enough to see JLin’s true value (neither does Jordan) and that is truly and sadly the Charlotte fans and team basketball afficionados loss.

    • In the previous article, I did provide a link to this article in response to pistolpete, I believe. Yeah, it’s a great article and as you noticed, I made comments to this person’s article, since I’ve thought about and written about similar subjects here.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I know what you mean about trolling. Don’t understand why people do it, it is a waste of time. When you look at other blogs with 100’s of responses most of them are related to this trolling business so I don’t spend much time there except to look for a few posters with meaningful things to say. Sorry I copied that article to your site, I thought I had read your other link but I guess not.

    • MrPingPong

      It was a very well articulated response to the troller you wrote, Ace.There are only a couple of this kind at this site. After a while, you will come to recognize their monikers. I do not even look at their postings.

      Switching to the posting on Lin from another blog you copy/paste here, it’s very well written. Thanks for bringing it here. Jeremy Lin just doesn’t fit the mold. He does not have the look. His bad games are amplified to the max, and his great games are dismissed as flukes. Only Knicks fan truly embrace Lin. That is because they saw Linsanity unfolding in front of their own eyes for 25 games in a row. Give Lin the freaking ball, let him run the show, and enjoy basketball at its highest and most fun level!

      Anyway it’s the offseason for Lin. We, Lin fans, are having fun speculating about what’s gonna happen next to Lin’s career as an unfairly marginalized NBA player. It’s gonna even more fun after July 1, when Lin will have made his move! 🙂

      • skyfall

        Apparently you are referring skyfall as the guy trolling. On second thought, I’ll assume you are a oversea Chinese that can read mandarin. Ace response is somewhat like 雞同鴨講 牛頭不對馬嘴. If you didn’t look and read what I’ve posted, how could you claim his comment post being a articulate response!!! Would you care to give it a thought? Would you be good enough to be on top of things before you speak to avoid looking sounding stupid(no offense)?

        • ashley

          I don’t think Skyfall is (really) trolling; he’s just being a bit critical with high expectations of Lin. From his first post under this thread, he’s disappointed in Lin’s shooting and ball handling; actually, I am, too, lots of times. From the stats of Game 6 and 7, I’d say JLin’s performance isn’t that poor compared to his teammates. On the other hand, had Lin played better in Game 6, like he did in Game 3, they would have won the series. However, overall, Lin has improved his game, particularly in defense. As for shooting, he may not be as talented, but hopefully, he’ll get it soon and become a more consistent shooter. As for his wanting to stay as a Hornet–if he really meant what he said, Skyfall is disapponted again.

          I believe Mr. Philosopher would welcome constructive criticism,though Skyfall’s words really have been harsher than ours.

          • skyfall

            Watch it, you’ve just made a big mistake. Birds of different feathers can’t flock together, you better be sorry about this and sincerely apologize to these friends of your, that is, if you still want to be one of them. Do it.

  • It looks like Lin fans can rest easy. From his most recent Facebook message, it’s pretty clear to me that Lin will be looking for a starting PG position in free agency:

  • Ace Pagoda

    I don’t do the social media things and so do not even understand how they function. But I had no doubt JLin would not return to Charlotte unless KW is gone and Coach Clifford was replaced. I just don’t believe it was any more than political correctness for JLin to heap praise on Cliff. And unless JLin was hurt for Game7 19 minutes in a blow out was an insult from Cliff and a glimpse into JLin’s Charlotte future should he crazily decide to opt in. I don’t Batum will be back to Charlotte and maybe not CLee either because I suspect they might not respect Cliff’s coaching prowess. I do think JLin enjoyed the player chemistry but his stated goal is not to “play with a great bunch of guys”. It is to be a starting PG. I think Brooklin has first shot but it all depends on if Atkinson truly thinks JLin is the guy. At this point we only assume he likes JLin as his first PG on his first HC job. The knock against Atkinson is this is his first HC gig. If MDA actually went to Houston then I might question JLin’s decision making process if he decided to go there. Har_en is a ball and chain to JLin just like KW. I saw some speculation that Indy might be a good landing spot, replacing George Hill. But their coach might also be on the way out and who do they really have besides Paul George. No place is perfect but I think that JLin will make the very best decision and that that decision will work well.

