Best to take Wait-and-See Approach Regarding Jeremy Lin’s Free Agency – Don’t Count Nets out Yet

With yesterday’s draft and as Free Agency approaches, teams are starting to make moves. Some of those moves have Lin fans concerned about Lin’s options in Free Agency. With Derrick Rose going to the Knicks, it’s clear Lin is no longer welcomed there and Dolan is a small-minded, petulant little spoiled brat (as if there was any doubt). So for the minority of Lin fans who wanted Lin to return to MSG (I suspect many of these Lin fans are also closet Knicks fans), that ain’t happening. Also with George Hill going to Utah, another team that’s in need of a starting PG is also off the list. But with Derrick Rose out of Chicago, the Bulls become a very intriguing option. Bulls are even looking to trade Butler, which could make the Bulls even more or less attractive for Lin depending on how much you think Butler will take the ball out of Lin’s hands. I have to give credit to Ace, one of the regular readers and commentators on this blog, who has been talking about the Bulls as a good potential destination for Lin back during the regular season, I believe. If not, then definitely soon after Lin’s playoff run ended. [NOTE: all of Ace’s comments, as well as every comment to previous posts have, unfortunately, disappeared from this site as I recently switched to Disqus’s comments platform]. The main attraction for Lin joining the Bulls is Fred Hoiberg’s fast-pace offensive scheme. So with Derrick Rose gone, the Bulls is now my number 2 option for Lin–especially if they also get rid of Butler, since I do think Butler will take the ball out of Lin’s hands. Although a Lin/Butler back court would be the best defensive back court in the league. So I’m a little torn about Butler.

Of course, my number one option for Lin still remains the Nets. I haven’t seen Lin fan making note of the Teague trade from Hawks to Indiana as it relates to Lin’s chances of landing with the Nets. Teague played under Atkinson and some analysts and fans (I was definitely NOT one of them) thought that Atkinson may recruit Teague to the Nets, since the Nets are in need of a starting PG. Well, with Teague going to the Pacers, it looks like Atkinson didn’t have interest trading for Teague. So that’s worth noting.

Although the Nets remains my number one option for Lin, I’m taking more of a wait-and-see approach. The Nets trading Thaddeous Young for the No. 20th pick in yesterday’s draft and a future second-round pick has a lot of Lin fans concerned, because it may indicate that the Nets are going into a full rebuild mode and potentially looking to tank this season. If this is the case, then it is unlikely that Lin would be interested in wasting another season of his career playing in a tank situation. But to these Lin fans, I would say to hold off on counting out the Nets and take a step back to look at the Young trade from another perspective.

It is true that Young is the Nets’s second best player, but that’s not really saying much. Young was good a few years ago, but he’s not the same player he used to be. And it’s definitely not unreasonable to think that Atkinson and Marks don’t see him in their future plans for the Nets. Now it is a little concerning that, rather than trading Young to get a veteran-type player, the Nets opted for collecting draft picks, which is an indication of full rebuilding mode. My response to this is that it’s not inconceivable that the Nets couldn’t get anyone they really wanted for Young and so preferred to get draft picks, rather than players who would eat into their cap space.

So, another way to look at the Young trade is that it’s simply a way of increasing the Nets’s cap space for this free agency by getting rid of a player that Atkinson/Marks don’t see factoring into their future plans. So this is why I think it’s wise to hold off drawing conclusions about the Nets’s Young trade. Let’s wait to see what the Nets do with their increased cap space. I have no doubt that Atkinson is trying to convince Al Horford and Kent Bazemore (who both played under Atkinson in Atlanta, Horford in particular is really close to Atkinson) to join him in Brooklyn, but I’d be surprised if Horford and Bazemore want to go to the Nets. So it’s a bit of a long shot. But this could be the reason why the Nets want to clear up some cap space by getting rid of Young. Who knows, maybe Atkinson has already convinced Horford to join him in Brooklyn. If that’s the case, that would be huge for the Nets and makes the Nets even more attractive for Lin than it already is. To me, the dream scenario would be for Lin, Horford and Bazemore to join the Nets.

Now, the Nets could have very positive intentions in getting rid of Young and clearing up cap space, but still have a hard time convincing free agents to come to Brooklyn. That is definitely a possibility. So, while Atkinson/Marks may not want to be in full-rebuild mode, they may not have a choice if they can’t pick up any good free agents this off-season and may be forced to go into full-rebuild mode. So the move to trade Young and clear up cap space, while collecting draft picks is a move that makes sense from both perspectives: clear up cap space in order to have the money to go after good free agents, but collect picks just in case you can’t convince free agents to come and have to be forced to go into full-rebuild mode. So, overall, I think trading Young is a very smart move by Marks/Atkinson. And this is why Nets still remain my number 1 choice for Jeremy Lin.