    • MrPingPong

      Since you do not Facebook, I copy/paste Lin’s posting here for you to view, Ace:

      Jeremy Lin 林書豪
      5 hrs ·
      After taking a couple of days to process everything from our playoff series, I just wanted to leave you with a very open and honest note to thank all my beloved fans. It’s the least I can do for all your support this past season.
      Athletes often say “I have the best fans in the world.” When I say it, I mean it. You all support me with so much enthusiasm that every year my teammates talk about how they’ve never seen such die-hard fans. Sure, sometimes you guys can be a little aggressive or overwhelming for other fans and reporters haha, but I understand that comes from your love for me.
      You guys showed up nightly to TWC Arena giving us a huge home court advantage. You made all of us feel like rock stars on our preseason trip to China. You flew in from different U.S. cities and countries (some which required ~18 hours of flying) just to watch regular season games. You guys cared enough about me to make and share a video of fouls committed on me. I received more gifts, support letters and fan art than I know what to do with.
      Over 10,000 of you signed up for my prayer letter and diligently prayed for me throughout the season. Hundreds of you opened up about some of the most vulnerable parts of your life and asked me and my business team to pray for you guys (which we did).
      THANKS for being a big reason why this was the most enjoyable season I’ve ever had in the NBA! Sorry we couldn’t keep this playoff run going. I’m extremely sad about this season ending and miss basketball like crazy already. I seriously can’t wait for my body to heal up and start training again. I try not to think about the playoffs, and turn away when I see any other playoff games. It stings because I know we could be in the 2nd round, but God is perfect through the highs and the lows, and He has never led me astray!
      This past year was a step in the right direction, but I know there’s another level I can get to. So as I approach the off-season, I will keep working on my game. Next year my jumper will be way better. I will come back a much better player. I want to keep having fun on the court (like I did this past year). For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish.
      I’m excited to see what God has for me in the future! But for now, time to rest, recover and recharge myself physically and mentally. So on that note, I’m off to vacation!!
      P.S had to leave you guys with one last hairdo


      From what Lin has written, one can safely deduce that Lin has been playing hurt. How badly hurt, we don’t know. But one nice thing about being young is the body does recover rather quickly.

      • Ace Pagoda

        As a former Laker fan I would say “Tank you” for this Mr. PP. I wish we had some insight as to if he did not play much in Game 7 due to injury or CD.

        • I didn’t watch Game 7, but from watching the highlights, LIn’s ankle looked much better. He was able to do a lot of things he did before his ankle got hurt. So I think it was just simply that Cliff just didn’t want to play Lin. Cliff prefers Batum and Batum’s minutes also eat into Lin’s minutes. I don’t think the explanation goes far beyond that. Cliff is just clueless and made a terrible mistake. Cliff will never be comfortable with Lin’s offensive game and it’s why Lin needs to go. I’m actually kind of glad that Kemba is Hornets’s favorite, because I don’t think it would be good for Lin to continue to play with Cliff anyhow, even as a starting PG. Cliff simply doesn’t get Lin’s game and I don’t think he ever will.

          • MrPingPong

            At that point the season/postseason, everybody is playing hurt to some degree. Marvin was playing with a bad elbow from what I’ve read. Lin looked OK to me in game 7. It’s just ABL syndrome from the part of Cliff.

        • MrPingPong

          How do you say, “You’re welcome,” in La La Land, Ace? 🙂

          Speaking of social media, Instagram has gained more and more popularity as of late. Check this one out from Cody Zeller, if you haven’t seen it already:

          • Ace Pagoda

            “no tanks necessary”. I like Cody Zeller. He has potential because he is long, enthusiastic and can run the floor. At this point though he is and end-to-end player with not many moves and not good enough PnR for a player like JLin. But he won’t have JLin for a PG so it won’t matter as much. He needs a coach who can add a different dimension to his game.

          • MrPingPong

            nTn! Clever, Ace! 🙂

            I agree with your assessment of Zeller the Stellar. He did not have a chance to practice more with Lin when he got bumped up to the starter role.

          • I saw this Instagram from Cody. Pretty funny.