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  • Il|

    Regardless of whether it’s a good move or not, a smart GM should be able to get comparable value back.

    • I think Nets went after picks because if they get players, that eats into cap space and defeats their whole purpose of getting rid of Young to clear up cap space in the first place. It is not inconceivable that those two picks is the best you can get for Young at this point. Not saying that Young isn’t good, but I think his value has gone down. So hard to get much for him.

      • Il|

        Cornered or not, doubt this will ever be considered managerial savvy.

        • LakerLin

          Boom THERE IT IS NETS!!!! 3yrs!!!
          Cant believe Im first to post. Do I get a PRIZE?
          PS!! THIS IS LINFAN123 🙂 🙂 As you can see I signed in with Disqus back in the Laker days. Don’t know how to change my name. 🙂 NETS BABY

          • Ace Pagoda

            With player option for 3rd year. Good of JLin to bet on himself once again! Heard NOP were in the contest. Davis and JLin on countless PnR would have been great to watch but I like Brooklin now. Now can’t wait to see what other pieces they get to put with JLin. But for sure, now that we know FO is on board with JLin we are looking at exciting basketball. I boldly predict playoffs in the first year, if no significant injuries.

          • I’m so thrilled and I wanted Lin to get a player option, as well. So I’m so glad he did. I’ve heard there are bonuses as well, but I haven’t been able to find the details of the deal. I’m just so happy right now for Lin. He made the right decision and I think this says that Atkinson believes in Lin, since this is Atkinsons’ first HC gig and he chose Lin.

          • ForTheLin

            This is sweet, and ironic as JLin will get to infuriate Dolan and Melo all over again. The more I’m hearing about the Nets, the more I like them. They need some other pieces for sure, but I like how they seem to be doing this, targeting midlevel, high character players hopefully playing on a team culture. Premature to predict anything right now, but if luck can pan out a little, the future can be pretty bright.

          • Ace Pagoda

            The classless Stephon Marbury is making some snarky remarks from the safety of China where he is supposedly a star saying Nets signed JLin just to capitalize on the Chinese market. I hope this remark is published all over China so they boot his ass out. Why say anything at all?

          • Ace Pagoda

            Just read some more twitter’s from Stevie Marbury. He is a dick. Not only that he is stupid for saying these things from China! As ascent in the NBA by signing Timofey Mozgov! Luke Walton is a genius!

          • Yep, saw those comments from Marbury and also from Jarrette Jack (I don’t care if I misspell his name). It’s disturbing, because you never see NBA players do this to other NBA players. Only to Jeremy Lin, because of you know what.

          • Ace Pagoda

            It is disturbing. It is especially disturbing coming from black people who, if nothing else, should be sensitive to the feelings of another minority. But I guess it just goes to show that no matter what your ethnicity you are vulnerable to human emotions and we truly are not different from one another. The hope lies more in how individuals treat each other than collective thinking. Like I said before I hope Marbury’s comments are published in China and they boot his dumb ass out.

          • Ace Pagoda

            There will be lots of pressure on JLin as well as Coach Atkinson not to mention GM Marks. But I said some time ago that there is a certain calculated risk in taking JLin if the buyers are smart enough to see the value and this move by Brooklin validates what we JLin fans see in him. I am all the more encouraged now that Coach A and Marks are going to adopt the strategy of getting good, competent, solid players and then putting them together as a team rather that build a basketball celebrity entertainment center. It will be extremely interesting to see who they can pick up.There is talk of Anthony Bennett. If he has his head on straight, with good coaching and a great PG he could still be a star. He is only 23 years old. I am not up to date on player personnel at this time but will look over who is available and do some more summer speculatin’. Charlotte is I think a big loser overpaying Batum. Be nice if Nets could pick up Roy Hibbert back up Lopez. Finally, there is gong to be a real rivalry with NYK this season with their roster of aging “stars”. I feel sorry for Hornacek, especially if he has to use the “triangle” with this cast of characters. It will be great theater to contrast the NYK parade of stars vs the Brooklin nets basketball team.

          • The 3rd year player option is PERFECT, because Lin avoids tough PG FA competition next year. By next year, Lin will be considered a max or close to max guy. But tough FA competition next year, so risky to get player option next year. but by getting player option on 3rd year, Lin will only be significantly under-paid for one year and Lin will get max or close to max in third year.

          • Congrats at being first to post, here, LINFAN123! I’m so thrilled it’s official. I’ve been completely fixated on Lin to Nets ever since Atkinson’s press conference with Nets.