    • I’d be SHOCKED if MDA sincerely wants to coach Har_en and the Toxic Rockets and even if he did, I’d be surprised if the Rockets hire MDA for the job. MDA is the complete wrong coach for that job. One of MDA’s biggest weaknesses as a HC is managing personalities. I thin MDA is accepting head coaching interviews anywhere because he wants to encourage the Sixers to promote him to Head Coach.

      What the Rockets really need is a real, dominant superstar who would come in and put Har_en back in his place. It’s a good thing the Toxic Rockets are so blinded by their fake superstar that they’ll never figure out the solution to their number one problem: Har_en is not a leader.

      Interesting you mentioned Pacers, because they just fired their head coach and it is rumored that MDA is on the list of coaches they’re considering. Unlike the Rockets HC job, I think MDA would be thrilled to coach the Pacers, so that could become an interesting destination for Lin. Also, Larry Bird (Pacers owner) held a press conference saying that he’s looking for more of an up-tempo offense. I’m still iffy on Pacers for Lin, because there are too many variables. It will all depend on what the roster looks like. I think Paul George handles the ball quite a bit. Of course, there’s also George Hill and Monta Ellis, who are the two main PGs on the team. So even if one of them go, that’ll still be an issue for Lin.

      For me, Nets is my top pick for Lin by far and I don’t see myself changing my mind on that. To me, a lot of signs point to the Nets as the place Lin is meant to go next season. It’s destiny, to me. But as long as he gets a starting PG position, I’ll be satisfied.

      • Ace Pagoda

        At this point Brooklin is my pick for JLin. Here is an interesting article on the new Nets being put together by the new GM Marks: The common denominator seems to be “young”. Which also might mean “inexperienced” though I think they have enough 40 year olds including the head coach Atkinson and his lead assistant Jacque Vaughn (who was a PG). Some people expect that Atkinson will automatically pick JLin to be his PG but you never know. I hope that is the case because picking JLin would also mean he has enough confidence in JLin’s abilities to not embarrass him in his first HC outing. I don”t know if it is because because we are JLin fans and are biased but it seems like the big mystery pick for this off season will be who selects JLin. The other free agents are all known quantities. The mystery is “just now good is JLin”?

        • Thanks for the article. I have a very good feeling about Sean Marks. Seems like not the typical GM. Seems intelligent and all about substance and seems to want to disrupt the usual way of doing things. That’s another reason why Nets is my top pick. I think their FO is going to be very solidly run with very little politics. We’ll see.

  • I just got a great tweet from @Tonnny2012. He went ahead and compiled data for Lin in games without Melo, Harden, Kemba or Batum and just tweeted me the results. For those who have access to Twitter, here’s a link to the Tweet:

    In all, there are 33 such games. Lin averages 20.4 points, 6.4 assists and has won 24 and lost only 9. This comes out to a 73% win rate, which is astounding! Keep in mind, these games include a lot of games games in which Lin was playing out of position, which Batum was out, which accounts for 14 games or nearly 50% these 33 games. So Lin’s average when playing PG would likely be much higher.

    For those who think these games are cherry-picked, they also include games in wich Lin only scored 6 or 7 points.

    Unfortunately, GMs/Coaches and most of the NBA are unaware of this. I just hope Lin’s agents do a good job of representing Lin and showing data of how Lin performs if he’s more at the center of the offense.

    • @Tonnny2012 just sent me a direct message on Twitter with a link to his spreadsheet. Here it is, hope you can access it:

      • @Tonny2012 just made a correction to the data: 23W to 10L, so the Win rate should be 70%

      • MrPingPong

        Great stats! Who is tonnny2012? A Knicks fan perhaps?

        Sadly though, we already know the stock response Lin doubters will have for these numbers.

        • A Lin fan, I believe. He’s a follower of mine on Twitter and just kindly sent me these stats via Twitter out of the blue. I am very thankful that he did.

          • MrPingPong

            tonnny2012: the NY at the end makes me think of New York and 2012 is the Linsanity year, that’s all! 🙂

    • Ace Pagoda

      These are great stats. It is very revealing (about NBA cultures) that after JLin’s almost 6 years in the league that there is such a small sample of this extraordinary success. But maybe not surprising if most FO’s and coaches are like Charlotte’s who are blind as to what is right before them.

      • Chirico

        Quick word on that, Ace. Statistically speaking, 30ish games is a good sample size. so this is a hard evidence to prove that our Lin fans are more or less on the correct side of assertion that JLin is not only elite and a great floor general.

        • Ace Pagoda

          This is what will make JLin such a steal for an open-minded owner/GM/coach. There is enough evidence of JLin’s competence to lead a team.

  • GT

    I am so sad to see that you guys are having so much fun arguing back and forth here WITHOUT me. (Just kidding.) 🙂

    My (dream) wish list:

    1. Lin reunites with MDA.
    2. Lin joins Nets.
    3. Lin joins Spurs.
    4. Lin joins Warriors.
    5. Lin joins Pacers.

    Have a great weekend.

    BTW: Skyfall is a bona fide troll. I remember him very well.

    • ashley

      Good to hear from you, GT! You left out the Sixers, where MDA currently serves as an assistant coach. I think the fact that MDA is job hunting means he’s likely not going to be the head coach of the Sixers, at least not in this off season. Given the way he quit from the Knicks, I doubt he’s doing that as a push for them to make him their HC, as our Philosopher has suggested. If MDA got the job at the Pacers, hopefully he’ll try reuniting with our guy.

      Fans have been high on the Nets because of Atkinson used to work well with Lin. However, it was four years ago; I don’t recall him ever talking about Lin much, so I suspect he might go for someone from the Hawks who’s been closer to him.

      If Lin were to go to the Spurs and Warriors, he’d be a backup. But that would still be better than staying on the Hornet ’cause at least those two are championship contenders.Whether there’s a starting gig for Lin this season, I just hope he won’t return to the Hornets!

      • Well, in general MDA wants to be head coach. That’s clear. He’ll take the Pacers HC job in a heartbeat. But him interviewing with the Rockets is not serious. I’d be shocked if MDA took that job and I’d also be surprised if Rockets hire him. So the Rockets interview, to me was just MDA taking any HC interview he can get in order to encourage the Sixers to promote him to HC. Just trying to hopefully clarify my previous comment on the subject.

        It’s rare for assistant coaches to comment on players on another team. Assistant coaches aren’t interviewed very much, so there would be really no opportunity for Atkinson to comment on Lin. I think even though it’s been a while since Atkinson coached Lin, Linsanity was etched in his memory as much as it is in ours as Lin fans. I don’t believe the Hawks PGs (Teague and Schroder) are free agents. But I think the Hawks may look to trade Teague. Of course, I believe Lin is way better than Teague and I hope Atkinson understands Lin’s game enough to feel the same way, but there is a chance Atkinson prefers Teague and may convince him to join the Nets in a trade. We’ll see.

        • Ace Pagoda

          Regarding Brooklin it all comes down to Atkinson wanting JLin. If he recommends that Brooklin goes after JLin then the GM and owner will listen seriously and make him responsible. I would take it as very telling if Atkinson rejects JLin and assume he sees a flaw there that we fans cannot. In that case I might think that Atkinson in turn may be flawed now that the is HC. We shall see. This will be a fun the next few weeks! While I like Brooklin I am also looking for a stealth candidate who may drive a bidding war for JLin. JLin has said he will fix his jumper and I believe him though I don’t think it was that broken. The problem was how Cliff utilized him. JLin is a flow player like most in the NBA and there ain’t much flow going on in the corner. MDA to Indy is pretty interesint but I don’t know about Bird. I thought Vogel was a good coach. In fact, now that he is free it is too bad the Lakers did not have a shot at him. Luke Walton has no track record, has proven nothing. This will prove to be the final nail in the coffin of Jim Buss.

          • MrPingPong

            I dunno about Bird, Ace. Bird said he would not hire McHale because he “respected him too much.” Whoever is a friend of McHale is not my friend! 😉
            I would not recommend Lin to go anywhere near Bird.

        • ashley

          Hey, Mr. Philosopher, you’ve been right about Lin’s exit interview! Props to you for brushing off fans’ panic and fear with your bold, sensible judgment call–even before Lin revealed that FB message.

          Glad to learn those two Hawks’ players are not free agents, and if they’re not better than Lin, then no worries. In fact, not only Lin fans but also the media has made the same speculation on Lin going to the Nets. It indeed is a very likely scenario this off season. The Nets offered Lin 3.5 million last off season; they’ll have to offer a lot more this season if they remain interested.