          • pistolpete

            You called it first philosopher! I’m psyched! Hopefully they’ll get some other quality free agents. Not sure what to make of Jennings tryout but I’m sure Lin was promised the starting PG spot.

          • Thanks, pistolpete! I’ve been solely (and probably annoyingly) fixated on Lin to Nets ever since Atkinson’s press conference. To me it just made too much sense for both sides.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Last day of speculation’ so the waiting is almost over. It looks like Brooklin judging by their silence. It also looks like the slow rebuild will be replaced by let’s win now. I agree with that attitude, the winning attitude. Tanking is for losers and the Lakers. With the Nets cap space, a center in place, a savvy GM and coach and a cooperative owner can put together a winner with a few “right” pieces. Not stars necessarily but “right” pieces. As the Nets have said it starts with the PG and JLin is the only PG I can see out there who could pull off setting the table for the “right” pieces to do a lot of winning. Get a good wing like Bazemore to go with Bogdanovich. Another strong big like maybe Hereford (?). The trick will be if Atkinson can sell these two former Hawks on JLin and see JLin as the glue to tie things together. But even without Horford team concept basketball and attitude will go far with JLin running the team. If the Nets get Rodriguez from Europe then they will be really really strong at the point and can play both. All kinds of ways in today’s modern position less NBA. Let the speculation’ end and team construction begin! What says the ouija board?

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Yep, gotta give it to Ace for bringing up Lin and “Hoiball” way back when. BTW, you misspelled “Hoibergh,” Philosopher! 😉 From what I’ve read, Hoiberg is a close friend of Gar Forman, the Bulls GM. It is not unreasonable to assume that the Bulls FO will do everything to make Hoiball a success. According to Ace, who seems to know more about the Bulls and Hoiball than any of us here, Lin is a perfect PG for them. We’ll have to wait-and-see.

    As to the Nets, I do not follow them, and so do not know anything about Young. The majority of the folks at Netsdaily seem to adopt the wait-and-see position with respect to Marks’ draft moves. Since Marks has no track record as a GM, it is hard to gauge him. The only read I have is he is a high risk/high reward kinda guy. Will he bet on Lin? I dunno. I just hope that Mark is not into tanking like many of his more well-known counter parts are. Like you, Philosopher, I think it will be really bad for Lin if he ends up with a tanking team.

    • Thanks for pointing out the typo. I just fixed it.

      The reason why I’m still very high on Nets for Lin is because they appear to be all about high-character guys and I think they’ll take their time to find the right players and the right fit and build the team the right way. So even if they may not be competitive next season (I still believe they’ll be competitive with any players as long Lin is running the show), I think it’s still a great long-term option for Lin, because it’s the right culture with a coach who believes in him. so Nets remain my #1 option.

    • Ace Pagoda

      With the draft high summer speculatin’ continues. But it is the trades that are happening that is more interesting than unproven college players with 0 professional experience. Some teams that JLin might have gone to have traded for PG which would seem to eliminate them from JLin’s consideration, or maybe their consideration of JLin. I have not completely kept up will all of the activity at this point except to note which teams are probably not interested in JLin and a couple that look like they might be. The people’s choice as a destination for JLin, at least at this forum is still Brooklin. They remain a mystery to me because of the new front office and coach. Most of us think that Brooklin will try to recruit JLin based solely on his past relationship with the new coach and recent comments about how the PG is the quarterback and brains of the team. While those facts are favorable to Brooklin trying to get JLin they are not confirmation. Plus we do not know for sure which direction Brooklin is going. If they are going for a teardown and rebuild I don’t think Brooklin is that great a destination for JLin. If they plant to “tank” then definitely NO. This whole tanking business that seems to have become an acceptable practice in the NBA is an abomination to sports in general and an insult to fans who are expected to pay these exorbitant ticket prices to see a loser attitude on display night after night year after year. Tanking is bad bad bad. OTOH if Brooklin is trying to clear some cap space as well as rid themselves of someone who does not into the future style of play (Thad Young) and then they go and get a couple of high free agents and a mid-level solid player then that would be the best scenario for JLin assuming JLin is one of the high free agents with a Horford (if he fits with Lopez) and Bazemore if he is not too expensive and wants to reunite with his old coach. It is hard for me to see what Brooklin is trying to build right now but in another week all will be revealed. It looks like Minny is out as a destination which I think is Minny’s loss. They drafted a college player and it looks like they will start him and trade Rubio. Don’t see that unless Dunn is the second coming of Magic Johnson. Too many youngsters, not guidance. Teague to Indiana takes out Indiana and Hill to SLC. Chicago trading DRose is good (great!) for Chicago and dumb for NYK. It also takes the NYK rumors out of circulation as a destination for JLin. Chicago is starting to shape up into something with or without Butler. If Butler is traded Chicago should be able to get some good talent in return (Butler to Minny for Wiggins and pieces?) but getting Robin Lopez to replace Noah and Gasol is great along with young Jerian Grant. I think Lopez and JLin is a potential great fit. Not so much for PnR, though there is that, but because it gives Chicago an inside and an outside game. I am almost hoping Chicago has hidden interest in JLin and make him a great offer to work in Hoibergs up tempo offense. on a great stage in Chicago. I question the Chicago FO though and even Holberg since he is new and just out of college coaching. However after Billy Donovan’s first year performance with OKC success can be achieved by Holberg with the right personnel. Holberg’s mistake was to try to implement his system with the wrong people, like MDA in LA. As much as I hate to say it, Houston is looking like maybe the best place for JLin. This is because of first MDA which means JLin will run the team or at least co-run with Har_en. If Houston tries for JLin then you can be assured JLin will start. The question will be Har_en. Don’t like Morey but the owner is said to favor JLin. Don’t like Houston but for playing time and the chance to run a team Houston may be the best bet (I am choking as I say this). Another reason Houston is looking good is because it seems to me that many NBA teams are just not interested in JLin’s talents. There is a poster on other JLin sites who is adamant that NBA racism severely limits JLin’s opportunities whose opinion I respect). Not so much racism as “hate” but as not being able to recognize talent without discounting that talent due to being Asian. I have tried to be neutral regarding NBA cultural racism towards Asians but it is hard not to see this more now. I don’t believe at all that MDA is guilty of this blindness hence Houston. We don’t know about Atkinson for sure yet because even though he has coached JLin he has not had to put his job and reputation on the line by trying to acquire him for his team. If Brooklin does make JLin an offer then we will know and Brooklin will be the best place for JLin. Finally, it has been reported that Charlotte offered JLin $5 M/year to resign with them. If this is true, on a team where they pay Jeremy Lamb $7 M I would view this as an insult. I don’t get where JLin has warm feelings for Coach Clifford (if he in fact does have these feelings) after the way Cliff treated him during the season and especially in the playoffs. We have discussed before that if not for a few injuries and a very few opportunities for JLin to showcase his talents and two games in the playoffs on national TV JLin would have been buried on the bench, not to be seen. Let the speculatin’ continue!

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        Great survey of the current FA landscape for Lin, Ace.

        Most Lin fans think Brooklin is a great place for Lin, but whether or not Marks will go after Lin, to me it’s a question mark. Atkinson praised Lin and Lin reciprocated; but that was during Linsanity, when Atkinson was only an assistant coach. Marks is a disciple of Pop, and I personally do not think Pop has ever been really sold on Lin. My take on the Nets is they are trying to clear cap space in order to go after Horford and Bazemore. Horford is considered by many NBA pundits as a top UFA, so it will be highly unlikely for the Nets to land him. Bazemore himself has said that he would love to stay with the Hawks, whose GM has publicly stated that resigning Baz is “absolutely a Hawks priority.” Since Atkinson was only an assistant coach in Atlanta, I do not think his good rapport with Horford and Baz mean a whole lot in the wheeling and dealing of FA.

        I don’t know much about Chicago and Hoiball, but I trust your assessment of their situation, Ace. It may be a good home for Lin. I have some doubt on whether or not the Bulls FO would want Lin. From what I’ve read, they passed up a very good chance to sign Lin last summer an opted for Aaron Brooks instead. Smart guys! 😉

        So yeah, that brings back the Rockets. There is no doubt in my mind that Les would open his wallet for Lin. And Morey, I think he will go hard after Horford, now that D12 is out of the picture. Houston has the cap space. It’s mouthwatering for me to think of the Horford/Harden/Lin “big three.” Lin really had good rapport with Harden. It was just McHale that f*cked things up. MDA will need Lin to run the floor to succeed and will make the Lin-Harden combo the most exciting backcourt in the NBA.

        For me, the only problem with Lin coming back to Houston is I will be spending all of my time at Toyota Center watching Jeremy Lin play. That will make my wife very unhappy. It’s damn tough to be a good husband and at the same a LOF! 😉

        • Sounds like you’re pretty optimistic about Lin to Houston. There is one guy on Twitter who says his son, who’s a friend of Lin’s good friend is certain Lin will go to the Rox.