          Other than the Nets and the Bulls, the media also mentioned the likelihood of Lin going to the Timberwolves. We’ll see.

    • MrPingPong

      Great to hear from you, DGT! 🙂

      I dunno about the Pacers, man! I love Bird as a player and as a coach, but I can only shake my head in disgust watching how he treated Vogel. Who would want to work for a someone who went in front of the camera and told the whole world that he was on the phone for 30 minutes listening to his employee begging to save his job before firing him?

      BTW, Vogel is bird in German. I guess there cannot be two birds in the same cage. The smaller bird has to go!

      • GT

        Dear Ashley,

        Sorry that I did not make myself clear.

        Lin reunited with MDA means Lin joins whichever team MDA is hired as the HC which includes the Sixers where he is promoted as the HC.

        I am patiently waiting for the arrival of this beautiful (Paul Simon) father and son reunion!~~~ 🙂

        Dear Professor MrPingPong,

        You always have something humorous and/or informative to say. Kudos!~~~ 🙂

        I made a promise to myself: If Lin becomes the starting PG under either MDA or Atkinson, I will finally retire my tiny cherished antique B/W TV set and replace it with a giant color smart HD TV set to watch the new NBA season. On the other hand, if Lin returns to Hornets as a backup PG for Walker, I will immediately destroy all the honeybee hives in my backyard and never taste one drop of honey… 🙁

        • ashley

          Hahahaha…but those bees are innocent!

    • skyfall

      I’ll take being remembered by someone very well as a big compliment, . But Mr.Teng, I won’t consider my posts and everything I’ve said BONA FIDE. Saying I’m a troll would certainly make you sound like an idiot(no offense)! Unlike you people, I don’t need to come here to seek warm and comfort by saying all the nice things about Lin just to be accepted as a member of the clan.
      Would you be kind enough to tell me something? Or anyone of you guys here tell me where were you when Lin was on his first year as a Rocket? Were you posting on Chronicle’s Rockets blog? If so under what account username? Dare to come forward?

    • MrPingPong

      Dear DGT:

      “Lin reunites with MDA…” My Ouija board has a message for you: be careful of what you wish for, because you will get it! 😉

      • GT

        Dear Professor MrPingPong,

        Go ahead and make my day!~~~ Yours too?! 🙂

        For this to happen (i.e., MDA and Lin reunites at the Clutch City Houston), Fat Murray and Beard Harden have to go.

        BTW: Can’t wait to watch the videos you take at the Rockets live home game again. 🙂

  • Ace Pagoda

    The plots thicken in the NBA with Vogel and Joerger leaving Indy and Memphis. More places for MDA to interview (he already has in Indy). It is hard to see JLin in either of those uniforms but who knows? The most important thing is that JLin go to a team that wants him. I don’t know if Vogel and Joerger want a PG like JLin so we would have to see. When looking at these teams current personnel they will have to get other pieces too to fit the style of JLin. Luke Walton of the Lakers says he intends to run the offensive scheme and design it along the lines of GSW. If it weren’t the Lakers and the fact that Walton is unproven it might be worth considering going to LA, that is if they wanted him. Kupchak I thought was pretty high on JLin and I wonder if he lowered his appraisal of JLin after his time on the Lakers or placed the blame on others other than JLin who were really responsible for the debacle of Kobe tour. Brooklin is still at the top of the list if they want him. I have started seeing mention of Minnesota! I think Minny was mentioned here first so we deserve some credit. I like the players at Minny and maybe the coach (unknown yet if he wants JLin) but personally it is too cold there. Let the speculation continue!

  • GT

    Adolf Hitler is well remembered by many, so does Jeffrey Dahmer…

    • skyfall

      An inadequate example…May I remind you I’m not a public figure?
      Mr.Teng or should I address you DGT? Doctor, may I ask you were you posting on Houston chronicle’s Rockets blog when Lin is in his first year as a Rocket? Under what username? A very simple question, no?