          I think from a BBall perspective, Rox works, but there’s a lot of baggage with Rox. Also, I can’t imagine Lin being too thrilled about going to battle with a low-character guy like Jason Terry. And then you have Morey, the awful Rox fan base and media.

          With Harden’s awful rep now, it’ll be hard for Rox to attract free agents. I don’t see Horford wanting to go there. There’s also a chance MDA could resign or get fired and then Lin will be SOL and it’ll be a nightmare all over again.

          But maybe Les and MDA will give Lin enough assurances and convince Lin to sign. I really have no idea why Les hasn’t fired Morey, yet. I mean, if Les is going to not listen to Morey, why keep Morey around?

          I do see the BBall fit being fine in Houston, so maybe that’s enough to fix everything else. I still see Rox as taking a step back and emotions are still too raw for Lin to return.

          When I think about what Marks keeps saying, Lin fulfills all of their criteria. It’s just a matter of how well they know Lin. I also think it’s a place Lin can stay long-term and really help them build the Spurs culture there. So that’s why I’m so excited about Nets for Lin. It feels like a move forward to a long-term home. We’ll know soon enough.

          • MrP1ngP0ng

            I’m always optimistic about Lin, Philosopher! 🙂

            Remember last summer when everybody here was “upset” about Lin signing with the Hornets and I was the only one smiling? It turned out Lin did the best he could under the circumstances and had the most enjoyable season by his very own account.

            I’m glad that you agree with me that from a BB perspective, Rox works. And yes, there are certainly a few emotional baggages left about. But the trick is to base one’s career decision on sound “basketball reasons” (to borrow from Stern), and not on emotion. And I am optimistic that Lin will make the most logical decision in this FA.

            Everything is pure speculative now. Lin may have some idea where he would want to play, but in no way does he know exactly where. Let the speculating continue! 🙂

          • I totally agree with you that Lin, himself, also doesn’t know where he wants to go at this point 100%. When making a big decision, you’re usually never 100% sure about it. This is why I continue to Tweet Lin my thoughts, whether he likes it or not 🙂

      • Great stuff, Ace! In less than a week, we’ll likely have our answer.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I’m sure y’all know Lin is concluding his Taiwan/China summer tour and is due back in the US tomorrow, getting ready for FA. In case you don’t know already, Lin gave a few interviews in China that shed a little bit of light into what he had in mind. And here are a couple of links to these interviews:

    (The lady who interviewed Lin was very articulate, I think.)

    • I saw and read both interviews. The WEF interviewer did a good job. And I’m so appreciative of the person who translated Lin’s other interview. I like that Lin mentioned that he tends to be on the same team with his brothers when they play ball, because they don’t like playing against each other. I have two brothers and so I can really relate to that. I wouldn’t want to be competing against my brothers at anything. I want to be on their side, always.

      Unfortunately, Lin didn’t reveal much about FA, except that he wants to maximize his potential. He didn’t say it in those exact words, but that’s the basic idea. I think some Lin fans are drawn to the Spurs. I understand the allure of the Spurs, but Lin’s role will be very limited, even as a starter. Here’s an article that gives an idea of Parker’s role with the Spurs:

      Although I think Lin’s role will be slightly better if Lin starts, it is still not a place Lin can max his potential. Kawhi is essentially a Point Forward for the Spurs and LaMarcus is a ball-stopper. So between their two main guys, Lin’s usage rate will be way down even when he starts. i hope Lin realizes this. I think if Lin joins the Spurs, he’ll cement his role as a solid supporting role player, which would be a shame and a waste of Lin’s talents.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        Lin finds his strength in his family and their love for one another. Lin is a lucky man. And he knows it too.

        I don’t want to compete against any of my siblings either, in anything, any shape or form. I remember way back in my youth, my younger brother and I ended up playing in the final of the City Junior Table Tennis Championship! My brother, the more athletic and skilled of the two, just conceded so I could “win.” 🙂

        Yes, I agree with you about the Spurs. Lin’s role will be limited there. As most Lin fans, I want to see Lin be given the key to run the floor. Lin is not gonna get that with the Spurs.

  • Reports are out that 3 teams will meet with Lin in his hometown, but hasn’t identified the teams:

    I’m pretty sure two of the teams are Nets and Rockets. The third team could be Bulls, Mavs, maybe Bucks.

    In any case, my ideal contract for Jeremy Lin is a 3-year contract (hopefully with the Nets) with a 1-year player option. I am very confident that Lin’s value will skyrocket after next season and Lin will be a max or close to max player. I hope he feels the same way. Also, I think cap spaces overall take another increase next year. So it would be savvy for Lin to negotiate a 1-year player option, even though I would want Lin to stay with Nets long-term as long as Marks/Atkinson are there to be an integral part of developing the culture there.

    Of course, teams are well aware that cap space will increase next year, so they probably wouldn’t be very willing to give a 1-year player option. If Lin can’t get 1-year player option, then going for a 2-year contract would probably be best. I think there are a lot of good free agent PGs next season, so waiting for two years would be best since Lin would only play 1-year “under-paid” and faces weaker FA competition two years from now.

    • Ace Pagoda

      Uh-Oh: Is this a timely announcement or what! How do you say “Minny” in Chinese language, dialect of your choice. Only wrench in this potential JLin-Minny scenario is Minny drafted Kris Dunn. But would you rather have a proven commodity with a potential high risk-reward factor or an unproven college player? 2 year contract for JLin at high dollar, time to groom the youngster and JLin is still in the prime of his career and will have Minny in is resume! Still like Brooklin though, maybe Chicago next. Don’t like Chicago front office and Hoibergs coaching ability is still unknown though his intentions are and fit JLin well. Chicago is a better stage, second only to Brooklin. I don’t know why so many people think JLin to SAS is such a good idea. I don’t think Popovic’s coaching and JLin’s abilities are a good match.

  • Here’s a good article that complements my article regarding Nets. It looks like they’ll be looking for a quick re-build and won’t be tanking. So Nets is still by far the best option for Jeremy Lin–especially if Lin is looking for a long-term home:

    • Ace Pagoda

      It’s the Russian’s money. If he wants to spend it for immediate gratification, no problem. A fast rebuild can be done with the right pieces, approach and management. I don’t believe in tanking just so you can draft some adolescents. I don’t believe in overspending for star power. I do believe in acquiring the right pieces to fit a plan, a team game. The Russian does not know what he is doing but he signs the checks. For Marks and Atkinson this is a dream come true because they can now build a team without having to wait. They just have to be smart about it. Get a floor leader like JLin to run the team on the floor. Get pieces to fit who understand the team concept, with a coach with the same mindset. With the right pieces including JLin running the team on the floor playoffs should be certain for a tuneup but the following 2-3 years will be the pay off. Brook Lopez is a weak/strong link all based on his health. They need someone who can fill in for him if he goes down. But with JLin and 2-3 competent pieces Brooklin will be at least in the playoffs next year.

      • I do believe that if Lin is allowed to start and has the freedom to run the offense, Nets have a good shot at making the playoffs next season with Lin. Marks/Atkinson will recruit high-character, unselfish players which will create great chemistry.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Well folks, it’s NBA FA eve. It’s like Christmas eve. NBA fans can’t wait till midnight (ET) to open their presents. What does NBA FA Santa Claus bring to each of their favorite FA players?

    From the rumors mill, our man Lin will have three envelopes delivered to his doorstep at midnight tonight. Two of them are most likely from the Nets and the Rockets. My Ouija board is saying the third one is from the Pelicans. That’s all I got from my Ouija board!

    See y’all at midnight! 🙂

    • Ace Pagoda

      If the Nets sign JLin they may ask him what he thinks about Terrence Jones who did not receive a qualifying offer from Houston. If JLin gives a positive for Jones, then there is your replacement for Thad Young. It could be a great move. Looking around the net it looks more and more like Nets a lock for JLin. Nets have cleared the deck not for a tank job but a pretty quick rebuild on a moderate budget. If don’t correctly with this new FO I think the investment in JLin will pay big dividends. In fact, depending on how the summer plays out I may sign up for NBA TV.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        From what I’ve read, TJ did not play well this past season due to health issues. I’m sure the Nets know more about this than us casual fans do.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Watched some film of Justin Hamilton in the Euroleague. That guy can play! He could be their #1 PF as he is agile, can shoot 3 with a quick release (though I don’t like 7 footers shooting 3’s- they should be nearer the basket). Hamilton and Lopez would present a massive front line. From what I saw he is not a showtime dunker. I don’t like players that dunk for show all the time. I have seen people ooh and ahh about Bookers dunks but dunks are for show mainly. Hamiltonhas nice touch around the basket though I did not see much on post up moves. He looks more like a runner and face to the basket player. He might be a great scorer off the bench as Nets will need a strong bench to be in contention. Plus with his arms straight up i the air he looks like Van Gundy’s “fuc*ing wall”. Nets continue to build with youth though not sure about why Tyler Johnson who really has not played all that much. Coach A must see something there, maybe the JLin-TJohnson combo or Johnson leading the bench. I don’t think they should overspend for Crabbe. Get Jimmer Fredette for shooting and scoring from the bench and if they have to spend their extra cap money send it to me.