  • Ace Pagoda

    OKC is making SAS look old. If SAS loses to OKC this may be the end to Duncan/Ginobili/Parker, though Parker may stay a couple of more years he is not the TP of the past. SAS may be a landing spot for JLin depending on what happens, including if Pop decides to go out with Duncan. If he does, the question is who becomes SAS coach? Front office is pretty stable so the organization is set in that area. Maybe David Blatt? Would he want JLin as his PG? I can see Blatt being in SAS for a long time.

    • Spurs is starting to look a little more intriguing as TP has faltered somewhat in these playoffs. But the Spurs organization values loyalty, so I don’t see TP getting traded anytime soon. Also, with Kawhi and LaMarcus, Lin won’t have too many opportunities to score even if he starts for the Spurs. So I still don’t think Spurs is the place where Lin can maximize his talents.

      • Neil Benisvy

        I LIKE the idea of Lin playing fore Popovich. He is a great coach
        and can appreciate a smart and unselfish player like J. Lin. I think
        that Lin would be a great fit for their roster. Parker and Ginobli
        have slowed down. They can’t keep up with fast tempo any
        longer. Lin gives the speed and penetration that they need.
        Besides San Antonio is a great organization. Wonderful opportunity for J.Lin.

        • Spurs is definitely a great organization and from Atkinson’s press conference yesterday, it looks like the Nets will be building their culture based on the Spurs.

          I think my main concern with Spurs is that Aldridge is primarily a post-up player and doesn’t do many PnRs and Kawhi is sort of a Point Forward. So I’m concerned that Lin won’t be able to maximize his potential even if he starts for the Spurs. I saw a recent quote from Parker in which Parker says that with Aldridge and Kawhi on the team, he knows that he’ll only get five shots a night so he’ll have to make each shot count. I’m sure this is partly because Parker is no longer the player he used to be but even before this season, Parker wasn’t scoring that much. I don’t see Lin having the freedom to do much PnRs with the Spurs, which is Lin’s bread & butter.

          I think with Nets, Lin will be in on the ground floor of building a Spurs culture and he’ll have the freedom to play his game and Brook Lopez is a pretty good PnR partner. So this is why I’m so big on the Nets and Nets remain my top pick for Lin by far.

  • Ace Pagoda

    The intrigue and speculation continues as Scott Skiles resigned suddenly as coach of Orlando. Orlando is a possibility for JLin. They have a lot of young talent including a very young PG. Too young maybe to guide a talented team that with the right leader could improve much faster and farther than with Elfrid Payton. It is telling that one of the differences Skiles had with the front office is he did not think Payton was “the one” to lead the team. And Skiles is a former PG. I am inclined to trust his judgement more than the suits in the front office. So make Payton a backup to JLin and can learn from a master. Rumor is also the MDA would be a good coach for a young, talented Orlando team who can run and gun. Yes, Orlando is certainly intriguing. No state tax either but miserable humidity and bugs.

    • I saw the news on Skiles resignation. I do think Orlando has potential and Lin could fit in nicely. I’m leery, though, of a front office that thinks Elfrid Payton is their answer for PG. With Payton on the team and with the FO favoring Payton so much that it caused the coach to resign, I’d hate to see Lin go there and have to back up Payton. So that’s risky.

      At least it appears Lin will have a lot of options in free agency. Thanks for continuing to speculate, Ace!

      • Ace Pagoda

        JLin cannot go to Orlando and back up another inferior PG. If he gets any offer from anybody to be the starting PG, or at least compete for the starting PG that is where he has to go. This includes Chicago. I don’t think D Rose is going to stay in Chicago. I think if Chicago thinks they can unload his big contract, upcoming free agency, frequently injured and conflicting with Jimmy Butler self they should do so immediately. I don’t know much about their front office but they haven’t shone too brightly either. I have seen a couple of specs about JLin to NYK. NO! As long as Dolan is the owner no way. Besides, if Phil Jackson stays he wants Kurt Rambis and the triangle, neither of which if good for our guy

        • ashley

          It looks the Nets’ FO is interested in European players.

          The media is also suggesting they could get Teague through a trade.

          • Thanks, ashely for the link. I’ve been aware of this info about European players and Teague. I do think Lin is better than Teague. We’ll see if the Nets think so. Marks has experience scouting for players in Europe and it has been reported that Nets may be able to find a PG in European league. We’ll see. I’m still hopeful that Lin joins the Nets and Nets remain my top pick for Lin.