    • That’s good to hear about Justin Hamilton. i don’t know anything about the guy. He sounds like he could be a solid stretch 4. Nets are definitely in need of a stretch 4.

  • Ace Pagoda

    There is something wrong with this disqus blog. I have an iPad and a desktop mac and when I go to Jeremylintel I do not get all of the posts on my laptop that I do on the iPad. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • I don’t visit this site on the iPad, so I’m not sure. That is weird. Do you mean you don’t see all the articles or all the comments?

      • Ace Pagoda

        Yes. I do not see the same articles on the desktop as the iPad. It may have something to do with my hardware and how I manage it but I have not experienced anything like this before. This is why I was critical of disqus. That and those stupid PSA announcements that won’t go away.

  • Ace Pagoda

    There is an annoying pop up ad when you go to this website. It is some kind of public service announcement that says it will go to the site in x amount of seconds, at which time it goes to a blank page of Before it goes to this blank page it counts down the seconds then flashes a proceed to site click on which is not for Jeremylintel website but for a public address announcement. I have to then click off and start over and hopefully it will take me to your website or else the whole process starts over again. Anyone else have this problem?

    • I sometimes get this EXACT same thing happening when I visit the site (pop up ad that doesn’t take me to this site). I’m not sure what that is all about or how to fix it. I will continue to look into it. Very sorry for the annoyance, but I’m glad to know someone else is experiencing it, as well, because I thought my browser has a virus or something when I saw it happen to me. I hate how non-tech savvy I am.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Poor Chicago looks done before they even get out of the gate. JLin dodged a big mistake in Chicago because this reveals the extent of Chicago’s problems as being beyond basketball and originating from the front office. Signing Rondo was unbelievable given his baggage and the curiosity of figuring how he was going to co-exist with Jimmy Butler- unless Chicago plans to trade Butler. Earlier they traded Dunleavy to Cleveland and the newly acquired Calderon to somebody else. They are a team without direction, without a plan, at least a plan unrevealed to this point. IMO I could not see any team in the NBA who would benefit from having Rondo on their team at the premium price of $14 M/year. Compared to Chicago Brooklin looks great. They have stated to build a team of talent and character, have a plan going forward that is clear to all. The Brooklin approach thus far is superior to the stupidity that the years of tanking in Philly and LA, inculcating a losing atmosphere. and attitude. The NBA should be absolutely embarrassed that they allowed tanking to be blatantly portrayed as a “strategy”. Even today one can find articles about how Hinkie’s actions will one day be validated. What a bunch of horseshit. The construction of the Nets is losing bit of its luster in view of current NBA signings based around the Chicago mess and whether Dwayne Wade can still command millions. Miami has offered $40 M for 2 years, and he wants a 3rd or fourth. AT 34 years old, bad knees and aging rapidly Miami should hope someone else signs him so they can rebuild. This might hurt the Nets chances of signing Tyler Johnson as Miami may keep him as they try to build a new team around Whiteside. I think Whiteside is still an unknown yet because of his immaturity but physically he is a beast. I don’t get these “legacy” contracts where they give a washed up former star millions upon millions, destroy the team’s chances of winning and damage team morale for the 2 or 3 years some egomaniac makes a grand farewell tour. I honestly do not think Pat Riley is that stupid, like the Lakers. What LA did with Kobe was disastrous, almost as bad as Philly’s tanking culture. Chicago, Miami, Philly, LA, compared to them Brooklin is shining like a beacon. With a couple more competent pieces, like a good perimeter shooter and a 2nd team PG, I think Brooklin will be competitive. It may take them half the season to gel but if JLin stay healthy he is probably the only player who can compel the team to be more than the sum of its parts. It will be exciting for JLin fans to watch. One more thing. I think JLin’s contract figure of $12 M is a very appropriate number in context of the signings and offering thus far. It is a respectful figure but not a gaudy one that will put unnecessary undue pressure on JLin and create problems within the team. Compare JLin’s contract to Conley’s bloated figure (for a short PG?) and Rondo’s $14 M to bring chaos to a team. These numbers may be justified because of the amount the NBA can generate as entertainer’s but this prices the cost of a game far beyond the reach of many families in this poor economy, let alone a kid being able to “save” up for a game.

    • The Bulls are a mess–especially after signing Wade. I really don’t get what they’re thinking. So is Butler going to play the 3? To start Rondo/Wade/Butler is insane to me. But a lot of coaches and GMs don’t make the best decisions, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Wade and Rondo will be the worst shooting back court in the league. What a complete mess.

      Now that Wade is going to the Bulls, it looks very likely that the Heat will retain Tyler Johnson. I’m actually glad that Nets didn’t get Calderon. I guess it would have been fine, since he only had one year left on his contract and he would have been an okay veteran rental. But totally fine that the Lakers snatched him up.

      So far, the Nets are making the most sane decisions in free agency, so that’s in keeping with what I expect from Marks. I don’t have any complaints on the job he has done. It’s a tough task convincing players to join the Nets right now. So given the circumstances, Marks has done a solid job.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Up late tonight and checked Nets Daily website which reported at 11:42 that the Nets made an offer to UFA Alan Crabbe of $75 M for 4 years. Crabbe said he did not want to be in Portland if he had to come off the bench so that means he wants to be in Brooklin. No doubt the style of ball Nets will play, and if the starters have Justin Hamilton in for Brook that will really be something! Nets went from saying they would be slow methodical builders to balls out signing young hot prospects. According the report if both TF and Crabbe are signed that eats up the cap space. This will be an interesting next couple of days and if it works out an interesting first season under Coach Atkinson and JLin. Do you realize that JLin and Brook Lopez might be the “experienced vets” on this young team?

    • Nets gambled and lost out on both RFA targets. So it’s onto plan F or so for the Nets. 🙂

      I notice that you’ve been commenting on here vs. my latest article. I think it maybe because you don’t get all my articles on your tablet. Well, here’s a link to my latest article, which I published on July 1st:

      • Ace Pagoda

        This is not a complaint, well maybe it is but it is about disqus and not your blog. I click on and it brought me to this page which I am posting on now. This blog is from June 24. It does not take me to July 1 blog. I notice at the bottom of this blog there is a reference to the July 1 blog which you referred me to only it is dated July 6. Previously I accessed your blog on my iPhone and got 2 or 3 posts that are not on my desktop version of your blog. I have some of this happen on the blog too and have seen a couple of comments on that site complaining about similar problems. I have accessed that site before and the content does not vary for a couple of days when I know full well that there had to have been many postings between my accesses. Very confusing. I never had problems when you were with other server. I have 3 apple devices that will vary with access to your web address depending on how I access it. So I don’t know what the deal is. I just check all 3. I have not posted much in the last couple of days trying to figure out what is going wrong.

        • I’m very sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’m sure others are as well and they’re just not speaking up about it. So thanks for letting everyone here know the issue.

          I wish I were more tech savvy to understand what’s going on. The thing is me switching to disqus only applies to the comments. All else is the same platform I’ve been using, which is WordPress’s blogging platform. So I have no idea how moving to the disqus platform for commenting could affect my blog posts. Again, I wish I were more tech savvy to understand all of this.

          I’m still upset that all the comments from the other commenting platform has disappeared from public. There is one thing I can try to bring them back, but I’m worried that would cause more issues, so haven’t tried it.

          My only guess about what’s causing all these issues is that I think I currently have two commenting platforms active. The old one and Disqus.I don’t know how to disable the old commenting platform, since it’s part of WordPress. I think maybe if I disable the old commenting platform, that may solve some of the issues. Although this would mean that all the comments from the old commenting platform disappears for good. Right now, I can still see all the comments from the old platform in my Dashboard, even though it’s invisible to the public.

          Anyway, if you or anyone has any clue what’s going on, please let me know. Because right now, I don’t have a clue how to fix these issues.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Tim Duncan retired, and did it in a totally classy manner, just like he has conducted himself over his years in the NBA. He was champion many times over just like Kobe Bryant, but unlike Bryant did not require 3 years of ego boosting, team destroying antics to draw attention to his retirement from professional sports. It was disgusting the way Bryant treated JLin during Lin’s tenure with the loser Lakers, then to spend the next two years on a “farewell tour”. Compare this to the way Duncan went out and you have a total contrast in the character of these two men. I can see LA going from being a perennial winner to a perennial loser for years to come based on the last two years of Bryant presence on the Lakers and the Laker’s disgusting accommodations to those antics. The Lakers also chose to pay Bryant millions of dollars during the tanking process. Pat Riley must have been watching this and shaking his head when he looked at Dwayne Wade wanting the same thing, a hero’s adulation while bleeding the team of money and talent as he declines in talent. at least Wade had the integrity to say that it was just business and though I am sure he did not like this part of the business he must have respected Riley and the Heat for not being fools. Just like Philly who chose to become tankers and therefore losers, the tanking Lakers must now recover and regain a winning attitude. I don’t think they can do it. Contrast this with the Nets approach to building a winner based on team play and character and this will bode well for the Russian’s team in NY.