  • Sage

    I am reading all of the pundits writing about Jeremy Lin. I think most write an article about Lin to get hits from people like me who are Lin fans. Most know nothing about Lin’s ability to be a starter. Instead they go on about how he could got to different teams as a 6th man. WTH, if he is not a starter, he might as well stay at Charlotte.

    Lin has earned the right to another starting gig. He has fixed the defensive, always driving to the right, mid range floater, and slightly slow 3-ball shot issues that were an issue in his first year in Houston. [Even though is should never have been relegated to the bench by McHale.]

    The NBA needs to prove that it is not “brotherball”, and promote Lin back to starter.

    • Ace Pagoda

      It is really telling, the poor sports journalism that exists. I read quite a few sports articles and since I follow JLin closely know something about him in the NBA. From that base of knowledge, some of which comes from sports journalism but much from following his statistics that others put together you can put together a much different scenario than these so-called journalists are promoting. It will take a smart owner/GM/coach to ascertain the true value of JLin to a winning NBA basketball team which is why it will be intriguing as to who makes an offer to JLin and if it will be as a starting PG. I don’t think he will get many offers to be a starting PG, I am hopeful of maybe 2 offers. If there are more than the NBA is smarter than I give them credit for., not because JLin is not capable.

      • ashley

        If Lin is offered a lot more from some other team than from Charlotte to be a sixth man, I hope he goes to that new team to explore the possibility of eventually becoming a starting PG or playing more as a PG there under a fair smart coach who truly wants to win and a FO that isn’t obsessed with their anointed star such as MJ with Kemba (or Batum).

        Lin’s tenure with the Hornets has been generally viewed as a success or “a step in the right direction,” as Lin himself proclaimed. He helped the Hornets to make the playoffs and win three games, which somehow finally got the attention and recognition from the media. However, his stats such as scoring or assist numbers aren’t really better than the previous season(s), as I learned from some reports.

        I think the real reason behind this success is because the Hornets team (with Kemba the PG and Cliff the coach) has been mediocre and most importantly, because of Batum’s injuries, which gave our Lin the chances to shine. I could even say were it not for Batum’s injuries, our guy wouldn’t have had such “success”. And that’s why I dislike Lin staying in Charlotte so much. However, knowing Lin being so idealistic and human, I can totally get that he wouldn’t mind backing up his buddy Kemba, if no start gig comes his way this summer.

        • Ace Pagoda

          JLin said favorable things about Charlotte because it seems like he enjoyed his time there as far as his teammates. This must mean his time in Houston and LA were not good times, nor was the time after Linsanity good times in NY. I agree with you that if Batum had not been hurt and KW not hurt for the Cleveland game JLin would not have had as good a time as he says regarding basketball. He really had few opportunities to really play to the level he aspires to be and can be. From all accounts JLin came to Charlotte to back up KW so he has not complaints there. He did not come to compete for the starting job. This situation then was “fair” in regards to what he was told he could achieve in Charlotte. However, the big reason for JLin to not even consider returning to Charlotte as far as JLin’s desire to play pro basketball is that unless Clifford is under orders to relegate JLin to the second tier, Clifford does not recognize the value of JLin’s basketball talents. If Clifford is that clueless then the only way JLin goes back is if there are NO other offers. Game 7 against Miami, Charlotte getting blown out from the get go and JLin gets 19 minutes? I cannot believe that JLin was not absolutely steamed about that. He must know he is better than to warrant that sort of treatment. If he does not get the offer of a starting PG gig this summer, or even the offer of the chance to compete to be a starter there is no way he should go back to Charlotte as long as Clueless Clifford is the coach. And if the order to hold back JLin came from above then there is no way he should consider ever playing for that type of clueless ownership. This is simply because this would mean Charlotte does not want to win and if they don’t want to win then they are cheating their fans, the ones who pay millions to support the team. I think I might be more angry than JLin as the disrespect shown in Game 7. I get angry every time I think about it.

        • It was actually very fortuitous that Batum got injured in the playoffs, because had Batum not been injured, Hornets would have been swept and Lin wouldn’t have been able to repair his image on national TV so dramatically. It was really in the playoffs that Lin managed to repair his image so much.